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Meeting Minutes


1. Call to Order @ 1:05 pm

2. Roll Call – Atkinson, Boles, Chu, Davis, Guzman, Ho, and Kleinschmidt
present; Harman and Shaw absent

3. Additions or Corrections to Agenda

a. Senator Atkinson moves to add line item 15 under Announcements;

line item 15 to say “Summer Senate Project”

i. Seconded by Senator Chu

ii. Motion passed

4. Approval of Agenda

a. Agenda approved in a 7-0-0 vote

5. Approval of Minutes

a. Senator Atkinson moved to table line item 5

i. Seconded by Senator Chu

ii. Motion passed

6. Executive Reports

a. President Nick Ferderer

i. See enclosure 1

b. Vice-President Mousleh

i. Gift Cards Misplaced/Stolen – Vice-President Mousleh has been

working on getting the money back and reissuing the cards

1. $425 went missing, so far only $60 has been lost

7. Senatorial Confirmation #1 – Nicole Storm not in attendance

a. Nick Jurgensen

i. Interested in more student and teacher involvement

ii. Questions from Senator Chu – Jergensen wants to see more
people asking questions to students, didn’t previously talk to
senators because he didn’t know who to talk to

iii. Senator Davis asked whether Jergensen would support academic

or recreational things

1. Jergensen said both, but would like to be involved in both

as much as possible

iv. Senator Kleinschmidt asked for an example of when Jergensen

had to adapt

1. Jergensen said firefighting

v. Senator Guzman was curious as to why Jergensen would use

professors as an example in his application, and then advised
him to start a rock climbing club if he so desired

vi. Senator Atkinson asked what Jergensen would suggest that

Senate do to make Senate more known

1. Jergensen was unsure and would think about it

vii. Senator Guzman asked what made Jergensen want to be a


1. Jergensen said that he talked to people about what they

didn’t like about the school and Senate became enticing
to him.

b. Karmen Abbott

i. Abbott is really interested in getting involved on campus, and is

also very interested in campus policy

ii. Senators Chu, Ho, Kleinschmidt, Atkinson and Guzman asked

questions of Abbott

c. By a vote of Abbot – 7, Jergensen – 0, Abbott is Senator

8. Senatorial Confirmation Position #2

a. No questions were asked of candidate Nick Jergensen

b. By a vote of Jurgensen – 7, Storm – 1, Jergensen is Senator

9. Confirmation of Activities Board Position #1

a. Dan Jassal – Multicultural Event Coordinator

i. Will work with Bola and Ramandeep for events

ii. Jassal interested in developing a sense of diversity and culture

on campus

iii. By a vote of 9-0-0, Jassal is confirmed

10.Confirmation of Activities Board Position #2

a. Danielle Pannell – Seasonal Event Coordinator

i. Already has events planned/ideas

ii. Wants to work with Jassal to do cultural events around holidays

iii. Events will be varied, as well as in varied times and places

iv. By a vote of 9-0-0, Pannell is confirmed

11.Election of Senate Chair Pro-tempore

a. Senator Atkinson nominated Senator Chu

i. Senator Chu made a statement, and asked that it be submitted

verbatim in to the minutes

1. Please see enclosure 2

b. Senator Kleinschmidt nominated Senator Guzman

i. Senator Guzman made a statement, and noted that he wants to

learn and grow as a Senator

c. Questions from other Senators

i. Senator Kleinschmidt asked Senator Chu what he would like to


1. Senator Chu wants to work on fixing the by-laws, saw a

lack of adhering to the ideal of a separation of powers and
would like to focus on Senate autonomy

ii. Senator Kleinschmidt asked Senator Chu whether or not the

discussion on conflict of interest with the Media Board would be

1. Senator Chu stated that prematurely limiting involvement

on campus would not be good for student government
iii. Senator Atkinson asked Senator Guzman if he had any
leadership experience

1. Senator Guzman stated that he leads a little league team

d. Senator Chu asked whether or not candidates should excuse

themselves from the vote

e. By a vote of Chu – 7, Guzman – 1, Abstain – 1, Chu is Chair Pro-


12.Election of Senate Secretary

a. Senator Atkinson nominates Senator Boles

b. Senator Guzman nominates Senator Atkinson, who declines nomination

c. By a vote of 8-0-1, Boles is Senate Secretary

13.Recess for 5 minutes

14.Back at 2:50

15.Resolution 19.001

a. Vice-President Mousleh defines resolution for new Senators

b. Senator Atkinson reads definition from Robert’s Rules of Order

c. Michelle McIlvoy stated that the outcome of the resolution does not
necessarily determine the next step, the Senate and Student
Government does

d. Read in to the minutes by Senator Kleinschmidt (see enclosure 3)

e. Senator Atkinson moved to change “rollover” in the third “be it further

resolved” to “supplemental budget” based on the change of “rollover”
to “supplemental budget” under the first “be it further resolved.”

i. Senator Kleinschmidt seconded

ii. Motion passed

f. Senator Chu moved to amend 19.001 by striking all instances of “(10)

ten” and changing them to “(15) fifteen.”

i. Senator Atkinson seconded

ii. Motion passed

g. Senator Atkinson moved to change “rollover” to “supplemental
budget” in the fourth “be it further resolved.”

i. Senator Chu seconded

ii. Motion passed

h. Senator Kleinschmidt moved to call to question

i. Senator Atkinson seconded

i. By a vote of 9-0-0, Resolution 19.001 is passed

16.Senate Standing Committee Selection

a. New Senate will be given a week to determine which committees they

would like to be on

b. Vice-President Mousleh will send out committee choices around 5 pm

on Friday, June 12

17.Summer Senate Project

a. Senator Atkinson is interested in increasing the Parking Permit grace

period to (5) five academic days

i. Senators Kleinschmidt, Guzman and Davis would be interested

in getting involved

ii. Talk to Parking Services, Parking Committee, Lynn and Hal

18.Summer Senate Meeting Dates

a. Senators Chu and Kleinschmidt are very interested in seeing an active

Senate over the summer

b. Vice-President Mousleh is hesitant to set specific meeting dates

i. Senators Chu and Kleinschmidt echo her sentiments

c. Training in the summer for basic “how to be a Senator” things

d. What are our broader goals?

19.Campus Resource Fair/ROAR Orientations

a. Senate should have an active presence

b. Email already sent out

c. ROAR is June 26 – Resource fair around noon, July 31 will also have a
resource fair, August 18 & 19 are orientation days

d. More identification for Senators

20.Square One Training July 1st, 4-8 pm

a. Michelle McIlvoy is running it, basic student leader training

21.Michelle McIlvoy’s announcements

a. Where do you go when you have a question on your first day?

i. Student government will help

b. Lots of staffing changes in OSI

i. Be welcoming and introduce yourself

c. Programming committee – art for Firstenburg

i. Could we ask Salmon Creek Journal to fill in art?

ii. Senator Atkinson would like to see electronic stuff happening

with FSC

d. Lockers were delivered on campus, will be installed soon


a. Senator Chu would like to recognize President Ferderer for his summer

b. Senator Atkinson would like to recognize Senators Chu and Atkinson for
summer hours.

c. Senator Kleinschmidt would like to recognize new Senators for making

it through the meeting and Michelle for her own line item.

23.For the Good of the Order

a. Senator Atkinson said that the smells in the pool room will be rectified

b. Senator Chu asked about contact information for all senators, asked
Senators to put their office hours on the calendar in Outlook, and
thinks we should determine a dinner menu selection by Friday

24.Adjournment of Meeting @ 3:47 pm

Enclosure 1

President’s Activity Report

Senate Meeting 6/7/09 at 1:00
VFSC 1:00

• ASWSU Vancouver Retreat
o Sent out Draft Agenda on May 18
o Invited Judicial Board
o Contract from Camp Casey received
o Nancy is unable to attend
o Looking into Lincoln Douglas from UW
o Dinner plans
• ASWSU Vancouver Emails
o Old accounts will forward to new until end of fall semester
 Put in signature
o 24-48 hour rule in effect
• Ordered Business Cards
o Template available for viewing
• Closed Week
o Met with Bruce Romanish and Sunny Bell (
o Student Handbook, Academic Regulations, “Examinations,” Clause 79
 “No examinations or quizzes (other than laboratory
examinations, make-up examinations and make-up quizzes) may
be given during the last week of instruction.”
o Ongoing issue
• GoDaddy Accounts
o Not accessible on campus
o Michael Hatch (master coder) working on this
• SGC Retreat
o July 16th and 17th in Vancouver
o Agenda
 WSA plans
 Closed Week
 Tuition Education
 Communication Rules
 All-campus football game (Stanford—9/5--$35; Southern
 Bookie Board
 Student Regent
• Website Committee
o Kerry Mraz
o Name change
o Approved Budget
o Peter is Vice-President of Communications
o Robert attended 6/6 meeting
• Begin meeting attendance
o Bi-Monthly with Nancy
o Bi-Monthly with Michelle
• ASWSU Vancouver on KOUG Radio
o Hour-long show beginning first week of July
o Working with Michael and Nicole
o Feature upcoming events, current goals, member of the week, senate
work, presidential address, etc.

Two week goals:

• Work with Janine to develop summer plan
o Establishment of event dates
o Roles of SAB members
• Work with Tiffany to develop position goals and roles
o Year-long plan
 Club organizer
 Large leadership events
 Servant Leadership training at ASWSU Vancouver retreat
o Collaboration with Jackie with leadership fall leadership series
• ASWSU Vancouver Retreat
o Expect a more detailed agenda by 6/19 at 5pm
• SGC Meeting
o 6/12 at 5pm
• PB&J Club
o Tuition Education
o Local Accountant
o Lynn Valenter
o WSA Charter Committee Recruitment
• Meeting with James Martin
o Recycling Bins
 All-in-one
 Recessed
 Additional Blue Bin
o Compost
 Departmental use
 Sale
o Sustainability Committee update
Enclosure 2

My Fellow Senators:

It is with deep humility that I ask for your vote to make me your next Chair Pro-
tempore. There is great expectation this year from and for our branch of ASWSUV,
and I feel that I am the best prepared to meet that challenge head-on and with

I have already made great strides for the Senate. To date, I have completed 24
office hours and will continue to be a presence in the office throughout the summer
and coming year. During this time, I have created strategic plans for various facets
of the Senate. I ask for your vote, trust, and help in implementing these plans.

I have also been working closely with President Ferderer to create a united ASWSUV
voice to echo across the state in both the SGC and WSA arenas. However, I will
always stand up to the Executive Branch when necessary and confront the issue of
separation of powers.

I have become exceedingly familiar with the By-Laws and Robert’s Rules of Order,
which will aid me in serving you as Parliamentarian. I also took on the responsibility
in creating today’s agenda, in conjunction with Vice President Mousleh.

As a former Chair of the WSUV Student Media Board – which is a 17 member

organization, I am comfortable leading a large group of motivated people while
respecting their individuality and unique strengths and goals.

President Ferderer has stated that the Senate Chair Pro-tempore will sit on the next
year’s Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board. As Chair of the Student Media Board, I
had the opportunity to sit on this Board last year, where I was one of the loudest
voices at the meetings to consistently fight for the resolution of student concerns.

I hope that I can count on your vote, and I look forward to working with you all this
coming year.


Robert K. Chu
Chair Pro-tempore Candidate
Nineteenth ASWSUV Senate
Enclosure 3

ASWSUV Nineteenth Senate 2009-10 Session

By Senators Chu, Guzman, and Kleinschmidt

Date: 27 May 2009

WHEREAS, Article IV (7) (a) of the ASWSUV Constitution states that the
ASWSUV Senate shall “adopt and amend the ASWSUV budget pursuant to
Article VIII” of the ASWSUV Constitution; and

WHEREAS, Article VIII (1) of the ASWSUV Constitution states: “The annual
ASWSUV budget shall be recommended to the Senate pursuant to the By-
laws for final action by the Senate prior to commencement”; and

WHEREAS, On 2 May 2009, the ASWSUV Senate passed a budget

allocation of $269,927.00 that was allocated to ASWSUV by the S&A Fee
Committee; and

WHEREAS, Any funds that were not spent by the previous Administration
and Senate is referred to as “rollover”; and

WHEREAS, Rollover funds stay in the specific account that the funds were
in the previous year until otherwise reallocated.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the ASWSUV Senate believes it

is a legislative responsibility to allocate all funds; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the rollover will be referred to as a

“supplemental budget”; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the ASWSUV Senate will allocate

supplemental budgets; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the ASWSUV Senate sets the directive

that all supplemental budget be frozen until the ASWSUV Senate Budget
Committee recommends the allocation of the supplemental budget; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the ASWSUV Senate Budget Committee

shall recommend to the ASWSUV Senate a formal supplemental budget no
later than fifteen (15) days after the final supplemental budget amount is
determined by the Student Involvement Manager.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the ASWSUV Senate agrees that if the

ASWSUV Senate Budget Committee does not meet the fifteen (15) day
deadline, then control of the supplemental budget will fall to the ASWSUV

Senate Passed __________


I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

this legislation as passed by the ASWSUV Senate

on the date hereon set forth.


Presiding Officer Date