Toughest GRE words with easiest illustrations

Roseate – it has two meaning its primary meaning is Rose- colored. As flower rose
suggests blissfulness. Roseate secondary meaning conveys same; its secondary meaning suggest being optimistic; cheerful, bright. Roseate works as an adjective in a sentence; like roseate light, roseate financial project, roseate spoonbills type of bird!.

Saturnine- it is a word having a negative connotation. "ts primary meaning conveys
having a gloomy temperament. #aturnine also suggests something related to lead develop by lead absorption, having lead poisoning!. #aturnine works as an adjective in sentence. "t can be use in sentence; like saturnine state your son$s saturnine state!, saturnine look boy looked at the picture with a saturnine!. "t can be attached with any common nouns saturnine place, saturnine man!.

Tessellated – it means a decoration composed of multicolor like inlaid; mosaic. "t
works as an adjective in sentence. "ts noun form tessellation! is also used in sentences. "t can be used in sentences; like, tessellated pavement, tessellated floor, and tessellated geometrical figures.

Uncouth – it means ungraceful; unrefined; lacking in good manners. "t works as an
adjective in sentence. "t can be used in sentences like, uncouth appearance, uncouth behavior, and an uncouth relative.

Gingerly- it can be used as an adjective and adverb in a sentence. "ts adjectival
meanings are being cautious, reluctant, or timid, and its adverbial meanings are taking with great care or delicacy. "t can be used in sentences like, gingerly manner " tiptoed gingerly through the mine field!, gingerly touching. GRE Vocabulary: Popular GRE Synonyms with Explanation A E!A"#E a! obedience b! discussion c! e%citement d! suspended action e! editorial Abeyance means cessation or suspension like situations or feelings! for short period; for e%ample, &e kept his intimate feelings in abeyance from his beloved because of Anthrop phobia. $n abo%e mentioned words option&d &is a clear answer' ASTUTE a! sheer b! noisy c! astral d! unusual e! clever Astute means farsighted judgment, perspicacious; sagacious. "n layman terms astute means having a good understanding of something; for e%ample, Raima was doing an astute job, so she got appreciation from all ends.

#o collectively its meaning will be bad wrong! doing.achia%ellian /eaning( a cunning or opportunist. adj!. alarming Antonym( unthreatening. it is not a correct synonym for astute. 'iccolo Machiavelli was a name of active politician of Italy). . safe.oliticians of today are follower of /achiavellian principals2. for e%ample. 0g. steep!. unprincipled Antonyms( scrupulous.*easance /eaning( wrong doing by a public official. Synonym: aggressive. /ainly it is used as adjective in sentence. 1she is a firm /achiavellian2. Positi%e and "egati%e Aspect o* +etter . +et$s see other option. unethical. unusual and clever. #o. this is also not a correct synonym for astute. villain. "n remaining options noisy. noun!. it is used for persons like politician . adverb directly!.#o it can used as noun or adjective in sentence.2 4octor was arrested for /alfeasance2. "t can be used as noun in sentence. . Synonym( misconduct.nemonic( it is sounding like mafia. . ((R$S) a! brave b! oafish c! romantic d! speedy e! dry -oorish means rude or clumsy in behavior or clumsy in behavior. #o.inatory /eaning( threatening or menacing. "egati%e Aspect: . minato i!s. 1All .and from +atin mina i which means 1to threaten2 .eter owes an e%planation about his boorish behavior with colleagues. )rigin( "t is originated from "talian word Niccolo Machiavelli( 1498. )ption *c$ astral means related to stars or stellar light. Synonyms: immoral. #o. wrong doing Antonym( good deed . option*d$ is correct synonym for astute. 0g. )rigin( it is originated from +ate +atin .'ow let see in above mentioned words which words match best( )ption *a$ sheer is used as verb change abruptly!. .lever is synonym for shrewdness or sagacious. "n presented options. ethical .nemonic( /alfeasance can be break as mal 6 feasance. absolute freedom.refi% Mal means bad and feasance means doing. )rigin( it is originated from 5rench word malfaisance which means ill doing. . 17oday when " was crossing the road a minatory looking dog was stopping my way2. 3e all know mafias are follower of wrong practices. only word oafish which means stupid or clumsy is matching with boorish. #o. it is a correct option. . adjective thin.

.3e started feeling hungry so we made an arbitrary .+et see some sentences using anomalous like( walking while sleeping is anomalous not normal! behavior.agnanimity /eaning( action or attitude that shows goodwill or generosity." hope you get the meaning of abysmal very well now. reason. "t is used as noun in sentence. Anomalous Anomalous means from deviated from normal course not normal!. 1/y flute produces mellifluous sound2. Arbitrary Arbitrary means unreasonable 4etermined by chance. At last misery of our defeat was abysmal very profound!. +et see some e%ample using apocryphal( who owns this house is apocryphal 9uestionable!' 7here are so many perhaps apocryphal spurious! stories prevailed about the ownership of house. spurious 9uestionable authenticity!. means melody and GRE $mportant "egati%e Ad-ecti%e words Abysmal Abysmal means bottom less or unfathomable limitless! like an abysmal misery. +et see some sentences using *abysmal$( after getting an abysmal bad! start in match. charitable. selfless Antonym(! . we tried to pace up our speed. )rigin( it is originated from +ate +atin word mellifl!o!s which means flowing with honey."t is used for conveying negative8bad aspect in sentence like an abysmal movie.elli*luous /eaning( treat for ears. Synonym: rhythmic. 0g. whim.nemonic: it is sounding like military. or impulse. musical Antonym( unmelodious and unmusical . )rigin( it is originated from +atin word magnanim!s means great soul. melodious. 1#he shows her /agnanimity in form of huge donation to orphanage2.+et see some sentences using arbitrary( we were on our way . still our scores were abysmal bad!' -ecause of an%iety our performance was keep getting abysmal bad!. #o collectively it is convening the meaning of smooth flow of sound. /ainly used as an adjective in sentence . 7hese apocryphal stories are prevailed since :. Synonym: benevolent. or principle thefreedictionary. /y friend was in anomalous odd8unusual! situation when he was lost in jungle. and not by necessity. "t is used as adjective in sentence . -ut. smooth or soft sound. Positi%e Aspect . century. and we all know military people deal with danger dangerous! or threatening situations. petty . Apocryphal #purious means not authentic. melli means melody and fl!o!s means smooth flowing.0g.nemonic: break /ellifluous into melli and fluous .

$dioms related to &.4etermined by chance! decision to eat in restaurant that we saw first. Time is money means money is e9uivalent to time as time is important so is money. 0g. <ou don$t save single penny. 0g. 7hough. but my one friend had been arbitrary whim! because he doesn$t like to share. E%ery thing is cash on barrelhead' #old hard cash means cash. /oney and *7rade$ #ash on the barrelhead means purchasing with cash no credit!. leading stores offer many attractive discounts they do not give credit. 0ven if this is complicated. 3e were running out of money so we thought to share our food. 0g. " am studying hard.oney tal0s means money is powerful. 4o not try to earn fast bucks using foul means. 0g. Asinine Asinine means stupid. +et see some sentences using asinine( all the players were surprised by the asinine comments made by other team. we can make our work done with money.oney. 0g. 0g. 0g. normally in a wasteful way. " paid for my new audio system in cold hard cash' /iscellaneous /oot the bill means to pay 0g. 9uickly earned money. /y father is *ooting the bill for my education so " am making sure not to waste my father$s precious money. " can not spoil my time gossiping after all Time is money' /ast buc0 means somehow. /oney as *3aste$ . /oney and *"mportance$ Put your money where your mouth is means support that you believe in like plan! by putting money. "f you are really interested in helping unprivileged then put your money where your mouth is' . not check or any other form. . she will make her things done after all money tal0s. "f somebody try to rob a treasury with water gun that will indeed an asinine concept.oney burns a hole in a poc0et means you are eager to spend money. "f money burns a hole in your poc0et then you will have nothing left for anything.

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