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Project Cost and sources of finances The whole project will cost us a total of RM 280,000, from our contribution

of RM 10,000 each which accumulates RM 40,000. It is not enough because we will need to loan an additional RM 360,000 from the SME bank (small and medium bank). The fixed cost includes the rent amounting RM 4,800 per month, maintenance of the webpage Rm300. Furthermore the purchase of the new equipments will cost us RM 65000 and the cost of renovating the establishments will cost us RM 80,000. Lastly a purchase of a van to transport our goods to our clients will be made; the purpose of purchasing the van is that once the restaurant is established, we would begin our wholesale business by transporting our finished goods to them.

Budget When starting up our company we will need to pay a deposit of 2 months to our landlord amounting RM 9600, therefore any damages and unpaid bills will be deducted from our deposit. Furthermore the registration of our business, road tax for our delivery vehicle and other pre operations expenditure would amount to RM 1700. The registration of our business would make any legal works easier to be dealt with. The marketing cost would be kept to a bare minimum, rather than following a dogmatic ritual of erecting signs to promote our business. We have decided to focus our presence within the internet, the reason behind this is because most youths has a Facebook profile therefore an ever present entity within the internet would give a good impression. Other methods of advertising would include placing ads within the newspaper, distributing flyers and placing ads around the Klang Valley. The operational budget amounts to RM 233,000. It includes equipment, renovation and a purchase of a second hand vehicle which amounts RM 205,000. Followed by the raw materials and packaging which amounts to RM 10,000. Lastly the salaries being paid amounts to RM 13500.

Tables (Loan repayment schedule) With the amount of RM 277,717 scheduled for payment within the 5 years with interest rate of 5%. The method of payment is referred to as a fixed rate method.

Cash flow The first month losses amounting RM 13,856 will be seen, followed by RM 5,256 on the second month, RM 1,796 on the third month and lastly RM 1,036 on the fourth month. In conclusion our establishments will be making losses for the first 4 months. The reason behind this is the lack of sales that is accompanied by any establishments that just opened. The operation expenses would amount RM 216,000 for the first year followed by an increase of 10% for 3 years, followed by a 20% increase on the fourth year. This is explained because there of the increased purchase of the raw materials.

Financial Performance The profit for the 1st year is RM 20,797 but on the 2nd year the profit was RM 28,722. This is due to the restaurant gaining further recognition. Furthermore on 3rd year the profits were RM 36,830 followed by RM 45,851 on the 4th year and lastly on the 5th year a steady increase is seen when the profits were RM 65,569. A return of investment for the first year is 7%, followed by 11% on the 2nd year, 16% on the 3rd year, 23% on the 4th year and 33% on the 5th year. The reason behind the increase is that the sales volume and the notoriety of the establishment have increased through steady marketing.