When composing these “blast” e-mails, the focus is upon what’s do-able; increasingly, the “message” has been

settling on the unsettling debate as to whether/how Mike Fitzpatrick should be “primaried.” Philosophically, all reprobates should be challenged, for their capitulation was unnecessary AND hardly justified even in retrospect; practically, Mike has developed a personal following that is unrivaled. Yet, noting what is occurring nationally—and recognizing that party reformers would have to admit he would be supporting the status quo—the leap into pondering this moment in America’s history is humbling; inevitably, it leads to the need to confront personal biases and to transcend longstanding friendships. Those who have attended the meetings of the TEA Party Movement entities have observed my input as ranging from informational to editorial, always appending the disclaimer that I’m not a BucksCo resident [although I’m also not a carpetbagger, inasmuch as I view my mega-contribution of four years ago as my “ante” towards maintaining involvement in my “borrowed” district, for Allyson long-ago ignored even the most innocent informational entreaties, ever since I first chatted with her (1:1)…two decades ago]. Thus, when I read Establishment Republicans Declared War on the Tea Party because Big Business felt burned by the government shutdown [and that it's fighting to retake the Republican Party in one of the south's most conservative bastions], I decide it’s undeniable the aforementioned arithmetic [far more of the “Mike Fitzpatricks” are vulnerable than are the “Justin Amashes”] favors the insurgency that was created by the GOP-elite [Wall St./K St.] when it capitulated, thereby forsaking the base [Main St.]. And no smiling-face [or e-mailed smiley] can soothe the betrayal, particularly when it portends voting for the Senate’s “Immigration Reform” [read “Amnesty”] bill, which Mike aggressively stated during his meeting [with leaders of the “base”…held a fortnight ago] that he wished not to discuss in any fashion. [n.b.: All reports of what transpired have meshed, including expressed-disgust that Don Adams had been invited, and no one was asked to swear-secrecy regarding what occurred thereat; Mike’s retroactive goal was simply to prompt people to feel that threatening his position would deny them “access”…even if it would not prove meaningful/effective when compared with whatever else might transpire in D.C.] Indeed, it may be recalled that it’s possible Boehner would delay a vote until after primary-season, thereby allowing elapsed-time to minimize-risk that the base would awaken in-time to block his intent. * Admixed [now and presumably forever] is the retrenchment of the media towards recognition only that ObamaCare has had a flawed roll-out; Rep. Marsha Blackburn [on Kudlow, @ 6:30 p.m. tonight] listed the potential scandals [no-bid contracts, which all those who condemned Halliburton should despise], but it remains to be seen if BHO’s Teflon will be scratched [even after the Benghazi-Gate testimony which portends within a fortnight]. Few discuss both the front-end [registration] AND the back-end [linkage with insurers] glitches, and fewer still recognize that the glitches were intended to ensure that people didn’t experience sticker-shock until after the media had helped the Dems quash the shut-down. Thus, it is no accident that the “Time Magazine ‘Top Ten Weekly’ News Stories” omitted ObamaCare; indeed, although politico finally recognized the-media-ignored-conservatives-on-ObamaCare, it must be recognized that politico also [falsely] touted the use of the segregation-playbook-against-ObamaCare. Finally, even former president Jimmy Carter has called President Obama incompetent in the familyfriendly pages of Parade magazine; illustrating the quicksand upon which ObamaCare has been built [albeit never vetted] is the revelation that healthcare.gov-users-warn-of-security-risk-breach-of-privacy; in fact, a caller to Rush [yesterday] claimed the FTC could prosecute BHO for having knowingly lied. When chatting this-p.m. with a highly-respected rabbi, the final-blow [from my perspective] was tying angst over BHO’s foreign/domestic policies; I then concluded with a condemnation of elitism/arrogance 803

that continues to underpin/characterize the posture of the Dems. For example, note that, on Friday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) defended HHS Secretary Sebelius, telling ObamaCare critics in Memphis: "Change is hard. Get over it….Barack Obama is president, and the Affordable Care Act is the law." Thus, although Unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers' Book Bombed [despite MSNBC Support], Cloward-Piven is an increasingly unnerving prospect, as BHO degrades America [locally and overseas] @ lightning-speed. {This is precisely why conservatives routinely exclaim: “god-bless-the-conservative-warriors.”} {Read the following (in its entirety), and weep….} ObamaCare Victims and Israel November 1, 2013 By Caroline Glick Originally published by the Jerusalem Post. On the domestic front, despite Obama’s repeated promises that ObamaCare would not threaten anyone’s existing health insurance policies, over the past two weeks, millions of Americans have received notices from their health insurance companies that their policies have been canceled because they don’t abide by ObamaCare’s requirements. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board explained that Obama’s repetition of this lie was not an oversight. It was a deliberate means of lulling into complacency these Americans who opted to buy their insurance themselves on the open market, in order to stick them with the burden of underwriting ObamaCare. In the editorialist’s words, “The [healthcare] exchanges need these customers [whose private policies are being canceled] to finance ObamaCare’s balance sheet and stabilize its risk pools. On the exchanges, individuals earning more than $46,000 or a family of four above $94,000 don’t qualify for subsidies and must buy overpriced insurance. If these middle-class ObamaCare losers can be forced into the exchanges, they become financiers of the new pay-as-you-go entitlement.” Sure there is an outcry now about Obama’s dishonesty and the way he has used lying to take away from an unwilling public a right it would never have knowingly surrendered, but it is too late. There is no chance of revoking the law until at 2017, when Obama leaves office. And by then, everyone will have been forced to accept what they consider unacceptable or be fined and lose all health coverage. Obama’s mendacity is not limited to domestic policy. It operates in foreign affairs as well. Several commentators this week recalled Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez’s angry response to the Obama administration’s attempt to block Senate passage of sanctions against Iran in December 2011. Expressing disgust at the administration’s bad faith to the Senate, Menendez noted that before the White House tried to defeat the legislation, it first forced senators to water it down, making them believe that the White House would support a weaker bill. In the end, despite the White House’s opposition, the Senate and House passed the watered-down sanctions bills with veto-proof majorities. Obama reluctantly signed the bill into law and then bragged about having passed “crippling sanctions” on Iran. 804

As was the case with ObamaCare, the White House knows that most Americans won’t support its policy of doing nothing to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. So the White House never says that this is its policy. Obama and his advisers insist that preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power is a central goal of the administration. But their actions move US policy in the opposite direction. And if they get caught on the lies after Iran gets the bomb, well, Obama won’t be facing reelection, so he will pay no price for his duplicity. The mendacity at the heart of Obama’s political playbook is something that Israel needs to understand if it to survive his presidency without major damage to its strategic viability. The events of the past week make clear that the stakes in understanding and exposing his game couldn’t be higher. Three major developments occurred this week. {Also note: Palestinians Announce Resignation From Peace Talks.} {Also note: end-of-current-israel-palestinian-talks-reached-more-than-eight-years-ago.} On Sunday, PLO officials leaked to the media a position paper that Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat presented to Justice Minister Tzipi Livni outlining the PLO’s position on a final peace settlement. In a nutshell, the paper requires Israel to destroy itself demographically, democratically, militarily, legally and politically and that it relinquish its water supply. Six months after it does all these things, the Palestinians will agree to sign a peace treaty with it. The Palestinian document claims not only all of Judea and Samaria, (except for 1.9 percent of the territory that Israel can keep in exchange for money and more land within sovereign Israel), and eastern, northern and southern Jerusalem. It demands the northern Negev, the Hula Valley, Latrun and the Elah Valley. And it demands them all free of all Jewish presence. They demand that Israel relinquish its rights under international law to Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem by agreeing that they are “occupied.” They demand full control over the airspace over Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem, and over the waters off the Gaza coast. They demand an end of air force overflights of those areas. They demand control over all the underground aquifers, and over the electromagnetic spectrum. Moreover, the Palestinians are demanding that Israel allow 5 million foreign-born Arabs the right to freely immigrate to its remaining territory. They refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist and claim they have sovereign rights over all of Israel. The Palestinian document reveals that there is no chance whatsoever that the current negotiations will lead to peace. PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies don’t want peace. They want to destroy Israel. 805

And yet, to demonstrate Israel’s good faith with the cause of peace, and genuine devotion to the goal of appeasing Abbas, on Sunday the cabinet approved the release of another 26 Palestinian murderers from its jails. On Tuesday night, Abbas threw them a party in Ramallah and pledged that he would force Israel to release all Palestinian terrorists from its prisons. {Also note: moderate-peace-loving-abbas-happily-celebrates-with-killers-of-jews.} Then there is Iran. Just as it did in 2011, before the US Senate and House passed vetoproof sanctions bills, the administration is aggressively fighting to block lawmakers from passing new sanctions against Iran. To this end, Obama’s national security advisers summoned American Jewish leaders to the White House to demand that they stop speaking in favor of intensified sanctions. Also this week, US Secretary of State John Kerry took a swipe at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for daring to question the administration’s total commitment to negotiating with Iran. Kerry indignantly insisted, “We will not succumb to fear tactics” against holding talks with Iran. The same day that Kerry decried Israel for supposedly sowing fear unnecessarily about the status of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Olli Heinonen, the former deputy head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that the Iranians may have already passed the breakout phase and have the capacity to build an atomic weapons within two weeks. But in accordance with the Obama administration’s wishes, Democrats in the Senate are now suggesting a four-month pause in sanctions deliberations to give Obama a chance to reach a deal. Rather than post the Palestinians’ position paper on his Facebook page and instruct Israeli diplomats worldwide to publicize it as proof of the Palestinians’ continued commitment to Israel’s destruction and bad faith at the negotiating table, Netanyahu remained mum on its leaked contents. Netanyahu didn’t use the paper or Abbas’s open support for recent terror attacks, and leadership of the global movement, to destroy Israel’s economy through trade wars and commercial boycotts, as ample justification for keeping the Palestinian murderers in prison. Instead, he and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon insisted that they had to be released. Israel’s “strategic interests” would be adversely affected, they said, if the government kept them behind bars. Since Obama first entered the White House, Netanyahu and his colleagues have used the term “strategic interests” as a euphemism for American pressure. By using the term in the context of the freeing of murderers, Netanyahu and Ya’alon made clear that the US has blackmailed Israel into keeping up concessions to the PLO despite the fact that the concessions demoralize the country, destabilize the government, embolden terrorists determined to murder still more Jews, and encourage Abbas to escalate his support for terrorism and his diplomatic war against Israel.


The question is, what are Obama and his colleagues threatening to do to us? What is the “or else” that follows the American demand for Israel to capitulate to Palestinian demands? The media claim that Netanyahu continues with the phony peace talks because he doesn’t want to be blamed when they fail in April. But even if Netanyahu were to break with his party and form a new government with Livni and the Labor Party, the Arabs and Meretz, and offered Abbas Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, and some symbolic right of immigration for a few foreign Arabs to the rump Jewish state, Abbas would reject his offer, just as he rejected Ehud Olmert’s offer and just as Arafat rejected Ehud Barak’s offer. And just as Obama has blamed Israel for Palestinian intransigence and radicalism for the past five-and-a-half years, so he will blame Israel for the failure of the current talks. So as unpleasant as it will be to be blamed, the best thing Israel can do is expose Palestinian bad faith to minimize the price it will pay when it is blamed. The thing is, Netanyahu must know that Obama will blame Israel no matter what the Palestinians say or do. So perhaps the “strategic interests” he is threatening are more strategic than simply blaming Israel for scuttling phony peace talks. Maybe Obama is telling Netanyahu that if he fails to keep faith with the fake talks, Obama will tip Iran off to an impending Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities. Here, too, Obama has a track record. According to former national security adviser Giora Eiland, Netanyahu was poised to attack Iran’s nuclear installations in the fall of 2012, but Obama pressured him into standing down. It is hard to believe that Obama’s was a soft sell. Then there is the issue of military sales. Government officials have whispered periodically that Obama is threatening to curtail weapons sales to Israel. Such a move could quickly paralyze the air force. There is an argument to be made for keeping silent on the nature of Obama’s blackmail. Exposing it would also expose the growing fissure between the US and Israel, and much of Israel’s deterrent posture is based on a widespread assessment that Israel’s strategic alliance with the US is unbreakable. But then again, Obama’s weakening of the US alliance with Israel – and with Saudi Arabia and Egypt – is well-known. The damage has already been done. Given this, the argument for exposing the nature of Obama’s threats becomes more compelling by the day. Congress still plays a supervisory role in foreign policy. And the American public supports Israel deeply. There is a strong probability that if the nature of Obama’s threats is revealed, he will be forced to rescind them before Israel becomes the foreign corollary to the Americans whose health insurance Obama canceled. Anyone who wishes to attend the Corbett-Cawley “2014-Announcement” Tour may wish to confront him with his depressing poll-numbers in-person on Thursday @ 10:30 a.m. [E.S.T., for clocks will be “falling-back” in a few hours] @ Corp. Lauderslager American Legion [7976 Oxford Avenue, Phila., PA 19111], which is in Fox-Chase [diagonally across the street from Joseph’s/Monstruck]. {I’ve been there; the auditorium is not large and parking is limited so—because this is the sole event in SE-PA—it may be wise to arrive early.} Again, recall a subtheme of these “blasts” has been disappointment with him, for 807

the Kathleen Kane report on his “performance” as AG regarding the Sandusky Scandal ominously looms; also, his priority-triad (state-store, pension-reform, transportation-infrastructure) remains stalled. * Illustrating with-precision the “marching-orders” emanating from D.C. [and the grass-roots] is this e-mail from Heritage [omitting the section that recounts still another tale-of-woe due to ObamaCare]: Our Impact: 'We're Just Getting Started' Heritage Action set out to change the culture in Washington—to create a new “paradigm” where lawmakers are held accountable by their constituents and not special interest. “It’s about day-in, day-out policy accountability on what’s truly going on in this town,” Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham told National Review. Turing old-fashioned organizing into potent political power, Heritage Action has become “the conservative movement’s daily whip team, competing directly with Boehner’s whips to kill bills, amend legislation, and woo the right flank.” Heritage Action is committed to empowering Americans across the country to raise their voices. “What people actually want,” Needham tells National Review, "are politicians who try to inspire, [who] try to achieve something.” Hot Off the Presses
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The Hill reports on the growing fight between the big-government business lobby and conservative groups like Heritage Action. According to the Daily Beast, the only thing standing in the way of the food stamp and farm bill is a Heritage Action key vote. Reuters highlights Heritage Action's continued opposition to Obamacare, commenting on our latest Halloween-themed ad.

It is necessary to recognize the potency/constituency of each component of this effort, particularly when it is noted that some entities must remain primarily “educational” [and cannot endorse people]. Touted repeatedly has been Heritage Action—due to its having appeared to be most “visible” in D.C.— although the local popularity of Tea Party Patriots and FreedomWorks has become a wonder to behold. Frankly, I’ve been disappointed with Americans for Prosperity and Independence Hall, for their work appears to have proven counterproductive [particularly that of the latter pseudo-“Tea Party” entity]. Linda Rosen [912 Patriot of Lower Bucks] and Jaime Faucette [Citizens for Constitutional Government] have been stalwarts, even when [on occasion] we’ve disagreed; NONE of these perceptions is tethered to any input from Guzzardi, although his posture indubitably has been validated by Mike’s key-vote. Thus, the ideal conceptualization to draw from this amalgam of personalities and groups is that there is commonality of purpose, a meshing of resources, and a maintenance of individual identity/strengths; without appearing excessively “saccharine,” the reader should know how much respect they engender. In short, there is no APPETITE to “primary” Mike, but DUTY calls; when one recalls an infamous adage [“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”], it’s difficult to believe that he will vote “conservatively” if/when not challenged in 2014 [particularly after Boehner ignored the Hastert Rule] 808

and it’s even more difficult to hope he would remain true to his base’s principles when—during his final term—he would not be subject to any meaningful “accountability” [and could thus demonstrate inertia]. All of this must be accomplished ASAP, as BHO incessantly acts on multiple levels to pursue his agenda [e.g.,EXECUTIVE ORDER: Obama directs gov't to prepare for global warming]; as those who were present at the Heritage Action Rally two months ago were requested by Pastor Rafael Cruz [Ted’s Dad] to do, the army that is recruited to combat the Dems next year must be sufficiently robust to pledge to this fight “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Mike has not exhibited sufficient valor to have met this simple-test, nor have his subsequent comments [e.g., bashing Cruz] portend attitudinal readjustment. Hope Springs Eternal: “Holland’s Got Talent” aria by 9 year-old. [Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro" from the opera "Gianni Schicchi"] Let It Be [violin & cello] {During his book-tour, Krauthammer explained his penchant for politics by claiming that it is otherwise impossible to enjoy anything “cultural” without recognizing the environment in which it had arisen; thus, one can better appreciate the difficulty one has when listening to Wagner, knowing his Nazi roots. Within a different context, long-suffering fans of Philly-Sports may wish to know that mitch-williamsalmost-fought-lenny-dykstra-at-an-autograph-signing-today, illustrating why Iggles are so depressing.}


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