Salsas, chutneys, and relishes make dinner planning a snap.

Just cook simply seasoned meat, poultry, or fish, then serve it w
of our bold-flavored, bright-colored condiments.
IUTWlTH: Ginger-Nectari""Sal sa; Pan-Roi!stedCornarodTomatoRelish

Poblano and Tomlto S .. I, .. ; Toml to Chow·Chow

less chicken bruit h.alveswith '1. t eupoonult and 'I. u.aspoon fr6hly
ground black pepper. Place ch!ckenon grill with cooking
liST WITH: Fiery Grilled h .. ch and Habanero Salsa;
!>reparegrUJ tomedlum-hlgh hut. Sprinkle 4 (6-ounce) striped bus

Place fish onagrUI rackCOOlted wlthcooltillispray; grill 4 minutes on

IUTWITH: Ginger-t;lectari neSal$l; Fiery Grilled Peach and Habanero
Salsa; Curried Pineapple andStone FmitChutney

O¥er,(,-pound)porktenderloln.HeatalaJ-ge skillerO¥ermedium-hlgh
hen.Add'tableJpoonoli""olltop.m;swlrltocoar .... ddporktopan;
COOk) minutes, browning on all sides. Bakeporllat 400' forllmlnutes
orumllatherrnomelerregiSterslss· (sUghtly plnk). Letstandlomln-

,l!OfIl."""SOOOu.. 11lo\e:CAlC_
IInWITM: PlIn-fl.(>asle<iCornandTomato Relish; RoastedPoblano8lld
Prepare grtll to medium-high heat. Sprinille l (l-pound)tlmll'teall with
'I. teaspoon ull and 'I. teOl.S])OOn freshly ground black pi'pper .
8 minutesoneach,ldeor untUdHlreddegreeofdoneness. Letsleall
m nd 10 minutes before cutting diagonally acTO$.! grain intO thin , lIcel_
'51,fATU" h ....... monol.'I . .... O.ll)''''''''' N .. ".,. 0.10; CHoL

C..... ... Oa._Oo. ..... "");
l'IIOT[lNo.'o; o,u>s;' •• O.1t;OtOXOoos:'iIOI<
o.' .... _ .. '""""CAlC_ I-"":'';'''- ''''::;:;;';;;''''--'::;;:::....J
AUGuST ,o09 1

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