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Media Contact: Julia Petrova Media Relations Coordinator Golden Networking +1-414-FORUMS !"etrova#goldennetworking$net %tt"&''www$goldennetworking$net

Smart Textiles, Fashion that Responds, Genevive ion, at Golden !et"or#in$%s &'eara(leCompCon
Building off of the momentum of past successful conferences, Golden Networking brings Wearable Computing Conference 2013 New ork Cit! "www#wearable$ computing$conference#com%, &'e(olutioni)ing the *uman +,perience -hrough Ne,t$Generation -echnolog!&, No(ember .# !e" )or# Cit*, !), +SA ,!ovem(er -, -./01 -- Genevive ion is (ssistant Pro)essor* +ire,tor* S%i-a Seiki .aute /e,%nolog0 1a2orator0 at +re3el Universit0* will s"eak at Golden Networking4s 5eara2le Co-"uting Con)eren,e 6 17 8%tt"&''www$weara2le,o-"uting-,on)eren,e$,o-9* :Revolutioni;ing t%e .u-an <3"erien,e /%roug% Ne3t-Generation /e,%nolog0:* to 2e %eld in New =ork Cit0* on Nove-2er >$ Ms$ +ion is an award winning designer wit% an e3tensive 2a,kground in 2es"oke ,lot%ing and industrial design$ .er ,olle,tions %ave 2een sold at ?ergdor) Good-an and ?arne0s in New =ork and .olt Ren)rew in Canada$ .er work on "er-anentl0 "leated silk is in t%e "er-anent ,olle,tions o) t%e @i,toria and (l2ert -useu- in 1ondon 86 79 and t%e +e=oung Museu- in San Fran,is,o 86 1 9$ .er resear,% )o,uses on identi)0ing "rodu,tion -et%ods t%at advan,e t%e )ield o) weara2le te,%nolog0 intended )or a variet0 o) %ig% "er)or-an,e te3tiles a""li,ations$ An 6 16 )ollowing t%e signing o) a ground2reaking B1 -illion "artners%i" agree-ent wit% S%i-a Seiki US(* Ms$ +ion )ounded t%e S%i-a Seiki .aute /e,%nolog0 1a2orator0* a state o) t%e art knitting )a,ilit0 dedi,ated to t%e design and "rotot0"ing o) s-art and te,%ni,al te3tiles$ /%e .aute /e,% 1a2 is lo,ated in +re3el4s <3CA/e Center and su""orted 20 Universit04s Colleges o) Media (rts and +esign* <ngineering* Nursing and .ealt% Pro)essions* Medi,ine* An)or-ation S,ien,e and /e,%nolog0 and t%e S,%ool o) ?io-edi,al <ngineering* S,ien,e and .ealt% S0ste-s$ An %er 1a2orator0 Ms$ +ion ,olla2orates wit% a -ultidis,i"linar0 tea- o) )a,ult0 and students resear,%ing t%e develo"-ent o) knitted ele,troni, ,o-"onents into gar-ents* versatile "rodu,tion -et%ods and -ass ,usto-i;ation o) s-art te3tiles and weara2le te,%nolog0$

5eara2le Co-"uting Con)eren,e 6 17 is "rodu,ed 20 Golden Networking 8%tt"&''www$goldennetworking$net9* t%e "re-ier networking ,o--unit0 )or 2usiness and te,%nolog0 e3e,utives* entre"reneurs and investors& - .ig%-)reCuen,0 /rading 1eaders Foru- 6 17 Frank)urt* Nove-2er 61 8%tt"&''www$%)tleaders)oru-$,o-9 - .ig%-)reCuen,0 /rading 1eaders Foru- 6 17 1ondon* +e,e-2er D 8%tt"&''www$%)tleaders-)oru-$,o-9 - Co-"lian,e 1eaders Foru- 6 17 New =ork Cit0* +e,e-2er 16 8%tt"&''www$Co-"lian,e1eadersForu-$,o-9 - .ig%-)reCuen,0 /rading 1eaders Foru- 6 14 Singa"ore* Januar0 E 8%tt"&''www$.ig%FreCuen,0-/rading-Con)eren,e$,o-9 - .ig%-)reCuen,0 /rading 1eaders Foru- 6 14 New =ork Cit0* Ma0 F 8%tt"&''www$.F/<3"ertsForu-$,o-9 - .ig%-)reCuen,0 /rading 1eaders Foru- 6 14 C%i,ago* O,to2er E 8%tt"&''www$.ig%FreCuen,0-/rading$in)o9 Panelists* s"eakers and s"onsors are invited to ,onta,t Golden Networking 20 sending an e-ail to in)or-ation#goldennetworking$,o-$ $+nds$