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Placement Test

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A – Listening comprehension

20 marks

1. Listen and tick (✓) the words that are used in the text.
















10 marks (10x1 mark)

2. Listen to the first part of the text and say if the sentences are True (T), False (F) or
Impossible to Know (IK).

5 marks (5x1 mark)

a. The food we eat is important when we are growing up.
b. Ideally you should drink a litre of milk a day.
c. All foods have elements that are essential for our health.
d. Healthy foods don’’t give us enough energy.
e. You should eat a lot when you are growing up.

3. Listen to the last part of the text and fill in the blanks with the missing words.
5 marks (5x1 mark)

In our daily lives, we use energy to think, walk, a.
perform many other actions. The b.
© ASA, 2013

things comes from two places: fat reserves in the c.
we eat every day. If you don’’t eat healthy d.
you are feeling weak. If you don’’t e.

, breathe and
it takes our body to do these
and the food
, you’’ll find that
the right nutrients, your

body cannot function properly.


b.2 The text…… a. They’’re fantastic. 1st person. 3rd person. I got up late because mum didn’’t wake me up! There was no bread so I didn’’t have any breakfast. She’’s going to be angry with me! I went shopping on my own and I spent too much money. talks about daily life situations. c. I stayed home and watched TV with dad. 5 marks (5x1 mark) 2. Choose the correct option. it started to rain and I didn’’t have my umbrella! My shoe has got a hole in it and my foot got wet. 2013 2. page from a diary. so I went to bed at 9. but now I haven’’t got any 5 money and I can’’t buy tickets for the music concert. solve a problem. I hope so! In Edwards. 2 b. Wonderful! In the end. but he was busy. Of course.1 This text is a…… a. formal letter.30 and wrote this! Perhaps tomorrow is going to be a better day. describes a picture. 2.Test B – Written comprehension 30 marks 1. Oh dear! I’’m terrible with money.. a. 2nd person.3 The text is in the…… . Scholastic ltd. b. cold and hungry! I wanted to go out with Tim in the evening. Saturday Today wasn’’t a very good day. I didn’’t have any money for the bus and I walked home. I was hungry all morning! I arrived at the shopping mall half an hour late and Tina wasn’’t there. The programmes were boring. c. L. Common European Framework Assessment Tests. c. © ASA. poem. Read the following text about Jane. When I got home I was wet. He wanted 10 to watch the football match and I hate football. I bought some new boots. gives ideas to 2.

a young girl. 2013 5. little d.1 Why did Jane walk home? 5.4 Was it a good day for Jane? Justify with a sentence from the text. object used to protect people from the rain 5. c. b. Match the words from the second paragraph with their correct definition.5 The text is…… a. an old lady. 3 . in the future.2 How was she feeling when she got home? 5. happy c.4 The person who writes the text is…… a.3 What did she do in the end? © ASA. 2. 8 marks (4x2 marks) a. 3. 12 marks (4x3 marks) 5. having something to do d. c. umbrella 2. 5 marks (5x1 mark) a. a mum.Test 2. home 1. Find opposites of the following words in the first paragraph. Answer the following questions on the second and third paragraphs. cold 3. old e. in the past. b. horrible 4. place where you live c. in the present. early b. low temperature b. busy 4.

hospital e. airport 1 2 4 3 5 6 © ASA. 12 marks (6x2 marks) a. 6 marks 4 . restaurant f.Test C – Language 30 marks 1. Re-read the third paragraph carefully and write down all the verbs you can find in the past simple. 2013 2. public toilet b. Match the signs with the name of the places they can be found. library c. Go back to the text on part B. shop d.

turn right and © ASA. wear shop. 4 marks (4x1 mark) Women's Wear Jewelry Store Sporting Goods Fire Department Italian Restaurant Police Station X Furniture Memorial Drive Hill Avenue First Avenue Turn left…… Turn right…… Go straight on…… Bar Men's Wear Book Store Oak Street Second Avenue Train Station Beech Way Chinese Restaurant Pine Street Toy Store Forest Street Main Street Movie Theatre Next to…… Opposite…… Go along…… In front of…… Tom is at the police station. 2013 a. Main Street. c. PS: PC: 4. Write the following sentences in the present simple (PS) and present continuous (PC). PS: PC: c. Some are not used. please? Officer Jones: Of course! When you leave the police station. 5 . He is asking for help to go to the tr ain station. and .Test 3. Look at the following map and fill in the gaps with the words or expressions from the box. Jane watched TV with her dad. d. 8 marks (8x1 mark) a. I didn’’t spend my holidays at the beach. b. Did you go to the cinema? PS: PC: d. Tom: Can you tell me the way to the train station. PS: PC: b. On the corner of Pine Street you’’ll see a men’’s the bar. You’’ll find the train station in front of you. The kids studied hard for the exam.

What time do you wake up? What do you do before going to school? How do you go to school? What time do your lessons start? Do you have lunch at school? What do you do after school? © ASA. 2013 What time do you go to bed? 6 .Test D – Written production 20 marks What is a normal day like for you? Describe your daily routine. Use the questions from the box to help you write a text of about 40-50 words.

new (l. Healthy eating is important from the day we are born. d.com/hub/The. e. As a child. The energy it takes our body to do these things comes from two sources: fat reserves in the body and the food we eat every day. because the foods we eat are extremely important for our growth. go straight on. a. B –– Written comprehension 2. T. http://hutchinsonm. d. 6). ““Perhaps tomorrow it is going to be a better day”” (l. 2. 3. f.1 Jane walked home because she didn’’t have money for the bus. nutrients. a. b. our well-being and our health. 5. 5.Test Answer Key A –– Listening comprehension Audio script The importance of healthy eating [1st part] Have you ever heard the saying ““you are what you eat””? This is true. 2. a. c. talk. e. d. walk.2 a. muscles. 1..3 She stayed home with dad and watched TV.. a. b. e. talk. PC: Are you going to the cinema? d. 2. went.. IK. a.4 No.4 c. if you value your health. eat. 15). e. 2013 1. PC: Jane is watching TV with her dad. 2..hubpages. stayed. 2.HealthyEating (abridged and adapted. but also the substances that build our bones and muscles. 7 . watched. child. PC: The kids are studying hard for the exam. you’’ll find that you are feeling weak. IK. b. d. 5. c. 5. 6). 3. you should learn as much about healthy eating as possible. quickly. 2. F.. 4. breathe. it wasn’’t. opposite. Bones. angry (l. foods. 1. substances. b. If you don’’t eat the right nutrients. c. c. 4. your body cannot function properly. PS: Jane watches TV with her dad. c. energy.2 She was feeling cold. grow. accessed July 2013) D –– Written prodution Open answer. turn left..1 b. PS: The kids study hard for the exam. 1). body. a. were. © ASA. PS: Do you go to the cinema?. healthy. late (l. Foods all contain nutrients that give us not only energy to live. 2. 3. 5). b. wanted. we grow very quickly in part because of the foods we eat. foods. C –– Language 1. [2nd part] In our daily lives.of. d. we use energy to think.5 a. body. d. PS: I don’’t spend my holidays at the beach. PC: I am not spending my holidays at the beach. 6). fantastic (l.3 b. b. turn right. 3. wrote. 2. c. 5. 4. 4. much (l. T. 6. c. a. wet and hungry. 2. go along. Therefore. e. 5. If you don’’t eat healthy foods. b.Im por tance. 3. and perform many other actions.

Writ t en prod.List ening comprehension 1 CLASS _________ UNIT ________________________________ 1 2 3 4 C .Writ t en comprehension A . 2013 Name 2 3 20 Total 1 2 3 4 30 Total B .8 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 No.Language 30 Total DATE ___ / ___ / ___ TEST CORRECTION GRID 1 20 Total D . © ASA. 100 Tot al TERM _________ Mark Test .

e uencing items ill onl alse . 13 t o 17: The student sho s reasona le riting skills respects the topic or the te t t pe presents some ideas a out the topic and conte tualises them uses simple cohesi e de ices to organise te t ut not al a s success ull structure or spelling choice o ords is good makes e mistakes hich hardl a ect message. 0 t o 4: The student sho s er poor riting skills doesn t ull respect the topic or the te t t pe ideas are scarce and mostl deconte tualised uses e cohesi e de ices and the te t © ASA. 5 t o 8: The student sho s poor riting skills mostl respects the topic or the te t t pe presents some ideas a out the topic ut the te t is slightl con used uses e cohesi e de ices ut the te t is not structure or spelling ell organised choice o ords is poor makes some mistakes hich sometimes impede meaning. 2013 is disorganised choice o ords is er poor makes man mistakes structure or spelling hich sometimes make message incomprehensi le or illegi le. 9 .ne mark o in true Matching e gi en marks i the hole se uence is correct alse items or each incorrect uotation rom the te t hen applica le e uencing hort ans er Crit eria lank lling hort ans er sentence completion rephrasing .Test Test Correction Criteria T pe o it ems Correct incorrect Multiple choice True . 9 t o 12: The student sho s some riting skills respects the topic or the te t t pe presents some ideas a out the topic and tries to conte tualise them uses some cohesi e de ices Written production ut the te t is slightl disorganised choice o structure or spelling ords is reasona le makes some mistakes hich sometimes make message slightl con using.ne mark o in true correct alse items or each incorrect ans er i uotation rom the te t is hen applica le ne mark less or each language mistake ncomprehensi le or deconte tualised ans ers ill e marked rong ne mark less or language mistakes hort ans er te t comprehension The ans er should demonstrate the comprehension o the te t using student s ords ncomprehensi le or deconte tualised ans ers ill e marked 18 t o 20 The student sho s e cellent rong riting skills totall respects the topic or te t t pe presents his o n ideas a out the topic conte tualises and de elops them uses appropriate and aried cohesi e de ices organises the te t in a coherent manner mistakes structure or spelling are irrele ant or the comprehension o message. ote the student ill get marks i the topic or te t t pe is not respected or i the hole te t is incomprehensi le or illegi le.

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