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Fikri Alfayed Hendra Senjaya Monday, 14th October 2013 Civics 10

1. On your own words, please explain the difference between state and nation. (max 100 words) 2. Why a state needs other states recognition? How does it affect that state directly? (max 150 words) 3. Explain the characteristics of nationalism (patriotic). (max 100 words) 4. Explain the application of nationalism spirit in daily life. (minimum 100 words)

Answers: 1. According to me, the difference between state and nation is that Nation means a group of people who have a will to become one with each other and bound to become a single group by sharing their cultures, religions, languages, and values. State means that theyre together and become one, but they have a purpose of why theyre becoming together become one, having a characteristics of a government more like to have a connection with Nation itself. So, the difference between them because of this is slightly difference because of a close connection and the meaning. 2. State needs other states recognition because of reasons that they have for having other states to recognize the state. Like for example is a friendly and truce to make the states recognize this states, and the most of all by showing their State and Nationality, so it will be more effectively when it comes to making recognition. Usually, how state affects other states directly is by using international law, and something that relates to how directly state affects states. 3. The characteristics of nationalism are requiring and laboring for the prosperity of nation, ensuring the continuation of the nation, and the most of all always placing the nation first before any other country, group, or individual. Basically, the characteristics of nationalism by how people use it nowadays is just to show off other states that their country is the best according to themselves. But, the correct use of these characteristics is that to show our personality of the country that we are a good country to live in. 4. The application of nationalism spirit in daily life is basically connects to the question number 3 where I said that the characteristics of patriotic should be use only to show ones nations character. So basically, the characteristics of the nations could be for people and its actually for people to learn that their country is the best country to live in. For some others cant love their own country, and prefer to support another country. Thats why, people on surrounding encourages that we should love this country first before loving another country. It shows

respect and love to one another by encouraging and especially giving them advices. These characteristics must be use on daily live, otherwise it just ruins own country.