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U.S. Army Cadet Command is seeking retired Senior NCOs (E-7 & E-8), Captains, Majors, and Lieutenant Colonel's to
fill critical positions within the Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs. Cadet Command has locations
throughout the United States, requiring officers and enlisted personnel to fill several vacant positions that would
otherwise go unfilled due to personnel shortages. Cadet Command’s mission is to train and commission the future
leadership of the U.S. Army. In addition, each program is looking for retirees with operational experience, and the
ability to meet the mental and physical demands common to working with college age cadets. The program has had a
100% recall rate since its inception in the spring of 2007. However, Army funding will be assessed at the beginning of
each fiscal year, to determine the number of new recalls and extension requests to be approve.

The appointment to active duty is for a two year term, with the option to extend. The retiree recall process takes about
three to five months to get through the channels – the packet works through Headquarters Cadet Command, up to the
Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower & Reserve Affairs for final approval authority. Once recalled (mobilized),
the Soldier and their family is eligible for full active duty benefits like TRICARE, Concordia Dental, etc. Salary is based
on the retired rank, and upon release form active duty, retired Soldiers are entitled to credit the additional time served
on active duty for computation of retired pay. Qualified Soldiers are mobilized from their current home, and authorized
movement of household goods and family members. If the Soldier opts not to move household goods and family, they
are not authorized per diem. Retirees will not be eligible for promotion, nor will they be required to submit

Duty Descriptions
BRIGADE EXECUTIVE OFFICER. Supervises all staff elements of the Brigade HQ and its daily operations and
assists the brigade commander with the management of subordinate ROTC battalions within the brigade. Advises the
Commander on operational. training, marketing, budgeting and logistical matters. Responsible for managing the
Brigade’s operational budget and supervising the execution of the Brigade’s scholarship allocations. Areas of
emphasis include recruiting and retention of cadets, commissioning, cadre management, cadet training exercises,
cadet actions, annual accessions for new lieutenants. Supervises the preparation of all correspondence and staff
actions for the Commander.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE (APMS). Assist the Senior Professor of Military Science in the
development, management and administration of programs for the enrollment and retention of cadets to commission
the future leaders of the Army. Various roles include: cadet advisor, guide and counselor; recruiter on campus to
attract students into the ROTC program; instructor of military science courses; trainer for development of military
bearing/skills. May also be called upon to fill additional duties identified by PMS.

SENIOR MILITARY SCIENCE INSTRUCTOR (E8/MSG). Must have completed 18-24 months of First Sergeant Duty.
Senior enlisted representative and supervisor for all assigned NCOs. Monitors and develops initiatives in the areas of
cadets and cadre training, administration, logistics, and marketing. Serves as the Commandant of Cadets for the
battalion and as advisor for cadets in leadership positions. Performs as the NCOIC/advisor to the battalion’s color
guard and other Cadet functions/ceremonies. Acts as the NCO role model for cadets, and provides counseling and
assistance as necessary. Assists in recruiting prospects for the Leader Development and Assessment Course and
Leader’s Training Course.

MILITARY SCIENCE INSTRUCTOR (E7/SFC). Must have completed 18-24 months Platoon Sergeant Duty.
Responsible for training cadets on all pre-commissioning tasks with emphasis on land navigation, first aid, small unit
tactics, and marksmanship. Ensure training aids and support materials are current and available for each class.
Assist in recruiting prospects for the Leader Development and Assessment Course and Leader’s Training Course. May
also be called upon to fill additional duties as needed.

If you are interested to apply:

Complete all application requirements, and submit via fax, email, or mail to:

Officer POC:

Enlisted POC:

Mail: Headquarters, US Army Cadet Command

Office of the DCS, G1 (ATCC-PM)
55 Patch Road (Bldg 56)
Fort Monroe, VA 23651
Fax: 757-788-4161, ATTN: (appropriate POC)