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A. Conclusion
The purpose of this research was to improve the students speaking skill through information gap activity at the second grade class VIII G of Junior High School 2 Jambi. Based on the findings and the discussion in chapter IV, the researcher formulated some conclusion as follows: 1. At the beginning, it was quite difficult to make the students work in pairs and do the information gap activity. Therefore, the teacher should give a brief explanation about how to work in pairs and give good demonstrations to the students about what the goal is and how to do the information gap activity; 2. In the process, the students enjoyed the instructional process of speaking English by using the information gap activity. It could be seen from the result of the observation checklist filled by the collaborator in each cycle about the students activity in the instructional process; 3. At the end, the students speaking skill was improved through information gap activity that was implemented in the instructional process. Through information gap activity, the students were motivated to speak and they participated actively in doing the task. It could be seen from the researcher direct assessment that there were significant improvement in the students pronunciation, accuracy and fluency when they are speaking English in each cycle.

B. Suggestions
In order to give contribution to all people in teaching and learning English, especially in speaking English, the writer would give some suggestions: 1. For teachers: a) Especially English teachers, they should find best strategies that could be implemented in their class in order to improve the students achievement of learning. In the case of teaching speaking, information gap activity can be



implemented in the class to make the students enjoy and are willing to speak up in English, so that their speaking skill can be improved; b) Before asking the students to do the information gap activity, make sure that the students are understand completely about what they should do in the activity so that the students could enjoy the activity; c) Teachers should focus on the scoring criteria of speaking, because teachers will assess the students speaking skill directly when the students are performing the information gap activity; d) Teachers should encourage shy students to participate orally by using different activities of information gap that depend on project team work. 2. For Students: a) Students need to extensively practice speaking in their daily activities extensively with her or his friend in order to have a good result in speaking activities. They should prepare themselves especially before joining the class. b) Students must pay attention to the lesson and teacher's explanation related to the material and students should be more active in the class.

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