Zodiacal Reformation Resume – A Retrospection of the Revision of the Zodiac

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The following table resumes our zodiacal reformation as concern the time period that was required to complete any calculi required.
Reformation Zodiac Ascendant House System Direction Time Period 2 months 15 minutes Still Running Indefinite Favorite Name Astronomic Zodiac Precessed Ascendant Night & Day Secondary Direction

The secondary astronomic or angular direction came naturally when we first tracked e.g. Venus in Sextans, whether in direct fashion or converse. Since we used this direction all of the time the research time is indefinite. Our first experiments included Mercury in Sextans as supplied by Keanu Reeves horoscope and Venus in Sextans by Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi. All results were duly published on our web sites. The little i386 machine worked for two summer months before we decided the then rudimentary astronomic zodiac. The first version of the zodiac had a surplus of constellations at the time, partly due to Pluto still officially being a planet and partly to the program’s own precision, which was in fact rather immaculate for the purpose, but for our own doubts. The research was partly inspired by a peculiar Moon in Sextans position as scanned with astrolog program for DOS. At the time we apparently still used astrological programs (laughing). Our RAM memory was limited to less than 4 MB so we used a little DOS program called SKYGLOBE to check for planetary positions. The 20 MB HD is still there as we write this! The rest is legend. The apparently simplest thing to do was to devise a house system. At first we were determined to make the system ourselves using trigonometry, the way it is usually done. Our last efforts reveal that there is still much to do about the house system. Opposition from astrology experts will be felt in this field if in any. This is mostly to the planets overlapping. The effect surprised even its finder since what was expected was a shift in house positioning. What we achieved was a partial rochade of the planets instead. Some of the planets in the chart will act really strange. Venus can e.g. surpass the Moon while settling in the 7th house of the horoscope albeit “normal” horoscopes will show Venus in 6th with Moon in 7th. Thus the Moon essentially remains in the 7th house but Venus not only enters 7th but also switches positions with the Moon or “surpasses” Moon in its position. Everything may have been expected from a house system but planets exchanging place! What is most wonderful is that the so-called Night &Day house system

perfectly defends itself since it is based on the sky as we observe it. We used our own eyes to decide the issues, something that an astrologer armed with a PC program in a foggy urban area cannot possibly think of. The eyes see a conjunction that the program does not. It is easy to prove our new house system if people would only take a look at the skies as they really are. The system is natural to the observer and will be greeted by native Indian seers who might find the ecliptic system absurd. Very soon we’ll face multiecliptic systems and the local zodiac shift, so we had to develop a universal system that is perfectly capable of working everywhere in time and space. Marine earthquakes as well as eruptions on other planets can be scanned much as nativities on Cruithne or spacecraft horary charts. In our “108 Points in Astrology” we touched upon these subjects in some detail. The Ascendant The ascendant is well defined but let the reader be very attentive in this case since the ascendant set changes due to precession and epoch. You don’t meet the same kind of people now and in the time of King Arthur and we have the answer why! The Zodiac The 22 IAU zodiac is well defined after the definition of the dwarf planets set in in August 2006. The N2, P and X zodiacs are still valuable but remain history as the N1 zodiac sets in as valid. “N” of course stands for Neptunian. House System The house system is under test. We still explore its multiple benefits. The astrologer can at last decide which conjunctions are really made with which stars and which stars are far away as this most useful feature happens in visual fashion. Direction Various directions can be developed. We are able to direct Eris in Pavo for the U.S.A. in four distinct coordinate systems for distant or even close conjunctions. Angular oppositions are under inspection. This closes the brief about zodiacal reformation, revision and research.
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