PER Antonio Alfani

In ricordo del nostro UNICO come solo lui sapeva essere e grande amico Eugene Martinez che tanto ha allietato le nostre giornate e serate. GRAZIE di esserci sempre stato per noi, non ti dimenticheremo mai. IRG – I A!IAN RE"!EC ION# GROU$ Sally Ganci Non posso Antonio! Eravamo felici tutti! insieme questa domenica passata ! Ti sono vicina, sempre e molto Tu ed iosolo Antonio sappiamo che crederci il legame che ci lega sarà per sempre! Giselle Stafford I am shoc ed !eyond "ords and in tears hearing of the% death of our you dear dear friend Eugene #artine$ % &ur thoughts and as Eugene "ould have said 'Good (u)u' are "ith the lovely, gentle Antonio *I+ Eugene, "ere very much loved% Shelly s Antonio,our thoughts and prayers you eep at this phase of your life, Eugene "as loved !y many are and "ith "e "ill histerri!le legacy#ar alive!!! #ichelle (ohnson "e lost an person in our English spea ing community here in Italy%Eugene #artine$, I "as fortunate enough to have -esterday met him and his indama$ing gentle life partner Antonio Alfani

Stefano #artiradonna I are very saddened for your loss Antonio and you are in our deepestand thoughts during this difficult time% .elinda #ac/urg I didn't no" Eugene personally !ut he al"ays !rought a

smile to my face as I read his posts and comments and occasionally amusingly commented on my o"n posts% This community "ill miss him so much% The greatest of hugs Antonio from Sicily% /aura #accarrone /i 0olsi I only ne" Eugene through I* !ut "as al"ays sure he "as #- 1*IEN2%%%his posts "ere%poignant %%%funny and heart "arming%%%#y heartfelt condolences to you%%%hugging and hurting%%% Nina 3ansen #achot a Antonio, my deepest thoughts are "ith you% -ou lived "ith a remar a!le man "ho felt the same of you% -our !ond "as4is truly inspiring% Every leaf, every !lade of grass, every star, every animal, every pic le 5!6, every iss, every ray of sunlight,,all are Eugene% In these things, he'll al"ays !e "ith you and "ith us% Eugene%%%so dignified and pure of heart% 2e!!ie &a es I am so very sorry for your loss Antonio% I no" there is nothing to say that "ill help !ut )ust no" you are in a thoughts and prayers% #uch love%
/ouise .ostoc 2ear Antonio , Eugene touched so many people's hearts

and minds through 1., and I'm sure in real life he did the same and more% -ou don't need to !e told you have lost a very special person% It's clear "e "ill all miss him and his very special sense of humour, )ustice and pride% 3e is someone to !e cele!rated and remem!ered "ith pleasure% #y heart is "ith you in your loss , and I "ant to share some "ords from *umi , perhaps they "on't help no", !ut I hope they "ill some day% 3e "rote simply, 72on't grieve% Everything you lose comes around in another form%7 8hen you loo for it, you "ill see Eugene's love in everything, I promise% -ou aren't alone% (oe Ganci 2earest Antonio, there are no "ords adequate to e9press my

sorro" for your great loss, and for ours as "ell% -ou are in my thoughts% :atherine .olton 2ear Antonio, I can only say ho" privileged I feel that I had the chance to get to no" Eugene% 8e had some lovely chats right here on 1. and I no" ho" deeply he cared for you% 3e "ill sorely !e missed% #y thoughts are "ith you during this terri!le time% ;eith 0on .ar enhagen I only ne" Eugene through I*, !ut his posts !rought a smile to my face more than I thin anyone else in I*% 3o" fantastic is it that someone lives their life, spreading their secret sauce and many of the people "ho he affected have never met him in person< 3is personality and "it came through 1. and the internet crystal clear and no" I regret never meeting him in person% 3e "as a!le to ma e light of almost any situation and !ring an air of frivolity to the conversation% 3e "ill !e sorely missed% =n Grande a!!raccio Antonio, I "ish you strength and comfort% +atricia *ucidlo :arissimo Antonio , "ords elude me% Sending you > the dogs lots of love e a!racci fortissimi% patti
Adrian +etersen ?%?%?%?

Shoc ed !eyond "ords, to hear the ne"s a!out Eugene%

A lovely man, a scholar and a gentleman% +roud to say I ne" him, met him and spent a day "ith him in his !eloved 1lorence% Such a loss, poor Antonio%%%%%
:hristine :ovelli 3e made each of us feel as if "e "ere the !est loved and

most lova!le person in the "orld% 8hat a !lessing that "e all love him so much! I'm sure he sees that no", and that it lights the "ay for him% Ad)e #iddel!ee 2ear Antonio, "hat a lost I "ill !urn all the candles I've got those days, T"o !ig hugs from my .asotti for you and your dogs
%.%.%.& ;aren,/ouise Taylorha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artinez Antonio

the pain must !e un!eara!le, you lost your partner of many years, > someone "ho "as unique% +lease stay strong > no" that "e are all thin ing of you% I'm sending you my love%
%.%.%.' #olly #cIl"rathha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ 1or you,

dear Eugene, and for us all to remem!er especially after today's sudden heart!rea ing ne"s% Even though I loved to address you "ith 73ey Eugene7 !y +in #artini, here are some of /oren$o de' #edici's famous lyrics@ 7AuantB C !ella giovine$$a :he si fugge tuttavia! :hi vuol esser lieto, sia@ 2i doman non cBC certe$$a%7 Ne9t time I "al into the .otticelli room these "ords "ill !e right there "ith your spirit "hirling around "ith the Dephyrus' "ind%
%.%.%.( /ouise /e"isha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$

Rest in $eace Eugene )artine*...+ou ,ere a ver+ ,ise, caring, thought-ul and -unn+ gentleman ,ho .elieved in people / animal rights and ,ould never sh+ a,a+ -rom ma0ing people a,are o- the su--erings the+ endure. 1ou have no, .een ta0en, +ou to .e ,ith them, and ma0e them laugh ,ith +our ,it and charm....2ust as +ou did ,ith us...Ciao Eugene Antonio....e strong and continue to .elieve as Eugene ,ould ,ant +ou is not going to .e simple, ever+ human e3periences a loss sometime in their li-e..its 2ust ,e never ,ant it to .e us.... .ut ,ith the support, love and determination +ou must -ind to carr+ ,ill get easier....less +ou..3 #ic2ianne 2re"ha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ A lovely a!solutely !rilliant human !eing that shared his gift of "it and made so many of us laugh% 8e "ere luc y to no" you Eugene% *I+% Sandra #accaferriha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ +ensavamo davvero, 1ranco ed io, di incontrarti di nuovo , e presto, a 1iren$e% Addio Eugene, riposa in pace% =n a!!raccio grande grande a Antonio% Neal 8infieldha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ Addio Eugene Than you for !eing you and giving us so much love, light and en)oyment !y your mere presence% *est in peace lovely man% :lare 8oodhouseha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ 2ear Eugene, you "ere one of the "ittiest, most understanding, poignant and intelligent mem!ers of the I*G cre"% That !oat is already missing you, your roguish sense of fun and your refined sense of !eauty% &ur thoughts and condolences are "ith your dear companion Antonio%%% Anneliese *a!lha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ 3e "as a very special person% So sad for "hat happened% /ouise .ostoc ha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artinez Eugene , you touched so many people's hearts and minds through 1., and I'm sure in real life you did the same and more% The "orld has lost a very special person% It's clear "e "ill all miss you and your very special sense of humour, )ustice and pride% Someone to !e cele!rated and remem!ered "ith pleasure%
%.%.%.4 ;im!erly 2op e,0an$iha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ #ay you rest in peace Eugene% -ou "ere a "onderful

spirited person% -ou "ould light up any party% #y hugs go out to you Antonio and the rest of the family%
%.%.%.5 Su$anne 8infieldha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artinez 8ords cannot e9press ho" sad I feel at the ne"s of your

passing% -ou "ere a great, lovely and funny person "ith a sense of humour li e no other% 8herever you are no", give them hell for ta ing you!
%.%.%.6 #onica :esaratoha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ -ou al"ays made me laugh here on 1.! 8e never met

and I truly "ish "e did! I "ill miss you funny )o es! I am so sorry for your family!

%.%.%.7 :athy 1orchielliha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$ so sorry! 8hat a shoc and "hat a loss% -ou "ill !e

missed Eugene! Than s for the laughs and some serious conversation that made things "orth "hile tal ing a!out%%%
%.%.%.8 Sally Ganciha pubblicato qualcosa sullaEugene #artine$

This is something I can't !elieve, I love and care so much for you my dear friend ! #ay you rest in peace, and than s for !eing at my party last Sunday% No" it means so much to me !
/isa :hiodo*enovating Italy (ust the saddest ne"s that Eugene from Ars &pulenta has passed a"ay suddenly% 3e "as the %.%.%.%9

funniest, "ittiest, generous voice and although "e never met I'll miss his quir y humor at Italian *eflections group 999 Sympathy to his family and loved ones 9
.eth /a"son 8hat a shoc , Sally% Eugene "as such an integral part of the

I*G community% -ou have some lovely photos to remem!er him !y%
#arla Gulley *oncaglia &h my goodness% I am )ust reading this and am

totally shoc ed% 3o" sudden and shoc ing% Than you for posting these lovely photos of Eugene and you% #y deepest sympathies%
(oe Ganci Sono tanto triste di non averlo mai conosciuto di presen$a% Non

vedevo l'ora di dargli un a!!raccio l'anno prossimo dopo averlo conosciuto tramite S ype
%.%.%.%% *aymond /amothe A friend has died% If you can, raise a

glass in an old toast 7 To the here ones, to the gone ones, to those "ho are far a"ay7 3appy Sunday!
%.%.%.%& Teri #ammini Antonio there are no "ords% #y life is so

much richer from no"ing !oth of you% Sending much love to you and the pooches from .ena!!io% 9o9o t
2iana Strinati .aur I had contact "ith Eugene a!out the !oo and

pu!lishing optionsE he "as such a lovely man and gentleman% I am so very sorry for your loss , there are no "ords for this% I "ish you strength and comfort that comes from having no"n great love% Michelle (ohnson -esterday "e lost an ama$ing person in our English spea ing community here in Italy%Eugene #artine$, I "as fortunate enough to have met him and his ind gentle life partner Antonio Alfani Stefano #artiradonna and I are very saddened for your loss Antonio and you are in our deepest thoughts during this difficult time%

Aimee (ac son Accolla8e have lost a dear soul%%a !right shining light for

those "ho ne" you% Although I never met you in person, "e shared moments through "ords filled "ith seriousness, encouragement and often pure )oyous laughter% -our "ords "ere soft and s"eet at times and stri ing at others% -our "ords "ere contagious and found myself using them as often they hit the mood spot on% /ately you commented on my photos and ne" I )ust made a life changing decision% I hadn't chec ed in "ith you in a "hile%%it "as on my list% I'm sorry Eugene #artine$%%%your spirit "ill al"ays !e remem!ered% #y deepest thoughts go out to Antonio Alfani% F9
Anita Grosserha pubblicato qualcosa sullaAntonio Alfani 2ear Antonio so

sorry to hear a!out Eugene passing a"ay%%%%%%
+riscilla 8orsleyha pubblicato qualcosa sullaAntonio Alfani :aro Antonio, ti

a!!raccio forte forte% +riscilla
Tiffany /e"

A -riend o- mine coincidentall+ posted this poem toda+ and I thought it ,as .eauti-ul: ;o not stand at m+ grave and ,eep I am not there< I do not sleep. I am a thousand ,inds that .lo,, I am the diamond glints on sno,, I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. =hen +ou a,a0en in the morning>s hush, I am the s,i-t upli-ting rush O- ?uiet .irds in circled -light. I am the so-t stars that shine at night. ;o not stand at m+ grave and cr+, I am not there< I did not die. mar+ eli*a.eth -r+e @ %8'&
%.%.%.%' Sarah Topps ?%?%?%?G (ust read the sad ne"s% 8e can't !elieve Eugene is no

longer "ith us% &ur thoughts are "ith Antonio and "ish the "as something "e could do to ease the pain% It really ma es you thin and realise ho" important it is to live every day to the full and en)oy life and have fun li e Eugene did% -ou really do not no" "hat is around the corner% Good night Eugene, "e "ill miss you 9

:onor A #cGlone Never had the pleasure of the mans company, !ut I feel

li e I ne" him a little through his contri!utions here% 3ope the pic les are good "here ever you are%%%
3eather N% Griffin

Ae ,as .orn unto this ,orld, innocent and cr+ing. he ,orld re2oiced -or him, .ecause he ,as .eauti-ul. Ae gre, up, living a good li-e. Al,a+s tr+ing to do ,hat ,as right, helping others, and still en2o+ing li-e to its -ullest. Ae ,as not a rich man, nor ,as he poor, .ut he ,as happ+. Ae onl+ 0ne, ho, to love. Never sho,ed a sign o- hatred to,ard an+one. Ae ,as a God going man. An angel .orn on earth. And that da+, ,hen the ,orld lost him, ,as a sad, +et .eauti-ul da+. Ae had lived his li-e in such a manner, that ,hen he died, the ,orld cried, and he no, is re2oicing. o ma0e themselves -eel .etter, the+ thought, BAe is in a .etter place no,. hat this angel had returned to his loving "ather.B Ais ,or0 on earth ma+ .e through no,, .ut, his ,or0 in heaven has onl+ 2ust .egun. Ae shall continue per-orming miracles, to people here on earth, helping those in need o- guidance. "or these simple .ut true thoughts, I have decided, I ,ill not cr+ -or m+ loss, -or it is not a loss at all. I ,ill go on, and so should +ou. Cno,ing that he is alive, .ecause he lives on inside o- +ou and me. In our hearts, our memories, and our souls. =e ,ill miss him, .ut, he is al,a+s near. And i- ,e patientl+ a,ait him, he ,ill share his guidance ,ith us. Until the da+ God tells me to come home, and ,e are reunited, I ,ill miss him. I can not sa+ and I ,ill not sa+, he has passed a,a+, .ut he is 2ust a,a+. Cno,ing that he ,ill soon .e near us, near us all.
%.%.%.%4 #arc Alan 2i #artino ?%?%?%?H I only ne" Eugene #artine$ as a "itty interlocutor on

1ace!oo , !ut he "as al"ays "arm and "elcoming% 8e even created a -iddish doc together for this group% I al"ays thought "e might have !een good friends had "e lived in the same city% I'm very sad to hear of his loss% #y deepest condolences to everyone "ho ne" and loved him%
Eli$a!eth 2'Alessandro Gargani #y hus!and, Alessandro Gargani, and I are

very saddened !y this loss of a !eautiful life% 3ugs to all of you, especially Antonio% Natasha .aldo I didn't no" this man as i only recently )oined the group !ut it seems he "as loved !y many% Such a sad loss, may he rest in peace 9
%.%.%.%6 /aurie 1eldman

?%?%?%?I #y deepest condolences to all of you "ho ne" him%

#ay his memory !e for a !lessing%
*aymond /amothe

Horrible news. Our friend Eugene Martinez passed away last night from a heart attack. Please pass the message on to those who knew him. It is a terrible loss for all who knew him.
● Oh, noD RI$ erri.le ne,s I reall+ can>t .elieve this DD I sa, him last #unda+ D his is truel+ terri.le #hoc0ed I cannot .elieve it. his is such a shoc0D Eer+ ver+ sad to hear this. RI$ Oh god noD #a+ it isnt soDDD :FFFFFF I never actuall+ met him as I haven>t most o- +>all e3cept -or .ut he ,as so s,eet to me, ,e dm>d all the time on ,itter, emails, -. messages, he made me laugh. Goth .elieved in civil rights and .oth originall+ Ne, 1or0ers. RI$ , I thin0 no, o- his s,eet pups too. Cr+ing. oh m+ gosh, i>m so sad to hear this horri.le ne,s. rip in eugene...+ou ,ere the li-e o- the part+D m+ pra+ers are ,ith +ou and antonio Oh no, sorr+ to hear that. Condolences No... he ,as as 2ust commenting on n+ dogs pics last night. .. omg... speechless here ma+ ver+ ,ell .e innumera.le things ,e can do to help over the ne3t ,ee0s. I>ll certainl+ step up to help ,here I can. I hope ,e can all maintain and support Antonio -or as long as he needs us. Ae is in the ,orst place one can .e @@ alone a-ter so man+ +ears together. =o, I>m so sorr+. )+ condolences to his partner and -amil+. O)G I 2ust loved his ,itt+ comments so sad -or his partner too, I am so, so sorr+ O)G 2ust heard the a,-ul ne,s ,hat a tragic loss and although ,e never met I -elt I 0ne, +ou ,ell. #o so sorr+ and sending love to Antonio 3 #o sad, )+ Condolences to Antonio / "amil+ oh m+ .... so suddenDDD ... sorr+ to hear this sad ne,s ... his is dread-ul ne,s, Eugene ,as such a ,itt+ contri.utor to this group, although ,e never met, he seemed such a lovel+ person. #o sad..... Oh m+ goodness @ I can .arel+ .elieve it.... Antonio and his -amil+, our deepest condolences. Gosh @ that>s so sad @ m+ condolences to his -amil+ )+ thoughts and pra+ers are ,ith Eugene>s -amil+ as ,ell as Antonio and his -amil+. #uch a terri.le loss. Ae ,ill .e missed. CondolencesD Ao, sadD A,-ul shoc0 #orr+ to hear this ne,s. houghts are ,ith his and Antonio>s -amil+. =hat the hellDH his so sad he ,as a great person, and ,ill .e missed a lot .+ a lot o- people. )+ deepest condolences to Eugene>s loved ones. I still his comment ,hen I entered IRG and thought B his is the Cra*+ "armBD I>m reall+ saddened to read this ne,s #o sorr+ to hear this. 2eanna 1enton ;earest Antonio, =e met onl+ once at +our .oo0 presentation in Rome.

Gut I -eel I 0no, +ou at least a little -rom m+ >virtual> -riendship ,ith Eugene. Even though

,e never met personall+, I -elt I had met a 0indred spirit and shared so much ,ith him, particularl+ his love -or animals. Ae ,as a ,onder-ul, ,onder-ul man. I am so sorr+ -or +our loss.

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