Eminem Representation

Top of the pop is a magazine targeted at young teenagers mainly girls and it comes under the pop genre, the magazine was launched in 1995 and it became famous for giving the spice girls their nicknames. Hip Hop onnection was launched in 19!!. The genre of the magazine is Hip Hop and is obviously targeted at people who are into hip hop music. "arshall "athers also known as #minem, he grew up in $etroit. He is not only a %apper but also an actor, record producer and a songwriter. #minem is often associated with performers such as 5& ent, $1', $re and many others. (n the Hip hop connection magazine #minem is wearing a suit which shows he is formal however, he is wearing a red tie which signifies blood and danger, which shows that he is a suspicious character. )lso he has a gun in his pocket, obviously it*s not a real gun and it*s a prop this shows that he wanted it for a specific reason and again this emphasises the suspicious aspect. The camera angle of the shot is a low angle this suggests that he is looking down to his audience and showing the power he has. The title of the page is in big bold writing so that is easy readable and stands out therefore people know it*s the title of the page. (n the top of the pops magazine #minem is represented in a different way as he is lay back and looks rela+ed, also his outfit shows that he is trying to get in with the fashion and hasn*t yet reached his gangster stage. )gain the red font on his name is surrounded with a white background this make the name stand out and appeal to the audience. )lso it will attract customers because the artist is e+tremely well known and they need to make sure that the audience know he is featured in the magazine. The image of #minem is the whole background of the magazine and this is to show that #minem is the main article in the magazine also it shows that he is the most important aspect of the magazine cover. The colours used on the Top of the ,ops magazine contrast with each other which is a good thing because it makes the te+t stand out more and by having it in such a big font is emphasises the importance of it. There is a puff on the cover page and this is an e+aggerated claim on the cover to make you want to read more about the article. The two magazines represent the artist in completely different ways this is because the magazine Hip Hop connection is targeted at people who are into hip-hop.%ap music and they need to portray him as a rap artist to keep their reputation in order. However, the top of the pops magazine is targeted at the pop industry and #minem is known for his rap music so they have a image of him looking rela+ed and casual so that the audience don*t feel as if the magazine is including artists from a different genre of music.

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