Technical Paper Project: Disseminating Organizational IT Security and Troubleshooting Best Practices Bradley Wallace CIS 329 Professor Russell Wilson September 8, 2013

This will automatically take care of Windows Updates and will be implemented by the IT department next week. . b) Our network will be tested to evaluate if there is a hole in our firewall and any ports are open. and re moved. and they will be patched. Additionally we will install AVG anti-virus full versions on all assets to protect then. All unauthorized software and computers will not be allowed.TECHNICAL PAPER 2 1. and what we can do to reduce these vulnerabilities. 2. Below are some security best practices that we will educate you on and ensure compliance of. From: Senior Systems Administrator To: Employees of Conseco Systems Corporation Due to the recent unauthorized network activity at our company. There have been unauthorized users on our systems. Microsoft Outlook will be used for local and remote email users. as well as the full version of MalareBytes to actively protect these same assets from malicious codes. User Account Authorization Policies. Two user account authorization policies that will be implemented to prevent further breaches of our network are as follows: a) Password must meet complexity requirements feature will be enabled. a) We will evaluate our network and assets to determine if we are vulnerable. we shall begin implementation of Windows Security Update Services (WSUS). we are going to implement several procedures to strengthen our ability to prevent persons from accessing our information. c) To ensure that our servers and workstations are protected. and we need to tighten up the security policies to stop it. b) Account Lockout Policies feature will be enabled. We will all do our part to continue to make our company a success. All Employee Communication Memorandum Security Department Memorandum 09012013a.

2012) Your active participation in our security revitalization program will ensure that we will make it more difficult for intruders to penetrate our defenses in the future. your machines. (Microsoft. this team will be notified and tasked with removal of the offending software and a re-evaluation of our procedures to prevent further nefarious activities. 3. IT Department Communication Memorandum Security Department Memorandum 9012013b.TECHNICAL PAPER 3 d) Our company is going to set up a new security team to monitor our network and ensure compliance of these practices. If you detect questionable activity on our network. or become infected by a virus or malware. From: Senior Systems Administrator To: IT Department Conseco Systems Corporation .

and 30 minute timers to be set for duration and reset. further enforcing our toughened up security.TECHNICAL PAPER 4 Due to the recent unauthorized network activity at our company. f) BitLocker technology will be applied to our Tier 1 Core employees. d) In Private Browsing will be also be disabled using the group policy editor. b) Account Lockout Policy will be enabled. 2012). e) WSUS will be installed and operational for Monday morning. we are going to implement several procedures to strengthen our ability to prevent persons from accessing our information. This guide will provide detailed steps to ensure everything goes smoothly (Miccrosoft. i) Remote administration on the servers will be disabled to prevent compromise. j) Our company is going to set up a new security team to monitor our network and ensure compliance of these practices. with an incorrect count of three (3). Our SOP on new procedures including system backup and problem alerting will be in effect. The group policy will be used to enact the change. Third Party software is not longer needed to perform this. h) AppLocker will be implemented next month once we produce a list of authorized programs. g) All Tier 1 and Tier 2 core employees will need to use Smart Cards to log on to their machines and the network. You will start the process this weekend starting Friday after COB. . This will ensure that our new technologies are not available if we are compromised. a) All passwords will have the complexity requirements enabled to ensure that it is more difficult for our passwords to be stolen. Below are some security enhancements that are to be incorporated immediately. The group policy will be used to enact the change. c) You will need to ensure all client PCs have at the minimum Windows Explorer 8 to take advantage of the security features that are inherent in the platform.

Troubleshooting Problems a) Samantha Stevens calls to report that she cannot access a website that she used to visit several months ago. Bombay cannot install a program he says he must have to perform his job. b) Gladys Kravits has a Windows Update that did not install successfully.TECHNICAL PAPER 5 Your continued diligence in our security revitalization program will ensure that we will make it more difficult for intruders to penetrate our defenses in the future. Troubleshooting Steps . d) Dr. 5. c) Larry Tate has not been able to use his desktop printer. 4.

b) Johnny is checking his Torrents download when his screen alerts him to an incoming task. The cache has saved a copy of the last page that was at that URL and needs to be cleared. Kravits and watches her as she attempts to install updates. a) This problem is routed to Ron. and then click Yes. She has called numerous times for simple problems. click Internet Options. 2) Click Delete Cookies. and then click OK. He has seen this problem before. Thankfully the new WSUS implementation will prevent these problems in the future. Stevens and have her perform the following steps. 5) Click OK. Poor Mrs. and then click the General tab. They call Mrs. 4) Click Clear History. Stevens can now access the website. After ensuring that Mrs. so out of frustration you pass this work order to a junior help desk member and ask them to walk her through it. 3) Click Delete Files. and then click OK. Kravits is not very computer savvy. Your assistant visits Mrs. you close the ticket and take a smoke break and get some coffee. his first for the day.TECHNICAL PAPER 6 Our IT department is using the latest work order software and the following tasks have been automatically created and sent to the inbox at the IT helpdesk supervisors office to be meted out to the workers. He immediately narrows in on the problem and has her perform the following steps after noticing that she is not noticing that she needs to accept the license terms to proceed with installation: . 1) On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.

and wait until you are prompted to review the license terms. in the list of results. After hunting your tardy employee down you have a little discussion with her in your office and inform the young lady that she is going to help Larry an older gentleman that hates computers and is often times seen banging keyboards in frustration. and log back in. Unfortunately there are four more troubles in your queue. click Try again. Jennifer gives you her stink eye and you smile as you show her out of your office. She hasn’t logged into her computer yet. click Windows Update. 2) Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it. and then. type Update. the trouble can now be closed. restart her computer. So far so good. and it is already 30 minutes into her work day.TECHNICAL PAPER 7 1) Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button . After verifying that the update happened as expected. . In the search box. 2) Review any error messages. Returning to the cubicle. c) Jennifer is at the break room describing the totally awesome night she at Rosa’s party Saturday. As he is the Uncle of a senior staff member he is treated with kid gloves and provided the utmost courtesies. and wait to see if the update is installed successfully. 3) If an error message about license terms or cancelled updates is displayed. Tate’s desk and the following actions are taken: 1) Ensure that the printer is powered up. 4) Accept the license terms. To solve this problem she walks over to Mr. you go ahead and have Gladys run a custom update. listening and looking for the windows notifications that a device was plugged in. install some drivers and Outlook updates.

6) She disconnects the printer from the PC. Larry’s Dell 968 is there. logs into her machine and closes the work order. one of the older system users. When Jenny clicks on it. she sees that the error is no longer resident on the machine. Tate brought it in from home. Jenny walks back to her cubicle. then devices and printers. 11) He is successful.TECHNICAL PAPER 8 3) Click the Start button. installs the drivers. 9) Mr. Checking the database you verify that he is running an Enterprise version of Windows 7 that will support XP Mode. 12) Smiling. and Jenny doesn’t have a driver disk. 10) Jenny giggles and acts coy. He states that his Windows XP program won’t install on his Windows 7 machine. Tate is ecstatic and tells Jenny he is going to ensure she gets a raise. 7) Checking the devices and printers page again. . but it has an exclamation mark on it. 5) She Logs on as the Administrator and navigates to the Dell website and locates the drivers on the support site. and ensures that there are no errors. and she thanks him for helping her fix the computer. 4) As this is not a company asset and Mr. She ignores her next assignment and signs into face book to ensure she tells all her friends how much she hates her boss and she is getting a raise. reconnects the USB when prompted. a notification comes up that the device is not working and the drivers may not have loaded properly. 8) Double clicking on the printer she pulls up the properties and prints a test page. d) A work order comes in from Dr. the drivers are not resident on the network. After downloading them she stores them in a temporary folder. Bombay. then logs out of his computer and asks Larry (her buddy now) to log in and print his file.

decide whether you want to help protect your computer by turning on automatic updates. you restart the computer and press F2 to go to the bios and enable the feature. 1) After the PC is brought in. 2) The first thing is to check to see if the PC is capable of performing the virtual task.TECHNICAL PAPER 9 Knowing that this is a difficult problem. you download and install windows XP Mode with Service Pack 3. you ask him to bring his PC into the work area to teach the other IT techs how to run XP programs in a virtual environment. click Windows Virtual PC. and then click Next. 9) On the Installation folder and credentials page. 7) Then you must click the Start button . Bombay expresses in interest in observing so he can learn how to run programs himself later at home. 5) You then download and install Windows Virtual PC. You go to the Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC support website and download the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool. or choose a new location. 8) If you accept the license terms. 11) On the Help protect your computer page. and then restart the machine. and then click Next. install any updates. 10) Type a password. click All Programs. type it again to confirm it. 13) After setup is complete. . click I accept the license terms. 6) Next you will have to run Windows Update. and then click Windows XP Mode. This utility can check whether your computer will work with Windows XP Mode. Dr. 4) After restart. 3) After verifying that the CPU is capable of running that mode. accept the default location where Windows XP Mode files will be stored. 12) Click Start Setup.and then click Next. Windows XP Mode opens in a separate window.

(Microsoft. click Windows Virtual PC. and then click Windows XP Mode.TECHNICAL PAPER 10 14) In Windows 7. 2012) 18) Finally you are finished. open the file. click the Start button . and the good Dr. 15) In Windows XP Mode. insert the program's installation disc into your computer's CD/DVD drive. 17) In Windows 7. click the Start button. click All Programs. or browse to the program's installation file. and everyone breaks for lunch at Hooter’s. click Windows XP Mode Applications. He has several older programs he is working with to update files and now he can do it. click Windows Virtual PC. is happy. and then click the program you want to open. . and follow the instructions to install the program. 16) Click the Close button at the top of the Windows XP Mode window. 19) You close the work order.

Retrieved from Microsoft tech net: http://technet. Enterprise Security Best Practices .microsoft.aspx Microsoft (2012).TECHNICAL PAPER 11 Reference Microsoft (2012).com/en-us/library/ Retrieved from Microsoft tech net: Retrieved from windows: http://windows. Install the WSUS .microsoft.aspx Microsoft (2012). Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7.10).

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