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Product presentation NetAct Optimizer

Confidential 1 Nokia Siemens Networks

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Optimizer for GSM, WCDMA and LTE

Optimizer presents the actual network situation in a highly automated way Network topology and parameters from OSS database KPIs and counters from OSS database and a PM tool Seamless visualization of the network Simultaneous performance and parameter data e.g. Handover KPIs and parameters for each neighbor Entire solution for adjacency management 2G, 3G, inter-system, inter-vendor Measurement-based optimization Automated provisioning Support for roll-out without a planning tool Initial adjacency generation for new cells Initial frequency, BSIC, Scrambling code assignment Powerful parameter management via optimization algorithms or semi-manually
Soc Classification level 2 Nokia Siemens Networks

Efficient visualization and analysis

Optimizer provides a wide range of efficient visualization functionality from network-wide overview to detailed drill-down Powerful methods for visualizing the network situation Fast overview on a geographical map Problematic areas of the network Latest changes

Automated root cause analysis

Helps in choosing the right
corrective actions

Details on table views

Counters and parameters Alarm history Call-specific details

Soc Classification level 3 Nokia Siemens Networks

Measurement-based GSM optimization

Interference Matrix generation based on mobile measurements Control for BSS measurements Generation of interference matrix Verification of interference validity Interference root cause analysis Complemented with Timing Advance analysis Automated Adjacency Management Automated algorithm to propose optimal adjacencies Unused adjacency deletion based on HO statistics Missing ones created based on interference matrix Performance optimization Frequency allocation based on measured interference All hopping modes supported All RF hopping types supported Allocation completed with BSIC allocation and other parameters Capacity Analysis End-to-end analysis of actual and near future capacity utilization level Seamless view from radio to SGSN Separate analysis for voice and data traffic
Soc Classification level 4 Nokia Siemens Networks

BS C Servi ng BTS

Measurement-based WCDMA optimization

Interference matrix generation based on

mobile measurements

Interference analysis Automated Adjacency optimization Scrambling Code management Antenna Tilt Optimization Capacity Analysis Call Location Analysis

Soc Classification level 5 Nokia Siemens Networks

Seamless multi-vendor network optimization

Any vendor File-based integration 2G and 3G interference measurements Border areas

WCDMA interference analysis Antenna tilt optimization Capacity analysis GEO-located KPIs Measurement-based frequency allocation GSM, WCDMA and inter-system adjacency optimization Scrambling code allocation

Soc Classification level 6 Nokia Siemens Networks

Optimizer interworking in NetAct

Automated access to configuration parameters Automatic CM* data refresh Support for planned data (new sites, cells, etc.) Automated retrieval of KPIs Calculation of KPIs from raw counters (Nokia only) Daily, Daily BH, Weekly, Weekly BH levels

Automatic Custom KPI retrieval from preferred customer PM** tool (through integration project)
Optimization results stored in Configurator for centralized provisioning

* CM Data -Configuration Management Data ** PM Data Performance Soc Classification level 7 Nokia Siemens Networks Management Data (KPIs)

Alarm visualization

Optimizer 2.3

Real-time alarm visualization for Nokia Siemens network elements

All alarms visible in Alarm Monitor can be seen in Optimizer Alarms for the following element types: BSC, BCF, BTS, TRX RNC, WBTS, WCEL The following alarm information can visualized in the browser:
- Ack time - Acked by - Alarm number - Alarming object - Alarm text - Alarm time - Cancel time - Cancelled by - Element type - Severity - Supplementary info
Soc Classification level 8 Nokia Siemens Networks

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Soc Classification level 9 Nokia Siemens Networks