Service Specifications Developer Garden Conference Call.

1 General Provisions Deutsche Telekom AG (hereinafter referred to as Deutsche Telekom) operates an online developer portal for the customer under the name Developer Garden ( Subject to technical and operational feasibility, Deutsche Telekom shall provide the customer with Developer Garden Conference Call (hereinafter referred to as Conference Call). The customer can use Conference Call to develop his own software applications as well as grant his end-users access for implementing conference calls. The customer needs to register in Developer Garden to use Conference Call. moderator cannot be reached (e.g., because the line is busy or the call is not answered), the attempt to establish the call is repeated automatically up to five times at two-minute intervals. If the moderator still cannot be reached, Conference Call waits for the moderator to dial into the conference himself. If the dial-in method is used for a conference, all participants are added to a holding queue until the moderator has dialed in. As soon as the call to the moderator has gone through, calls are made to the other conference call participants (dial out). Participants who have been in the holding queue up until that point (dial in) will be transferred to the conference room. If the moderator disconnects from the conference, the conference will end and all conference participants will be disconnected. 2.1.5 Conference call control and status Conference Call allows moderators to look up the status of the conference call. To do this, the Conference Call Web service interface transfers different parameters (such as participant status, duration of the conference call) to the customer's application. In addition, the solution can upload a control function onto the customer's application for the moderator. This function can be used to control various aspects of a conference call (such as adding, muting, re-activating, or deleting participants). A conference can also be closed to prevent additional participants from dialing in. 2.1.6 Duration of the conference call If no time has been specified for the conference call to end, it will end as soon as the moderator disconnects. If a fixed time has been set for the conference call to end (optional), it will end when the moderator leaves or, at the latest, when the specified end time is reached. A conference call will also end once the customer's prepay credit has been used up. The system limits each conference call initiated with the Conference Call platform to a maximum of five hours. 2.1.7 Announcements Conference Call provides all announcements in German and English. If the participant is anonymous, i.e., it was not possible to assign his number to a saved conference and no PIN has been entered, announcements will be provided in both languages. The customer can select his preferred language for subsequent announcements. The customer can also create subsequent announcements himself by loading his own sound files onto the system. 2.1.8 Conference Call Sandbox test environment Deutsche Telekom gives its customers the opportunity to test the applications they have developed before going live using the provided testing environment called Conference Call Sandbox. Use of Conference Call Sandbox is free of charge and for testing purposes only. A maximum of 10 conference calls with up to three test participants can be made each day in the German fixed-line network. These conference calls may not last longer than one minute. 2.2 Conference Call data interface The Conference Call Web service interface can be used to upload different parameters onto the customer's software application to control Conference Call features. In addition, Conference Call sends back different parameters and error codes to the customer's software application. 2.3 Reporting and controlling The customer shall have access to online reports in Developer Garden. 2.4 Access Customer access to Conference Call administration and for testing software applications is provided online via the Internet. Each time a customer wants to access the Conference Call administration site, they need to enter their access identification comprising a user ID and password. 2.5 User manual Deutsche Telekom shall provide the customer with a user manual as an electronic file. This user manual shall contain all pertinent information.


Standard services of Deutsche Telekom With Conference Call, Deutsche Telekom shall provide the customer with a Web service interface that can be used to develop his own software applications for conducting conference calls. The Web service interface can be used to exchange messages between customer application and Conference Call. Conference Call can be used to hold conference calls in international fixed and mobile networks provided the customer has credit on his account. All calls shall be ended automatically as soon as the customer's credit has been used up. Conference Call does not support calls to special numbers and emergency numbers. 2.1 Conference Call features 2.1.1 Planning conferences In order to make a conference call, the date (day and time) of the conference must be specified first. It is also necessary to specify whether the conference participants are to be added to the conference from the Conference Call interface (dial out). If the dial-out method is not used, participants must use a number provided by Deutsche Telekom to add themselves to the conference (dial in). No more than 50 participants may participate in a conference call. The customer can limit the maximum number of participants for each conference call. When creating a conference, the customer has the option of specifying a user-defined text that appears on the itemized list of calls, making it possible, for example, to indicate individual cost centers for internal customer cost accounting. Saved conference call data can be modified at any time, even when a conference call is in progress. All the required data must be transferred from the customer application to Conference Call via the Web service interface. 2.1.2 Dial-out method To enable Conference Call to dial participants into a conference at the time specified, the call numbers of these participants must be provided and stored in Conference Call. Participants are informed as standard of the dial-in number for the Conference Call platform. Alternatively, the conference moderator's number can be transferred if the customer application does not support this function. Furthermore it can be specified whether the conference call participants must press a key (e.g., # key) to enter the conference room or whether they are switched directly to the conference room. 2.1.3 Dial-in method Where the dial-in method is used, two ten-digit PINs are generated by the system when a conference is created, a moderator PIN and a PIN for the other participants. The moderator can overwrite the PINs (two to six digits in length). Conference call participants must authenticate themselves using the PIN in order to access the conference room. If Conference Call can automatically assign the participant's number to a conference saved in the system, the participant does not have to enter his PIN. This requires the customer to have entered his number when the conference was created and the participant not to have suppressed transmission of his number when dialing in (CLIP). 2.1.4 Setting up a conference call Essentially, a conference call begins once the designated moderator is present. If the dial-out method is used for a conference, Conference Call first attempts to call the moderator at the specified time. If the

Deutsche Telekom AG, last revision: February 25, 2013 This translation is not the authentic text. The German version shall be part of the agreement.


– Acceptance of fault reports 24 hours a day. administrators and their representatives. etc. seven days a week 2. The basic services (such as network.). backbone.7 Operation of the server and system components All servers and system components needed to operate Conference Call shall be operated in a technically and organizationally secure high-performance computer network that is protected against attacks and unauthorized access from the Internet by a firewall system. seven days a week. 2013 This translation is not the authentic text. 2.00 a. to 6. firewall. hardware) for operating Conference Call shall be available with an annual average availability of 99.6 Support a) Online support Provision of an online support service in the form of a knowledge and problem database (FAQs.m.8 Maintenance window Conference Call service performance may occasionally be limited for maintenance purposes. maintenance windows are typically scheduled for Tuesdays through Thursdays from 1. This support service generally responds to customer inquiries within 24 hours on weekdays. tips. At Deutsche Telekom.00 a. 2 . 2. other users shall not be entitled to receive support.5 %. Maintenance window periods are not included in the calculation of availability.m.Service Specifications. last revision: February 25. Developer Garden Conference Call. b) E-mail support Deutsche Telekom provides the customer with free-of-charge support via e-mail using a contact form. The features for operation and system management of this network include: – Operating hours: 24 hours a day. The German version shall be part of the agreement. The support service described under (b) shall only be available to customers. This form can be used for general questions as well as technical questions about Conference Call features. in particular for changes and updates to server configuration (maintenance window). Deutsche Telekom AG.

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