Sona and Timeran Alien Race Isaiah 64:4 AMP For from of old no one has heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen a od besides !o", Who works and shows Himself active on behalf of him who earnestly waits for Him. #"$e %%:4&'() *+,ST On this account also the wisdom of God said, I -ill send on a mission to them prophets and ambassadors, and some of them they -ill $ill and persec"te, in order that there may be required the blood of all the prophets which has been shed since the fo"ndation of the "niverse by this breed of men, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zachariah, the one who perished between the altar of burnt offerin! and the sanctuary. "es, # am sayin! to you, it shall be required of this breed of men. As for you, woe to you, the interpreters and teachers of the $osaic law, because you took away the key to the knowled!e. "ou yourselves did not !o in, and those who are tryin! to enter, you prevented from doin! so. .efore the +niverse ,/isted 0ohn %1:%'2 *+,ST # !lorified you on the earth, havin! carried throu!h to completion that which you have !iven me to do. And now !lorify me, %ather, beside yourself, with the !lory, which I -as constantly havin3 -ith yo" before the "niverse e/isted. # made known your &ame to the men whom you !ave me out of the world. 'hey were yours, and you !ave them to me, and your word they have held to firmly. &ow, they have known that all thin!s, as many as you have !iven to me are from you, because the words which you !ave me, # have !iven them, and they themselves received them and reco!ni(ed truly that from your presence # came forth, and they believed that you sent me on a mission. As for myself, # make request concernin! them. &ot concernin! the world do # make request, but concernin! those whom you have !iven me, because they are yours, and all thin!s that are mine are yours, and the thin!s that are yours are mine, and # stand !lorified in them. SATA4 IS T5, R+#,R 6F ,ART5 A47 T5, 67 6F ,ART5 0ohn %):2% AMP &ow is the )ud!ment of this world* no- the r"ler of this -orld -ill be cast o"t8 0ohn %):)9'): *+,ST 'hen there came a voice out of heaven, # both !lorified it and will a!ain !lorify it. 'hen the crowd, the one standin! by and hearin!, was sayin!, 'hunder has come to pass. Others were sayin!, An an!el has spoken to him. Answered +esus and said, &ot on my account has this voice come, but for your sakes. &ow is a )ud!ment of this world. 4o- the r"ler of this -orld -ill be thro-n o"t, clean o"t. And as for myself, when # am lifted up out from underneath the earth, all men # will draw to myself. And this He was sayin!, indicatin! what sort of death He was about to be dyin!. 'hen the crowd answered Him, As for us we heard out of the law that the ,hrist lives forever. And how is it that you are sayin!, #t is a necessity in the nature of the case for the -on of $an to be lifted up. Who is this -on of $an. 'herefore +esus said to them, !et a

5 little time the li3ht is amon3 yo"8 .e orderin3 yo"r behavior accordin3 as yo" are havin3 the li3ht, in order that dar$ness may not overta$e yo"8 #ndeed, he -ho is orderin3 his behavior -ithin the sphere of the dar$ness ;"st mentioned, does not $no- -here he is departin3. Accordin! as you are havin! the aforementioned li!ht, be believin! in the li!ht in order that you may become sons of li!ht. 'hese thin!s +esus spoke, and havin! !one off, He was hidden from them. 0ohn %):):'26 *+,ST 0ut in spite of the fact that He had performed so many attestin! miracles before them, they kept on not believin! on Him, in order that the word of #saiah the prophet mi!ht be fulfilled who said, 1ord, who believed our preachin!. And the 1ord2s power, to whom was it revealed. On account of this they were not able to be believin!, because a!ain said #saiah, 5e has blinded their eyes -ith the present res"lt that they are still blind, and 5e hardened their heart, in order that they mi3ht not see -ith their eyes and perceive -ith the heart and chan3e their mind and I sho"ld heal them8 'hese thin!s said #saiah because he saw His !lory, and he spoke concernin! Him. !et, nevertheless, even from amon3 the r"lers many believed on 5im, but because of the 3harisees they kept on not confessin! in order that they mi!ht not become those e4cluded from the syna!o!ue, for they deemed precious the !ood opinion of men rather than the !ood opinion of God. 0es"s -as teleported by Satan from the -ilderness to the top of a mo"ntain and the top of the Temple in 0er"salem8 0ohn 6:)4 0es"s himself teleported himself to the apostles in the storm and then 5e teleported the boat to the shore from the la$e8 The Sona people have the ability to teleport themselves -ith the mind from +niverse to +niverse8 0ohn %:%'( *+,ST #n the be!innin! the Word was e4istin!. And the Word was in fellowship with God the %ather. And the Word was as to His essence absolute deity. 'his Word was in the be!innin! in fellowship with God the %ather. All thin!s throu!h His intermediate a!ency came into bein!, and without Him there came into bein! not even one thin!, which has come into e4istence. #n Him life was e4istin!. And this aforementioned life was the li!ht of men. And the li!ht in the darkness is constantly shinin!. And the darkness did not overwhelm it. 0ohn %:6': *+,ST 'here suddenly appeared a man upon the human scene, sent off as an ambassador from God2s presence, his name, +ohn. 'his man came as a witness in order that he mi!ht bear testimony concernin! the li!ht to the end that all mi!ht believe throu!h his intermediate a!ency. 'hat man was not the li!ht. 0ut he came in order that he mi!ht bear witness concernin! the li!ht. 0ohn %:&'%9 *+,ST He, the aforementioned *ord, -as the li3ht, the 3en"ine li3ht -hich enli3htens spirit"ally every man as it comes into the "niverse8 In the "niverse

= 5e -as, and the "niverse thro"3h 5is intermediate a3ency came into e/istence, and the -orld of sinners did not have an e/periential $no-led3e of 5im8 0ohn %:%%'%2 *+,ST #nto the midst of His own possessions He came, and His uniquely owned people did not take Him to themselves. ."t as many as appropriated 5im, 5e 3ave to them a le3al ri3ht to become born'ones of od, to those who place their trust in His name, who, not out of a source of bloods, nor even out of a desire of the flesh, nor even out of a desire of a male individual, but out of God were born. 0ohn %:%4 *+,ST And the *ord, enterin3 a ne- mode of e/istence, became flesh, and lived in a tent amon3 "s. And we !a(ed with attentive and careful re!ard and spiritual perception at His !lory, a !lory such as that of a uniquely be!otten -on from the %ather, full of !race and truth.

6'H7 317#A8#A& $#--#O& A 'ime of Awareness by 9andolph Winters: 9andolph Winters is the author, publisher and owns all ri!ht to this book. A race of people who are friendly with the 3leiadians, called Timers ;pronounced 'im mers<, had discovered lon! a!o that -ithin the three dimensional part of a 3ala/y there e/isted corridors or canals -here material particles co"ld not e/ist8 These canals -ere o"t of normal space and time and co"ld be entered at slo- speeds. 6nce the technolo3y -as -or$ed o"t on ho- to find the canals and enter them, the ship co"ld move -ithin that 3ala/y and re'enter the material realm at almost any point -ithin the same 3ala/y, and very little time at all -o"ld have passed. 'he way it looked in the material dimension was that the ship would simply blink out as it entered these null time canals, and seemin!ly blink back in when it reentered. The canals only e/ist -ithin a 3ala/y, limitin3 the distance of the ;"mps, for there is a field of ener3y that forms aro"nd a 3ala/y that is "sed to facilitate this process, and this doesn<t -or$ in free space bet-een 3ala/ies. This means that "nli$e a .eamship, -hich has to move &4 million miles o"t into space before movin3 into hyperspace, this ne- craft can simply demateriali=e and move itself into these canals and >;"mp? to -here it -ants to 3o, a m"ch faster process that appears almost ma3ical. This ne- process -as ;"st bein3 learned by the Pleiadians, -ho "nderstood very little abo"t it, b"t co"ld at least b"ild and operate the drive systems that had been desi3ned for them by the Timers8 The technolo3y had been "sed to b"ild a very lar3e Mothership, but this was the first time it had been tried in a smaller vehicle. 'he test ship appears in the photos taken by 0illy to be smaller than the normal 0eamship. %rom my knowled!e of the surroundin!s

ase<s body lay8 They had not traveled by ship.rra -here Sem. Once her situation had been stabili(ed. which was still hoverin! undetected above the farm. #f they could somehow !et in touch with them. but was allowed to take photos and a movie film of this e4perimental ship in /?@/. 'here was too much dama!e to the brain. -em)ase was fro(en. they too$ the fro=en . but were powerless to do anymore. After ma$in3 s"re the dead parts of Sem. 'his was the last time he ever saw the weddin! cake ship. hopin! to see -em)ase. they were far more advanced than the 3leiadians. 'his would e4plain why he hadnBt heard from her for two days after leavin! so quickly. -he was in a coma and close to death. and mi!ht have a way of savin! her that was beyond the science of 7rra. Asket was successful and within a short time. for they offered no e4planations and set to work immediately. -he had come to talk about somethin! important* it only made sense that she would have contacted him soon afterward. who was the representative for a hi!hly evolved race of bein!s called 'imers. b"t . 'hey had done their best to take out the dama!ed brain tissue. 'echnically. could do nothin!. -em)ase was taken directly to their scientists who. who were from a nei!hborin! universe the 3leiadians referred to as the 8al Cniverse. needin! no help from the scientists of 7rra. only to discover her lyin! in her ship. a sudden wave of an4iety came over him because now he knew why Auet(al had such a sick look on his face. He told him how +akobus had hidden outside the door. 0illy only saw the ship on one occasion.ase<s brain had been removed. and these were the last photos taken of any 3leiadian craft. 'here was a race of people called Sonas. and was still seven hours away from help on her home planet in the 3leiades. Her father 3taah had made a desperate call to their friend. Asket. Cpon arrivin! on 7rra. Auet(al immediately transported her body into his ship and took off for their home planet of 7rra for medical attention. and she had been without medical help for many hours. -em)ase must have been hurt much worse than he had thou!ht. several bein3s called Sonas s"ddenly appeared in the medical room on .ected themselves across the far reaches of a "niverse by the sheer po-er of their o-n minds. #t was soon discovered that Asket and her people could not do anythin! either. who had an understandin! of life far beyond AsketBs people. perhaps they could come to her aid. # would estimate that the ship was only about /5 to /> feet in diameter. He was the base commander and watched over -em)ase like she was his own child. As he was e4plainin! how he had seen her hit her head a!ainst the wall. as if they had pro. 'heir medical methods were unusual. but encoura!ed everyone to not !ive up. -he had a broken arm and a heavy fracture at the base of her skull. he had !one lookin! for her. unfortunately. 'hey had an idea that mi!ht work to save -em)aseBs life. -he had been lyin! in her ship for hours with serious brain dama!e. When she didnBt come back or send a messa!e."st seemed to appear.D where the photos were taken. and that she had become alarmed and left the room. Auet(al had been waitin! for -em)ase to return to the base two ni!hts a!o* for he knew she was havin! a meetin! with 0illy in the meditation room. to say the least.

in S-eden A Reptilian From +nder the . -hich -as then closed "p8 *ithin min"tes. because we have evolved from local saurians without e4terior influence e4cept the successful manipulation of our own !enes by us. Ans-er: Oh.old is yo"r speciesA Have you evolved from primitive reptiles as mankind has evolved from apes. b"t a -ar bet-een t-o enemy alien 3ro"ps that too$ mainly place in the orbit and hi3h atmosphere of yo"r planet. Sem. 6ne race -as h"manoid li$e yo"r species. Aro"nd 6( million years a3o. Accordin! to our limited knowled!e about the early days this 3lobal -ar -as the first alien -ar on planet earth. b"t they have nothin3 to do -ith o"r o-n species.Is This Possible for Advanced Slien Races to have s"ch Po-erf"l MindsA The #acerta Files Intervie. # will try to e4plain it in short.not so m"ch -as a reptilian species. -he simply opened her eyes and brou!ht a si!h of relief to everyone in the room. ret"rnin3 to their home -orld some-here far off in another "niverse8 5o. b"t m"ch older and -as from this "niverseC from a solar system in the star constellation yo" call Procyon today in yo"r maps8 The other species abo"t -hich -e $no. and the life force raced throu!h her body and let everyone know that she was !oin! to be all ri!ht.> brain acids from her body and inserted it into some $ind of artificially prod"ced plasma proton that they had bro"3ht -ith them8 This -as p"t inside of her s$"ll.an you tell me somethin! about the natural history and evolution of your species. -hile a cold -ar as yo" call it bet-een alien 3ro"ps is on3oin3 since the last 12 years on yo"r planet. 5o. 'he reason for this destruction was not a natural disaster an asteroid impact as your scientists believe falsely. but it was definitely not the last and a f"t"re -ar is comin3 soon. .arth8 B"estion: . #Bm able to say them but it would hurt your ear if # tell you the names in their ori!inal way. The opponents in this 6( million year old -ar -ere t-o advanced alien species. this is a very lon! and comple4 story and it sounds certainly unbelievable to you. many of o"r "nadvanced ancestors from the dinosa"r race died in a 3reat 3lobal cataclysm.ase -as bac$ from the dead. and the men from Sona disappeared as @"ietly as they had come.ase ret"rned to conscio"sness -ith no memory of the last 4) ho"rs or of -hat had happened to her. Sem. but itBs the truth. -hose both names are a3ain not prono"nceable for yo"r ton3"es.

'o understand this reason.F $ore about that later. b"t they -ere not s"ccessf"l and a 3lobal -ar started -ithin months8 "ou must understand that both species were interested in this youn! planet not for its biolo!y and undeveloped species. 0ack to our own historyE the first species the h"manoids had reached . that advanced species are able to -al$ bet-een b"bbles by "se of as yo" -o"ld call it @"ant"m technolo3y and sometimes in special -ays only by "se of their mind my o-n species had also advanced mental abilities in comparison to yo"r species.material. ho.arth aro"nd %(9 years before the reptilians and they b"ilt some colonies on the former continents8 There -as a lar3e colony on the continent yo" call Antarctica today and another one in the continent yo" call Asia today8 These people lived to3ether -ith animal li$e sa"rians on the planet -itho"t problems8 *hen the advanced reptilian species arrived in this system.sho"ld I e/plain it to you. but for only one reasonE ra. the h"manoid colonists from Procyon tried to comm"nicate peacef"lly. b"t this is not the ri3ht -ord to describe it correctly by the way. the term dimension is 3enerally -ron3 in the -ay yo" "nderstand it8 'he fact you should remember is. b"t -e are not able to do the matter strin3Db"bble chan3in3 -itho"t technolo3y. but other species active on this planet are able and this looks to you like ma!ic as it had to your ancestors. you must know that copper is a very important material for some advanced species even today beca"se it is to3ether -ith some "nstable materials able to prod"ce ne. #et me say. "our scientists have not really understood the true nature of the universe. !o" -o"ld call it maybe another dimension. because your illo!ical mind is not able to see the easiest thin!s and relies on wron! mathematics and numbers.stable elements if yo" ind"ce a hi3h electroma3netic field in the ri3ht an3le -ith a hi3h n"clear radiation field to prod"ce an over'crossin3 of fl"ct"atin3 fields8 . especially copper. that yo" are nearly as far a-ay from the "nderstandin3 of the "niverse as yo" -ere (99 years a3o. The advanced reptilian species came not from this "niverse b"t from a -ell. 'his is part of the !enetic pro!rammin! of your kind to which # will come later. 'o use a term you will maybe understandE the other species came not from this "niverse b"t from another b"bble in the foam of the omniverse.

one result of the fusion bomb was the fall'o"t of different elements and materials created in the b"rnin3 process and one of that materials -as Iridi"m. The bomb -as fired from space and detonated at a point of yo"r planet yo" call Middle America today. various reptiles like crocodiles and there was a special kind of small but advanced dinosaurs which had developed to!ether with the last lar!e animal reptilians like the species you call Tyrannosa"r"s. . 8espite the cataclysm. The n"clear -inter ended after )99 years. 'hat is not true. .oth species -anted to have the copper of Planet . but these species also died. because of the restrictions of your simple mind. but how should you know that.H The f"sion of copper -ith other elements in s"ch a ma3neticDradiation field'chamber can prod"ce a force field of special nat"re that is very "sef"l for vario"s technolo3ical tas$s but the base for this is an e4tremely comple4 formula you are not able to discover. a fall'o"t of different elements and a n"clear -inter for nearly )99 years -ere the res"lts8 Most of the h"manoids -ere $illed and the reptilians lost their interest on the planet after some years for even for "s "n$no-n reasons maybe beca"se of the radiation8 3lanet 7arth was on its own a!ain and the animals on the surface died. Well. most of the dinosaurs died not all in the detonation but in the bad thin!s. b"t it -as colder on earth then before. As it detonated in the ocean. some species were able to surviveE fish like the sharks. "our human scientists today see the #ridium concentration in the !round as an evidence for an asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs. b"t in a last battle the reptilians decided to "se a mi3hty e/perimental -eapon a special $ind of f"sion bomb.materials and the copper. little creepy mammals your ancestors. especially in the n"clear -inter and in the fall'o"t8 4early all dinosa"rs and reptilians -ere dead -ithin the ne/t )9 years. which came after the war. birds. an over'prod"ction of f"sion'o/y3en. -ome of them especially those in the oceans were able to survive for the ne4t 5GG to =GG years even in this chan!ed world. it prod"ced an "npredictable f"sion -ith hydro3en and the effect -as m"ch stron3er then the reptilians had e/pected8 A deadly radiation. -hich sho"ld destroy the life forms on the planet b"t sho"ld not harm the val"able ra. they fo"3ht a not very lon3 -ar in space and orbit8 The h"manoid species seemed to be s"ccessf"l d"rin3 the first time.arth and for this reason. 0y the way. because the climate had chan!ed.

This -as o"r direct ancestor.>G meters tall with some humanoid features. &evertheless.reptile -as -al$in3 on t-o le3s and loo$ed at little bit li$e yo"r reconstr"ction of an I3"anodon it ori!inated in this family but it was smaller around /. advanced eyes in the middle of the head like your eyes and most important with a new and better brain structure.also technolo3ical advanced reptilian species -ere remainin3 on this planet to3ether -ith all the other lo-er animals8 Thro"3h nat"ral and artificial crossbreedin3s this three species -ere "nited to one reptilian species and thro"3h the invention of 3enetic manip"lations. nature was not very friendly to us and as far a we know from the 5H sub species 5D were e4tinct in primitive wars and in evolution. "ou can clearly see this in the unnecessary hi!h number of animal dinosaur species in earlier times and there -ere many mainly primitive -ars bet-een this s"b'species for dominance8 Well. if the evolution is not artificially induced like in your case from an animal to a more or less thinkin! bein!. a different or!anism and di!estion. a hand with a thumb which was able to !rab thin!s. a chan!ed bone structure. only three no. 'here are theories that the radiation from the bomb took part in the mutations of the or!anism of this new breed. this little humanoid like dinosaur evolved durin! the followin! =G million years as # have said earlier. because their or!anism and mind was not developed enou!h to survive and as main reason they were not able to chan!e their blood temperature in the ri!ht way when the climate chan!ed. but this is not proven. a species need !enerally more time to evolve then you think. -e -ere able to eliminate the dividin3'prone 3enes in o"r 3enetic str"ct"re8 . beca"se they learned to chan3e their behavior. a lar!er skull and brain. former reptilian species -ere prone to divide themselves in a more or less illo3ical -ay into s"b'species d"rin3 the evol"tion process.@ This ne. These bein3s -ere intelli3ent eno"3h not to die in the ne/t millions of years. they lived in caves instead in the cold nat"re and they learned to "se stones and branches as first tools and the "se of fire as help to -arm them especially to -arm their blood -hich is very important for o"r $ind to s"rvive8 7"rin3 the ne/t )9 million years this species -as divided by nat"re into )1 s"b'species "nfort"nately. (9 million years after the -ar and after the end of 7inosa"rs.

0ut the thin!s had developed differently and you believe now you are the crown of creation and you can sit in the modern house and we must hide and live beneath the earth and in remote areas. 5.p3 =. then there2s millions mi!ht walk on the streets every day. 0ut they evolved very slow as it is normal for a mammal and if nothin! e4traordinary had happened to your kind. The Ilo. 1 different h"man civili=ations on . 'heir direct ancestor resembles closely to the #!uanodon http:DDlandin3aday8files8-ordpress8comD)9%9D94Di3"anodon'cs8.ho. this -as the time -hen o"r final reptilian race as yo" see me today -as created by "se of 3enetic en3ineerin38 This -as aro"nd %9 million years a3o and o"r evol"tion nearly stopped at this point -ell. This -o"ld be more s"rprisin3 for yo" if yo" -o"ld $no. it -ere to o"r astonishment the "nadvanced ape' h"manoids8 -ome very interestin! thin!s she mentionsE /. >. . actually there were some minor chan!es in our look toward a more humanoid and mammal like appearance durin! the comin! a!es. coloni=ed other planets of this system. Aro"nd %8( million years a3o.iim today -as not the ramaterial and the copper. -ith "s bein3 the 1th. b"ilt lar3e cities on this planet -hich disappeared -itho"t a trace in the a3es and en3ineered o"r o-n 3enes -hile yo"r 3enes -here still those of animals8 /G million years a!o the small simians started to !row and they came down from the trees to the !round a!ain because of the chan!e of the climate especially on the so called African continent. -hich -as .many different species are here today8 The interest of this h"manoid species yo" call them Ilo. $imickin!* while walkin! amon! the humans. #f that2s the case. -e are a very old race in comparison to yo"r $ind. !o" see. #ncredible D 7arth has certainly been throu!h a lot.arth it -as s"rprisin3ly the first species since over 69 million years.iim tall blonde haired alien race is probably the same Alien race that Ramtha tal$s abo"t."mpin3 aro"nd as small mon$ey li$e animals in the trees at this time -hile -e invented technolo3y. we wouldnBt be able to sit here and talk.? Accordin! to our history and belief. because # would sit in my comfortable modern house and you would sit in your cave clothed with fur and tryin! to discover the secrets of fire or you would maybe sit in one of our (oos.arth. another alien species arrived at . because what she mentions re!ardin! the development of the human species sounds very much like what 9amtha mentioned. but we have not divided a!ain into sub species.

'hey were simple animals. to serve them in the f"t"re as some $ind of slave'race in comin3 -ars8 The fate of yo"r species -as not really important for "s.im "sed e/tensively in these te/ts co"ld mean .iim on o"r planet and they didn<t li$ed o"r presence on their ne. 'he real truth is a very lon! and difficult story. Ans-er: 3lease ask. ) millions of years time for the development of more or less intelli3ent bein3s li$e yo"A Ask yourselfE 8o you really .an you say somethin! to this. 'his is evolution of the body. 'hey evolved slowly durin! the ne4t millions of years and they divided into various species and shapes.lohim. 7ditor and 'ranslator.3alactic =oo planet and so your si4th and seventh creation was the reason for a war between us and them. !o" can read abo"t that -ar for e/ample partly in the boo$ yo" call . B"estion: %irst of all. the aliens decided to help the apes to evolve a little bit faster.ible in a very stran3e -ay of description. #Bve made some notes about your history and now # have some questions./G The -ord Ilo. 9emember. %rom nature. B"estion: &o. 'his sounds very unbelievable to me. . 'his is impossible. -hould # continue. %4: millions of years time for the evol"tion of animal li$e mammals. some of them smaller. but only in the last 5I= millions of years they were able to become intelli!ent and thinkin!. And within this small period bein!s like you were created. not now. this term may indicate a different !alactic race. 0ut what about their mind and intelli!ence. 'ranslation by . 'he mammals evolved since let us say />G millions of years. !o"r historical hori=on ends at a scale of .iim or Illo. survived the as you called it artificial cataclysm and evolved then over DG million years and your evolution was completed /G million years a!o."st some tho"sands of years and yo" thin$ this is ri3ht. you handle with a very lar!e time scale. however. "ou claim that your primitive ancestors lived to!ether with the dinosaurs. b"t -e didn<t li$ed the presence of the Ilo. since this is the equivalent traditional word used in Western culture.hris 3feiler. 'aken from http:DD---8sabon8or3DreptiloidDinde/28html 7espite of o"r presence on this planet. !o"r pro3rammed mind is obvio"sly not able to handle -ith s"ch lar3e time scales8 6"r evol"tion time may seem incredible lon3 to yo". your early mammal ancestors developed to!ether with dinosaurs and they survived the bomb like us. because you are a youn! and !enetically en!ineered species. Ans-er: # understand that this must sound absolutely unbelievable to you. some of them lar!er. b"t this is in fact the ori3inal -ay of nat"re. 0ut it isnBt.

incl"din3 the f"sion bomb8 #t contained also a description of the animals and saurians on earth. -hich too$ place in the distant past and -hich led to the e/tinction of the dinosa"rs8 The plate contained detailed descriptions of both species. that both species had ceased to e4ist durin! the millions of years. b"t more abo"t the h"manoids and abo"t the events and -eapons. "ouBve mentioned many facts about the ancient -ar bet-een the aliens 6( million years a3o. 0ut # have another question. *hy do yo" $no. The s"rvivin3 h"manoids on earth obvio"sly died in the years after the bomb and others of their kind and the reptilians never came bac$ to .999 years a3o from o"r archeolo3ists on the continent yo" call 4orth America today8 'hey found there a round plate with a diameter of appro4imately DH of your centimeters. there is a possibility that it -as physically impossible for them to ret"rn. includin! our pre intelli!ent ancestor species. 'hen your species is more i!norant then #Bve thou!ht. 6"r $no-led3e abo"t the first -ar comes completely from an ancient artifact. B"estion: What has happened with the both alien species. 'his happened very lon! before your kind became really intelli!ent as far as # have understood you. there was a more reli!ious idea of our creation. B"estion: # understand.so many thin3s abo"t that first -ar and abo"t the evol"tion of yo"r species. 0efore that time. beca"se the matter bet-een b"bbles is sometimes in rapid movement8 'he current theory is. The rest of o"r $no-led3e abo"t o"r evol"tion comes from s$eletons and from the bac$ readin3 and deDencodin3 of o"r 74A8 !o" see. The plate -as made of an even for "s "n$no-n ma3netic material and inside the plate there -as another smaller crystal plate -hich contained an enormo"s amo"nt of information coded in the molec"lar str"ct"re of the crystal8 This memory plate -as man"fact"red from the last bomb s"rvivors of h"man race from Procyon already 6( million years a3o b"t it -as completely intact -hen -e fo"nd it8 6"r scientists -ere able to encode the messa3es and data and so -e heard the first time abo"t the events. Eoncernin3 the reptilian aliens.// think this accelerated evolution is natural.arth as far as -e $no-. -hich -as fo"nd aro"nd %6. We have not evolved wron! but you. Ans-er: 'his is a !ood question much better then the previous and # have not e4plained it properly to you.the real tr"th abo"t o"r roots since %6. Ans-er: We donBt know e4actly.999 years. -e $no. .

As we live today and since thousands of years nearly completely beneath the earth. Is there a second s"n inside o"r planetA Ans-er: 4o. beca"se they can<t e/plain it and they claim. 8o you mean somethin! like a hollow 7arth with this. .many of the especially small sa"rian s$eletons in yo"r m"se"ms are totally -ron3 constr"ctions of never' e/istin3 bein3s. beca"se they -anted to reconstr"ct reptilian animals. -hich is partly a-are of o"r e/istence.and there is no second s"n inside8 'his story is ridiculous and physically not possible even your species should be intelli!ent enou!h not to believe this.can it be. 5o."t yo"r 3reat scientists -ere not able to reconstr"ct the s$eletons complete.ho. We have found many skeletons of primitive dinosaurs. not intelli3ent bein3s8 !o" -o"ld la"3h if yo" -o"ld $no. beca"se yo" "sed many bones -hich didn<t really belon3 to3ether and sometimes yo" made artificial bones if somethin3 -as missin3 yo" needed to constr"ct an animal sa"rian8 Many of yo"r scientists are a-are of this problem. A scientist in the co"ntry yo" call +nited States had b"ild a nearly correct s$eleton of o"r $ind some years a3o. b"t the local 3overnment. that h"man scientists haven<t fo"nd any trace of yo" and yo"r ancestors if you really live for such a lon! time on this planet. B"estion: "ou speak sometimes about under!round cities and artificial sunli!ht./5 B"estion: "ouBve mentioned skeletons of your kind. b"t they don<t ma$e it p"blic. for e/ample the hands -ith the visible th"mb loo$ at an I3"anodon in a m"se"m and yo" -ill see that I<m ri3ht. Ans-er: !es. that the ri!ht bones were )ust missin! and their reconstruction is ri!ht. but none of an advanced reptilian bein! with a lar!er skull and brain and a hand with a thumb as you have described it before. 8o you know how much mass a sun must have to produce ener!y and li!ht for a lon!er time by fusion.arth is not really completely hollo. . you will not find any cadavers or skeletons of us. yo" have8 . confiscated the reconstr"ction. 8o you really think that there could be a small active sun inside the planet. $any bones of us were used for #!uanodon reconstructions.

b"t vario"s technolo3ical so"rces of li3ht incl"din3 3ravitational so"rces. b"t I do"bt this yo" -o"ld be in a "s"ally ro"nd technical room -ith ventilation systems and elevators to the depth8 This is probably an entry to o"r -orld. . Why have nobody seen and described a bein! like you if your kind lives already since our creation to!ether with us on the same planet. If there are no symbols or other symbols. b"t connected -ith many hidden t"nnels to the s"rface or to s"rface'near caves and -e live in lar3e and advanced cities and colonies inside s"ch caves8 Ma. Some ne. yo" are maybe in bi33er tro"ble as yo" thin$. "ou donBt look like us. When # came to the surface four days a!o. then loo$ for a special $ind of artificial and smooth -all some-here in the cave -ith a door made of 3ray metal. Ans-er: 8o you really think # will tell you their e4act location. #f you have reached this point. b"t yo" sho"ld loo$ for one of the t-o reptilian symbols on the -alls. so anyone will see that you belon! to another species. you have to search it by yourself but # would advise you not to do that. I tal$ abo"t lar3e cave systems8 The caves yo" have discovered near to the s"rface are tiny in comparison to real caves and h"3e caverns deeper in the earth in a depth of ). -hich ill"minates the caverns and t"nnels8 'here are special cave areas and tunnels with a stron! CJ li!ht in every city and we use that places to heat our blood. If yo" -o"ld be able to open that door./= *hen I tal$ abo"t o"r s"bterranean home. 4orth America and A"stralia8 If I tal$ abo"t artificial s"nli3ht in o"r cities I don<t mean a real s"n. Inner Asia. . F"rthermore. !o" are already in bi3 tro"ble if yo" have entered the ro"nd room. 0ut how can you be amon! humans.999 of yo"r meters. but # doubt that you would be able to find it there are only a few entries in this part of the world more are far more north and east.or sites of "s are beyond the Arctic.t"nnel systems are operated from alien races incl"din3 hostile races8 $y !eneral advice if you find yourself in a stran!e under!round installationE run away as fast as you can. -e have also some s"rface s"n places in remote areas. you should know that we are now definitely aware of your presence. #f you want to find such an entry. beca"se not every "nder3ro"nd installation belon3s to o"r $ind.999 to :.cave or in a t"nnel or even in somethin3 that loo$s to yo" li$e an artificial mine shaft and as deeper yo" -al$ as smoother appear the -alls and if yo" feel "n"s"al -arm air streamin3 from the depth or if yo" hear the r"shin3 so"nd of streamin3 air in a ventilation or elevator shaft. B"estion: "ou mentioned earlier that you use the name 1acerta when you are amon! humans and that you en)oy it to be in the real sun on the surface of earth. As a little adviceE if yo" are in a narro.an you e4plain that to me. especially in America and A"stralia8 B"estion: Where can we find such a surface near entry to your world. the Antarctic. # used an entry appro4imately =GG of your kilometers north from here near to a lar!e lake.

*hen -e are on the s"rface and -e meet h"man bein3s even a lar3e 3ro"p of them this ma$es no difference8 All of yo"r minds are li$e one mind -e are able to to"ch their mind and ind"ce them via telepathy the commandC See "s as one of yo"r $ind and the -ea$ h"man mind -ill accept this order -itho"t ref"sion and they -ill see "s despite o"r reptilian loo$ as normal h"mans8 . my kind was of course seen and described and -orshipped many times in yo"r primitive past. Some of my species are also in direct contact -ith h"man scientists and politicians from the s"rface.ible8 !o" can find descriptions and even simple dra-in3s of "s for also in the so"thern part of the American continent on vario"s temples. 0ut there is also another e4planation. to3ether -ith other -ise men from the African continent. 'he structure of our brain is a little bit different to yours and our hypophyse is lar!er and more active then yours especially when we are in sunli!ht. but as you have asked # will e4plain it. # have told you before. our species is seen even today sometimes from human witnesses in its ori!inal shape on earth or in our surface near entries and tunnel systems. # think we are the most mentioned non human species maybe beside the #lo)iim in your history. #f you donBt believe me. -hy -e can -al$ amon3 yo" and -hy yo" are not able to reco3ni=e "s: mimicry8 'he followin! may a!ain sound unbelievable and even shockin! to you. 6"r o-n abilities are very stron3 in comparison to yo"rs. for e/ample in yo"r reli3io"s -ritin3s li$e yo"r Ehristian ./D Ans-er: %irst. So'called -ise men from India and from the Asian mo"ntains have described o"r species many times in -ritin3s. %urthermore. b"t -ea$ in comparison to the matter strin3Db"bble mind forces of some of the alien species on this planet8 # was never very !ood in that mind thin!s. b"t this is top'secret as yo" -o"ld call it and nobody of yo"r p"blic $no-s anythin3 abo"t it the matter of this meetin3s is 3enerally the "pcomin3 -ar -ith and bet-een the alien species and o"r assistance in this -ar. that -e have more advanced mental abilities then yo"r species and -ith more advanced I mean. have a look at your history and you will see the truth in my words. that -e are able to "se telepathy and tele$inesis from o"r birth on in fact. mother and ne-'born child comm"nicate 3enerally -ith telepathy d"rin3 the first months -itho"t special trainin3 as yo" need it to activate these sleepin3 parts of yo"r brain. but fortunately you and your media didnBt take the reports of such cra(ies serious thatBs !ood for us and thatBs the reason why we allow those people to see us as we really are. but we all have these primary abilities and can use them for e4ample for our protection or even for attack. "our !reat scientists called the belief in us superstition and reli!ion and todayBs intelli!ent humans have for!otten our presence on the surface in the past.

so you have already reali(ed that #Bm not human. #f # would now try to chan!e this. Ans-er: "es. but # donBt think so in your special case. -ee us as we really are K -ee us as we want you to see us in your consciousness which was placed there from the #lo)iim when they created your kind and we can use this switch to convince you that you see humans when you look at us other aliens use this switch. beca"se it h"rt their s$in and their eyes. it would probably lead to an absolute confusion or to unconsciousness and # donBt want to harm you. Ans-er: The Illo. 'his was absolutely unbelievable for a sun lovin! species like us. %rom where did they come and how did they look like. . because # have created this special mimicry ima!e in my mind years a!o and # can induce it into your minds without problems. too. "ouBve mentioned the race of the #llo)iim who have created our human race. B"estion: Have both se4es these abilities. Are they our God. these aliens have "sed that s-itch and some of the meetin3s -ith man li$e aliens can be also e/plained -ith meetin3s -ith my $ind8 *hen I met . because nobody e4pects to see a reptile woman. but then it worked nearly automatically and # can even -al$ amon3 a 3ro"p of yo"rs and nobody -ill reco3ni=e -hat I am8 'here is a simple switch. B"estion: 0ack to your and our own history. 'his means not that it was not done in previous times. that you can really make me belief that # talk now with an attractive brown haired human woman instead of a reptilian bein! like you. #Bve needed some time at the be!innin! to learn the use of the mimicry correctly. 0ut # have allowed your mind to see me in my ori!inal appearance from our first meetin! on and # have never induced somethin! into your mind. he sa. Ans-er: 3robably. Ean yo" $ill -ith that abilitiesA Ans-er: !es. B"estion: 'hatBs very scary. b"t it<s forbidden. When someone e4pects to see a human woman instead of me. As # have said #Bm not very !ood in these thin!s./> #Bve done this many times and you weak humans !enerally see me as an attractive brown haired woman. #t is easier as you think. # can do it without problems with his mind even with lar!e !roups. -hich seem to loo$ e/actly li$e yo"rs.me also as a normal h"man -oman and I remember that he -as very fri3htened and shoc$ed -hen I revealed him my real appearance8 B"estion: 8o you mean. *hen there are meetin3s bet-een yo"r $ind and aliens.8F8 the first time. What had e4actly happened when they arrived.iim came from this "niverseC from the solar system yo" call Aldebaran in yo"r maps8 They -ere a very tall h"manoid species -ith "s"ally blonde hairs and a very -hite s$in they avoided the s"nli3ht.

999 years a3o on this planet yo"r scientists have not "nderstood this. The Illo.999 years a3o.999 of yo"r simian ancestors and they left the planet for some h"ndred years8 *hen they ret"rned. 'he truth is. but later they showed their real intentions and plansE they -anted to evolve the apes to a ne."st afraid of o"r aircraft and technolo3y. -hich b"ilt the cities -hich r"ins yo" can find today beneath the sea in the so'called . because the #llo)iim teachers had warned them with misleadin! purpose that we are evil bein!s and that we lie to them. b"t they avoided contact -ith my $ind.arth a3ain for some tho"sands of years and the primitive pre'h"mans lived to3ether -ith "s -itho"t ma.or problems they -ere . they bro"3ht yo"r no.=oo planet. At first.3yptian Pyramids today aro"nd 1(. !o" m"st "nderstand.999 years a3o yo"r .iim had e/perimented -ith different speeds and sta3es of evol"tion -ith technolo3y and speech e/isted aro"nd 199. that yo"r modern h"man civili=ation is not the first on this planet .breed and -e -ere a dist"rbin3 factor for them on their ne.999 or maybe even )9. they ca"3ht aro"nd %9.999 years seven times and accelerated the evol"tion speed of certain of yo"r $ind. because theyBve found only the bones of the pre humans and some primitive cave drawin!s showin! advanced humans and flyin! devices.imini Area aro"nd %6.more h"man ancestors bac$8 Then they left . after some centuries the aliens decided to e4tinct their first creation and they accelerated the evolution of a second and better test series and so on and so on. . beca"se the Illo./F 'hey seemed to be intelli!ent and peaceful at the be!innin! and we started a more or less friendly communication with them. -hich b"ilt the lar3e trian3"lar constr"ctions yo" call . This 3enetically advanced h"man breed lived to3ether -ith "s. b"t the fifth civili=ation -as the one.arth b"t already the seventh8 The b"ildin3s of the first breeds are lost. 'he #llo)iim had thou!ht their mind and enhanced their brain and their body structure and they were now able to use tools and fire.iim ret"rned -ithin )2.3yptians . that yo" are not the first h"man civili=ation on the planet8 The first advanced h"mans -ho lived at the same time -ith less'developed pre' h"mans. Well."st fo"nd that lar3e ancient pyramids in the sand and tried not very s"ccessf"l to b"ilt similar constr"ctions and the si/th civili=ation -as the one.

(99 years a3o and this is the only creation you can remember and to which your reli!ious writin!s refer. The h"mans of yo"r series -ere very fri3htened -hen they observed o"r battles and they -rote it do-n in form of reli3io"s myths their mind -as not able to "nderstand -hat -as really 3oin3 on8 F46T.iim themselves. because many of them were the opinion that the a!ain and a!ain creation of human species on this planet makes no real sense.999 years a3o in orbit and s"rface8 The aliens "sed po-erf"l sonic -eapons to destroy o"r "nder3ro"nd cities.sho"ld yo" $no. #n my opinion. 'he humans were on their own and your civili(ation developed. you deny and misinterpret the facts.anythin3 abo"t the si/ civili=ations before .iim left the planet a3ain for "n$no-n reasons this is a very important date for "s. they vanished without a trace to!ether with their ships and we found most of their surface installations destroyed by them.: *ritten in India<s history in Sans$rit of seein3 these battles in the s$ies8G 'he #llo)iim who appeared as !ods for the si4th and seventh breed told them that it is a war between !ood and evil and that they are the !ood and we are the evil race. The last battles in this -ar -ere fo"3ht aro"nd (. but ho. It -as e/actly 4.iim and also bet-een certain 3ro"ps of the Illo.vil the aliens -anted them to believe. # will tell you in the followin! only about your creations. "ou rely on archeolo!ical and paleontholo!ical artifacts.&42 years a3o accordin3 to yo"r time scale that the Illo. that -e don<t $no-hat had really happened. Many of "s -ere in contact -ith certain more so"thern tribes of yo"r species in the comin3 cent"ries and -e -ere able to convince some of them that -e are not the . This is partly a pro3rammin3 of yo"r mind and partly p"re i3norance. which show you a wron! and short past. #t was our planet before they arrived and before they started their evolution pro)ect with your kind. 'he #llo)iim were !one from one day to another."st :. beca"se many of o"r historians called it a victory8 Fact is. beca"se the si/ previo"s man$ind are lost and therefore they sho"ld not concern yo"8 There -as a lon3 -ar bet-een "s and the Illo. b"t on the other hand -e -ere able to destroy many of their s"rface installations and bases in space. . And if you find evidence for their e4istence. 'his depends certainly on the point of view. it was our ri!ht to fi!ht for our planet./H The last creation of the seventh breed of yo"r series -as done .

6pen yo"r eyes or yo" -ill be in bi3 tro"ble soon. !o"r enemies are already here and yo" have not "nderstood. ei!ht of them are not pronounceable even for us.many alien species are active on earth at the momentA Ans-er: As far as -e $no."st st"dyin3 yo" as animals and they are not very dan3ero"s for yo" and for "s and -e -or$ to3ether -ith some of them. despite the fact that #Bm sittin! here in front of you./@ 7"rin3 the time from 4. so -e e/pect their ret"rn one day in f"t"re to end their pro.anythin3 abo"t yo"r real ori3in. b"t three species are hostile. 8onBt ask me for names* because nearly all are not pronounceable for you. then you should really believe and remember this.verythin3 I have told yo" in the last t-o ho"rs is the absol"te tr"th abo"t o"r -orld.%4 species8 %% from this "niverse.nothin3 abo"t the thin3s to come in near f"t"re8 As lon! as you will not understand and believe my words # tell you the truth because we are not your enemy as lon! there is dan!er for your species.B B"estion: 5o. B"estion: Why do you think # donBt believe you. !o"r c"rrent civili=ation doesn<t $no. Most of the species especially the more advanced are . many other alien species arrived the planet some of them "sed the old teachin3 and pro3rammin3 of yo"r mind and played a3ain od for yo" b"t the Illo. but we donBt really know what has happened to them to answer this question of you in advance. #f you havenBt believed anythin! of the thin!s #Bve told you before.ect or to maybe e/tinct also the seventh breed. Ans-er: # have a certain feelin! that you donBt believe me. abo"t yo"r real -orld and "niverse and yo" $novery little abo"t "s and o"r past8 And yo" $no. . ) from another b"bble and % very advanced from a very different plain.iim themselves never came bac$8 'hey had left the planet for a duration of some thousand years also earlier. abo"t yo"r real past. incl"din3 the one -hich -as in contact -ith some of yo"r 3overnments and e/chan3ed their technolo3y for copper and other important thin3s and -hich had betrayed yo"r $ind8 There -as and is a cold -ar bet-een t-o of these hostile races d"rin3 the last 12 years and the third species seemed to be the -inner in this .&99 years a3o to today.

but for other reasons. air and 74A8 B"estion: #s this the reason for the abductions. your water or better the hydro!en in your water. beca"se their o-n 3enetic str"ct"re is defective thro"3h bad evol"tion and radiation as far as -e $no. which is a source of ener!y in advanced fusion processes and certain chemical elements in your air.anythin3 abo"t their intentions and -e -ere not in contact -ith them "ntil no-8 Maybe the r"mors are -ron38 B"estion: *hat do the hostile alien races -antA Ans-er: Jarious raw materials. As # have said. it means in my opinion that he or she has not met one of the a33ressive species or that he or she is a very l"c$y h"man to be alive8 Advanced and friendly races also took sometimes e!! and sperm samples. in yo"r h"man tiss"e and blood.arth ."t -hy describe people -ho sa.and they need intact strin3s from yo"r $ind and from animals to repair their o-n 3enetic a3ain and a3ain."st one alien race completely -itho"t s"ch abilities8 ."st 2 or 4 years a3o. *e s"ppose that the comin3 -ar bet-een the three races or bet-een yo" and one or all of them -ill be fo"3ht for ra. hydro3en. #n the last time. F"rthermore. We e4pect a more hot war between them and you in the near future # would say in the ne4t /G or 5G years and we are worried about that development. includin! copper for their technolo!y. there -ere some r"mors abo"t a ne-. B"estion: !o"<ve said there are only %4 species active on earth8 . Ans-er: # think # have already answered this question. three alien species are hostile and this means that they do not care for yo"r fate or for yo"r life and people -ho -ere abd"cted by them came very rarely bac$ alive8 If someone is able to report abo"t an abd"ction.alien bein3s so many different and bi=arre types of them. most of the alien races have m"ch more advanced mind abilities then yo" or even me there is . As I have said. fifteenth species -hich had arrived on . -ometimes the abductors belon! to another and more advanced race and they )ust want to study your body and your mind which is more interestin! for some of them then your solid body as you would study a primitive animal. so they are not very interested in us and they try to ma$e more compatible crossbreeds bet-een yo" and them by "se of artificial fertili=ations and artificial -ombs. especially when the aliens took e!! and sperm samples from you. t-o of the species are also interested in yo"r body. b"t -e don<t $no. Ans-er: 3artly. b"t they are not really able to repair the defects completely beca"se their 74A and yo"r 74A is not f"lly compatible my o-n species is absol"tely incompatible -ith them.material./? "seless str"33le.

not with the stron!. If yo" are a-are that someone tries to manip"late yo"r mind. so better don<t try to resist. you can try this only with the more weaker species. However. Ans-er: 5o. beca"se yo"r mind is li$e an open boo$ to read and -rite for nearly every species I $no-. Ans-er: 0efore # can e4plain that correctly to you. beca"se they -ant yo" to remember that. if he or she is not s"ccessf"l. yo" m"st be able to "nderstand the "niverse and this -o"ld mean a maybe "seless teachin3 of yo"r mind incl"din3 the remove of some barriers of many -ee$s and -ith teachin3 I mean not only teachin3 by -ords8 I have said this -ith .can -e protect "s a3ainst this infl"ence on o"r mindA B"estion: # donBt know. not every one of your abductees is one and some of the aliens in their reports are really )ust ima!ination or lies. or sometimes they -ant yo" to completely for3et anythin3 abo"t a meetin3 -ith them8 Another e4ampleE you can for e4ample remember that you were )ust in a normal of your human hospitals and that some doctors were e4aminin! you and you think not further about what has happened to you maybe until you discover that there is no hospital in the street where you supposed it but in fact you were e4amined by them in one of their laboratories. #n addition. or even e/tremely bi=arre animals. 'his is partly the !uilty of the #llo)iim themselves. yo" can maybe try to filter the other tho"3hts and -aves in yo"r brain and the ind"cer -ill 3ive "p after some min"tes. beca"se it -ill start to h"rt his or her o-n brain8 'his is very difficult and certainly painful and it can harm yo". there are only %4 alien species on this planet and only ei3ht of them abd"ct h"mans at the moment a3ain as far as -e $no-. they are successful. B"estion: What do you mean with one species comes from a very different plain. I do"bt yo" can. Hery important: don<t close yo"r eyes this -o"ld lead to a different form of brain -aves -hich are more easy to access and don<t sit or lay do-n to rest8 If yo" stay a-a$e d"rin3 the first min"tes. because they had constructed or better misconstructed partly intentionally your mind and your consciousness without real protection mechanisms. !o" can<t rely on yo"r mind in this case8 They appear in different shapes to yo" to conf"se yo" and to ma$e so'called abd"ction -itnesses -ho -ere able to remember the events or who believe they are able to remember ridiculous in the public and as far as we know. but it would be the only possibility you have. yo" can only concentrate on that s"spicion and try to analy=e every of yo"r tho"3hts and memories. . or 3rey d-arfs.elieve me.5G They are able to appear in yo"r mind and memory as -hatever they -ant and this ind"ced ima3e has nothin3 to do -ith their real appearance8 !o" remember them as normal h"mans.

6ne possibility they have is the destr"ction of yo"r social system by infl"ence on political leaders. that we are not absolutely sure if there will be really such a hot war already in the ne4t years. beca"se their interest in yo"r planet is different from that of all other races8 They are definitely no dan3er for yo" or "s8 B"estion: *hat -ill happen -hen the -ar be3insA Ans-er: 'his is difficult to answer. 8o you want to say a last sentence or messa!e.5/ yo"r -ord plain or level beca"se yo" have a3ain no better -ord in yo"r vocab"lary and dimension -o"ld be in this case absol"tely -ron3 it<s rather -ron3 even for another b"bble. beca"se a dimension can<t e/ist -itho"t plains."st a sin3le tho"3ht8 *e -ere in contact -ith them only 2 times in o"r -hole history. Ans-er: 6pen yo"r eyes and see8 7on<t believe only in yo"r -ron3 history or yo"r scientists or yo"r politicians8 Some of them $no. 1et me say. so that yo"r body is not made of that $ind of matter yo" $no-.the tr"th abo"t vario"s thin3s. or volcanic er"ptions or other disasters incl"din3 -eather disasters -hich may seem nat"ral to yo"8 'he special fields from copper fusion #Bve mentioned earlier are able to have an influence on your !lobal weather. I thin$ they -ill not attac$ the planet directly before the h"man civili=ation is -ea$. another is the "se of advanced -eapon systems. War is not always that primitive thin! you humans mean with the word. # donBt want to talk further about this. beca"se even yo" have possibilities to destroy their craft b"t not many. If yo" -o"ld be a species livin3 in another. . It depends on the enemy race and on their tactics. *ar can be fo"3ht on vario"s levels. b"t they don<t inform the p"blic to avoid conf"sion and panic. -hich can ca"se earth@"a$es. or over the plain and if yo" -o"ld be f"rthermore able to enter plains -itho"t technolo3y. B"estion: 'his is the end of the interview. then yo" -o"ld be the mi3htiest bein3 yo" can ima3ine8 This very advanced race I<ve mentioned had developed o"tside of here and they<ve evolved in fact over billions of years8 They -o"ld be able to destroy all of yo" and "s and everythin3 -ith .

# !uess #Bll have to partially disappoint you.vil 6ne as was remarked earlier.iim. # had fully e4pected those kinds of e4treme reactions. comments of that kind #Bd sooner re!ard as amusin! than irritatin!* they simply confirm in lar!e measure for me my suppositions about your defined mode of thinkin!. $aybe there is hope for your kind. Apparently many of yo"r modern civili=ed individ"als are not in a position to thin$ on their o-n. 'his ancient conditionin! stems from the days of your third artificial creation and. Ans-er: &o. 'hatBs everythin! # can say. you think and feel then. who liked seein! themselves in the role of the powers of li!ht somethin!. biolo!ically speakin!. B"estion: 'herefore. #n case you were e4pectin! me to act offended. which in and of itself represents a parado4. 'he pro!rammin! for the utter ne!ation of another species especially the reptilian species as in your own case is deeply embedded in each of your own individual consciousnesses. !o"r people still thin$ accordin3 to a simple and completely inappropriate scheme of 3enerali=ations8 Simply p"t. B"estion: 8o you think anyone will believe that this interview is the truth. which is also a manifestation of that ancient pro!rammin! and part and parcel of the plan of the #llo)iim. Go throu!h your world with open eyes and you will see or maybe not. hate and total re)ection. there are absol"tely 46 p"rely evil species8 There e/ist in every terrestrial and . 'hese obscure intentions are not really your fault* yo" are simply follo-in3 for the most part -hat yo" have inherited from yo"r ancestors8 It is indeed act"ally some-hat disappointin3 that many of yo" develop no especially stron3 individ"al self'conscience. b"t rather let themselves be 3"ided by pro3rammin3 and reli3ion. Ans-er: 8oes it ama(e you that # am not completely an!ered by that. we were in direct contact in the last several centuries with some of your more primitive human tribes* these tribes had themselves succeeded in breakin! throu!h the old creation pro!rammin!* they were able to meet us without tension. We will meet a!ain in some months and you will tell me then what have happened after the publication of my messa!e. #s the relationship between your species and ours really shaped from that kind of total ne!ation. 'herefore. !o"r $ind is i3norant.55 # think your species is not as bad as some of my kind think. Ans-er: How am # supposed to answer that. and it would be a pity to observe your end. yo" are not the Species of the . for this -o"ld help yo" to overcome the conditionin38 As # already said. is passed down as an information !enome from !eneration to !eneration. The identification of my species -ith the po-ers of dar$ness -as a primary intention of the Illo. but it is an interestin! e4periment for my social studies. since that humanoid species was e4tremely sensitive to your sunli!ht.

are not Species of the . Ans-er: # ou!ht to e4plain that to people. -hich are inclined to act -ith anta3onism to-ards yo". This conception is really very primitive.ven those e/traterrestrial species. how do they fly."d3e -hether the deeds of a m"ch more hi3hly developed species are 3ood or evil. 1et me think about it for a minute. for there have been certain occurrences in the past which # donBt personally welcome. whether you could !o into any !reater detail re!ardin! the advanced physics that you commented on last time. &one of these occurrences have happened in the last 5GG years of your time scale. but about which # would also not like to !o into detail.5= e/traterrestrial species ali$e both 3ood and evil individ"alsC it<s even tr"e of yo"r o-n people* but there is &O such thin! as an absolutely evil species. because you stand at a lower observation point.vil 6ne. from which an assessment is not possible. your words made no sense. for the survival of any species ar!ues for many varieties. even tho"3h they operate ne3atively -ith respect to yo"r o-n race. 'he attitude of a species towards other kinds of e4istence naturally depends very heavily on its respective structured way of thinkin!* each species sets its own priorities. amon! them your own. as well as for even the most varied of the worst or ne!atively directed deeds. there was often the question. then yo" -o"ld also behave in s"ch a fashion. 'hey do this for their own reasons and do not re!ard themselves as evil* -ere yo"r str"ct"red -ay of thin$in3 more linear and more foc"sed as theirs is. 0ut please note the followin!E there are 46 absol"tely 3ood and there are 46 absol"tely bad species. "ou people have believed from time immemorial what you are supposed to believe what was foreseen for you to believe by your creators. "our simple words !ood and evil are in any case e4amples of a tendency towards !enerali(ation* in my lan3"a3e there are many concepts for the vario"s shades of meanin3 of individ"al behaviors in comparison to the norms of a society8 . # wonBt even e4clude my own kind in this re!ard. consists of a !reat number of individual consciousnesses at least a portion of the consciousness is individual. 1etBs try thisE "ou have to be clear . I al-ays have to "se very simple -ords in order to ma$e clear to yo" the basic principles of a hi3her $ind of science. even thou!h there are connectin! fields of consciousness* these self sufficient spirits are able to decide freely for themselves a lifestyle which is either !ood or evil.do +F6s f"nction. 'o classify that as !ood or evil is really quite primitive. how do they perform the maneuvers that they do. even the more hi!hly developed ones. $any people said. beca"se each and every species al-ays consists of individ"als8 B"estion: #n the letters that # !ot. 7very well known species. %or e4ample. ho. #t depends a!ain on the respective point of view* yo"r people are not necessarily in a position to . 'hatBs not all that simple. accordin! to your own human standards.

'9A&-1A'O9B. 'hat illusion is further subdivided into three elementary or basic conditions of matter."st hot 3as as the concept is 3enerally simplified by yo"r people. 9aum means space. that is. A fo"rth and very important condition also e4ists. in the -orld of real physics. or it e4ists at a very primitive level. which you simply pay attention to more or less as you choose* it is the one borderin3 on the sphere of infl"ence or plasma realm. The fo"rth state of matter is very important for certain physical conditions. 3enerate anti3ravity. there are simply five states of matter. 'herefore. -hile other and more complicated conditions are associated only -ith the sphere of infl"ence of the material -orld8 !o"r conception of the physical -orld is based "pon a simple material ill"sion. back to the essentialsE Plasma no-. As an aside. -hich can be "sed for e/ample to ho. 'he very first thin! is that you must divide up the conception of the physical -orld.sho"ld I e/press this to yo". &O'7E 4o e/planation -as 3iven for the "se of the -ord p"shed. -hich yo" -o"ld characteri=e as paranormal8 &ow. 7ssentially.5D about some fundamental facts.&O'7E &o le!itimate translation e4ists for this word LFeldra"m<C Feld means field. room. b"t rather I mean a hi3her a33re3ate condition of matter8 The plasma state of matter is a special form of matter. there are no bipolar . 'hatBs a rather stran!e human word and not really correct. beca"se each e/istence consists of different layersC let<s say for simplicity<s sa$e that it consists of a material ill"sion and a sphere of infl"ence. #Bm translatin! it as sphere of influence. -hich lies bet-een its real e/istence and the sphere of infl"ence. For yo". but you ou!ht to understand it better this way. -ith plasma I don<t mean . "our !uess is as !ood mine. it is not necessary for an understandin! of the basic theory* it is connected -ith diverse phenomena. b"t the post'plasma state -o"ld really be 3oin3 too far and it -o"ld only serve to conf"se yo". a complete loss of mass and pure accretion of ener!y of various form -henever matter is p"shed or shoved. Eertain physical conditions are associated only -ith the realm of the material as in concrete. 0esides. shoved as "sed in this conte/t. the theory for a controlled transformation or an elevation of the fre@"ency of matter and the stable e/istence of this fo"rth a33re3ate condition of matter is not very common. e4panse.

then yo"<re better off not attemptin3 it8 0ut your kind has always been i!norant and has from time immemorial tried to play aro"nd -ith forces.ects -hich are as yo" e/plain it top secret. 'he illusion of matter is fused. but the main force would be reflected by that process and would assume a quasi bipolar character. copper is f"sed -ith other elements . the simpler the hei3htenin3 of the condition.: Seein3 that there are %4 . for e4ample. this is also an e/ample of the b"siness re3ardin3 the @"estion of 3ood and evilA !o" people play -ith "n$no-n forces and thereby accept the death of collea3"es of yo"r o-n $ind. -hich as a res"lt is bein3 p"t into place once a3ain for the p"rpose of -ar. !o" remember this b"siness of copper f"sionA . Accordin! to my information. ca"se apparently solid matter to levitate* this method is employed partly by us and by e4traterrestrials as well as a means of propulsion for their C%Os. that only the least n"mber of yo"r $ind have any $no-led3e abo"t these alien pro. for they are dyin3 for a 3reater ca"se. yo" have to str"33le -ith problems of instability and radiation -ith yo"r +F6s .ects. for ne3ative p"rs"its8 F46T.5> forces. for the advancement of yo"r technolo3y. you lack the real physical understandin!* as a result. 8onBt you a!ree. one can 3ive yo" the benefit of the do"bt. b"t since yo" have more or less stolen this technolo3y and it -as later falsely passed on to yo" intentionally by the e/traterrestrials. -hereby the spectr"m comes to3ether -ith this harsh shiftin3 to the opposite pole . !o" people are movin3 on a really primitive level to-ards a similar principle for yo"r secret military pro. the entire field spectr"m is shifted to a hi3her plasma li$e condition.vil Alien races on . one can. lar3e "nified force at different levels8 *ith anti3ravity or the displacement of 3ravitational characteristics into levels. The res"ltin3 connection and the field -o"ld therefore not be stable in the normal condition of matter and "ns"ited for tas$s8 As a res"lt. It -as told to yo" that the hi3her the ordinal or ran$in3 n"mber of basic matter. b"t that is only partially correct8 If yo" can<t circ"mvent these po-ers. there have been a 3reat n"mber of deaths of yo"r people beca"se of intense radiation and field dist"rbances. they need this technolo3y to s"rvive8G 4o-. b"t rather only observer dependent reflective behavior of a sin3le. the fields in the sphere of influence overlap each other.y means of the fl"ct"ation at the ri3ht an3le -ith the ind"ced radiation field. namely.arth. -hich yo" have not even "nderstood8 Why would that ever chan!e.

has an information ener3y e@"ivalent in the sphere of infl"ence. -hich no. as for e/ample. located on a main field the 3eneral level of thin3s8 4o-. #Bll try to do it wait )ust a second you are !oin! to have to separate yo"rself mentally from the ill"sion that that -hich yo" see is the tr"e nat"re of the "niverse. 0ut then a!ain. #t sounds rather stran!e and certainly impossible for your comprehension. the whole thin! that # have e4plained to you in your words has come out to be rather primitive. every creat"re. #ma!ine for yourself that all the matter here yo". this technical device.5F side the -ord is 46T correct of the force field and it resembles @"ite closely a 3ravitational shift8 This shiftin3 ca"ses a tiltin3 of the rep"lsin3 @"asi'bipolar force. ca"sin3 massive flyin3 ob. 8o you understand. at best. b"t also several8 1ast time. the surface of a side. -hich is. b"t that it is rather only the res"lt of a field oscillation and a concentration of ener3y8 All matter that yo" see. but perhaps this simple e4planation can be of some use to you in helpin! you to understand. #t is.ven the amplit"de e@"ali=ations amon3 3en"ine matter can be achieved -ith one of those $inds of fields if the fre@"ency and the distance from the plane of the field are hi3h eno"3h. every planet and star in this "niverse. I had mentioned that hi3hly'developed species -hich is capable of chan3in3 levels -hich is somethin3 completely different from the simple b"bble chan3in3. there is not only one level.ects to be levitated and mane"vered8 It can also e/ert a camo"fla3e f"nction in the realm of electroma3netic radiation as -ell as manip"late temporal se@"ences of events indeed only to very limited e/tent and other thin3s as -ell8 Are yo" familiar -ith yo"r @"ant"m t"nnel effectA . . this pencil. B"estion: Is there a scientific s"bstantiation for paranormal po-ers. for b"bbles are a part of each and every level.no lon3er flo-s to the interior of the force field. It can also carry o"t a m"ltiplicity of tas$s. -hich is very diffic"lt to mod"late -ithin certain technical bo"ndaries in relation to its o-n characteristics. this paper does not really e/ist. this table. b"t rather flo-s partly to the e/terior of the field8 The res"lt is an inter'stratifyin3 reflective force field. one has to ac$no-led3e the physical reality of the sphere of infl"ence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG as a field -ith distinct layers. Cnfortunately. maybe not. #Bm afraid. as for e/ample -ith yo"r po-ers of tho"3htA Ans-er: "es. #n order to e4plain that.

since the theory is not common in h"man thin$in38 #et<s call it a para'layer. as an e/ample. please continue. for this layer is mainly responsible for everythin3 -hich yo" call PSI and paranormal and -hich lies o"tside the bo"ndaries of yo"r primitive science8 This para'layer lies bet-een the layers of matter and the morpho3enetic layers of a field in the sphere of infl"ence8 It can actively inte3rate -ith both8 !o"r body. b"bbles or "niversal foam are a part of a level. -hile the sphere of infl"ence. -hile other layers contain information abo"t yo"r spirit. as yo" call them. abo"t the simple str"ct"re of matter or the strin3 fre@"ency. is mirrored as a field in the sphere of infl"ence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG as a field -ith distinct layers8 That doesn<t mean that it does not also e/ist here as -ell as flesh.5H 7imensions. spea$in3 Ifrom a h"man'reli3io"s point of vie-. actin3 in the capacity of sin3le physical si=e. b"t not only that8 . yo"r so"l8 ./istence is al-ays a d"ality8 Some layers of the field contain simple information abo"t the solid matter of yo"r body and its fre@"ency. blood. 1etBs try somethin! simpler. is essentially "nendin3C it is composed of inn"merable information'ener3y layers and 3eneral levels8 There are in the sphere of infl"ence no n"ll'levelsC all are the same. for e/ample. OM then. and levels are layers in the sphere of infl"ence. Ans-er: Well. b"t they are separated by means of their ener3y conditions8 I notice that I am conf"sin3 yo" no-8 I thin$ I o"3ht to stop -ith this e/planation8 B"estion: &o.there is still another intermediary layer for -hich yo" "nfort"nately have no h"man concept. bones in the form of matter strin3s or atoms. How do concrete paranormal powers arise. yo"r conscio"sness or. but letBs be!in in this mannerE Tan3ible matter on this side is mirrored in the sphere of infl"ence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG as a field -ith distinct layers8 These layers contain information. are a part of a solitary b"bble. A!ain. b"t also there is stored information stemmin3 from the development of matter8 Are yo" familiar -ith the h"man concept of morpho3enetic fieldsA 6ne part of the layer co"ld be desi3nated as s"ch8 4o. it is not completely correct.

M. &ow this layer is not limited only to the individual. it is not even a problem that the pencil lies over there. b"t only in the form of post'plasma the fifth form of matter8 With the necessary physical knowled!e and the correspondin! technolo!y. Post'Plasma on this side. but rather as a part of a !eneral information layer you could call it in a prosaic sense the comm"nity so"l that is connected -ith all animate and inanimate matter and all conscio"sness. if I decide to "se my mental po-ers once more in order to move this pencil.my conscio"snessDa-areness e/pandsDamplifies itself on the matter side in the form of post'plasma to the pencil8 In the sphere of infl"ence this ca"ses sim"ltaneo"sly an a"tomatic command from the conscio"snessDa-areness layer to the para'layer to interact -ith the matter layer of the pencil8 -ince the para layer is not confined to the body.E The so"l robbin3 -as mentioned in one of the radical. For e/ample. in the pit"itary 3land. I ima3ine in my mind ho. yo" are solidly bloc$ed in these thin3s8 As I have said. can also be separated from its field of rest8 It can. 7ven you people could theoretically do this* however. divided into different layers of yo"r field in the sphere of infl"ence nothin3 more. 'he biolo!ical cause for these abilities lies on the side of matter."t above all. not abo"t ma3ic or dar$ forces8 . nothin3 less.5@ A-areness or conscio"sness in this case is a simple ener3y matri/. by the way. reli3io"sly motivated comments in connection -ith the reptilian species. despite its removal. simply said. even without movin! my matter body. for e/ample8 . .omment by Ole. -hich al-ays is in the position to 3enerate the fre@"encies to actively control the sphere of infl"ence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG as a field -ith distinct layers8. the para'layer can interact -ith mind as -ell as -ith matter. for # can unerrin!ly reach it. the conscio"snessDa-areness matri/. contin"e to e/ist in a self' s"fficient manner for a certain amo"nt of time. then. para'layer on the other8 I have control over the pencil and the interaction brin3s the matter field of the pencil to the point -here it chan3es in the manner in -hich it moves. en"ine a-areness can also e/ist here on the matter side. or so"l. That has the stran3e occ"lt name of so"l robbin3. which e4ist on this main level. -e<re tal$in3 abo"t science here. 0ut back to your AuestionE Ereat"res -ith more po-erf"l mental po-ers can have a direct infl"ence on the para'layer by means of their conscio"snessDa-areness fields .

there are of course numerous secret teachin!s about the real possibilities. #n the case of not fully developed abilities. first -e have to learn specifically alien mind infl"ence in order to "se o"r mimicry. alon! with other thin!s. we need a certain amount of time for practicin!. the dan!er of discovery by you would be too !reat.verythin3 that yo" call paranormal8 As # said. . 0y the way. *henever an alien mind o"3ht to be infl"enced. for e4ample where mimicry is actually quite simple in your minds due to the implantin! of the onKoff switch. since different conscio"sness a-areness field<s -or$ -ith different oscillations8 A conscio"snessDa-areness that sends or a conscio"snessDa-areness that listens m"st first adapt itself to the other mind e/actly.omment by Ole M. which can !ive one these abilities. for e/ample. then there are some 3enerally valid steps. with full physical stren!th. -hich are set into motion by other e/traterrestrial species8 First and foremost. this special layer lies in the sphere of influence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG as a field -ith distinct layers between the morpho!enetic information layers and the matter layers and can interact with respect to both sides.5? . B"estion: 'hat is fascinatin!. Which kinds of paranormal activities can one !enerate with that.nli3htenment to come to the s"rface of the . Ans-er: All kinds. -ome of these abilities are also partially inherited* mother and child of my kind as an e4ample are attuned e4actly durin! the first months of life partially also in the e!! coverin! in the e4pectant mother and communicate telepathically. -here-ith -e can achieve everythin3 that is 3enerally desi3nated as tele$inesis and telepathy8 'he connection absorption with another consciousnessKawareness is !enerally separate in the procedure from the simple influence of matter.arth8 'hat term is synonymous. the alien oscillation m"st be felt. it can be interacted -ith solid matter as -ell as -ith mind or mental information. #n order to influence you people. 'hat is to say. it is forbidden. but # really donBt know anythin! e4act about that. somethin3 3enerally that is done a"tomatically by the brain. Therefore."mped into the air to a hei3ht of )9 cm and then fell bac$ to the s"rface of the table8 'he sound is clearly heard on the recordin! tape. 'hat is not especially difficult. for the one the field oscillation. &o one visibly had touched that pencil. the simpler the adaptation and the access. 6"r o-n abilities are not so po-erf"lly developedC therefore.E # certify that the pencil mentioned above abr"ptly at that very moment . for the other the @"asi'electrical brain -aves here in the normal space -hich matter inhabits. before any access is possible8 Most species also have chances to bloc$ the alien access. b"t yo" people don<t have this8 'he followin! is !enerally validE the stron!er the paranormal abilities of a species. despite your simple structure. . for ad"lts of my $ind before the A3e of .

WeBre wastin! more or less valuable time by doin! this. 7verythin! paranormal is dualistic. # could even demonstrate it on yourself. B"estion: Only one last question. We !row up with this kind of knowled!e* we know how one makes use of these powers. and it e4ists in the space that matter inhabits as well as in the sphere of influence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG as a field -ith distinct layers8 'o be e4plained it can only be e4plained by the acceptance of the latter. Therefore. We are acquainted with theory and practice. so weBll )ust leave it at an e4planation. one simply probes for the other conscio"snessDa-areness in the mind -ith a post'plasma manifestation. some of my performances today have set you to thinkin! about your world. yo" have none at all. yo" made it @"ite clear that yo" didn<t -ant to disc"ss scientific and paranormal concerns8 *hy the openness no-A Ans-er: 'he last time # saw really no necessity in overburdenin! you with facts of that kind and now you are obviously overburdened. and alien access to the mind is immediately possible and -itho"t restriction8 In terms of yo"r chances a3ainst a more hi3hly developed species."st the oscillations faster than yo" can chan3e. &ow one can read out information from the first one and record the desired information to the second one in the correct location. This e/planation pres"mably so"nds to yo" li$e as yo" say somethin3 esoteric or from the occ"lt or ma3ic. however. and where they come from.=G After that. Apparently. because the sphere of influence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG as a field -ith distinct layers is the basis. and I told yo" that only an a-a$e and concentrated mind had any $ind of a chance to -ithstand it8 In this state of mind the oscillations chan3e very abr"ptly and access becomes complicatedC more precisely. not the other # mean here both that are physical. yo" really don<t "nderstand -hat happens in yo"r -orld yo" see only one side of e/istence. but you were really horrified and confused the last time. # had preferred only to mention these topics in a peripheral sense. !o" as$ed me last time -hether yo" people have the opport"nity to protect yo"rselves a3ainst this infl"ence. it can come as a painf"l recoil8 *henever yo" close yo"r eyes. 'herefore. then the field becomes flat. 'he reason for that is simply that yo" lac$ the basic "nderstandin3 for seein3 the bac$3ro"nd reasons8 All paranormal phenomena have a p"rely scientific ori3ination8 4one of this has anythin3 to do -ith s"pernat"ral po-ers. # would welcome an end to the scientific questions since you really arenBt !raspin! them anyway. "ou are not. somethin! that canBt be . They are able to ad. the sphere of infl"ence Feldra"m FField Room or sphere of infl"enceG reacts and the connection is there. At our first meetin! in 8ecember.

then you would be a step ahead in your development. then for a short time . the -ords of people -ho have characteri=ed me as a Ereat"re of . b"t by that time the second and the third8 Another ship had crashed in %&46. The ma3netic field of the . please. # will try to e4plain to you what # know about those thin!s. only hi3hly developed science. #f you would only comprehend that. but it is correct.that the ships of this partic"lar species can remain levitatin3 in the air for a partic"lar period of time even tho"3h they are dama3ed* that accounts for the spatial difference in their crash locations. Ean yo" e/plain to me ho.=/ all bad. b"t it -as destroyed beyond "sability8 One thin! first before the e4planationE it certainly sounds ridiculous to you that such hi!hly developed e4traterrestrial ships simply crash. b"t rather in the direction of the field to yo"r planet8 This species that -e are disc"ssin3 and it -as al-ays in this time period that this species "sed a dis$'shaped craft "sed a prop"lsion system -hich ran accordin3 to the normal principle of f"sion.y the -ay. there was not only one alien ship involved. B"estion: Good. There is no ma3ic. so my knowled!e about those events in your history is presumably not very e4tensive. b"t one that at that time employed a more than "nconventional method for field ali3nment8 This method had vario"s advanta3es b"t also disadvanta3es. there -ere five cases -here e/traterrestrial ships crashed to the s"rface of the .o"r 3overnments came into possession of +F6 material to the point that they could start their own pro)ects. Ans-er: "es. 1etBs talk about C%Os. !o" have to $no. and everythin3 that yo" label as ma3ic is only a part of science. And by the way. which happened at that time. 'he repellin! field must of course lie in the absolute correct an!le to the surface of the 7arth. # am no historian.ect to cyclical variations and it forms field eddies "nder "nfavorable conditions. These -ere indeed not the first crashes. 'he e4planation for that is likewise more than stran!e. *henever a ship -ith one of those $inds of drives 3ets into a field fl"ct"ation or into an eddy that is too stron3.vil have their basis in the belief in occ"lt po-ers and ma3ic both of -hich thin3s 76 46T e/ist. 8id it have anythin! to do with the 9oswell #ncident. and that a relatively lar!e number did so in a relatively short amount of time. This species "sed an ali3nment technolo3y in their ships.arth<s ma3netic field8 &ow at that time this species had )ust arrived on the earth and their point of ori3in lay on a planet -ith a more stable ma3netic field. -ith -hich the field loc$ed into place all points of the .arth. but that incident was not the first one. #n that crash which you call the 9oswell #ncident. to be s"re. for which they had developed and ali!ned their drive. 1et me think about it for a second8 In the years %&46 to %&(2 in yo"r time scale.arth is not really all that stableC it is s"b. your human scientists will tend to re!ard my comments as humbu!. 3ose other questions. It does not lie in the ship<s drive itself. . but also two that crashed after a collision in different parts of the land in the west the one you call the C-A. # am studyin! only your current behavior. And so I see no 3reat dan3er in spreadin3 this information -idely8 4o one -ill pay m"ch attention to it. $y openness on this issue ends here.

&ow.olt has. thro"3h a very.oth ships crashed as a res"ltC one of them fell near the collision point.ernard Mende= . a h"man body. Of course you donBt. the ship can crash8 In the case from %&41. your human military collected the individual pieces at first until they discovered the whole ships with the dead creatures aboard. All occupants were killed in the impact. to be sure.arth8G 'he drive is operatin! correctly. #mmediately they classified everythin! as 'op -ecret and brou!ht them to their military bases in order to analy(e the drive. The secret endeavor -as to set the alien technolo3y in place later a3ainst evil enemies of that 3reat co"ntry8 That is as primitive as it is ridic"lo"s8 # believe # remember # donBt want to specify e4actly your date that it was probably between /?D? and /?>5 that there was a rather bad accident durin! some research bein! done on one of the wrecks. for a very short period of time ho."t they didn<t have a starship available and too$ an older model -hich ca"sed the crash d"e to the "nstable ma3netic fields on . ca"sed an overt"rnin3 of the 3eneral po-er field into a ma3netic p"lse of immense po-er8 7o yo" have any idea -hat $ind of an effect a plasma'ma3netic . The thin h"ll str"ct"re of that $ind of dis$ craft is in and of itself not very stable. its field lin$ed "p "nintentionally -ith that of its s@"adron leader and it collided -ith another ship -hereby both of them -ere heavily dama3ed8 The ca"se for the ma3netic fl"ct"ation at that time -as probably an electrical dist"rbance bro"3ht abo"t by a -eather event8 . -hich is en3"lfed in bri3ht flames for 2 or 4 of yo"r days8 Those flames apparently do not 3o o"t and they b"rn the body ri3ht do-n to its last constit"ents8 *ell. then yo" have an appro/imate . how should you know that. b"t the field fl"ct"ates in all directions and beca"se of that.: . -hich on the other hand. if you will. #ma!ine. since those dis$s have not been desi3ned for crashes as -ell as for fli3ht in a field -here there are e/terior forces at -or$. very "nfort"nate accident.=5 the repellin3 field can no lon3er ali3n itself correctly and the ship 3lides "ncontrolled on its fli3ht path8 F46T. -hen it comes into contact -ith an or3anismA &o. -hich yo" addressed. the other a hundred of your kilometers or so distant. 8isturbance in the structure of the field and bioelectric feedback. it is my "nderstandin3 that one of the ships 3ot ca"3ht in a fl"ct"ation. Accordin! to -hat I heard -hat members of my species -ere told by members of that 3overnment it res"lted in an "nintentional activation of one of the drive<s components in the "nshielded condition8 As a res"lt.T 4e3otiator for President 4i/on tal$ed to those aliens and they said they came here from pic$in3 "p the e/plosions in *orld *ar II in o"ter space8 .sho"ld I phrase this there -as an "nchec$ed shift of the environment to a plasma li$e condition.

by the -ay. For e/ample. b"t they -ithheld the information that the field drive can be constr"cted -ith vario"s modifications to -or$ as -ell -ith stable elements of a lo-er periodic n"mber. and thereby rene-ed by their o-n technolo3y8 Their cl"es to the constr"ction of yo"r +F6s -ere laid o"t in s"ch a -ay that the sol"tion to old problems ca"sed ne. 'hose ships were able to be recovered from the crashes relatively intact.problems to arise sim"ltaneo"sly8 'hey never told you the complete truth. as I remember. -hich later lead to technical problems and to yo"r dependence on them. at that early point in time. and air. . thatBs the way itBs done. even had an intact drive core8 It -as by means of that device that yo" sa. The alien species of co"rse @"ic$ly noticed that they -ere dealin3 -ith simple' minded creat"res."st to @"ench yo"r 3reed for po-er and information. The one in %&(2. co"nt amon3 those -ho are "nfriendly to-ards yo" -as nat"rally -orried abo"t the investi3ation of their o-n technolo3y by yo"r $ind.people the f"nctionin3 principle of the ships -hereby they -o"ld e/pect in ret"rn some favors. to be3in direct conflict -ith yo". ho-ever. you !ave them secured locations for their bases.: !et +S overnment made treaty -ith that .vil Alien Race8G They did not -ant.: rey Aliens and .bens from Jeta Retic"liG Simple'minded as yo" are. 6f co"rse.for the first time that yo" had "nderstood the entire concept f"lly incorrectly and that yo" had reconstr"cted it f"lly incorrectly8 . yo" of co"rse a3reed to it and -ere deceived. and so they chose the diplomatic path and came into contact -ith that 3overnment d"rin3 yo"r %&69<s. they did not div"l3e the real reasons for their bein3 here copper. F46T. b"t al-ays b"ilt in a3ain and a3ain clever lies. yo" 3ave them access to yo"r 74A and m"ch more and all . and 3enerally. yo" 3ave them access to yo"r most secret defense data.ven today yo" still don<t have it ri3ht. "ou !ave them raw materials. b"t rather they pretended to be c"rio"s researchers and offered to sho. they 3ave yo" information that the drive can only be constr"cted -ith "nstable elements of a hi3her ran$in3 n"mber.== impression of -hat happened8 I thin$ that )9 or 29 of yo"r scientists -ere $illed in that lab8 T-o f"rther crashes occ"rred in %&(9 and %&(2 in the -ater catchment area of the American continent. and they 3ave yo" false and inferior information abo"t their technolo3y so that they receive much more out of the collaboration than your kind do. That species. hydro3en. Thro"3h these half'tr"ths they made yo" dependent on the synthesi=in3 of hi3h n"mbered elements. -hich had b"ilt the ships in the first place a species -hich I. F46T.

MP electroma3netic p"lse -eapon and a military s$irmish at one of their "nder3ro"nd installations8 F46T. it finally came down to various events between the alien species and that human !overnment. # donBt want to !o into detail here since there is much that even # am not e4actly sure of.ects thro"3h a special ho.do yo" say itA . the old technical problems -ith yo"r o-n self'constr"cted ships -hose camo"fla3e and drive partially failed to f"nction in test fli3hts in the open8 . which they need in order to achieve their !oals directly. an alien intervention on yo"r planet -o"ld dist"rb their pro. Ans-er: "ouBre wron! there. -hich c"lminated in the lift'off of three of the alien aerial ob. b"t I don<t thin$ that they accept a confrontation -ith other species for it8 Many of them co"ld loo$ for another research planet for themselves. for the more hi3hly developed species there is simply at the very least yo"r fate8 !o" are animals for them8 Animals in a very lar3e lab8 +nderstandably.=D #n the last years of your /?HGBs and your early /?@GBs. At the moment it is probably true that they lack some of the technical possibilities and the lar!e amount of forces.eca"se of that. very slo-ly came to the concl"sion after more than )9 years of this that they had been deceived by that alien species .ects.: 7"lceG As a conse@"ence of these attac$s. yo"r old friends and partners are preparin3 to s"pply themselves finally -ith the sole and absol"te dominance over ramaterials and h"man 74A. amon3 them -a3in3 a cold -ar for dominance on yo"r planet. . -e are co"ntin3 on ne3ative actions possibly ever of a more s"btle $ind a3ainst yo" in the ne/t fe.from all contact -ith yo" and -as "nderstandably more than an3ered abo"t yo"r $ind8 Therefore. In spite of that. I co"nt these e/traterrestrials amon3 the three 3ro"ps -ho are hostile to-ards yo". and -hile the other t-o are more occ"pied -ith their o-n b"siness. somethin! ou!ht to be on 7arth for the more hi!hly developed species. the f"nction of secrecy -as threatened8 !o"r military and yo"r politicians slo-ly. or better said. $ultitudinous incon!ruities and the oversteppin! of bounds of the treaties by both sides finally led to an altercation bet-een yo" and the e/traterrestrials. The -hole thin3 lay in the conte/t -ith some ne-.years or decades8 B"estion: *ill the other e/traterrestrial species "nderta$e nothin3 a3ainst these -ars li$e actionsA -pecifically. Specifically. the alien species "ltimately -ithdre.

.E -he considered the pictures respectively for only a couple of seconds and then sorted out photos /. = and >. !o" have to ima3ine for yo"rself the vie-point of the more hi3hly advanced creat"res8 !o" are the ants8 7on<t e/pect any help from them8 6f co"rse -e -o"ld also as$ for help -hen it became clear that yo"r old partners -ere 3an3in3 "p on yo"8 Some members of that h"man 3overnment are f"lly a-are of o"r e/istence also partially o-in3 to an old reli3io"s basis. which claim to show C%Os. it is not so easy simply with absolute certainty to identify an ob)ect. or to become intelli3ent eno"3h never to create those $inds of sit"ations8 What will come and who will possibly place themselves on your side. #n the one picture. #t lacks important characteristics. . *henever yo" people ta$e a loo$ at an ant hill.an you take a look at the pictures and tell me in which of them actual e4traterrestrial aerial craft can be seen. 0ut would one of you even thou!h he were lar!er and more powerful than the one who stepped on the ant hill in the first place defend the meanin!less ants. and another person comes alon3 and steps on the ant hill. &o.=> or they co"ld st"dy over a lon3 distance yo"r behavior and yo"r conscio"snessDa-areness. 'o be sure. or yo" search for another ant hill or yo" observe the ants in their crisis condition. it certainly seems to me that a real e4istin! ship of an alien species was adapted for a small model here.yearsC accordin3 to -hat I $no-. which are tied in with the . since crisis sit"ations co"ld have an attraction for their st"dies.omment by Ole M. -hat do yo" doA !o" 3o on yo"r -ay. Ans-er: # can try it. For e/ample. there are mostly some technical details and peculiarities about !enuine C%Os. only time will tell. 'hese three pictures here are obvious counterfeits or erroneous identifications. B"estion: # have here > prints of different C%Os. #Bm no e4pert in alien technolo!y and the construction of e4traterrestrial ships. "ou pose many questions to me today. there is a 3i3antic partially "nder3ro"nd b"ildin3 in the capital -hich is totally dedicated to my species and that also has a direct approach to an elevator shaft and to an "nder3ro"nd system8 In this b"ildin3 partial meetin3s have ta$en place and do ta$e place bet-een "s and h"mans8 *e have passed on information to yo" in the last fe. !o" o"3ht to learn to solve yo"r o-n problems yo"rselves. # really do not want to make any indications about that. 8onBt overestimate my knowled!e. which even # cannot answer unequivocally. "ou falsify sometimes the pattern of !enuine ships* therefore. -e -ill $eep o"rselves as far a-ay from the conflict as -e can. -how me the photos. with whose help one can easily differentiate them from natural phenomena or human for!eries. #Bll try it.

0y the way. -e -o"ld have to see in any case either a tro"3h or a s-ell on the s"rface. it is not a 3en"ine li3ht it is mostly not a 3en"ine li3ht -henever yo" see ill"minatin3 +F6s b"t a special stron3ly char3ed form field. # !uess that most of you )ust plain donBt understand it. this ob. what is really !oin! on in front of them in their atmosphere. Here in this picture # see above all no artificial ob)ect in fli!ht* it seems much more to deal with only a li!ht refle4 in your simple optical cameras. inhabits as a @"asi'li3ht .ect is floatin3 above the -ater8 If it -ere a 3en"ine ship. These fo"r -hite and very lon3 processes on the "nderside of the ship itself portray a $ind of @"asi'3ravitational li3ht manip"lationC the "niversal force field is bein3 shifted in the direction of a sim"lated 3ravity8 Act"ally. -hich manifests itself in the space that matter. none of these three pictures show !enuine ob)ects in fli!ht or C%Os. and those who do will not say anythin! about it to the !eneral public. -ince the surface is flat. it is terribly careless of that species to allow this technolo!y to be photo!raphed by humans. #n my opinion. then they will presumably discover too late. the clearer the outline and the colors are. b"t ha=y and spectrally shifted photos are sometimes to be interpreted as an indication for a possibly a"thenticity. P56T6 ): Albiosc. #n any case. Generally speakin!. When your !eneral public chases counterfeits and frauds for a lon! time. Well. France. beca"se a levitatin3 ship is 3enerally hidden in a shifted'field condition that even distorts the colors or the forms accordin3 to ali3nment8 It mi3ht perhaps so"nd stran3e. "ou really ou!ht to be intelli!ent enou!h not to fall for a mi4 up like that. a picture is all the more a fake. %&14 This one seems to be 3en"ine* at least it displays the necessary characteristics. it is obviously not a !enuine ship. 'he ob)ect itself is metallic and disk shaped* certainly it is distorted in form and color by means of a field effect. 'he reason for the activation of this special hi!h ener!y system in an atmosphere is not completely clear to me* itBs possible that it is a kind of investi!atin! or influencin! of the environment. # would assi3n it at first 3lance to an alien species -ho have been visitin3 yo"r planet for the last 2( years or so. .=F technically and physically ssociated field.

more easily. It is one of yo"r o-n secret military pro. 'hat is an unmistakable indication for the authenticity of the photo. at least.ectC it is in no -ay e/traterrestrial8 Trian3"lar aerial ob. they are . . %&&9 This is in fact a 3en"ine aerial ob. "our pro)ects decree that alon! with the alien drive field there also be a conventional )et en!ine system* therefore. 8o you see the distortion and the quasi li!ht in the rotatin! cylinders. ."st not 3iven yo" any more information since the disa3reement."t -hy. are there 4 cylindersA That<s "n"s"al even the interval seems to be incorrect8 The colorin3 is very dar$ and the interior optical distortion is very noticeable8 3resumably a reconstruction of the ori!inal system by your scientists.ects in fli3ht are simply not "sed by alien species. they are al-ays trian3"lar and b"ilt th"s -ith streamlinin3 in order to be steerable -ith this primitive recoil principle8 #n the e4ample here the ship !lides above all on its !enuine field drive. the form of the hull for a !enuine e4traterrestrial ship is of no consequence. yo" mi3ht as$. the ships have a ro"nded off form and they are b"ilt -itho"t hard ed3es as a dis$ or a cylinder so that the field can flo.ects that yo" b"ild -ith the help of immat"re alien technolo3y that -as handed over to yo" by the e/traterrestrials d"rin3 the %&69<s and the %&19<s8 Generally. for inside the field itself there are no e4terior forces that have any effect there* in !eneral. Since the alien species has . or not in this form.=H P56T6 4: Petit Rechain.el3i"m. 'hat streamlined kind of form is a human concept.

B"estion: Why then do they fly over thickly populated areas of 7urope. Ans-er: Of course. there e/isted no necessity for doin3 so8 . Ans-er: *hy is it that 64#! I am able to e/plain stran3e h"man deedsA #tBs possible that these are lon3'distance tests or tests -ith the electroma3netic camo"fla3e systems8 The old enemy of the American nation is on this side of the -orld. 8id the person who took the photo display any kind of radiation and burn dama!e.oth of the for-ard cylinders are too close to each otherC they -ill definitely flo. but could you repeat it here once a!ain for this volume and for the new transcript. b"t since my 3ro"p or family stands in a hi3her ran$in3 order. # donBt know anythin! about it. 'hat doesnBt make any sense. as -ell as possible8 4at"rally. F46T. it is not easy in my homeland to come into possession of h"man boo$s. %rom the western continent. I -as able to 3ather some material to3ether and sometimes to spea$ -ith others of my $ind -ho have already been in contact -ith yo"8 I -as really very c"rio"s abo"t yo"r species and as soon as I -as allo-ed to come to the s"rface.into each other8 'he color shows me a powerful residual radiation* it -as probably the case that hi3h elements -ere "sed a3ain as c"stomary for the shiftin38 It is in any case very dan3ero"s to be "nshielded in the vicinity of the field.beca"se in my position at that time.%. the story be3an abo"t t-o of yo"r years a3o here in S-eden8 I have been stron3ly interested in yo"r species and yo"r behavior since my yo"thC I had already st"died yo"r literat"re at that time. B"estion: # donBt know. # already know the story from your narratives. I attempted to assemble more information immediatelyC above all. This constr"ction does not ma$e the system better. 'his photo comes from 0el!ium. .=@ reb"ildin3 the systems sin3le'handedly -itho"t act"ally bein3 able to "nderstand -hat $ind of dan3ero"s thin3 they are doin3 there. It<s possible there is a test station here on yo"r continent8 Cnfortunately. 4o-. only more "nstable8 . came about. so -hy sho"ldn<t they test hereA At home they<ve had eno"3h time to have had their ships crossin3 bac$ and forth8 Maybe they have aro"sed too m"ch observation there8 *ith one of those $inds of "nstable field str"ct"res as yo"r photo indicates I consider it some-hat improbable that that ship is capable of ma$in3 a fli3ht of that len3th over the ocean.: 7r8 . it -as e/pressly forbidden for me to commence direct contact -ith h"mans. *here do these military +F6s come fromA From the +nited StatesA Ans-er: !es8 # think !enerally thatBs true.an you e4plain.ill 7ea3le said -e have these flyin3 ships in from Americans8G ermany hidden a-ay B"estion: $any readers of the first transcript have posed the question how your ori!inal contact with 7.

opened the door and we !ot into an interestin! conversation. At first we talked mainly about really ordinary thin!s* later we !ot into reli!ious and physical topics. 7. b"t by the same to$en I had set in place my mimicry capability @"ite s"ccessf"lly prior to this even -ith lar3er 3ro"ps of yo" I had never ever come across a h"man bein3 -hen I -as alone8 &ow. I had no permission for contact -ith another species. b"t it<s not all that hard to learn a ne. somethin! that # did durin! our conversation at our fourth meetin! in the cabin.=? It -as in yo"r year %&&:. of course. 5is lan3"a3e -as not @"ite yet common at that time for me. honest. -ince my assi!nment anyway had as its !oal an investi!ation of this terrain. letBs call it primitive curiosity* # wanted to talk with the person in this cabin and so # knocked on the door. Act"ally. as for e/ample. he -as predestined for contactE he -as open'minded. He seemed to be impressed by my knowled!e. and . -hen m"ch to my s"rprise I came across a cabin in the -oods8 In this cabin I sensed a h"man conscio"snessDa-areness8 #t was 7. intelli3ent. # steered the conversation in this direction. which was to last for several days. # visited him in this span of time three times as a human person. altho"3h it -as simply only a mimicry ima3e.lan3"a3e -hen one can read the information in the conscio"sness -areness of the opposite individ"al. # simply told him that # came from a forei!n country in the east. by the -ay. Of course at the time.arth<s ma3netic field and already in the vicinity of the lar3e la$e.8F8 said somethin3 to the effect that he believed in alien species and that they did not have to necessarily be evil. I -as already on the ret"rn path to the entrance -e can even orient o"rselves more easily. and no one . he did not really reco!ni(e who # was* he -as totally convinced that he -as tal$in3 -ith a creat"re of his o-n $ind. -hich -e "se in order to -atch over environmental poll"tion and destr"ction of yo"r flora and fa"na statistically by yo"r o-n $ind8 At the time. thro"3h o"r senses to the . # cultivated the very. b"t perhaps only different than his $ind are8 'hat pleased me.because he wouldnBt have believed me he would have taken me for a human practical )oker. Act"ally. not reli3io"sly inclined or conditionedC he lived alone and isolated. -hen I -as on my -ay f"rther north from here in the remote forests in the vicinity of the entrance to my -orld and -as loo$in3 for biolo3ical specimens. # could not speak concretely with him about my knowled!e. and I -as li$e-ise impressed -ith his clear tho"3hts and his for a h"man bein3 -ell displayed personality str"ct"re and his o-n opinions.%. !o" really li$e 3ivin3 yo"rselves over completely to a p"blic opinion or conditionin3. very unusual idea for my kind to show him my true e4terior. At that )uncture of time. reptilian species are evil and st"ff li$e that.

Ans-er: !es8 That is diffic"lt to e/plain and for yo" to "nderstand8 #et<s . sho"ld he decide to 3o p"blic -ith his story. but # certainly will not tell you where this place is located. 5o-ever. do they have a chance to do so. B"estion: . but later took place in his remote residence. The hei3ht of the dome at the hi3hest point is abo"t ))9 meters F1)%81& feetG8 +nderneath that hi3hest point in every colony there stands a special -hitish'3ray cylindrical b"ildin3 a $ind of s"pportin3 col"mn.DG -o"ld believe him. #t !oes without sayin! that you could try to find an entrance to my world and penetrate your way into there. "es. -hich probably -on<t be believed o"t there in h"man society8 B"estion: "ou said. In this position I am @"asi'imm"ne a3ainst certain restrictions8 1etBs look it that way.sittin3 here once a3ain and tal$in3 abo"t thin3s.an you describe your subterranean homeland location. which initially took place there in the woods.8F8 and me about all these thin!s and even to make this scientifically public. +ust a minute # have to try to convert the measurements appro4imately into your units.then have permission to tal$ -ith . that can sooner lead to "npleasant conse@"ences for the infiltrator8 !o" have ne/t to no chances on the s"rface of reco3ni=in3 "s8 "ou canBt even contact us directly* we have to contact you."st say. Finally he bro"3ht yo" into contact -ith me and for that reason -e are no. My homeland lies in one of o"r smaller "nder3ro"nd settlements to the east of here8 #Bll !ive you some numbers so that you can make a better impression for yourself. *e avoid contact -ith yo" and -e operate on the s"rface only in remote areas and there -e "se the mimicry techni@"es in case -e sho"ld meet some people8 'hat # am talkin! with you now does not mean that others will follow my e4ample. 'he cavern was or!ani(ed as a colony about =GGG years a!o* a ma)or portion of the ceilin! structure is artificially inte!rated into the rock and the form was remodeled into an almost ele!antly proportioned and very flat dome with an oval !round plan. lar!est and oldest in the . 'his was the be!innin! of a series of meetin!s.%. Ans-er: Generally not. 'hose kinds of contacts however are not the rule but are very rare occurrences. 7o yo" no. It is a dome'shaped cavern at a distance of abo"t 4299 meters F)861 milesG from the . &ow he had no choice but to believe me.arth<s s"rface. especially -hen he reacted very violently8 5e 3ot control of himself a3ain after a time and -e co"ld finally tal$ concretely abo"t definite matters. but then # had serious doubt about the propriety of my act. you would not have had permission at that time for contacts with human bein!s. B"estion: #f other people want to come into contact with your kind. -hich holds the honeycomb net' carryin3 str"ct"re of the dome. )ust as # did with 7. # dared to take the step. 'his buildin! is the tallest. I find myself in the position no. Ans-er: # can attempt to do so.to arran3e this permission -itho"t havin3 to ta$e into acco"nt any conse@"ences. 'he diameter of the dome accordin! to your measures is about two and a half kilometers.

they are very intensely controlled. and even a t"nnel connection to the ne/t main colony -hich lies appro/imately (99 $ilometers F%. 'he air shafts and the li!ht systems from the surface likewise run throu!h these columns and naturally.D/ entire dome for it is always situated as the first construction to!ether with the security of the ceilin!. -e M+ST cons"me flesh as no"rishment and the 3ardens in -hich plant no"rishment and m"shroom c"lt"re are c"ltivatedC there is also hot and cold r"nnin3 -ater there from s"bterranean so"rces8 The po-er station is located on the ed3e of the colony8 The station is driven by f"sion as its base and it s"pplies the colony and the s"ns -ith ener3y. b"t that colony is also over )( of yo"r $ilometers F:) feetG in si=e. for the most part. -o much in such a short time. 'he color is even differentiated accordin! to circle and distance from the main column. . We have only one of those columns* lar!er colonies even have more columns accordin! to the construction of the ceilin!. 'hat buildin! has a very special name and reli!ious si!nificance. there are only three ships there itBs a small depot. the cylindrical ships that is nat"rally concealed closer to the s"rface behind a roc$y mo"ntain face8 4ormally. by the way. -e have 2 air shafts and ) elevator systems there.eyond the o"ter rin3 of the colony. The central b"ildin3 is 3enerally a center of reli3ion. 'o the north of the column. *e have at o"r location all to3ether ( lar3e artificial li3ht so"rces -hich 3enerate yo"r +H li3ht and its -armth thro"3h 3ravitational so"rces. In these locations very po-erf"l +H li3ht predominates. in the fourth rin! of buildin!s out from the central support column. but also a center for climate control. very lar!e but very flat round buildin!. there is an additional. and they are "sed in order to -arm o"r blood. To describe to yo" all the b"ildin3s and their . This b"ildin3 interr"pts the concentric system of the colony -ith its diameter of abo"t )(9 meters F:)98)% FeetG8 #t is the artificial sun (one in which specially illuminated corridors and rooms are housed.y the -ay. 'he other buildin!s of the colony are. there are =ones in -hich animals are $ept yo" $no-. $y !roup or family lives. and they are without e4ception much flatter* 3enerally only bet-een 2 and )9 meters tall F&8:4 ' 6(86 FeetG8 'he shape of the buildin!s is round and dome like. #n the meantime of course there were times when it was completed and reconditioned. the other leads to one of our depots for the ships you remember. There is even a medical dispensary and a meetin3 room located there8 . One elevator shaft leads to a cavern near the surface. 6ne of the main colonies in Inner Asia has as an e/ample & of those $inds of s"pports.64984) FeetG to the so"theast. concentrically ordered in oval circles around the main supportin! column. and a center for the behavior and the re!ulation of the li!htin! system.

-hich are apart from. B"estion: Will # myself see it sometime. !o" sho"ld learn to set yo"rselves apart from the old conditionin3 and not to stand @"asi "nder the control of somethin3 or someone -ho has already been 3one for (.D5 tas$s -o"ld be 3oin3 too far8 It is diffic"lt to describe somethin3 li$e that to yo". I am nat"rally also disappointed abo"t the reli3io"s portrayals of me as the enemy -hich have been voiced and -hich have b"ried themselves deeply in yo"r mind.ternity As the offices of the Eh"rch differ.999 years8 !o" are. which # have ordained and am now brin!in! into bein! throu!h men chosen such as you by $y -pirit. Ans-er: Who knows. so do the offices of My Spirit. 8o you have any final messa!e for the readers of the transcript. Ans-er: "es. after all. 6ther men have I chosen -ho -al$ed -ith Me in . %8 Ministry of the Father To The . -hich are apart from the Eh"rch # have ordained. "ou really have to see it for yourself to be able to believe it.: . # am thorou!hly surprised at the many comments to my words* of course. B"estion: 5o. for as such you know them now. maybe. and not a part of the Eh"rch of man. for it is a completely different set of s"rro"ndin3s and c"lt"re from -hat yo" are acc"stomed to in your life on the surface. 'ime brin!s new opportunities. are ordained to a p"rpose beyond the "nderstandin3 of man$ind8 . free spirits8 Those are my final -ords8 ApostleDProphet Royal Eron@"ist Hisitation of 0es"s Men -ho have -al$ed -ith me in . even before the earth -as conceived in My mind8 F46T.ternity Past.many creat"res of yo"r $ind live in this colonyA Ans-er: Appro/imately &998 B"estion: 'hat is the end of the interview.ternity Past is -here od came from K Percy EollettG These men.ride Sons )8 Ministry of the 5oly Spirit o"tside of the Eh"rch 28 Ministry of 0es"s to the Eh"rch ( fold ministry There are offices in the Spirit.

+& /FE/5* +7 ==E=<.D= They are My spo$esmen. and I -ill 3ive yo" access Fto My presenceG and places to -al$ amon3 these -ho stand here8 od -ith F"llness of . b"t prepared to 3o by My a"thority into the far reaches of this earth to prepare the final establishin3 of My Lin3dom "pon earth8 'hey are unknown and undiscerned by all others includin! yourself. Psalms :):% 4L0HA 3salm of Asaph. Have you been to mount Zion NHeavenO 2 3ro"ps In 5eaven Hebrews /5E5= A$3 to the 3eneral assembly and Eh"rch of the firstborn -ho are re3istered in heaven. to God the +ud!e of all. for they $no. the heavenly +erusalem. od stands in the con3re3ation of the mi3hty* 5e . to an innumerable company of an!els."st men made perfect.ect to their voices for they spea$ of and by Me.each other by spirit and not thro"3h mind.and fresh thin3s to the -orthy see$er . e4cept those of like spirit. and the earth and all it<s inhabitants shall be s"b.: Sons of EhristG 0"st Men Made Perfect  Jechariah 2:1 AMP 'hus says the 1ord of hostsE #f you will walk in $y ways and keep $y char!e. then also yo" shall r"le My ho"se and have char3e of My co"rts."d3es amon3 the 3ods8 0"st Men Made Perfect  5ebre-s %):)) AMP 0ut you have come to $ount Zion and to the city of the livin! God. silent as yet.ternity -ill contin"ally reveal ne. to the spirits of . 4o man shall stand a3ainst them and no nation shall stand "nless they spea$ it to be so8 *ho thro"3ho"t . intellect or teachin38 They shall carry all My a"thority and commandments. F46T.

hristians up there to it.DD 'hese are those . 0ut althou!h # stru!!led hard to achieve my purpose and rest my troubled soul.onsolation of #srael* and the Holy -pirit was upon him.assembly< of the %irstborn who are re!istered Nas citi(ensO in heaven. 'his man is over DGG years old today. 'hey hold communion and services up there. and to the spirits of the ri!hteous . and lookin! for the . General assembly in heaven sometimes God catches .  5ebre-s %):)2 AMP And to the church . as days and weeks went by. Apostle Sadh" S"ndar Sin3h  0ohn %9:)1'): And # !ive unto them eternal life* and they shall never perish* neither shall any pluck them out of my hand.hristians in Heaven who walk in GodBs .ouncil.the redeemed in heaven< who have been made perfect.into< His kin!dom.communicated< to him by the Holy -pirit that he would not see death before he had seen the 1ord2s . At times they are sent to 7arth in person. 'his is called the . He said. my soul !rew more restless within me and # lon!ed for somethin! that would still the forces of inward warfare and brin! peace and rest to my )oyless heart. some =/@ years a!o. -adhu called 9ishiBs name as $aharishi.hrist . .the $essiah. # was born in 7!ypt. and this man was ri!hteous and devout Ncautiously and carefully observin! the divine 1awO. there are some standin! here who will not taste death before they see the -on of $an comin! in . The Maharishi of Mt8 Lailash K reat Seer Mearly %&99<sN -adhu met a man in a cave in the 'ibetan $ountains. of a $ohammedan family. On the contrary. Ale4andria.P  'he name 9ishi is !iven in Hindu as Holy $en.%6:): AMP 'ruly # tell you. the Anointed One<. and to the God Who is +ud!e of all. #"$e ):)(')6 AMP  &ow there was a man in +erusalem whose name was -imeon.ourts and participate in the Heavenly .  And it had been divinely revealed . At the a!e of thirty # renounced the world and became a hermit in order that throu!h ni!htly vi!ils and daily meditation # mi!ht become more thorou!hly acquainted with divine mysteries and obtain a perfect knowled!e of spiritual thin!s. or in visions to GodBs saints. 0ohn %%:)6 4L0H And whoever lives and believes in $e shall never die. 8o you believe this.  Matthe.ommunion of -aints. yet nothin! seemed to help me towards the end.

hristian. 'he more # heard and learnt about the -avior. # received baptism from my teacher and became a . it came into the possession of his nephew. the more was my heart conquered for Him.D> # was yet in the middle of my spiritual sufferin!s when one day # heard that some . -o # requested my teacher to allow me to follow him on his evan!elistic tour throu!h the country. he said. who went preachin! about a -avior Who. My revered teacher<s name -as 0erna"s -ho -as the nephe. and several other prominent men and reli3io"s leaders of the a3e8 F46T. In accordance -ith his in. had power to save sinners and !ive rest to the weary. At once a new )oy entered my soul and # became restless with the desire to !o about and tell others about the -avior of my own soul. but all in vain. Happily my request was !ranted and # followed the -aint on his tour. %rancis Qavier had it himself for several years and on his death. # was still plannin! an interview with the -aint."nctions I -ent almost all over the -orld and for 1( -hole years. 'his +ernaus had traveled almost all over the world and had also spent several years in #ndia.hrist and His savin! power. about the holy and e4emplary life He had lived on earth. When # heard this # also lon!ed for an interview with him and to know if he could do anythin! to help me out of my difficulties. my teacher. where besides others he had bapti=ed the .mperor A$bar<s son $illed him8G 'he parchment &ew 'estament was also a !ift from my teacher and is a very precious treasure to me. so that # could also learn more and be stren!thened in the faith. he came to me himself one day and seein! me so sad and downhearted. At last. which were written in the time of the !reat 7mperor . I preached the *ord of od from city to city and co"ntry to co"ntry8 As a res"lt of my -or$in3 in so many different co"ntries I am nothoro"3hly conversant -ith t-enty'one different lan3"a3es8 . when to my !reat )oy.mperor A$bar. when # had no doubt left that +esus and He alone could calm my troubled soul and !rant me inward peace and )oy. His power to save sinners and His love and care of the fallen and friendless. And in the course of his conversation told me a !ood deal about the 1ord +esus. spoke to me many a word to cheer and comfort my droopin! spirit.of the -orld'famed Francis Oavier. that is till I -as %9( years of a3e. . And # became conscious of an inward persuasion that the time was near when my trials would be ended and # should attain to that peace of mind and happiness of soul that # had so lon! been strivin! for.hristian -aint had come from #ndia. -omehow the love and sympathy of this man of God and the few thin!s he told me about +esus had a stran!e effect on my heart. 'his is one of the very few copies of the &ew 'estament. After # had been with my teacher for some years.: .onstantine. he left me alone and told me to !o wherever # was directed and preach the Word of God./>GF />>5< perhaps the !reatest amon!st the +esuit $issionaries who labored in the 7ast.hristian -aint paid me several others and tau!ht me a lot more about +esus . After his first visit this .

that besides h"ndreds of an3els that filled my cave. 0ut althou!h # was so far advanced in years yet # felt no decline in my physical or mental faculties. With this intention # came to this part of #ndia where # had toured in some former years. Specifics for certain $inds of diseases. It seemed as tho"3h h"ndreds of birds fle. -hile others contain the very . When this noise continued for some time and yet # could not see anythin! # threw myself on my knees and prayed. and it is on these I live8 -ome of them are %rancis Qavier . His labors in #ndia. 0ut soon the $aster took me by the hand and raised me up and then addressed me thus. LO God. -hich abo"nds in n"mero"s $inds of fr"its and herbs. than my spirit"al eyes -ere opened and I sa.B 'his prayer was still on my lips when # felt as thou!h someone touched my eyes. and -ill live in the body till my second comin3 -hich is nonear at hand8 5enceforth tho" shalt spend thy time in prayin3 and intercedin3 for My Eh"rch no.inside it8 I loo$ed "p and I loo$ed do-n b"t co"ld see nothin3 .militant on earth and this -ill be thy special service. -o # decided to spend the rest of my days in entire seclusion and perfect rest from bodily labors and end my life in constant prayer. descendin3 from heaven and comin3 to-ards me8 At this # fell on my face and worshipped Him. reveal it to 'hy servant and let 'hy will be known unto me.DF 9eachin! the !reat a!e of /G> when my physical and mental faculties be!an to decline.ehind this army I sa. even Ehrist. . when all of a sudden I heard a stran3e b"==in3 noise in the cave. &o sooner did this happen and removed. there -as a -hole army of them descendin3 from heaven and sin3in3 hymns of praise and 3lory to od8 . 'he spot that # have chosen is miles away from any habitation and there is no dan!er of any human bein! ever spoilin! the ease and quiet of my solitary life. After # had been here for some years # thou!ht that the time had come for me to leave this mortal tabernacle and make for my heavenly home. #t is a perfect haven of peace and restfulness. All aro"nd me spreads nat"re<s 3arden."ice of life8 It is by eatin3 these that I have still 3ot -hat stren3th there is in me8 #n winter when it snows day and ni!ht a number of wild bears come into my cave. LMy faithf"l servant.3rant thee life everlastin3 for tho" shalt never die.heart./>GF />>5< was the most distin!uished of all the missionaries of the -ociety of +esuits to pa!an lands. and I felt as tho"3h I -as born ane-8 'hen # was the 1ord and His !reat army of holy an!els departs towards heaven. One day # was thus sittin! and meditatin! and prayin! to God to soon call me Home if it was His will. meditation and intercession for the 1ordBs servants en!a!ed in active service. so we all lie huddled up and thus keep each other warm and co(y.B His charity was measureless. his coura!e heroic. if there is some mystery hidden in this.B After the 1ord had finished spea$in3 I -as 3iven a ne. +apan and other lands of the %ar 7ast were attended with astonishin! results. I no.their Lin3. known as the LApostle of the #ndies. # felt that # should no lon!er be able to stand the strain of active work. a heart cleansed from sin and all its poll"tions.

havin! finished their course on earth.oy in my re3eneration and the 3reat privile3e that had been besto-ed on me8 'hese were those who.hurch of . who was # that # could have written such deep thin!s* it was throu!h His inspiration that # wrote those thin!s. intercession. throu!h !loom and strife. -aint %rancis of Assissi.< b"t -hich by common error is re3arded as the -or$ of Thomas'a'Lempis. 0ut 1ynus is not in the least concerned about the occurrence of this mistake because he says the only ob)ect of his work was that throu!h it.reed you say L# believe in the . L%or. had now entered their eternal rest and -on the cro-n of 3lory8 -ince that day some one of the saints is always with me and helps me to perform the duties that # have been appointed to by God. Only a little before you came. Lafter all. At last. That is the privile3e of visitin3 every part of the -orld in spirit8 %or otherwise how could # intercede for different people and places in spirit. while my body remains lyin! behind in the cave. and that ob)ect is bein! fulfilled. O Way 8ivine. &ow my only service is to pray and intercede for the different branches of the .R'R. but also see this wonderful communion every day and every hour with my own spiritual eyes. This #yn"s is that saint -ho is the real a"thor of the PImitation of Ehrist. L'here is such a fine relation between body and soul which human lan!ua!e cannot describe nor mind comprehend. 'he .B said he. # do not only believe. at last.ommunion of saints is also a source of !reat help and stren!th to me. sin!in! of hymns and psalms of !lory to God and readin! and meditatin! over the Holy Word. I4T.ommunion of saintsB. O precious life. # be!in my day with hours of prayer. the constant .DH After they -ere all 3one a n"mber of saints came to me and -ished me . #n answer to this the 9ishi said.67! A47 S6+# #n the course of his conversation the 9ishi remarked that his spirit was not allowed to travel on earth only but that at times he found access to heaven too. 'here is also another special privile!e that God has bestowed on me.B %or a complete and final severance of the soul from the body the breakin! of this LfineB link is essential. 0esides the !reat privile!e of bein! allowed to !o about in spirit independent of the body.hrist spread all over the world. -undar was !reatly surprised at hearin! this remark and asked the 9ishi how a spirit could travel independently of the body and then return to the same.#ATI64 6F . His name may be !lorified.ommunion of the -aints 1et -aints on earth unite to sin! With those to !lory !one* %or all the servants of our Min! #n earth and heaven are one. so Glory be to Him.B T5. we rest in 'hee. 3olycarp and 1ynus were present with me in the spirit. #n the ApostlesB . 'he followin! te4ts will corroborate what # say and will also tell you that a temporary absence . 0rin! us 'hy %atherBs %ace to see* O heavenly 'ruth.

RIS5I<S 4AM.B )Eorinthians %):)'4 Where the Apostle says L# knew a man in . as a rule. God knows how that he was cau!ht up into paradise.. Hence in order to confirm these views by further research he asked the -aint a number of questions.. how that -undar had fallen down on the way and smashed the nail of his bi! toe. yet I am -ith yo" in the spirit .oyin3 and beholdin3 yo"r order and the steadfastness of yo"r faith in Ehrist8< )Lin3s (:)6 Where 7lisha says to his servant Geha(i who had !one runnin! after &aaman L*ent not mine heart Falso "sed Mfi3"rativelyN very -idely for the feelin3s. &otice carefully the followin! te4tsE . #n answer to -undarBs question as to what his name was. b"t present in spirit. . and heard unspeakable words. -undar felt sure that the old man was some !reat seer. he had known that he was comin! that way and that was why he had found him there when he arrived. the -ill and even the intellectGC -ith thee.D@ of the soul from the body is not an impossibility. the 9ishi said LWhen # was a man like other men of the world # had an earthly name. And ye shall know that # am in $y %ather and ye in $e and # in you.B Eolossians ):( ' Where the Apostle says a!ain LFor tho"3h I be absent in the flesh."d3ed already as tho"3h I -ere present.. and a deeply spiritual man. the 9ishi related several incidents with the utmost precision that had happened to -undar hundreds of miles away from Mailash. he also told -undar that several days before his arrival at his cave. which it is not lawful for a man to utter. LOtherwise. L# am absent from here about the time you came. # cannot tell<.B %Eorinthians (:2'4 Where the Apostle says LFor I verily am absent in spirit"al body. 0ut the e4planation of his name is perhaps the most wonderful of all. even the -cripture bears witness to this.B said the 9ishi. the silver cord be loosed . have . $oreover.whether in the body # cannot tell* or whether out of the body.cclesiastes %):6 LOr ever.+ohn /5E5G< Hearin! these wonderful thin!s which certainly none but a true devoted servant of God could know and speak about. 0esides these he related very accurately an accident that he had met with on his way to Mailash. -hen the man t"rned a3ain from his chariot to meet thee. but since I am not @"ite the . 0esides. to all of which he !ave ama(in!ly satisfactory and sa!acious answers.B 'hese te4ts from the 0ible are sufficient authority to prove that the 9ishiBs claim to the privile!e of roamin! about in spirit independent of the body is no way contrary to reason or the Word of God. then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return unto God who !ave it.B T5. %or instance he told him that -undar had once spent a ni!ht with a panther and that on another occasion he had met a sin!ular man with a lamb.hrist above fourteen years a!o ..

I Mthat is the selfN has been removed and instead of I. od is a m"lti'dimensional bein38 There e/ist a n"mber of interdimentional +niverses at the same moment s"rro"ndin3 "s. 'he newest book will not be out until sometime in +anuary. 'hen # read human like aliens takin! people on rides to the end of our Cniverse and they saw a !reat barrier of blackness between the ne4t Cniverse and the Cniverse where they were in. an illimitable 0ein! which has no be!innin! or end< has come in. 'he human bein! said that it was like bein! in touch with the whole Cniverse.alled HeavenP here at my office. 8ied with bones stickin! out of his heart and totally crushed !ettin! ready to be transported to the mor!ue from the hospital. but alive in my -avior +esus . O . which was my past state. 'hat fits 7insteinBs equation of relativity as you !o to the speed of li!ht mass turns into ener!y or pure li!ht. dwells in me. &ow by His !race # am dead towards sin. When they traveled faster than li!ht the human aliens and a human bein! and the ship with livin! skin on the outside of the C%O became pure ener!y in the way of li!ht. Prophet Richard Si3m"nd # have a number of the first book PA 3lace . and for ever. b"t no. for then I -as of a sinf"l nat"re as other h"man bein3s are.it and 5< time and space as it desists in 5eaven and =< in the co"ncils of od is vastly different.D? same no. 'hen they went to that ne4t Cniverse to a planet in a star system where the human aliens were from. my name is >Ehristian?8 The -ord SI4 -hich -as my past condition. that is the 1ord +esus. 3rophet 9ichard -i!mund who died and went to Heaven in /?HGBs when he didnBt obey God and warn Oral 9oberts not to build city of %aith hospital. /< Time and Space as -e $no.y #arry A8 Ma3nello # watched many documentaries of theoretical 3hysicists talk about multiple Cniverses e4ist. that God told him in Heaven that he is a multidimensional bein!. but is the same yesterday.as other men.that is. . 1eft in his van and it -atan collapsed his van it like an accordion. -o that now instead of -#&. and that there many different spiritual realms also. He Who has no be!innin! or end. # will save you some copies if you wish. #n other words his spirit was free to sense the entire spiritual realm because his body was pure li!ht travelin! the speed of thou!ht. 'hen # read what 3rophet 9ichard -i!mund said. -O&.B My Research 6n M"ltiple +niverses .hrist to Whom be praise and !lory both now and everR Amen. and that there were many Cniverses all around us we can2t see. today.

y #arry A8 Ma3nello 'hese are indisputable facts clearly set forth in the 0ible. -hich they do not have8 As -atan went on to do his destructions throu!hout the Cniverses. $ankind cannot even count the total of those an!els. God was !oin! to test all Cniverses with these %allen Ones. an open Heaven. -atan destroyed all of perfect livable planet and the other planets in our -olar -ystem. and theses fallen an!els invaded each of these Cniverses.>G !o" "s"ally donQt see them8 /. because /K=rd of Heaven fell. he and all the /K=rd of those an!els that fell with him split up and divided up all the known Cniverses. even the devils. 'his is when God threw him down to 7arth. 7evils canQt enter into 5eaven8 They -ere forever banned at the fall of Satan8 Principalities and Po-ers the fallen an3els -ere as -ell banned forever from 5eaven8 Interdimentional +niverses K . And od doesn<t have )D2rd<s an3els here eitherC many of those an3els are in heaven. and -tars in our Cniverse that were destroyed. wrecked destruction on innumerable worlds of GodBs creations in those various Cniverses and many people. These interdimentional +niverses can ho-ever intersect -ith o"r realm of bein38 When -atan fell. An!els. 'hen -atan and his %allen An!els moved on throu!hout our Cniverse and did destruction to many planets and peopleBs for the ne4t few years while Genesis / started where God started to recreated the 7arth and $oon. $any think these /K=rd an!els are here on earth. Cniverses and other 8imensions. and in other +niverses. and other creations of God were destroyed. FThe od of 5eaven of 5eavens8G K . =. detestable. 'hese innumerable fallen an!els. or better translated -o"ld beC The od of Interdimentional +niverses and Spirit"al 5eavens8  Revelations )%:)1 AMP 0ut nothin! that defiles or profanes or is unwashed shall ever enter it.unclean. many of them are scattered throu!hout spiritual realms. but they are not. 5.ible says. impossible to do. Spirit"al Realms and other 7imensions8 And many are -ay bac$ in . nor anyone who commits abominations . = planets became asteroid belts in our solar system. there came the time when he wanted to ascend to the mountain of God and be like God and above God.ternity -here od came from in order to b"ild these +niverses that are here no-8 False Ministers "se h"man reasonin3s to the thin3s of od -hen they are s"ppose to have Revelation $no-led3e from 5eaven. morally .

Hollie $oody was taken by an an!el of God into -atanBs War 9oom and stood there listenin! to him speak to his !enerals and they didn<t $no.>/ repu!nant thin!s< or practices falsehood. in order for their bastard alienKhybrid children to operate in the physical realm. which is three dimensional. but only those whose names are recorded in the 1amb2s 0ook of 1ife. #t could communicate telepathically with him. 'hose &ebulas are other dimensions of other Heavens. 'his happened for a less than a minute. =. W. Adair who visited Area >/. C%O from 9oswell. they came in contact with the -piritual 9ealm. and there was a barrier between the two Cniverses. prophesied that the antichrist would say he is an alien NhybridKalienO from another world.thou!ht< turn into pure ener!y and become part of one of those interdimentional Cniverses that the fallen an!els travel thru. /. When the people flyin! in C%OBs traveled as ener!y. said that the C%O en!ine was a livin! symbiotic metal.they -ere thereC they -ere in another interdimentional "niverse8 F46T. 'hey have come from the >th dimension into the Dth dimension. because they had to !radually slow down their speed in order to make their stop in the physical realm at the ed!e of the Cniverse.herubimBs at the 'hrone of God have all those eyes. 7insteinBs equation One of 7instein2s !reat insi!hts was to reali(e that matter and ener!y are really different forms of the same thin!. 'hat is why the C%OBs travelin! at the speed of !ravity . 'hat is why the . I stood ne/t to him and he co"ld not see me8 5e -as in his spirit"al dimension and I -as in od<s spirit"al dimension8 !et I co"ld see myself from the hall-ay sittin3 on the bed readin3 in the physical dimension8G . 'his was e4perienced by a few people who took rides with aliens from one universe to another universe in flyin! saucers that operated on !ravity waves and were chan!ed into pure ener!y for part of the time travel throu!h space to the end of the 3hysical Cniverse leadin! to the ne4t Cniverse. 'hey travel at the speed of !ravity and when they !o across the entire !ala4y in seconds the ship and them turn into pure ener!y of li!ht.J. $e4ico outer skin was livin! said Werner Jon 0raun. plus time. 'he fallen an!els are usin! the 6powers of the a!e to come: and creatin! physical devices of hi tech in order to reproduce those powers usin! GodBs creational laws of 3hysics. Alien wear plastic li!ht headband hooked up to fiber optics in order to control the C%O by telepathic waves. Grant -r. in order to see into all those #nterdimentional Cniverses at the same time because* od is a m"lti'dimensional bein38 5.: #arry A8 Ma3nello ' *hen Satan visited me years a3o.

ca"se people to fornicate. . He claims that beside himself. # will reserve you a copy as soon as they become available.: If 0es"s is completely in control of everythin3 -hy does he allo. and $ill people from . And the ability of the Holy -pirit to accomplish everythin! set forward in 'he Word of God. br"tali=e. and tort"re. -ill be lifted "p to the clo"ds to meet the #ord in the air8 In . 'he $aharishi himself believes it is real and true.ities is one of -atanBs 8imensions in the spiritual realm.aliens $idnap.ride of Ehrist at the end times. od. rape. $any &87Bs !o to -atanBs 8imension false Heavens. to3ether -ith the .arth in their flyin3 sa"cers and ma$e an alienDhybrid raceA *hy aren<t the fallen an3els -ho have se/ -ith -omen contin"ally ma$in3 4ephilim 3iants and they are not cast into 5ellAG Maharishi K by Sadh" S"ndar Sin3h >Rapt"re is not )ust a teachin! propa!ated by the 3entecostals in modern times.>5 D. GodBs an!els leaven HeavenBs 8imension to enter into -atanBs 8imension to do battle in the Heavenlies. 1adder of an!els descendin! and ascendin! from Heaven that +esus talked about is another interdimentional Cniverse. 9ichard -i!mund F46T. Cnderwater . then they connect to the spiritual realm. >the friends of the . and commit ad"ltery.ride3room? are $ept alive beyond the normal life span for the end times8 These saints. When they turn into li!ht waves. -atan cannot enter into HeavenBs 8imension. And the Holy -pirit is There is nothin3 any-here that the #ord 0es"s is not totally in control of8 od is in control Satan<s 7estr"ction of od<s creation and Alien Abd"ctions also8 We can have complete confidence and faith in the inte!rity of God2s word.y Prophet Richard Si3m"nd 'he best news of all is so do o"r RhelpersR the An3els of the complete master of everythin!. other choice servants of the 1ord called.

And they lived a!ain and ruled with . 55. their aims and endeavorsO in accordance with what was recorded in the books. N8an. He will establish His throne on the very spot where He was crucified when He was on this earth. -atan will be released from his place of confinement. 'hen another book was opened.arth8 9ev 5GED A$3 'hen # saw thrones. N7(ek.O 9ev 5GE? And they swarmed up over the broad plain of the earth and encircled the fortress . =@E5.: This happens after the First Res"rrection. 'hese saints will follow the Min! to His throne where they shall rei!n with Him throu!hout eternity and en)oy life everlastin!. where the beast and false prophet were* and they will be tormented day and ni!ht forever and ever . and books were opened.O 9ev 5GE/G 'hen the devil who had led them astray Ndeceivin! and seducin! themO was hurled into the fiery lake of burnin! brimstone. N9evelation 5/E5 =O: . and sittin! on them were those to whom authority to act as )ud!es and to pass sentence was entrusted. from Whose presence and from the si!ht of Whose face earth and sky fled away. and no place was found for them.the $essiah< a thousand years. which is Nthe 0ookO of 1ife.>= an instant their mortal bodies -ill be chan3ed into celestial bodies N/'hessalonians DED /HO. and who had refused to pay homa!e to the beast or his statue and had not accepted his mark or permitted it to be stamped on their foreheads or on their hands. HE?. death and Hades . 5H.O Revelations )9:( AMP The remainder of the dead -ere not restored to life a3ain "ntil the tho"sand years -ere completed8 This is the first res"rrection8 9ev 5GEH A$3 And when the thousand years are completed. -hich in Revelations it is stated that it happens after the %. ?. physical comin! of the 1ord +esus to the world. N## Min!s /E/G /5* 7(ek.sentenced< by what they had done Ntheir whole way of feelin! and actin!. 9ev 5GE@ And he will !o forth to deceive and seduce and lead astray the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth Go! and $a!o! to muster them for war* their number is like the sand of the sea.hrist . 55. />. Also # saw the souls of those who had been slain with a4es NbeheadedO for their witnessin! to +esus and Nfor preachin! and testifyin!O for the Word of God. 9ev 5GE/= And the sea delivered up the dead who were in it. 9ev 5GE/5 # NalsoO saw the dead. !reat and small* they stood before the throne. And the dead were )ud!ed .the state of death or disembodied 6%or a thousand years after the literal.999 year millennial rei3n of 0es"s on .camp< of God2s people . the 1ord +esus will personally rei!n on earth. 9ev 5GE// A$3 'hen # saw a !reat white throne and the One Who was seated upon it. 55.throu!h the a!es of the a!es<. =@E5.the saints< and the beloved city* but fire descended from heaven and consumed them.

GGG years. 5.they are not there8 N#saiah 5DE5/ 55* 9evelations 5GE=O.I4 S FR6M 6T5.I4 S FR6M 6T5. will witness the 9i!hteous GodBs Great White 'hrone +ud!ment.ible states that the rapt"re and the first res"rrection of the dead happen after the %. 1ayin! down their crowns at His nail pierced feet they will forever serve Him in love and humility.4 . witnessed by the WHO17 C&#J79-7. One prophetic )ubileeE >G. D. One prophetic dayE /. One prophetic !enerationE DG years.999 year millenni"m8 ."t many American ministers have lied to the od<s people that it -ill come any day8 5ere -e see that there are many planets and people -ho fell from -ho did not fall from od8 In other -ords the Star PeopleS od and others Eo"ncils of time8 The Eycles 6f od in 5eaven are vastly different K They operate in od<s Time od<s 8etermined by the Greek word 6!ematria: which means* 6the way God measures His Word in lunar time.hrist comes back to rule durin! $illennium.ottomless Pit.>D >7"rin3 the tho"sand years of the #ord<s ri3hteo"s rei3n on earth the devil and his demons -ill be $ept chained in prison in Tartar"s the deepest part of 5ell called the . but they are wron!. 6After this !reat battle of the a!es. One prophetic weekE H.GGG years.GGG years.. =..: $ay ministers not of God say that this time is before .: 6'he remainin! saints. 7"rin3 this period of >release? Satan -ill once a3ain 3o on a rampa3e to deceive the nations and incite them to ma$e -ar -ith the #ord and 5is saints N9evelations 5GEH ?O.R *6R#7S will all bow and worship Him Who alone is 'rue and +ust N9evelations />E=O.: >The +niverse consistin3 of +4FA##. and .: /. >. ri3ht no. All peoples will be )ud!ed out of the 0ook of 1ife. -atan and his demons will be e4terminated in the 1ake of %ire N7(ekiel 5@E/@* 9evelations 5GE/GO. 'his is the time when the nations of the world invade +erusalem. All those who had willfully re)ected the 1ordship of the 1ord +esus will be cast into the 1ake of %ire N9evelations //E/>O.GGG years S =>G. an!elic bein!s. . One prophetic roundE H 4 >G.R *6R#7S to!ether with all an!elic bein!s. The . numerically.GGG years.

/>G. for I have made them My 5oly of 5olies ' even My throne. for My habitation .heart< .5E5. 'hen 3ercy . $y $anchild ones .GGG years into this present prophetic week of a H. ApostleDProphet Royal Eron@"ist . bein3 My ven3eance MIS 6%:)bN8 They -ill be My army MR. 55. ?* 97 5E5F 5H* /?E/>* 5/E5 =<.+& /DE/5< with the -pirit without measure .=>G.GGG year millennium that the $anchild sons of God would !o into the Cniverse and be used of God to redeem many worlds that fell to -atan.O1 5E?<.. F. 'hey will see eye to eye with $y motives . -ill be fo"nd My 3lory. %1& ' %&:: 0+4.O08 5/ k)Knas* 97 /DE/ ><. One prophetic !reat roundE H 4 H 4 H 4 =>G.@@5. And we think we know somethin! about the -criptures and God. My .97 /DEF* @EF* /GEH* #.+& /HE//* 5/E5=* . ):%9'%%N. =@ DG< 'hey are $y 3erfect Ones .ollett in Heaven talkin! to the people in resurrected bodies that were from -aturn and +upiter that in their Heaven they see God sittin! on his throne.: >A3ain. they -ill destroy the son of perdition marvelo"sly .GGG year time span of GodBs plan for man. !reat cycle or !reat ma!nitude we are in.: . even as the Father and I are one . the same thin! we will see in our Heaven.97 /5E>bc* 3.97 /?EH* #. even $y Overcomers . //. H. One prophetic cycleE H 4 H 4 =>G. 5H 5?.//E/ ><.DE/a<.GGG years.5 'H 5E=< and all those of him who are in union with HimR . /H. ?.97 /5E><.GGG years S /5G. cycle or ma!nitude that this week of H.PIST#.3. we are only F.GGG years S /F.=>G. =D* 3.GGG years. One prophetic ma!nitudeE H 4 H 4 /H. so"l and body. One prophetic !reat ma!nitudeE H 4 H 4 H 4 /H. /H 5G.GGG years.D>G. 'he bible has many instances of God is the God of many Heavens. One prophetic !reat )ubileeE H 4 H 4 H 4 >G.#.97 5EH //. %& ' %9:99 A8M8 >6nly in My Manchild brethren MR. %):(C R6 ::)&'29C 5. &either do we know what !reat )ubilee. the literal completed Ehristian ME6# ):%9N.$' >ED@<. One prophetic !reat cycleE H 4 H 4 H 4 5. 7ach Heaven sees God sittin! on his throne./>G. @. manifestin3 My 3reater -or$s anointin3 .GGG years.GGG years S @DG.+& =E=D<.GGG years. %&:%4'%(C %1:%4dC 0# ):)d'%%N8 I repeat. even $y 0ride . => =F.GGG years S >./>G.D>G.=HE? //.>5E@ k)* 97 5E5F 5H<. /5. /5.GGG years S /H. 'hen &eville +ohnson in vision was shown the $anchild who durin! the /. 5/< and $y -aviors and 8eliverers on $ount Zion . 5F 5?* =E>.GGG years./>G. they shall stand and e/ec"te My -ill. /G. I -ill -atch over them and confirm them. 'hey will be the oracles of $y 7verlastin! Gospel . f"llness and pleas"re8 For these -ill . ' spirit.GGG years S @DG.>> F."d3ments before the 0"d3e of all the earth.GGG years. !reat round. 64.GGG years S /H. One prophetic !reat weekE H 4 H 4 H 4 D?.GGG years is in. They -ill be the completed be3innin3 and endin3 messa3e .@GH.97 /DEF<. We do not even know what round. And we have not even be!un to talk about eternity yetR 3resently.?/EH ?.G>G.

D/* HE5/ 5=* Z7.+7 >/E5=* 7ZM ?E/ //* HO DEF* 8A HE5/* @E5D* //E== =>* /5EF H!* $' @E/5* /=E=@b. the Holy -pirit was always confirmin! and validatin! everythin! He said with His written Word. A!ain God2s anointed keep back all the revelation God !ives them from the . 8r.H7 /=E>* 9O @E5@* / +& 5E5H* +& /FE/5 /D* 5 .9O @E5* 5 '/ 5E>* +A /E55< found in His word by the revelation workin!s of the Holy -pirit . . .5 . and tell the body what they see.anointin!< fell . his mindset was old wineskin.ronquist that all those people would be )ud!ed in GodBs 'hrone for keepin! the revelation for the . but they donBt and that is why the .O FE= /G* H7 >EH* +& /HE/@< He was always at my side 6never leavin! me. lonely ni!ht hours of seekin! Him. 7by told me personally that God showed him all of creation and the earth history.>F 6'ake careful note that m"ltit"des of Ehristians -ill be destroyed alon3 -ith the "n3odly as . His mantle . which +esus told 8r.hurch today is controlled by -atan and his fallen an!els. 'hen. 0ut we see the evidence of $ars destroyed by meteors and !reat wars. 0ut +esus told ApostleK3rophet 9oyal . in -eptember of /?@/.abylon FAM. . intuitive knowin!s. 7by in Heaven. "et. with every one of these wonders. And -atan destroyed an inhabited earth.: . and -atellite photos show hu!e metropolitan cities there today.hurch hidden from them. with many infallible proofs.73 /E/H /@<.RIEAG comes do-nR . but he would not talk about it. 6'here are many ways in which the 1ord communicates with His children such as visions. And that $artians were visitin! &ew +ersey to help en!ineers there in their work. and are not responsible for buildin! the church up* so all that knowled!e was lost. 'he school of hard knocks and sufferin! was my !reatest blessin!. dreams. e4cruciatin!ly painful years of bein! in the crucible of GodBs refinin! fires where He pur!ed me. 'hey arrived in a small space ship almost like an automobile we have today. the inaudible voice and an!elic visitations. He !raciously blessed me. the audible voice. but it was when God created our Cniverse that -atan went back to Heaven from his misdeeds of destroyin! thin!s that God threw him out of Heaven down to 7arth with his /K=rd fallen an!els. /E=< He was always brin!in! to my memory* book. He be!an to teach on His -pirit principles and laws .+& /DE5Fcd<: ApostleDProphet Royal Eron@"ist 68urin! the many lon!. /= /D* /=EH<: 3ercy was told God came from way back in 7ternity where there are more an!els and created bein!s there that didn2t fall to -atan. causin! a deep and intense heart search with ever increasin! depths of repentance.hristians. chapter and verse for all that He said.A. -o that is where -atan fell. brainwashed by reli!ion of 3entecostBs that we only preach the !ospel.O /=E/<: 6'here were five lon!. 3rophets are to be the eyes of the body. /=E@* 97 /5E/H* /DE/5 /=* FE? //* HE?. nor forsakin! me. because he only wanted to preach the Gospel.

PIST#. persecutions.R+AR! %1 ' %9:4( A8M8 6.: 6'he )oy of His !lorious presence had returnedR 0ut an an!el from God appeared with a warnin! of future valleys and Lshadows of deathB # was yet to e4perience.oncernin! sound doctrine and revelation. Hallelu)ahR 'hen He be!an to open doors for me to minister once a!ain. /E@<. they are not much better off than he who has never known God./ . When $y Word is presented to them. 'he an!el said. : ' %&:) F. 'he memory banks of the human soul are limited to the input received in itBs life span. 'hey are still livin! too much of their lives in the conscious realms of the natural mind. 6+esus was beside and in me afresh. bein! .O 5E/D amp< intellect.ross.PIST#..: .: . %% ' %&:) F.H7 >E/D k)Knas< in correctly e4ecuted stillness . & ' %&:) F.PIST#.hristians the e4perienced faith substance knowled!e of $y Word is so inadequate that even when free from mi4ture and error.O 5E/= /F* #>>E@ ?* 9O /5E5<. 'he natural mindBs ..PIST#. emotional faculty and seat of the affections within the human spirit. 'he memory bankBs limit of the quickened spirit is as unlimited and infinite in capacity as God Almi!hty. He removed all the fears. # passed the testsR +esus had kept me in testin!s re)ections.3. healin! all the wounds and memories that inflicted me while with my brethren in the House of the 1ord. doubts and disillusionment # had.: . throu!h the avenue of the outside senses of the human body and the human spirits senses .. $assive numbers of $y people are totally undisciplined within their human spirits and are so immature in their understandin! that they are completely unaware of $y demands and requirements on an individual or personal level./ .DFE/G< after it has been re!enerated .. $y Word never penetrates their human heart .>H afresh upon me once a!ainR He soverei!nly came. Oh.R+AR! %: ' %:9( P8M8 67ven many of $y ministries who are prayin! are not prayin! correctly enou!h. His voice was even clearer than before. He rekindled and renewed our love relationship. lies.R+AR! %1 ' 6:)( P8M8 6With most .PIST#.+& >E=? DG* 9O @E> @ amp<.5 '# 5E/>< and never learn how to let $y Word talk to them from their spirit . 1 ' %&:) F. 6'he 1ord is !oin! to work an e4perience of ri!hteousness in you that has never been e4perienced in believers since the . Himself..H7 >E/5* A.R+AR! %1 ' 4:%9 P8M8 6#f $y people are never motivated to study $y Word . as well as a promise that God would also brin! a new anointin!. accusation and betrayals.: .9O /GE@< where it becomes 9hema the substance of $y faith I the reality of $y life and ability . what triumph and !loryR What )oy unspeakableR: . %9 ' %&:) F.R+AR! %1 ' 6:2( P8M8 6'he heart is the intellectual. emotions and will are faculties of the human soul. they live their entire lives bein! uncreative and unproductive with $y divine power .: He was no lon!er hidin! Himself.9O /GE/H* H7 //E/<.

5 .PIST#.: . words and deeds .O =E/@* 73 =E/F 5G* 3. 5D< and teach them. livin! relationship with $e.?/E/ /F* +7 5?E/= /Da<. 'his should always include your thou!hts. (4 ' %&:) MA! 1 ' &:29 A8M8 6#f there is anythin! valid or of divine reality in you concernin! $y Word. 'here you shall behold $e and abide within $e .: 6'here $y Word shall abide in you .+& /DE5/.PIST#. >H >@* @E>/ >5<.PIST#. />* =E/?* +& /HE/@< and allowin! $e to aid you in losin! your 6self: . >. you will never seek $e with a whole heart .1C ?E5= 5D<. // /5.+& /GE/G* 5 . "ou can be one who prays.$' />E@<: . "ou shall speak as you will and it shall happen to you.?/E/ /F* +& />EH<. simplifyin! and re dedicatin! your lives afresh settin! definite.: .PIST#.+A /E55* 5E/D.73 5E5<. specific !oals and priorities./HE/><. 5G.5 . but never comin! to the actual e4perience or completed life of the word that you believe. 5=* FED@ >/. . /D* Z7./=?E5= 5D* /?E/5 /D* +7 5?E/= /Da* #. whereby you can appropriate the substance of $y completeness .O /=E><.9O @E5?a* 5 . reactions. H* //E @* $' /HE5G<. /<.PIST#.+& />EH* 1C FEDH D?* H7 //EF* / +& =E5/<: .O =E/@* 3. motives. "ou must learn these laws of spirit rules .$M /5E=G* 97 5E5F 5H< and the anointin! of $y . 4% ' %&:) APRI# 1 ' 4:%9 P8M8 6'here are spiritual laws and principles that must be acted out with faith before you can inherit the substance of $y words .H7 //EF. enablin! $y truth and $y life to become the e4perience of your life . but never really has a vital.: . 49 ' %&:) APRI# 1 ' ):(( P8M8 6#f your heart never becomes aware of how much you do not have of $e .O @E/b 5<. 2: ' %&:) APRI# 1 ' ):2( P8M8 6#t is absolute and mandatory that you do not !et cau!ht in the two thousand year old deception of ever learnin! sound doctrine and revelation knowled!e..>/E/G<.H9 HE/D* 3. 'hen nothin! shall be impossible for you ./HEH //* +& /HE/@< and the realms of li!ht and life . 'hey need to persist in seekin! $e until their spirits penetrate throu!h the principalities of the air and into $y holy presence .>@ absorbed by daily problems.O /GE= F< whereby you will insure that you are chan!in! into $y fullness . it is because you have learned how to pray your way out of all self resistance and further penetratin! your way throu!h all of the demonic resistance from the princes and the powers of the air . 2& ' %&:) APRI# 1 ' ):4) P8M8 6#t is ur!ent that you re e4amine your faith . @.73 DE/=./ 'H >E/H* 1C //E/G amp* /@E/. =EH* 3. /H /@.: . (( ' %&:) MA! %6 ' %9:%& A8M8 6What you believe will never mean much until you are willin! to serve it unto the needs of others with the burden of $y heart . comin! into $y throne room of omnipresence .>@EF.3.3.PIST#.O1 5E/Ga* +A /E5* H7 /5E/b 5* 5 .9O @E5* 5 '# 5E>* H7 >E/D FE/<. attitudes. . do them . actions.+7 5?E// /Da* H7 //EF< until you find $e.97 =E5/<./ .

'here is yet a remnant of $y people .3. /H.eca"se man didn<t have the concept and -ords to "nderstand these thin3s for over 1. and medical doctors that didnBt e4it for thousands of years. or fallen human aliens that were raised with the lie of -atan.: 'hose fallen an!els are in all $ultiple Cniverses destroyin! all of God2s creation and people on other planets. #t is to your advanta!e that # !o away* for if # do not !o away. # will know more when +esus reveals the entire C%O Alien A!enda that the Holy -pirit said he would reveal to me and this will be an e4plosive revelation. 5/<.9O ?E5> 5H< who must still pay the whole price of death to their soul life .ible abo"t these thin3sA . *hy isn<t there more in the .#. that when the time comes. /5. /E@<. 0ohn %4:)6 AMP 0ut the Helper.999 years. 5e -ill teach yo" all thin3s. 0ohn %6:4 AMP 0ut these thin!s # have told you. -hom the Father -ill send in My name. //. 'he rest of $y people who have done nothin! are still doin! nothin! havin! never even be!un to pay the price to know $e and $y presence . #t took many people over the years to be enli!htened and fi!ure out the creational laws of God. "ou cannot define aliens without 9evelation by the Holy -pirit and that is a -upernatural 7vent.97 /5E>* /DE / >* O08 5 /* 97 /H. One reason why so little is done by so very few is that they have only paid a partial price to know $e and $y will.97 /5E//< in order to know $e on $y throne . God is usin! -atan and fallen an!els to test all of his creations. 'oday we have many inventions we en)oy in life due to -cience and advanced $athematicians. but that is how God does it. Other human aliens deny +esus and said they created him* these are antichrist spirits. -o the Human aliens revealed that there are multiple Cniverses and these people are not the !ray aliens who are the bastard sons of the %allen An!els. # will send Him to you. # am not the God you think # am./FE//* +7 5?E/= /Da<. even thou!h most of those creations of people cannot stand a!ainst the powers of spiritual darkness. . WH". the 5oly Spirit./GE5Hd k)* +A /E55 5D* A. you may remember that # told you of them. #t is ama(in! that God took me on this route to find the truth about GodBs creation. PAnd these thin3s I did not say to yo" at the be3innin3. the Helper will not come to you* but if # depart.>? -pirit . beca"se I -as -ith yo"8 0ohn %6:1 AMP &evertheless # tell you the truth. -ome acknowled!e the word of God and +esus as the -on of God. 5F 5H* =E>. and brin! to your remembrance all thin!s that # said to you. # am not sayin! that these human aliens are ri!ht with God.

And because of those old wineskins mindsets they cannot receive the &ew Wine. b"t yo" cannot bear them no-. 5e -ill convict the -orld of sin. 0ohn %6:%( AMP All thin!s that the %ather has are $ine. for He will take of what is $ine and declare it to you. 5e -ill 3"ide yo" into all tr"thC for He will not speak on His own authority.hurch would not receive Him as the 1amb. .5 'H /EH @.hrist +esus with a double portion in number . because they do not believe in $e* 0ohn %6:%9 AMP of ri!hteousness. but whatever He hears He will speak* and He will tell you thin!s to come. At the same time millions of the newly saved .hurch A!e people to receive Him as the ven!eance and wrath of God incarnate within His 0rethrenK$anchildK0rideKAn!el -ons . which are based on the 'ruth of GodBs word. $any will be replaced by the un!odly comin! into .#. 0ohn %6:%4 AMP He will !lorify $e. Only those .FG 0ohn %6:: AMP And when He has come.FGE/ =. their old wineskin mindsets were controlled by the 9eli!ious 1eaders of their day and it would take years for them to break out of those mindsets./ . When a devil leaves a person he comes back with H others worse than themselves. -hen 5e.Z7. #n other words. 0ohn %6:%2 AMP 5o-ever. 'herefore # said that He will take of $ine and declare it to you. has come. /G* +& /DE/5<: 6'wo thirds of the present . $any will be captured by the old mindsets and destroyed in their thinkin!. 0ohn %6:%) AMP PI still have many thin3s to say to yo". do you really think it will be any different for His .onsider this principle or spiritual law. >* F/EF H<. /=E@* 5 'H 5E=<. 0ut today the Holy -pirit told me that all that they have tau!ht in the word of God doesnBt work to this day. /G* 9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //* 97 /5E>* /?EH* 9O ?E5> 5H<. the new 0iblical $indsets that are in my books.O /=E/G* 5 'H /EHb @. and of ri!hteousness. and of )ud!mentE 0ohn %6:& AMP of sin.hristians that are newly born a!ain and bapti(ed in the -pirit of God will be able to learn and drink the &ew Wine. because the ruler of this world is )ud!ed. ApostleDProphet Royal Eron@"ist 6. 0ut then +esus told the /5 Apostle of the 1amb of God that he had more to say to them but they could not bear it. 'his was a parable NriddleO about how when one reli!ionist person is taken away he brin!s back H others worse than himself and they all have devils in them. ministerin! throu!h His corporate $anchildK0rethrenK0ride people.hurch will lose out and fall away from the faithR . #f His 1aw A!e . because # !o to $y %ather and you see $e no more* 0ohn %6:%% AMP of )ud!ment. and many others will be cau!ht by -atan and destroyed. but not all of them. the Spirit of tr"th.

$ark /=.PIST#. /?@5 >E5GpmO. amon! others. floods.arth. %42 ' %&:4 F. domestically. socially. they can not !et out of the ways of the disastrous places of the divine )ud!ments.+7 >/E5=<. to My very throne and presence N9evelations =E5/* 3salms /FEH //* ?/E/ /FO..Z7. # have come to repeat similar thin!s I and more: F46T. shall have already been permitted 5eaven8 'he 1ord +esus awakened at /E/>am. /= /D* /DE/5 /=* /FE> F* 5EH.F/ ones and millions of older saved ones will be killed .lac$ 6ps overnment bases and t"nnel net-or$sG I are d"e to the slothf"lness of My people N3roverbs /?E/>* 5HEHO who have not risen to their soverei!nty !iven ri!hts in $e N53eter /E= DO. /=E@< because of immaturity and i!norance . %4:&'%)N since they are so shallo. nationally for America. in the s$y above F+F6<sG.hurch . 5@de. shall have already been forbidden in 5eaven8 And -hatever yo" permit on earth. =@a* /5ED@ >G* /HE/@* / 37 DE/H* 7ZM ?E/ //* +C87 >* 39 5?E/@a* HO DEF* 8A HE5/. on the earth and beneath the earth FAliens and 4ephilim iants.: 6Hardly anyone is prayin! correctly to escape these thin!s .1C 5DE=F k)* $' 5DE5G* +1 5E/H<.97 /FE/ 5/< and because of the sons of perdition.HO DEF<.R+AR! & ' (:%( A8M8 $y -ons shall be $y )ud!es to all the earth. and 1uke 5/.%::%: Lenneth *"est 4e. secret .97 /=E/> /H<. # am sayin! to you.5F 5@* =E>. Matthe. -hich is the possibility of forfeitin3 their salvation MR.: bl"e is my added in interpretation K #arry A8 Ma3nelloG 6All the problems that e/ist in the earth today* internationally. it was less than one half of one percentR: ApostleDProphet Royal Eron@"ist 0"ly 4. #n a poll taken while in my travelin! ministry./ . //.ross. 5/* //E/><. pestilences and so much more that can be found in the books of $atthew. *hatever yo" forbid on .: N+ohn /?E=GO 6They have not ta$en the initiative in faith to correctly ascend into the heavenlies N7phesians 5E>b F* /E/H 5GO. /5. drou!hts.Testament 6Assuredly. 5>* 97 /=EH* +7 >/E/?b 5D k)* $' 5DE? /=* 97 HE?. 6As # appeared unto you in the past N7pistle >5 April 5>. /H. environmentally. to ta$e their place -ith Me and r"le the nations -ith a rod of iron . %&&4 Hisitation . 'he nations of the earth shall be $y +ud!ement to the .and -ron3ly informed M56 4:6N8 Since the masses are so immat"re or inacc"rately led . L9i!htsB that were vicariously !ive on the . industrially. antichrist forces. earthquakes. 5F. This -ill force millions of immat"re ones to fall a-ay from the faith M) T5 ):2N and s"ffer the conse@"ences.O FE5 =* +& >E5H* 73 /ED* H7 5E/G //* +& >E=G amp* HE5D* @E/> /F. directly murderin! them . because of the vial )ud!ments on the earth .

in order there may be re@"ired the blood of all the prophets -hich has been shed since the fo"ndation of the +niverse by this breed of men. /5 />. from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah N+ohn 0aptist %atherO. it will be!in a!ain. 6-hortly. the prices of the po-er of the air N7phesians 5E5bc* /FE/= /D* /=E// /H* /DE? /=O. 'hey became cold. they shall appear in all My a"thority and po-er. /F. # allowed the nations who were $y enemies to become their oppressors and conquerors.: N53eter =E/G /D. /H 55* +ude >. to accelerate their evil a3ainst My creation K even a3ainst My Eh"rch. 7emonsG. D* Obadiah 5/O. indifferent and careless in their relationship to $e. r"lin3 the 5eavenlies and the earth K doin3 the 3reater -or$sR N+ohn /DE/5O. it shall be re@"ired of this breed of men8? . "pon and above the earth F+F6 . in order that they will kill and persecute. # am sayin! to you. 64o. H @. and in the 5eavenlies fallen an3els on thrones aro"nd the .arthG. r"lin3 all thin3s on the earth Fanimal $in3dom. the one who perished between the altar of burnt offerin! and the sanctuary. As it has been. even all spirit"al realms K the visible and invisible Fm"ltiple'dimensions spirit"al realms. /H.I have prepared for the comin3 of My Manchild to deliver them a3ain N9evelations /5E>* Obadiah 5/* 9evelations /DE/ >O. man$ind. m"ltiple'dimensional "niversesG NZechariah =EH @* FE/5* 9evelations /5E>* #saiah //E/ >* 9evelations DE/* =E/* DE>* >EFO I that -hich is beneath F+F6 . Soon.olossians =E> F* 5'hessalonians /EHb H* Zechariah /=E@* 9evelations /=E> HO. who are now $y L#sraelB in position I but are in e4perience still L+acobB whereby they -ill be h"mbled by the man of sin -hen he appears alon3 -ith his princes N5'hessalonians 5E=* $atthew 5DE? /=* HE5/ 5=* @E/5* /=E=@* 7phesians >EF* 9omans /E@* 5ED >* . fallen an3els.F5 N9evelations 5E5F 5H* /5E>* /?E/>* 3salms 5E/ ?* /D?E/ ?O. >* /DE/. 6Therefore. /?O. I shall release Satan and his hoards.: N74odus /EH 55* 5E5= 5>* =EH /GO.asesG. "es. an3els. and space citiesGR: 6#srael was $y people of the 1aw A!e. Falien ships in space. because $y people have used $y provision of blessin! to !ratify their souls and flesh.asesG. "es. so I co"ld raise "p saviors and deliverers li$e Moses and 0osh"a8 0ut. Prophets. 'hey have abused and misused $y prosperity to the taintin! of their own souls. Ambassadors in +niverse #"$e %%: 4&'() Lenneth *"est ree$ 48T8 Translation 6On this account also the wisdom of od said. I -ill send on a mission to them prophets and ambassadors and some of them they -ill $ill and persec"te . /G /=. # raised them up only when #srael cried out to $e in their oppression. it shall be a!ain N7cclesiastes /E?* =E/>* 9evelations /5E/ab 5.

Eron@"ist As the offices of the Eh"rch differ.F= God is sayin! that he sent 3rophets and Ambassadors at the foundation Nbe!innin!O of the Cniverse to many worlds. and many of them were murdered and persecuted. for they know each other by spirit and not throu!h mind. and over the birds of the heavens. which # have ordained and am now brin!in! into bein! throu!h men chosen such as you by $y -pirit. and s"bd"e it* and have dominion over the fish of the sea. Adam<s Eommission In The *A#L I4 arden 6f . intellect or teachin!. and replenish the earth. in the ima!e of God created he him* male and female created he them. and over every livin3 thin3 that moves "pon the earth8 .and fresh thin3s to the -orthy see$er . e4cept those of like spirit. even before the earth -as conceived in My mind8 'hese men. and not a part of the .efore 5is Fall MA4E5I#7 *I## enesis %:)6'): ASH  And God said.den . and over every creepin3 thin3 that creeps "pon the earth8  And od created man in his own ima!e.hurch of man. *ho thro"3ho"t eternity -ill contin"ally reveal ne. for as such you know them now.+& /FE/5* +7 ==E=<. and over the birds of the heavens. 'here are offices in the -pirit. 1et us make man in our ima!e.ternity Past. and over the cattle. 0ut he will require all their blood at the hands of the 3riests of #srael livin! in +esus time. and the earth and all itBs inhabitants shall be sub)ect to their voices for they speak of and by $e. 6ther men have I chosen -ho -al$ed -ith Me in .  And God blessed themE and God said unto them.e fr"itf"l. are ordained to a p"rpose beyond the "nderstandin3 of man$ind8 They are My spo$esmen. b"t prepared to 3o by My a"thority into the far reaches of this earth to prepare the final establishin3 of My Lin3dom "pon earth8 'hey are unknown and undiscerned by all others includin! yourself. which are apart from. after our likenessE and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea. -hich are apart from the Eh"rch # have ordained. so do the offices of My Spirit. &o man shall stand a!ainst them and no nation shall stand unless they speak it to be so. and over all the earth. and m"ltiply. silent as yet. 'hey shall carry all $y authority and commandments. .

it spread its win!s. # saw that somethin! was written on the win!s. whose names have not been written in the 0ook of 1ife of the 1amb slain from the foundation of the world. and li!htnin! appearedR A li!htnin! bolt hit the bird and it fell to the earth. # am a warrior.  'hen he opened his mouth in blasphemy a!ainst God. /??5 6#n my dream it seemed # was in front of the apartment buildin! where # live. We2ll see. of indescribable si(e. # )ust played dead because # did not want . 6Who is like the beast. and those who dwell in heaven.. Revelation %):%% And they overcame him by the blood of the 1amb.hrist. it dropped a ribbon. to blaspheme His name. We2ll see if they will be able to stand up a!ainst me.: 6'his bird.  Revelation 2:)% To him that overcomes -ill I 3rant to sit -ith me in my throne. and their actions not only in name. 63ower has been !iven to me to be able to come a!ainst the . sayin!. which said. suddenly appeared. tho"3h. # went to study it more closely.hristians. #t was comin! toward the !round with !reat speed. Who is able to make war with him. #t soared up and down. a cloud of rain. their lives. and by the word of their testimony* and they loved not their lives "nto the death. a black bird.  If anyone has an ear. I . # myself will fi!ht with all my stren!th. # fi!ht a!ainst .:  And he was !iven a mouth speakin! !reat thin!s and blasphemies.hristians those that serve God with their hearts. As it approached.  All who dwell on the earth will worship him. %eelin! !reat )oy that it was dead.hrist to be mad at me.  7imitr" 7"d"man Hision 8ecember /5. # was able to see how terrifyin! and mean it looked. 'o me it seemed dead...: 6On the beak of the bird was written. 'hen.. 6# want to make war a!ainst the true . of a !i!antic si(e. His tabernacle.: A!ain it be!an to soar upwards. and am set down with my %ather in his throne. and nation. In a short time. -uddenly. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. it raised its head and said. was never calm.  It -as 3ranted to him to ma$e -ar -ith the saints FEhristiansG and to overcome them8 And authority was !iven him over every tribe.hristians in a short time. and he was !iven authority to continue for forty two months. suddenly. As # watched. As # was lookin! at it.FD Revelations %2:4'&  -o they worshiped the dra3on FSatanG -ho 3ave a"thority to the -ild beast* and they worshiped the beast. ton!ue. thunder. let him hear8  He who leads into captivity shall !o into captivity* he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. even as # also overcame. 6#t will not be lon! before # will declare war a!ainst the . As # was standin! and lookin! at the overhead clouds. #t said. 68o you really think #2m dead. When # looked.

. /??= 6One ni!ht. #t dropped a letter that was written in 7n!lish. 68estroy those on the ri!htR: 6'he army be!an to advance and quickly surrounded the . -oon. On his head. # woke up and told my family. that the 8ark army be!an to retreat in fear. he had a si!n. 'hey did not have the coura!e to come a!ainst us anymore. As # looked. we be!an to quote verses from the 0ible. 1ucifer. 'hen. # dreamed the sky was !ettin! dark. as if we were one voice. Others be!an to tremble. All were dressed in black.: 6'errified and troubled by my dream.: 6Only about a quarter of the !roup stepped to the ri!ht.: 6What swords. while in Ore!on. 6I -as 3iven po-er on earth to fi3ht a3ainst all those that serve and do the -or$ of od8 I have s"cceeded in destroyin3 some. #n a short time # will be allowed to fi!ht a!ainst you. Our voices thundered so loudly. and others like you.hristians were huddled to!ether in one bi! !roup. an an!el of the 1ord spoke. while some )ust stood without sayin! anythin!. a powerful li!ht appeared and encircled us.: 6The *ord of the #ord is yo"r s-ord. 'hose that fear me* !o to the left.: the an!el answered. # saw that in his hand he held the same kind of sharp spear as everyone else in his army. As they be!an to close in on us.: T5. 'hen 1ucifer ordered his army. # !ave the letter to my dau!hter to read. &ow # am also tellin! it to you.: .F> -ill be allo-ed to fi3ht a3ainst the Ehristians in this co"ntry F+SAG8: 'hen it shot up like an arrow. 'hat one seemed to be their leader.hristians on the ri!ht. -ome be!an to cry when they heard this. 6All of those that want to fi!ht a!ainst my army and think they can be victorious* !o to the ri!ht. we be!an to sin! a son!. 6Ta$e o"t yo"r s-ords and fi3ht8 7efend yo"rselves and be victorio"s over the enemy. e4cept one.: A man in the !roup asked. 'hen suddenly it turned pitch blackR #t was as if the whole world had !one dark at that momentR All the people were in a fren(yR 'hey became disoriented. and some were even screamin!.#AEL ARM! $ay H. we heard the sound of an army approachin!. and circled over me once. All the others went to the left. He was dressed in a red robe with a thick black belt over his waist. we saw them comin! out of the black mist. #t said. 'hen suddenly. and others I have ta$en prisoner.: >I am #"ciferS? he e/claimed8 >I am the $in3 of this -orldS I have come to ma$e -ar a3ainst the EhristiansS? 6#t looked as thou!h all the . After some time. 1ucifer continued to speak. When we understood what the an!el meant.

: says the 1ord.ease headin! the way you have been !oin! and turn to me. # will not for!et. 6"ou. because you could not stand a!ainst me* # have the power to destroy you. Only one was left on which 1ucifer and his army stood. 'hose who will be clean.: 6He then ordered his army to attack. 6The armies of the devil are comin3 -ith 3reat f"ry a3ainst those -ho -orship Me. 'hen # awoke. and don2t !ive in to the temptations and impulses of the enemy. # saw a pastor from 0ellflower another from #ndiana one from $ichi!an as well as many of my American friends.eca"se of their hypocrisy. and tr"ly see$ Me8 Pray that I may 3ive yo" stren3th. those who will be holy. is comin3 -ith a po-erf"l army behind him to ta$e ven3eance a3ainst the children of od8 The day is close: a day of terror -hen #"cifer -ill try to annihilate all those that live a clean lifeS A day of pain and terror is near8? 6#f you could see what is bein! prepared and what will happen. 6#"cifer. we saw the sun comin! over the hori(on. and would seek peace more than ever. 6# will destroy you even if # have to throw my spear at you from hereR: 'hen that cloud disappeared too. so that before the storm comes I may save yo" and 3ive yo" the . It -as a total massacre8 The ones on the left co"ld not defend themselves8 6ne by one they all fell8 'his killin! seemed to !o on for a lon! time.: 6*hy co"ld they not be protected also.oy8: . you would surely quit doin! everythin! you know in your heart to be wron!. be holy. #f we remain faithful.: 6As we continued to look.: 6'he an!el answeredE 6. turned to those on the left.eca"se all their life they have been l"$e-arm8 . After a while we could actually smell the stench of the dead.: 6As # looked around # be!an to see faces that # reco!ni(ed amon! our !roup.: A EA## T6 *AR -eptember /??= 6A prophecyE 6. who all of your life have been tryin! to please two masters. 'he black clouds be!an to break up. 'hen they disappeared. 1ucifer looked at me shakin! his fists and said. we will be victorious. the tr"e ch"rch has been blasphemed8 They have bro"3ht disrespect to the -ord of od8 They -ere not clean. then filled with ra!e.: someone asked.FF 61ucifer. 'he first thou!ht that came to my mind as # awoke was that this had been the last fi!ht of the devil a!ainst the church.: says the 1ord. 0e prepared. -eek the 1ord your God with all your heart. -ho is armed for -ar on his horse. 'his stren!thened me !reatly. # will save them.

for if you will not obey. you will be punished as the wicked. 67ach of you )ud!e yourself. 'ell them that the wrath of God is comin!. 'ell them to read the 0ible and pray. 0ecause the days are numbered. and all the sin of this place. and a p"rs"it for 3reat -ealth8 'here is no time to lose. and # will only spare the ri!hteous. 0e awake and waitin!. 6because of the wickedness and blasphemy of this country. # make holy who # want. /??> . that meditate "pon evil thin3s.AST STRIL. for $ine is the )ud!ment.? says the 1ord.S +anuary 5/.? says the 5oly Spirit8 63ray for your children.: T5.: 6# reveal to you. 3ray and draw close to me. 'here will be such !reat turmoil that only few will escape. the day of terror will come and you will suffer to!ether with the wicked and defiled. About 5EGG a. # show to you. and that they must be prepared for that day. 'his is why # have revealed this to you. 'hen # reali(ed # wasn2t even in 9omania. # will send a chariot of salvation and take each one out in his appointed time. . but wherever there is sin. standin! on his black horse. a dark cloud is !athered. 6but many do not want to remember. # will punish all the wickedness of this world.0rother 8uduman was in 9omania at this time< 6# fell asleep sometime around midni!ht.2 Others become scared for the moment. &ot only here. because if you will not. # saw myself in America. 6nly the ri3hteo"s -ill I saveC some even o"t of the midst of the fire8: 6A!ain # tell you. without reali(in! that # was awake. fornication. prophesied in the 0ible. and also lose your salvation for your disobedience. the day of terror."t I tell yo". the day of affliction. 6# for!ive who # want. 2#s it truly the 1ord speakin! this. do not fear8 I have the po-er to protect those -ho obey me8 "ou must remember the word of God. # heard a loud voice sayin! to me 68umitruR Wake upR # must show you somethin!R: 7ven thou!h # was ill.: says the 1ord. # will punish it harshly. and # prepare who # want. that # may also save them. +ud!e no one. 'he trumpets of the devil are soundin! day and ni!ht. Many of those -ho carry the name of QEhristianQ are overcome by 3reed. 67isobedience is p"nished more than anythin3.abylon FAmericaG. The day of destr"ction and terror is comin3 soon8 The devil is a3itated. is soon comin!.: says the 1ord. is ready for war. to all the demons of the deep to be prepared to make war a!ainst those who truly live their lives for God. sayin! to themselves. dr"n$enness. but then they for!et and never become pure. 1ucifer. and a 3reat deception is bein3 prepared8 .: says the 1ord. and if you will obey # will come to your aid. and stop them from doin! worldly thin!s.: . # speak to you.: 6'he !reat day.m. -ill have no escape8 They -ill not have My protection8 I -ill destroy . of pain* the day of the punishment of 0abylon. 'hose that today only carry the name of 6believer: will fi!ht with fury a!ainst those who worship $e with a clean heart..FH 6Those that live in defilement. # )umped to my feet.

-ith their hands stained in blood ' in ad"ltery. because once a!ain # want to work with you more than # have until now. 'he armies. %rom the center of the helicopter. 'his is why # have come to you. 'he voice said. Out of the beaks came a blindin! li!ht. >I have been 3iven the po-er to r"le the earth and to fi3ht a3ainst the Protestants. %rom their tails # saw flames of fire shootin! out. and everythin! you will hear. but # could not see who was speakin! to me. and the .: 6Once a!ain. He has allowed them to !o .east that sat "pon the helicopter these are the catholic po-ers -hich -ill overta$e the holy. tellin! me to look to my ri!ht. # saw a helicopter.: 6'his flock of birds suddenly turned into airplanes that did not make any noise. in sodomy. Why have you allowed yourself to become discoura!ed so that you will no lon!er be able to work for me as you have until now. that the -ords prophesied in Revelation may come to pass. 6Why have you become discoura!ed. and the planes that you saw. 'ell this messa!e to themR 8o not be quietR %or if you are quiet. 'ell my people. thinkin! in your heart that # have left you. # saw that there was a !reat flock of black birds. that I may overta$e them8? 6As # watched him with terror and fear because he was surrounded by a powerful force. He spoke to me. where soldiers were lined up. # fell to the !round. A ma)ority of my people will be overtaken and trampled because their lives are not clean before their 1ord. Why did you try to question God. 69emember everythin! you2ve heard. which you must tell the American people. 0ut # was neither sleepin! nor dreamin!. which you could barely look at. and # turned my head as ordered. Out of the midst of the white cloud came a man dressed in shinin! clothes. On the side of the helicopter there was a plank. which was formed by planes and personnel suddenly a white cloud appeared and covered them. tryin! to attack. lar!e beaks. wearin! a shiny crown on his head. dressed in black. American airplanes would !o up. When # heard his voice. above the planes.: 6He said.: >6n the platform -as a throne8 The Pope -as on the throne.: 6'he voice boomed at me. 61ook hi!her than the black planes. a platform be!an to raise up.: When # looked. everythin! you2ve seen. Why do you keep so much sadness in your heart. all armed the same. like on a ship. thinkin! # was asleep and dreamin!. fa$eN8 They live a life as their hearts desire. they would fall to the earth in a bla(e of fire. and about the same si(e. # rubbed my eyes. with very sharp. so # could no lon!er see anythin!. His voice sounded like thunder.F@ 6A powerful voice spoke sternly to me. # became very fri!htened. #t rose hi!her than the helicopter itself. # will punish youR The ch"rches are fra"d"lent Mco"nterfeit. yellin3 -ith a lo"d voice. When # looked. # heard the voice. # was standin!. and -orshipin3 stran3e and forei3n 3ods8 0ecause they have forsaken the true God. # was awake not sleepin!. and such a !reat mournin! because # took your wife. 0ut as they would draw close. which hovered above them. to show you a revelation.

: 6When # looked up. that in the day of the 0east2s an!er # may be able to save them.: 'he voice continued speakin! to me. >IsraelS !o" dishonor Me and yo" moc$ Me8 !o" tr"st in the po-ers of men8 .: #t seemed # was suddenly on an American plane. # will !ive you a spirit of remembrance. which howled loudly. but # could not. tell themR . &ow.eca"se yo" -ill not ret"rn "nto Me. all of it was covered in a black nettin!. 61et us leave this place.: When we reached the Holy .alifornia. #t said.: A PR6P5.IH. 1ook closely and read. and the army of their salvation is already prepared. 'he writin! was in 9omanian.: # tried to read it one more time. let me show you the Holy . those -ho have -orshiped Me -ith all their hearts.ity. 6American people* those of yo" -ho have dishonored and moc$ed meC yo" -ho have bro"3ht hatred and blasphemy a3ainst My name thro"3ho"t the -orldC for these thin3s My ven3eance dra-s closer8 As for My children. # saw a written scroll appear before my eyes. the city had a black fla!. # asked the man that was with me. Then the -hite clo"d and the bein3 disappeared8 # was so terrified that # was unable to sleep the rest of the ni!ht.R 7+7+MA4 &ovember 55.ome. and I -ill p"nish yo" -ith 3reat f"ry8 'his is also to purify some who want to call upon me with a clean heart. and a !reat sound of many plane en!ines was heard.7 . or we will be cau!ht in the wrath. On top. I -ill fi3ht before them and I -ill 3ive them victory and safety.R6T5. 6# will come and brin! you more revelations about the times of the end.ity. # will separate those who have worshiped $e from those who have not.F? as their hearts desired.: When # looked. # heard a thunder. on which there was !old writin!. as # separated Goshen and 7!ypt. The shame and blasphemy that they have ca"sed has reached heaven8? 6After # read these thin!s. 8o not for!et to tell them the words that # have told you.! . and said.: 6'hen a!ain. at its peak. 6'his is the army # have prepared to save my people from the 0east2s !rasp.: he said. and you will see the meanin!.: 6After seein! these thin!s. . 61ook to your ri!ht. /??> 6#t was as if. so they would not deny me. 'he man with me said.E! R. I -as in Israel8 A tall man came. which was about to land with me in . #t said. the man standin! beside me said.E. I have this a3ainst yo".: 61ook up. # saw such a vast army that my eyes could not encompass it. He spoke to me. from top to bottom. When # looked up. When # was about to disembark.ry out loudR 'ell them to stop treadin! the path their hearts desire to repent with all their hearts. # saw a black emblem. 6What does this mean. 'he writin! had !athered into the scroll.: 6A!ain. 'he time is very short. 6'he punishment draws closer. 6. # heard sirens. took me by the hand.

$ont!omery A1 =F/G=.: AM. # stepped closer to pick it up. suddenly.: He said. 6 When # looked # could not see the sky because there were so many planes. 6'hank the 1ord for what He has shown you. 'he nature of the revelations is somewhat awkward because the interpreter is doin! a runnin! translation of 8uduman speakin! in his native ton!ue.: #n the be!innin! of the interview. 8uduman and an interpreter.: 6He said. 6$y Word is ri!hteous. 6How will America burn. # be!an to pray and thank God. a !reat number of black planes lifted off the !round like a flock of birds. 6America will burn.hurch. and his supernatural deliverance with the assistance of the An!el Gabriel. America Will 0urnR. 6# told you to have patience. And he sho-ed him all over Ealifornia8 5e sho-ed him #as He3as8 And he said. 6Get ready. but when # drew near.: 6While # was prayin! # heard a prophecy for myself.HG 6'he noise of the en!ines !rew even louder.: 6He went and he showed him &ew "ork and he said. #t wasn2t a dream. after comin! to America.An interview with 8imitru 8uduman< 'his material is taken from a tape titled. # !ot on somethin!.: 'hen there was !reat li!htenin! and thunder.: 5e said this is Sodom and omorrah and all of this.: 'hen. and no one.: # said. 'his is why # have shown you these thin!s. 'he man beside me turned to me and said. and sanctify yourself. 'he punishment is even at the door. 'he flame be!an to climb into the sky. # am the . As # was lookin! at the flame.: # said why did you brin! me here. #t wasn2t a vision. >These are planes loaded -ith atom bombs. 'hen the man said to me. which is distributed by the 1ea!ue of 3rayer 3O 0o4 DG=@. # knew the planes were American. # was awake like #2m awake now. and all that # have revealed to you ahead of time* for the destruction which is comin! over them # did not allow to come unannounced. he once a!ain encounters the An!el Gabriel who has a messa!e for him to !ive to the .: 6'he man beside me spoke a!ain.hrist who has brou!ht this news to you. why didn2t you let me die in )ail in 9omania. 'ell the American people all that # have told you. 'hen the written scroll was thrown before me. 8o not be quiet. # saw that it burned with a blue flame. # have shown you what is to come in a short while. 8uduman tells somethin! of his e4periences under communist persecution in 9omania. 28o you see what #2ve shown you here.RIEA *I## . and nothin3 -ill be able to stop them8? 'hen. 61ook up. that you and yours may not take part in the trials that are ahead.!or$8 And he said .: At a time of deep discoura!ement. #t consists of a conversation between an interviewer. because the sin and wickedness have reached the throne of God2s mercy. 6This is 4e. you and yours. All that you have seen is at the door.+R4 .: and he said !et on this here ne4t me. in one day it -ill b"rn. # fell to the !round and was awakened from my sleep. but # had no knowled!e of what their purpose was or what they were supposed to do. 'he voice we are quotin! is the interpreter. # heard a voice comin! from it sayin!.

And America will burn. And all the evan3elists. there2s adultery in the churches. tell them everythin! that # told you. 6How will you save them. from the ocean. "ou will !o in churches. in $issouri. And he said. in one day it -ill b"rn8? 6# said. from &icara!ua.: 6He said that 6# will !o before you and # will work powerfully. he said. 6How come you don2t have people ri!ht here in America. 69emember what # have told you. 'hey don2t want to show the hard times that will come upon America. they only preach salvation and happiness8? 60ut they don2t want to show the destruction.: He said. the way #2m tellin! you.: Tell them that IQm not -ith the ch"rch no more8 .verythin3 that IQve sho-n yo". And those people that were healed they went on the television.: He said 6'ell them this. And # spoke on the television* # spoke on the radio. and the !overnment will be busy with them. 6What will you do with the church. 'ell them do not be afraid of trouble. there are divorces. "ou will !o on television. #f America will burn. And they will bomb the nuclear warehouses. in #ndiana. "ou will !o on radio. And the 1ord had opened the doors.eca"se the people 3ive praises to themselves8 The honor thatQs s"pposed to be 3iven to Ehrist. 6'ell them to stop sinnin!. the comm"nists from America -ill start a Revol"tion a3ainst the 3overnment.H/ this is Sodom and omorrah8 In one day it -ill b"rn8? He went and showed him %lorida. He said. 2How will it burn in one day. And # will open the door so you can !o on television and on the radio. And # want to save the church. from $e4ico.alifornia. And when the Americans will think it2s peace and safety. 7verythin! that # )ust told you. and he told him two other countries but he doesnBt remember these.: 60ecause in a short time it will happen. and other states. in Ctah. 6# will heal a lot of people of their sickness.: # said. And they must look for the 1ord with all their hearts. And they turn some of the churches for businesses for money.: 6# said.uba.: He said 6'he way # saved the three youn! ones from the furnace of fire* how # saved 8aniel from the lions den* # will save them the same way. 'ell them to turn towards the 1ord. 6This is Florida8? And he said. 0ecause thru your mouth # want to wake up a lot of people. 0ecause # will be with you.2 60ecause the 9ussian spies have found out the most powerful nuclear warehouses in America.: 'he an!el said.: And that2s what it happened. And that2s why #2ve brou!ht you here. there2s abortion in the churches and every kind of sin in the churches. 0ecause he never !ets tired of for!ivin!. from . how will you be able to save them. 0ecause # love this country. >. 'hey were in . the people ta$e it on themselves8 #n the churches. And then. 6'he church has forsaken him.: # said.: . 0ecause the 1ord had done a lot of healin! upon American churches.: He said. there2s homose4uality in the churches. &o matter where you will be.

As lon! as # have breath in me. 6'ell them to read this. He said that #srael will be fri!htened.: # asked him."t they donQt -ant to preach the tr"e -ord of the #ord8 And the American pastors they cannot spea$ the tr"th no more8 . And they started all $inds of evil thin3s8 And the #ord -ants to p"nish them to3ether -ith America. 6'ell this to all the people. 6'he 1ord has blessed this country. 'hat2s when the war of Arma!eddon will be. And the 1ord will punish America.: 60ut the church must meet the messiah. and 9evelation. # was learned by the 1ord. The #ord -ill 3ive po-er to Ehina and 0apan. chapter /D. 0ecause America took the bible all over this world. he2ll fi!ht a!ainst all the nations. .: 6Whenever # put my hand on the 0ible. And then they will call upon the $essiah.hrist wants to save them. 'hat2s when the $essiah will come. 6'ell them to read from Zechariah. because they put their faith on the +ewish people from America. #n +eremiah >/E@ />. 0ecause of the 0e-ish people that is in this co"ntry. And the battle that . they will turn towards #srael. 0ecause Ehrist -ill set on the Mo"nt of 6lives to3ether -ith the ch"rch8? 6And he told him this. #n the help of #srael.H5 6And #2ll never keep quiet. 'hey never went thru tortures* thru hard times* and the 1ord has blessed them in this country.eca"se if they spea$ the tr"th to the people. all the people will be fri!htened. With the meanin! about this country. . 'hey started sinnin!.: 6And the An!el said also* he said.: He said that 6over here he has 1 million 0e-ish. 0ut they don2t want to reco!ni(e the 1ord. what the An!el of the 1ord said* it was prophesied before.: He said. We must !et ourselves ready so we can meet the 1ord. # will sound the trumpet so the American . How . 0ecause Americans did !o as missionaries all over this world. Which they never tasted of torture. and other nations8 And they -ill 3o a3ainst the R"ssians and they -ill beat the R"ssians8 5e said they -ill p"sh them all the -ay to the 3ates of Paris8 6ver there they -ill ma$e a treaty of peace8? 6And all the people. chapter /@. 0ut only if they will stop sinnin!* and they will turn towards him. where does it say in the bible what you )ust told me. the people -ill leave the ch"rch8? . 0ecause everythin!.hrist will fi!ht a!ainst all the nations.hurch will wake up. 'hey will not have the help from America no more.: 6And then when America will be punished. And .: And he said. And #srael is not reco!ni(in! the $essiah."t America fell from the tr"th8 And the ch"rch from AmericaC they fell from the tr"th. 'ell them to read from the bible. he said. Over there it tells e4actly what will happen to America. 6#f you2re the An!el of the 1ord.eca"se all the evan3elists and all the American preachersC they only tal$ abo"t the salvation of the people8 They tal$ abo"t the happiness of the people8 .hrist will !o a!ainst. And how America will burn.

+& DE=D<: >For these. will # be their 9ock. for # desire to say unto you on that day. and all that # have spoken throu!h the mouths of $y holy prophets thro"3h the a3es of this 1. come with $y saints .: 6They -ill bind Satan for a tho"sand years since I -ill be incarnate. &ow I shall come in My . 0uckler.rethren. their 9efu!e. complete. $y son. when # was bein! tortured.5 -A 55E/ 5=EH<./ .+& /E/D<. 6And they !athered them to!ether to the place which in Hebrew is called Har$a!edon.: 60e faithful."d3ments for the f"lfillin3 of all that is -ritten concernin3 them. to do all that # have commanded you to do. can now ascend to $y throne .+& =E/=* 97 /5E>* 5E5F 5H< and there abide. Who knows that they may repent and rise into $y perfect willR .97 /DE/. D/* /FE5H* 5DE=/<.hurches as much as possible. their Hi!h 'ower .ompleter of %aith . and have sealed their doors for they shall receive their )ust reward. the >Sons?. set time ' at the last M1thN tr"mpet so"ndin3 .3. %&&4 Hisitation 6'he first time # came to the earth. havin! power without measureR . %ortress and 8eliverer. And a lot of times. And # wish to visit American .O />E>5* / 'H DE/F /H< and a!ain. -hield./@E5 >G* /DDE/ =<. $y faithful son and bond slave. $y 0rethren. H ?< ven!eance and wrath . 5F. perfect and made one in those -ho stand on Mo"nt Jion -ith Me . so they will be able to be saved. the an!el of the 1ord was ne4t to me.+& 5GE5/* 97 /5E>* 9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //* 9O @E/?* ?E5> 5H* $' /=E=?. And # must tell all the people to turn towards the 1ord.+& HE5D* >E=G amp* @E/> /F. $ay the 1ord bless him.HAG 5E?* 97 5/E?def //* /?E// /F.H7 /5E5a<. their 3erfecter and . bless them and )ud!e them ri!hteously in a!ape. F H* F=ED* 7ZM HE/?* Z73 /E/@* 97 FE/5 /F* ?E/= 5/* /FE/5 5/* 3. and be the work of $y !lory . My . in my sufferin!. -o on the day when America will be on fire. 5?< My 5i3h Eallin3 ' Royal Eron@"ist ./ 'H =E/=<. the >An3els of od? ."t -e -ill have to ans-er before the #ord of the teachin3 that -e 3ive to other people8 And we must preach the true word the way it2s written.: %ret not for those who speak evil about you. shall rise into My 3lory MIS 69:%'))N for I have a -or$ for them to do so that I may concl"de this a3e and come for My saints at the appointed. # came as the 61amb of God: full of !race and truth . dwellin! in $e and abidin! under the shadow of the $ost Hi!h God. %or only those who have descended. D nas* O08 5/* #.orporate $an.>5E@ k)* +1 5E5= =5* +& /HE//.?/E/ /F* +& />EH* / +& 5EF<. and their -overei!n Authority. -tron!hold and -alvation . 67nter into $y Min!dom.=DE@* FGE/ 55* F/E5b.#.999 year cycle8? 6Only to those who will humble themselves and correctly come unto $e.: ApostleDProphet Royal Eron@"ist 0"ly 4. to initiate and e/ec"te My ven3eance and -rath in p"nitive . 5/ 5=<.H= >. after # have !athered the nations to the place where it is written. %or!ive them.

&ow a!ain. # will not permit compromise to $y truth or $y ways .O HE/* $' >ED@<.O >E/G<.3H =E/D<. # will repay . /5.H7 >E@<.R+AR! 4T5.5 .9O @E5@<. # am ri!hteousness and holiness in $y authority and Word in you . #t is because of $y Word that # am puttin! in your mouth. -ome will repent. concernin! some of those who are sayin! that you are very intimidatin!.PIST#.+& />EH* 3. Abide in $e . for # have laid up a crown of ri!hteousness for you in $y Min!dom .39 5=E5=* +& /DEF* =E/? 5/<. /H./ 37 5E5/<. 5F 5H* =E>. 'he violent intensity of $yself within your spirit in commitment and dedication to $e. "es. )992 On April 5>th. that many are intimidated by youR $y called ones in their unperceived.5 'imothy 5E/5* 7phesians 5E>b F* 9evelation 5E5F 5H< .3.O =E/@* +7 /HE?* 39 =E5=* 5 . #t is because of $y authority that is in you and pro!ressively becomin! more so in you. become intimidated by what # am becomin! in you. self ri!hteous ways of pride within the unsanctified parts. //. 9est in $e . will think they are doin! $e service by railin! a!ainst you. %6( ' %&:6 46H. #t was because of $y -pirit in the prophets of old and the measure of their obedience to $e. you too shall pay with your life.O1 5E/@a* H7 5E5 =a* /GE=>* //E5F<.H7 /GE=@* / .O >E/G< # shall reward accordin! to their motives . "ou will learn obedience by the thin!s that # cause in you and to you throu!h sufferin!s . but many will not. today. At the +ud!ement -eat .39 /FE5 nas< revealin! the self deceits of their hearts and lips which is hypocrisy . and do not draw back lest you lose $y reward of bein! the pri(e of $y hi!h callin! of $yself in you ./ 37 /E//* +& /FE5* 5 '# DE@<./ 37 /E/> /F<..DE/ k)< will you and $y people pay a price. many of $y people who have not permitted $e to sanctify them in their inward parts. #t is because of $e and $y comin! forth in you with authority in word and e4ample. bein! $y martyred one.M.H7 >EH* +& /HE/@* 5 '# 5E/5 k)* 97 5EH.. /?@5./ . 5/<. 0e faithful unto death. unacknowled!ed rebellions with obstinate. +esus said to 9oyalE >All the problems that e/ist in the -orld. socially and domestically8? .H7 /5E> @* / +& =E=* 5 . nationally. "ou will only rei!n with $e because you prevail in overcomin! sufferin!s and adversities .$' //E5@ =G<. #t is requirin! absolute heart decisions from $y people.$' //E/5b* 1C /FE/Fb* /=E5D<. # will have vessels as pure as # am pure holy as # am holy perfect as # am perfect . . 7ven you are bein! more conformed to $y ima!e by $y chastenin! ways and Word . that they paid with their lives.R 6 ' %%:49 P8M8 $y son.HD F. Only in adversity .?/E/* / +& 5EF<.O =E/D* . is of $e . e/ist beca"se My people have never ta$en their place or e/ec"ted their privile3es of r"lin3 and rei3nin3 -ith Me internationally. 0e faithful $y son. $any do not know $y eternal values that come throu!h sufferin! .

$' 5DEDD >/* +7 5=E/F 55<.9O /5E/?* 3?/E/ /F<. He arose and saidE # have been waitin! for you. # will !ive them a spirit of delusion to believe lies .+& FEDDa<.PIST#. for # am with you to honor you if you will abide in $e . for # will repay.97 /5E//* #.$' //E/5b<. Only wait upon $e. # am leadin! you into $y secret place . . any ne!ative attitude to the word that # !ive you to speak will be a symptomatic si!n evidence that $y -pirit is speakin! to them to repentR #f they will not repent.=GE/>c* DGE=/* +& />EH* HO FE=* 3.1C /FE/Fb* 3H =E/D<. 'ake $y heavenly realms by force . . 'here you will be secure . "ou are to publish $y word that # speak to you and send it to all who # tell you to send it to. even to your own flesh and blood. # am drawin! you unto $yself . "ou are not to have respect of persons. 1isten not to the bleatin! of $y unsanctified ones. 'he 1ord was sittin! in a chair waitin! for me. 'here # will be !lorified. who are $y eyes and ears of $y comin! +ud!ements. %& ' %9:99 A8M8 'he present faith messa!e and its movements. %or $y seers are the eyes and ears of $y comin! +ud!ements. in fact.ome now. # will come to you in the former and latter !lory./FE//<. let us rest to!ether . 3ress in. which shall be!in in the House of the 1ord . # will keep you until the hour of your departure if you will prevail and overcome in your testimony. # broke into the spirit realm where # could both hear and see the 1ord. 5/ 5=< in $y holiness .+& /HE//f. but abide in $e. because they have not stood in $y council and e4perienced $e and $y rhema Word . you must be willin! to suffer with $e . nor fear of the consequences. &ow is the time to prepare $y people whom # have !iven you to shepherd. 8o not have respect of persons. &ow is the time to repent of thy arro!ance of $y knowled!e . . %6: ' %&:1 MARE5 )4 ' 2:2& A8M8 After three hours of prayin! under the burden of the -pirit.O @E/b 5< and receive $y seers.H> A!ain # say.+& />EH* / +& 5EF<. At times you will be quiet with a meek spirit and at other times you will be $y decreed ven!eance.H7 DE//< as one .PIST#.O DE=D* / .ontinue to press in to know $e in $y presence.HAG 5E?* +1 5E5= k)< if you will but abide in $e. "ou are to tell them that all who find any re)ection. in $y holiness and ri!hteousness . to honor you . A## of the present evan3elical movements and their messa3es . &ow is the time to repent of the perversions of $y knowled!e. 'heir hearts shall become clouded with deception .5 .H7 /5E/D k)<. if you will continue to press in to know $e without respect of persons .5 37 DE/H<. 1ook not to the ri!ht or to the left.5 '# 5E/Gb<./ . $y son . the present kin!dom messa!e and its movements. 3repare them to receive $y seers and hear what $y -pirit is sayin! throu!h them.5 '# 5E/5* / 37 DE/<. draw not back. # will then !ive them an inheritance amon! the hypocrites.3./FE//* 39 5@E5/a* +& DEDD<. 9etaliate not in adversity. #f you are !oin! to rule with $e. . &ow is the time to return to your first love even $e.97 5ED* H7 /5E/D k)<.O @E/b 5<. %1& ' %&:: 0+4.

hurch . they shall stand and e/ec"te My -ill.5E5. 5H 5?.97 /5E>bc* 3. even as the Father and I are one . and inter'correctable -ith My -hole *ord. -ill be fo"nd My 3lory. /=E@* 97 /5E/H* /DE/5 /=* FE? //* HE?.+& /E5?<.97 /5E><. At that time. ):%9'%%N.#. /5. 5/< and $y -aviours and 8eliverers on $ount Zion . neither do the ways of His people. 64. the literal completed Ehristian ME6# ):%9N.5 'H 5E=< and all those of him who are in union with HimR . A3ain.O 5E/D* 5 .O1 5E?<. 'hey will see eye to eye with $y motives .#. untold millions of .O1 =EF* 5 'H /E@<.+& =E=D<. inter'teachable.97 /?EH* #. so"l and body. for I have made them My 5oly of 5olies even $y throne. ?* 97 5E5F 5H* /?E/>* 5/E5 =<. as they are presently bein3 presented today . /= /D* /=EH< At the same time. He came as the 1amb of God . 'herefore.3H =E/D* 9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //* 97 /5E>* 1C //E=>* A$ >E/@<.?/EH ?. inter'acco"ntable.DE/a<.+& /GE/F<.HF are incomplete. 'he 1ord and His ways never chan!e.O DE= D* =E/D /@< and the prides of their lives .$' >ED@<.FGE5b* +7 >/E/? 5= k)* 7ZM ?E/ H* 8A HE5/. 'hey will be the oracles of $y 7verlastin! Gospel . bein3 My ven3eance MIS 6%:)bN8 They -ill be My army MR. inter's"bmissive.5 'H 5E=<. /=E@* $' /GE5/ 55* 5DE? /=* 97 FE? //* HE?* /= /D* /5E/H* /DE/5 /=* /=EH* /@E5D<. &ow this time He is not !oin! to come as the 1amb.>5E@ k)* 97 5E5F 5H<.97 /DEF* @EF* /GEH* #. at the be!innin! of the last half of 8anielBs HGth .//E/ ><. even $y 0ride . 5>* @E5D* //E== =F* /5EFc H* 97 //E5* Z7.O 5E? /G* @E/b 5<. to and from each other . they -ill destroy the son of perdition marvelo"sly .O08 5/ k)Knas* 97 /DE/ ><. =@ DG< 'hey are $y 3erfect Ones . 6nly in My Manchild brethren MR.+& /E//<.+& /DE/5< with the -pirit without measure .+& /HE//* 5/E5=* . manifestin! $y !reater works anointin! .=HE? //. they will be found lackin!. in the day of +ud!ement to the . even $y Overcomers .73 >EF* $' HE5/ 5=* @E/5* /=E=@.heart< . f"llness and pleas"re8 For these -ill . +esus came to His own. /H 5G. $y $anchild ones . 5F 5?* =E>. for $y habitation . He had to raise up a whole new .abylon comes do-nR .+& /FE/5* / . but as the 1ion of +udah in ven!eance and wrath .hurch !eneration out of those who were not His called and chosen in the 1aw A!e. My 0"d3ements before the 0"d3e of all the earth. %or most of My servants. they are not inter'receptive.97 5EH //. disqualifyin! them for the pri(e and the hi!h callin! predestined for them ./ +& 5E/Fde<. even to the present .hristians amon! the present ranks will fall away from the faith . because of their flesh and dominance of the natural minds .97 /DEF<./ . => =F. /H.3. 55.hurch and to the nations. but they received Him not .+7 >/E5=* 7ZM ?E/ //* HO DEF* 8A HE5/* @E5D* //E== =>* /5EF H!* $' @E/5* /=E=@b. %&:%4'%(C %1:%4dC 0# ):)d'%%N8 I repeat. D/* HE5/ 5=* Z7. inter'instr"ctable. 'hey will be the completed be!innin! and endin! messa!e . =D* 3. ' spirit. %):(C R6 ::)&'29C 5. # will watch over them and confirm them. D/* 5DED@ >/* 9O /E/@* . F.. 'ake careful note that m"ltit"des of Ehristians -ill be destroyed alon3 -ith the "n3odly as . 'hey are all bein! blinded within their hearts to varyin! de!rees.

HAG 5.hurch will lose out and fall away from the faithR . H*#. pestilence which will have no cure. >* F/EF H<.1C 5DE=F k)* $' 5DE5G* +1 5E/H<. This -ill force millions of immat"re ones to fall a-ay from the faith M) T5 ):2N and s"ffer the conse@"ences. multitudes will be cau!ht in the divine +ud!ements of the elements . . puttin! the believers to sleepR 'hat sort of mind set is makin! the 0ody of . it was less than one half of one percentR 'he way # hear the !ospel that is bein! preached to the 0ody of .F* H7 /GE5F 5?< with fallin! meteors. #n a poll taken while in my travelin! ministry.hurch A!e people to receive Him as the ven!eance and wrath of God incarnate within His 0rethrenK$anchildK0rideKAn!el -ons .Z7. and 1uke 5/.hurch will keep them all secure.$' 5DEH<. 5ardly anyone is prayin3 correctly to escape these thin3s .FFE/F<.9O @E/?* +& /DE/5* /HE55* /GE/Gab< and . $ark /=.Z7. pestilences and so much more that can be found in the books of $atthew. antichrist forces. /=E@< because of immaturity and i!norance .hrist all chiefs with no #ndians to !overn.Z7. ministerin! throu!h His corporate $anchildK0rethrenK0ride people. /=E@* 5 'H 5E=<..hrist is that they will escape all these thin!s by the . amon! others. 'he !lory of God in the midst of the . earthquakes beneath the earth and famines from drou!hts ./ .hrist +esus with a double portion in number .#.HO DEF<.+7 >/E5=<. drou!hts. 'here will also be unima!inable. /=E@* 97 /=EH* //E/ 5* +& /GE/Gabc* /FE5* 97 /=E/ /@* /DE? /=<./< 'he -ons of God manifestin! the !reater works in the ven!eance. floods. -hich is the possibility of forfeitin3 their salvation MR. unprecedented floods and hail storms. #f His 1aw A!e . At the same time millions of the newly saved ones and millions of older saved ones will be killed .FGE/ =.onsider this principle or spiritual law.5E/ =.pre tribulation< rapture. wrath and !lory of God . /G* 9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //* 97 /5E>* /?EH* 9O ?E5> 5H<. so He will not let any harm come to them.hurch would not receive Him as the 1amb. All of them are !oin! to be kin!s and priests.3. @ ?* 97 /5E>* /?E/>* 87 5E5>* //E5= 5>* 97 5E5F 5?* +7 5>E== =@* 8A /5EFc H* 97 //E5* /=E>.97 /FE/ 5/< and because of the sons of perdition.O /=E/G* 5 'H /EHb @. God loves them.97 /=E/> /H<. . 0esides all this. they cannot !et out of the ways of the disastrous places of the divine +ud!ements. indescribable.5 37 =EH. /G //< of the heavens and earth .and -ron3ly informed M56 4:6N8 Since the masses are so immat"re or inacc"rately led . $any will be replaced by the un!odly comin! into . earthquakes. and so on. which pertains to the 61aw of the 9od: . 'wo ma)or forces will be manifestin! in these last daysE . /G* +& /DE/5< 'wo thirds of the present .5 'H /EH @.HH week which is the Great 'ribulation time period. All liesR #t is perversions of truth. directly murderin! them .5< 'he sons of perdition will be manifestin! the !reater works to kill and destroy the saints . and so forth. pollution from volcanic eruptions. %4:&'%)N since they are so shallo. do you really think it will be any different for His . because of the vial +ud!ements on the earth . hurricanes and typhoons with .

train.1C 5/E5><. 'his 9emnant W/11 fulfill all the -criptures in the 1aw./ . God will have a 9emnant people .hurch A!e./ 'H =E/=<. .GA >E5>< WH" and HOW to abide in Him.DFE/G< WH" and HOW to correctly take the Min!dom by force. drou!hts.%ebruary /??H< the !ates of Hell are still prevailin! a!ainst the . there is the deception of misinformation in 0ible doctrine. /DE/5< and so on. false prophets . $ay He !rant you !race to be counted worthy to be of those perfect ones. the 7pistles and the 9evelation. 5G.#.+C87 / /?< indistin!uishable from the true prophets with the natural mind. $y $anchild. who will be alive in mortal bodies. divided homes amon! .8A //E=Dc k)Knas* $' /GE5/ 55* / '# DE/ 5* 5 37 5E/ /?* +C87 > /?< and on and on and onR %inally.DGE=/* =GE/>e* 5FEF* 3./EH< from hydro!en holocausts .+A /E55* H7 DE/ 5* +A 5E/D. and forests and cities on fire . how we need God to pour out His -pirit upon usR $y inner man.hurch .O1 5E? /G* 73 DE/>.$' /GE=> =@* +C87 / /?<. and e4ercise their spirit senses. . Most prophets of doom have no ans-ers nor any antidote for all the above fri3htenin3 thin3s8 0ut.+1 5E/H<.+& >E=? DG* $' FE==.3H =E/D< WH" and HOW to contend earnestly for faith that was once and for all delivered unto the saints. . /H /@.O =E/@* 9O @E5? =G< WH" and HOW to correctly wait upon Him.H@ ra!in! seas .$' 5DE5* 97 /=E/=<. practice with. a %irstfruitsK0ride people . . . WH" and HOW to use. 5D* / . who will be sealed in their foreheads with $y &ame and $y %atherBs &ame .$' >ED@* +& /HE/@* / +& DE/H<. #n addition to all of this.9O ?E5> 5H<. workin! false wonders .#.9O @E/?* ?E5> 5H* .+7 5?E// /Da* H7 //EF< WH" and HOW to correctly behold Him. eschatolo!ies.H7 >E/D k)Knas< WH" and HOW to correctly hun!er after +esus and His ri!hteousness.97 /DED* /?EH< who will be perfect.5 . >* /?EH ?* /DE/ ><. is overwhelmed with pain that knows no refreshin! .which must be from their spirits and not from their minds. .1C /FE/F< and to correctly press on for the !oal and the pri(e. # will birth forth out of the present .$' //E/5< WH" and HOW to correctly press in .hurch on the earth at the close of the .O />E>5* / 'H DE/F /H< and three and a half years before # come with $y saints . . .and the WH" 8O 'H7$B. prayerlessness . $y true.hurchR Oh. but who is teachin! them the HOW 'OB. the Gospels.Z7. # will have a perfect . my spirit. the 3salms. >EF< WH" and HOW to correctly seek Him. God is !ivin! me some of the answers.hristians and the world .hurch a remnant of $y completed sons. the 3rophets. #n spite of all the ne!ative thin!s # have said above. /=* =E/?* 97 /5E/ 5. . where are the leaders who are teachin! the people the followin!E WH" and HOW to live and walk in the spirit. . . three years before # come for $y saints . betrayals by loved ones both in and out of the ./ '# DE/ 5* 5 '# =E= D* 5 37 /E55<.+C87 =* 5 37 /E= D< All the precedin! -criptures require faith action. perfect 0ride.O 5E/D />< As of . even as He is 3erfect in the earth .

=GE/G* ==E/D /F* Z7. these that # have formed throu!h the fiery trials of $y -pirit of Holy 0urnin! .97 5/E=<. 'hese will be $y %irstfruits . as you do the Word work of dwellin! in $y secret place .the kin!dom of flesh< .//E/b >* 5E/ ?* O08 5/ k)Knas* 97 /DE/ >* 97 5E5F 5H* /5E>* /?E/D />* +7 /@E/ /H* /?E//<.O08 5/ k)Knas< who are those who have lived from their flesh and not from $y -pirit. as you do the Word work of beholdin! $e . 'hese remnant ones . as you do the Word work of correctly lookin! unto $e . times and half time . 'hese will be invincibly immune to $y +ud!ements of wrath in $y day called.#. 5H. 5?< perfectin! the .97 =E5/<. #n /'hessalonians >E? you have been tau!ht by . even +esus.9O @E5?a* 5 . those who will )ud!e the kin!dom of 7sau . /=E@* 97 /E/F /@E5D* 8A /5EH* $' HE5/ 5=* @E5G*/=E=@ D/< and to all the nations at the same time over a period of three and a half years* a times. /D 5F<. 'hey will sit down with $e in $y 'hrone even as # sat down with the %ather in His 'hrone . char!e you all to contend earnestly for the faith .hurch will not e4perience $y wrath. stature and fullness will escape these thin!s .>5E@k)<.97 /DE/ nas<. 'hese will be the be!innin! of $y livin! tabernacle and habitation . 8ay of Atonement and %east of 'abernacles has fully come.hurch and rulin! the nations with a rod of iron .+& /HE/@* >E/?. =G amp* @E/> /F. =EH @<.+& /DE/5< and establish the 'heocratic Order and Government of the Min!dom.+A /E55* +& />EH< of abidin! in $e.5FE?cd* / 37 DE/H* 97 5E5F 5H< and e4ecute punitive ven!eance and wrath to the sinners of $y people .hurch .ity of Zion . Why $y completed sons appear is this .9O @E5?<. 'hey will be those who do $y !reater works .5EF* /=5E/=* /DFE/G* #.73 DE/= /><. $y weapons of warfare .O1 5E/Ga<E 'hey will perfect $y . #.#DED* $A1 =E5 =< in which only a few will be able to bear up in . $y )ud!es of all thin!s .O1 5E? /G* / +& DE/Hd* +& /HE/@<.hurch leaders that the .97 /5E/a.H7 /5E5a k)Knas* +& >E=? DG<. ><.?/E/<. and will be the only ones who will qualify .O =E/@<.hurch in ri!hteousness ..#.9O ?E5> 5H< will be $y battle a4es.+7 >/E/? 5= k)Knas<. so you can be counted worthy to escape the punitive +ud!ements comin! upon the earth . are One . which only # can and will !ive as you do the Word work .H? 'hey will be complete even as # am . Only those who have fully come into $y ima!e .8A HE5>cd* /5EH* A$ ?E@ /G* >E/@* 73 >EF* / 'H /EH ?* $' /=E5G 55* +C87 >* $' 5DED@ >/* #.#. 6'he 8ay of the 1ord: .+C87 =< that # alone have and # alone delivered once and for all. they will perfect $y .3H =E/D k)<. the Godhead.97 /EF< birthed out of the present .1C 5/E=F k)<.F/E/ 5/<. 'hese will be $y army who will not break ranks nor thrust one another throu!h .5 37 =E/G /D<.97 /DE/ D< and kin!dom of priests . those who have been sealed with $y %atherBs &ame and $y &ame ./5EF* ==E>* DGE? /G* >/E/F* FGE/ 55* F5E/ /5* FFE> /F* +7 =GEF H. becomin! $y pri(e 9emnant people . $y 7ternal .hurch with the rod of punitive +ud!ements . /F 5D* 5E5= =5* $' /DE/ D* F H* /G /=* 97 5/E5 /G<.9O @E/?* ?E5> 5H* 97 /DE/ >* /5E>* ./ 37 DE/H* #.97 /?E/D />* /HE/Dd* +1 5E/ //<. 5F.3. 'hey will have overcome even as # overcame. 5.+& /HE//.1C /=E5D<.3. . 'hese will be those who see 6eye to eye: . $y measure.9O ?E5> 5H* 97 /?EH ?* 9O @E/?* 5? =G* H7 5E/G //<. When $y days of the %east of 'rumpets. will be $y 9emnantK0rideK0rethrenK-ons. 'hese will be one even as We.#./E5D 5@* A$ ?E/G* #.//E/ >* Z7.

nor will it be the .>5E@ k)* +& /HE//.97 @EH<.97 =E5/* /5E>* /DED. understand and obeyR What # say unto one # say unto all* in $y omni a!ape love wait to!ether in the unity of the -pirit . even as # am .hurch that will be upon the earth at the end of this a!e.PIST#.hurch that you now see upon the face of the earth is not the . 5 'H /EH ?* +C87 >* $' 5DED@ >/* #. even as # overcame .P 4:%(. 5>cde. times and half a time: .@G attainin! $y hi!h callin! ./ 'H /E/G* #. O08 5/<. # will have a perfect .hurch will be reduced in si(e by two thirds .73 >E5H* $' >ED@<...PIST#.#.9O ?E5> 5H< and %irstfruits who will be completed.FGE/ 55* +& /HE55* 97 5/E? //<.hurch on the earth .1J 5=E5D<. 'hen at the be!innin! of the first trumpet soundin! .H7 /5E5a* +& />EH* 3. 'hey will appear and will be alive on the earth three years before # come for $y saints . stat"re and f"llness M. the .97 /GEH<. #t . /><.97 /5E>< on the fullness of the comin! %east of 'rumpets .Z7. When they appear ./ 'H =E/=<. 5/<. hear what the -pirit is sayin!. they will perfect $y . they will be $y army and e4ecutors of $y !lory and +ud!ements in Zion .?/E/< throu!h the -pirit of 'ruth .His perfect . !o" have been ta"3ht by Eh"rch leaders that the Eh"rch -ill not e/perience My -rath M% T5 (:&N8 . . 1et everyone who has an ear to hear. /=E?<.FGE/ 55<.#. /=E@<.O1 5E/Ga* 73 =E/?<. //. those who have risen into the measure of $y stature and fullness of $yself .3H =E/D k)* 97 =E5/* 97 /EF nas< with all $y !lory . . )9& ' %&&% 0A4+AR! %9 ' ):99 A8M8 A!ain. =?.O />E>5* / 'H DE/F /H* 97 /GEH< and three and a half years before # come with $y saints .+A /E55*H7 DE/ 5* //E/=.>5E@ k)* +1 5E/ //* +& /HE//* /D 5F* . meas"re. 5F 5?* =E>.O1 5E? /G* / +& DE/Hd< and who will have overcome. /5.97 /?E/G* +& /FE/5< with all authority and power in heaven and earth. F H* /5EF H* A$ ?E@ /G* >E/@* 73 >EF. DG* +& /FE/=<. /=.9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //<.hurch< will first appear within a 9emnant . corrective and punitive +ud!ements with ven!eance and wrath to the sinners amon! $y people . throu!h much sufferin! .9O ?E5> 5H<.O08 5/ k)Knas* 97 /DE/ >* /?E/D />* /HEDd* +1 5E/ //* #. bein! the !lory of $y ima!e .Z7. %2C 2:%&N -ill be invincibly . /> /F* #.9O @E/?<. Hasten your pace and mi4 faith with $y Word that # will !ive if you do the work of correctly lookin! away unto $e . 0ut $y 9emnant . One third will survive alive in the fires of the 'ribulation."t only those -ho have f"lly come into My ima3e MR6 ::)&N.73 DE/ =. even unto $y seventh trumpet soundin! . 'he present .l .8A HE5/. )%9 ' %&&% F. 5/ 55* 97 5EH. over a period of three and a half years 6A time.R+AR! )2 ' %):%( P8M8 %rom the -pirit of prophecy and the testimony of +esus .hurch with +ud!ements .73 DE/=.ome unto $e all who believe $y messa!e and keep $y %easts in obedience.hurch whom the heavenly %ather will receive and be !lorified in .5FE?cd* / 37 DE/Hd< and they will e4ecute creative.97 /FE/ /@E5D* 8A /5EH* $' HE5/ 5=* @E/5* /=E=@ D/< and unto all the un!odly in the nations at the same time. believe.F/E/ 5<. . /H. will be birthed and cau!ht up to $y throne life .

#.PIST#. When the fullness of the %east of 'rumpets. >The 7ay of the #ord? M) P. 'hese are the few who strived lawfully .5E/ ?* /D?EF ?* 97 /5E>* /DED* /?E/D />* +7 /@E/ /H* /?E//<. they will be one.hurch .+& /HE//.O =E/@< and as you correctly look unto $e for $y imparted faith .97 5/E=<.WhewR 'hat was powerful and precise. so will the fullness of these . the Godhead. #.97 5E5F 5H* 3. 1et everyone that has an ear to hear what $y -pirit is sayin!.97 /EF< who are yet to be birthed out of the present . $y third temple.97 /?EH* 9O @E/?< will be the be!innin! of $y perfect . /G /=* 97 5/E5 //<. believe and understand and obeyR What # say unto one.1C 5/E=F k)* 3H =E/D<. 5?* /HE/@* #.3?/E/F< as you do the work of beholdin! $e . 5/ 5=* +1 5E5d //<.3. $y 7ternal . /> /F< and hasten your paceR . Wait to!ether in the unity of $y -pirit in $y a!ape love .97 /?E/D />* /HE/Dd<.+& >E5H.F H. 'hese will be those who are sealed in their foreheads with $y %atherBs &ame and $y &ame . =G amp* @E/> /F. /=. char!e you all to earnestly contend for 'H7 %A#'H . As you do the work of dwellin! in $y secret place within your spirit. $y 9emnant ones will be $y )ud!es . (%:%&')2 $. that # alone have and that # alone have delivered to the saints once and for all and that # alone can !ive as you do all $y Word .0rideKsons< that # have formed by the fiery trials of $y -pirit of holy burnin! . are one .+C87 =<.DED<. 5F. +esus. remainin! alive in the 8ay of the 1ord . $y army who will be livin!.//E/b ><. the 8ay of Atonement and %east of 'abernacles has come.DnasN8 'hese. walkin! and workin! perfectly in the -pirit .O08 5/<.+& /HE//!./5EF* ==E>* DGE? /G* >/E/F* FGE/ 55* F5E/ /5* FFE> /F* +7 =GEF H* /FE5D* +1 5E5= =5* $# DE/ D. /H /@< of all thin!s .+& >E/? 5G. ><. .+& />EH* / +& 5EF<.#. AmenR< .5EF* /=5E/=* /DFE/G* #.1C ?E5= 5D* H7 DE/ 5* 97 /5E//<.H7 /5E5a< you can be .ity of Zion. 'hese will be $y Min!dom priests .@/ imm"ne to My 0"d3ements in the day called. the inner man .+& /DE/5<.hurch .73 >E5H* $' >ED@<. # say unto all. who will be workin! the !reater works . 2:%9'%4C AM (:%:N8 These Remnant ones MR6 &:)(')1N -ill be My battle a/e and -eapons of -arfare M0.97 /5E/ 5.>5E@ k)<. so that they can e4perientially overcome victoriously. $y 9emnantK0rideK-ons .97 /DE/ nas<. 5/ 5=* 73 DE/ =. 'hese will be the be!innin! of $y livin! tabernacle of habitation . 'hey will be rulin! the nations with $y rod of iron .+A /E55< the work of correctly abidin! in $e . Only $y 0rideK-ons will qualify .5 . 'hese will see 6eye to eye: . those who will )ud!e the $ount of 7sau which is the flesh . 'hese.hurch . the $illennial . even as We.1C /=E5D< to be the %irstfruits of 9evelation /DED.9O ?E5> 5H* 97 /?EH @<. )%% ' %&&% APRI# %% ' %):29 P8M8 'he truths that $y people have been tau!ht in the closin! decades of this a!e have not properly prepared them.OC&'78 WO9'H" of bein! $y pri(e .

0e unrelentin!.O1 /E/> /?* 5E? /G* 73 =E/F /?* 9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //<. # say unto you.O =E/@* +A /E55* 5E/D. 6-eek $e now. lest you miss the mark of $y hi!h callin! ./ 'H >E/H<. kray Ltos. /=. 5/ 5=<.the soul< . )%( ' %&&) 6ET6.3. renewin! its mind to $y finished measure. 'here. disclosin! . ener L!in.: incessantly without interruption. /H. Once you have come unto $e within your inner man . A!ain.O /E5G* / . stature. prevail in $y secret place until # manifest $y !lorified presence.?/E/<. 5D<. 'here you will find me . /F<.97 5EH. your -pirit .97 /?EH< by $y active presence to receive $y powers . persistent and irrevocable until # manifest . that # only can and will !ive when you correctly initiate faithful.39 DE5= k)< to become like unto $y !lorified life within your spirit.$' //E/5* 39 =E/G /D< and find yourselves unable to mi4 faith. enablin! you to do $y finished work. /F* 9O HE5= 5>* 3.+7 5?E/l /Da<. or any recesses by distractions* lay sie!e within your inner man .+& /FE/5 /D<E Cnto you who have ears to hear what $y -pirit is sayin! in the messa!es of $y servant. soul and body. fullness./ . and be as # am . that # desire to do in your outer man .>5E @* +& /HE//. /H. Only then can # literally conform your soul life. lest you be deceived . $y secret place .R %% ' %):29 P8M8 While in a corporate prayer meetin! with the emphasis upon seekin! Him to know Him. $y -pirit says.9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //* 97 /?EH<.+& FE=H. omissions.$' //E/5b<. //* H7 =E/5./ 37 =ED* $' //E/5<.+& >E=? DG k)Knas* 1C ?E5=* 5 . />* .?/E/ /F< can # work. who are $y Overcomers .PIST#.@5 .O /GE>. 0rin! your soul life and come to $e within your inner man. =?<. 5/* O08 5/* #. likeness and ima!e .5 37 /E= D* 5 .73 =E/F<. you will be made ready . 5=* / +& =E5de k)Knas* DE/Hd* +& /HE/@<.5 '# 5E> k)Knas< within your inner man .9O /5E5? k)Knas* 73 DE5=. your spirit.73 /E /?ab<. $ake violent decisions to do what # ask you to do .doo nanBis. 5G. accordin! to the laws of $y -pirit .3H =EH /G* +& /DE5/. deliberately prepare your hearts . /5. 'he time is now at hand to finish the work that # am to accomplish at the end of this a!e in $y 0rethren. A!ain. that permits no pauses. //. 5F 5?* =E>. Only then can you qualify to be $y 0ride. Only as you precisely come unto $e.97 /?EH* 5E5F 5H* =E5/<.. is Lkhoos< .+& >E=? DG<. do not procrastinate in anythin! concernin! $y Word and promises . /H* DE/ 5* //E/=. Heart determine . $y faith. # desire you to see and know $e as # am. which is $y secret place . the 1ord +esus appeared in my room sayin! throu!h the -pirit .39 DE5= k)Knas* +7 /HE?* $' /5E=Dc<. that permits no altercation.O /GE= F* 9O @E> @ amp* GA >E5>. . to whom # will !ive $y authority to rule and rei!n with $e on $y throne . # will move outwardly from your inner man to your outer man your soul.+& /DE5/ k)<. the 0ride . perpetually unbroken. =? DG* GA >E5>. counteraction or possibility for failure .nas< $yself to you.1C ?E5=<. 0ecome violently motivated in your obedience. $ake your soul available to $e in your spirit and heart. habitual obedience.

/=a* . /<.Me.1uke /=E5D< of bein3 E6RR. .+ohn />EH< of -al$in3 -ith Me -ithin yo"r spirit. .+7 5?E// /Da* H7 //EF.: He saidE >. . 5/ 5=< . / 5< 6"t of this travail -ill be birthed My Manchild people. faith and 3race. %&:&./ . 0es"s.eca"se doin3 these spirit -or$'activities are contrary to the nat"ral man<s so"l abilities and heart desires8? . 5@de 5?* /5ED?* /DE/5* 9omans @E/D< Whenever we use the 0ible.orinthians =E/=* 5 'hessalonians 5EDb< On +anuary Hth. the corporate PSons of od< .orinthians =E/@< of bein3 still in My presence to $no.ET#! beholdin3 Me.9evelation /5E5< beca"se of the -orld<s persec"tion of her8 . 'his is self deceptionR . /F< of E6RR.ET#! strivin3 to enter the narro. />. 0es"s said to Royal: >The -or$in3'actions of correctly see$in3 and -aitin3 "pon Me.ET#! loo$in3 a-ay "nto Me.ET#! laborin3 to enter My rest.9omans @E5?a* 9evelation /5E>< They -ill establish the absol"te +nity of Spirit and Faith in all -ho obey Me in them. . .7phesians /E/H /@< and the e/ercise of the 3ift of the -ord of $no-led3e is.olossians 5E?* / +ohn DE/H* #saiah >5E@ M+J* +ohn /HE//.Hebrews DE//< and of E6RR. practicin3 and "sin3 yo"r h"man spirit senses.3salm DFE/G* /FE//* /HE/>< of abidin3 in Me./ +ohn 5E/Fd< Himself. .$atthew //E/5< of E6RR.+eremiah 5?E/= /Da* Hebrew //EF* #saiah DGE=/* 5 . +esus said to 9oyalE >The divine principle of revelation -or$in3s .who is within our spirits< alon! with the anointin! and His !ift of distin!uishin! of spirits. /?@?. 5F.ET#! e/ercisin3. .3salm /HE/>< of E6RR. My *ord of -isdom alon3 -ith My a"thority and po-er to do somethin3 abo"t it8? . .@= seek $e with all of your heart. +esus said to 9oyalE >The comin3 revival -ill brin3 forth the travail of the *oman.ET#! violent to ta$e the Lin3dom by force.orinthians 5E/D* Galatians >E/H.+ohn /HE/@* >E=G Amp* @E/> /F. as God. . 6n 0an"ary (th. /?@?. for only then will # be found by you . the Eh"rch.Galatians >E5>. it !ives satan the opportunity to impin!e upon our self life and usurp GodBs place as God speakin! and revealin! . -hereby I can a"thor My faith -ithin them.Hebrews >E/D M+JK&A-< is no simple tas$S? # asked 6why. trainin3. /F* 9omans @E> @ Amp< On +anuary Hth. . that yo" sho"ld never reveal somethin3 ne3ative of a person<s life "ntil yo" first have the rhema anointin3 .3roverbs DE5=* / . and I -ill incarnate T5.+ohn />E5G* 9evelation /5E/=.Hebrews /5E5a M+J< of E6RR.3ate. .9omans @E/?< -ho are My ima3e8 .7phesians DE=.+ohn />EH* / +ohn 5E5H< of My love. FAIT5 that is e@"al to Me in the odhead -ithin them8? . and our souls act independent of GodBs -pirit .


>These Sons, -ho are My .rethren, ;9omans @E/?, 5? =G* Hebrews 5E/G //< -ill be in absol"te "nity -ith the Father and Me8 ;+ohn /HE//, 5/ 5=* 9evelation /DE/ >* Obadiah 5/< These Manchild people -ill be those -ho see Peye to eye<, ;#saiah >5E@ M+J* +oel 5E5d //* 9evelation /?E/D />* /HE/Dd< -ho -ill manifest as My .rethren Sons, ;9omans @E/?< -ho -ill do My 3reater -or$s, ;+ohn /DE/5< -ho -ill be the Savio"rs that -ill ;"d3e the Mo"nt of ,sa" ;Obadiah 5/ M+J< and -ho -ill stand on Mo"nt Jion follo-in3 the #amb -hithersoever 5e 3oes, havin3 the Father<s 4ame and My 4ame sealed in their foreheads8 ;9evelation /DE/ > &A-< These are those -ho are no- and forever, My TR+, ISRA,#8? ;+eremiah >/E/? 5D M+JK&A-< A39#1 >'H, 5GG= ;9oyal ,ronquist< On +anuary /?th, /?@?, +esus said to 9oyalE >*hen yo" are prayin3 and yo" have lost any a-areness of time or other interests and demands, and are not bein3 distracted by them, then and then only are yo" tr"ly in the Spirit of My presence8? ;3salm /FE//* 9evelation /E/G* DE5* 7(ekiel 5E5* =E/5, 5D* //E5D< A39#1 F'H, 5GG= ;9oyal ,ronquist< On %ebruary /@th, /?@?, +esus said to 9oyalE >All My people are saved by 3race thro"3h faith8 It is a 3ift of the Father8 It is not earned by h"man -or$s8 ;7phesians 5E@ ?< From the point of their initial salvation, My 3race for their 3ro-th increases, and is determined by ho- obediently and hocorrectly they pray, st"dy, see$ My face and obediently do My *ord in faithf"lness to My Spirit leadin3 -ith active, believin3 faith8? ;/ 'hessalonians >E/H* 5 'imothy 5E/>* 5E>* Hebrews //EF* +ames /E55* / +ohn =E/@, 5/ 55< >My perfect -ill, -hich I made available thro"3h the Eross, -as, and is, intended for each and every believer to attain My life in character and ability -ith po-er, "nto the f"llness of Myself, -hile alive, -ithin their livin3 3eneration8? ;5 3eter /E= D* 5 ,orinthians /E5G* Hebrews //EF, /* 9omans @E5? =G* Hebrews 5E/G //* 7phesians DE/=, />* =E/?* ,olossians 5E? /G* / +ohn DE/Hd< >My 3race to them does not increase or decrease, e/cept in perpet"al obedience to do My *ord ;+ames /E55< and believin3 -ith faith8 ;9omans /GE@, /H* /E/H< It remains omni'eternally the same8 ."t it is they themselves -ho determine hom"ch of My 3race is received, accordin3 to ho- m"ch they allo- My 5oly Spirit to form Me -ithin them8 ."t My 3race can only increase by My faith s"bstance increasin3 -ithin them, as they are actively and correctly obedient to My commandments8? ;+ohn /DE5/, 5=< A39#1 @'H, 5GG= ;9oyal ,ronquist< On %ebruary 5Dth, /?@?, +esus said to 9oyalE >If yo" do not ta$e the initiative to daily pray, to see$ Me, to st"dy My *ord and even more importantly, to st"dy T6 L46* M,, ;+ohn >E=? DG &A-* 3hilippians

@> =E/G* +ohn /HE=< then I -ill not really be able to do m"ch for yo" "ntil after the res"rrection and after My ret"rn8? ;/ ,orinthians />E>5* / 'hessalonians DE/F /H* =E/=< >In slothf"lness, yo" a"tomatically endan3er yo"rselves, preventin3 My helpin3 yo" to be safe, sec"re and imm"ne in these disastro"s days of ;"d3ment -hich lie ahead8 Ta$e time daily to st"dy My *ord, b"t ta$e even m"ch more time to st"dy Me, to practice, My presence and to behold Me8? ;3salm /FE//* /HE/>* 5 ,orinthians =E/@* 3salm DFE/G* #saiah 5FE=* =GE/>* DGE=/* +ohn /HE/@* $ark /E=>* 1uke /5E/F* / 'hessalonians >E/H* $atthew HEH @* +eremiah 5?E/= /Da* Hebrews //EF, /< A39#1 ?'H, 5GG= ;9oyal ,ronquist< On %ebruary 5Fth, /?@?, +esus said to 9oyalE >*hen comin3 to3ether as believers in Me as brothers and sisters in Me, to fello-ship in that -hich is apart from or -ith the 3atherin3 of the saints for -orship, teachin3 and ministry, consider this principle: If yo"r fello-ship is contin"o"s and repetitio"s, b"t in that fello-ship there does not come the desire for My b"rden -ithin yo"r initiatives and motivations to reach o"t to others, to 3ive yo"r fello-ship to others in more need than yo"rselves, then event"ally yo" -ill find yo"rselves ca"3ht in the trap of no 3ro-th in n"mbers and ca"3ht in introspection, inter'acc"sin3, inter';"d3in3 one another from the lo-er nat"re, -hereby yo" -ill event"ally be split as"nder8? ;Galatians >E/>< >This happens beca"se I am not interested in fello-ship that is selfish and in-ardly self'oriented, b"t only in fello-ship that contin"o"sly reaches o"t to-ard others, -hich enables Me to have My o-n increase -ithin them8 ;#saiah >DE5* +ohn />E/F* /HE/@* $atthew 5GE5@ M+J< Therefore, I co"nsel yo" to repent of s"stained, repetitio"s, selfish fello-ship that has a form of odliness, b"t does not rise hi3her than so"lish 3ratification, ;1uke ?E5=< that does not brin3 My active presence to the m"ltit"des of others ;3salm /FE//< -hich edifies them, too8? ;/ ,orinthians /DE= D, =? DG< A39#1 /G'H, 5GG= ;9oyal ,ronquist< On %ebruary 5Fth, /?@?, +esus said to 9oyalE >*henever and -herever My people "se the -ritten *ord, called the .ible, and they 3ive it any private interpretation independent of My 5oly Spirit, -itho"t the manifested anointin3, ;5 3eter /E5G* / +ohn 5E5H* 5E5G M+J< it -ill al-ays ca"se division, conf"sion and mis"nderstandin38? ;/ ,orinthians 5E/D /> Amp* 5 3eter =E/>b /F< On $arch />th, /?@?, +esus said to 9oyalE >,veryone -ho $no-s My 4ame and $no-s Me as Savio"r, b"t does not s"bmit to Me as #ord, -ill increasin3ly come "nder the Spirit of ;"d3ment8 ;/ 3eter DE/H< All -ho feed on anythin3 and everythin3 in the -orld that is of the -orld, -ith its moral val"es, shall be disapproved by My ri3hteo"sness and holiness in the 7ay of the #ord8? ;+ames DED* / +ohn 5E/> /F* / ,orinthians /E=G* Hebrews /5E/D M+J<


A39#1 /D'H, 5GG= ;9oyal ,ronquist< On $arch 55nd, /?@?, while 9oyal was prayin! and studyin!, the 1ord +esus came into his room, interruptin! his meditation to say the followin! thin!sE >+nto the shepherds and prophets I spea$: ;see +eremiah 5= and 7(ekiel /=, 55, =D< In the day of My ven3eance, ;#saiah F/E5b< in the day of My -hirl-inds ;+eremiah =GE5= 5D* 5=E/?< and in the day of My seven th"nders ;9evelation /GE=< and vial ;"d3ments, ;9evelation /FE/ 5/< I -ill hold yo" all acco"ntable for everyone of My sheep -ho are slain in the o"ter co"rt of the #ordS? ;9evelation //E5* Zechariah /=E@< >.eca"se yo" have not stood in My co"nsel ;+eremiah 5=E5/ 55< and have not received My *ord from My oracles ;Acts HE=@* / 3eter DE//< -ho have come, and are comin3, to -arn yo" of this day, sayin3 that My ;"d3ments are at hand, ;$atthew HE5/ 5@* @E/5* /=E=@< I -ill hold yo" acco"ntable for the blood of each one slain in My earthly sanct"ary, the .ody of Ehrist8? ;7(ekiel =E/H 5/< >,/cept yo" =ealo"sly repent no- ;9evelation =E/?< and see$ My face and My presence -ith all yo"r heart, so"l, mind and stren3th, ;$ark /5E=G* 1uke /DE5F, ==* /5E/> M+J* +eremiah 5?E// /Da* Hebrews //EF< the day of yo"r ;"d3ments are at hand8 *hen I brin3 .abylon do-n, ;+eremiah >G, >/* 9evelation /HE/ /@E5D< yo" -ill $no- that I am the #ord8 For yo" and all the innocent, all those -ho have not been PR6P,R#! PR,PAR,7 -ith My revelation teachin3s of $no-led3e and faith, ;7phesians /E/H /@* Hebrews //EF* 9omans /DE5=c< -ill be needlessly slain ;Hosea DEF* 9evelation //E5< since these -ill be bro"3ht do-n -ith yo"8? ;+eremiah >/E5=< >*itho"t My s"bstance of faith ;Hebrews /5E5* //EF, /* 5 3eter /E= D< yo" can not escape bein3 ca"3ht in the ;"d3ments that are at hand, -hen I brin3 .abylon do-n8 ;+eremiah >G, >/* 9evelation /HE/ /@E5D< .eca"se yo" -ere blinded ;5 ,orinthians DE= D* =E/D /H< in yo"r self'deception, ;/ ,orinthians =E/@< yo" became arro3ant in yo"r heart8 ;/ ,orinthians @E/b 5< I -as prevented by yo", in not allo-in3 My oracles to -arn yo" or direct yo" in yo"r -ays8 ;$atthew HE5/ 5=* @E/5* /=E=@, D/< I -o"ld have desired to prepare yo" for My completed, imm"ne salvation -hereby yo" and all the sheep -ith yo" co"ld have been $ept safe, protected and sec"re by the po-er of My mi3ht in the day of My ven3eance, ;#saiah F/E5b* +eremiah >/E5=< even the 7ay of the #ord8? ;+oel 5E/* Zephaniah /E/5 /@* Amos >E/@* 9evelation /5EF, /D /F< >!o" reasoned a-ay My *ord from My oracles8 !o" moc$ed them openly and yo" secretly re;ected them8 ;7(ekiel ==E=G ==* 1uke /GE/F< !o" separated the floc$ of My past"res from them and My *ord in them8? >Therefore, yo" shall bear their blood at My hand, of both the innocent ones and of those -ho fall a-ay from the faith8 ;5 'hessalonians 5E= M+J* $atthew 5DE/G< For even as I have spo$en to My bond'slave and oracle -ho no- -rites My -ords in this boo$, P,pistles of the Lin3dom< and even as I have commanded him to do so, ;refer to $arch =, /?@5< I -ill not 3ive all My tr"th to any one man or -oman or to any one movement of men and -omen in the earth8? >As the ministries and the leaders of each movement h"mble themselves to each other as "nto Me, receivin3 and s"bmittin3 to each other as "nto Me, ;7phesians

/H.E+R. or blindness of heart and mind.Hebrews /GE/? 55< on the comin3 f"llness of the 7ay of Atonement8 . 6What is this. and while hearin! His voice. 5/< Then and then only -ill yo" be of My heavenly army -hich I -ill raise "p from amon3 yo"8 .#saiah >5E@ M+J< >Then and then only -ill I brin3 them and yo" in behind the veil .9oyal .. instr"ctin3.e-els .8euteronomy /@E55* +eremiah 5@E?< and -or$.+ohn /GE=H =@* /HE/@< and also the fact that it remains and end"res8? . ability./ 'hessalonians DE? /G< as "nto MeC then and then only -ill I 3"ide them and yo" into all tr"th8 .H /-'.9oyal . >This is the P.ronquist< On Au!ust /5th.Obadiah 5/* 9evelation /DE/ >* 5EH. //. /?@=. 5GG= .1eviticus 5=E5H 5@. .! S5A## . but the messa!e is still very relevant nowE #n a vision of the 1ord.H >'H.1uke ?E5=* 9evelation /5E//< My divine intelli3ence is determined by My s"pernat"rally confirmin3 -hat yo" say . is determined by My character.$alachi =E/H* DE=* 3salm ?/E/ /F* 9evelation HE5 @* /DE/ >< and T5. =/* Zechariah =E/ H< Then and then only -ill I stand yo" all on Mo"nt Jion8 . 5/ 5=* #saiah FGE/ 55* 9evelation 5/E? //< 3rophetic +ournal $arch 5GG= $A9.+ohn /FE/=< Then and then only -ill I brin3 all of yo" into seein3 eye to eye8? . . +esus said to 9oyalE >To the de3ree that immortal life does not e/ist -ithin yo"r spirit so"l and body.+ohn /HE//. .9omans />E/D< to and from each other as "nto Me. I4 M! #6R!8? . still rei3ns s"preme -ithin yo"r heart8? . /?@=.ronquist< 'he followin! e4perience happened to 9oyal on -eptember 5Dth /?@=./ 'hessalonians >E5= Amplified< in e@"al meas"re.+ohn />E/F< $A9.9oyal .ye of the #ord< -atchin3 over all the earth.ronquist< On -eptember /st. the day -hen I ma$e "p My . S.9omans /5E/Gb* 3hilippians 5E=< and lovin3 one another . a"thority and po-er formed thro"3h yo"r so"l<s physical'life8 .5 'imothy DE/ 5< defendin3. /=* =E/?< Ehrist 0es"s. 5GG= .3roverbs 5HE5< preferrin3 .H F'H.Galatians FE/< bein3 teachable . # asked the 1ord.+eremiah /HE?* 5 .: He replied. 5GG= . .9evelation //E/>< >I -ill 3ive My completed ones the preservation of My o-n life on the 7ay of the #ord.9evelation /?E// />* /HE/Dd* +oel 5E/ //< Then and then only can the $in3doms of this -orld become My Lin3dom -ith My Ehrist8? .7phesians DE/>. # saw a hu!e penetratin!. .@H >E5H* / 3eter >E>def!< bein3 acco"ntable for each other. #t seemed lar!er that all the Heavenlies combined. deception. /5.orinthians DE= D* 1uke 5/E@a* / . . searchin3 to find those -hose hearts are perfect to-ard Me8? . +esus said to 9oyalE >Halid 3ro-th in Me.orinthians =E/@< $A9. piercin! blue eye. 5F 5H* =E>.

>Many of My ministers have no contin"ity. no "ninterr"pted "nion thro"3h prayer. his silhouetted darkness became a bein! filled with li!ht. inconsistent portions8? 'here were many hit and miss spaces in the shaft of li!ht. consistent prayin! life in the 1ordBs presence was more important than any other work of the 1ord. they are more ineffective. 'hen he went about doin! the works of God.: He said. 'he man finally learned that his habitual. 'he 1ord said. # saw him kneel and be!in to pray unrelentin!ly and uninterruptedly. -ith Me8 Therefore. 6What is this. %inally. # asked the 1ord. As he prolon!ed his prayin! time the shaft of li!ht !ot lar!er and lar!er. >These are My ministries8 They are not a-are of their dar$ness or their irre3"lar prayin3 habits and the e/cessive b"siness that is ca"sin3 their dar$ness to remain8? 'hen # saw li!ht portions . &ow he spent daily. the voluminous shaft of !old li!ht be!an to disinte!rate.like $orse code. the blank spaces in the li!ht shaft filled up. My Spirit li3ht portions -hich they only allo. Once a!ain the man be!an to pray in earnest. fallin! in bits to the !round. 'he more.@@ 'hen # saw a man on my left silhouetted on the earth. !oin! out. no intimate connection. habitual and prolon!ed time in prayer until he was equipped. who is this.pistle %% of Febr"ary %:. 'hen # heard the -pirit sayin!. then !ettin! up after a short time in prayer.Me to 3ive them in spasmodic. %:9( p8m8? . than effective8 They are tryin3 to do My -or$s in the po-er of their o-n stren3th and in3en"ity8? # could intuitively feel that the man was symbolic of all the ministersB frustration. # said. While his whole bein! became consumed by the li!ht of God and he disappeared. he !ot up from this prayer filled li!ht !oin! about doin! the work of the 1ord with power that was not his. He !radually became aware of his own need to !et a hold of God. and lon!er. as he a!ain be!an to ne!lect his prayin! life. As he continued a prolon!ed time. He became one with the li!ht power of God throu!h his consistent. A!ain. becomin! a solid shaft of li!ht from the 7ye of God. %&:). He intermittently kneeled to pray. prayin! and seekin! life in the presence of the 1ord. sporadic.: He said.1uke //E=D* / 'hessalonians >E/H* #saiah F5EF H* 3salm /FE//* 5 . >This is My tr"th. the more voluminous the shaft of li!ht became. >Read . 61ord. became very busy in work. dit dit dot dit dot dot. &ow the works of God !radually increased throu!h him. and so forth< comin! down from the centre of the hu!e eye. #n this L-chool of 3rayerB he learned to pray every day until he and the 1ord were one -pirit in 3OW79. %inally. All darkness disappeared from this man.orinthians =E/@* +ohn FEDG* / +ohn =E5* #saiah F5E/ >< . he prayed. 'he li!ht bits that fell to the !round ascended into the shaft and be!an to build until it was equal to its former voluminous form.

3salm ?/E/< Set yo"r heart and mind li$e a flintS 6nly in My presence -ill yo" tr"ly and p"rely find Me8 .Hebrews >E/D< !o" m"st see$ My presence more8 .Hebrews //E=.pistle %%.3salm /FE//< !o" m"st set yo"rself aside in the secret place more often8 . 5GG= ./ .orinthians />EDF* / +ohn =E@* +ohn /HE/@* 3hilippians =E5/< $A9.5 'imothy =EH* / . >* //E/D* 5DEF* 5 . submission and obedience e4pressed in this word can be applied and performed. . #t will take !reat clarity from GodBs -pirit of wisdom and revelation workin!s whereby the faith.9oyal .ven many of My ministries -ho are prayin3 are not prayin3 correctly eno"3h8 They are still livin3 too m"ch of their lives in the conscio"s realms of the nat"ral mind. /?@=E 'his epistle is very wei!hty in implication. /?@=. is incl"ded belo-8 The #ord said to Royal: >.@? .9oyal . /?@=.H @'H.ven that -hich is spirit"ally evil -ill be manifested in the nat"ral8 Therefore.3salm ?/E/ /F* +eremiah 5?E/= /Da< $A9. all thin3s are .orinthians 5E/D Amp< b"t in yo"r spirit"al senses8 . He saidE >I -ill not ta$e yo" into the deep thin3s of My e/perience in all a"thority and po-er "ntil yo" h"mble and s"bmit yo"rselves to My corporate man8 6nly there -ill yo" be $ept from the hi3hly refined -or$in3s of deception8 I -ill $eep yo" safe -hen yo" abide in Me ' My -hole man8 *holly s"bmit to Me in My -hole man8 There yo" -ill find Me and become complete in Me8? .orinthians 5E/>* /DE5?* 7phesians /E55 5=* 3roverbs 5HE/H. that -hich is spirit"ally ri3hteo"s m"st be made apparent and manifested in the nat"ral. +esus said to 9oyalE >I am not comin3 to yo" in yo"r physical or mental senses.9oyal . %&:). /?@= .H H'H. bein3 absorbed by daily problems8 They need to persist in see$in3 Me "ntil their spirits penetrate thro"3h the principalities of the air and into My holy presence . the Lin3dom of od -ill never be f"lly established "pon the face of the earth8 . of Febr"ary %:th.ronquist< On October Fth.ronquist< October =rd.+ohn @E=5. 5GG= .ronquist< On October =/st. /* / .orinthians /=E/< $A9.H ?'H. =F< 5ere in My presence.orinthians 5E/G* / 3eter >E>* 7phesians >E5/* / . +esus said to 9oyalE >+nless yo" brin3 that -hich is spirit"al into the tan3ible. even tho"3h I and all thin3s in Me are f"lly spirit"al8? . I am to be made f"lly apparent in all nat"ral realms.3salm /HEH //* +ohn /HE/@< and the realms of li3ht and life8? . overcomin3 and destroyin3 all that is evil8? >Then the Lin3dom of od -ill be openly revealed and seen "pon the face of the earth8 My son.

+esus said to 9oyalE >If yo" are spea$in3 "ndefiled tr"th I -ill 3ive eno"3h confirmation from all of My chosen .9oyal .#saiah =GE/>* DGE=/* 3salm DFE/G< >7o not delay for I am comin3 to be 3lorified in My saints8 .9oyal .orinthians /DE5?* 5 .olossians 5E/Ga* 7phesians DE/>..H //'H.+ohn /FE55 5>< >Eome. +esus said to 9oyalE >!o"r mat"rity can be meas"red by the fr"itf"lness of My character and the po-er res"lts of My Spirit that leaves divine deposits remainin3 on the earth8 .5 3eter /E5G* / .5 'hessalonians 5EH.ven if yo" are spea$in3 tr"th -itho"t mi/t"re. for yo"r heart and mind to become @"iet before Me and t"rn -holly to Me8? .ronquist< On &ovember /=th.3salm /FE//* DFE/G* #saiah DGE=/< 5ere.H /='H. /< $A9.+eremiah 5?E/= /Da* 3salm 5HE@* 5 . 5GG= .ronquist< On &ovember 5@th.orinthians /=E/b* / 'hessalonians >E5/* 7cclesiastes =EHb* +ohn @E=/b =5< $A9. hold it and present it at a later date after confirmation8 My timin3 for tr"th in the present is most importantS? >Present tr"th is to be p"blished or spo$en by the confirmation of My corporate man8? . My 3lory -ill be revealed -ithin yo"8 .3salm /FE//* ?/E/< There yo" shall become as I am8 . +esus said to 9oyalE > ro-th is determined by -hat yo" do to-ard others o"tside of yo"r personal interests./ +ohn =E5* DE/H< There all that is Mine shall be yo"rs8? .7phesians DE/> /F* $atthew 5>E=> DG* $ark /FE5G* +ames /E55* 9omans /GE/H* Hebrews //E/< $A9. remainin3 free from all deception8 .5 'hessalonians 5E/G< Ma$e haste dili3ently.9oyal .ronquist< On 8ecember Hth.9oyal .ronquist< On 8ecember /Hth.H /5'H.Hebrews >E/D* FE/* +ohn /HE/G* 9omans @E/D /?< $A9. 5GG= . . 5GG= . constantly. /?@=. 5GG= . /G< !o" m"st -ait "pon Me.orinthians /GE>b* #saiah 5FE=* DGE=/* 5 'hessalonians /E/G* / 'hessalonians >E/H* Hebrews //EF. /?@=.l . +esus said to 9oyalE . /=* =E/?< yo" -ill receive everythin3 yo" have as$ed in My 4ameS? . abidin3 in Me . /?@=.orinthians =E/@* $atthew 5DED M+J< .+ohn />EH< and My presence8 . abide in Me ' My Presence8 . /?@=. leavin3 that -hich is confirmed by the Father as the res"lts of faith8? .+ohn /FE/=< 5ereby yo" can safely advance.+ohn />E/F< *hen yo" have come to My completion and f"llness.?G yo"rs8 I am here -aitin3 for yo".9evelation /HE/Dd< -ho are pressin3 in for completed tr"th8 .H /D'H. caref"lly8? .

so"l and body8? . .9oyal . +esus said to 9oyalE >If yo" are not -illin3 to chan3e the -ay yo" thin$.3salm ?/E/* Galatians >E5>< Then accordin3 to My *ord. /?@D.$atthew HE/> 5=< -hile in stress sit"ations ' also by the po-er res"lts of the 5oly Spirit .3salm ?/E/< of the Most 5i3h "ntil yo" are end"ed -ith life and po-er from on hi3h8? .yo" the path of life8 . believe. -ill ca"se yo" to miss the 3lory of od .+ohn />ED >.Galatians >E5>. "nrene-ed mind.#saiah DGE=/* Acts /E@< >#ean not on yo"r o-n "nderstandin3 .+ohn /GE=H =@* /HE/@< ' yo" can not -holly tr"st the si3n or -onder as bein3 valid or a"thentic8? .5 'hessalonians /EH /G* 9evelation /5E>* /DE/ D* Obadiah 5/* #saiah >5E@ M+J* 9evelation /?EH."t if yo" learn to live in the Spirit . abide in My presence so that I can rene. +esus said to 9oyalE >If yo" never learn to live in the Spirit.9evelation /=E/= /D* / . H< >Then all a"thority and po-er in heaven and on the earth shall be yo"rs8? .yo"r mind accordin3 to My thin$in3 by My Spirit8 .Galatians >E5>< yo" -ill have to die in yo"r salvation to obtain My f"ll life8 . /?@D. see$ My face8 .?/ >If the #ord does not confirm yo"r testimony -ith obvio"s fr"it of the Spirit . H< I -ill sho. /= /F* /HE/Dd* 9omans @E/?* ?E5> 5H< >!o" m"st let Me rene. 5GG= .+ohn >E=? DG* 9omans @E5?a* 5 .ronquist< On +anuary 5=rd.H /F'H.#saiah >>E@ ?* $atthew >ED@* 3hilippians 5E>* +ohn />EH* 3salm /FE//* ?/E/* +ames /E55< $A9.9oyal .+ohn /HE55< and 5is completed -ill in this present ho"r8 .orinthians /5E/Gc* 5E/>< >The deceivin3 ability of the Pprince of the po-er of the air< -ithin yo"r o-n "nperceivin3.3roverbs =E>b< or ri3hteo"sness./ +ohn DE/Hd< Eome deny yo"rself.orinthians =E/@* 1uke //E=>* / +ohn DE/* / 'hessalonians >E5/* / . . act and -or$.yo"r mind8? .$atthew 5@E/@* +ohn /GE=H =@* /HE/@* $ark />E5G* +ohn /DE/5* 3salm DE/ 8arby* $atthew 5@E/@* +ohn 5GE5/< $A9.ronquist< On +anuary ?th.+eremiah 5?E// /Da* Hebrews //EF.orinthians =E/@* +ohn /GE/Gb< !o" shall see Me and $no. .7phesians DE5=* 9omans /5E5* 7phesians /E/H 5G* 5E>b F* 9evelation =E5/< Eome.H />'H. 5D* / . then yo" -ill not @"alify to be received by Me at My completed in-ard appearin38? . .Galatians >E/F /H< abidin3 in Me. -e -ill be one in spirit. 5GG= .3salm /FE//< >7-ell in the secret place .9evelation /5E?* /=E/= /D< Eome.orinthians //E/= /F* $atthew 5DED./ +ohn 5EF* +ohn />ED >.9omans @E> @ Amp< .1uke ?E5=< abide in My Spirit8 .Me as I am. /F* 5 3eter /E= D* $atthew HE/= /D* 1uke /=E5D* 3roverbs /5E5@ &#J* 5 'imothy /E/G* +ohn FEDG* / 'hessalonians >E5= Amp< ./ +ohn =E5< and yo" shall be as I am8 .3hilippians =E?< b"t learn to abide -ithin Me8? . . /* 3salm 5HE@ /D< Abide in My presence contin"o"sly8? .

/ .7phesians >E5/* / . +esus said to 9oyalE >My sons shall be My .ronquist< On $arch //th. //. 6h man of od.ronquist< On %ebruary ?th. cannot advance -itho"t yo"r -ife advancin3 or vice versa./ . forceful ability. 5?* 7phesians >E5= ==* / 3eter =EH< And yo". 5>* 9evelation /=EH* +eremiah >/E/?b 5D M+J* $atthew 5DE? /=* 9evelation HE?."d3ment to the Eh"rch8? .1uke //E=Dab* +ohn //E5/ 5F< Eome. demonstration in divine stren!th<.?5 $A9.H /@'H. /?@D. == M+JK&A-< Eome "nto Me ' "nto My presence8 .dominatin! mi!ht* divinely incarnated creative force* miracle power to liberate* to recreate by divine action<.+ohn /HE//.+ohn />EH* 3salm /FE/Gb //< Set yo"rself aside8 #ove not yo"rself and thereby deny yo"rself8 .+ohn /HE/>* 5 .9oyal . beca"se yo" are no lon3er t-o ' b"t one flesh8 Therefore.+ohn /HE5=< Then it -ill come to pass that yo"r self'life -ill have been s-allo-ed "p into My life8 Then My Father -ill become A## in A##8? . 5GG= ./ +ohn =E5< There yo" shall be chan3ed to be as I am8 . /H.creation8 . -ill yo" increase in e/perienced life in Me.1uke /FE/Fc< Eome abide in Me ' in My presenceS . 5F 5@* =E>.9oyal .orinthians HE=5 =Da.orinthians HE5?< ' in Me ' can My life become -hat yo" are to be8 I in yo" and yo" in Me and -e in the Father8 .#saiah >>E@ ?< As soon as My f"llness appears in yo"./ . 5GG= . +esus said to 9oyalE >I -ant yo" to thin$ in Me8 .Galatians =E5@< b"t a ne. 5@de. 5F.1uke ?E5= 5D* /DE5F.H 5/-' 55&8.manifested. My is<'$hoos .ronquist< On $ay /Fth. 5/ 5=< >Fear not8 5ave not I predestined yo"r transformationA .vi!orous.5 . to3ether as yo" e@"ally yield "p yo"rselves to Me yo" can find yo"rselves increasin3 ' bein3 as I am8? . 5/* //E/>< $A9. /= /D* /DE/5 /=* /FE> F* 5EH.orinthians =E/@< There yo" shall see Me as I amS . press into My presenceS .3salm /FE//< >There My doo'nam<'is . /?@>. . /?@>. +esus said to 9oyalE >+nto the married I say: 6nly if yo"r marria3e relationship increases in a3ape love. Ehrist 0es"s8 .3salm /FE//< There yo" shall behold MeS . vi!orous power in .orinthians FE5 =* +ohn >E5H* 7phesians /ED* Hebrews 5E/G //* +ohn >E=G Amp* HE5D* @E/> /F."d3es to all the earth8 The nations of the earth shall be My .1uke ?E5=* / +ohn DE/Hd< >In Me yo" are neither male nor female. 5GG= ./ +ohn =E5* DE/H< I in yo" and yo" in Me and -e in the Father and the Father in "s8? . My $ray<'tos .9oyal .7phesians =E/?< yo"r days of str"33le of mortality -ill be finished8 . =@a* /5ED@ >G* /HE/@* / 3eter DE/H* 7(ekiel ?E/ //* +ude >* 3roverbs 5?E/@a* Hosea DEF* 8aniel HE5/.H /?'H.orinthians />E5D 5@< $A9.orinthians >E/H< 6nly as yo" lose the need of yo"rselves to each other . . /5.$atthew /HE5* 3hilippians =E5/< 6nly come "nto Me in My presence8? .

orinthians =E/@< >The deceitf"lness of the heart . +esus said to 9oyalE >I choose to b"ild and to @"ic$en yo"r so"l'life -ith Myself8 .+ohn /GE=G* /DE?e* FEDG* / +ohn =E5* DE/H* $atthew >ED@< $A9./ 3eter /E/> /F< . is of Me8 . only from the ori3ins of yo"r mind8? .stron!. that -ill transfi3"re yo"8 . .$atthew >ED@< >The more yo" separate yo"rself from the si3hts and so"nds of this -orld and come to Me in My presence.ven yo" are bein3 more conformed to My ima3e by My chastenin3 -ays and *ord8 .?= perfection< and My ener<'3in .orinthians 5E/D* 5 'imothy =EH* $atthew DED* / ./ +ohn 5E5H* 1uke FEDG* .3salm ?/E/< so that I can -or$.H 5=98.9omans @E5< >*hen yo" choose My choices.+ohn /HE55* #saiah FGE/ 55* $atthew //E/5< Eontend earnestly for the faith I have already delivered for the saints at the Eross8? . concernin3 some of those -ho are sayin3 that yo" are very intimidatin38 It is beca"se of My a"thority that is in yo" and pro3ressively becomin3 more so in yo"8 It is beca"se of My *ord that I am p"ttin3 in yo"r mo"th8 It is re@"irin3 absol"te heart decisions from My people8 I -ill not permit compromise to My tr"th or My -ays8? . be obedient8 B"ic$en yo"r pace8 Abide in Me ' My presence and I -ill abide in yo" and -e shall be one./ . +esus said to 9oyalE >My son.orinthians =E/@* / +ohn =E5< There is m"ch -ithin the Script"res that yo" have P"nderstandin3< on. effectual efficiency in operation< po-ers shall be -ro"3ht in yo"8? . then I -ill -or$8 .+ohn />EH< and I shall teach them all thin3s.3salm /FE//< the easier it -ill be for yo" to lose yo"r self'life .+ohn FEDG.Hebrews >E@< I -ill have . deny yo"rselfS .3salm /FE//< My secret place of My life and Spirit. and I -ill 3"ide them into all tr"th8? .5 .olossians /E5H< It -ill then become validly rene-ed8 . . even as the Father and I are 6neS? .ronquist< On &ovember Fth.5 'imothy 5E>< I can not -or$8? . so that I can perform My perfection -ithin yo"8? .$atthew //E/5b* 1uke /FE/Fb* /=E5D< I am ri3hteo"sness and holiness in My a"thority and *ord in yo"8 . 5GG= .9omans /5E5< It is the anointin3 -hile in "nion -ith Me in the Spirit.1uke ?E5=< Eome into My presence.9oyal .3roverbs 5=E5=* +ohn /DEF* =E/? 5/< >The violent intensity of Myself -ithin yo"r spirit in commitment and dedication to Me. 5GG= .+ohn /DE5F* /FE/=< >They alone shall be My 3lory and the f"lfillment of all that is *ritten8 .+ude =< $A9. /?@F.ronquist< On Au!ust 55nd.+eremiah 5?E/H< in >self? is increasin3 in My called ones8 .1uke ?E5=< and the @"ic$er I can effect My chan3e in yo"8 .7phesians /E/H /?< >I say there is b"t little time left8 Therefore. .$atthew 55E/D< My chosen shall abide in Me . >H >@* >E=G Amp< I -ill not violate yo"r soverei3nty of selfishness or self'choices8 Eome.9oyal .+ohn />EH* Galatians >E5>* $atthew /HE5a* 3hilippians =E5/* 7phesians DE5=< +nless yo" cooperate -ith Me accordin3 to My Spirit r"les. . /?@F.H 5D'H 5>'H.

for I am -ith yo" to honor yo" if yo" -ill abide in Me8 .orinthians =E/D* . //.e faithf"l My son.$atthew //E5@ =G< Abide in Me8 . bein3 My martyred one8 .Ha!!ai 5E?* +oel 5E5= M+J< if yo" -ill b"t abide in Me.Hebrews /5E> @* / +ohn =E=* 5 .orinthians HE/* $atthew >ED@< >6nly in adversity .9omans @E5@< !o" -ill only rei3n -ith Me beca"se yo" prevail in overcomin3 s"fferin3s and adversities8? .My eternal val"es that come thro"3h s"fferin38 .a3ain. b"t abide in Me.3roverbs /FE5 &A-< revealin3 the self'deceits of their hearts and lips -hich is hypocrisy8? . b"t many -ill not8 At the 0"d3ment Seat . that many are intimidated by yo"S My called ones in their "nperceived. become intimidated by -hat I am becomin3 in yo"8? >.orinthians =E/@* +eremiah /HE?* 3roverbs =E5=* 5 .3hilippians =E/D< Rest in Me8 .5 .bac$ lest yo" lose My re-ard of bein3 the pri=e of My hi3h callin3 of Myself in yo"8 .olossians 5E/@a* Hebrews 5E5 =a* /GE=>* //E5F< >Some -ill repent. many of My people -ho have not permitted Me to sanctify them in their in-ard parts./ 3eter /E//* +ohn /FE5* 5 'imothy DE@< >A3ain I say.?D vessels as p"re as I am p"re ' holy as I am holy ' perfect as I am perfect8? . if yo" -ill contin"e to press in to $no. and do not dra. /5. dra. 5/ 5=< in My holiness8 . "nac$no-led3ed rebellions -ith obstinate.orinthians >E/G< I shall re-ard accordin3 to their motives.1uke .+ohn />EH* 3salm ?/E/* / +ohn 5EF< I -ill repay8? .orinthians >E/G< >It -as beca"se of My Spirit in the prophets of old and the meas"re of their obedience to Me. let "s rest to3ether .3salm DE/ M+J< -ill yo" and My people pay a price8 !o" -ill learn obedience by the thin3s that I ca"se in yo" and to yo" thro"3h s"fferin3s8 . self'ri3hteo"s -ays of pride -ithin the "nsanctified parts.Hebrews >EH* +ohn /HE/@* 5 'imothy 5E/5 M+J* 9evelation 5EH. 5/< >It is beca"se of Me and My comin3 forth in yo" -ith a"thority in -ord and e/ample. that they paid -ith their lives8 4o. /H.Hebrews /5E/D M+J< There I -ill be 3lorified8 Press in.+ohn /HE//f.9evelation /5E//* #saiah =GE/>c* DGE=/* +ohn />EH* Hosea FE=* 3salm /FE//* 3roverbs 5@E5/a* +ohn DEDD< Retaliate not in adversity.+ohn />EH* / +ohn 5EF< Eontin"e to press in to $no.e faithf"l "nto death. 5F 5H* =E>. for I -ill repay8? >Eome no-. to honor yo" . .Me -itho"t respect of persons8 .Hebrews /GE=@* / .Me in My presence8 7o not have respect of persons.not bac$8 I -ill $eep yo" "ntil the ho"r of yo"r depart"re if yo" -ill prevail and overcome in yo"r testimony8 At times yo" -ill be @"iet -ith a mee$ spirit and at other times yo" -ill be My decreed ven3eance8 6nly -ait "pon Me.Hebrews DE//< as one . for I have laid "p a cro-n of ri3hteo"sness for yo" in My Lin3dom8? . yo" too shall pay -ith yo"r life./ . My son8 . -ill thin$ they are doin3 Me service by railin3 a3ainst yo"8 !es. even to yo"r o-n flesh and blood8? >I -ill come to yo" in the former and latter 3lory./ 3eter 5E5/< Many do not $no.

?> /FE/Fb* 3hilippians =E/D< Ta$e My heavenly realms by force8 . F>cd* /5E=5b< Many are placatin3 My people thro"3h reason and emotion. . ta$e more time -ith Me in My presence8? . /?@H.Hebrews /=EF< >Mar$ this day.$atthew =E5= 5>< I -ill ta$e yo" deeper into My chambers.#saiah >>E@ ?* Zechariah =EH* / +ohn DE/Hd< Eontin"e to h"mble yo"rself in all sit"ations and relationships8 .+ohn FEDDa< I am leadin3 yo" into My secret place8 .orinthians 5E/G< My presence8 .9oyal .olossians /E5H< Teach My *ord8 It is I -ho -ill 3ive the increase in "nderstandin3. for yo" shall be3in to chan3e more and more as yo" do the -or$ of beholdin3 Me8 . /=* ./ .9oyal .9omans /5E/?* 3salm ?/E/ /F< $A9.$atthew //E/5b< #oo$ not to the ri3ht or to the left8 #isten not to the bleatin3 of My "nsanctified ones8 I am dra-in3 yo" "nto Myself8 .ronquist< On %ebruary D.+ohn /FE/=* / +ohn 5E5H* 7phesians /E/H< to all I have prepared to hear8? . +esus said to 9oyalE >!o" have not 3ot time to be caref"l in appealin3 to My people thro"3h nat"ral means of reason and emotion8 .olossians /E5F* +eremiah ==E=< .orinthians =E/@* 9omans @E5?< I have not fo"nd yo" perfect in all of yo"r -ays8 7eny yo"rself more. DDa./ . 3ivin3 yo" favor -ithin the hearts of others beca"se I shall choose to8 .orinthians 5E/D< It is impossible to be dra-n "nto Me by h"man infl"ence8 . =* 7phesians DE5 =< It is I -ho -ill ca"se men to increase in "nity as they abide in Me -ith My Spirit in them8 .+oel =E/D< Abide in My presence more8 . +esus said to 9oyalE >./ . /?@@. enticin3 them to have faith for thin3s8? .e dili3ent and @"ic$ to 3ive heed to all that I am sayin3 to yo"8 .1uke /GE/F< I 3ive the increase8 I 3ive men to each other8 I 3ive My *ord increase -ithin the e/perience of men8 I am #ord8? >I have predetermined My *ord in yo"r mo"th for this ho"r8 .$atthew FE5/< >!o" shall not compromise My *ord to infl"ence My people to 3ive favor to-ard yo"8 It is I -ho 3ive men to the +nity of My Spirit8 . ./ +ohn /EF H* 3hilippians 5. 5GG= .9omans />EH* +ohn />EH* .74odus DE/5 M+J< M"ltit"des are in the PHalley of 7ecision8< .3salm /FE//* ?/E/< Eome.3salm /FE//< There yo" -ill be sec"re8? .+ohn FE=H.e faithf"l and I -ill $eep yo" in My -ays8 .5 .7phesians >E5/* / 3eter >E>de< I -ill e/alt yo" accordin3 to My -ill8? .3salm /FE//* +ohn /HE//* 5 .H 5F'H.orinthians =ED ?a< !o" are to be faithf"l to Me8 !o" shall not be concerned -ho does or does not receive yo"8 ./ .ronquist< On +anuary 5>th. 5GG= .orinthians 5E? /G. for .9evelation =E@b< I -ill 3ive My *ord thro"3h yo".Acts 5FE/F< I am yo"r open door that no man shall close8 .3salm /FE//* ?/E/< There I -ill "nfold the hidden thin3s of the a3es8 . and come into My presence more often.H 5H'H.$ark DE5= 5D< >!o" are merely to be My yielded vessel8 .orinthians =E/@* / +ohn 5EF< $A9.

/ +ohn =E5* +ohn FEDG< .Me in My presence8 . .H 5@'H. for My people to find h"mility and bro$enness in spirit in Me. My mercy is still tri"mphin3 over ./ 3eter DE/H* +eremiah >/E/? 5= M+J* 7(ekiel ?E/ //* 8aniel /5EF H.e patient."d3ments.7(ekiel =E5G* /@E5D* ==E/5< and the "nri3hteo"s .5 ./ +ohn DE/Hd* $atthew >ED@* 7phesians >E5H* / 'hessalonians >E5= Amp< $A9. .9evelation /@E/ 5G* =E/D /F* +eremiah >GE/ DF* >/E/ .$atthew /GE55* 5DE/=< >.orinthians >E/>.3salm =DE/@< . to teach My people -hat they o"3ht to do .9oyal .carelessly livin! ri!hteous ones< . 5GG= ./ . even My temple8? . =?< yo"r most o"ter man -ill be b"rned "p -ith her8 .eca"se of yo"r dead -or$s. mercy and 3race as it has been 3iven and $no-n since the Eross.Hebrews FE/c* 5 3eter /E> @* +ohn />E/F* +ames 5E5G* Hebrews DE/ 5* //E/=. shall cease8 . the ri3hteo"s .Acts =E5G 5/* 1uke /=E5D* .orinthians =E/= />* $atthew 5>E> /5< Therefore come o"t of her. . /?< $A9. +esus said to 9oyalE >In the day that I brin3 .un!odly<8? . so as to prepare a people in the earth for My ret"rn8? .hronicles /5E=5< and ho. =?< !o" -ill only be saved in the fire that I -ill e/ec"te "pon her if yo" end"re.H 5?'H.orinthians DEH* 9evelation =E/5* 5 .orinthians FE/H< and $no. then yo" shall 3o do-n -ith herS . if yo" My people.9oyal . 5GG= . /?@@.?F lon3er periods of time. 5?@@.+ames 5E=< !et a little -hile.3salm >/E/H< accordin3 to My approved -ill8 .O /GEl /5* +C87 >* H7 DE/ 5* //E/=.ronquist< On April /5th.eca"se of the shortness of time.5=< =>* /. 5>* @E5= 5D* //E== =>* / . "ntil yo" see My li$eness8? .ronquist< On %ebruary 5=rd. have not come totally o"t of her -ith all yo"r hearts. >* +ude >* 9evelation /=EH* /5E/H* /DE/5 /=* FE? //* HE?. /= /D* //E> F* /HE/Dd* /?E/D />* //E5* /GEH* //E/>< >I -ill have a perfect remnant. non'-or$s.-ee the study manual on L'he 0ible 0ook of 8aniel.abylon do-n.74odus DE/5* / 3eter DE//< .B< For then I -ill revert to the P#a."d3ment8 ./ 'hessalonians >E5= Amp< and I -ill be yo"r od and yo" shall be My vessel. ./ 3eter DE/H* 8aniel ?E5D 5>* 9evelation 5E5F 5H* 5 3eter =E/D* #saiah F/E5b< .5 .1uke ?E5=* 3salm /FE//* / +ohn =E5* +ohn FEDG< >!et a little -hile yo" shall see Me as I am and become as I am8 .orinthians /GE//./ .to do it8 . /G /5* $atthew /GE5/ 55* 5DE? /=* 3roverbs 5?E/@a* Hosea DEF* 8aniel HE5/.Me thro"3h and thro"3h in all of yo"r in-ard parts . maintainin3 and $eepin3 yo"r testimony in Me to the end8? . +esus said to 9oyalE > race -ill be available only for a short time more. yo"r impotence and sterility.+ames /E5 =* +ude =* 3salm /FE//< I -ill spea$ thro"3h yo" more and more.9omans ?E5> 5H< to close this a3e o"t in .orinthians FE/F /@* 9evelation /@ED* / 'hessalonians >E5= Amp* / +ohn DE/Hd* 5 . b"t =ealo"s to $no.of the Rod< "nto all man$ind.e faithf"l to all My demands and My love shall be complete in yo"8? .

#saiah ?EF H< %709CA9" =98. 5GG= . spirit./ .: #mmediately the 1ord appeared sayin!.5 3eter /E= D* 5 . -ith the s"bstance of faith.ronquist< On 8ecember 55nd. 5GG= . >H >@* @E>/ >5* //E5/ 5F* 5 'imothy /E/G* 7phesians DE/>.9oyal . /?@5.m"ch yo" appropriate the faith's"bstance . /H. +esus said to 9oyalE >!o"r mind is rene-ed -hile listenin3 to the *ord of od in yo"r heart and spirit.orinthians =E/@* DE/@* / +ohn =E5def< -hereby they can become as I AM. by the believers in Ehrist 0es"s8 Then 0es"s Ehrist can ret"rn8? .ronquist< On the eve of the %east of 'abernacles. 5GG= .9oyal .?H /FE/Fb* $atthew //E/5b* Obadiah 5/* 9evelation /DE/ >* /5E>* 9omans @E/?.9oyal .olossians 5E/Ga* Hebrews 5E?b* +ohn FED@ >/.Hebrews /5E5a< of My -ords and promises .ronquist< $ay 5/st. not "pon ho. to establish the destiny of od<s -ill "nto 5is people8? .orinthians />E5D 5@* 1uke 5DE=F M+J< Then these Script"res -ill have come to pass8? . 6What is an apostle. /?@@.ronquist< On -eptember /@th.orinthians /5E5@* 7phesians DE//a< %709CA9" F'H. /=* =E/?* $atthew >ED@< %709CA9" H'H. . /?@5./ 'hessalonians >E5= Amplified< -hile yo" are alive8? ./ +ohn DE/Hd* 9omans @E5? =G* Hebrews 5E/G //< even the f"llness of the odhead ' bodily8 . +esus said to 9oyalE >The Father -ill demand that all that is -ritten in the Script"res be f"lfilled e/perientially. 5GG= . /5. >An apostle is a special sent one. /?@5. 5GG= .m"ch yo" believe doctrinally.+ohn /HE/@* . 3iven to the Eh"rch on the earth. /?@5E $y natural son asked me.ronquist< On $arch /st. assimilatin3 and >che-in3? it "ntil the -ords s"bmer3e and diff"se into the s"bconscio"s memory ban$s of the spirit. 5? =G* Hebrews 5E/G //* 9evelation 5EH.9oyal . 5/* /?E/D />* /HE/Dd< $A9. so"l and body is to become yo"r literal e/perience -ithin yo"r spirit. 5F 5H* =E>. so"l and body . -hich is bein3 int"itively @"ic$ened to yo"r nat"ral mind8 !o" m"st then meditate "pon that -ord and tho"3ht.orinthians /E5G< thro"3h the activity of faith8? >My life.olossians 5E? /G* / . +esus said to 9oyalE >The destiny of yo"r inheritance is conditional.. heart and mind ' all -hile tr"stin3 in Me8? %709CA9" >'H. b"t "pon ho.H =/-'. .9oyal .$atthew >ED@* /GE=G* /DE?e* 5 . //. +esus said to 9oyalE >Tell My people that they are to start prayin3 to e/perience Me as Father.

ronquist< On $ay /Dth. +esus said to 9oyalE >If yo" are totally committed to Me in the mystical . /?@=.ronquist< On +uly >th.olossians 5E/G< %709CA9" @'H. disciplinin3 yo" severely. 5GG= .+ohn />EH* 9omans /GE@< >The "tterance of the faith -ord. +esus said to 9oyalE >Those -ho are not pressin3 into the Spirit . heart and mind ' not .orinthians @E/b 5* 7phesians >E5/* / .9omans @E5? =G* Hebrews 5E/G //.+ohn />EH* 3salm ?/E/. the rhema *ord.3salm ?/ED< !o" m"st see$ My face. +esus said to 9oyalE >It is important that yo" develop a contemplative ./ .3salm 5HE@ ?.9oyal .3salm /HE/>* 5 . /= /D< -hereby yo" can abide -ithin Me . 5GG= .9oyal ."dice of persons lest I come and smite yo" -ith a c"rse. .mysterious< thin3s that I teach yo".?@ . 5GG= . as yo" lose yo"r re-ard8? . /?@=. tan3ible realms of e/istence8? .+ohn /GE5H< My @"ic$ened *ord -ill then become faith -ithin and -itho"t8? . +esus said to 9oyalE >The most dan3ero"s deception for My .ronquist< On %ebruary 5/st.' yo" -ill reapS .orinthians =E/@< I -ill not be moc$ed and there is no dar$ness -ithin Me8 *hat yo"r motives so.e holy. @* 5E/ /H* $alachi DEFc< %709CA9" /F'H. /H* 7phesians /E/H 5/* 5E>b F* .Galatians FEH< .orinthians =E/@< mind that is trained to be s"bordinate to yo"r spirit8 ../ +ohn /E>* / 3eter /E/> /F< %709CA9" /@'H.9oyal .3salm /HE/>* 5 . nor -ill they be a completed Son . forms -hat yo" say thro"3h the @"ic$ened lo3os *ord into the faith's"bstance of -hat -as said.yo"rself to be deceived8 . 5GG= . /?@=.1uke /FE/Fb M+J< and -ho are not strivin3 to enter the door .9oyal .1uke /=E5D* $atthew //E/5b< to minister "nto Me."st yo"r mind alone8 7o not allo. >* +ames 5E/* +oel /E5 =.orinthians =E/@* +ohn /GE5H* 7phesians DE5=* 9omans /5E5* /GE/H* Hebrews >E/D* //E/.5 ./ . =< %709CA9" ?'H.olossians =E/D* +ude =< . /?@5.ronquist< On +anuary //th. brin3in3 My provision into the literal.orinthians =E/@* / 3eter >E5 =.Acts =E5/* $atthew >E/@* 9omans @E5?* $atthew >ED@* 7phesians =E/?* DE/=* / +ohn DE/H* . -ill not @"alify to rise into My completed li$eness. .orinthians /GE= F* #saiah 5FE=* DGE=/* 3salm DFE/G< 5ereby yo" -ill learn to hear My voice8 .+ohn /FE5>< then I -ill be to yo" a shield and defence8 .olossians 5E/Gb< in this a3e8? . /= /D< and My *ord can have s"premacy -ithin yo"r spirit. for I am holy8? .rethren -ho are in the ministry is to pres"mpt"o"sly co'e/ist and involve themselves only -ith brethren -ho are at comparable 3ro-th sta3es in insi3ht and "nderstandin38 *hat I say to one is -hat I say to all: 5"mble yo"rselves and s"bmit yo"rselves one to another in the fear of the #ord8 5ave no respect or pre.

yo"r spirit becomes divine spirit"ali=ed life8 .orinthians /GE= >< %709CA9" 5>'H. it too becomes divine.ection to Me.and in< Me8 . H* / +ohn 5E5H.+oshua /E?* 7phesians FE/G //.ronquist< On +uly /?th.#saiah 5FE=< .to let Me be #ord8 Abide in "nion -ith Me8 . 5> 5F.rin3 yo"r tho"3hts into captivity8? . 5G M+J< Eoncentrate and foc"s "pon Me8 . .9oyal .Galatians >E55 5=. 5GG5 ./ .9oyal . as I am -ithin yo"r spirit8 Then yo" are free and at rest in MeS .+ohn />EH< by -hich yo" can not perform by any admi/t"re of h"man s$ill. /?@=. +esus said to 9oyalE >The rene-ed mind .3hilippians 5E/=< Face these thin3s -ith My co"ra3e. /?@=. +esus said to 9oyalE >If yo" Preact< beca"se of a lac$ of "nderstandin3 on -hat is bein3 ta"3ht.9oyal . .the natural mind which knows the Word throu!h learnin!<8 The nat"ral mind rene-ed is a spirit"ali=ed mind. 5GG= . +esus said to 9oyalE >To live by Me .9oyal . .ronquist< On +uly /Hth.7phesians /E/H 5G< to anyone -ho has a doctrinal arro3ance -ithin their spirit. ability and in3en"ity8 .5 . abide in My presence.5 .orinthians /=ED @< and then the po-er of Spirit -ill be yo"rs8 .9omans /5E5* 7phesians DE5=< -hich is My -or$ and not yo"rs.7phesians /E/H /@* DE5=< *hen yo" are re3enerated. F. ./ . is bein3 established8 Eome.+ohn /GE=H =@* /HE/@* /DE/5< %709CA9" 55&8.ronquist< On +uly 5@th. /F /@< My presence .orinthians 5E/D Amp< 6nly then can I impart My faith8 . 5GG= . /?@=.9oyal . spirit"ali=ed life8 *hen the body is re3enerated.7$079 =98. +esus said to 9oyalE >The thin3s that yo" intentionally avoid dealin3 -ith are the thin3s -hich retard yo"r mat"rity8 . D >< so that I may f"lly accomplish My -or$ -ithin yo"S? . /?@5. created by the miracle -or$in3 po-er of My 5oly Spirit8 .the flesh< dominatin3 over yo"r spirit8 !o"r spirit is r"lin3 and rei3nin3 s"preme over all of yo" -hen yo" have yo"r so"l'life .Hebrews DE? //.+ohn FE>Hc< yo" m"st 3et yo"rself into a faith'action position .7phesians DE5=* 3hilippians =E5/* 1uke //E=Dbc< 87. 5GG= . /F /H< in s"b.orinthians @E/b 5< b"t .+ohn />ED >. 5GG= .3salm /FE//* $ark /FE5G< and the fr"it of My Spirit. heart and spirit is abidin3 . /F /H* / . spirit"ali=ed life8? . 5GG=.9omans /5E5< is not so"lish .3salm /FE//* +ohn />EH. . / 5 M+JK&A-< Then yo"r so"l.ronquist< On October /=th.in union< -ith .ronquist< On +uly 5Gth. +esus appeared unto 9oyal and saidE RI -ill not 3ive My *isdom and Revelation e/perience .rin3 yo"r tho"3hts and emotions into captivity "nto Me8 .Hebrews /5E5a* 9omans /GE/H< #earn ho.Acts /E@< 6nly then -ill yo" 3roe/perientially8? %709CA9" 5=98. this is evidence of yo"r so"l<s mind and emotions .?? %709CA9" 5/-'.+ohn />EH< Then the rene-in3 or spirit"alisin3 of yo"r mind.Galatians >E5D 5>.orinthians /GE= F< *ill My -ill8 .+ohn =E=< *hen yo"r so"l or mind is rene-ed or re3enerated. it too becomes divine.

+ohn /DE5F* /FE/=* @E=5.$ark /5E=G< livin3 o"tside yo"r personal interests8 . . and ho. 5GG5 . 5GG5 .ronquist< On April @th.7$079 H'H.7$079 /G'H.7$079 F'H. 5GG5 . /?@5. +esus appeared unto 9oyal and saidE RAs a believer.. that has My Spirit of intercession. .ronquist< On April 5/st. +esus appeared unto 9oyal and saidE RA believer<s 3ro-th may be meas"red or ascertained8 It is in direct proportion and correlation to the de3ree that yo" abide and live -ith Me in the spirit. /?@5.$atthew >E> M+JK&A-J< 87. and is permeated by the fr"it of the Spirit8P . I shall teach and 3"ide into all tr"th. then to stren3then and enco"ra3e yo"r brother in faith8 This e/ceeds doctrinal a3reement and prod"ces the ri3hteo"sness of My life and "nity of spirit8R .1uke ?E5= 5D< and hom"ch yo"r heart is involved -ith My life. =F< for only My mee$ ones shall inherit the earth8 .ronquist< On 8ecember /st. /F< to the depth of loss and sacrifice of yo"r self'life. == M+JK&A-J< It -ill appear as divine res"lts in the -a$e of yo"r livin3 thro"3h the activities of faith.it -ith faith.and believe. the 1ord said to 9oyalE R!o"r 3ro-th is not determined by ho. it is imperative that yo" become -illin3 to chan3e many thin3s in yo"r life8 . b"t -hether yo" can hear it and $no. /?@5./GG only "nto those -ho have a bro$en spirit and contrite heart8 .9oyal .$atthew /HE5F &A-J* / . the more My tho"3hts -ill r"le and be dominant in lie" of yo"r thin$in3 stren3ths8 Then -e shall be one ' e/perientiallySR . the 1ord said to 9oyalE R!o" do not have the ri3ht to re@"ire that anyone live or conform to yo"r conscience before Me8 4either do yo" have the ri3ht to restrict yo"rself from livin3 accordin3 to yo"r brother<s conscience8 !o" only have the ri3ht to 3ive yo"rself "p for love<s sa$e.ronquist< On April Hth. My *ord and -ill.orinthians ?E/? 5H* 9omans /DE/H* 7phesians DE/ =< 87. .yo" believe abo"t Me.7$079 >'H.+ohn HE/F /@* 3hilippians 5E/=< 87.m"ch of it is My o-n life<s s"bstance and -or$in3 ability -ithin yo"8R . the more sensitive and a-are of Me and the spirit'-orld yo" -ill become8 The lon3er yo" pray. /?@5.Galatians >E5>.olossians /E5H* 5E/Ga* / +ohn DE/H< 87.9oyal . +esus said to 9oyalE RThe more yo" foc"s "pon Me from yo"r heart.9oyal . . 5GG5 .9oyal .m"ch so"nd doctrine and revelation of My *ord yo" $no.orinthians /GE5@ 5?* 9omans /DE/5 /=* / .1uke /DE5F.e -illin3 to chan3e -hat and ho. and even yo"r o-n involvement in $no-in3 and doin3 My -ill8R .7$079 D'H. /?@=. 5GG5 .3salm >/E/H* =DE/@< These bro$en ones.9oyal .ronquist< On -eptember 5Dth.$atthew >EDF D@* Galatians >E55 5D< 87.

orinthians /5E5d* 9evelation /5E>* 5EH< 5ere.$atthew 5/E/ /D< My s"ccesses do not come a"tomaticallyS !o"r commitment and dedication to the loss of yo"r QselfQ ./ 'hessalonians >E/H* Hebrews >E/D* $ark /E=>* 1uke >E/F* FE/5* #saiah >>E@ ?* 3salm /FE//* +ohn />EH* 3salm ?/E/ //* 9evelation =E5/< 87.ronquist< On 8ecember /?th. abide often in My presence8 . .olossians =E/ D< Then to3ether -e -ill -in .e committed to spend "ndistracted time -ith Me in My presence8 There yo" -ill find Me8 .e violent to press into My presence8 .1uke ?E5=< . 5GG5 .Hebrews /GEH* +ohn /HE/@* #saiah DGE=/* +ohn />EH* 5 . 5GG5 .7$079 //'H.orinthians HE/* 9omans /=E/D* 5 . +esus said to 9oyalE RThin$in3 in My presence is yo"r mind in captivity8 . yo" shall overcome. H* 9omans /GE/H< Eome abide in Me.+ohn >E=G Amplified< Eome. 5GG5 . .rin3 the mind of yo"r so"l into a33ressive s"bmission and inactivity to Me -ithin yo"r spirit8 .7$079 /5'H.5 .3salm /FE//* ?/E/* . My presence8 .9oyal .+ohn />ED >.9oyal . and then only. +esus said to 9oyalE R+nless yo" pray daily "ntil yo" e/perience My presence.ronquist< On $ay //th.7$079 /D'H. 5GG5 .9oyal .#saiah 5FE=< !o" m"st do the precedin3 before I can do My active. can My *ord be e/perienced and f"lfilled in yo"8R . H* / +ohn 5EF* 3hilippians 5E/5f< . /?@D.#saiah >>E@ ?* 5 .orinthians =E/@< 87. even as I overcame8 .5 . /?@=.orinthians 5E/D< .+ohn />E>.3salm ?/E/< even into My throne8 . +esus said to 9oyalE RThe s"ccess of today is not satisfactory or ade@"ate for the s"ccess that yo" -ill need tomorro. I invite yo" into My secret place.Hebrews /5E5a< Eome My son.+eremiah 5?E// /Da< Then.5 .ronquist< On $ay >th. deny yo"rself8 .9oyal .$atthew //E/5* 3salm /FE//* 3hilippians =E/D* +eremiah 5?E// /Da< ive no occasion or mercy to yo"r flesh8R ./G/ RThere My @"ic$ened *ord -ill 3ive yo" My faith8 . +esus said to 9oyalE RAs lon3 as yo" pray from yo"r self'life .orinthians =E/@< 87.#saiah =GE/>* 3salm DFE/G< Thin$in3 in yo"r presence is in yo"r ori3ins8 .orinthians 5E//* $ark /E=>* 1uke >E/F* FE/5* +ohn /HE/@< 87.#saiah 5FE=< b"t not empty or passive ' actively @"ietS .1uke ?E5=< and obedience to Me m"st increase8R R!o"r choices m"st be My choices8 .3salm /FE//< yo" -ill not chan3e8 I -ill not be able to chan3e yo" apart from My presence8 Eome. in My presence. .7$079 /F'H. int"itive thin$in3 -ithin yo"r mind8R .and the days to come8 .orinthians /GE= F< A33ressively inactive. /?@=.1uke ?E5= 5D* +ohn >E=G amp* $ark /E=>* 1uke >E/F* FE/5* +ohn /HE/@< yo" -ill fail8 . /?@=./ .ronquist< On %ebruary 5/st.

97 /E H. /G* 9O @E5? =G* H7 5E/G //* 97 .+1 5E5=<.73 DE// /5<.3. their ministry will also be done away with at the return of the 1ord with His saints .+ohn >E=Da Min! +ames* @E5?* 9evelation =E5/< #t is interestin! to consider that the five fold ministry .5 'H 5E=<.O /=E? /5<. as +esus did . At that time. Why.73 /E/D* / .+1 5E=5<.+& /DE/5<. #f His 1aw A!e .FGE5b* +7 >/E/? 5= k)* 7ZM ?E/ H* 8A HE5/. 5>* @E5D* //E== =F* /5EFc H* 97 //E5* Z7.5 'H /EH @. F* 55E>* =E5/* >E/G<. .HAG 5E?<.FFE/F<. He had to raise up a whole new . but they received Him not . "es.hurch . How some. 'he 6in part: will be finished when the -ons be!in to manifest in 6the perfect: . # believe that the latter !lory will be !reater than the former !lory . 'hen when they are finished ministerin!. do you really think it will be any different for His . at the fullness of the %east of 'abernacles time . 'here will be the !reater miracles. even to the present . @ ?* 97 /5E>* /?E/>* 87 5E5>* //E5= 5>* 97 5E5F 5?* +7 5>E== =@* 8A /5EFc H* 97 //E5* /=E>. which pertains to the 61aw of the 9od: . &ow this time He is not !oin! to come as the 1amb. even as I overcame8R .onsider this principle or spiritual law.hristians amon! the present ranks will fall away from the faith . /=E@* $' /GE5/ 55* 5DE? /=* 97 FE? //* HE?* /= /D* /5E/H* /DE/5 /=* /=EH* /@E5D<.O />E5D 5@<. even !reater than +esus worked .+& /E5?<.9O @E/?* ?E5> 5H* 97 /5E>* O08 5/* 97 /DE/ ><. %or the past ten years # have increasin!ly perceived the blindness restin! upon multitudes of !reat ministries. but do not plainly !ive GodBs people the truth of those fearful thin!s. -ome va!uely hint at them.hurch will have to face in the near future. at the be!innin! of the last half of 8anielBs HGth week which is the Great 'ribulation time period. He came as the 1amb of God . are i!norin! or re)ectin! the fri!htenin! thin!s that the . most of all their personal security and financial support for a prosperous life style that would be taken away from them. but as the 1ion of +udah in ven!eance and wrath . 'he 1ord and His ways never chan!e. 'hey have !ot too much to lose. Cntold millions from the un!odly will come into salvation . // /5* /EF* 5GED. H*#. untold millions of . /G* FE5G* HE// /H* / +& DE/H< rulin! the nations with Him for a thousand years . %rom there they will !raduate into the $elchi(edek 3riesthood order. 'here will be the former rain poured out to!ether with the latter rain in the first month. are only an 6in part: ministry of both men and women of God and the Holy -pirit .hurch would not receive Him as the 1amb./G5 and yo" -ill have overcome.hurch !eneration out of those who were not His called and chosen in the 1aw A!e.5E/ =.+& /E//<. D/* 5DED@ >/* 9O /E/@* .#.O1 =EF* 5 'H /E@<.73 >EF* $' HE5/ 5=* @E/5* /=E=@. +esus came to His own. At the same time. includin! the nine !ifts of the Holy -pirit.+& /HE/@* 97 /EF* H7 >E> @. in innocence. and so forth./ 'H =E/=* / . but massive numbers in i!norance or rebellion..hurch A!e people to receive Him as the ven!eance and wrath of God incarnate within His 0rethrenK$anchildK0rideKAn!el -ons . neither do the ways of His people.

'wo ma)or forces will be manifestin! in these last daysE . divided homes amon! .$' /GE=> =@* +C87 / /?<. and so forth. drou!hts.5 'H 5E=< and suffer the consequences.+C87 / /?< indistin!uishable from the true prophets with the natural mind. there is the deception of misinformation in 0ible doctrine. #n addition to all of this. directly murderin! them . 'here will also be unima!inable.hrist all chiefs with no #ndians to !overn. 'he !lory of God in the midst of the . 'his will force millions of immature ones to fall away from the faith . and 1uke 5/. because of the vial )ud!ments on the earth .Z7.pre tribulation< rapture.+7 >/E5=<. -ince the masses are so immature or inaccurately led . $ark /=.HAG 5. drou!hts. pollution from volcanic eruptions. indescribable.Z7. multitudes will be cau!ht in the divine )ud!ments of the elements . At the same time millions of the newly saved ones and millions of older saved ones will be killed . amon! others. they can not !et out of the ways of the disastrous places of the divine )ud!ments. earthquakes beneath the earth and famines from drou!hts .FGE/ =.O /=E/G* 5 'H /EHb @. it was less than one half of one percentR 'he way # hear the !ospel that is bein! preached to the 0ody of . ministerin! throu!h His corporate $anchildK0rethrenK0ride people. workin! false wonders . false prophets .hurch will keep them all secure. /=E@* 97 /=EH* //E/ 5* +& /GE/Gabc* /FE5* 97 /=E/ /@* /DE? /=<. God loves them. All liesR #t is perversions of truth. /G* +& /DE/5< 'wo thirds of the present ./ '# DE/ 5* 5 '# =E= D* 5 37 /E55<. eschatolo!ies. 0esides all this.HO DEF<. /G //< of the heavens and earth . /=E@< because of immaturity and i!norance .5< 'he sons of perdition will be manifestin! the !reater works to kill and destroy the saints .#./EH< from hydro!en holocausts .F* H7 /GE5F 5?< with fallin! meteors./G= /5E>* /?EH* 9O ?E5> 5H<. pestilence which will have no cure. /=E@* 5 'H 5E=<. prayerlessness . pestilences and so much more that can be found in the books of $atthew./ . antichrist forces. All of them are !oin! to be kin!s and priests. >* F/EF H<. and forests and cities on fire .1C 5DE=F k)* $' 5DE5G* +1 5E/H<.1C 5/E5><.97 /=E/> /H<. which is the possibility of forfeitin! their salvation . unprecedented floods and hail storms. wrath and !lory of God . floods.9O @E/?* +& /DE/5* /HE55* /GE/Gab< and . /DE/5< and so on. hurricanes and typhoons with ra!in! seas . $any will be replaced by the un!odly comin! into .Z7./< 'he -ons of God manifestin! the !reater works in the ven!eance.$' 5DEH<. #n a poll taken while in my travelin! ministry.97 /FE/ 5/< and because of the sons of perdition.HO DEF<. Hardly anyone is prayin! correctly to escape these thin!s .Z7.5 37 =EH.hrist +esus with a double portion in number . puttin! the believers to sleepR 'hat sort of mind set is makin! the 0ody of . . so He will not let any harm come to them.hurch will lose out and fall away from the faithR .hrist is that they will escape all these thin!s by the .97 /DE? /5< since they are so shallow and wron!ly informed .hristians and the world .#. earthquakes. and so on.

97 /DED* /?EH< who will be perfect. .+C87 =* 5 37 /E= D< All the precedin! -criptures require faith action.1C /FE/F< and to correctly press on for the !oal and the pri(e. so do the offices of $y -pirit. how we need God to pour out His -pirit upon usR $y inner man.hurch of man which # have ordained and am now brin!in! into bein! throu!h men chosen such as you by $y -pirit. 5G.+A /E55* H7 DE/ 5* +A 5E/D. the 7pistles and the 9evelation. 'hat which # have shown you and shared with you is for and to the 0ody of . /H /@./GD . and e4ercise their spirit senses. #n spite of all the ne!ative thin!s # have said above.DFE/G< WH" and HOW to correctly take the Min!dom by force.DGE=/* =GE/>e* 5FEF* 3. . for as such you know them now.5 . my spirit.#. $ay He !rant you !race to be counted worthy to be of those perfect ones. .$' 5DE5* 97 /=E/=<. 'hese men. . but who is teachin! them the HOW 'OB. is overwhelmed with pain that knows no refreshin! .$' //E/5< WH" and HOW to correctly press in . "ou are a prophet and the office of a prophet you have learned and are obedient to it. which are apart from the . the Gospels.+1 5E/H<. . yet much more you are not aware of.hurch differ. . train.3H =E/D< WH" and HOW to contend earnestly for faith that was once and for all delivered unto the saints. practice with.$' >ED@* +& /HE/@* / +& DE/H<. As the offices of the . . . 'here are offices in the -pirit which are apart from and not a part of the .+& >E=? DG* $' FE==. 'his 9emnant W/11 fulfil all the -criptures in the 1aw. >EF< WH" and HOW to correctly seek Him. $any thin!s have been declared unto you and to others throu!h you. the 3salms. Other men have # chosen who walked with $e in eternity past.and the WH" 8O 'H7$B. . 5D* / . WH" and HOW to use. even as He is 3erfect in the earth .hurch # have ordained.which must be from their spirits and not from their minds. even before the earth was conceived in $y mind.8A //E=Dc k)Knas* $' /GE5/ 55* / '# DE/ 5* 5 37 5E/ /?* +C87 > /?< and on and on and onR %inally.hrist. a %irstfruitsK0ride people . betrayals by loved ones both in and out of the . the 3rophets. God will have a 9emnant people .O =E/@* 9O @E5? =G< WH" and HOW to correctly wait upon Him. for # have not chosen to share them with you before now. God is !ivin! me some of the answers.O 5E/D />< As of .9O ?E5> 5H<.+7 5?E// /Da* H7 //EF< WH" and HOW to correctly behold Him. where are the leaders who are teachin! the people the followin!E WH" and HOW to live and walk in the spirit. .GA >E5>< WH" and HOW to abide in Him. $ost prophets of doom have no answers nor any antidote for all the above fri!htenin! thin!s.H7 >E/D k)Knas< WH" and HOW to correctly hun!er after +esus and His ri!hteousness. .%ebruary /??H< the !ates of Hell are still prevailin! a!ainst the . are ordained to a purpose beyond the understandin! of mankind.hurchR Oh. 0ut.hurch .

and Andrew his brother. for as surely as # send $y -on into His Min!dom. 'hey shall soon be sealed by $y very hand and then shall all know of them. silent as yet. no matter how much or how little # have used them in the past. -imon. for they come from $e and know.ST And havin! called to Himself His twelve disciples. 0e not one of the former. 8o not become weary in attemptin! to understand now. and 'haddaeus. and set them on $y !lory in the earth. and $atthew the ta4 collector. and in order that He mi!ht send them forth as ambassadors with credentials. # have caused them to yet be dormant in the world. for # am the 1ord your God whom you serve. # am their stren!th. 3hilip and 0artholomew. to accomplish . the one called 3eter.ST And He !oes up into the mountain and calls for himself and to himself those whom He himself was desirin!. 0eware that you do not )ud!e in any my these. they know no other. &o man shall stand a!ainst them and no nation shall stand unless they speak it to be so. 'hey are unknown and undiscerned by all others includin! yourself. -oon. Ambassadors ' Apostle Matthe. %or # shall seek out those who believe and accept. and +ames the son of Zebedee and +ohn his brother. very soon. but prepared to !o by $y authority into the far reaches of this earth to prepare the final establishin! of $y Min!dom upon earth. &ow is the time for the unfoldin! of all # spoke to +ohn and you shall soon see it come to pass. &ow. and +udas. e4cept those of like spirit. representin! Him. # am their law. 'hence shall you see and be a part of $y !lory in the Min!dom. Watch for them. even now. and even now # shall have $y ven!eance on those that have spurned $y teachin!s. # have now stirred them up and shall set them upon the inhabitants of this earth to do as # please with all men. Mar$ 2:%2'%( *+. and many new ones shall complete the task. intellect or teachin!. and they went off to Him. saith the 1ord. And He appointed twelve in order that they mi!ht constantly be with Him. who also betrayed Him. $y time has come. for they know each other by spirit and not throu!h mind. $any of $y !reat warriors shall fall by the way. 'homas. 'hey shall carry all $y authority and commandments. # will lift $y own on hi!h and will draw simple believin! hearts with them. -imon the . +ames the son of Alphaeus.%9:%'4 *+. and the earth and all itBs inhabitants shall be sub)ect to their voices for they speak of and by $e. # first sent them to prepare the way.anaanite. $y chosen./G> 'hey are $y spokesmen. but stand true until the end # have set before "ou. these are the names of the twelve who were sent off as ambassadors with credentials to fulfill a certain mission* first. He !ave them authority over unclean spirits to be e)ectin! them and to be healin! every disease and every sickness. the #scariot. who they are.

#"$e %%:4&'() *+. when you are !oin! on your )ourney out from there. And the entire crowd was constantly seekin! to be touchin! Him. nor money in their belt. they may put up for the ni!ht and lay in a stock of provisions. and some of them they will kill and . they made a proclamation to the effect that they should be repentin!. 0ut the day be!an to decline. and He was spendin! the entire ni!ht in this aforementioned prayer to God. and He continued healin! those who had need of healin!. many of them. and a lar!e multitude of the people from all +udaea and +erusalem and the seacoast of 'yre and -idon who came to hear Him and to be healed of their diseases. and were healin! them. #"$e &:%9'%4 *+. unless. but to wear sandals. Mar$ 6:1'%2 *+. and authority as must be heeded and obeyed.ST On this account also the wisdom of God said. and they were massa!in! with oil many who were sick. and +udas #scariot who became a traitor. And demons. And He commanded them not to be takin! even one thin! for the road e4cept only a walkin! stick. He. and +ames and +ohn and 3hilip and 0artholomew. 8ismiss the crowd in order that. and +ames the son of Alphaeus. that of makin! a proclamation with such formality. And when it became day. nor a be!!in! ba!. He called those who were His pupils. shake off the dust that is underneath your feet as a testimony a!ainst them./GF a certain task. and -imon the one called Zelotes. And He be!an to to be sendin! them forth as His ambassadors with credentials on a mission to represent Him. and +udas the brother of +ames. And He was sayin! to them. And He was !ivin! them authority over the unclean spirits. sendin! them forth two by two. we havin! proceeded. # will send on a mission to them prophets and ambassadors. #"$e 6:%)'%& *+. &ow the 'welve havin! come.ST And those sent on a mission as His ambassadors with credentials. havin! returned. and not to clothe themselves with two under!arments. 'here are amon! us not more than five loaves of bread and two fish. and $atthew and 'homas. And a !reat crowd of His pupils. 0ut they said. bein! equipped with dele!ated authority to be castin! out the demons. and Andrew his brother.ST And it came to pass in these days that He went forth into the mountain to be prayin!. and whatever place does not welcome you nor hear you. "ou at once !ive them somethin! to eat. were bein! healed. and from them He selected twelve whom He also named ambassadors to be sent on a mission with credentials* -imon whom He also called 3eter. 0ut He said to them. havin! !one on their way into the encirclin! villa!es and farms. And havin! taken them with himself He withdrew in private to a city called 0ethsaida. !ravity. And the crowds havin! come to know it. Wherever you enter a home. not bread. there be abidin! as a !uest until you !o out from there. and those who were troubled with unclean spirits. He went to speakin! to them concernin! the kin!dom of God. followed with Him. And havin! welcomed them. related in detail to Him as many thin!s as they did. said to Him. And havin! !one out. should purchase eatables in the market place for all this people* for there were about five thousand men alone. they were castin! out.ST And He calls to himself the 'welve. And havin! !one down with them. because here we are in an uninhabited place. stood on a level place. because power from His presence was constantly !oin! forth and was healin! all.

As for you.ST %ather. # was a stran!er and you received me hospitably. 0ut # say to you. neither by heaven. He is like a man who is buildin! a house.ST &ow. After He ended all His words in the hearin! of the people. thou!h the world did not know you. who du! and went deep and laid a foundation upon the solid rock.ST A!ain. nor by the earth. And a flood havin! come. but let your word . #"$e 6:46'1:% *+. you heard that it was said by those of a previous time. # was sick and you looked after me. a!ainst which the river dashed. because you took away the key to the knowled!e. 'hen shall the Min! say to those on His ri!ht hand. 1ord. because it is the footstool of His feet. # will show you to whom he is like.apernaum. yet # knew you. # desire that where # am. Matthe. woe to you. then He shall sit upon His throne of !lory. 7veryone who comes to me and is hearin! my words and is puttin! them into practice. and are not doin! the thin!s which # am sayin!. and these knew that you sent me on a mission. And # made known to them your &ame. and will make it known. and immediately it collapsed. 0ohn %1:)4')6 *+. # was thirsty. neither by +erusalem. "ou yourselves did not !o in.ome. because it is the city of the !reat Min!. in prison # was and you came to me. Matthe. from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zachariah. # am sayin! to you. and it was not stron! enou!h to shake it because it was built securely. ri!hteous %ather. . my %ather2s blessed ones. And He shall stand the sheep on His ri!ht hand and the youn! !oats on His left. and all the an!els with Him. also those mi!ht be with me. "ou shall not per)ure yourself but you shall dischar!e your oaths with reference to the 1ord. because it is the throne of God. because you are not able to make one hair white or black.)(:2%'26 *+.ST 0ut why are you callin! me. that which you have !iven me as a permanent !ift. 8o not put yourself under oath at all. the one who perished between the altar of burnt offerin! and the sanctuary. in order that there may be required the blood of all the prophets which has been shed since the foundation of the universe by this breed of men. and you !ave me to drink. and those who are tryin! to enter. &either put yourself under oath by your head. And there shall be !athered before Him all the Gentile nations. and the ruin of that house was !reat. O. "es. naked and you clothed me. when the -on of $an comes in His !lory.(:22'21 *+. 1ord. in order that the love with which you loved me mi!ht be in them and # mi!ht be in them. He entered . And He shall separate them from one another even as the shepherd separates the sheep from the youn! !oats. 0ut he who heard and did not do is like a man who built a house upon the !round without a foundation. which you have !iven me because you loved me before the foundation of the universe. you prevented from doin! so. #nherit the kin!dom which has been prepared for you from the foundation of the universe* for # was hun!ry and you !ave me to eat. it shall be required of this breed of men./GH persecute. in order that they mi!ht be continually beholdin! the !lory which is mine. the interpreters and teachers of the $osaic law. the river dashed a!ainst that house.

"es. %ather. let your will be done. And whoever shall !ive one of these lesser ones in their station in life a drink of cool water in the name of a pupil. in this manner be prayin!E Our %ather who is in heaven. is not worthy of me. # render praise to you. He who has an affection for father or mother above that which he has for me. shall ruin and render it useless. !ive us today. 0ut be accumulatin! treasures in heaven where neither a clothes moth nor corrosion destroys and where thieves do not break in nor steal. !ravity. +esus answerin! said. # also will confess him before my %ather who is in heaven in the reali(ation of and testimony to my oneness with him. "es. so on earth./G@ be. as for us.6:&'%2 *+. but deliver us from the 3ernicious One.4 FR6M T5. and revealed them to those who are untau!ht. and he who has passed a sentence of death upon his soul life for my sake shall find it. as in heaven. He went away from that place for the purpose of teachin! and of makin! a public proclamation in their cities with that formality. And it came to pass that when +esus finished !ivin! detailed orders to the twelve disciples. is not worthy of me. And do not lead us into the place of testin! where a solicitation to do evil would tempt us to sin. that for the comin! day. let your kin!dom come. there will also be your heart. and the enemies of a man shall be those of his household. And he who receives a ri!hteous man in the name of a ri!hteous man shall receive a ri!hteous man2s reward.6:%&')% *+. 0ut whoever is of such a nature that he will deny me before men. And for!ive us the moral obli!ations we owe. for where your treasure is. and the newly married wife a!ainst her mother in law. which # take.4S Matthe.ST At that epochal. strate!ic moment of time. And he who has an affection for son or dau!hter above that which he has for me. &o* and that which is more than these thin!s is of the evil which is in active opposition to the !ood. but a sword. 5I77.ST 7veryone therefore who is of such a character that he will confess me before men in the reali(ation of and in testimony to his oneness with me. Matthe. 8o not suppose that # came with the result that my comin! would throw peace suddenly upon the earth. . Our bread. Matthe. %ather. is not worthy of me.ST 'herefore. # also will deny him before my %ather who is in heaven. He who receives you receives me. Matthe.%9:2)'%%:% *+.%%:)(')1 *+. A7HA4E. and he who receives me receives Him who sent me on a mission. where the clothes moth and corrosion destroy and where thieves break in and steal. &o. he shall positively not lose his reward. %or # came with the result that my comin! puts a man at variance with his father.7 A#I.ST -top accumulatin! treasures upon the earth for yourselves. He who receives a prophet in the name of aP prophet shall receive a prophet2s reward. as for you. in )oyful acknowled!ment and concurrence of the fact that you hid these thin!s from the wise and understandin! ones. we have for!iven those morally obli!ated to us. let your &ame be venerated. And he who does not take his cross and take the same road with me. and a dau!hter a!ainst her mother. even as also. 7ven so. 1ord of the heaven and the earth. and authority which must be listened to and obeyed. # did not come with the result that my comin! would throw peace. He who has found his soul life. assuredly # am sayin! to you.

neither does anyone have a full and e4periential knowled!e of the %ather e4cept the -on. +esus takes with Him 3eter. but only the %ather. and no one has a full and e4periential knowled!e of the -on e4cept the %ather. and brin!s them up into a mountain. from the fi! tree learn at once the illustrated lesson it has for you. Assuredly. # am sayin! to you. Assuredly.)4:2)'26 *+. to whom the -on desires to reveal Him. Acts %:6': *+. #t is not yours to know the chronolo!ical events in the passin! of time nor the strate!ic. in private.e 7estroyed Eompletely Matthe.arth *ill . not even the an!els of heaven nor even the -on. the one who perished between the altar of burnt offerin! and the sanctuary. not in words. in order that there may be required the blood of all the prophets which has been shed since the foundation of the universe by this breed of men. +esus said when devils are cast out and the people are healed the Min!dom of Heaven is manifested there for that to happen. from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zachariah. whoever he may be. at this time are you restorin! to its former state the kin!dom to #srael. And the manner of His outward e4pression was chan!ed before them. at the doors. # am sayin! to you. they went to askin! Him. The . And you shall be those who testify of what they have seen and e4perienced. my witnesses. both in +erusalem and in all +udaea and in -amaria and to the end of the earth. And there appeared to them 7li)ah and $oses. and some of them they will kill and persecute. #"$e %%:4&'() *+. and +ames. and he. 0ut concernin! that day and hour no one knows. and they were holdin! a protracted conversation with +esus. and +ohn. you know that the summer is near. $atthew ?E/ . sayin!. And after si4 days. the apostle 3aul stated the same thin!s. it shall be required of this breed of men. +esus said that the Min!dom of God comes in 3ower. 1ord./G? because thus it was your !ood pleasure. 'he heaven and the earth will pass away. 'his nation shall by no means pass away until all these thin!s take place.ST &ow. but my words will positively not pass away. a hi!h one. Whenever its branch already becomes tender and puts forth its leaves. # am sayin! to you. you know that He is near. And His !arments became !litterin! ones.ST On this account also the wisdom of God said. as for you. there are certain ones of those standin! here who are such as will not taste of death until they see the kin!dom of God havin! come in power. All thin!s to me were delivered by my %ather./ D< And He was sayin! to them.ST 'hen indeed havin! assembled to!ether. # will send on a mission to them prophets and ambassadors. whenever you see all these thin!s. "es. He said to them. alone. epochal periods of time which the %ather placed within the sphere of His own private authority. that outward e4pression comin! from and bein! truly representative of His inner nature. 0ut you shall receive power of the kind which God has and e4erts after the Holy -pirit has come upon you. e4ceedin!ly white. As . 'hus also. such as a fuller on earth is not able thus to whiten.

6#s there a devil out there somewhere.bens are scared of the evil entity.ein3 that -e call od. "ou can think about that forever. Is There A 7evilA # asked -herman. The .bens are as scared of that evil entity as -e are of the devil.cclesiastes %:%9 4L0H Is there anythin3 of -hich it may be said. I<m damned scared of it beca"se the . bi! circle and it )ust !oes around and around over and over. . this is ne-RA It has already been in ancient times before "s8 ."nder the s"n.bens say that everythin3 that occ"rs in o"r time span has occ"rred before. .cclesiastes %:%9 AMP Is there a thin3 of -hich it may be said.cclesiastes %:%% 4L0H 'here is no remembrance of former thin!s."t -hat -orries me is that if the . because you took away the key to the knowled!e. the interpreters and teachers of the $osaic law. See. and those who are tryin! to enter.//G for you.cclesiastes %:& AMP The thin3 that has been it is -hat -ill be a3ain. 'here is a -upreme 0ein! and then there is what the 7bens refer to as an evil entity. That -hich is done is -hat -ill be done. The .cclesiastes %:& 4L0H That -hich has been is -hat -ill be. And there is nothin3 ne. 'hereBs another thin! that pu((les me. this is ne-A It has already been. and they say there is an .: 6# donBt know. or Satan8 # think itBs the same. 7ven the 7bens talk about it. in the vast a3es of time Frecorded or "nrecordedG. .: .bens can control everythin3S They have been aro"nd this "niverse and done everythin38 And if they believe in the same S"preme . # !uess that means weBre )ust ri!ht in the middle of a hu!e. "ou yourselves did not !o in.: 6'here is an evil force. RSee. -hich -ere before "s8 . you prevented from doin! so. . the -un is !oin! to e4pand and 7arth will be en!ulfed and destroyed and everythin! !oes back into a bi! ban! and everythin! starts over a!ain. woe to you. &or will there be any remembrance of thin!s that are to come 0y those who will come after.: >*here is the devilA? 6# donBt know.ould there be two opposin! Gods. and that -hich has been done is that -hich -ill be done a3ainC and there is nothin3 ne"nder the s"n8 .vil 6ne then there really is a 7evil8? 6Would the devil be equal to and opposite of the positive God force. And the way # see this is that 7arth was created and one day five billion years from now.

neither will there be any remembrance of happenin!s of !enerations that are to come by those who are to come after them. 'he study of the different types was never my assi!nment.cclesiastes %:%% AMP 'here is no remembrance of former happenin!s or men. Jital information about the core questions can be hidden from even the 3resident.: 6# donBt know. if you know all this. And # think there was a war about F.: 6What is the relationship between the Greys and the 7bens. does the 3resident. itBs )ust basic facts. too.: .: 6-o. #t talks about a -upreme 0ein! creatin! the souls and creatin! the containers and distributin! the souls to the containers. #ronically. He is treated on a need to know basis. 'he aliens talked about the vastness of the universe. both 3ro"ps. did it say anythin! about parallel dimensions. parallel time lines.: 6'o the best of our knowled!e. h"manoid MI. ma$e android creat"res to do -or$ for them on different planetsA? 6'hatBs what # understand. or anythin! else like that. 'hey are supposed to live without war today. 'o the 7bens.: 6'hey were enemies at one time.bens do theirs8? 6#s there a peckin! order amon! the alien types.lond h"manoids./// . Are they the main !roups you know about. that there are life forms all over. we think some of these !enetically en!ineered creatures have a hi!her intelli!ence than their creators. Androids come in many different types insect.: 6&o. # think the 707 'ype # and ## are connected and ## are either 7ben androids or are involved with the Greys. Greys and the 0lond humanoids. or both. 6When the "ellow 0ook talked about the -upreme 0ein! that created the universe.: 6#s 0i!foot workin! for any of these !roups.bens have no control over the reys8 The reys do their thin3 and the .bens and the .: >So. and others8 All have an advanced implanted brain that can operate on its own or by remote control. no cooperation e4ists between the different alien !roups.s MMen In . the .: 6-herman.: 6&o. # donBt know if it was out at Zeta 9eticuli or around her or what. but the . there are the 7bens.GGG years a!o between the 7bens and the 0londs over territorial ri!hts to a planet somewhere. And real answers are often hidden between the lines.lac$N. nothin!.: 61inda.

oth 3ro"ps $no.: 9evelations /@E//. would the 7bens and 0lond humanoids have some stake invested in souls li$e so"ls co"ld be the coin of the realm.i3 4osed types. Reptoids and small -or$er dronesA? 6"es. 74actly. for no one b"ys their merchandise anymore and bodies and so"ls of men8 .ben scientist types. Men In .: 674actly. 8oes that connect somehow to the 8alai 1ama. # !uess.lond h"manoids can ma$e robots or androids that can be anythin3 they -ant them to be8 .: >Recyclin3 of So"ls is Machinery of the +niverse? 6-herman. they have learned that there are only so many so"ls in this "niverse -hich m"st be recycled . they are millions of years advanced beyond us.: 6And if there are more containers than souls.: 6And if not all body containers have souls. which really confuses the pictureR: 6And the reptilian humanoids."t so"ls are interconnected in some -ay8 I thin$ they told "s that beca"se the . or work with.lac$. what happens. 'here are only so many souls that )ust continuously recycle. so to spea$A? 6'hatBs possible. And sometimes # think they have made. #Bm thinkin! about reincarnation throu!h different bein!s and different cycles of life.: 6# !uess you have a point there./= &M+J 6And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her. Would that concept relate to an 7ben supposedly tellin! an Air %orce .bens and the .aptain in /?D? that recyclin! of souls is the machinery of the universe.bens have been aro"nd so lon3. .: >Then belo. # never thou!ht of it that way before. you said there was 7ben !enetic e4perimentation in 'ibet.: 6'hrou!h life form bodies that are containers.to mi/ and match 3enomes in 74A easily.bens are the .ho.the . 9emember. . does that imply that not all bodies can have souls.//5 6"es.: 69i!ht.oth 3ro"ps the .: >The androids can be reptilian8 .: 6#f there is a finite number of souls in the universe and the 7bens know that and yet we are livin! on a planet in which there is an e4ponential increase in the number of bodies.: 6# donBt know. small blond humanoids.

: >Is there a connection bet-een . # reali(e the containers are the human bodies. talked to me about an analo!y. but the paper the monks wrote on is very fra!ile and fallin! apart. 'he monks know there is a difference.B 6'he $+ /5 !uy answered. thereBs always some residue that remains. so when you pass the soul on in different containers. if yo" 3o bac$ and st"dy the ancient Tibetan scrolls -ritten in the earliest Sans$rit -e have.: 6# donBt know.ben philosophy abo"t the cosmosA? >!es. All # do know is that the soul when the body container dies the soul contains or maintains or keeps some thou!hts or somethin! from that life that was )ust lived. 'he 7bens are afraid that the souls will be dama!ed by our containers.//= 6-ome abductee researchers such as 8r. it picks up the residues of all the different containers it has been in and a little of each remains and stays throu!hout. that<s . 'hatBs a question # asked himE L8oes the soul wear out after so many recycles.: 6# donBt know.: 6#t said in the "ellow 0ook that the 7bens are concerned about human souls if our particular species continued on its course. L&o souls never wear out. 8r. # !uess thereBs an eternity. who had seen more of the "ellow 0ook.that some Tibetan scrolls -ritten in ancient Sans$rit -ere act"ally -ritten by .B6 . He said that when you put somethin! in a container and you pour it out. have stumbled onto what appears to be a continuity of the same 7bens or Greys present from human life to human life because the same alien bein! comes up in past life re!ressions at births and at deaths.ben -ritin38 *e no.ody Eontainer 7ama3e Its Inhabitin3 So"lA 68id you learn anythin! more about souls and containers. +ohn $ack.: Ean the . 'he scrolls the 7bens wrote on are indestructible."ddhism and .$no.: 6Our body containers would dama!e our souls.bens and those scrolls seem to be made of somethin3 that never a3es8 # was on a team once that traveled to the 0hutan re!ion to make sure the 7ben scrolls were safe. -omethin! remains in that soul. And that was why the 7bens were so concerned with what we have been doin!. a Wyomin! psycholo!ist. and Harvard Cniversity psychiatrist.: 6One of the $+ /5 !uys.: 6"eah. 1eo -prinkle. the wars and so forth.: 6How. 'hey are afraid we would dama!e our container bodies and that could dama!e the souls. -ome of their scrolls never wear out and those are the 7ben writin!s. thereBs no end. 'he -upreme 0ein! makes sure that does not happen.


While reviewin! this te4t, attorney and research collea!ue, $ichael 3ill, of -hutesbury, $assachusetts, wrote to meE >The notion of the Pso"l pic$in3 "p resid"es< mi3ht e/plain -hy -e have memories of past lives8 #t mi!ht also e4plain why, after spendin! thousands of years and who knows how many wretched lifetimes tryin! to work out the karma from one or more evil incarnations, one can still feel the enticin! charm of Lthe dark side.B 'hose seven deadly sins are like predators theyBve !ot you before you reali(e they are there.B6 6# donBt know. 'hereBs so much out there that we )ust donBt understand.: 6#f there is a finite number of souls and the 7bens are concerned about humans dama!in! souls by dama!in! our body containers with violence, why do you think the Jatican says there should be no birth control or abortion. #tBs almost as if itBs promotin! the creation of containers. #n a finite soul universe, thatBs a difficult position to take, isnBt it.: 6'hatBs a !ood question. # donBt know.: 6Has anybody discussed whether the 7bens check out souls the way we check out books for information.: 6&ope, # never heard that.: 6Well, some abductees think our bodies and souls are checked out like ,8 9O$s so that all e4periences and knowled!e can be Lplayed back.B 'hat way, the non humans donBt have to literally live here to e4perience and know everythin! that has happened here over eons.: 6#nterestin! possibility, but # donBt know.: 6#f the 7bens made us and put us here, there has to be a reason. Are we a !arden !rowin! containers for souls to be harvested for some reason.: 6'hatBs another !ood question. All # can tell you is that one elderly man with $+ /5 told me, L"ou donBt want to know that,B when # asked him about souls and why the 7bens made us.: 6-herman, some abductees also say that the main reason for the animal mutilations and human abductions has to do with the creation of a hybrid species. 0ut no one knows whether the hybrids are supposed to replace the current Homo sapiens sapiens container model. 'here is a sense that whatever the non humans are up to, it has somethin! to do with survival theirs and ours.:

*hat Is the Mystery of the .erm"da Trian3le
A mystery that has lon! pla!ued us is the stran!e disappearance of ships and planes in the area known as the 0ermuda 'rian!le. $any books have been written on the sub)ect, offerin! a variety of theories on the une4plainable disappearances of ships, planes, and

//> people. #t has even been su!!ested by some that the peculiar events surroundin! the 0ermuda 'rian!le may be caused by 7's, -atan, or some other dark force. 'o the 3leiadians, the events in the 'rian!le are not caused by any e4traterrestrial influence. As a matter of fact, even 7' ships have been affected by the phenomena from time to time. As far as the 3leiadians are concerned, the events of the 0ermuda 'rian!le are quite lo!ically e4plained. Actually, there have been three different places on the planet 7arth where similar effects have occurred. Old pirate stories have done much to lend an aura of intri!ue and mystery to the sub)ect. 'he area called the 0ermuda 'rian!le is part of the old continent of Atlantis, which e4tended from the west coast of Africa all the way to the east coast of -outh America, and northward to the area where %lorida is now. #t is in this location that the descendants of this lost continent still live, in a base far beneath the sea. 'hey are quite peaceful, and do not represent a threat to the surface world of 7arth. 'hey have ships capable of underwater travel and interstellar fli!ht, and have been seen enterin! and leavin! the water on occasion. 0ut this is not the cause of the stran!e disappearances. 'here e4ists in the 'rian!le, as well as off the coast of +apan and $ada!ascar, what you mi!ht call a dimensional door to a 3arallel Cniverse. #n an effort to e4plain it, the 3leiadians took 0illy into the 3arallel Cniverse so he could see for himself. As the ship entered the dimensional door, 0illy noticed that he could see our present time 7arth behind the ship, and in front of him he could see the 3arallel Cniverse with three 7arths loomin! into view. #t was necessary to make the trip in one of the more advanced 3leiadian craft because the small 0eamships would not be capable of returnin!. #t was e4plained that the dimensional doors are caused by the effect of two !iant suns located H5G li!ht years from our 7arth. ,ertain hi!h ener!y radiations from these two !iant bodies occasionally come to!ether at certain points on our planet. When their ener!ies cross, it forms a rip or tear in the fabric of time, causin! unpredictable results wherever the rip occurs. -ince the 7arth is movin!, this radiation most commonly hits the planet in three different locations the 0ermuda 'rian!le, off the coast of +apan, and near to $ada!ascar. 'his only occurs at that time when the 7arth moves into the focus of this wanderin! radiation. This crossin3 of ener3ies serves to open a dimensional door to the Parallel +niverses. 'his effect is erratic and unpredictable and disturbs the ma!netic ener!y in the area for a short time. On many occasions in the past, it has caused the floor of the ocean to rise up and appear as an island for an hour or so. -hips in the ni!ht have run a!round, only to be pulled down when the ocean floor sinks. Airplanes have flown into this dimensional door, which acts like a cyclone, and they have found themselves displaced in time forever. #n most cases, ships and places that have entered these areas slip forward in time and will probably reappear in the near future. In the Parallel +niverse, entered thro"3h the .erm"da Trian3le, there e/ist three ,arths, ca"sed by an accident 2,(99 years a3o -hen the planet Hen"s came too close to the ,arth, dist"rbin3 the harmony of both of the dimensions and the t-o planets

//F closest to the s"n, Merc"ry and ,arth. A rip or tear in time res"lted and ca"sed t-o different ,arths from different time epochs to be p"lled into the dimension of the f"t"re planet. 0ecause of this, there are three planets now e4istin! in our 3arallel Cniverse the ancient prehistoric 7arth, a newly formed 7arth which is still covered in !as, and a third future 7arth, e4istin! as we know it in the present. 'hese three planets are close to!ether, and they can be seen by the human eye at the same time. 'he future 7arth is appro4imately five hundred years in advance of us. A society has developed there with space travel abilities, which has led to cities on the $oon and beyond. 'he 3leiadians are careful not to let themselves be known to this future society, for they re!ard them as still too a!!ressive to !et alon! with. #t is interestin! to note, thou!h, that five hundred years into our future some form of our society does till e4ist. With all of the drama of survival here on 7arth today, our future is certainly in question. 'he prehistoric 7arth is one, which e4isted at the time of the dinosaurs. 'his was the state of the second planet, a prehistoric world with no si!n of human life. 0illy was so intri!ued with the dinosaurs on the planet that he talked -em)ase into lettin! him !et out of the ship and touch one while it had been temporarily paraly(ed by her technolo!y. He even took a couple of pictures, which, oddly enou!h, show a dinosaur with a lar!e pyramid in the back!round. 'his seems very unusual since man did not e4ist on 7arth when the dinosaurs roamed the 7arth, so who built them. 'he third planet 7arth is one, which is only )ust now formin! from !as into solid matter, and represents the very be!innin!s of our present day planet. &ot yet in solid form, it presented little or no interestin! features and was not e4plored. 7arth has since moved out of the position where it is affected by the crossin! of the stran!e radiations from the !iant suns, so the dimensional doors should be closed forever. 0ecause of this, we should not be pla!ued with any more disappearances or stran!e stories from this area, at least the ones caused by this stran!e ener!y. #t should be noted, thou!h, that the area of the 0ermuda 'rian!le is known for its sudden storms that can still cause problems, but these storms do not have the capability to move ob)ects in time or interfere with the ma!netic forces of the planet.

//H .

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