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Notifies subordinate units NLT 1 Determines unit's PROFIS

May XX to submit upcoming FY requirements for the upcoming
PROFIS requests. Forwards unit FY. Forwards their request, by Receives requests from
requests to USAMEDCOM NLT memorandum, to DCSPER DCSPER Operations NLT 15
PROFIS REQUESTS 15 Jun XX Operations NLT 1 Jun XX Jun XX
Issues a formal tasking to the
RMCs based off 18th
MEDCOM's requests 30-45 Tasks the appropriate
TASKING days prior to the training MTF(s) of the PROFIS Notifies the PROFIS
NOTIFICATION event. soldiers requested soldier Confirms receipt of the tasking.

1. Submit fund cite letter to

DCSRM NLT 60 days prior to the
training event. 2.
Forward completed fund cite to Forwards completed fund Generates travel orders
the RMC NLT 30-45 days prior to cite memorandum to the (1610) and forwards to
FUND CITE the training event. appropriate MTF PROFIS soldier. Receives travel orders.

Receives flight itineraries from

RMCs NLT 14 days prior to the
training event. Forwards to Coordinates reception and Provides travel itineraries to
subordinate units to ensure movement from the DCSPER Operations NLT 14
AIR adequate unit reception upon incoming/outgoing airport to the days prior to the training Request round trip ticket Receives flight information and
TRANSPORTATION PROFIS soldier's arrival. training location. event. for the PROFIS soldier travel orders.

Ensures unit POC is

1. POC @________is listed in the remarks
__________DSN_____________ section of the travel
2. Verifies all agency POC's order. (Name, telephone Verifies supporting unit POC
POC quarterly for changes. number) information on travel order.

1. Forwards a unit welcome

letter upon notification of newly
assigned PROFIS personnel.
2. Forwards an
exercise welcome letter NLT 30
Generates a welcome letter on days prior to training event.
behalf of the Cdr, 18th MEDCOM. (Preferably to the individual
Forward to the RMC's for soldier by AMEDD global email Forwards unit welcome letter Forwards welcome letter
WELCOME LETTER distribution. or through the RMC) to MTF. to PROFIS soldier.

Prepares a packing list

appropriate for the training
event NLT 30 days prior.
Forwards to DCSPER for Forwards packing list to Forwards packing list to
PACKING LIST Forwards packing list to RMC. distribution by the RMC. MTF. soldier. Packs accordingly.

At the airport, soldier awaits unit

transportation. Soldier does not
take alternate transportation,
Ensures units have correct flight does not make own billeting
arrival information and PROFIS Coordinates transportation from arrangements (i.e., DHL).
RECEPTION IN has correct POC names and the airport to training location PROFIS soldier feels welcome
KOREA telephone numbers. and billeting. and ready to train with unit.