ECWANDC Office * 3701 Stocker Street #106 * Los Angeles, CA 9000

Outreach Committee Notes Tuesday October 15, 2013 Start time: 6:50 pm Attendees: Carl, Jac ie, Jo!nnie, "ic , #isty, $%onne& 'uests: (a%id, (r& )e*ina Smit! +,ald-in .ills )elay /or 0i/e1 23o-erpoint 3rint4out: 5)eac!in* our sta e!olders 6 /or*in* alliances78 MAKING ECWA VISIBLE: 11 A9(O,O" #:((0; SC.OO0 S:'": • Come up -it! an announcement /or t!e si*n 2$%onne "ote 44 3assed t!e update to Jo!nnie on 10<2=: 2;C>A "ei*!bor!ood Council meetin*s e%ery 1st Saturday, ?:30 am @ 3=A0 (on Belipe (ri%e C0ACi%icJoy8 21 $A)( S:'"S: • :nitiate a reminder pro*ram /or si*n4!olders /or -!en to set up and -!en to ta e do-n • Strate*ic placement: Din* ,l%d and placement on )odeo )oad • #isty -ill place on t!e railin* by !er business at Crens!a-<Eernon 31 ,9S ,;"C.;S < D:OSDS: • Can be done /or /ree t!rou*! AndreF S!a%er • T!e City !as a deal /or ios s, -!ere t!e "C pays /or t!e printin* • >est Adams is doin* *ood Outreac! in t!is manner A1 3):"T;( #AT;):A0S • Blyers 6 !andouts /or businesses • A G 6 cards /or e%ents 51 CO"STA"T CO"TACT • (anielle is -or in* -it! it • Can it be !oo ed to Baceboo li e t!e -ay t!at #:"C uses t!eir C!imp#ail blastsH MAILING LIST • I00 names on ;C>AFs • 635 names on #ilenaFs list +t!ru C.C1 SOCIAL MEDIA: • 130 li es on Baceboo & >e surpass t!e Baceboo norm /or 3AJ year olds, maKority /emale& • AA li es on T-itter • #isty -ill !elp $%onne -it! >ord3ress so -e can *et more /unctionality out o/ t!e -ebsite and deterimine metrics AGENDAS 11 STAD;.O0(;)4():E;": • Topics t!at dri%e interest • Area )eps are responsible /or brin*in* Sta e!older interest to t!e ,oard /or t!e A*enda • 9se a Luestionnaire /ormat /or (anielleFs /irst Constant Contact test to as Sta e!olders /or t!eir A*enda ideas 21 #O); (;SC):3T:E;: • A*enda items need to be more eMplanatory to *enerate Sta e!older interest

MEETINGS 11 39)3OS; • Create a 39)3OS; STAT;#;"T t!at can be read at t!e be*innin* o/ eac! meetin* • )elie%e t!e Sta e!older sentiment o/ 5T!ey can do somet!in* more special t!an : can do7 21 STA)T O" T:#; 31 :#3)OE; 3AC:"': • Cuttin* do-n t!e openin* speec! i/ possible • TimeNAttention Span& 0etFs eep it mo%in* A1 ;#3O>;) O9) STAD;.O0(;)S AT ;E;)$ #;;T:"': • Teac!in* t!em 1 ne- t!in* at e%ery meetin*& Bor instance, teac!in* e%eryone to install t!e #$3110A app at one meetin* 51 STAD;.O0(;) );CO'":T:O": • )oll call by "ei*!bor!ood < .eadcount • ;Mplainin* t!e O>!yF o/ -!at -eFre doin* so t!e Sta e!olders /eel t!ey are part o/ t!e process +or at least understand -!atFs *oin* on1 • Countin* !eads at t!e end • Beedbac cards on !o- -e did, topics t!at interested and desired topics • Si*n in S!eets& Al-ays& GOALS 11 STAD;.O0(;)S: • :ncreased ci%ic participation • :ncreased participation in meetin*s, committees, and Area e%ents • #ore in/ormed, en*a*ed sta e!older base empo-ered to e//ect c!an*e and recei%e its s!are o/ City resources 21 ,OA)(: • Eolunteerin* smarter, -it! t!e maMimum output /or our %aluable !ours • ;n*a*ed sta e!olders assistin* -it! ;C>A plans, -!o -ill e%entually ta e o%er our roles • Continuity /or Crens!a-<,ald-in<0eimert t!at transcends t!e transicency o/ sta e!olders, ,oard members, and elected<appointed o//icials • Bor-ard pro*ress < steady momentum • An ;C>A4brand e%ent PARTNERS IPS 11 A9(O,O" #:((0; SC.OO0: • Sponsor a tour o/ City .all -it! t!e Council O//ice • Sponsor a tour o/ t!e ,oard o/ Super%isors • T!ere is a pro*ram in place already t!at -e Kust need to ma e !appen 21 $O9T.: • C1 complaint at t!e Con*ress o/ "ei*!bor!oods: not enou*! yout! • )eac! out to (arlene as a $out! )epresentati%e or a $out! C43A, member& $out! )epresentati%e needs to be more responsible • )eac! out to #erton @ $#CA 31 O)'A":PAT:O"S: • Carl !as a list o/ Area non4pro/its A1 ,9S:";SS;S: • )e%ie- o/ t!e 5Spend Q25 on t!e 25t!7 campai*n by )eseda "ei*!bor!ood Council • #aybe a pro*ram t!at can be S0AA"C4dri%en /or all o/ Sout! 0A • 'i%e people an Oincenti%eF /or comin* to meetin*s& :ncenti%ise e%eryt!in*& 51 .:'. SC.OO0S: • (orsey community ser%ice credit& ;%en t!ou*! (orsey isnFt -it!in our boundaries, many o/ its students are our sta e!olders& 2$%onne note: Ad%ocate t!at 16J can %ote at "ei*!bor!ood Council elections& #ayor 'arcetti and Community Coalition !a%e been %isitin* (orsey&8 61 '9;ST: ,A0(>:" .:00S );0A$ BO) 0:B; < American Cancer Society • (r& )e*ina Smit! o/ Eie- 3ar !as been t!e c!air /or t!e past t-o years& • S!eFs -or ed -it! t!e or*aniRation /or t!e past 11 years

• • • •

T!ere are =A1 community members t!at raised o%er Q65,000 /or 2013 %ia 55 Teams T!e *roup meets e%ery mont! -it! 25 members in re*ular attendance& O%er 1000 people stron*& T!ey are loo in* to do Outreac! %ia /airs and can assist -it! people and in/ormation& "OT;: S!e -ill re%ie- ;C>A -it! t!e ,.)B0 *roup and determine !o- t!ey can reac! out to us /or /undin*& :n return, #s& Smit! %olunteered t!e *roup to-ards an e%ent -e are plannin*&

BOARD EVENTS 11 3O:"S;TT:A 30A"T:"' :" 0;:#;)T 3A)D • An idea -as to use )elay /or 0i/e as a O3lant a 3oinsettia a*ainst CancerF t!en !a%e a !ealt! /air in t!e Eilla*e to coincide -it! t!e plantin* 21 C);"S.A> ,O90;EA)( );S9));CT:O" < ;AST;) 3A)A(; • T!e 3 "ei*!bor!ood Councils t!at o-n Crens!a- S ;C>A, 9""C, and 3ar #esa .ei*!ts S can co4ordinate a bi* Crens!a- Cleanup near 3alm Sunday • ;aster !at parade on ;aster Sunday +#all -ill be closed1 31 E:S:O":"' 3)OJ;CTS • #arlton STuare: maybe partner -it! ,.C3H 4 (escripti%e si*na*e in t!e #all to *et people used to seein* t!e topics, t!en -!en t!ey !ear about t!e topics, t!eyFll be more inclined to come 4 #aybe use t!is met!od as a tool /or upcomin* .3OP, tooH • Sprin* 201A 9rban 3lannin* Academy: Visioning Vernon& Eernon be*ins<ends in ;C>A& T!e Eision could eMtend to at least t!e 110 4 3artnerin* -it! 9rban 0ea*ue 4 (epartment o/ Cultural A//airs /or t!e Eision T!eater 4 3ar s, >esson, 3rice 4 ;CCA"(C, Eoices o/ ?003=, 3ar #esa .ei*!ts 4 C!urc!es, residents, businesses 4 0yn 0A, Trust Sout! 0A, C.C, 0A(OT ,i e, etc /or a yearly bi e ride /rom t!e .istoric Core to 03E • Crenshaw: Station to Station& All o/ Crens!a- bet-een (istrict STuare to t!e 03E Station /or sta e!older and business input& A1 SAB;T$ ;E;"TS • ,ald-in .ills ;states Sa/ety Committee • EA"C did a !u*e Sa/ety e%ent -it! all o/ its "ei*!bor!ood Councils t!at s!ared t!e /undin* and resources ECWA!S RET"RN ON INVESTMENT 11 ;G3;CTAT:O"S: U -!at are -e payin* /or U !o- many people -ill it brin* usH 21 0O"' T;)# );0AT:O"S.:3S U Sta e!olders t!at -ill be t!ere -!en ;C>A needs !elp -it! a proKect U )elations!ip buildin* S.O)T T;)# 'OA0S: 11 Outreac!in* at "ei*!bor!ood #eetin*s by Area )epresentati%es 21 $ard Si*n 3lan 31 #o%in* to establis! a relations!ip -it! /or )elay /or 0i/e A1 Bi*urin* out -!at t!e Outreac! ,ud*et -ill ObuyF us ;nded I:5I pm 3repared by $%onne ;llett < ;C>A Outreac! C!air

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