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The Supporters Project is a new project by the Pomona Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault. Supporters will: ● ● ● Attend trainings on survivor support, bystander intervention, and consent Brainstorm and network with other campus leaders on how to make a more pro-consent campus Join a campus-wide movement

Meetings: Not regular; our next training is next weekend (Saturday 26 and Sunday 27) from 2-4pm in Edmunds 101, Pomona College. The training is open and both days will cover the same topics: basics of trauma and survivor support. You can also request admission to our facebook group Contact: to ask to join the mailing list

Scripps College Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault:
(; Facebook)

We are a student-run organization that provides support and information for survivors of sexual assault in the Scripps and greater Claremont Colleges communities, with a focus on trauma-informed care and intersectionality. Mission We are a student-run organization that provides support and information for survivors of sexual assault in the Scripps and greater Claremont Colleges communities. We believe the survivor is the expert on their own experience, and we therefore focus on intersectional, trauma-informed care. Underlying our support services is a commitment to education about safe, positive, and consensual sex.

Meetings: Contact:

It Ends Here:

It Ends Here raises awareness about sexual assault. We foster open discussions about dating, sex, and gender norms, and sexual assault. We are an all-inclusive group; come join our discussion! Meetings: 8:30 pm @ gjw rec room Contact:

Choice USA:

Choice USA is a non-partisan, youth-based organization that mobilizes and provides ongoing support to the diverse, upcoming generation of leaders who promote and protect reproductive choice, both now and in the future. We envision a world where all people have agency over their own bodies, sexuality, and reproduction, as well as the rights, knowledge, and power to exercise that agency. As a national pro-choice organization, Choice USA gives emerging leaders the tools they need to organize, network, and exchange ideas to build a youth centered pro-choice agenda and mobilize communities for reproductive justice. Our chapter focuses on advocacy, awareness, and civic engagement both on and off campus. If you are passionate about issues of reproductive health, rights, and justice, or are interested in learning more, come to one of our meetings or get in contact with us! Meetings: Every other Monday @ 8:30PM in the Browning Living Room Contact:

Pomona Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault:
(; Facebook)

The Advocates are a resource for students at Pomona and all of the Claremont Colleges. We support survivors of sexual assault and dating violence.

Mission First and foremost, we seek to provide support to survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and domestic violence in whatever way they may need, including: counseling, providing resources, and aiding in reporting. Secondly, we seek to eliminate sexual assault and harassment on our campuses by educating the campus community about the issues underlying sexual assault. We seek to promote a sex-positive culture and an awareness of how consent can function in our lives. Description Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault is a student-initiated organization formed in response to concerns about the underreporting of sexual assault on Pomona's campus. Our purpose is to educate the community about the complex issues that underlie sexual assault, and to provide support for individual survivors of sexual assault. Meetings: Sundays from 7-8 pm at the SCC; meetings are usually Advocates only, but you can email us beforehand. Contact: or

Title IX Coalition (TIXC):


TIXC (The Title IX Coalition) is a student organization dedicated to making a positive contribution to the social atmosphere on campus by providing programming and spaces for all students to safely and responsibly enjoy their free time in college. The group aims to confront and reframe the existing relationship between party, substance, and consent culture on campus to bring it in line with the standards and expectations the student body should demand from the greater Claremont community.

Women’s Union:


The mission of the Pomona College Women’s Union is to, within a global context, secure positive changes for women in their personal and political lives and to work toward deconstructing gender-based constraints. We will engage the Claremont Colleges while extending our reach into our surrounding communities. The Women’s Union is committed to providing space and programming involving all genders, tailored to the diverse needs of women. In

order to fulfill these commitments, we will exercise an active position against interlocking systems of oppression, based on, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sex gender, sexual orientation, class, religion and ability. Subscribe to the Women's Union email list for updates! The WU is located on the second floor of Walker Lounge and is a safe space for studying, relaxing, and feminism. People of all genders are welcome! Open: Sun-Thurs 4-11pm Fri-Sat 12-7pm Contact:

Feminist Coalition:

We are Pitzer's Feminist Coalition, a group for all individuals who define themselves as feminists or are interested in feminist and gender related issues. Meetings: Meetings are held every Monday night at 9:45pm upstairs in the Grove House in the Womyn's Center. Come along! Contact: Rachel Kipnes

Smart Sex Society:


Smart Sex Society promotes safe, healthy, and consensual sex in the Pitzer college community. We provide students with free condoms, sexual health outreach, and a safe community to have an open dialogue about sex and relationships. Contact: Addison Calcagnini

Claremont Mckenna
Women’s Forum:
The Claremont McKenna Women’s Forum is a membership movement that aims to provide a resource to educate students in understanding women’s issues, including but not limited to: sexual assault/harassment, economic discrimination, reproductive health, the portrayal of gender and sexism. This organization publicizes and celebrates the contributions and achievements of women and also provides a comfortable space at CMC for women to unite, start a discourse about various issues, and create community building opportunities. Ultimately, the CMC Women’s Forum strives to make CMC an environment free from gender, social, political, economic and cultural discrimination.

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