Meeting Minutes

August 3, 20 3
Crenshaw United Methodist * 3740 Don Felipe Drive * Los Angeles, CA 90008
N!"e David inston, Chair Denise %tansell, Co& Chair 'vonne (llett, )e* %e*retar+ Madeleine )enee& alters, Corresponding %e*retar+ / 0nteri. 1reas2rer 1reas2rer, 5a*ant Mar+ 3ones&Dar,s "Area 7$ ilson ashens,+ "Area 7$
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N!"e endell Conn "Area #$ Carl Morgan "Area #$ Lar, -allowa+&-illia. "Area 3$ 3a*,ie )+an "Area 3$ )onda 4rown "At Large$

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6aren Caesar "At Large$ 3ason Lo.8ard "At Large$ 3ohnnie )aines "At Large$

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C!(( t) O#&e# * R)(( C!((+ 1he .eeting was *alled to order at 9940 a. 8+ David inston, Chair: A ;2or2. was present: David read the r2les o< the .eeting: (ver+one introd2*ed hi.sel< or hersel<: (ver+one in attendan*e arrived 8+ 709=0 a.: SLO Re,)#t+ >o o<<i*ers were in attendan*e: Agen&! U,&!tes+ 0te.s 7# "F2nding re;2est <or >ational >ight ?2t$ @ 0te. 9 "42st 4en*h ?2trea*h$ were re.oved: Ite"+ Dis%ussi)n Hig.(ig.ts+ Ite"+ Dis%ussi)n Hig.(ig.ts+ Ite"+ Dis%ussi)n Hig.(ig.ts+ Ite"+ Dis%ussi)n Hig.(ig.ts+ -in!n%e C)""ittee • >o report

Out#e!%. C)""ittee ' Denise • (C A wo2ld parti*ipate in the >ational >ight ?2t on 12esda+, A2g2st A:

S!/et0 C)""ittee 1 A& H)% S%ien%e Cente# C)""ittee ' 2).nnie • >o reports

A,,#)3!( )/ Minutes A/77 .in2tes9 no errors or o.issions 7/9 .in2tes9 no errors or o.issions 7/739 start ti.e *orre*ted to A940 p. (C A>DC Meeting Min2tes B Cage 7

A%ti)n 1 -)(()4'u,+ Ite"+ Dis%ussi )n Hig.(ig.t s+

Cer David D .in2tes are a**epted with *orre*tions 09

He#5 Wess)n, 2#6 7 Cit0 C)un%i( P#esi&ent 8CD

• Co2n*il Cresident esson greeted ever+one with his trade.ar,ed s.ile: Ee anno2n*ed his #7 po2nd weight loss sin*e his last (C A appearan*e: Ee advised ever+one to lose weight, *2t down on s2gar and <or ever+one to get healthier: • %ta,eholders were given the <loor to give *o..ents and as, ;2estions9 & 4aldwin 5illage sta,eholder as,ed a8o2t res2r<a*ing the alle+ 8etween 45 and the 4aldwin Eills (states: 6i.ani said the CD70 had *o.pleted an inventor+ with ran,ing and will advise: 6i.ani @ esson will spea, with LACD a8o2t tra<<i* 8lowing thro2gh the stop sing at Cina<ore/Eill*rest "at Eill*rest (le.entar+$ to possi8l+ get a <lashing sign: 6i.ani was instr2*ted to investigate disa8led signal at FD 94: & A sta,eholder as,ed a8o2t Marlton %;2are: esson gave a 8rie< eFplanation a8o2t the %tateGs dissol2tion o< the C)A and the legal iss2es regarding the propert+: 1he Co2n*il ?<<i*e is wor,ing with the new entit+ to di*tate what the *o..2nit+ wants <ro. the proHe*t: & Lei.ert Car, sta,eholder *o.plained a8o2t the 3rd ti.e his trash had not 8een pi*,ed 2p: CC esson replied that %anitation doesnGt s2<<er <ro. 82dget *2ts and the sit2ation was not a**epta8le: 1his is the <irst ti.e heGs heard o< the iss2e and he will investigate it: & A 4aldwin 5illage sta,eholder in;2ired a8o2t essonGs opinion on the #4&ho2r *ar wash slated <or Eill*rest/6ing: Ee replied he doesnGt s2pport the proHe*t 82t does want to 8e respe*t<2l to people tr+ing to 8ring 82siness into the area: 6i.ani and Carl are wor,ing together on it thro2gh the (C A CLU4: & A 4aldwin Eills (states sta,eholder praised the Cit+ Co2n*ilGs re*ent vote that dis.issed iss2ing *itations <or 8ro,en .eters: esson listed vandalis. and d2.ping as the *hie< reasons <or re.oval o< neigh8orhood postal 8oFes: & ilson led the appla2se <or the Co2n*il CresidentGs ta,ing *are o< the iss2es and *o.plaints <ro. essonGs previo2s appearan*e: & Mar+ as,ed a8o2t the sha88+ appearan*e o< the La 4rea all 8etween 3i. -illia. Car, and Colise2.: 6i.ani s2ggested (C A appl+ <or an LA >eigh8orhood 0nitiative -rant: All the CD o<<i*e *an do is .aintain weeds with help <ro. o2tside *o..2nities: Mar+ wasnGt pleased 82t *on*eded to the answer: esson repeated that he doesnGt li,e the sit2ation 82t does want to partner on a sol2tion: EeGd li,e to 2pgrade it, then .aintain it: & A sta,eholder as,ed i< the 6aiser/Marlton %;2are proHe*t is o<< the ta8le: esson related that heGd .et with 6aiser and the+ are still on 8oard, H2st waiting <or a developer to 8e *hosen: & A 4ed<ord Car* sta,eholder than,ed esson <or the Marlton %;2are lot 2p,eep and as,ed hi. to ela8orate on the stat2s: esson des*ri8ed the C)A dissol2tion again and said that his relationship with the -overnor and vario2s ele*ted o<<i*ials in %a*ra.ento has led to great strides in p2lling the propert+ together, eF*ept <or one pie*e thatGs still in li.8o: 1o the topi* o< I8randing the *o..2nit+J, espe*iall+ in regards to .ovie proHe*ts li,e the degrading I1raining Da+J: esson related that an+ <il. proHe*t with weaponr+ and dr2gs .2st 8e r2n 8+ Fil. LA, the Ma+orGs ?<<i*e and the LACD: A re*ent arner 4rothers <il. was shot on the 6aiser propert+, with the K70,000 lo*ation <ee slated <or donation to the Crenshaw 'MCA on 8/8: *** 3a*,ie told ever+one to *all Fil. LA i< +o2 see <il.ing: %igns .2st 8e posted: esson re.inded the *o..2nit+ it needs to ,eep Fil. LA in the loop so there is ade;2ate *o.pensation o< the propert+ owners: *** & Denise as,ed a8o2t essonGs relationship with Ma+or -ar*etti and the ti.eline <or the Cit+Gs -eneral Managers: esson replied that his relationship has alwa+s 8een good with -ar*etti, altho2gh the+ have a di<<eren*e o< opinion on la8or negotiations: 1he Cit+ Co2n*il was still waiting <or the Ma+orGs repla*e.ent re*o..endations to Cit+ Co2n*il, however the Cit+ Co2n*il reserves the right to .aintain good people: & )o.erol as,ed a8o2t the (*ono.i* Develop.ent depart.ent and the ne*essit+ o< the *reation o< the non&pro<it to r2n it: esson said <ro. a legal perspe*tive the Cit+ needs an o2tside entit+: 0t was 2n<air the Depart.ent was *reated prior to -ar*etti ta,ing o<<i*e: 1he Cit+ Co2n*il will slow down the pro*ess to allow the new Ma+or to 8e a8le to weigh in on develop.ent o< the Depart.ent: esson stated that C2rren Cri*e "CD9$ is the Chair o< the Cit+ Co2n*ilGs (*ono.i* Develop.ent Depart.ent: & 4aldwin 5illage sta,eholder ;2estioned the en<or*e.ent o< ho2sing laws dire*ted at 8ad (C A>DC Meeting Min2tes B Cage #

landlords: esson related the aspe*ts o< en<or*e.ent, in*l2ding tenant vs propert+ owner rights, identi<+ing o<<enders and how to 8ring the. to H2sti*e: Ee 2rged ever+one to *all so their *o.plaints *an 8e logged 8+ the Eo2sing Depart.ent: For instan*e, *o.plaints gave the Cit+ Attorne+ the a..2nition it needed to ta,e on sl2.lord De La 1orre, who on*e *ontrolled =7 properties and now onl+ *ontrols #: & Carl *o..ended CD70 sta<< .e.8ers 6i.ani, %+lvia and Al8ert <or all o< their .eeting attendan*e: Ee as,ed a8o2t the pro*ess <or sele*ting the developer <or Marlton %;2are: esson said heGd advise 8+ ednesda+ 8/7 on who was going to .a,e the <inal de*ision: Carl re;2ested a Design )eview 4oard <or the Crenshaw %pe*i<i* Clan 82t esson said Mi*hael Le-rande will *ontin2e to r2n the depart.ent: %in*e the C)AGs dissol2tion, the Crenshaw %pe*i<i* Clan is le<t witho2t *he*,s and 8alan*es: Carl advised the ML6 8i,e lane letter that wo2ld 8e *o.ing his wa+: & Denise in;2ired a8o2t essonGs parti*ipation in the =0th Anniversar+ o< the ML6 Mar*h on ashington in Lei.ert Car, 5illage: esson said his parti*ipation had not 8een de<ined +et: & )o.erol as,ed a8o2t the *onsolidation o< the Clanning and 42ilding @ %a<et+ Depart.ents: esson said the Cit+ Co2n*il will slow down this pro*ess so the Ma+or *an weigh in on it as well: Pu5(i% C)""ents9 • 3ai -aines o< (ndeavor Apps anno2n*ed his *o.p2ter giveawa+ will ta,e pla*e at the ?*to8er Lei.ert Car, Artwal,: Ee also has Mi*roso<t so<tware to giveawa+: And he will ret2rn to the 4oard <or <2nding towards ele*troni*/ind2strial arts *lasses <or 70&73 +ear olds: • Mar+ anno2n*ed >ational >ight ?2t will ta,e pla*e on 12esda+, 8/A: 5endor spa*es were still availa8le: Che*, in was 8etween 3 and 4 p., with <inal set&2p 8+ 4 p.: • Chris Flo+d o< the non&pro<it Los Angeles ?pport2nities 0nd2strialiLation Center, lo*ated at 3707 %to*,er M#04, o<<ers a<<orda8le *o.p2ters <or ho.e 2se at K749 with K70/.onth internet a**ess: • 3a*,ie anno2n*ed the Lei.ert Car, 5illage F)(( La8or Da+ A<ri*an Arts Festival ta,ing pla*e on La8or Da+ wee,end: Ite"+ Dis%ussi) n Hig.(ig.t s+ T.e Vi((!ge C!/: P#);e%t 7 N!t.!n -#ee"!n • ?wner -erald 3ones was approved <or a Conditional Use Cer.it "CUC$ in #00A: 1he+ have re.oved sidewal, dining <ro. the original plans per the LACD: • 1he resta2rantGs par,ing is alread+ a8ove re;2ested *ode with # on site spa*es and =&A spa*es a*ross the street: • Mr: Free.an re.inded the 4oard itGs not 2n*o..on <or resta2rants to a82t ho2sing as a .iFed&2se proHe*t: • >ino )ogers, <or.erl+ o< =th %treet Di*,s, vo2*hed <or the positive so*ial environ.ent o< the proHe*t: 0t is within wal,ing distan*e o< the neigh8orhood: • Carl re.inded the presenters that this was the 4th presentation o< 1he 5illage Ca<N: At this stage, (C A re;2ires positive s2pport <ro. the residents and s2rro2nding da+ *are *enters: • 1he resta2rant *an open an+wa+ witho2t a 8ar: ?nl+ the CUC is the iss2e: • Cossi8le 82siness partner, >i*ole, o<<ered that CUC training is ver+ stri*t: 1he *ontin2ed apprehension <ro. the *o..2nit+ has .ade the owner even .ore responsi8le: • >ino said he will 8ring the *o..2nit+Gs s2pport to the 4oard: PLUB P#esent!ti)ns ' C!#( 7$ 1he )ain Forest Car ash D 1ri*ia -reen, Croprietor • 1he e*o&<riendl+ *ar wash re*+*les its water, with operational ho2rs o< 8 a. to = p.: 0t will have a 70 <t *onve+or wash t2nnel, and 7= va*22. stations: 1he entran*e will 8e on 6ing with the eFit on 6ing "with va*22.$ or Eill*rest "w/o va*22.$: 0t will 8e *onstr2*ted o< .etal and painted green: • A C2rrent store lo*ated at 4A49 )ose*rans in Eawthorne has 8een opened 4 +ears: 1here are plans to open another store at 9=7 (ast Floren*e: • Ms: -reen p2r*hased the 77,000 s; <t ML6 par*el with the original #008 approval: • 1he 82siness will hire 8 people <ro. the *o..2nit+, and pa+ O .edi*al ins2ran*e: 1wo people will 8e on d2t+ at all ti.es, with 3 on the wee,end: • Carl related the Crenshaw %pe*i<i* Clan restri*ts a2to&related 2se to one 82siness per 8lo*, (C A>DC Meeting Min2tes B Cage 3

Ite"+ Dis%ussi )n Hig.(ig.t s+

A%ti)n 1 -)(()4' u,+ A%ti)n 1 -)(()4' u,+

"LAMC$: Altho2gh a *ar wash is not de<ined as an a2to&related 2se, the spirit o< the plan wo2ld den+ it as s2*h: P>ote9 1here is a gas station at the east end o< the 8lo*, at 42*,ingha. )oad:Q • Roning *ode spe*i<ies the *ar wash *annot 8e adHa*ent within 700 <eet o< ho2sing and sho2ld 8e in a C# Lone: Rone C7:= 2se is .ore restri*tive: )esident desired 2se in #008 re;2ested neigh8orhood&serving retail li,e solar tile sales or shoe repair: Condition *o.plian*e in*l2des 42ilding and %a<et+ approval o< the 82ilding plans and the Clanning Depart.ent <or <inal approval: • endell ;2estioned i< the 4oard was loo,ing to *reate Ho8s and i< there were other plans <or the site: Carl *ited environ.ental iss2es li,e *ar eFha2st and e*ono.i*all+ there were ver+ <ew Ho8s D an average retail store has .ore e.plo+ees: • Carl stated that, as sta,eholders and ele*ted o<<i*ials, we want to s2pport 82sinesses that want to *o.e into o2r *o..2nities: Eowever, there are laws D .2ni*ipal *odes and the Crenshaw Co..2nit+ Clan: e have wor,ed tirelessl+ over 70 +ears to *reate these do*2.ents so o2r *o..2nit+ is i.proved the wa+ we want it i.proved: 0< an+ developer, sta,eholder, or invest.ent interest has opposition to that, the pro*esses and laws set 2p over those 70 +ears de<ine how we want o2r neigh8orhood to loo,: 0< it <its within the design o< the Crenshaw %pe*i<i* Clan, then itGs wel*o.eS i< not, we *annot allow eF*eptions to the Clan or to ignore laws we spent +ears p2tting together: 6ing 4o2levard is going to 8e one o< L:A:Gs greatest streets: e are i.ple.enting one o< the 8est 8i*+*le progra.s in the *it+: e donGt want to interr2pt the develop.ent o< the ##&a*re Marlton %;2are site or an+ o< the lo*al wanted 2ses: 1his is a *o..2nit+ in re*over+ and we do not want to interr2pt it with these 2nwanted lo*al land 2ses: 7$ Letter regarding Car ash Carl *o.posed a letter <or 6i.ani in regards to the Car ash to initiate a dis*2ssion with the Clanning Dept: Dire*tor: >o a*tion is re;2ired <ro. the 4oard: #$ ML6, 3r: 4lvd 4i*+*le Lane @ Cedestrian 0.prove.ents Letter Carl .otioned to approve the letter to CD70 s2pporting the re.oval o< the >orth side par,ing lane on 6ing 4lvd east o< Crenshaw 4lvd: <or the installation o< 8i*+*le lanes along ML6, 4lvd: Mar+ se*onded: Dis*2ssion9 & A sta,eholder didnGt realiLe there was par,ing in this area & )e.oval o< the lane will also deter potential par,ing <or the Crenshaw/LA! line 5?1(9 9 & 'A'% 7 & >? "3a*,ie$ 3$ Lei.ert Car, 5illage 4i,e )epair %tation and 4i,e %hop Letter Carl .otioned to approve the letter to CD70 s2pporting the installation o< a D()? 8i,e repair station s2pported 8+ lo*al 82siness 6A?% and the esta8lish.ent o< a 8i,e *o&op in the 5illage: 'vonne se*onded: Dis*2ssion9 & -rant <2nding is availa8le <or a T4i*i Li8reG t+pe o< *o&op & e sho2ld lo88+ <or two stations, one also <or the ML6 station: Cerhaps the Mall wo2ld sponsor the se*ond one: & Lei.ert Car, 5illage is a pri.e lo*ation 8e*a2se the ClaLa Fo2ntain is a h28 <or 8i*+*le riding in %o2th LA 5?1(9 9 & 'A'% 7 & >? "3a*,ie$ Meeting E$tensi)n Mar+ .otioned to eFtend the .eeting <or an additional 70 .in2tes: 6aren se*onded: 5?1(9 Unani.o2s "9 D 'A'%$

A%ti)n 1 -)(()4' u,+

Ite"+ A%ti)n 1 -)(()4'u,+

Ite"+ Dis%ussi) n Hig.(ig.t s+

B)!#& Ret#e!t Hig.(ig.ts 7 R)"e#)( M!(3e!u$ • 4 .ain points that were *overed9 7$ wh+ we serveS #$ .e.8er responsi8ilitiesS 3$ (C AGs relationship to area 4lo*, Cl28sS and 4$ ?2trea*h and wor,plans • )o.erol s2ggested <ra.ing the inspirational and aspirational ;2otes <or wh+ we serve as de*orations <or the (C A o<<i*e: 0t will set the .ood <or sta,eholder visits: • David s2ggested 2sing the responses <or o2r %trategi* plans: (C A>DC Meeting Min2tes B Cage 4

• 1he )etreat .aHorit+ agreed that <or.ing relationships with Area gro2ps was a .2st: • 1he 4oard .2st have a 8etter relationship with 4lo*, Cl28s: A .eet&n&greet or 8rea,<ast with lo*al leadership wo2ld 8e one wa+ to do this: • ?2trea*h *onsens2s was that we need .ore and 8+ ever+one: 1he ?2trea*h Co..ittee sho2ld *alendar all the lo*al events and o**2p+ a ta8le, espe*iall+ <or events we s2pport: 1he ?2trea*h Co..ittee sho2ld ret2rn to the 4oard with an a*tion plan regarding additional s2ggestions that were .ade: • Co..ittee str2*t2re needs to 8e addressed, with ea*h 4oard .e.8er assigned to a spe*i<i* *o..ittee: Co..ittees need to esta8lish reg2lar .eeting ti.es, not H2st Tas neededG: Finan*e Co..ittee sho2ld ret2rn to the 4oard with an a*tion plan regarding additional re*o..endations that were .ade: • Calendar a dis*2ssion regarding how to handle sta,eholder *o.plaints so that weGve responded to the.: • 1here were 7= ite.s the 4oard needs to prioritiLe and possi8l+ 2se <or the %trategi* Clan: • )o.erol will e.ail the )etreat notes to the 4oard in a do*2.ent ever+one *an a**ess: • Eer re*o..endation <or the wor, plan is <or the 4oard to prioritiLe the additional s2ggestions, t2rn the. over to respe*tive *o..ittees and <or those *o..ittees to ret2rn with a*tion plans: 0t is 2p to the Chair to s*hed2le another )etreat: -in!( N)tes+ • David anno2n*ed open At Large, Corresponding %e*retar+, and 1reas2rer positions: Appli*ations are availa8le on the (C A we8site: • David re.inded ever+one to ta,e (thi*s and F2nding training: 1he (.power.entLA we8site has in<or.ation: • David *o..ended Madeleine <or organiLing the (C A o<<i*e: Meeting A&;)u#ne& at 7#944 a.: Min2tes as Approved 8+ 4oard at UU70UU/UU=UUU/U73UUUU Meeting %ignat2re9 UUUUUUUUU'vonne (llettUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (C A>DC )e*ording %e*retar+

(C A>DC Meeting Min2tes B Cage =