Meeting Minutes

BOARD MEETING August 19, 2 1!
DWP Community Room * 4030 Crenshaw Blvd * Los Angeles, CA 90008
N"#e David Winston, Chair Denise "tansell, Co# Chair %vonne &llett, Re' "e'retary $adeleine Renee# Walters, ,reasurer Corres.onding "e'retary # /a'ant $ary -ones#Dar(s (Area 0! Wilson Washens(y (Area 0!
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N"#e Wendell Conn (Area ! Carl $organ (Area ! Lar( )allo*ay#)illiam (Area +! -a'(ie Ryan (Area +! /a'ant (At Large!

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/a'ant (At Large! /a'ant (At Large! /a'ant (At Large!

C")) t* O$'e$ + R*)) C")), ,he meeting *as 'alled to order at 12+0 .m 3y David Winston, Chair4 (A 5uorum *as not .resent until %vonne arrived at 6200 .m4! David e7.lained the rules o8 the meeting4 &veryone introdu'ed himsel8 or hersel84 Seni*$ Le"' O--i&e$ Re.*$ts, "L9:s "asa;ima (Leimert Par(<Arlington =eights! and "aldana (>ald*in /illage! in8ormed the >oard and sta(eholders a3out 'urrent 'rime in the area and .roa'tive measures to ta(e4 Pu/)i& C*##ents, • ?yatana Coussey o8 the Ran'ho Par( ,ennis Clu3 announ'ed the su''ess8ul 0@th Annual -a'(ie ,atum ,ennis ,ournament, than(ed &CWA 8or its 8inan'ial .arti'i.ation4 "he .resented &CWA *ith a A,han( %ou: .la5ue and event tees4 # +1@ entries, in'luding 00 8or youth # ,he 3est .arti'i.ation and overall 'om.etition o8 all 0@ yearsB • Darlene (/ernon Avenue 3usiness#o*ner! and -ai )aines (Crensha*#area 3usiness o*ner! announ'ed an ele'troni' .rogram targeted at Audo3on $iddle "'hool students 8or 9'to3er4 ,hey *ill 3e a..roa'hing the >oard 8or 8unding4 # $adeleine agreed to she.herd the .ro;e't:s .a.er*or( • -ason Lom3ard (>ald*in =ills Crensha* PlaCa! made three announ'ements2 # ,uesday, 8< 02 "outhern )irls Desserts, re'ent Dood Eet*or( Cu.'a(e Wars *inners, *ill 3e honored 3y the Los Angeles >oard o8 "u.ervisors # "aturday, August F2 100 3a'(.a'( givea*ay # "unday, August @2 3h'.LG/&:s 8inal 'on'ert o8 the summer • )et ti'(ets 8or -ai )aines: &ndeavor A..s 'om.uter givea*ay via 8a'e3oo(, t*itter, and his *e3site guest3oo( H ***4endeavora..s4'om • Reverend )ory announ'ed his ne* tenure at 0st A$& Chur'h4 =e also validated 988i'er "aldana:s 'omments regarding 'rime 8rom 3eing 'ar;a'(ed at gun.oint in >ald*in /illage • -ohnnie Raines, GGG announ'ed t*o items2 # "aturday, August +02 ,he Par( $esa =eights Community Coun'il:s Inity Destival *ill 3e &CWAEDC $eeting $inutes J Page 0

a'(no*ledging a'ademi' a'hievement at 002+0 K 0 2+0 to lo'al students # "aturday, "e.tem3er 02 ,he Ir3an League *ill host its Eeigh3orhood >lo'( Clu3 Party training at its o88i'e • $isty Wil(s (Crensha* >lvd4 la*yer! added to the earlier dis'ussion on area homelessness4 9ver 00 homes in this area are in 8ore'losure and 8ormer residents are no* living in 'ars instead o8 their houses4 • ,he $an'hester ,e'hnology )rou. announ'ed that 8ree Wi#Di *ould 3e availa3le in the ne7t month or so in Leimert Par( /illage4 ,he 'alendar *ill 3e at ***4l.vnet*or(4'om

Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts, Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts,

Re0ie1 + A..$*0") *- Meeting Minutes Eo minutes *ere availa3le 8or revie*4

Pu/)i& L"n' Use "n' Be"uti-i&"ti*n 3 C"$) M*$g"n, C2"i$ DISCUSSION HIGHLIGHTS, • Carl reminded the >oard the letters 8or the $artin Luther ?ing, -r4 >lvd 3i(e lanes and to the Planning De.t4 regarding ,he /illage Ca8L are time sensitive4 • ,he /illage Ca8L *ill 3e returning to the >oard4 ,he City Attorney advised City Planning that voluntary a'tions su3mitted 3y a..li'ants are no longer en8or'ea3le due to limited resour'es4 "o, i8 the /illage Ca8L .romises to ma(e 'hanges to its .lan, 3ut doesn:t 8ollo* thru, there *on:t 3e any legal re'ourse to ma(e them adhere4 • Carl in5uired i8 anyone has a..roa'hed the >oard 8or holiday .oinsettia .lantings4 • ,here *ill not 3e an August PLI> meeting • A hoo(ah lounge has o.ened ne7t to Co.y City4 ,here aren:t any regulations 8or hoo(ah lounges4 • ,uesday, August 0 H 00 am K 0 E2 $etro Crensha*<LAX >usiness "ustaina3ility $eeting at the Crensha* o88i'e Out$e"&2 3 Denise, C2"i$ • Denise re5uested in8ormation 8or >lo'( Clu3 and 9rganiCation meeting times4

Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts, Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts ,

S"-et4 5 S&ien&e Cente$ A' H*& C*##ittee 3 6*2nnie, C2"i$ • $etro has Community outrea'h Pu3li' "a8ety Pods4 -ohnnie is no* on the P9D and 'an su..ly and<or relay in8ormation to $etro through it • Wednesday, August +02 ,he ne7t#to#8inal meeting 8or the "'ien'e Center ,as( Dor'e *ill 3e to determine the out'ome o8 all outstanding items 8rom the &ndeavour Agreement Re0ie1 "n' "..$*0") *- Pu$&2"se &"$' e%.en'itu$es "n' T$e"su$e$ $e.*$t 3 D"0i' 5 M"'e)eine • ,he P#Card re.ort has 3een ta3led until the 9<6<0 ,o*n =all $eeting • D9E& hasn:t 8inaliCed the 'he'(ing#a''ount system yet4 EC:s must 'ontinue using the D%0 <0+ .ayment system4 • &CWA re'eives M ,000<mo 8or initial 8unding4 Wendell in5uired *hen it *ould 3e .ossi3le to 8und last year:s items (a..roved 1<06!4 David *ill *or( *ith $adeleine to get them 8unded4 ,arget date 3y 9<6 $adeleine motioned to reim3urse David 8or his &CWA#related e7.enditures2 "torage<988i'e#move2 M+104 00 City =all Par(ing Dee2 064@0 "ta.les < >oard Retreat +468 su..lies2 ,otal2 MF004 &CWAEDC $eeting $inutes J Page

Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts,

A&ti*n 5 7*))*1(u.,

/9,&2 6 %A%" Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts, A&ti*n 5 7*))*1(u., Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts,

8 A>",&E,G9E" (David < -a'(ie!

St$"tegi& P)"n ( D"0i' • ,he Plan is due at the end o8 "e.tem3er • ,he 8orm needs to 3e 8illed out4 • ,he >oard *ill s'hedule another Retreat in +#F months4 ,a3led until the "e.tem3er 6 ,o*n =all $eeting to give the >oard an o..ortunity to revie* the outline Romerol dra8ted 8rom the >oard:s -uly Retreat At(L"$ge P*siti*n V"&"n&ies ( D"0i' • Dul8illment o8 the .ositions *as ta3led until the "e.tem3er 6 ,o*n =all $eeting .er David:s email .rior to the meeting4 ,he a..li'ants *ere 'onta'ted in advan'e4 • At#Large .ositions are o88i'ially /a'ant, ho*ever the >oard still has a 5uorum • Wendell o3;e'ted to the sudden 'an'ellation4 ,he to.i' had 3een AgendiCed and the intent *as not to have va'an'ies a8ter tonight:s >oard $eeting4 • David read the Agenda and noted N.ossi3leO a'tion on 8illing the .ositions4 • A dis'ussion ensued and the >y#La*s *ere 5uoted, s.e'i8i'ally "e'tion 83 (.age 6! and Arti'le 6<"e'tion + (.age 00!4 • %vonne had removed the a..li'ation announ'ement 8rom the *e3site .rior to David:s email4 "he *ill re.ost the a..li'ation announ'ement online and thru &CWA:s so'ial media • $ary, Denise, Wilson, and Wendell *ill 'om.rise the Ad =o' 'ommittee to 'reate a slate o8 'andidates4 &a'h 'andidate *ill have the o..ortunity to s.ea( 8or themselves4i • $adeleine *ill have to rea..ly 8or the ,reasurer .osition4 Wendell motioned to set u. an Ad =o' Committee 8or 9utrea'h on $em3er#At#Large 'andidates4 %vonne se'onded4 /9,&2 9 %A%" (Inanimous! G$een 7*$est C"$ W"s2 3 C"$) • A Conditional Ise Permit *as issued on De3ruary , 008 8or a 'ar *ash at the "outheast 'orner o8 ?ing >lvd<=ill'rest Avenue4 • ,he CIP does not 'om.ly to the Crensha* ".e'i8i' Plan 8or auto#related uses4 ,he 'ar *ash 'annot 3e lo'ated 3ehind residential .ro.erty4 Gt also violates the C 04@ Coning 'ode 8or neigh3orhood#serving retail (insuran'e 'om.any, shoe re.air, et'4! • Al3ert Landini, retired 8rom the LA City Planning De.artment, admitted the CIP *as in'orre't 3ut a..roved it any*ay4 • ?imani >la'( (CD00! suggested &CWA go through the A..eal Pro'ess to have the .ermit revo(ed4 (,he Coun'il Distri't 988i'e may 3e leaning to*ards a..roval o8 the .ermit4! Carl motioned 8or &CWA to ma(e a *ritten re5uest to the City Planning De.artment 8or a Poning Administrator:s inter.retation o8 the Crensha* ".e'i8i' Plan4 $ary se'onded4 DG"CI""G9E2 • $adeleine 5uestioned *hy the mo3ile laundry is not an o.tion4 • Carl e7.lained that a 'ar *ash should 3e lo'ated in a C Cone4 =e .ointed out that our area is 8inally going to re'eive t*o 3illion dollar .ro;e'ts2 the 000,000 s5 8t ?aiser $edi'al 988i'es and the Distri't "5uare Retail .ro;e't • Wilson noted he has 3een *itness to the .ositive and negative as.e'ts o8 >ald*in /illage4 =is 'on'erns are the tra88i' issues and the lo'ation<ty.e o8 3usiness ma(es it a drive#3y shooting magnet • "ta(eholder in.ut in'luded2 # ,he 8ormer "hell 9il station (no* /alero! *as un*anted Qlo'ated at the o..osite 'orner o8 the 3lo'(R # ,he 'ar *ash age grou. is young and has a tenden'y to 'ongregate4 ,he 'ommunity is 'hanging ra.idly 8or the 3etter4 # ,he Eeigh3orhood Coun'il should 3e sele'tive a3out the 3usinesses it a..roves &CWAEDC $eeting $inutes J Page +

A&ti*n 5 7*))*1(u., Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts,

A&ti*n 5 7*))*1(u.,

# A 'ommunity garden or a .o'(et .ar( *ith *ater 8iltration 8or hillside run#o88 .rior to shedding into >allona Cree( is a 3etter use 8or the .ro.erty4 • Wendell re5uested the s.e'i8i' reasoning 3ehind the motion4 • Carl reiterated that the Planning De.artment admitted ma(ing a mista(e4 We are re5uesting the a'tion to 'orre't their initial ruling4 /9,&2 8 %A%" 0 A>",&E,G9E ($adeleine! Ite#, Dis&ussi*n Hig2)ig2ts, T2e Cit4 C*un&i)8s Res*)uti*n *n 7$"&9ing • ,a3led until the "e.tem3er 6 ,o*n =all meeting4

Meeting A':*u$ne' at 82+@ .m $inutes as A..roved 3y >oard at SS9S<SS6SSS<SS0+SSS $eeting "ignature2 SSSSS%vonne &llettSSSSS &CWAEDC Re'ording "e'retary

&CWAEDC $eeting $inutes J Page F

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