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Ascension is Near
Integration of the 12 virtues


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Integration of Virtues - 8th stage - June 14 2009 ................................................................................ 133 Integration of Virtues - 9th stage - June 21 2009 ................................................................................ 143 Integration of Virtues - 10th stage June 28 2009 ................................................................................. 154 Integration of Virtues - 11th Stage July 5 2009 ................................................................................... 166 Integration of Virtues - 12th stage July 12, 2009 ................................................................................ 174 It's Showdown Time............................................................................................................................192


Archangel Michael has given us a preview of ascension and our future during the first 7 months of this year. He stated that by the end of September the deadline for determining our future will be established by the angelic realm and each of us individually as we must decide whether to accept the Divine Light and advance to the 5th dimension or reject it and continue in 3D elsewhere. His work will be completed by May of 2010 and Earth will be in 5D by the end of Dec. 2012. Because we are in the 3rd/4th dimension and those who communicate these messages are in higher dimensions these works are usually transmitted through what has been called channelers who are subject to darkside mind control, so there is always a question of the authenticity of these words. I include in this work not only AA Michael but others like Sheldan Nidle and Aton and Esu (Jesus) who generally agree on most things and who all agree that ascension has begun. It is best to keep an open mind on these words and await the fulfillment and confirmation of these ideas. Rich Nilsson


Archangel Michael Separating Wheat from Chaff January 5 2009
translated from French I am Archangel Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Army. I come to you to assist all entities of this human world in living this year of revival, the coming years of enlightenment, and especially the times of struggle to come. The wheat must be separated from the chaff. Light high Lights and reveals darkness. Light causes awakening. I am the head of the Armies of Light. I am here to show you, by the Light, everything that has so far escaped you in your 3D packaging and in your development, individually and collectively. My work and My Light will appear at the entrance of this year 2009 by minor, strong, violent and instantaneous demonstrations through fire [like volcanoes] and, equally, by the air [like hurricanes]. Each Archangel is assigned a particular job in the solar system every 12 years. The year 2009 marked on your calendars is the return of My presence. The year 1996 was the year when for the first time on Earth's incarnations, all the work of angelic energies were begun for the divine Father, blessed be He. In this year 2009 and until mid-2010 and therefore for more than a year, I will manifest Myself to you by signs [and holograms], by the elements and changes of Light in your physical body, at its DNA level, and in your environment by fire and in the air. I have not intervened with you until now, as it would have could hindered the establishment of your prior choices made in previous years. I just expose the dark areas. I just awaken the Light. I'm the one that precedes the return of the Son [Esu Sananda] and the Father. I'm the one who comes, with fire and air, to bring to you the power of the soul, the strength of the Spirit of Truth and Light. Man must find unity. Some of you, very few of you unfortunately will find this. Some will help you in your revolt against the forces of darkness [there will be Divine intervention and assistance]. It is no longer a matter of confrontation or decision but of combat and war. Let me illustrate this struggle in the elements, at a collective level. This should allow your inner being to become stabilized in the Light and Truth of the Father. A number of things, a number of factors, many lives, numbers of people, many people will this year, adapt, change and comply with the will of the Light. I come, as the weapon of the Light, from a work within you, around you and involving the entire planet. I come with all the hierarchies of Light of all the universe of your galactic neighborhood to remove hesitations and obstacles to the rise of humanity in the revelation of his divine 5

Light. I want the planet and the solar system to be free from the bondage of the laws of the dark karma. I will do what has been announced earlier that I would do. This year is a year of great Light and great suffering [in our transition period of the coming changes]. Light, you tell me, is Joy Light, the Light is truth, the Light is not suffering. This is fair and accurate, except during times of transition accompanying the great changes in all cycles by existing, past and future events. This moment of transition is a time of extreme battle between internal and external forces to move you to the material and the forces and the pressures of the Light. You can not escape that. This is the only way I say and I repeat, in a period of transition for you, human souls in the human body, to transcend into the experience of the Incarnation, the experience of separation from the dark and forge in you the strength and the Truth of Light. You will become what you really are in full, in Light and Truth in affirmation of your inner being. You will find your new birth. You will find your legacy that is the Light and all it entails, at the end of this cycle of pain. It is like a burning fire and will forge a most invulnerable Light [Jophiel called it a time similar to the biblical tribulation] . You will learn, reveal, and expose, through what will awaken you, the invulnerability of the Light. You must demonstrate that. You must show that during the 14 months to come. The cleansing fire is the master accompanied by air activity. It is your responsibility to plan, to direct your lives according to the imperatives of Light rather than the constraints of this perverted society in which you live. You must gradually move out of this spider web [the evil octopus] of darkness in this 3D dimension and in this condition. You must remove all your dark karmas, all your habits created by fear. You should allow as the months, weeks approach, more and more reflected Light and truth as you move into the process of becoming galactic beings. There will be no compromise between Light and darkness, between your life in the Light and what was your life in the dark and in fear. You worry about cultivating this inner fire that I bring to you, this cosmic radiation, this solar radiation and the energy emitted from divine hierarchies that are sent to you. We must show you the Light. We must intervene to move you to the Light. Absolutely nothing else is important. There was no violation of any freedom or free will, either human or divine. This is, I repeat, the processing of each cycle in all the universe [and not just on Earth]. You are in this period, you are in these moments. It is your responsibility to nurture, to feed, to grow and to beautify the flame of your Light, and for this, the spider web that was once your prison will disappear. This spider web is represented by what you like and brings you more than materiality, it brings fears over and over again of your servitude towards society. This however may make this servility very pleasant and positive; it is sometimes called compassion, humanity, words that have rubbed off in the torrent of lies in your environment.


Now you will come into discord, but you will be a resistance to the spider web of darkness that will want to embrace you, and this resistance will prevent you from going where you would otherwise go. The only solution is the power of your love. It is the answer, this power, to all the questions you may have. It is the resolution, it is the solution to all the obstacles that you face. The power of your Light, the power of your radiation determines the intelligence level of your heart. The more you increase your torch Light, the more you will be able to enhance the Light and eliminate the darkness and fear that is in you, around you and in those blocking the Light. A compromise will not be possible. The relationships you make with each other and also with each entrance of the new energy force, will be dominant this year. Remember that the power of the flame reflects the power of your love and your Light. Only in this power will you find the victory for any resolution or problem you will face, and I mean everything that comes to you. You must grow in confidence in the power of your love. You are beings of Light. You are beings of eternity. Only your form is ephemeral. In you there is an eternal fire, a fire that is inalienable today and will become more and more powerful in your lives in the future. This may require moments of rest, when your body gives the impression of not being able to handle both the Light and the dark spider's web. But you are much stronger and much more powerful than the greatest of your dreams. Human souls incarnated, you will live through to the end of this separation from darkness. You will experience the truth of what has been forecast for a long time. This is because this is My year and My work, and is the ultimate in this dimension. I will work in the divine ascension, with specific opportunities, and at specific times, depending on the divine timing for the global installation of Light and the rule of Light over the darkness. In My first visit this year I want to assist you with these few words and these vibrations of Light by the power of your eternal flame. You will no longer be misled, and Light is your best weapon for your peace. Beloved human souls, receive the love, mercy, and tenderness of the spiritual hierarchies, and watch over this year for it is so important to your development. Be blessed. You are loved. You are protected. I tell you this will be soon. We share this information with complete transparency and a revelation of your future.

My Comments: Life in 3D is a mixture of pain and pleasure, often with more of the former than latter. Aton's statement that "The wheat must be separated from the chaff" is reiterated by AA Michael, as he is among those who will make the decisions for our souls in the future. This time of change will bring a new 5D world and a removal of those who will not be in the ascension process. The Galactic Federation’s message delivered through Adama about ascension and Illuminati's collapse was given last September to him by ETs he met with on a starship preparing for our ascension. He was told to say that February 1 would be an important date in our ascension and in the assistance of ETs that he met with then, although it is evident he did not have any understanding of its meaning at the time. I think this Feb. 1 date he gave confirms Aton's words of the Jupiter ignition at that time as there is no other reason to use such a date. 7

When there is a movement to a higher density there has always been a complete removal of all life in the past (like the Biblical flood and Atlantis) and a start over with new life. That has been the only option until now since new age enlightenment has never been used and probably will not be in the future. In 2005 Divinity decided that enough people had chosen to ascend and thus changes were decided. Divinity has allowed a change in this option with the stasis plan, which is a sort of reverse rapture with the negative leaving and the positive in a cryogenic type of state while changes are made. It is an experiment, with the only option being a complete removal of all life, so although it is not perfect it is better than the alternative. Archangel Jophiel last year said that it is best to choose to be with those of the Light and to choose your friends and acquaintances wisely, as those not of the Light could destroy you. I keep an open mind on these matters but time will tell soon. Rich N


Archangel Michael Jan 17 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the celestial militia [Army]. As some among you know already, I will appear to you this year, your year, this terrestrial year, through fire, through the Light and through the battles. You, human entities, do not have to fight this war but you should integrate and assume the choices which you made. No obstacle to the establishment of your inner Light occurs during this year. The quality of the Light that will reach you in May 2010 will be this quality and this quantity of authentic Light which will enable you to conclude your own ascension and your own transformation. No material element, no emotional element, no social element of your companions must come to block your development and your base of the Light. That can sometimes be hard, as I said to you at the time of My first appearance this year. Some among you may be confronted with situations of strong conflicts. Remain present in a spirit in which the tensions do not generate fear. When a conflict appears, in you or around you, center on your Light and nothing else. On many occasions, and very often, you will receive the energy which is mine which will be absorbed into your being, your heart and your head. You must allow this energy, this conscience, to penetrate you because it is of the sword of truth, the sword of justice and the sword which slices the bonds which still link you with this material body and this materiality in which you have lived, tested and suffered. You will find, progressively in the months to come, your move toward the higher dimension of Light and, for some among you, of those which I would call of the warriors of Light (of which the mission will be to spread this Light towards and against all ) you will be assisted, you will be helped, according to your line of work, according to your abilities, to conclude this work of ascension. As I said to you, I will appear preferably through the elements, obviously, through fire and in the air. We have a celestial militia, but I need to assist you, I need for your cooperation, I need your body, I need your DNA in order to radiate Michael's energy even more deeply in this material place where you live. I come to purify your being and this world, I come to awaken you and awaken the dimension of your eternal Light. You should not let yourselves be disturbed by any external event but, nevertheless, you should be informed of future celestial demonstrations because they are predominant in determining the places of My action, the places of My fire and the places of the el9

emental demonstrations related to My purifying presence. Keep an eye on the sky (and not on the madness and chaos of man) while being alert and lucid, in your interior being, your interior heart. The stabilization of My energy must be accomplished entirely during this period of a little more than one year in your future. I did not hide from you, and I will not hide from you, that the material events visible with the eyes of humanity will appear disastrous and terrible. But it is nothing that cannot be dealt with using the eye of the Love, the eye of that which purifies and which will be also purified. You are in the ultimate layers of your material life, in the ultimate layers of the experiment of the incarnation. You must, today, prepare for the ascension of your body (for those who can in any case), your release in one way or another from these contingencies and these material limitations that were made necessary by the experiment wanted by the Master [Creator] of this solar system. You have lived for eternities, in multiple lives to arrive where you are now. You are on the threshold of the great transformation, you will live it with your eyes, in your flesh, and with your friends, during this year. All that was corrupted, all that was withheld, all that has diverted Light must disappear, in the form of revelation, comprehension and also in the form of destruction of the darkness. I do not come to destroy. The actions are not for the purpose of destruction but for purification and the Light. As I said previously to you, it cannot be done differently in the end of each cycle. You are in extreme cases of what this Earth and this solar system, in its totality, can endure, support and test. You are in the immediate moments which precede your ascension, during this year which will soon be over. Many beings will leave here to climb to higher realms or to start the experiment over again elsewhere. Do not judge, do not condemn, but be certain that, during this exhibit of the Light and this demonstration of the celestial militia, all that will arrive will be right, necessary and luminous. You must place the state of your spirit to be of the Light with your whole involvement. You must give birth to this Light within this density of your body and the planetary body. You must be the messengers of My Light and of the Light of the Father. You must also be the messengers of the energy of the Divine Mother in order to assist those of your brothers who seek also the Light and who, nevertheless, cannot support or digest the surge of energies which will come to you. You will indeed be bombarded, for more than three weeks, by a cosmic fire of energy announced for a long time by a number of prophecies and many elements visible on the surface of your Earth. Keep your eyes on the sky, as the sky will send signs to you, they are multiple signs. Energies also will be multiple, so do not be deluded by the manifestations of the dark who will want to also employ the sky to express their dark actions. Remember that My demonstration is done especially through the elements, so that the forms taken by your sky, by its colors, by its becoming iridescent [lustrous, rainbow like colors], as with its clouds, indicate where that is located, the precise energy of the place which you will have to exist in the four weeks which follow. You will move away from the place where the luminous phenomena would tend to become per-


manent in the form of abnormal colors, in the form of abnormal forms and of abnormal colors in your sky, because that is the first intervention of divine justice in this place and is temporary only. Keep an eye on the sky. Your information sources are multiple but the most important thing and most important is your own interior third eye. Gradually, progressively due to the overflowing of the energy of the celestial militia, you will become aware of what you really are, who you are really in the Light but also in the dark because you are in a world of darkness where the Light must show through and put an end to the darkness. There is a goal for your evolution, there is a direction for your incarnation, there is a direction for your sacrifice. You sacrificed, indeed, as a being of Light, of which you are now to conclude this mission by spiritualizing the material, to make luminous and strong what was the darkness. The only action you will need is to accept energy because this energy that you receive from My labors and the celestial Army is the most powerful weapon which you will find at your disposal in this universe. Without exaggeration at all, remember that this living body of Light makes you free from any form of cosmic radiation and even the madness of men in what you call "the atomic bomb". You will be in attendance of the greatest tensions which will start to appear during this year. Those will begin a little after March 21, which is the date of your spring. In the days which will follow, the world will seem to you to become insane. Indeed, many beings cannot handle, literally, the Light which they will receive. Many beings cannot open what you call spiritual chakras, in their spiritual dimension, and nevertheless this energy of pure Light will penetrate them but will start negative reactions in the dark ones. You do not have to enter into a panic, you do not have to criticize, even less to judge but simply to remain aligned in your interior being and, in particular, in your heart. The surge of energy which you will receive will bring, on the level of your body, malfunctions of the head and brain. That relates more to memory and sleep as well, than of the phenomena related to the five senses. You do not risk absolutely anything if you accept this Light and if this is permitted, by your consciousness, to penetrate the totality of your being. Sometime during the second part of your year, you will start to directly receive My energy of fire which is on the level of your heart. There too, many human hearts will not be able to support this surge of Love in the heart and will see their vital functions stopping [by death]. They will be transferred, these hearts and souls, elsewhere. The moments that you live are all at the same time majestic, magic and tragic moments. These are tragedies for those which did not accept the ceaseless warning statements, the ceaseless information which was relayed to you for much of the past centuries on the surface of your planet [" The wheat must be separated from the chaff "]. Many of those moments you have hoped for for a long time, but hope alone does not give you demonstrations of the Light. Include/understand well that the Light must cut through a path inside your body in order to completely activate your channel of Light so that this, in the second part of the year, will radiate the fire of your heart and the fire of Michael.


Drink much water, avoid anger, avoid what can give you sadness, do not seek to fight, do not seek to repress darkness, but do not go either beyond what is desirable using the expression of your interior conscience, your interior emotions and your mental and interior emotional attitudes . Here is essential information that I wanted to transmit to you. Now, if there are any questions, I will answer them as well. Question: What do you mean by “beyond what is desirable”? What is desirable is only what does not put you more in sorrow. If anger needs to be expressed, but if it appears and is translated on the level of your body by a blocking, you are in the error. If you require to express an emotion, one feeling or any idea, if that hurts your body you are in the error. The Light should not be an excuse to work with the dark side. Question: Could you give precise details on the luminous phenomena in the sky? With regard to the luminous phenomena, which is essential, it is the persistence of the luminous phenomenon beyond a few days. If the luminous phenomena that you observe only passes quickly, you do not risk anything. If the luminous phenomena that you observe where you live were to then persist more than three days, take the necessary measures. I understand by necessary measures, not necessarily an escape from the place you are at, but prepare to put yourself into an interior conscious state of mental survival. What is an interior state of survival? It is a state centered on the heart where nothing has importance except the vibration of your heart and, to a lesser extent, of your head. No other energy occurs elsewhere in your body. In general, between one week of your time and fifteen days of your terrestrial time, is the distance which separates the celestial luminous phenomena [in the sky] from the elemental or human phenomena [in your body]. The interior spiritual provision is an attitude of quieting of the heart, nevertheless, if your conscience dictates to you at this time to evacuate the place where you are, then do it without delaying. You will not be warned in another way. The shape of your sky, and thus of the clouds which make up the form of the sky, indicate only the energies of our work. On the other hand, if the colored phenomena exists and persists where you are, at this time there this is a strong signal that something will arrive in connection with My presence. Question: What are the modifications of DNA? The modifications of DNA are very largely committed to the human beings who must enter the path of ascension. This transformation is not solely on the level of DNA, it does not relate to only your body but also your metabolism and the intimate operation of your cells. Your cells will prepare to not only communicate directly between themselves inside you but also with other living forms [like animals through telepathy]. We do not have any more questioning, we thank you.


Then, human hearts on this Earth, I propose one moment of meditation to you. Receive an overflowing of energy. Rich N


Archangel Michael Ascension is Near January 22, 2009
translated from French

Note: The schedule for the start of ascension has been established, and March 25th has been given as the starting date [there may now be changes in this date so parts may be different]. It includes the Jupiter ignition and the assistance of Nibiru which is now present in orbit in cloaked form. We can not see Jupiter because it is shielded behind the Sun and will probably not be visible until later. Christ Michael has confirmed its ignition while the darkside will continue its silence until it becomes obvious beyond denial. There has been much talk from scientists about our Sun's eventual death, so this will help energize it and extend its life for many millenniums. Aton said "If we had never attempted to make Jupiter a sun, this solar system would have continued to deteriorate and become eventually a type of black hole of compressed matter that would eventually simply explode into a new creation. We could have an explosion of Jupiter into bits and pieces, an involution that would have produced a black hole that would have sucked the solar system into it over time, or a sun. They [the dark] can’t cover it forever and many are headed to their underground shelters built for purposes such as this. Apparently as near as we can make out, your new president does not know yet. He will likely be taken to shelter too, or left to the mess; we are not sure. Of course we are still going into stasis, and we have some other ideas to explore since we didn’t have the expected blast that would have convinced people something was terribly wrong in their solar system. We are reconfiguring dates on this a bit, because I still desire for earth’s residents to realize something of the end times is coming. There was talk from time travelers that Jupiter had not ignited and that this destruction of our universe did occur in our future, so this is our new reality. Archangel Michael said that on March 25th we will begin His work. This is the beginning phase of ascension which Michael called the Apocalypse and will last for about 15 months [until May 2010] with work being completed by Dec. 21 2012. Stasis was not mentioned because it is not part of his work. It was initially planned for Dec. 2007 but was delayed because of the possibility of total destruction of our universe at that time, and this process has now become successful so we can be rest assured on this part of the plan. It is part of the construction process of this universe and may also include another planet later to replace the one destroyed by nuclear bombs that 14

became the asteroid belt. This new energy is necessary as part of the ascension process and will mean less darkness to us in the future, and we have now joined other universes with multiple suns. This is the change we have requested from our Creator and has been in the plans for many millenniums, but it is not a new age gradual change. It is an Apocalypse where the old will give way to a new era of Light and Love, a new higher dimension and density [frequency] and a new Earth. Time will tell.

I am Michael, ruling prince of the celestial militia. I come to you, human souls, I introduce Myself, I salute you. Receive the Light. Each Archangel makes his presence felt in earthly time every twelve months. Year after year this time takes a certain flexibility. But We govern with the energy We possess, in the space and time allotted to Us by the Father, to bathe the whole system with Our solar vibration of light and Love in the specific mission vested to Us. Last year Archangel Jophiel brought you through the period called the "confrontation" [decision time] at a time when you lived during this phase of your life. Today in this new year and land, for a period which will last 14 to 16 months [April or June 2010], I will come and manifest through Me to you, above all, the changes that will occur on the surface of this planet. This year is My year, a year of My activities. My year is the year where the new energy elements come in a time I would call warmth, excitement and representation. For you, this year is not a year of battle but a year of awakening and the final total victory [over darkness] for the glory of the Father. This year, you will experience the absolute light in dark areas to make any decisions where ever you go, depending on your choices that were made in previous years. The Archangel of the past year [Jophiel] has provided a timetable. This timetable is a calendar that matches your Apocalypse and your revolution and your inner revelations. This is superimposed on a second schedule, a calendar of cosmic origins, and it brings no delays. It is illustrated by the movement of planets, suns and worlds in your sky. In your heavens, you will begin to experience significant changes related to elementary manifestations and especially movement of planets in the heavens. This is different from your normal scientific astronomical calculations. Your interior calculations will finish before the external calculation of time passes on this planet. Remember that what is human is subject to the vagaries of time, but what is cosmic does not suffer the same uncertainties that you understand, but obeys the celestial movements extremely accurately, extremely divinely chosen, and does not suffer any delays. Between March 25 of your 2009 and December 21 of your 2012 what needs to be done will be fully completed. I will express Myself through basic events more powerful than the Earth has ever seen before during this year. Do not worry too much about the outcome of these events on your Earth, but keep an eye on the sky, because there will be numerous signs that you can identify and see.


In this year, opening on March 25 on this Earth is the period of the Apocalypse, the longawaited and dreaded event that is already in the process of arriving into your consciousness on this planet Earth. The 3D world which you know and live will irreversibly cease to exist no later than December 21 2012. This is the end you desired, and it has been decreed by the Father. That date and those dates have been known for a long time. It was not chosen by you human beings by fighting anything or anyone else, but rather it is to find in your interior karma a resolution of your conflicts, because you spent the previous year deciding these choices that you will soon implement. Today these choices are set in stone in your material world and your dimension [and there is no going back]. Any resistance to the establishment of your Light is doomed to failure. Do not go in the direction of resistance but in the sense of acceptance of what is to come. Do not worry about the resulting level of basic humanity. You should only worry about your own well being in yourself, your home, and in the light to come. It is not destruction but is just light, and light can only destroy what belongs to the darkness. Thus, your social structures, your family, your political environment, and your economic systems must also face this change and this time is now. There is a need in your schedule to prepare important time slots to live what you have to live that is primarily a domestic experience. The vibration [frequency] level at which the Earth is facing, and therefore you as a human being, has reached levels completely new and never experienced before on the surface of this Earth. This is just the Light, and Light does not support darkness. Light illuminates darkness, Light dissolves darkness. This struggle can also occur within you if your spiritual preparation has not been completely finished. Whatever the manifestation of this struggle, go inwards to support the Light and establish the Light in you. I repeat: the world as you know, as you live, as you experiment, will not exist later than the date Dec 21 2012 that I gave you. The long-awaited events, described in numerous books, prophesied by many prophets announced, right now, for your science, are here. The global warming that you live on the surface of the Earth affects all the planets in your solar system. A planet [Nibiru] passing in the sky of the Earth every 3,600 years, but at different distances [from Earth] every 3,600 years, has completed its journey of 26,000 years. You are at the end of a cosmic cycle. You are at the time of the return of the energy from the Father and the Son. Perhaps some of you feel it in your heart, inside their cells. This moment is a moment of joy. This moment is a moment of light. Whatever the consequences, they are only human consequences related to the refusal of mankind to allow the Light to settle inside themselves. Do not judge those who fight. Do not judge those who leave [to journey to other 3D worlds or higher dimensional worlds] because you do not know where they will go. Nobody knows the way of his neighbor. Be sure to be strengthened in your way and your destiny and what you are. There is no alternative. There are no more delays. The schedule has come to an end. You are in the end times. You have returned to limited times, and these times will lead you to the threshold of a new hu-


manity and a new race of mankind. You've been asked to move to the other side of the veil from this side of the veil, in this life and other lives, to live the liberation from the illusion of a material world. This illusion of the material world has been ordered by the Lords of Karma [Illuminati] for a long time. The one thing you did not know is that this cycle was recorded in the precession of the equinoxes and the movements of planetary constellations around you. You and your scientists have often called God "the central point." There is an error of design there on this level. The focus can be summed up in God, but it can not be reduced to a point. What you call a point is actually a black hole. It is a place where everything comes from and where everything must go, from one side to another in a sphere of events and other experiences. The substance is a field experience. The substance is not an end. The constructions of your environment are perishable and perishing because they are only valid for a time to allow the soul to provide a framework for temporary changes in its evolution, which is unlimited, to return to the Light. I have participated for eons in this solar system and throughout other solar systems, and these moments that prepare the transition are the moments when the light is emerging, where the truth and that which was hidden will be revealed. I intervene in a preliminary phase to that which will come, to carry out that which will achieve your awareness so that you realize that this turnaround is the ultimate moment before, if you wish, your ascension. During this year you will experience periods of fatigue in your body in living at the same time in this dimension and other higher dimensions. You will experience, in a synchronous manner, a number of events affecting both the conduct of life in this dimension and the conduct of the life of the soul in this dimension. You will experience within your being the great transformation. I would like to say to you, human souls, do not be afraid, because what you expected, what you feared, what you hoped for is now here. You must make an effort, a significant effort, as this effort must be your most important task, to turn your gaze from the outside chaotic world to an inner world of peace. What defines your goals in life (work, family, money, pleasures of life as you have known, but also the suffering of this life as you have known) should give way to the fullness your inner life and your new life that will become active in the weeks ahead. From your month of October this year, the fire of Michael will enter your heart. Those who have held their own fire inside, those who have done the necessary work to receive treatment of Michael's energy in the heart, will awaken in you your full dimension of the soul in this higher dimension. Do not pay attention to the noise and chaos of this world because it has only just begun. Your year will be marked by deadly earthquakes, storms on the Earth as has been never known, by lightning in the sky, and luminous phenomena as never seen in history. Yet this is nothing compared to the Light to come. This is fundamental and necessary. We are with you, we the Archangelic Army. We who have dimensions far more ethereal than yours, we have lowered our vibratory rate closer to you to assist you in your preparation, your ascent and your return to the will and the house of the Father. You must remove any sensitivity to any loss because losses are of themselves illusions. It is in losing your illusions that you find your inner spark, your deity and your legacy. It can not be


otherwise. You asked for choices, you will have them. Assume the choice to say, do, go where you go, whatever is the opposition from the outside world. Among the oppositions from the outside world are the limitations related to financial problems, emotional problems, professional problems, or any other area which may interfere with the development of your inner light. You should accept no compromise on the establishment and stabilization of your inner light, whatever the cost. What you allow today in life's sacrifices, abandon it while you have eyes to see, before you ask to relive your mistakes, begging to go back, as there will be no turning back. The path that you will follow is a forced journey, a rhythmic march that will lead you to live and understand your life, your lives, your paths in their entirety. This is a gift from the Father. It occurs every 26,000 years. It is your responsibility to keep and take this chance to go to a future brightness. Remember that, regardless of what your eyes see, whatever the drama of what is lived out, this is nothing compared to the opening of your heart, the opening of the soul that you will soon live. That is, human souls in incarnation, the solemnity of what I had to say because we do not make announcements related to a later time but only future announcements related to your present time. Compared to this, and only, I say, compared to this, I will try to answer some of your questions. Question: What role will Christ play in the ascension of the Earth? That was written in many books and especially in a book that has not been distorted by those who control religions [unlike many others]. I am talking about the Apocalypse of Saint John [the Biblical book of Revelations]. Christ will return as He left. It will be someone who comes from the sky. Do not be concerned about what Christ will be like in a body of flesh, if it is not in a heavenly body. He will be joined by the divine faithful along with the faithful multitude. However, you're not at that time yet, during this year. You're in the preparations. Christ inside and Christ outside can not and will not appear except on a peaceful Earth, a purified Earth and a higher dimensional Earth later. Question: What type of light, intervention, can result in burning and tingling in the physical body? This will be normal with the increase of cosmic radiation that I will send and which is, remember, linked to the approach of this celestial body [Nibiru]. You will feel a very strong inner call to go to the light. This will result in significant bodily heat, you will need to drink more water than usual. There will be tingling phenomena occurring at the upper body, middle body, around the heart, and in your lower back that are associated with My presence, My radiation and My work. You will enter areas of hyper energy during moments before the cessation of normal energy. Question: How do you recommend we best reserve the hours to live each day? 18

It is desirable, if you have opportunity, to reserve two time slots : one during the rising sun and the other during the setting sun are times when you should listen to the energy that comes to you. You should integrate the vibrational energy that comes to you and get ready to turn off your outside gaze and move to a contemplation inside the heart. Two time slots of one hour of your time daily are more than sufficient. It will come at a time in the end of this year, and in its last quarter, where you cannot, anyway, do otherwise. You will also not have much else to do in light of the events to come. I want to clarify that when I ask you to turn your gaze within, during these times, the most important thing is to listen to the energy that permeates you. As you turn your awareness to this energy that you will receive, you will see that it covers you in the same way as the quality and density of the energy that you will receive, and has nothing to do with the one you experienced in your current life. Question: Is the knowledge of the laws of Enoch good for this period? Yes. Certainly. Question: Will travel, at that moment, be dangerous? The danger is always present on outside areas. Any place can be. A place or a person may be well and live the outpouring of Light and Michael and move to another state within fifteen days. You will have a sign of My presence in your sky. If My presence in your heaven, where you are, should continue beyond 48 hours (whether through essentially luminous phenomena, rainbow phenomena, or phenomena in cloud forms) this will mean that 15 days later, the place where you saw these phenomena will be swept by Michael's Light. Question: What form is it? It is all about colorful phenomena, totally unusual phenomena, totally unusual lightning, aurora borealis in these locations, or shapes of extremely special clouds you call waves of clouds as if the clouds were cut by frequencies, or the manifestation of the Archangel's forces or forces of the Light of the Galactic Confederation form called lenticular clouds [cloud UFOs]. If these phenomena are visible at the place where you are, listen to what is being said to your inner being. You should consider measures to protect your interior living areas and prepare to live in the purification of energy that I will pour on the Earth. However, if listening to your inner being, it asks you to leave these areas, then do so. Question: What are these signs in the sky when they last but a few minutes? They are not dangerous. They correspond to the sign of My presence but not to the sign of My violent demonstrations. Question: Does your presence manifest only by the fire?


It manifests itself in everything that is basic. What you call comets, what you call moving objects in your sky are related to My event. The year I came to the surface of your planet was the year 1996 [Comet Hyakutake] during which I expressed My presence by comets visible in your sky, and by extremely precise storms which blew at this time, on the South American continent. So I manifest by fire, by air, by water and ground. The visual events to be observed during My present visit in My passage to your sky are events related to the displacement of what you call the ether. Ether is to be redistributed on the surface of your Earth. Areas that were supplied with energy are now closed. Areas that were not fed are now prepared for that purpose. [Ether is a foundation of the free energy technology that has been forbidden knowledge till now.] Question: How do we assist people who come to us? You'll see. It may already have occurred for some of you (whatever your occupation in this society), so that many people feel the need to communicate, to assemble, to exchange different ideas [like in forums on the Internet], to share in different ways through the sharing of experiences, habitats, times, to discuss the new operating modes of consciousness. There are gatherings that will prepare, communities of groups that are preparing to exploit the more harmonious energy which you will move to. This is in place. It is a movement which will announce (for some time) to the large gatherings of the remaining humanity [the coming events and their meanings]. Question: Does the Emerald Table of Hermes have the same importance as the Book of Enoch? You could say yes, but the most important thing now is just how you live utilizing your inner energy. There is nothing more important than that. Agree to turn your eyes to your inner spiritual life. The solution, the exit door is not just in books, is not in a form of knowledge or another manner. Only the knowledge of the light is paramount and of utmost importance. Light is energy, Light is Love, Light is invigorating. You must feel the desire to travel beyond your current status, you must feel the desire to live anew, you must feel the desire to transform. Nothing else is important. Question: Are we able to make a conscious connection with our inner divinity? If you wish, if you desire, even if it is, I would say, your only wish and your sole desire, you will arrive into this state. For this you need to silence the external desires whatsoever. Question: Is the orange sky at daybreak a part of the luminous phenomena? This is one indisputable way. But, as you have noticed, as some of you have already noticed, the shapes of clouds, the forms and colors of your skies will never be the same. Your sky has already transformed. It now remains to transform the Earth. Question: Is rising acid along the esophagus and stomach manifestations of your fire? 20

It can be. Any type of firey event or air type inside your body, occurring this year is likely to be related to My work and My presence. Now, in times of fire, what is the element that is going to quench the fire? This is water. In this sense your need for water will become extremely important. There is a redistribution in you and a change at an atomic level of the water that is you. You need to accelerate this cleanup process. How? By increasing and multiplying by two the amount of water you drink per day. Question: Should we pronounce your name Mikael or Michael ( the "h" is pronounced like an "r" produced in the bottom of throat)? The vibration of the sound of My name is, of course, a limit of what I am. Now, the atmospheric most conducive vibration regarding My consciousness is the word Michael. [Our names are limited in 3D and are more musical and longer in higher dimensions.] Question: Are electrical or electronic failures related to your action? This is likely to be constant in your second half of the year but this may be the case at home, through some electronic circuits. Question: In the time slots you are talking about, what are the best hours? The ideal hours would be one hour after sunrise. With regard to the time slot, the second is the hour before sunset. Question: Will money as we know it remain a medium of exchange? At first, yes. But do not have delusions, your economic system is already destroyed. For now, what you call a dollar has an exchange value . Shortly it will be only worth the weight of the paper. But this should not worry you too much because there will be little to exchange. [Money will soon be eliminated so our current financial plans are of no importance in the future.] Question: Is the second sun the planet that scientists have recently identified by the name of Eris? No. The second sun is, unfortunately, associated with the nuclear ignition of Jupiter, which itself is triggered for the world to come. Question: Could you describe more precisely this phenomenon? It is hardly feasible to explain in words because those words will not show you the procedure. Again the ignition and the nuclearization of Jupiter is related to the awakening forces in your heart. You do not see that. The physical one is secondary, yet dramatic. Question: Will we be fed by the ethereal?


You will be fed by the etheric forces, those who have developed their etheric circuits, ie to access the conscience of Energy of the 5th Dimension. Question: What about children? Do not worry about them or each other. Take care of yourself. This is the condition for the completion of the Light. Any thoughts that you fear as an issue or question in relation to a relative, or in relation to an object, or in relation to possessions, or in relation to connections would only reinforce these issues and separate you from your inner being. The challenge will be to agree to turn your awareness to be inside when you see things that formed the fabric of your lives disappear one after the other. [Don't worry about relatives or friends as they will be provided for and must make their own decisions apart from you.] Question: If there is a 2nd sun, by the ignition of Jupiter, will it mean that there are no more nights on the Earth? No. This means you will receive this type of nuclear energy and nothing more [there will only be less darkness at night at times]. Question: Will we be cared for, on an individual or collective level, to live this passage? Yes, this is the goal, but you must agree to completely turn this gaze inward, to completely turn this gaze onto the light that reaches you, the light that turns you on, the Light that works in you. If your conscience decides to let go and abandon the old patterns of operation, that your past lives at this moment have expired, yes, you will be cared for, but you can be exempt if you hold and attach importance to that which does not exist any more. Question: Will the family bonds have to disappear or change? Yes. What you call a couple and what you want to live in the 3rd dimension of humanity, is the scar on your initial injury related to your separation from the Source and from the flame. That is why, since life began, you went in search of another. Of course, informed of the Light of the Father, you understand that this has more meaning because you will find your own new sources. What you call a couple has more reason to exist in the new dimension. [Loneliness will disappear as we join together in one consciousness and one network.] Question: Will this now be the birth of the new Adam? If you call the new race / root that should emerge after childbirth, we can say that the new Adam is born into the new dimension at the end of these events, but it is now only in gestation awaiting birth. Question: Are there already some prototype bodies? Yes. Many. And many though still insufficient for the number of humanity and souls to incarnate on this Earth.


Question: Is this to join the Adamic race? No because you will all be those who are ascended into the new Adam. There are no other Masters to follow your Master. Beware of those who propose to follow. A number of persons, a number of movements will seek to ensure that you follow, but you must follow your inner path. However, you will begin to get together in cells and groups. You will prepare rallies and large gatherings, which will occur, however, when the time comes. But you will go there in this energy and you will go there in this search at that time. Question: Does the awakening involve a physical death or is it a symbolic system? Both are possible. We have no more questions. Thank you. So souls in human incarnation, I bring you peace, I bring you the Light of the Father. Journey inside yourself to the abundance and the inner light. Accept now that I am at your disposal and I say to you very soon. ... there will be an outpouring of energy. Rich N


Archangel Michael February 18 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the Celestial Militia. Receive My peace, My love, My blessings and My greetings. As you know, this year is the year of My presence, the year of the great purification. You will enter, in very little time, either to the first steps of My demonstration or in the full reality of My demonstration. I just purify what needs to be purified. Man must move from competition [duality] to cooperation [unity]. This duality is not always synonymous in this dimension of competition with cooperation. Life, man's life in this physical dimension and yet more in this spiritual one, could not exist without cooperation. Nevertheless, the forces that govern you, which you submit to voluntarily or against your will (and have not stopped wanting to enslave you, wanting to bully you, to take away your freedom), will soon end. [Our 3D lives are centered on competing for first place, for the most fame, for the most money, and for the most "toys" rather than joining in unity to help each other.] Today discover that after 6000 years of man's existence in this cycle you will now experience the government of God [and this cycle of the slavery of man will end]. The inevitable and inexorable events that you are now called upon to live, individually and collectively, are, I repeat, inevitable. They reflect the transition from duality to unity, the transition from competition to cooperation. Believe that, beyond the appearances of what you see, what you feel, this is not reality, this is not the truth about the meaning of what you see, about the meaning of what you feel [but it is merely a hologram]. Truth is beyond your understanding. I will try, however, to translate the meaning to you. Truth is Unity. Truth is Light. Nevertheless, allowing the birth and the revelation of Light (that will signal your absolute awakening to the reality and the truth of what you are) can exist only through what you call, as human beings, the destruction of the human flesh. But destruction is not an end in itself. The destruction can find the most hidden aspects of human beings and the most noble, so that they can, both individually and collectively, emerge, be understood and lived. The spirit of belonging to a group, family, country, a man or a woman, must give way to cooperation [a unity of consciousness with all]. Cooperation does not know the concept of race, the concept of family, and the concept of duality. Cooperation is the Truth. What is cooperation? Cooperation is the gift and the human dimension where the competitive spirit is destroyed by the destruction. But this destruction is not a 24

destruction, it is a de-construction [reconstruction], which is not quite the same thing. Building your eternity requires destroying your ephemeral side, your power struggles, the struggles related to the econoMy, the struggles related to money, the struggles related to the family that prevent, by definition, the principle of cooperation with the Light. I have said and I repeat, because this is important: those of you here on this Earth, who know the movement of planets, I invite you to watch a high-precision astrological configuration on March 25. This day will mark a milestone in the history of your soul and the history of your humanity. This day is linked to the outbreak of Light in your density and dimension. Obviously, the densities [humans] that are not ready to receive this light will be removed. This applies to individuals, this is true at the level of families [that will be divided and altered], this is true at the national level, and this is valid at the level of all humanity. My presence is revealed, and will be proven more and more, through My violent and particularly strong demonstration of the elements [earthquakes, storms, etc.] on your planet. The actual input of all of My vibration in your world and your solar system begins very precisely on March 25. I just give the news of the return of the light and a turning to the governance of God. As you know, a number of plots, a number of conspiracies exist on the surface of your world to prevent this and to enslaved more human beings. That the Father can not tolerate. It is time to break your chains of slavery to this dimension, that you consider to be above you and which, however, is far below the reality of what you are. It will happen fast. It is useless to panic. It is useless to prepare externally. Light and Divine Providence (I use that word purposely), which follows, will in your lives, offer your surroundings (physical and hidden) a state of grace that you have not have experienced in your history on Earth. This preparation was lengthy. When I first came visibly I manifested through the presence of a comet in your sky [Hale-Bopp comet in 1997?]. Twelve years later I now return to complete, by the principle of the number 12, a revolution in 2009. This revolution is that you will discover who you really are. Archangel Jophiel prepared you during the previous year 2008 to meet with your Angel and meet with your inner most nobility. The only preparation you need to make requires two virtues. The first of these virtues is called confidence. The second of these virtues is called surrender to Divine Providence. You need not worry about anything else except that which is what you are, your divinity. But beyond this, cooperation will be required to develop on a scale hardly imaginable today for all human beings. A number of human beings will be removed [some will be uncreated] and that will occur after the summer solstice [June 21]. You should not be alarmed or worry about this because this is the way these people wanted to go through reconstruction, on their way to the Light. The experience of the Light, at this time, with the souls that have chosen to repeat the path of duality in darkness or the souls that have chosen to view this light, does not matter, because time for the soul, does not exist [and is an illusion]. But your time on earth is itself real. It corresponds to the constraints of your reality: time expands, time contracts, as you have seen al-


ready. You will need to completely let go of that which is not the Light. The only source of your suffering is your resistance. If there is no resistance, there will be no suffering. There will be light, there will be (as I already said) a wake up and there will be a special reconnection to your Source [Creator God], to your true identity [as divinity] which is largely different than the one you live today. You are already, and for all eternity have been, multi-dimensional beings who have experienced individually, multiple plans, multiple dimensions, multiple experiences [and multiple reincarnations]. You are forced, through the experiences of incarnations in this duality, to be involved more and more in this duality and in this incarnation. This incarnation is not a goal or an end in itself. This incarnation is a passage, but this passage is not mandatory, yet you chose to live it. The evolution is cyclical, the evolution is not linear. It is a [26,000 year] cycle, said to go through the same point but with a different view of the opening, another opening of consciousness, and another understanding. [Nothing is new under the sun, but it is viewed from a different perspective each time we pass through it.] Do not judge what will happen. Do not judge human beings, regardless of their behavior, as the most despicable behavior does not reflect a lack of knowledge, a lack of light, as the light is present, even in these beings. It is simply not revealed in this dimension, which is not quite the same thing. No one is wrong, regardless of the acts that occur during My labors in the following events. The dread, the fear, is not confidence, and resistance causes pain and suffering which must find an outlet, a way out for these troubled souls in their deconstruction. Deconstruction is really construction, new worlds, new lives, and a new vibration [frequency]. Unfortunately, the concurrent living in different dimensions between your solstice and the end of this cycle of transformation will necessarily confront you with two deeply opposing views between people who have found the Light and those who have not found it. However, be sure and certain that the Divine Providence and your Guardian Angels are here to ensure you and be in you, so that not a single hair of your head disappears, so that no suffering is manifest among those who chose to join the Divine Providence. Do not become attached to the deconstruction. I told you, and I repeat, watch the sky, watch the light. Do not believe any human being who comes claiming to be of the Light. [New age channelers and cults will claim to have this Light and will lead you down paths of ignorance.] That can not be true. The spirit of Truth, the spirit of Christ, will be able to intervene only when the destruction is completed and only there at that time, and only when you are ready to meet it in your intimacy will the destruction will be completed. Do not worry about it, and each passing day will make you remember this phrase: Do not worry about your fears, the need to prevent, or the need to limit what comes. Divine Providence, the Light, will take care for you. The only task you need to accomplish, the only task you need to perform is to be reborn and grow in the Light within you, the Light that you are. Absolutely nothing else matters. You will notice, in the period of five weeks of your time on land (up to this important date of March 25th), you'll notice that many new energy events will overwhelm you, your conscience will ap-


pear more and more detached from the concept of time. Your schedule will show the obvious distortions of time. This corresponds to the entanglement and inner penetration of Light into your duality. The forces of slavery that you have experienced will be trying to control human beings in this duality, in this conflict. Do not take part in any conflict. You should have no interest other than defending that of the Light. You should have no certainty to maintain other than that of the Father's love for you. It can not be otherwise. As you gain in the intensity of light, as you gain in the intensity of conscience, these words, that today may seem far from reality, will become the only possible reality. There can be no alternative to that. There will not even be any doubt over it and this is very close. Now you need to work on your inner light. Please remove this world's encumbrances. Please remove existing conflicts. Please remove tasks required by your company [employment] that would place you further into slavery because the values you have been forced to join will no longer exist in a while. Some time must be taken in an earthly sense [vacation?] and not a spiritual sense . A Number of things that I would say are major events must occur on the surface of this planet. These are ongoing. They have already started, but they are only beginning. Water, fire, earth and air will boil, as literally and figuratively, through the revelation of the light that comes. Preparing for your inner state will last exactly one month. Just when I will become visible in the sky, between February 25 [a new moon] and March 25 of your year, you have exactly four weeks, 28 days. These 28 days are also an important thing in the data that you need to integrate and understand. These 28 days are 28 days of preparation and correspond to a full revolution of the moon [new moon to new moon cycle]. This is not by chance. Never forget that you have free will, as embodied human beings but, unlike the beings of Light that you are, solar, planetary movements, lack the freedom you have. They obey cycles extremely precise in their movements, changes in their orbit, for the modification of their revolution around the sun. As you know the suns are not free, the suns are attached, so unwavering, in the sun on your central galaxy which is itself attached to the sun of suns known as the star Alcyone. This star Alcyone is the Source of the Father and the Father of Light. There it resides. From there the impulse is to experiment with life in multiple dimensions [Creation]. The star Alcyone will soon be aligned by shifting the whole of this galaxy, in relation to a much more direct influence of this star. This is directly related to and connected with what I called the governance of God. Man is finished with his principles of domination. He must find the reality of God's Light. He must find his character, as I would gladly talk almost angelic, despite the fact that you have accepted to live in duality for so long, for some of you. This has strengthened the layers you do not know of because they are not revealed in you. What are these layers? They have called in your language: force, truth, power, light. Some of you in this reality have translated it to mean power, domination and subjugation.


The Father has created you free. The Father has created you in his image, this is not an illusion, this is not a metaphor but it is strictly true. You simply do not have the means, for now, to see, to understand and to realize that. Simply, it will come and it will be soon. We will need, in our dimensional world, all of the goodwill and all conscience to guide, to better and move closer, all of your brothers who want to receive the light and this divine reality. Again, do not condemn and do not judge those who would oppose this. This is their freedom and we can not oppose that. This is the greatness of man, but this is also the cause of the failure of man. But that failure is only temporary. It can not be eternal because, beyond the factual reality of the world in which you live, even beings that you call today blacks have in themselves the same light as you. Simply land based fear prevents them from knowing that at this time. Also they are at their place in the cycle of change that you live. This is really the end of the 3D world but not the end of the world. This is the end of life as you know it, as you experience it. This world was created in the image of God, harmony, beauty, but it has already experienced many cycles, many turns, many periods (sometimes experienced as difficult) but nevertheless representative of all the solar system, but of this world upon which you are it is an opportunity to climb, a chance to reach an almost unique status in the history of the universe. This planet, this solar system are truly unique in the history of creation. Deconstruction, which must be carried out by the militia of heaven is at the height of the energy that the planet must acquire in other dimensions. Observe your sky, watch the planets of this solar system, for they tell your heart and by your means (as they are still there) at the outside body. The reality of events that I am here to tell you about, is to now occur in the next seven weeks that you will live. What you see on the surface of your world, whether at the level of human behavior as the behavior of countries like the behavior of the elements are only the beginnings of behavior that you will observe. Stay aligned, stay focused, stay internalized. What you will live [the coming Earth changes] is a necessity. Again, the most appropriate word to use is the word deconstruction. You have to deconstruct to reconstruct otherwise. You have to deconstruct to reconstruct the same, but also because the vibration [frequency and density] and the octave of the solar system will change so extremely powerfully. Light is on the way. The phenomenon of ascent, as many call being connected on this planet, is an inexorable reality. The ascension has begun. The ascent will occur from March 25 on individually or collectively. It depends. However, all will not be affected by this first wave. You must, for the majority of the Light workers (or workers of the Father) in the remaining event straddle both dimensions and strengthened your desire to climb and your determination to climb to higher levels of the Light. Be careful not to succumb to the temptations of resistance to the Light that would lead you to suffer needlessly. I can assure you that if you live the period of preparation that will come in an authentic manner through your behavior through your actions, through your thoughts, that everything will be absolutely blissful and so bright.


And it is only in the light and the joy that can bring your cooperation and not otherwise. That, beloved children of the Father, is what I have to say. I urge that this date of March 25 which was announced as the date of preparation of 28 days that you are to live be distributed as widely as possible [to friends and those on the Internet]. It will be through multiple channels and messengers that will only confirm it. The synchronicity of the emergence of these dates, the synchronicity of the emergence of these messages, be it through me, through different channels or other beings that accompany the canals, will all be in the same direction. And there you will understand, irrefutably, that something great is happening as it is grandiose, it is about the Light. Of the Father's beloved children, children of the Unit, if you have any questions, queries in relation to this, in relation to My presence in your world, I will try to shed light. Question: Those who are not aware of it or who do not adhere to it, do they enjoy the process of ascending in the same way? The only risk is in the resistance and thus the suffering, but suffering can also lead, when it becomes extreme, to a form of understanding and acceptance that I would call surrender. So, do not worry about those people. Only make sure you announce. Make sure you also do not expose the pitfalls of this world that are real, because human beings must make choices on an individual basis. Only he alone must choose and can choose. Question: What do you mean by "deconstruction"? Deconstruction is the influence of the Light of the Father to erase the mistakes of the path of humanity as a whole and thus erase the subjugation, domination, authority and slavery of mankind by the darkness. Everything you've built, under the authority, individually or collectively, must disappear. The co-operation cannot be made if it there is an inclination to be able retain any semblance of power. Question: Would deconstruction be accompanying the ascension? For some people in some parts of the world, yes. But deconstruction, again, is not the end. Deconstruction signs the start of a process that is the emergence of the Light, which is the ascent of your planet, and that is what I may (and will occur only when My reign will be completed this year) call in your terminology reversal. Question: Does your reign accompany the deconstruction? My reign is to do the housework, in your current expression. To do the housework consists of revealing what is not of the light and fighting. Your role is not to fight [you should avoid negativity]. Your role is to reveal the light and nothing else. You are not in times of war. You are at a time of acceptance. Leave the fighting to those who do it and who know how to do it. Never forget that you must return to unity as we, our plans dimensional, have already, in one way or another, human or not, angels or not, or not hierarchies, built this unity because we


have never left it, unlike you. And we must fight for the glory of the Father so that the unity in the Light is revealed. This is not your role. Question: At the end of your kingdom, will human beings will be unified, will they all be in the Unity? All human beings, without exception, have experienced contact with the Light, and they accept it or reject it. It can not be otherwise, since everyone must be told, not only of the Light workers, workers of the Father. Even those who turn away from the face of the Light, from the face of the Father, must be informed and transformed by the Light, even if they decide to start over several cycles in the paths of duality. [Full unity and Earth ascension may take from 20-75 years and will not come immediately.] Question: Could you expand on what you mean by "the principle of the number 12? As you know, you're in a solar system where the dominant number in duality is the number 7. The upper octave that you call the fifth dimension lives in one octave of the number 12. The number 12 is a form of unity. This is a new tri-Unity that allows you to ascend into the world of non duality. In your terminology I think this can be illustrated by what you called "the 12 labors of Hercules", but also by the 12 vertebrae of your spine in your back. The reference frame of 12 is linked to another octave and another manifestation of life forms. [Our diatonic music scale has 12 notes called an octave.] As to 28, this number corresponds to a lunar [moon] revolution [rotation]. It is extremely important. For what comes after March 25 [a new moon] (and so much more obvious after your summer solstice June 21), is obviously your need to prepare, and that this preparation is not finished with 12 only but will continue through 28 days total. It is those 28 days you'll have to live through. Beloved children of Light, beloved children of the Father, I bring you now all My strength, My protection and My love and I say welcome to your new eternity with an outpouring of My energy.

My Comments: Archangel Michael said "I will become visible in the sky, between February 25 [next Wed] and March 25 of your year, you have exactly four weeks, 28 days. These are days of preparation [and a sign] for the coming events." Remember he said Jupiter would soon ignite and that planets can be moved to any location or delayed along with time being changed. We are at the end of the 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of a new era and a higher dimension. Stasis will reportedly be using 3 starships that will beam a special energy. It will be a type of cryogenics needed to allow the Earth changes to continue, which will reportedly include the resurfacing and resurrection of the continent Lemuria in the Pacific ocean, plus quakes and tidal waves. Stasis is not part of Michael's work, and this message speaks of his work only.


Ascension is a divine operation and Divinity sets the rules and the schedules, while ETs and ascended masters and lightworkers are only those who follow these rules. This message was given in France where there is 8 hours difference. I feel that this locality was chosen because of the work Esu [Jesus] did in France 2000 years ago after his crucifixion and his travels to France for his continued teaching, where there is still a faithful congregation. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael A New Divine Government March 12 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Army. I bring you the light and truth of the Unity of the Father and of Love. As I said, and as I say again, My presence in your heavens, just above your dimension where you live, now comes in a period I have described as a deconstruction and especially in a time when your human government (as you know from the history of this phase of your humanity) will leave gradually and be replaced by a government of the Divine order. Those who spoke of government described human authorities, human ego and power, manipulation, control, and Darkness. The move to a Divine government is and will be accompanied by a number of essential changes in the way men currently understand change, and they must change their behavior relative to each other. The government of man over the last 6000 years is a Shadow secret Government whose goal is power over others. None of you can continue to have the complete elements of the implications and consequences of this form of government though, and it has to change. As I say and repeat, this government relies on Divine celestial precise mechanics where the [linear] clock is unchangeable. This explains, in a very logical way, the forecast in the days ahead, accompanied by the disappearance of the human powers of government, and of the movement to the new Divine government [Esu (Jesus) said that at a later time he will reign on Earth for a period of 1000 years.]. The human soul has evolved from very ancient times through the experience of incarnation and reincarnations. Each phase of mankind is a development of a number of experiments in the fields of experience well beyond simple understanding and design. It is not possible to simply move from a human government to a Divine government [and this process is quite complex]. The Light of Unity is reflected in orbits, suns, and galaxies, in order to understand a [unified quantum] field experience. The Light you know, the light you see is a reflection of the Light of this Unity. In a very short time, all of this galaxy, all the suns, all the planets in their entirety, will be under the influence of the Light as it has never happened in the history of this galaxy. This succession of events is, I repeat, linked to celestial mechanics, to an astronomical clock. The degree of influence of the Light, of Unity, and the event extends beyond the light that is 32

yours when you move to your heart and your Essence. A date has been announced by Myself, and this is the date of your spring [March 21]. It reflects only an initial phenomenon related to the deconstruction necessary to move from a human government to a Divine government . The influence of radiation from the Central sunlight, your central sun of the galaxy and all galaxies will result in an increase in the intensity of the cosmic vibration [energy] that you will receive. This period is a period that can be called in a general term the period of ignition. Those who speak of ignition are not just talking about human beings specifically but also of the entire cosmos that represents the planets and suns. Thus, the true Light, the Light of the unity that comes to you will, of course, be visible in your sky and in your heart. During this outpouring of energy, and the periods that follow, the only door that will bring you peace within yourself, with others, with the entire world, will be that within you. Do not be bothered with the chaos of this world. These men could not integrate with the authentic Light, in their dark work of deconstruction, so none of this should disturb you. Basic pressure, the pressure of cosmic radiation energy before the arrival of all the galaxies under the influence of the central sun [Alcyone the principal sun of the Pleiades] ultimately must always lead you to more inner reflection for ever greater authenticity, always to more of the Truth. Nothing that is outside of you has the answer or the solution to what is coming. The greatest incarnated messenger [Esu Jesus?] warned at the time that the solution [to an inner peace] is the heart and the love, and thus the real power should be exerted only on yourself. All outward power is a deviation from the true Light. No external event (also strong in one way or another) should cause you to lose sight of the essential inner spirit. The challenge of this Light and this radiation that many countries have already seen and viewed has multiple aspects. It is all about phenomena in your own heavenly light and the large luminous phenomena, located beyond your heavens concerning, first, your sun, secondly, the planet Jupiter, and third the planet called Hercobulus [Nibiru]. A number of insiders, many knowledgeable sages have seen, and have related by what comes through external views with basic instruments what you call on Earth, "climate change". The whole purpose of this event is My role of deconstruction and purification. What happens outside is going on too, and of course, within each of your incarnations. The influence of radiated Light energy, the influence of the Light will become increasingly stronger. There will be no place to find peace unless it is inside yourself. Have confidence in the Light, as the confidence in your power over yourself, the abandonment of all resistance to the pressure of this radiation energy, is crucial to carry out a process that many people call on this planet, the ascension. This ascent is not a process that only you, the human race will experience, but it is for all of creation. Do not worry about the chaos in this world, because they are related to deconstruction, to the elements and purification. Only your ability to turn your gaze and your conscience to your inner being will ensure your peace and your preparation. My visible manifestation on Earth is illustrated in this very moment by a passing comet [Lulin], visible to the naked eye, that irrefutable sign of the beginning


of a number of elements on Earth and your solar system . The most important phenomena, externally speaking, are not of the madness of men, nor their greed, their fears, but it is manifested to change your sources of visible light. The signs are numerous. You just simply need to watch the events of your Western society to understand that something is up. What is in motion is not only what you see at the level of men. During this final phase, you're not alone, but even more obviously, only you can do the work necessary for your own ascension. We can and we have already helped, through our multiple presences (guardian angels, ethereal beings, human or nonhuman), but we can only assist you and bless our lights in your work, and we can not do it for you. The preparation is, I repeat, an inner preparation. If you allow the entrance of the energy of Light radiation, if you accept the true light, so that it will transform you and be fruitful, then, at that time, no external events related to your local life can affect the quality of what you will become. However, those who, for whatever reasons, would give importance to external events, as a human reaction to the refusal of the radiation of the vibration energy, whether they are collective or single, they will only be able to move you away from your Unity and your Truth. You now live and you will live moments that everyone, without exception, fears or hopes for [the Apocalypse]. The pressure of radiated energy, the pressure of authentic Light may result in dreams, in contacts, sometimes in feelings of anger and joy, that will change your mood, change perceptions in your aura field which, undoubtedly, will make you realize that you live and you will experience unique moments in the history of human souls. Keep an eye on the sky, keep an eye on the sun, keep an eye on the phenomena of light but keep mostly all of your vision focused on your inner Source of who you are. The movement of My expansion through elements of the solar system should be, inside you, a music, an angelic peaceful setting, an external energy that will, in passing inside your being, detach the powers that are not yours, powers that have been established, both by your education, and by your links, as your circumstances of society. These are likely to weigh more compared to the freedom engendered by the radiated energy pressure and the true Light. The choices were given, this is the time to make those choices. You must now manifest authenticity. Reactions are possible within your inner being, illustrating the role of My presence within your vibration in your aurical areas. Peace is certainly the most important concept. Your ability to return to your inner spirit will become greater as you find peace without purpose (and certainly not related to external conditions, whatever they be) and you will grow, making you happy beings, beings in unity, regardless of the periods of deconstruction you will have to live in your social, emotional, professional and personal lives. This is a period that began from the beginning of this year and really starts this spring and ends, after successive stages of increasing intensity (occurring preferably during solstices and equinoxes) and will take you to the dawn of a glorious new world again in May of next year. You can only follow or refuse to allow the entrance of the authentic light energy radiation because it will affect in the long and short periods of time, all the foundations of your humanity. Everything that is the domain of power, all that is the realm of bondage and control, everything


that is the domain of what has bullied and is bullying your freedom to be light, must stop. [Forget about Obama and his puppet masters as they will soon be gone.] This [action of battling the darkness] is not your role. Your role is to welcome the radiation of the authentic light. The struggle and the fight is directed solely by the forces of the Archangels of Light and the forces of the angelic fraternity of Light. You do not have to worry about fighting. You only need to integrate into your Essence, your heart, the authentic radiation of light and absolutely nothing else. The quality of My presence, the vibration of My presence will be your defense in the face of outside adversity. It will, during this period be imperative to find peace in your Heart. Accept this radiation, this true Light into your inner being at whatever the cost, whatever the anger, whatever the transformations. There is no other alternative. That, beloved children of the Unity [of Light and Love], through general concepts to be amplified as the coming weeks progress, which you must commit to, to allow your Essence, to accept the Peace, to accept the truth, to accept the [angelic divine] power over you and to not dwell on the external chaotic events of any kind. I will not answer your questions now. I have delegated that to a human entity that you know well and who will be happy to answer your questions (Omram Michael Aivanhov in France). As for me, I bring you My protection, I bring you My radiation, I bring you the heart of the Unity and I tell you it will be soon. We share this information with complete transparency and disclosure.

Comments: This is a time for Spring cleaning, a time when we will experience living in a construction zone. Webbots said last year that our leaders would begin vanishing this year and that there would be a move to a higher dimension. It is interesting that Michael does not mention March 25 but rather Spring, so it may be a gradual movement. AA Michael speaks only about his work during the coming 14 months, so it is necessary to connect the dots to see the whole picture. He spoke earlier of the Jupiter ignition, and now hints that we may also see Nibiru in our skies at some point. Sheldan Nidle has said that Nibiru is under new leadership and is a part of the Galactic Federation helping with our ascension. He also said that Nibiru will be placed between Mars and Jupiter as part of the reconstruction of the universe. That location was occupied by Maldek, a planet that was blown up by nuclear hydrogen bombs and became the asteroid belt. Sheldan only has a part of the picture, and that comes mostly from Sirius ETs. We have the benefit of a deeper knowledge of divinity that most ETs do not have because of Esu's visit here 2000 years ago and the biblical culture that we have been raised in. With 2 suns we may well see a record heat wave this summer. With the growing unemployment, homelessness, discontent, financial problems, and discomfort by many we may see violence and even riots, which the government is preparing for.


The Anunnaki made us as slaves by the use of money and the introduction of many languages to separate us and keep us from being united. This time will soon be over. The G20 meeting recently talked of shutting down the Federal Reserve and having a gold based currency. Major banks hold worthless derivatives [stocks, options, futures] of over $200 trillion which could be called for payment at any time. This Friday the US International debts are due, but they have been delayed before and could be again. There has been much talk so far but little action. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael The New Ultraviolet Energy March 19 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the celestial militia. Receive My blessings and protections. I come here to tell you of the most suitable time for the outpouring of My energy, My presence and My radiance on the surface of this planet, in the days that your humanity will soon live. Indeed, My radiation and My power will now come and make great strides on the surface of your Earth. My radiation is shown by ultra-violet [high frequency invisible] energy. This radiation of My energy will ensure that from tomorrow [March 20 the start of Spring], and will climax the date I have given you [May 2010], your physical body and your subtle structures will be treated to a source linked to the new solar radiation and ultraviolet energy. New codes for your incarnation, will come into manifestation in your consciousness [and DNA]. The sensation of this radiant energy is such that you must prepare to accept and receive the outpouring of My Spirit. This is now. Do not worry about elementary reactions that are necessarily involved. Be content that you surrender and accept the power of My ultra-violet energy. The manifestation of your sun will enter a decisive phase, which will prepare all of this solar system, its planets and their inhabitants to live what you are incarnated for on Earth in this lifetime. During this time majestic Angelic assistants, Archangels, and all the Solar Emissaries are preparing your Sun. This must be the same within you, inside you, in your conscience, in your body posture, and in your acceptance and integration of the radiation of this ultra-violet energy. The energy of this radiation will reach levels that have never before been achieved on this planet. You need to free up time to honor and respect that which will come. This radiation, such as ultra-violet solar energy, will unmask within each cell of your body in your physical body, to prepare the high transformation linked to what you call ascension. The power of this radiation will increase. The power of the elements will begin to return in this event. A number of climate changes will emerge and become inevitable starting on March 25. As for you, human beings, you should not worry about any of these external events, but should remain aligned and focused on your heart to get the better, and the deeper than may seem pos37

sible, power of this radiation energy. This is for you a blessing, a protection and a way for you to prepare for the awakening of the ascension. You live and you will live moments in the manifestation of Light, but unfortunately also in the darkness, in response to this influx of Light. The dark can do absolutely nothing against you if you move under the influence of My Light, My protection. Please make a call, consciously, to My radiation and My presence [in prayer]. I answer each human entity that appeals to me [if it is done in sincerity and love], any time, but especially during these trying times. This is a time of utmost importance and a time to prepare for the years of My presence that began a few weeks ago. You will hear more about the coming events and bright manifestations of the darkside's evil actions in the coming days. This should not disturb you and you must accept this content. Just be careful and take into account the different information that you receive during these days, whether in visual or auditory [sound] in the form of signs, because this information is vital to all of you in your future and for your future. Respect them, they are related, these phenomena are warnings, views and information, to burst into your field of consciousness with the ultra-violet energy. You must be listening, first in My presence and My radiation, and second in the solar radiation and its ultra-violet light, to transmute into you as much information as possible audibly and visually in your coming days. Watch and pray. Watch and accept the power of this radiation. This is part of your Divine heritage. It has been announced that you will be moving from a human government to a Divine government. This is inflexible and you will view, in a very short time, indisputable evidence of this. The best way to prepare is, of course, to ensure, to pray and meditate in your inner being to allow the ultra-violet energy to permeate and enter you. Dear human incarnation, I invite you solemnly to respect your inner temple, to be in agreement with the outpouring of this ultra-violet energy, so that it can change what needs to be changed in your physical and psychological bodies. When you have completed this period in the coming days you can expect nothing will ever be as before for you: your eyes will be entering into the Light, your vision will be safer, and you will be able to establish a conscious contact with the Light, and with the Source [Divinity] and with Unity. This is manifested clearly in the center of your being in what you call your heart. The power of the radiation coming from your head must settle in your chest [heart chakra] so you can return to your unity and what I call your fullness and your uniqueness. You will find, so unwavering, the fullness of your divine being, your unity and your spiritual deity. This is your legacy, your destiny. This experience of the Incarnation will soon end for those who wish, provided that you have accepted and incorporated My radiation and ultra-violet sunlight. It's your decision. It's your choice. No one may interfere with that, least of all the workings of the darkside to which I have committed Myself and all My heavenly militia to fight, and it will have a direct effect on your surroundings, within that which you will see for yourself.


Dear human incarnation, this is the time for the return to the Unity [a union with Divinity]. It is a time to find all of your legacy, your entire divine unity and all of what you are. Nobody can hinder the truth of this revelation. These are simple words that I wanted to announce significantly before the equinox, which arrives tomorrow afternoon [Spring March 20]. I bring you My thanks, My protection so you can live this fundamental step in your way back to the Unity. Be confident that you are loved beyond all your hopes, beyond all your dreams. The truth is unity. The truth makes you free and you just send it out to others. Be at peace over this. If, now, there are questions only about this process [and no other areas] I will, if I can, move a little more to answer your questions. Question: Does the ultra-violet radiation manifest itself during incarnation, in part by this solar radiation. Should we be protected from it? Protection against ultra-violet solar radiation and My energy is not linked to external protection of the body. The only protection you will find is to be aligned and be focused on your heart, there is no other protection desirable. Nevertheless, visual phenomena, the solar and atmospheric phenomena will be visible in some parts of the world. This is extremely important, but once again do not linger on these events. Focus on your own internal events that will challenge you to accept and integrate new vibrations and new events within your physical body. Question: Is it like a light for 6 days before proceeding to a higher stage? Make sure you experience this period in your inner being. It is important to understand that you are, you will be confronted and experience new energy, new in all respects and again in all senses of the word. You have never in your incarnations, as in this incarnation, experienced this level of ultra-violet energy. This corresponds to an energy of radiation. You'll get the impression of being compressed, of being contained, but this is only the first step. If you accept this compression, you will live, from March 25, an episode of an extreme expanding of your field of consciousness. You will understand and live what I have called the Unity [with the Light]. Question: What effect will this radiation have on our subtle bodies and our DNA? It is a deconstruction [restructuring] of your previous archaic operating modes that prevailed in this cycle of mankind. You will actually discover new dimensions, new states of being, new insights and new possibilities with your sensory organs. This is part of the operation. Question: What will these new sensorial capabilities involve? Every human being, whatever their level of spiritual evolution and its stage incarnation, breathes and has other common functions. Your bodily functions are the same for all incarnate humanity, whatever the stage of evolution where you stand. These functions will in some way grow. Your perceptions, whether you are connected to your source [Divinity] or not, will affect all of humanity. Simply, many people will not know how to respond to this new energy impulse, because they will not know and have not experienced the prior unity linked to the March 25 energy. This may induce behavioral changes which are not necessarily in the direction of the Light. However, these events and these changes are common to all mankind. No one human being can


simply escape the result, and it will be profoundly different for each person according to his ability to be found during this period of unity. Question: Apart from the acceptance of which you speak, how do we better prepare for this? It is essential during this period to limit your nutritional intake [food] and increase your intake of beverages. This is an ample preparation in order not to overload your physical bodies and enable them to track the movement of this ultra-violet energy. Question: Is exercise compatible with this integration of energy? Anything that gives you joy and unity is compatible. If this is for you to remain at the bottom of a bed, do so. If this is for you to walk in the elements of nature and especially fields of plant life, do so. Question: Will this ultra-violet radiation come in waves or is it constant? It is a wave that will start tomorrow, which is related, as I said in My presence and in the modification of your sun and other planets. This will be constant but this phase of learning begins tomorrow. This time of integration and stabilization will be, obviously, a function of your capacity to remain in the Unity of the Light. We have no more questions. Thank you. So beloved, I urge you to disseminate and distribute this information. In the meantime, I bring you a part of this energy, and I tell you it is soon. We share this information with complete transparency.

Comments: Ultra-violet energy is a higher invisible frequency of light that has both beneficial and toxic effects. During Earth changes the ozone layer will be removed so that this energy will be more available to us and will bring about changes in our move to ascension. Those who are not protected spiritually will find it impossible to exist in this new energy. Wikipedia: Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light, but longer than x-rays, in the range 10 nm to 400 nm, and energies from 3 eV to 124 eV. It is so named because the spectrum consists of electromagnetic waves with frequencies higher than those that humans identify as the color violet. The name means "beyond violet" (from Latin ultra, "beyond"), violet being the color of the shortest wavelengths of visible light. UV light has a shorter wavelength than that of violet light. UV light is found in sunlight and is emitted by electric arcs and specialized lights such as black lights. As an ionizing radiation it can cause chemical reactions, and causes many substances to glow or fluoresce. Most people are aware of the effects of UV through the painful condition of sunburn, but the UV spectrum has many other effects, both beneficial and damaging, on human health. NASA: Ultraviolet (UV) light has shorter wavelengths than visible light. Though these waves 40

are invisible to the human eye, some insects, like bumblebees, can see them! Scientists have divided the ultraviolet part of the spectrum into three regions: the near ultraviolet, the far ultraviolet, and the extreme ultraviolet. The three regions are distinguished by how energetic the ultraviolet radiation is, and by the "wavelength" of the ultraviolet light, which is related to energy. The near ultraviolet, abbreviated NUV, is the light closest to optical or visible light. The extreme ultraviolet, abbreviated EUV, is the ultraviolet light closest to X-rays, and is the most energetic of the three types. The far ultraviolet, abbreviated FUV, lies between the near and extreme ultraviolet regions. It is the least explored of the three regions. The Extreme Ultraviolet Sun. Our Sun emits light at all the different wavelengths in electromagnetic spectrum, but it is ultraviolet waves that are responsible for causing our sunburns. Though some ultraviolet waves from the Sun penetrate Earth's atmosphere, most of them are blocked from entering by various gases like Ozone. Some days, more ultraviolet waves get through our atmosphere. Scientists have developed a UV index to help people protect themselves from these harmful ultraviolet waves. How do we "see" using Ultraviolet light? It is good for humans that we are protected from getting too much ultraviolet radiation, but it is bad for scientists! Astronomers have to put ultraviolet telescopes on satellites to measure the ultraviolet light from stars and galaxies - and even closer things like the Sun! Michael called himself Archangel Michael in his first message on Jan 5. Is he who he claims to be? I keep an open mind on these words. His messages are not new age sugar coated generalities that are usually given by those who have little knowledge of the future but are precise to the point words. Much of what he has said has been confirmed by others, but there are new revelations unspoken till now. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael First Wave of Ascension March 29 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the celestial militia. Receive My protection and My love. You are My beloved. As I announced, and I solemnly confirmed on this day, the ultra-violet energies of the sun have begun their work on this planet [starting on March 25]. The elements outside man at the Earth, began to activate immediately after the descent of the ultra-violet energy the sun relayed by your power and My vibration. The effects will begin to build up on your planet. I've told you repeatedly, and I will repeat again now, that what is to come will be on a global level involving external elements [during this reconstruction], so be sure to control your own energies within your body. The pressure of this radiation linked to ultra-violet energy will lead to a number of changes within your bodies. They may respond in different ways, but you may experience temporary discomfort related to adjustments required for entry into areas of the Father because it is a preparation for entry into the realm of Unity with the Father [Creator God], and into the realms of Unity with divinity. Beloved people, you now need to prepare as you still have choices [for acceptance of this energy]. You should now be totally in agreement with what you have come here for. Will you participate in the battle to maintain status quo on earth or will you prepare for the new Earth? This is your choice and you must choose. You may no longer be in both worlds at once. Increasingly you will find, in periods of longer times, during the weeks and months to come, that you will be immersed in what you call the fifth dimension. This will, initially be at the level of your dreams during your times of meditation, where you will find that you will have easier access to the vibrational energy of light and the potential for a new level of your consciousness. To do this you must make irreversible choices while there is still time. Those who have not chosen the worlds where they want to go can not unfortunately do that within the next few months [decision time is over according to AA Jophiel and again mentioned by Esu. The wheat will soon be separated from the chaff, and some will move on to other 3D worlds to continue their education.] The events as they occur on the surface of your planet as well as within each human being, will trigger, by the pressure of My radiation energy, the phenomenon of struggles and ten42

sions. Those of you who will not accept this energy, that will not accept this new consciousness, from the top of their head down to the bottom of their feet, in all cells of your body, will be affected greatly by these elementary events [and it will cause much pain and suffering]. The elements I put out now that you will see, are an alternation of water and fire, and will be strengthened with the addition of the Earth changes, and of course in the air. The number of events you would call natural disasters now, day by day, will be increasing to a peak that seems unbelievable by the summer equinox [June 20]. You will therefore have a period of three months [this Spring] where you will face an intensive period of preparation within your body, within your consciousness, but also within your lives. You must proceed urgently to recent adjustments in order to plan what you came for, most of you who listen to My words. Never forget that the date of March 25 was the beginning of the discharge of the radiation of ultra-violet energy on this planet. This is an early sign of the deployment of a number of prophecies announced long ago and in time immemorial. You are now fully into the events of the end times. The end of time must be for you a period of glory, a period of light that you must lead, so inexorable in your return to your divine home. This is the end of the world of duality. But this will not happen over night. There are a number of battles that must be carried out to purify what is needed and what can especially be accomplished. You are now in this blessed period. My radiation protects you as I already said. I repeat: to use the radiation of ultra-violet energy, call on Michael's Light and the Light of your Sun. Do not attach any importance to what other people might tell you on your way there, for your truth is that which you will live. My Light will shelter and protect you, and this will appear soon at all your energy centers [chakras], and you will be forced to flee the world as you know it as humans will be prey to the elements, inside their bodies, and they will reject in advance the arrival of the Light within their reality, so that this could potentially conflict with your extremely energetic Light. This should not be allowed by you. Also, you are asked to make choices for which you came here for. You are asked to complete what you decided to be and become and to prepare accordingly. This is not a message of fear, but on the contrary, a message of hope: the Age of Light, the era of the return to the Unity has finally begun. You have entered fully into the end times. It is your responsibility to ensure that your spiritual lights are not extinguished. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Light grows every day based on energy that you receive from the Source of the Central Sun. This is your way, this is your destiny and nothing should oppose it. For this, the old [3D] world is falling apart and will be disintegrating faster in the days and weeks ahead. As I announced in My first speech by this messenger, I can confirm that you should not give importance to what happens inside of you. Do not participate in any fighting with other people you encounter or compete or join with them in their actions.


You are not here to fight against the darkness. This is the work of the Light. You are here to develop, to expand and to create your own light. It is not for you to return in this ultimate final battle. The hours of struggle, the era of duality has for you expired. It is your responsibility to cultivate Unity: Heart Unity, the Unity of Heart to Heart, and a life in Unity, either alone or in groups. The hour of the first calls to the Light has finally come. This time will signal your final total awakening into the Light. Gradually, in the weeks to come, you will find all of your divine potential, the whole of what you are, and nothing can oppose it. For this and for these reasons you must be sheltered in your interior temple and escape the hustle and chaos and agitation of this world. Meanwhile, in this country where you live (France) you have been greatly affected by human events. That will soon change. The pressure brewing inside human beings who are not awake has now expanded and they are in combat mode. They are preparing to deliver a fight that no human has lived so far. You shall not participate in this fight. It is your responsibility to expand your flow, your Unity and your Light. You can access it, with integrity, with the ultimate and final stage of ascension if you respect the choices you've made. There is no time to procrastinate. It's time is now, and I give this solemn appeal, that the energies of open hearts come together, that people who work for the plan and the establishment of the Truth, Unity and of the Godhead group within the same collective group mind to participate in the return of Light. This promises to be a cosmic wedding. Of course, for those who are not open to the Light, this time will be drama as humanity has never experienced before. This will not happen if you choose and create in your lives conditions conducive to the establishment of Light. The important thing, beloved people, is to understand that what I announced a few months ago now is happening before your eyes. During this period between March 25 and June 20 of 2009 [the start of Summer], many geophysical changes will occur on the surface of your planet. You are going to view with your eyes events that none will be able to deny. However, it is here, it is now, this will not be tomorrow. Discharges of ultra-violet light and the influence of the Central Sun of the galaxy will now be strengthened day by day and hour by hour. You must at all costs, eliminate the remaining areas of darkness that are inside you. This will not happen through your work but through the acceptance of the Light. If you agree to allow the pressure of the radiation of the Light within your energy centers, nothing troublesome can happen to you, although there will be some pain, some side effects, some periods of fatigue. But this is nothing compared to the quality of light, the amount of Light and the reality of your truth, that you will finally discover. That, beloved people, is a solemn yet unique moment in the annals of mankind. This time is now, a time when all souls who have opted to allow the incarnation happens only once. It is your responsibility to fully accept the guidance of the Light. It is your responsibility to accept that you dictate the Light, that your conscience dictates to you to realize your choice of light, your choice of conscience and the truth of your choice.


You can not deceive yourself or others [fake acceptance of the Light]. The authenticity will become a formal acceptance of Light. You must be in alignment with the Light, in alignment with those who have succeeded, and most important of all, open your hearts to receive the ultraviolet Light. Beloved people, the time is both serious and at the same time, the making of history in a spiritual sense. A Number of luminous phenomena that some of you have seen in some places on the planet will begin to spread. The colors of your heaven will profoundly change, and this will occur in a sustainable manner. Planetary movements will begin to deteriorate. The sun will no longer appear in the same place, as it should appear, at such a day, at such an hour, but will be modified in its course [Earth will wobble and the sun's movement will be erratic and may result in magnetic pole shifts]. In a number of weather-related phenomena like water from May 7 [national prayer day] will take on a catastrophic importance, resulting in millions of humans being driven from the shores of ocean waters. As you start this time, there will be clear signs that something in the cosmos is occurring as never before. This is the great sign and the beginning of major events that will affect all in this time, not just a part of the globe but the whole of this planet and all of the solar system. You, beloved people, when you hear this have now arrived at this time. That is not in ten years, it is not in one year, but it is now. So I urge you to collect, I urge you to enter within your Heart, to enter into the inside of your essence, in order to make good decisions, and to have a good guidance in your choices and your desires for your future. This belongs to you alone. No darkness, if you have made your choice, will hinder what you will become. However, for this you need to say with force, with determination and desire what you want done, what you have to do (for the Earth and for you as an individual) to promote the ascension of a larger number of human beings. As I said, the first wave of Ascension will begin during your month of June. But most of you are to assume and maintain the structure of light in this third dimension to its ultimate end. Only God the Father knows the end date. As for me, you know that My domain, which stretches from the beginning of this year until May 2010, corresponds to the period of My great purification. This large work of purification begins now, as the light reveals itself little by little, day by day, more and more. It is your responsibility to integrate each particle of light you receive, to lead the Light into your temple. Light, as I pour this light that comes from the Sun, is the ultimate key that lets you rediscover your essence. There is no alternative, there is no other condition than this one. In particular, there is no condition of karma, there is no age requirement, there is no condition other than your life, you must ask for. Some of you will feel a call to move away from where you are [coastal areas]: you should do so without delay. Others will feel the need to come together to combine in Unity and to multiply the Light. At that time, it should be subject to the internal desire that is not an impulse of the


ego but is an impulse of the soul and, indeed, the Holy Spirit who infuses in you. You can not delay or postpone decisions that some of you have already made over many years. Now is the time to work for unity, for the Light and Truth. You need to put in place the structures and resources which are offered by life in order to achieve this. Plus you'll be safe inside your being and within your structures, the more you can work with the forces of revelation of the Light, with the angels of the Lord to manifest that Light and to allow the maximum in human beings, now in division, to join in their first unity. These, beloved people, are important announcements that I wanted to make. These will be validated, as I said, in time. Those who argue that spiritual beings, spiritual light cannot give a date, do not understand the transformations underway [there are divine timetables]. Many prophets, indeed, gave dates that turned out to be false. But I am not a prophet, I am a messenger of light, heavenly sent, so only the workings of celestial time are important, and I just print the mark of My work on your planet and the solar system. The moment is here, the time is now, the time is right now, so go where you must go now. That, beloved people, is all I have to say. If you have any questions about the UV radiation, the pressure of this radiation, about the ultra-violet energy itself, or about the planetary movements, I will try to answer it if it is in My ability. Question: How do we recognize if we have accepted the ultra-violet Light? Acceptance of the ultra-violet Light was evident during the preparatory period from February 25 to March 25 by an outpouring of energy entering the top of your head [crown chakra] . Now that Light must penetrate your heart and should lead to compression and pressure in what you call the heart chakra. It is from this place that should bring your own power over you, your own force on you and the sign of recognition that you have accepted the vibration that comes from me. However, some of you have not yet felt the vibration because the way that the head and the heart connects is not completely clear of recent obstructing matter. This will be done from now until the period of June 20 [start of Summer]. This may, for some of you, be a period of three months. Others of you have done this work already. They are the results of this new time. They should, for those feeling the energy pressure in the heart, distribute this vibration (as appropriate) to all human beings and the whole of humanity. This is not a fight, this is a release of Love. This is the only way to help you now, human beings on the road to ascension. Question: Can sex hinder our integration with the Light? Not if you consider the sexual relationship as something healthy, physiologically beneficial and normal, in a respect of the other partner, for personal satisfaction as well as that of the other, that does not involve any deterioration of self or any difficulty in performing that activity [sex is not just for procreation]. There are physiological needs of humanity, related to the third dimension [and will be different in 5D], which need to be expressed, in particular for the lower age [youth] brackets of your humanity.


We have no more questions, thank you. Beloved human incarnation, I propose now to commune with the energy of the radiation pressure and energy of the Unit in the Heart. I ask you to open your chakra coronal, to accept the light that I spilled on you now. You will be able to call upon My cancellation order to hasten the movement of incarnation of the ultra-violet radiation at the level of your heart. ... Effusion energy ... I will now exit. As usual, beloved people, I give My blessings and My protections. I will give updates each week, during the period between now and the summer equinox [June 20], because this information is very important, and is vital for your future. Be blessed and I say to you I will return in a week of your time on earth. We share this information with complete transparency.

My Comments: Michael called himself Archangel Michael on Jan 5 and now speaks only of his work as Head of the Divine Militia in His role in the reconstruction of the universe. He earlier said on Jan 22 that Jupiter would ignite, and this procedure started a few days later according to unofficial NASA statements. This along with words from others seems to show His words are real. In French names are changed so that John becomes Jean etc., and that explains why his name has been changed also to accommodate the locals there. He also spoke of Nibiru as being in our future to assist us. Sheldan Nidle in 2000 said: Presently, your Sun is in the midst of activities that will finish only when she is in her fully conscious state. In addition, the artificial outer mobile planet that most of you call Nibiru is nearing her fated crossing with Mother Earth. This event will prove that a release for Mother Earth from her present bondage is close to its resolution [no more pole shifts by Nibiru as in the past]. Here, the Fleets of the Galactic Federation are acting as our Divine Referees. We have instructed them on what actions to take in order to regulate your Sun and see that your coming connection with Nibiru goes off as Divinely planned. On Oct. 23, 2001 he said: We intend to recreate [Maldek] as it was before it was destroyed by a large Battle Planet that you call Nibiru. Nibiru also will be transformed and will become your Eleventh planet. When we came to liberate your Solar System about 900,000 years ago, Planet Maldek and its armed Moon were a major threat to our success. Our incoming Fleet deployed a powerful Battle Planet of its own to destroy this dark Anchara/Orion Empire base; it was reduced to rubble and the result was the Asteroid Belt. On May 18, 2004 he said: The Moon was disguised as a lifeless orbiting body, but underneath her surface, the interior Base had been completely modernized and organized as a Mothership controlling a large, hidden Fleet. The remnants of its former luxuriant eco-system were mined for the minerals and ores needed for the constant renovation of the Base and it's Fleet of Spacecraft. Then in the early 1970s, the Galactic Federation annexed a section of this Inner-Moon Base, which then served as our primary Headquarters there until the early 1990s. Our section of the Moon Base was under constant duress from the dark Anchara Alliance until the mid-1990s. Then the Anunnaki changed sides and helped us to take over the whole Moon Base. The unified Moon Base became the center of our Earth operations. The Moon Base co47

ordinates a number of Inner-Earth Bases set up at facilities that were created after the "Fall" of Lemuria by its predecessor civilization, Agartha. Here we monitor the hidden activities of your Secret Government's underground Bases and maintain a close and continuous surveillance of your World and the workings of the last remnants of the Dark. This last Cabal is closely watched for any transgressions it might attempt that go beyond the limits set for it by your Ascended Masters. This Moon is filled with historical implications. His 16 levels, each with Myriad sub-levels, once housed endless laboratories and testing stations where its former denizens of the Dark carried out a variety of experiments [genetic manipulation with DNA] on your Ancestors, and even on you. The horror from these procedures of the Dark still enshrouds many of his lower levels. Our intention is eventually to make this place into a memorial when the World we know as Bellona [Maldek] is restored. This trans-Martian Planet [Nibiru] was where many of the Dark's malevolent plans for this Solar System were first hatched. We propose that this restored Planet and its fifth Moon have a permanent memorial placed upon them. Your Moon is an artificial construct that was created to be a special tactical station attached to Orion Empire Fleets of the former dark Anchara Alliance. It formed part of the Fleet that conquered your Solar System about 1,000,000 years ago. The Moon's purpose was to be the main defense coordinator for the former Planet Maldek that was between Mars and Jupiter. When we came to liberate your Solar System about 900,000 years ago, Planet Maldek and its armed Moon were a major threat to our success. Our incoming Fleet deployed a powerful Battle Planet of its own to destroy this dark Anchara/Orion Empire base [Maldek]; it was reduced to rubble and the result was the Asteroid Belt. The attached Battle Moon was temporarily thrown into an erratic solar orbit that ran between Earth and Mars and finally, about 25,000 years ago, was placed into its present orbit as Earth's Moon. [Some ancients talked about a time when there was no moon.] This has been archived at My Further Comments: Firm dates have been given that speak of much upheaval along the coasts in May [probably from tidal waves] and the beginning of ascension in June. It appears that next month some who will not ascend or will not be present later on Earth will start leaving. There are divine timetables that are set in stone, although certain actions are dependent on events and our responses that can alter some decisions. Divine changes usually involve dramatic actions because we wish to keep a status quo with only moderate changes and a better life, and we wish to dwell in new age fantasies. Most UV energy has been filtered by the ozone layer around Earth which will be removed during Earth changes, so its effects are limited at this time. The coming end times can be viewed as driving in a construction zone: it is unpleasant but necessary, and the end result is a new road that can be enjoyed by those who travel on it. These events that Michael speaks of will be a sign that shows to all that the beginning wave of


our ascension has begun. It is a real change and a move to 5D that will end with Michael's work in May of 2010. He said earlier that this will be completed before 2013 and 3D will disappear by then. This year will also be a time when a transition from Illuminati leadership to a divinely chosen government will begin. He speaks only of his work so it is necessary to connect the dots to see the whole picture. Adama last year said that ET action would commence after Feb 1, although he did not understand its relevance, but I immediately thought of Jupiter and its placement behind the sun on that date as the reason for that specific time. AA Michael speaks of chakras that those in the Far East like Tibet have mastered, and this practice can bring immense enlightenment. Most here are too busy to meditate and learn this, and are distracted by work and family and the TV media. He talks of UV energy that started on March 25, and Esu spoke of energies from the Sun that have caused Earth's instability recently. see Michael said that He will now give weekly updates because it is a time of great importance and change and is unlike anything yet known to man. Will it happen? Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Volcanic Activity Worldwide April 4, 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the celestial militia. I bring you all My love and My protection. I come again in this weekly window as I promised, but I will not discuss topics that are evident to all relating to individuals, this planet, and all of the solar system. I have already, on many occasions, pointed to a number of important events which are occurring at your local and body level and also on the body of the planet Earth. This relates to the integration with and reaction to My presence and the ultra-violet light that I send you from the sun of the Central Galaxies [Alcyone], the central point of the thought of God, to you through My vibration, My presence and also through other planets and your sun in this solar system. I have on many occasions talked about this energy of radiation and the energy of Ultra-violet Light. My presence and My energy will have profound transforming effects within your human body and will also affect all of the planetary bodies. The first of these transformations will awaken in you and arouse codes that are still unknown to you, occurring at your DNA level. This is intended to help you find, in the very near future, all of your higher energy and your Divinity. This, as I said, comes with a number of mechanisms, sometimes resulting in bodily disturbances, fatigue, pain, even what you call diseases in this case, in the removal of your darkness and what could be called your past karmas of a collective nature. This is now. Many of you have already experienced this Ultra-violet energy all around you and within you. Remember that this energy will enter at your highest point. The highest point, as a human, is your head. The highest point [elevation] in this planet has volcanoes, and volcanoes are located on the mountains. This activity is on the way. You can see, at least for human beings who have awakened at the level of this vibration, pressure and pain occurring on a regular basis now, and already for some time on your head [headaches]. The force of the radiation of this [unseen high frequency] ultra-violet energy is manifested at the center of your head. The goal is for this energy not to remain at the head but to send this Ultra-violet energy to your heart. Indeed it is on that level that a certain number of codes related to your hidden Godhead [divinity] and your Essence will be unlocked and activated. The pressure of the radiation associated with these particles of Ultra-violet light must, as the 50

weeks progress, be installed at the center of your inner sanctuary and temple [heart]. This is the required condition for your elevation, your ascension and the return to your unity with divinity. This now continues. It obeys the rules specific to your physiology and your internal energy mechanisms to which I will return at the appropriate time after the Easter [April 12] period as defined in the Roman Catholic calendar, because this period corresponds to an active full moon like that of the following month due to the festival of the Bull. But we're not there yet. I Illustrate these remarks not on a local level but on a global body. This radiant energy pressure will cause a number of major volcanoes on the surface of this planet to act, and this is an undeniable fact. Now, you will see a number of anomalies related to weather phenomena consisting of abnormally high and low temperatures. This energy now reaches the level of volcanoes which results in a molten lava fire, but it was started by fire in relation to the Ultra-violet cosmic radiation. Understand that this Ultra-violet radiation is deeply related to these changes, with this transformation as a goal. This Ultra-violet energy was never meant to be a power of destruction, but it corresponds to a reconstruction energy that aims to break the dark restaints of this planet on your human body, your Unity, and your divine dimension that was overshadowed by the duality in your present incarnation. This is ongoing. The next step will occur when a number of volcanoes will fire up on your planet, and the level of ultra-violet energy accumulated in your head will allow the energy and consciousness in this present duality to focus beyond your head to your heart, for all beings that are now awake. I told you that the installation of this energy will continue and reach a climax on the summer equinox [June 21]. This is also the truth about your planet and all the planets which must precede the ascension and the rise [awareness] of your planet. This is ongoing. Many volcanoes will remain active during this period that you still have to go through till the summer period. This is on going. The next step corresponds to the activation of the energy of the volcanoes in your world, not bound only to the elements of water, but also in the air. This corresponds, at the physiological level, to changes in what you call air currents and the seas of your planet. This will result in a shutdown of certain existing ocean currents and the development of new currents. In the air this energy will result in a major emphasis on what you call hurricanes and cyclones that will occur in regions where they were never present before. This again is only linked to the reaction of the disturbances on the level of planetary physiological organisms [Earth is trying to remove its evil polluting corrupt beings that distribute negativity, and this is Her reaction]. This Ultra-violet energy is transmitted by a number of higher-dimensional beings who are involved with and are in relationship with the energy of this planet. There are a number of councils, called the Galactic [Federation] Council, the Intergalactic Council, the Council of Melchizedek, the Eagles, etc.. There are many human beings who are now incarnated here today from higher dimensions who will communicate and direct this Ultra-violet energy. Their role is important. Perhaps you


have perceived physiological changes related to energy in your bodies. As you can see, there are time slots within each day during which you will perceive and feel the pressure of this radiation, both in your head, and for those who are more advanced, in your heart. Remember also that the force of this radiation grows louder and stronger in human beings who will not or do not have the spiritual means to activate the upper chakras (ie those located between the top of your head and heart) that will impact these energies in what you call the lower chakras (ie chakras located below the heart) [like pelvic areas], resulting in a reactive force that is deeply amplified and associated with social and economic actions that are generated by the force of this new radiation [and that may affect areas like sexual and other personal relationships]. As you know, a number of people have tried to use this period to create in your world a climate of fear, a climate conducive to the destabilization of the human soul [chaos]. This is only a natural action for those in darkness here. The force of the radiation of the Divine Light, relayed by the Ultra-violet, by My presence, from your sun and all of the entities related to the Light, has greatly upset mankind, and created a phenomenon of confusion. The important thing, as I told you is to stay as much as possible aligned and focused, to stay as much as possible removed from this confusion [and to stay aligned to the Light energy in your heart]. You can create this as much as possible with your refusal to react to the external events to come. This is an order from me to you, and I say that you will only find peace inside of yourself and not outside of yourself . This will lead you to reconsider even before you pass into the fifth dimension, all aspects of what you call your life. You have the usual problems of mankind, during many of your incarnations, of living your external [3D] life, since it is defined by this world's duality and your feedback in the broadest and narrowest sense in your lives and in the course of your destiny. Today more than ever it is necessary to focus on the source of your life at the center of your being in your heart. It is in this place, and only in this place that you will find peace, and you will not need to enter into events in response to social, economic problems that are fast approaching you. This is not a message of fear. I can not help it if a number of people conceive fear through those words [for this is your future reality, and you need to know these things]. I am here to announce what the Father asked me to announce. There are a number of prophets, there are a number of prophecies that have always existed on the surface of this planet. Their goal is not to create fear. Their only goal is to prevent panic, to warn humans [as a sign of the coming changes and an undeniable proof]. Today more than ever, it will become increasingly evident. The only solution to this problem, the only solution to your frustrations in your inner life, economic, social, family, personal, can be found at the center of your inner being and nowhere else. Of course, you are helped [by the Light], as I told you already, but nobody can do it for you, so you must go into your heart [for assistance]. This belongs only to you. It is your job every minute, every breath.


You will see, in the coming weeks and into the summer equinox [June 21], that the more you get into your inner life, the more you get into your heart, the more you get into your Essence, the easier it will be to manifest peace, tolerance, love and understanding on the outside, whatever the severity of external events that affect the global physiological changes and the physiology of some human beings . The only way to be in your heart is not to react negatively [to these changes in fear, but to react in Light and Love]. The only way to be in [this divine] unity is not to maintain the duality of this world. However, the natural reaction is one of duality. It is therefore essential that you yourself learn, through your meditations, your prayers, your moments of silence, and your encounters with nature, to develop more and more the feeling of harmony with your own unity, with your own Godhead [Divinity]. Now, you are exactly one week from the due date of what is called Easter. Not that I want to talk about religion, but I instead wish to use the term New Full Moon [April 9]. It [Easter] happens in exactly 8 days of your life on earth . During this period that you now live, and thus a new period of 7 days until then, I ask you to find the maximum moments of opportunity to focus on your heart, even if it lasts only few minutes, but you should do it dozens of times daily if you are able to do this. This will best stabilize your procedure in order to not return a hostile response both in relation to your family, to your own emotions, your own mental, professional, economic, social or emotional problems. The only solution, once again, is linked to learning the ability you have, as human beings, to live the events that await you in your heart. The solutions will result from your ability to live in the state of your heart. If you deny this action in your heart, relatively large emotional events may occur that would be deeply damaging to your desire to integrate, to expose and prove yourself in combining with your unity and your Divinity. It is therefore an important time to experience this radiant energy in your heart. I will now discuss what I previously called luminous phenomena [in the sky] associated with the presence of the Ultra-violet. You can see this influence with your own eyes in your individual reality at dusk [sunset] when the moon begins to appear in your sky. Observe your heavens and you will see that the luminous phenomena will begin to appear all over the globe at that time. It is not therefore phenomena related to the sun, at first, but related to when the sun is on the other side of where you live [in darkness at night] and what will be a reflection of this light on the moon that you will see. As the luminous phenomena occur, they will be an imminent manifestation of My presence in the reconstruction process, especially if these phenomena extend beyond the period of 48 to 72 hours. This is already known to you. Most important, once again, I say that each action, is not so much external phenomenon, even if it concerns the Light itself, but it is your internal reaction to the force of this radiation that will show that you will not react [negtively] to these events that the Earth experiences [in its coming changes].


I now specify that this is what you have to do during this next period for entry into your total inner being in order to find who you really are, what you are, and what you want to do, not according to your desires, but according to your ability to lower the body vibration, to bring in new vibrations that some of you already started installing since March, to experience episodes of new energy in certain parts of your body or all of your physiological body. This is an apprenticeship [a time of learning and training]. This requires your time. It is time now to perfect this ascension while not yet in a fifth dimensional body, which will occur at the time of your final ascension into the fifth dimension with or without your present body. This belongs to you, every human who is being faced with choices to face in the reality of its vibrational capabilities. The only option, whatever your age, your diseases, or your lifestyle, is only linked to your ability to ascend inwardly in what is called the vibration of your soul in the Spirit. The rise of the vibration of the soul in the Spirit leads to a vibrational rise in the whole body and also a vibrational force in the head and the heart and, secondly, throughout your entire body. At that time, when the pressure of the vibration is manifested in your whole body physiologically, it becomes much easier to understand what it is really like to ascend. All of the rest of your thoughts are only projections [dreams and fantasies] related to your desires, your emotions or your mind. This ascension is a reality [it is a raising of your frequency into a higher density and dimension, and is not just a dream or a hologram]. The release of the Light of the Father that I am here to bring you through the force of the Ultra-violet Light, is directly linked to this increased vibrational energy. There can be no other ascension to your inner vibration. This is a guarantee of your ability to ascend in the future. Again this time is a time of deconstruction [and reconstruction]. This deconstruction, you see, is at the global level, the level of your individual self, your family, and the level of the whole of humanity. This has more or less increased your intuition and the feeling that the reality of change is now here. It is really here. This is not just words, it is not just in the thought form or a collective group mind you can create, but is only in your ability to what I would call raise your vibrational level. This increase in vibration is the only adequate response to a dark force that wants a cancellation of the Ultra-violet energy. It is your responsibility to greet this energy, and if you accept it totally, beyond your heart into your entire physiological body, you will see very quickly the ability of this vibration in your whole body and I mean your physiological body, your physical body. I do not speak, then, of perceptions that do not reflect the capacity of your physical body to enter fully into this higher vibrational frequency. The vibration that you receive is intended, if you wish and if you allow, to completely transform your body. This is what you are, and some are already now living in this new spirit [in their current 3D bodies]. This period to access this energy will continue until the end of what is called the summer equinox [June 21]. These are some of the important elements that I wanted you to know. Now if you have questions in relation to these processes I will try to provide extra enlightenment. Question: Could you tell us about the codes that will awaken us?


The question was already answered. You should just worry about installing this energy [in your heart]. The precise unveiling of those codes will be given after the period of the Pascal [Easter] weekend. Question: How can we better raise the vibrational frequency [in our ascension]? The only way to raise this vibration is to accept the entrance of this Ultra-violet energy [into your inner being]. Prayers and requests do not affect this process. We have no more questions. Thank you. So, dear souls in human incarnation, before I leave to return next week, I want you to practice raising your vibration by increasing the radiation of My presence. I give you the overflowing of My energy. That, beloved Sons of Light, souls in human incarnation, is the beginning of this energy that you must live in. I am Michael, Regent Prince of the celestial militia. Receive all My love, the love of the Father and above all My protection, and I say to you these events will occur very soon. We share this information with complete transparency and openness, and I thank you for doing the same.

My Comments: There has been much earthquake activity recently in Italy and near Japan. Some may attribute this to HAARP or normal occurrences, but I feel that this may be the start of divine Earth changes Myself. Remember that this was given last Friday before there was any such activity. There have been prophecies by Billy Meier and others that spoke of violent eruptions in Mt Vesuvius near Rome that will be a sign of the start of the end times that AA Michael said we are now in. We are now seeing the results of the fire phenomena that Michael spoke of and will soon see hurricanes and tornadoes in the air, followed by violent events on the water as a sign of the coming changes. Michael says He is not a prophet but a Creator of these events, so He is telling us what He will soon accomplish. Michael said that Nibiru was responsible for climate changes that we now see, and Sheldan Nidle said it will later be placed in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Sheldan also said that our essential DNA was deactivated during the latter days of Atlantis and will soon be restored along with the 13-chakra system. Energy is now coming not only from our sun but from Alcyone, the center of seven solar systems of which we are a part, and probably also now from Jupiter. This is all part of the reconstruction and the ascension of our universe that is now in progress. Scientists are now privately talking about abnormally low levels of Sun flares and solar hyperactivity that some heavenly body is absorbing, and there has been talk that Nibiru has not left our area as it normally does every 3600 years. Wikipedia: Alcyone is approximately 440 light years from Earth, and Alcyone A has a lumi55

nosity of 1,400 times that of our Sun. Excerpts from Alcyone is, precisely, the principal sun of the Pleiades and in its orbit gravitates seven suns, our sun being the seventh which circles Alcyone. Each sun is the center of a solar system and Alcyone is the center of seven solar systems. Don’t be surprised, now, when I say: THE IGNEOUS RADIATIONS OR VIVIFYING RADIATIONS OF ALCYONE’S ATOMS COME TO ALTER NATURE’S MOLECULES. Obviously, the men of science will not accept what we are emphatically stating today. In no way whatsoever will they accept it, because it doesn’t commune with their scientific talents, but this is a reality. The organisms of all beings will be modified, plants as well as animals, etc., etc. It has happened before and will happen again, because it complies with celestial transit, and our solar system has to forcibly pass through Alcyone’s rings. Some will say that Alcyone is very far away, that it is a Pleiade and has nothing to do with our solar system. It is very nice to talk like that, in an ignorant way, but the reality is that the sun which illuminates us forms a part of Alcyone and is the seventh sun. It’s to be looked at as a system of suns that circle Alcyone. The radiation of Alcyone’s rings will exert a specific influence on the rotation of our planet. This means that the rotation speed of its axis will slow down, and as a result or corollary, our world will continue circling the sun but in a wider orbit. It will move away a little more from the solar center. The verticalness of our planet’s axes, in regards to the ecliptic, will be a concrete fact. The poles are melting due to the deviation of the Earth’s axes. That is already proven. Nowadays, the magnetic pole no longer coincides with the geographical pole. With the terrible radiation of Alcyone, the poles will accelerate their deviation. In Alcyone there are instances in which the electrons are split, destroyed, releasing a type of unknown energy, different to cathodic rays, X-rays and N-rays. The poles are melting, and with the radiation of Alcyone, this process will accelerate. A PHOTON BAND was discovered in outer space in 1961 by means of satellite born instruments. We will now move onto the PLEIADES ….The Seven Sisters…an estimated 400 light years from here. This group of stars is the basis of Mythology in many countries….the Greek Gods, Australian Dreamtime….Chinese Mythology. We have completed the full circle and are back at the beginning. It is described in detail in your bible, by all books on Mythology, by Nostradamus, and by modern day scientists.

My Final Comments: We are receiving new energy from many sources including Alcyone [the central sun and the central point of the thought of Creator God], our own sun, and the photon belt that we are now in. Our whole universe is moving up a level and is now under reconstruction by Divinity. Many say they want change for the better but only wish to maintain a better 3D existence, and that era is over. My comments inside the sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets] as is a general standard practice.


Alphabet agencies still control the US, and the Fed continues printing worthless paper fiat money. Insiders have said that JFK was assassinated because he wanted to shut these agencies down, but Mr Obama will not attempt this and will continue a status quo. Nothing has changed as our leaders wish to continue their control, and only Divine intervention will bring about these changes in accordance with Their timetable. Most Ultra-violet and infrared energies are above the spectrum of our visible light, and infrared can be seen on digital cameras by shining a remote control into the lens and observing the result. These cameras can also capture other higher frequency levels that can not be seen by the human eye like UFOs and orbs and ghosts. Modern cameras were intentionally manufactured with filters to block certain light that could see through clothing like those installed in airports, so you will not see all features that are available. This was done after complaints by some that too much that was private was being shown on film. Some may experience side effects like periods of headaches that Michael has mentioned, and we will see more as time passes. Much of what is going on will go unnoticed until an event will occur that will make some take notice, and Michael has hinted that this may occur on May 7, the National Day of Prayer. Will it happen? Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael A New Era and a New Beginning April 10, 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the Celestial Militia. As Usual, to everyone here, human souls in transition, I bring My protection, My love and My Light. I come to you today to express a number of things related to the physiological level, the physiology of the solar system and the physiology of the human soul. As you know, in all universes and all dimensions that exist, the major omnipresent evolutionary principle, because it is linked to the nature of the central sun [Alcyone], uses the concept of a cycle within a dimension as in what you call multi-dimensional worlds. This notion of a cycle applies to all forms of life whatsoever. The concept of a cycle is the fundamental principle of physiology that is returning, so it is therefore a cyclical episode with a specific point. This point, this return to the starting point of the cycle, is the allegory and the symbol of the return to the Unity prior to any transformation of a life form into another life form or a form of life into another dimension. This cycle is here to remind you that all life comes from the Unity [Creator God], the Unity comes from and returns to the Unity. This physiology in the densest [lowest] dimensions without exception is inconceivable even to your mind. You know, and I have told you from My first visit this year, that you are at the dawn of a new cycle [era], you are at the end of an old cycle. The End of this cycle involves both the human body and the planetary [Earth] body, and all the suns in your galaxy and all galaxies in this region of the universe [that will undergo a change]. The completion of this cycle, is like the snake that bites its own tail [the Ouroboros - a snake swallowing its own tail and forming a circle and constantly re-creating itself]. The existence, presence and passage of this cycle accurately reminds you of the very idea of the Unity of all creation, even on the densest worlds in duality that are dominated by division, segregation and exclusion that we now exist in. This principle applies to any form of life and is an element and an event that affects all human souls, as well as your planet, the solar system and all the solar systems around you, a central point from which everything comes and everything will return one day. This is the concept of the cyclical principle. The completion of one cycle means starting a new cycle. The start of a new cycle can be done within the same dimension, in a lower dimension or in a higher dimension. The end of this 58

processing cycle of life forms both in the inter-dimensional worlds that you do not understand, and in the worlds of many dimensions that you now have only temporary access to. The importance of this moment is that it must be seen as the start of a new evolutionary loop but also as a point of completion of the current evolutionary loop. The completion at this point, means that you will return to a point, and that this precise point has a certain number of choices that are possible regarding the future of this physiological system in consideration. This evolution can be done within the same dimension, in higher dimensions, or in lower dimensions, by keeping the same form of life or by changing that form of life, while changing or by not changing dimensions. You have now arrived at this ultimate moment. It only happens every 52,000 years. It corresponds, in this solar system, especially on this planet but also on other planets, to an extremely precise evolutionary cycle. Many of you have started and initialized this new cycle, having accompanied this new creation project by becoming disassociated with this current third dimension. I'll explain a little later how in this third dimension we are separated. However, most of you are involved, you are in a cycle in this dimension and this separation, as you finalize it [and move on to another cycle]. The completion of a cycle is called a resolution. This resolution requires a process of awareness, a learning process related to this experience. This notion of returning to the same cyclic point, will also free for the whole of creation, the knowledge related to the exploration of this higher dimension. I have called the world you now live in a separated world of the third dimension. It also exists in different third dimension worlds that are not separated. What is a separated third dimensional world? It is a world where the experience of the incarnation, the descent into matter, is accompanied by a loss of conscious connection to your unity and your Divinity. This is a choice that you made but was assisted by what you call a karmic Lipika [divine beings connected with karma, recorders who store a record of every act and thought, great or small, in the universe in the Akashic Records] or a Lord of Karma, which supports the destiny of an evolutionary cycle. There are third dimensional worlds in which a unified loss in memory of the Unity was not conducted. These people, these forms of life there, these physiological beings experimenting a third dimensional body were aware of their divinity, which has not been your case for eons, specifically for more than 52,00 years. Today you have arrived at this place of completion. What is this final moment? It is when all the memories related to the experiences both individually and collective are revealed. What is this completion of memories? This is an area where awareness of what has been experienced by some, by others and by the whole humanity and incarnation in this solar incarnation, will be revealed to your consciousness. By an error of words, some papers have likened this to the end of the world [doomsday], but it is certainly not the end of life. Quite the contrary. As you will soon see, whatever your choice of destiny and whatever your individual choice, you will during this time that I called deconstruction, rebuild a new identity, a new spiritual being. Whatever your choice is, you will have


to do something new [no more status quo]. However, there are cycles in all during this completion phase, and forces oppose this for the simple reason that this revelation completes this cycle and thus completes a form of change [and some do not want change]. Your form in this three-dimensional separated event has created a number of forces operating on their own account within you and also within your entire planetary system. You can call it a group mind or if you prefer, a mental awareness. The mental consciousness is the prerogative of isolation in the third dimension. This mental awareness is in isolation within this incarnation in this world. It is an action unique to your own creation. And it knew from its inception that it was part of a cycle with no knowledge of eternity [or our Divinity]. So all of you, each of the physiological systems present on the surface of this planet and the physiology of this planet itself is mentally in mourning [due to our separation from Divinity]. This was necessitated by the principle of separation from divinity in your incarnation. However this mode of operation therefore linked to your mind, has no reason to continue after you finish this cycle [soon this experiment will be over]. However, your resistance may yet continue, even if you accept the end of this cycle as well as an awareness that this is the end of this cycle. This mind must be transformed into a new form that has been planned and experienced for over 60 of your Earth years for 2 generations to prepare for what now comes to you [this has been known and planned since after WW II]. Logically, being still in a three-dimensional separation from divinity, you are obliged to allow this to end. However, this can cause tensions [confusion] and also a resistance and even contradictions within you [in those who wish to remain in status quo]. This ultra-violet energy has long been transmitted down to you by Myself, but especially by the energy of [God] the Father in Alcyone, the Central Sun of your galaxies. Light has no need of this mental energy [but we are still in darkness and need it]. The mind is a tool that you have been given but which nevertheless will never understand a multidimensional world. It allows you to realize the Divinity in you, even within this dimension, but you will not, under any circumstances, access the multidimensional world with it. This is assisted by lessons that have been given by various teachers, especially in the East [meditation, Kundalini chakras, yoga] but also in the West with the evolution of this mode of operation. You are now in a time of completion of this cycle. This cyclical conclusion in terms of planetary cycles, as I said earlier, and this cycle as you exist as incarnated souls in a human body is now being recorded. You must understand that what you have allowed [in the past] has no more existence than in your thoughts. The world you created is the result of a thought [hologram]. You participated in a separation of thought in this experience of separation [from your Divinity]. The experience of separation from your first Unity was simply intended to strengthen you in this connection to this Unity. Deprivation, during what you call a long time for a complete cycle in this dimension, once it has disappeared if that is your choice, will bring an understanding of


your connection to the Divine Unity, without understanding it with the mind. The mind has been the tool that allowed you to strengthen your bond with the Godhead in His power, by its very absence that has made this possible. However there is a battle between the forces of old [the dark who want status quo] and the new [Light] forces [that want change]. This exists in every area of completion of this cycle, which is not the case at the start of a new cycle in which there can be tension [confusion due to changes that will need to be adapted to], but there is a membership of all the people involved in the creation of this new cycle [and some will not be members in this new cycle]. So it was, for more than 50,000 years during the initialization of this third dimension in isolation [from Divinity]. Whatever your choice, and whatever your energy level in the very short time you have left to live in this dimension, you can create, through the impetus of a new cycle, whose beginnings are felt within some of you, a unified leadership to a new mode of expression and life. The peak part of cycles corresponds to a moment of joy in contrast to the ending of this cycle period you belong to now, which must be finished and which is now a moment of mourning. Many lessons of letting go have been stressed to you for many years. Letting go means that during this time you abandon current ideas and allow new ideas to formulate. Letting go is a conscious act, both mentally and voluntarily. You will soon be asked to move to a higher stage and a step well above the current level. This step is called abandonment [of 3D], and it includes the transition from a human government to a divine government. You must submit your spirit, your consciousness, your will, your soul and all of creation, so that you accept God's will in all things. This can be done only by an act of abandonment [letting go]. This is your only way out of this duality you now exist in, and can only be manifested by accepting this Unity, and this has absolutely nothing to do with what you have experienced so far. This step is both a great hope, a great joy but at the same time, as you will become aware, a period of much suffering. This great suffering coincides, when it becomes extreme and unbearable, with extreme joy. There can be no distinction between suffering and joy. These are two sides of the same reality. This reality has to be resolved in a unity that I call ecstasy or inner joy. This corresponds to a point in your life at the end of this cycle. This will be announced at the time shortly before the end of this dimension. Your degree of preparation must be focused now on the acceptance of the ultra-violet energy of which, I remind you, is a quality of consciousness, relayed by the Central Sun, by the Will of [God] the Father and the issuance of the Father. However be aware that letting go is not enough, that abandonment must give way to the totality of this Light, and your desires to this must be given willingly. Intelligence is the Light, the Light is consciousness, the light is truth, the Light is Unity, and you must follow what you call the Light. You do not need to follow what people tell you, what logic tells you, or what the mind tells you. There will be no other alternative than to say [to Divinity]: "Thy will be done and not mine." And from that moment on, when you accept and live that phrase, when you dare to take the


plunge, you'll discover that your whole life, despite the short time remaining to live in this dimension, will be held under the multidimensional auspices regarding your access to these multidimensional realities, and the conduct of your life will follow the laws of synchronicity, of fluidity, especially an inner Unity of joy. But nevertheless, this choice must be formal. It is no longer a choice about your mental circumstances, about the ideals that you embrace, but about the reality of a total abandonment to the will of the Father and the Light if you prefer this choice. Therefore during this period, the ultra-violet energy is there to help you make this choice, if this is what you feel inside your heart, so that you can pass on to the final stage prior to what you call ascension or a new life, regardless of this choice. Again, either choice requires a form of abandonment, and to access your mutidimensionality requires the abandonment of your will to the will of Light, which is well beyond the will of your soul, but which is ultimately the will of your mind. as to its creation and its purpose. This is extremely important. When you let go, there are still some small mountains to climb. These mountains are only illusions built by your mind, appropriate for this separated third dimension. However, the transition to unification can be achieved only if you agree to unite yourself with the Source [Creator God] first. This requires total acceptance prior to making your unity possible. At this point you should forget the external circumstances, the material, mental, emotional, and social elements and everything that makes up your life in this present dimension. You will be in a moment of doubt when the last resistance attacks you from all sides. However, if you trust fully the energy that I send you, if you trust completely in the dimension of the Father, the infinite size of the Unity and of the Light, defeat will not happen because this affirmation will keep you in the light, and the Light will help you reach this destination regardless of the obstacles that will face you. This is extremely important. The same goes for your physiology as a disconnected human soul. It is the same physiology the planet has experienced in this dimension that you have traveled disconnected in. The separation between its external area and its true interior dimension, like you, hides in the center of this sphere that you call the Earth. At the heart of the Earth she is aware of her Divinity. This has existed for a certain number of years, and she answers the energy first initialized by your Central Sun which was Sirius and later maintained by Alcyone in order to enable you to answer the call to Unity. The Earth now answers at this distance existing between its outside and its interior being. She's is revealing her interior to her exterior. This is also reflected in what I called volcanic eruptions and the basic Earth changes that are waiting to achieve great strides and now knocking at the doors of your various continents. You have entered into a period of major events. A Number of times you were asked to keep informed but not to participate in that. You've got to believe that this step will appear within your consciousness, even if the choice of the Light for some among you is already anchored and perfectly stabilized.


This step is a letting go, a total abandonment to the will of the Light because Light is consciousness and awareness; it knows what it wants, it knows what it must do to make you return to the path of Unity, and you can complete this separated three-dimensional cycle in the most joyful way possible. You will find, for those of you who want and have the strength to give up your entire personality and your dimension, the unity retaining an awareness of what you have been but also what you will be. You will arrive at a given moment, at some point called the "zero point". At this point zero, you will be aware of your past, but you will be aware of your future because at this point there is no more time. There's just a need to surrender to the will of the Light. The surrender to the will of the Light comes with a revelation of memories. You will know where you came from but you will also know what you will become. This is not a dream, this is the truth. Truth can occur in these times of cycle changes and in particular with regard to your isolated three-dimensional existence. The same is true for all other planets in this solar system, which for the most part, already (as you can see externally) have abandoned their three-dimensional separation (some of them long ago) but were forced to accompany it, by cutting their exterior living, and moving within these planets in a planetary consciousness, as fifth dimensional beings they are provided, living in these planets [in their hollow interiors]. However, this problem is now different. [Most planets are now in higher dimensions than Earth, and we are the last to make this movement.] Today all of the solar system has chosen to ascend and is ready to do this. This is a complete change in the operating mode of the consciousness involved. This concerns, in a synchronous manner, the sun, planets, moons, human consciousness, and conscious plant, animal and mineral life. Such abandonment is not intellectual [but of the heart]. You should allow this vibration of the ultra-violet force to work in you and prepare you for the ultimate choice of either abandonment or non-abandonment. For this you need to be permanently fed this ultra-violet energy. This energy, I remind you, usually enters at the top of your head and should arrive in a short period no later than the end of this year, but I would say it is best before the end of June, and you must have this energy stabilized in your heart by then. For it is with this energy, with this awareness that you will activate in this final stage the abandonment [of 3D] and the acceptance of the will of Light if it is your choice. However the more you stabilize and feed your heart with this ultra-violet energy the more it will give you something that will take place instantaneously and not over a long time that might make you suffer unnecessarily. This is now. This is not in ten years. This is not in a year but this is now, and that is part of My preparation that I bring you to allow you to install and activate in your system your twelve strands of DNA corresponding to the twelve stars that comprise your solar system in its new dimension, at least for those who will allow them. [In 5D our universe will look different than it does now.]


This is extremely important, but I tell you again that I will return after the Easter weekend. I invite you, during the full moon that you have lived in since yesterday and of which you will be under its influence for 3 to 4 more days, and I urge you to direct this energy that you receive to the middle of your chest, even if it should take a relatively long time. You will benefit during this period from a major influx of consciousness that will make this work much easier because that is its job. This period will be repeated, of course, at appropriate times and, in particular, during the full moon of the bull (ie in May) and also the period which has been called the Pentecost [Sunday, May 31] until the period of your summer solstice [June 21]. This is crucial. Take advantage of those periods where you feel the energy that penetrates you to transfer in consciousness this vibration into your heart, because for the moment, regardless of your progress on the way back to the Unity and the passage through the end of this cycle, you will not likely have the ability to again surrender to the Father's will later, because it involves the loss of all your reference points in thought. Until you have accepted to live this step which is, in a symbolic way, a death, as when you leave this incarnation, you will not pass through the narrow door. This must be done, I told you, no later than early fall. You must make this your priority. Make sure you keep informed as to what happens on this planet. I have long maintained this luminous phenomena [in the skies]. I have also discussed the phenomena related to basic events. I've said repeatedly that they will grow to reach their apex, their maximum potential beginning this summer. This is now. This is not next year. This is My role. This is important before experiencing what you now have to live and what I call the turnaround next year [in the 5th dimension?]. But you can not make this reversal in your physiological life without the total abandonment to the will of the Unity, the will of the ultra-violet energy that I relay. Beloved souls human incarnate this is what I transmit to you today. Try first to conceptualize in your thoughts, even if you can not live them, the words abandon, surrender, and what this means to your conscience, in your life, your desires, and your will of the Light. This is crucial. It is a reflection and an experience that I urge you to relive. Compared to this process, and in relation to it only if you have any questions, I will try to answer them. Question: Does this mean that we should stop any activity, any plans? This can not be dictated by your mind as it might be a mistake. The mind is in general deceptive. If that decision comes from your conscience, without the analysis tool of your mind about your situation, about what you make of your life, it will follow instinctively. The impetus will come from the heart. If you feel this is necessary, do whatever the price because at that time, some of you will be forced to make choices that will engage, regardless of their spiritual openness to back away from this three-dimensional separated cycle into another space/time, and link to the Light. The question is no longer a matter of choice. As to choice, many of you here have already made it. The question now is surrendering to the will of the above, which is not quite the same


thing. Now the principal choice is effectively abandoning the reality of your current life. This is what I called the equivalent of death. When you switch on the other side and you abandon the body (by a physiological process that you called death) you abandon everything that was your identity here in this reality in which you live, and still this is not the end. In the same way you should abandon all ephemeral characters, all the roles you play in all aspects of your life, but this can not be a decision taken by your intellect, but must only result from your heart . However, when you feel that the time of abandonment is here, remember that your mind knows you will die. You will send orders because it is obvious that your mind will prevent you accessing Unity. Your mind is a logic related to the maintenance and cohesion of all life, regardless of the state which belongs in a dimensional life form. This is logical. This is standard and you should not panic too much. Remember that the phase of abandonment is a mechanism of death [to the 3D world] for all your attachments and all your beliefs, without exception. You must pass this knowledge to your being. There is no other possibility. Moving to surrender your old life is what one needs to do. Being what you will be is everything you are now except what you created and demonstrated in this [3D ]dimension. This is the final step. The best analogy I can give is when you face the transition called death, except that here there is no death in the literal sense and physics. There is a transition to another form, which is not quite the same thing. Question: Does this radiation of ultra-violet energy also occur during the night? Yes. It is done at different times of your days and your nights and will go on increasing during the time slots and the repetitious frequency pulses relayed by the various types of Light. Question: You said that this radiation affects primarily the highest point of the body . Absolutely. Question: What is it like during the night? It is the same way. This is exactly the same thing that is happening during the day. Question: So would it be transmitted by the crown chakra? Where it is possible it will be sent by the crown chakra. Question: As the astral plane is being dissolved, what about the intermediate steps that existed before, after the departure of the body by death? It was created within the confines of your galaxy as a dimensional transition area. This dimensional holding area was created for seven years. This is where all transitional souls who have left your dimension and who chosen to become complete at the end of this cycle are stored [awaiting bodies in the next life].


Question: During this phase of waiting, is there is a process of reconstruction? The reconstruction process is permanent. It is not a more privileged moment. All your life, and especially in the end of this cycle, there are moments of déconstruction and rebuilding. But that was always the case Question: Who is in charge of these stages of reconstruction? I do not see the need to answer this question. In the same way that you have multiple places of care on the surface of this planet, there exists on the level of the non incarnated worlds, not always three-dimensional and non-differentiated, multiple facilities of care and transformations. Question: What will become of the people, the souls who do not want these changes? This is their choice, it is their function, it is their freedom. These souls are destined to repeat a cycle of 52,000 years again, a separated three-dimensional cycle time of life until they find their new unity [and grow up spiritually]. This was their choice at the time of their first incarnation in this dimension separately. The oath of the soul is to go until the end of this cycle so that these souls will be able to regain their unity. They have all their time in the sense of time as you now live. Question: How can the division between the separated [duality] and the unified third-dimension be explained? I had already answered in the explanations that I gave you, namely that the difference between the unified third dimension and the separated third dimension [duality] is simply a perception of unity, in design and reality present or absent, in one case or the other. [The unified 3D connects with Divinity and the dual 3D we now exist in is separated from Divinity.] We have no more questions. Thank you. Human souls in incarnation, I bring you again My protection, all My love, and before I leave you to your dimension, I would like you to receive an influx of My ultra-violet radiation and if possible to send well below your head to your heart. This is now. Receive My thanks, My blessings and My love. With an Effusion of My energy ...I leave you now. I tell you that in a week we will begin to address the Mystery of the twelve stars and therefore your twelve strands of DNA because it is part of your legacy and things that you must also know and recognize. Be blessed. You are loved by the Light.

My Comments: Translation is a complex process that involves much work and delays from the time it is given until it is seen here. A word for word translation loses most of the message, and it is necessary to understand phrases in the context of the whole message. From the time


it is given in France to the time I finish My translation and post it here usually takes at least half a week. My comments inside the sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets] and is a standard practice. This message is a complex discussion that basically states that we are at the end of this 3D era that we now live in, a 3D duality world disconnected from Divinity, and this era is now over. Those who are not ready to ascend will again repeat a cycle of 52,000 years on another 3D world elsewhere before they will have another chance at ascension. Earlier He called this a separating of the wheat from the chaff, and said that many are not ready for this ascension, and this is evident by observing some of the juvenile work by those attacking Him. Since the angelic realm determines our future He already knows this. Families will soon be divided, and this may be a good thing to some. On Jan 22 He said: "What you call a couple and what you want to live in the 3rd dimension of humanity, is the scar of your initial injury related to your separation from the Source and from the Light. That is why, since life began, you went in search of another. Of course, informed of the Light of the Father, you understand that this has more meaning because you will find your own new sources [friends and companions]. What you call a couple has more reason to exist in the new dimension. " It is estimated that half of all marriages end in divorce, that half of all crimes involve family members, and that half of the children born are unplanned or unwanted, thus bringing on child abuse and neglect and even violence in some cases, as people wish to disconnect from this institution. We are taught that we should get married and have kids to be considered normal, but we are vastly overpopulated, and some find that the person they married to is not the same person that they are now living with, as people change over time, sometimes for the worst. Many marriages are held together by money, and when one loses his job, it often results in divorce unless there is no other option. Many stay together because they cannot afford a divorce or do not wish to bring problems to their kids. We are taught that it is "till death do us part", although many ETs say that when a relationship is over it is time to separate and start a new life. Money will not be a concern soon, because we will be provided with all necessities in what has been called a Utopian society where we share and help others in need. In Unity we will find a continual network of communication with all creation, no longer having a feeling of loneliness that we now have in a disconnected 3D duality. In this current 3D period when we die and are reborn in a different body, we lose our memory of previous lives, and this will change when we move to 5D. This 3D practice is both good and bad, good in the sense that now we start over anew and bad in that we must learn everything over again. Soon we will remember past lives and can continue our education that we learned in an earlier life, but this can be a problem with those who never learn from their mistakes and continue to do them over again, and some will retain their bad habits and attitudes in the next life. This


can be seen by the words of the former Enki who though in a Zeta body still has the Anunnaki mentality that he has had for the past 10,000 years. We will all soon be one big family united with Divinity with a realization that we are also part of this divinity that has been hidden from us in this current incarnation. Much of this is now unwelcome to those stuck in a 3D mindset, and it will take time to adjust to this new way of life. This is a real change, but is not the change some want, since they wish to remain in a better 3D status quo. The team cuts will be made and it is time to move on to the next level as a new team or continue a 3D life elsewhere. Some new agers will attack this and that is their right, and they will need to spend more time in another 3D environment elsewhere until they learn enough to advance to the next level. Reacting to negativity with love will strengthen the soul and give you a needed spiritual growth. Attacks show that you are saying things that some do not want to hear, and you may be handed a crown of thorns for your efforts. During this Easter time many still view a Christ who died on the cross for our sins. This is a revision of the Anunnaki Jewish tradition of a blood sacrifice that some have called a reptilian barbecue. Jesus died not for our sins but He died because he called the leaders corrupt and called for a change in man's thinking. Many companies are close to bankruptcy, unemployment and foreclosures continue to increase, banks have doubled their interest rates or ceased lending completely, and Mr Obama continues playing his fiddle while Rome burns. The ArMy Times says that 80,000 troops are now being trained in Georgia for a domestic disturbance that they are anticipating when people start to awaken to this status quo, and further deterioration continues with no hope in sight. I feel Casper's work is generally accurate and reflects some of the hidden actions behind this status quo. Apart from recent earthquakes there has been little visible evidence of any changes yet and hopefully that will change so that some may take notice of the coming changes. AA Michael hinted an event in May of this year and said that by May of next year His work will be completed. The procedure for unlocking the 12 strands of DNA will be given by Him in His next message, and this should be available about this time next week. Time will tell.

PS from NASA: A strong type III solar burst was observed by a number of Radio JOVE observers on February 10, 2009 at 18:02Z [but was erased on Stanford Farside graphs later]. Get Ready for the 2009 Jupiter Observing Season. The next Jupiter season will begin May 2009 and end in November 2009. Rich N


Archangel Michael April 17 2009
translated from French

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the Celestial Militia. Receive all the love and protection of all of the spiritual hierarchies which, at present, monitor and supervise all things. The theme of My message today will focus on three areas in total in your reality and in terms of what is to come. Now, as I have announced with My presence and My events, not only through words but also through the force of the ultra-violet energy (which some of you already understand and possess), that this will increase exponentially [huge] from the date of May 7. I would also like to inform you that henceforth, at each of My meetings, I will communicate the date of My future meeting so that those who want to enjoy the energy that I have can experience it, a special energy that I will later explain. Thus, My next meeting will take place on the human date and time in your country (France), at 22:30 [Saturday 10:30 PM], April 25. During the month of May and during the month of June in each of My weekly meetings, those who want to can connect to this particular energy where you are in any location. This is important and I will explain why. The force of the ultra-violet radiation is an energy and a level of consciousness that I will bring to this task now and until the period of May your next year [2010 when My work will be completed]. But I am not alone, from now on, in relaying the ultra-violet radiation. I am accompanied by a number of spiritual entities that I will list and that will ensure maximum delivery to human beings to begin to live in the enlightenment and to live the potential awakening of the Divine dimension so that the maximum of you can incarnate, if you wish, and enter the Glory of the Unity. Indeed, this outpouring of energy requires not only the presence of a particular type of energy but also many energy forces. This is made possible by the energy of a number of conscious beings from multiple dimensions that I will now list before going into the details of the manifestation of this energy and awareness. The first circle consists of what I call the Conclave. This Conclave includes all the choir of the Archangels and energy vibrations commonly relayed from the Central Sun Alcyone. This Conclave association will, in My presence literally bathe embodied human consciousness with the Source energy of the Alcyone Sun. Beyond the first circle there is a second circle. The second circle is called the Order of Melchizedech. It corresponds to what your tradition calls "twenty-four elders" or "Lords of Karma". 69

The third circle, finally, consists of many entities closest to you, in their united incarnated dimension, corresponding to a single third dimension, called in your Bible, the "angels of the Lord." These are a number of beings whose origin is Vega the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra. These three circles: the Archangelic group, the Order of Melchizedech and the group of Vegan angels, will join me to relay the energy from the Central sun Alcyone directly to the minds ready and willing to receive it. Understand that the moments you now live are unique moments in the history of your lives, your hearts and your minds. It is vital and essential that the maximum possible number of human beings be able to relay, to convey, and to amplify the energy of this radiation, like I said, that will grow exponentially in the coming days. I repeat again, that there is nothing to worry about concerning the deconstructions occurring in this world at this time. They are necessary, indispensable, inevitable, inexorable events to allow the glory of your Father and our Father, the Glory of the Light, entry to the coming times. Thus, on April 25 at 22.30 [10:30 PM French time], all good ones who want to join and receive this particular level, the radiation of this ultra-violet energy, will be welcomed into the areas of the Father. You'll see, and extremely soon, that this is a reality and a truth that many people will feel. This is the first step in a collective work that I propose to conduct on this entire planet that will be followed by the task of the ascension, initialized in this solar system for some time. This, again, was decided by the Galactic High Council [Divine Council] to allow a larger number of people to be involved in this wonderful revelation of the Unity and your Divinity. Thus, all those who wish can be bathed, literally, in this energy and will have the opportunity to carry out, if that is their deep-seated desire, a state to promote your own ascension and the ascension of this planet. Nevertheless to be able to profit from this radiation it will be important to put yourself in a state of receptivity, to forget all the anguish of your lives that you have had in the past, all the inconveniences of your body whatsoever, to receive, in a state of alignment, this state of open reception. I've said since the beginning of this year that the energy of the ultra-violet radiation would, as the weeks pass, be increasing in intensity and in power. Nothing else today should worry you about your spiritual future. Many of you will feel, as the outpouring of this energy continues, that your old life must give way to the Truth, the Light, and your Unity. This is crucial. No man can serve two masters at once. The game of duality, made necessary by your experiment as bearers of light within this separated density, is now over. However you should make the right choice. Not the choices that you have been raised with for many years, but you need to change your behaviors in your lives to the reality of those choices. You should delete all of your old beliefs. The only belief, if I dare say, that you must possess is in your Unity and your Divinity. Everything else is only superficial and ridiculous compared to the reality of the Light. But if your fears, if your choices lead you to participate in one way or another, in a more intense way that you call your material life in the third dimension, it is your choice. Nobody, absolutely nobody can judge you or force you to make this decision but yourself.


This gift, decided by a higher authority, is still a gift. The expectations for the future of the Earth, for the future of certain souls, are that the energies of deconstruction do prevail and will not carry you into repeating the [3D] cycle that many of you hope to avoid. However, it is not enough to hope, but you need to also reinforce and align with the Divine Will. Remember I told you that the Earth will pass from a human government to a divine government. The difference in governments is essential. The human government is linked to the ego, is linked to pleasure, is linked to desires, in the sense of personal self fulfillment [ego] in your current incarnation. The Spiritual or Divine government is moving in the direction of allowing and fully accepting, without hesitation and without pretense, the reality of the power of the direct Light on your lives in this third dimension where you yet live. No obstacle emotionally , socially, or even from your own family must interfere with what you have decided and what you hoped for. However it is only through the total and unwavering adherence to the Divine Will that you can enjoy this gift to those who should benefit from it. There can be no half-way commitment, you cannot have two masters. And you must choose your master. Is your master the Light or is your master your ego self? This is a solemn decision. This is an announcement that you will see very quickly if you make an effort to connect to Unity on the date that I have given in this current reality. As you let this radiation energy invade you during these moments of outpouring of this UV energy, you will be able to do so with confidence in the power of the Light, in the reality of the Light, to conduct your lives and your souls properly. This is important to understand and accept. No one can cheat or bluff on this. You will not be able to accommodate and receive this Light while continuing this false [3D] front. There will be a genuine and fundamental before and after difference. In connection with the realities of plans for the dimensions higher than yours, you will enter these multi-dimensional worlds only as you agree to be guided by the Light, and this higher reality will become more and more evident. The already thin barrier between our [Divine higher] dimensions and yours will disappear gradually. If you accept unconditionally the outpouring of the Light, you will much more easily join your inside Temple to the Unity, to make your divine Unity experience the awakening, but far beyond this, to live the possibility of ascension. You need more and more for human beings who accept it to help your brothers and your sisters, who are not in the same level of your understanding, to have the same opportunity you have to decide between a conscious continuation of the [3D] Incarnation [status quo] and the ascension into Unity within the Light. You will now be able to perceive luminous phenomena, as I said in My last speech. These luminous phenomena show the impact of My presence, and these luminous phenomena are structured in the form of rays of light energy that the Councils will bathe you in. This will occur irrespective of the periods that I announced [it will occur at other times also]. I told you that the radiation of ultra-violet energy this fall will result in frequencies and intensities in higher numbers and higher intensity than what you've ever experienced so far. However if you wish and desire and absolutely allow yourself to connect to the Light, this will


be much easier during times that I will tell you about from one week to another. Understand that you must firmly decide this. This is not just a matter of choice, freedom or free will, but this is a question of your will and a capacity to surrender to the Will of the Light. Thus, those who agree to acknowledge and accept in their lives the sentence spoken by Christ on his cross, "Thy will be done and not mine" will be able to receive the blessings that we pass on to you. You are all blessed, loved ones without exception, whatever your decision may be. There is neither punishment nor reward. It is simply your decision between choosing the will of expression of this [3D] incarnation and your will in this reality to definitively join the Light. I have previously called you bearers of light because that's what you really are. However you are bearers of light that has been obscured for the purpose of this dimension following a dissension which occurred in the Forces which control various planets of life experiments. The experiment is now completed and over. You are now free to find your freedom to be totally in the Light. However, we understand that some of you, for reasons of your own (because of some personal attachments, because of certain fears, because of certain desires for more [3D status quo] experiences) can not accept what will come. Nevertheless it will be lived by all of humanity. There is no alternative. Simply, you will become dependent on your acceptance of the Will of the Light or not. This is the first thing. The second thing I would tell you (because it is the connection between what you are and what you will become) is the reality of a number of things that you would describe as biological, concerning your DNA. Many of you have heard that you had to increase the number of [active] DNA strands to a greater number. Indeed, the number of enabled DNA strands should be increased as much as possible up to 12 DNA activated strands. But you will not be able to return to the former DNA state after the modifications have been made within these strands of DNA. Nevertheless we can see an extremely important analogy between the characteristics of DNA and the 12 labors of Hercules [Hercules had to perform 12 labors to make amends for murdering his family], or if you prefer, what you called the 12 stars of Mary [The 12 Apostles] or the 12 virtues that are role models, in the ultimate goal to return, to traverse in all dimensions, and to join you eternally and ultimately with the House of the Father, after the [3D] experiences and learning will cease. This is your future. Whatever your choice today, I think it is important that you know that. There is obviously no way of completing it at this single meeting but I will return to it in each of My meetings later. You must first move from duality to trinity. What is the trinity? This is the third virtue. This is the union that allows you to move beyond duality. This is directly linked to a virtue that people have distorted and originally named for the word "Love". The word "Love" is nothing that you can understand. The word "Love" is nothing that you can conceptualize. The word "Love" is nothing that you can perceive. The word "Love" is nothing that you can feel. Love is the unwavering connection, the unwavering drive to join the Unity, through something other than what you call "love." However the word has remained [though misunderstood]. Love is an attractive energy that will appear after the ultra-violet energy is received in the head and transmitted into your whole internal being, that is to say into your heart. This will en-


able the activation of this third strand of DNA. From the moment that you realize that your modus operandi will change profoundly, you will not be able to judge, you will not be able to slander, you will not be able to see the good and the evil because you will know, ultimately, that the good and the evil are part of the same Unity, and that the duality that you see is only related to the needs of this separated [3D] incarnation. This does not mean accepting everything. This simply means that, faced with a new form of consciousness in relationship with another sister or another brother, in whatever way you can bless them, you will only be able to love them and assist them with their own acceptance of the energy of Love. This requires a radical change in your attitude when you start to live a new life from the moment the energy arrives in your Interior Temple [uniting with Divinity]. From that time on no human being, no other energy can be described as bad or negative. You're beyond all that. [There is no black or white, no good or evil.] I said in My initial response that you do not have to fight. This is our role, since our plans are dimensional. You have only to accept, to integrate the Light in order to achieve your goals, if that is your desire. You will not be able to pass through the doors of ascension by keeping inside you the least resentment, the least suspicion in any form of life. The total acceptance, abandonment as it has been defined, is the only reality and truth, and only you can access it. To do this, remember that the conscious ultra-violet energy is here to allow you to update this choice, if that is your choice. You cannot be inhabited by fear and claim to be in the Love and Light. You can not seek the darkness and claim you are in the Light. The Light, when it appears in your dimension, cannot seek what is negative. From the moment you become light, the light that you radiate will remove the darkness; but this is not a fight, this is the reality of the light that you live in. This is not quite the same thing. You must, right now, in a conceptual way, a mental way if you wish it, try to think of that. There is no alternative. If you choose the Light, you must be totally in the Light. While being in the Light, any criticism is useless, any concept of judgment is vanity. Only in the acceptance of the Light, and accepting the government of the Divine Light, can you go where you should go and live this transition period ahead now in an immediate way. I will at this point in My next speech inform you about what the immediacy of the struggle ahead. However you must not participate in this combat. You should only cultivate this Light within you in order to become yourselves creatures of Light, the Carriers of Light revealing their Light and becoming the Sowers of Light. It is not enough to carry the light and hide it inside oneself. It must become real, for you must be a sower of the light, a being of Light which, by its Light, is directed and moves where it must go. Fears must be left behind. Fear is certainly the largest and most incriminating eneMy you will find in your life. Fear is the eneMy. Fear is of the darkness.


Fear cannot do anything against the Light, but your fear belongs to the games of this incarnation, and this must be destroyed to let the Light invade you and direct your lives completely. Only at this time can you claim the reality of the ascension but you still have some time to direct, integrate and live it. Nevertheless, it is crucial to avoid fear, think about what those fears are and see them as separate from you. You are not beings of fear. You are not a result of your fears. Fears are only projections of your weaknesses and your shortcomings, related to your mind or your emotions and the incarnation. What happens to the person who is in the Light? Does he care about having to eat tomorrow? Does he care about having a roof over his head? You will gradually move away from this process. This is important because if you do not do this, you will return inevitably to relive in this separated third dimension. This is not a threat, this is the actual principle that is implemented by the Father's will, the will of Alcyone, the Conclave, the Council and meetings of various spiritual entities who assist you and bathe you with the Source of the Father, to allow you to better adjust to and achieve this sacred task. Whatever the circumstances of your lives, whatever the upsetting elements that seem to be occurring, they have a purpose and, ultimately, they are only here to make you go to the light, whatever your choice. These are the things that I say to you today. If you now have a number of questions about this I will try to provide additional clarification. Question: You have announced your next speech as on April 25 at 22:30. Is this French solar time? It is the time on your French watches. Question: Could you explain the 12 virtues related to the 12 DNA strands? No. I said that I will elaborate at each weekly meeting. I will have a dozen meetings in the next 12 weeks to enable My presence each week. Each week I shall describe to you how to possess a virtue of the soul illuminated by the Light of God. Question: On April 25, how long is your speech? My message will last between forty minutes and one hour of your time. Nevertheless, the distribution of energy continues, with extreme precision, for 72 minutes. Question: Must Foreign persons who read this information therefore adjust to the French time? Obviously, whatever their location on Earth. This is the advantage of this exclusive group of people because, before (which means very shortly before), when I relayed this energy, I could not do that in some parts of the globe, according to the timetable. Henceforth it will be done on the entire Earth surface at the same time. Question: Do you have recommendations on how best to experience this outpouring of en-


ergy? You can receive it as you feel, both standing up or lying down. The important thing is to leave your arms and legs uncrossed, if possible to close eyes and find a place where you will not be disturbed in order to fully benefit. From the moment you begin to feel the radiation of ultra-violet energy at your head, you will not have to direct it yourself to your heart. You should let the head itself transmit this because that is its goal, its way, its truth, to reach your heart. You must simply be in a state of receiving in a surrender to the Light. You are not obliged to go through this complete [72 min] period. But, nevertheless, a time period corresponding to at least twenty minutes of your time is the minimum to profit from this light in your structures. Question: Will this pattern will be the same each week? Absolutely. Question: Will it be at the same time each week? No. Question: Will this time be specified each week? I said it will. Question: You said that the energy would increase exponentially. What about our physical structures? For all of humanity it will be based on your choice and your ability to abandon and let go [of 3D]. Obviously with these energies there will a number of deconstructions, especially for those who do not accept the Light. But you see that every day in the elements and you will see increasingly in humans, by the phenomenon of violence, by the phenomenon of rebellion, by phenomena you call "madness". This is not the will of the Light but the resistance to the Light that is responsible for that. Question: What will be different in the quality of light in this type of outpouring weekly? This will make it possible for you to align still more in the heart of your being. This will enable to get rid of your illusions, your fears, and your doubts. However, for those who are already aligned by their surrender to the Light, this model will increase your vibration [frequency], this will strengthen your subtle structures and make them more suitable for the inner joy, the bliss and to a return for some of you, what I call Samadhi [the Buddhist mental powerful concentration to see into the ultimate nature of reality, producing a loving kindness] or an inexpressible joy of the Presence. We have no more questions. Thank you.


Human souls in incarnation. Again, I bring you all the love of the spiritual hierarchies and My protection now during this very short time so you can prepare for this alignment . With an Effusion of energy I bless you. Be blessed. And I say to you we will meet again on April 25 at 22:30 10:30 PM in France. Starting times for the world meditation next Sat April 25 are: France 10:30 PM Chicago 3:30 PM CDT New York 4:30 PM EDT LA 1:30 PM PDT

World Time Zones

My Comments: It appears that starting next month we may finally see the beginning of some visible changes as the incoming energies multiply exponentially. It will include a number of weekly steps and not a single DNA update event, but will involve a weekly mass conscious attempt to achieve a united acceptance of this energy worldwide. The next weekly meeting begins next Sat 4:30 PM NY EDT when Divine UV energy will be transmitted to us and with our acceptance will help our DNA activation, and it will last for 75 minutes. Michael continues to mention May 5 as the beginning of some important period but has not yet elaborated on it, only saying that from that time on energies from Alcyone will expand proportionally. My comments inside the sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets] and is a standard practice. He has said that we are now living in both the 3rd and 5th dimensions, and some call this the 4th dimension of duality. We must leave 3D behind and move on to 5D. Some say that we have a free will and Divinity will not intervene in our lives, but they will soon understand that this is not true, for we are God's creation living as caretakers in this world and destroying it in the process, and it is time to cleanse and renew it to what the bible calls a new heavens and a new Earth as the entire universe ascends with us in 5D. Our understanding of Love is totally wrong, and ETs and Divinity have said so many times. To us it is ideally a sense of strong affection and attachment, tenderly caring for another person, but for many it is control and lust and selfishness, and it often changes to love/hate and fades with time and experience. Jesus taught us that Divine Love is to use our talents in the service of God by loving others as Jesus loves them. Mother Therese said, "It is easy to love someone who loves you, but it is divine to love those who are difficult to love." Divine Love is the very essence of the Creator. It is not like the emotional love - the natural love - that we mortals are familiar with. It is a real essence, something tangible like electricity, magnetism or gravity. This can flow from the Creator into our souls, and being a real essence, it has the power to transform that soul. We simply need to ask for this Divine Love, and to ask often. It is not a one time Gift - it is more like a sustenance, but one whose effects are cumulative. [ ] Unlike many messengers Michael does not call Mr. Obama the divinely appointed leader who 76

will bring the desired change, does not say that the NESARA announcement is close, or that the White Knights will soon defeat the Illuminati and bring a new government and a new era. Instead He says that only Divinity will bring our ascension and our change, and the time is now at hand. He seems to hint that the coming events will help some make new ascension decisions, and that this window has been extended to include those who make this decision this year. Ascension is a Divinely ordained event with a timetable that Masters and ETs must follow. Many are getting impatient at implementing changes and receiving visible proof, but they want a better 3D world and not the changes that will come as we move into 5D. Our world is increasingly approaching a collapse and chaos, and something has to change. There may be violence and rebellion by those who reject this Light energy, and our government is anticipating and preparing for this, but those who are "defending" our country may join the rebellion and demand a change also. This is not our fight but is the work of the Celestial Militia, so we should avoid this chaos and revolution by remaining focused on the Divine Light.

Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 1st Stage April 25 2009
translated from French

Integration of Virtues 1st Stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. I would like, before inaugurating the first transmission of ultraviolet radiation, to bring to those of you present here and to all human minds united in what I would call in a few moments the Celestial Marriages, that you receive the whole gratitude of various spiritual entities, the different entities of Light, the different incarnated entities of the separated worlds of this third dimension. I should say that I am not alone, in the same manner that you are not alone. Our Divine intervention and My words will be announced during this time. I will take the time now to reveal three areas of completely new information to the human soul that you will become, but also new in your past. Beloved teachers, these are the biggest revelations that I have given you here in a long time, while living these cycles of this separated humanity, while living the current separation experience. You were all, without exception, beings of pure Light who decided, following an action communicated by the Lords of Karma, and also by certain entities that you call Archangels like me, to advance in a direction following the unheard of sacrifice [of 3D separation], to ascension, to the material transformation in your future. This [3D separation] lasted for a long time. Here you will now return, in these times, in your incarnation, to what I call the Celestial Marriages [Unions]. These Celestial Marriages will last 12 weeks. During these 12 weeks the majority of your potentialities linked to your past, linked to your [God Creator] Source and linked to what you will become will appear more and more clearly within your own consciousness. I announced to you at the time of My first meeting this year that for a period of 16 months [till May 2010], announced previously as a deconstruction period, that this deconstruction period is necessary for your reunions with the Light. Understand though that the deconstruction period that begins as early as tonight, will now enter into activity in its entirety on this planet and on the whole of this solar system, and is not a punishment or a reward but is just a return to the Light signaling the end of [3D] separation and the end of the experience of this incarnation. 78

Now, I ask you to prepare yourself internally for the moments that will follow. During this period of time that is allocated to us We will transform you Carriers of Light into Sowers of Light. You are, in this world, the seeds of eternity in which others will root themselves, to learn and to develop a new life in the new [5th] dimension. Nevertheless, the role of Sower of Light is a role of awakening not only yourself but also the awakening of others, all of the teachers still asleep [ignorant of reality], deluded by the games of the ego and the separation games, not yet having been fully revealed of their potential unity. The outpouring energy, the ultraviolet effusions that I, as well as the Conclaves, the [angelic] Circles, and the Councils relay, will allow you, during these periods, in this period, and in the later periods, to remove totally the veils of ignorance, the veils of separation and the veils of illusion. The Light comes to you to illuminate, to reveal this to you. Thus, the Source (or the Father, if you prefer) made an oath with you, as you made an oath with Him. You are children of Unity, children of the Law of One and this is that which is now being revealed to you. My intervention now begins. The transmission of this additional ultraviolet radiation force will last, as I announced, for 72 minutes each week. Within this period of time I shall three times during a relatively short time give you and reveal to you the truth of what you are, what you were and what you will become. This revelation of truth is rendered possible by the action of Grace, by the Communion between your consciousness and our consciousness, by decree of the Source and by the Will of the Light. In each of My meetings, as well as those of others, we are involved in turning your consciousness towards your inner self in order that you ignore the deconstruction and chaos of this world, as this is the solution, the key to your future. Your soul cannot find itself inside yourself unless you shut off the duality and the external events to allow your consciousness to incarnate. You are pilgrims of eternity, you are pilgrims of Unity and you are, I repeat, among the very multitude of Masters that sacrificed the memory of your Divinity in order to prove and to realize that it was possible, even when deprived of the Source and Light, to come back to the Light on your own. Those of you around the world who have decided to join in on this day and more especially at this point in time, will make great strides towards the path of self-realization. In this sense, I call these periods that you will live and the period that you now live Celestial Marriages. These are moments of extreme joy, ultimate joy, and essential joy that no exterior event will tarnish. This force lives in the revelation of your Light. This force lives in the transmission of this Light. Thus the worlds progress. In the same manner, in an assembly of multiple spiritual beings gathered from our different unified dimensions, We come to greet you, We come to bathe your inner self with Our Divine Source. We come to reestablish your connection to your Unity, to your Divinity and to your mastery of yourself. You are much more than you can imagine or hope for. It must be said, it must be realized, it must be revealed, and understood, that ascension, and that Light are exactly what you must be shown. The illusion, created by your oath of separation, comes to an


end irreversibly on this very day. Of course, the not yet revealed Enlightenment on Earth does not over night remove the darkness projected during incarnations of your environment. Whatever the events linked to My Presence within this solar system, whatever the events linked to the irradiations of Light, this ultraviolet radiation, you should keep in mind the ultimate truth of who you are and what you will discover finally in your real higher dimension, in your real Unity, and in your strength as co-creators of this special universe. Thus, human souls incarnate, I greet you in the grace and the power of your journey. I greet you fellow travelers who have chosen to walk in separation and division, and challenge you to strengthen your inner Light. Today, this outpouring, this radiation of ultraviolet energy, is offered to you to enable your return to your true reality. Whatever the events of your material, personal lives, whatever the joys or the disagreements arising during this deconstruction period, never forget your Divinity, your mastery, your truth and your Unity. The only truth that you must keep conscious in your spirit, in your conscience, is this: you are children of the Law of One, you are children of the Eternal, you are pure Light. Only the veils linked to your oath of separation, wanted by some as an evolutionary experiment, drove the Earth to this state of division and of separation that you now live and will live more and more externally in the few moments left. Do not lament or weep. Be content that you are the Light beings that you are. You will become transmitters of Light in revealing this higher dimension in its depth from our Upper Rooms, our Conclaves and our meetings. The Celestial Marriages correspond to celestial and cosmic reunions. That results in the total and irretrievable disappearance of the veils that isolated you in this dimension. You will rediscover a position that is worthy of your status. Nevertheless, never judge those of you who have chosen to continue to live the experience of their [3D] separation. They are all as evolved and respectable as you. They are of the same Light, the same truth and the same Source. However, certain characteristics of their inner Light can not be revealed to them at the end of this cycle. You are urged not to judge, not to say whatever condemnation is on your mind, but simply to continue to love, to radiate the Light of which you are the Carriers. This is the absolute and unique condition necessary to rediscover the entirety of what you are, through the effusions of ultra-violet energy, through the rays of Light that we relay from the Abode of Supreme Peace: Shanti nilaya [home of peace in Sanskrit]. Little by little the memory of what you are, during these 12 weeks of Communion and of Marriages, will return to you. The veils of illusion, the veils of the separation will be removed one by one. You will become the Sowers of Light that will plant the seeds for the new Earth and the new Heavens. You should strive to travel that path. Do not try to interfere in any manner with your brothers who have chosen to turn their back on the Light in a temporary way, because I can assure you they are exactly the same as you but, for reasons of their own, they need to or they want to further reinforce their climbing mastery


before their ascension. As Christ said : "Do not judge others". You need to continue to radiate the Light of these Unions that you will live. You need to set aside 72 minutes of every week for these Marriages. We invite you, with the whole power of our love, to join yourself more and more to this effusion of special Light that comes to you, for you and for all the bodies of life present on Earth's surface and within this entire solar system. With the confidence and abandonment that you will show in a move towards this invitation of the Light, towards these Celestial Marriages, you will obtain joys and an internal state that no material satisfaction that you now know can equal. The Source of joy corresponds at this point in time to a privileged merger. The Source of the Light comes to awaken your Source. The role of the Source is to bathe, to irradiate, to nourish and to uplift you. This will become your role, beloved Masters of Light as time progresses. This is the first part of My revelation. We will remain in silence in order to welcome the UV radiation wave that intensifies itself now. Human souls in incarnation, beloved Masters of Light, I have announced to you that, during this year and a part of your next year, you will pass from a human government to a spiritual government, which means that you will pass from a human leadership to a divinely appointed leadership. The human leadership is linked to the personality, linked to the ego, linked to society, and must give way to higher spiritual powers. What is the spiritual power? This is the direct influence of the consciousness of the Light in your own conscious Light. It is expressed without using your usual methods. It requires the total elimination of any trace of human power in you whatsoever, and in particular the humanly exercised effort of control on another human being. You are a being of Light, and no other Light being can impose his will or his desires or his persuasion on you. Only the abandonment to the Light (that is the spiritual strength) must take control and direct your lives. From the moment when you understand, integrate and begin living that, you will notice that the Light grows in you. What will happen when the Light grows in you? You become beings of joy. You become transmitters of Light. You will see then that the emotions, the signs of the activity of the human ego, gradually diminish and disappear to make way for a state of grace or a state of inner joy independent of your own emotions and your own independent circumstances of life. In short, mastering your control will reveal itself to you. Mastering control requires abandoning and loosening of control on others. Mastering control will give you the confidence and peace, as you begin joining with us in these Celestial Marriages during the next period of 12 weeks, when you see deconstructions intensify to a level that you cannot now imagine. In that, it is necessary for you to develop trust in our Divine ability, confidence in our contribution, in our relationship and our contacts, because Light can cause no harm, no disharmony among those who accept it. Of course, during this time you may experience periods that you call in your language:


rejection. Do not attach any importance to it. This is your path. This is an essential truth. We always were there, separated from you by the veils of the illusion and by the veils of separation. These veils will come to an end completely. In other words, the Light, using the assistance of other Light beings that are incarnated human souls, is available at your side to accompany you (by their vibration, their presence, their power, their radiation) to enter fully into your Temple, your security and in the being of Light that you are. You can, and you have, only to call upon us. When I say "Us", it is both with My presence, the presence and the radiation of all of the body of Melchizedech, all the angels of the Lord and all the energies of the Archangels. Through your request, you will reinforce the Celestial Marriages. Through your request, you enhance mastering your control, you strengthen your surrender to the Light. Human souls in incarnation, this is the second truth. You are now living on a second level of energy effusion. Human souls in incarnation, beloved Masters of Light, the disappearance of the veils of the illusion and separation will allow you to live your future in consciousness and envision what you will become, in a certain threshold with the awakening of the Light in you, as the illusion of time disappears. This disappearance of the illusion of time will allow you to understand that the ascension is a transition and not a death, for at the time of the ascension, there is no forgetfulness, but on the contrary a total awakening. Pictures, perceptions, sensations will be revealed to you to awaken your conscience, and will show your movement to become beings of Light, beings of Crystals or Diamonds, according to your dimension prior to your descent in separation. These visions, these perceptions, these sensations will allow you to let the faith grow in your future of Light, whatever the unpleasant events that your human perceptions, that your human direction, will be given you to see. What you see should be considered, simply and fairly, as events related to the penetration of the Light within the densest layers of humanity and Earth. No force, I repeat, no force in opposition to the Light can defeat the Light. Light is irrevocably the only winner in this illusion and life. The remainder are only projections of fear, of apprehension and of anguish. While logical, this is understandable and acceptable, at least until you have joined the source of Supreme Peace with your heart. You will understand and you will live (intermittently at first, as in a dream but gradually more and more lucid and tangible and real), your reality and your true dimension of what you are. This will greatly facilitate the stabilization of the Light within your organisms but also the phenomenon of the transition and of ascension. As you know, this ascension is not immediate, except for a number of human souls, Masters of Light who have realized and who will decide, on a voluntary basis, to ascend without the body. What you call death is their resurrection. This must happen, as you know, between now and your month of June. This is made possible by the power of the elements that I activate and usually reveal on this world and other worlds of the solar system. Thus, it is not a period of mourning, it is not a period of loss but a period of excessive joy for your brothers and sisters who will finally ascend to their eternity in a sustainable manner.


Nevertheless, the majority of you who were made or will become Masters of Light, shall I say, will drink the cup [3D burden] until the end. This is neither a punishment nor a reward, but we need the sowers of Light that you will become to assist in the ascension of your brothers and sisters, human or not, and to achieve the transformation and the transition of the bodies from all of this solar system. Without you, we can do nothing. This is an absolute truth. Thus, we ask, and we'll continue asking tirelessly that you call on Us to assist you, not so much with requests in human terms of your physical needs, but rather to communicate with Us to strengthen this important period of your Celestial Marriage. This is now, this begins today, this is not in a year, this is not in ten years, this is not in a generation but now, and I speak in human time and not in spiritual time. Why? Because there is an agreement, by the influx of Light, between your distant spiritual time and the human time. Human time and spiritual time will meet and merge, for those who wish, for those whose time of awakening and realization has come. The more of you who participate in these weekly Celestial Marriages, the more we get to promote the transition and the ascension to a larger number of souls. One last time, do not dwell on the coming chaos of this world. The darkside will never win any battle. Only the illusion of time, only the illusion of separation, was able to make you believe that the dark existed [and ruled over you]. Those few on this planet who have dedicated their destiny to the dark have sacrificed [and suffered] more than you. Thus these beings must be neither tried nor convicted but simply loved. The Celestial Marriages are also moments of the revelation of Love, Unity and Light. You have been loved from the beginning of time, for you are Love. But, alas, a number of human souls let themselves be put to sleep again by the siren songs of pleasure, which has lasted for a long time in this human cycle. Nevertheless, all this, linked to the power and control games, the illusion games, the games by those you call the darkside, will be irreparably dissolved by the power of Love and by the radiance of the abode of Supreme Peace. What you see are in metaphorical language, the pains of childbirth and childbirth itself. Once childbirth has taken place, you will be able to look at these moments with peace, with serenity, for you will again become what you by oath stopped being, that is in Unity with Divinity. The hour of the Marriages, the hour of reunions is now. You will have the impression, during the coming period of Celestial Marriages (that is like a period of gestation), the possibility of living in a dynamic natural way both in this [3D] world and also in the future [5D] world, the world of Light where the darkness cannot exist. This apprenticeship of living in two dimensions is also a form of education and a mastery of your new Light, revealed to yourself. Our next two meetings will be Saturday May 2 at 15:30 [9:30 AM NY time, 8:30 AM Chicago, and 6:30 AM LA] and Saturday May 9 at 16:30 [10:30 AM NY time, 9:30 AM Chicago, and 7:30 AM LA], with the goal of increasingly joining you together with the bearers of Light. I am now taking a few moments again to allow the radiation of ultra-violet energy to enter at a higher


octave [frequency]. You must welcome this present effusion of energy and this Light into your heart. One last point: I told you that in each of My meetings from now on, I will unveil to you a function of one of your new strands of DNA, linked to the twelve virtues of the soul or again to what is called the twelve stars of Mary. The first star (or your third strand of DNA) is linked to the attraction law that you called Love. Allowing this third strand to activate makes it possible to transform the [3D] duality into a new tri-unity [Trinity]. The second star (or fourth strand of DNA) is linked to the abandonment of 3D and a reception of the Light. This abandonment to the Light is the proof of your faith and of your allegiance to the Source and to the Light of which you have chosen. This agreement by yourself fully corresponds to the period that you now live and, therefore, to the Celestial Marriages. We will now remain in silence, in regards to those of you present here during moments of the transmission of this ultraviolet radiation. Next, I will present My allegiance and I'll let you get into this state during the time you have left. Here and now, receive all My protection, all the Love of the spiritual beings that work for the emergence of the Light in this world. We greet you with this effusion of energy. Wherever that you are on Earth, receive My protection and blessing. You are the hope of the world, you are walking in the Truth, you are blessed and I will talk further at our next meeting. Continue to live now in the peaceful silence, in the transmission of the Abode of Supreme Peace. excerpts from 313 Patrick Bellringer has provided some work from the Phoenix Journals on the photon belt and Alcyone the Central Sun along with the 12 Pleiades planets. He states "[Earth] Shan arrived at her new position on December 15, 1995. The "biblical prophecy" of our Earth having a new sun and a new moon has been fulfilled. Shan has taken the position of the 4th planet in the solar system of Coeleno, (pronounced see-lee'-no) a sun in the Pleiades Constellation. Coeleno is one of the "Seven Sisters" and has a solar system of 12 planets. The Photon Belt is a disc-shaped band of Light energy lying at right-angles to [Earth] Shan's plane of orbit. This band of Light circles the Great Central Sun, Alcyone. It originates from and also encircles the Greatest Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy and extends throughout the entire galaxy. Thus, all celestial bodies within the Milky Way Galaxy at some point in their orbits pass through the Photon Belt. The Photon Belt is a higher dimension with a higher vibratory frequency wherein all is Light and all truth stands revealed. No one will be able to hide from the Light and the truth during that time. That is the realm of pure Light of our CREATOR, and it will be as heaven compared to what we are living now. No evil or any 3rd dimensional illusionary existence is allowed into the Cosmic Realm of 4th dimension or higher dimensions.


Our Pleiadian brothers and sisters are here now and have been circling [Earth] Shan in their starships for many years. You can easily see their ships with the naked eye at night as "stars" flashing the rainbow colors. They can be seen in daylight as vaporous disc-shaped clouds."

My Comments: The Celestial Marriages that AA Michael speaks of are a uniting of our souls with Divinity and an abandonment of our 3D lives as we move into 5D while our DNA is continually being upgraded. Control is the basic aspect of life in 3D, whether in employment or family or social gatherings, and it has led to manipulation and slavery and money that allows us to interfere with and judge and control others. We are all equal in Divine Unity and must realize this in every aspect of our lives, even in our unconscious desire for control and in our unbridled ego, and we must learn the humility taught by Christ. Until there is undeniable proof presented by the coming changes that will make people take notice, I feel it is best to wait before discussing this in detail with others, since there is only talk now but little action, and it could lead to skepticism and hinder your work if given now. I recommend only that you make the needed mental preparation by formulating answers to their inevitable questions. My comments inside the Sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets] and is a standard practice. Whether this message is from AA Michael or some other angelic realm or even another Source is unproven, so it is best to keep an open mind and focus on the message itself, as the content is generally consistent with other accurate work and will only be confirmed by its validity in time. His messages are unique and include specific timetables, and although they sound like their origin is the Source we will soon see if they are accurate. Some ETs have said that our current 3D existence is what is called hell and our new 5D and above union with divinity is indeed Heaven. Occasionally certain data is lost in translation due to either errors in transcription or later in determining the meaning of the text. Certain events are dependent upon the allowance of the free will of the planets and the sun in our universe and may be altered along with other aspects by Divinity also as events progress. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration Of Virtues - 2nd Stage May 2, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * The date and (French) time are indicated. * Each of AA Michael's meetings is now given weekly, the next being on Saturday, May 9 at 16:30 (French time) [which is the 3rd Stage of 12] [France time is 16:30 or 4:30 PM, NY time is 10:30 AM, Chicago is 9:30 AM, and LA is 7:30 AM] * For the record, the previous meeting took place Saturday April 25 (1st stage). We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these meetings on our site within 24 hours after it is given. Soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

Integration Of Virtues 2nd Stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. I come today together with My Divine Assistants and the angels with me to relay the energy of the Central Sun Light [Alcyone], the energy of the Father. First, let me greet you on behalf of all the beings of Light that transmit the ultra-violet radiation. We send all of our gratitude and respect, all our wishes, all our love to encourage you and the many more who will join us, (beyond the hidden Masters that you 86

are) to become the transmitters of Light, the sowers of the Light and the Light workers of the New Earth. So be it. I come again, especially accompanied by the Lord of Karma [Ascended Master] in charge of your humanity in order to reveal a little more, during this outpouring of ultra-violet energy, and We will continue to disclose a number of lessons from your past and your future and what is now occurring. You are blessed. First, we will together with you anywhere on this planet, host the first part of the outpouring of energy today. I remind you that this is the second meeting of your Celestial Marriage [Stage 2]. This is your reunion and our reunion with you into the great family, within the unified world and in your external worlds now separated and divided. In this, we welcome you as we invite you to help all your brothers and sisters, all of those on the surface and in the intra-terrestrial realms to accept and live the integration and the ascension of your world and the entire solar system with the Unity. Again, we bless you and we now begin. Beloved Masters of the genuine Light, well loved Children of the Law of One, Children of the One, the time is now to end your separation. Indeed, most of you have traveled this cycle of mankind in a separated state. This I have explained to you already. But now comes the time for your new birth, the end of your separation and the opening of your Interior Temple to Divinity. This is now. When I say "now" this is today. At the next outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy which will take place on May 9 you will experience the new birth, the opening of your Interior Temple and the end of your real association with this separated world, and you will become workers of the Light, and above all sowers and reflectors of the Light of the Father. Today I will reveal a number of elements in relation to this third phase linked to the end of your separation, which corresponds to the completion, within your solar plexus [a network of nerves located in the abdomen], of your Unity of Self prior to your return to the Divine Unity. Self Unity [the end of 3D duality] is the end of your state of separation that should help you in this dense reality, to open your eyes and especially to open your heart to the will of the Unity, to the Father's will and the will of the angelic hierarchy that will accompany you every minute of your life. You will be bathed in each outpouring, each effusion of the radiation of ultra-violet energy more and more, so that you will join Us and We will join you. This is for the greater good of this planet and for all humanity. The Unity of Self is the rehabilitation of your separation within your personality. This corresponds to the end of your separated personalities, where each of the parties wanted to work for itself without taking into account other parties [selfish ego]. This is an important and essential step to help you in all solemnity, to find your legacy of Unity and Divinity. As I told you, that virtue is the third star. This star is the third step in opening your Interior Temple. So you will rapidly live during the next 7 days that follow, the beginnings and the rebirth of your preparations for your Godhead. The Celestial Weddings will be unveiled and revealed every day and every minute of your life, more lucid in your humanity in your lower density.


To do this, you should not allow or have contact with the elements of fear that will be prevalent in your environment by humanity as a whole who are afraid of this time to come. However this time is recorded for all eternity. It is both feared and expected. This Unity is a sign of your disassociation with this world and a total acceptance of what I call the spiritual government. Human Governments will disappear or lose their power to the energy and love of the Light. It can not be otherwise. So, you are now asked, and this is made possible by the return to your Unity of Self, to avoid generating fear or cause doubt, since it supports nothing that is of the Light. You are the Masters of the Light. No darkness can affect your future path of Light. All of us present here, we assure you, give our unwavering support, the protection of our love for the times ahead. The deconstruction of the world will reach its peak between now and the end of your summer [Sept. 21]. Do not worry about the deconstruction events as this will rebuild you and reunify you with Divinity. The second part of this outpouring of the ultra-violet energy today during this time is much longer. During this outpouring we will begin to transfer the ultra-violet from your head, at the higher energy centers to within your heart. I repeat beloved Masters of Light, Children of the Law of One, Sons of the Unity, that the end of your separation and the return to your Unity of Self will then be revealed in your solar plexus [abdomen] to definitely tranquillize what you call your emotional states and separation. This is the moment when a person relies on the heart in order to work in the Unity and the direction of the Glory of the Light. Unity of Self brings the end of this separation and is the ultimate requirement for the opening of your Interior Temple and your rebirth next week. This is when a person leaves the ego behind in order to work toward the Glory of Light and Unity. Beloved child of the Law of One, the end of this separation signals that you will acquire a new force that is a surrender to the Light, the abandonment to the will of the Father, the surrender to God. In your surrender to God, no fear can exist, no sorrow can exist, no anger can exist. Only the ineffable joy of reunion with your Unity of Self will strengthen you in the coming days and weeks. The events of the deconstruction of the world are an obligation by the Divine multitude that are relaying this Light, and we hope that a still larger number of human souls in incarnation will be able to grow in this and accomplish this. You're now at that period of time. We are all here for that. Beloved children of the Light, I ask that you receive this outpouring of energy now into your solar plexus [abdomen]. I am speaking to all of those who have already joined or will join us in the coming weeks, for you are the Bearers of Light, the sowers of the Light. You will find that you are among the family of the universal galactic brotherhood. Now, as you live your days and your nights, you will be bathed and nourished by the Source [Divinity]. You will find, as time progresses, the direction of your destiny, the meaning of your life, your sense of Unity and the meaning of your Godhead. That is on the way and it is now.


On this day was born the third star of Mary which, in your biological terms becomes your fifth strand of DNA. The sixth strand that will emerge next week is the central point and major component of your return to God, but it will be revealed in due time and in a timely manner. What is now required is that you become aligned with your [Divine] Source, to feel as often as possible, this ultra-violet energy within your higher central area and to direct this energy to your chest and to your solar plexus [abdomen]. This return to your Unity of Self [in a removal of the duality of this world] is a moment that I describe as magical, as it will be possible to understand that whatever the hardships of this world, regardless of the suffering imposed by those who refuse the Unity, your ability to stay in Unity, Integrity and Light will be accentuated. The separation between your [3D] realms and our higher realms will tend to disappear. This you will begin to understand. But by this return to your Self Unity, this communication between realms will be made easier [by the lifting of the veil that currently exists]. Many human beings on the surface of this world will realize that they can more easily communicate with us in one form or another, and can benefit from our influence, our peace, our radiation of energy. This era of the communion, this era of the revelation has now come. You now enter a period conducive to the establishment of this new connection, this reconnection that can actively prepare you (all of you who already follow us, and the whole of this planet, all forms of life ) to either move to your ascension or to reject it if that is your choice [this window is still open]. This joy, this flowing quality, and this serenity is the key element in your future, your destiny. You will become sowers and transmitters of the Light. Thus, as the deconstruction of this world continues, the roots in your new Unity of Self prior to opening of your Interior Temple will allow those of you who still doubt to join in this galactic and universal brotherhood. We will celebrate in one week the total return of the Spiritual Government. This is accurate. We now continue the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy. [Pause] Beloved Children of the Unity, as you reveal your Unity of Self, your interior Temple, you must expect some resistance and opposition from the outside. Again, you are asked not to play this game of duality, but rather to strengthen the end of your separation and your return to the Unity, because only the Light that you radiate will be able to illuminate the darkness that appears. I want to tell you that no emotion, no external restrictions will make you leave your state of Unity and your Interior Temple. These are only limitations related to the opposition to the Light which is linked to a fear of Light. You must understand that when you are asked not to judge you should only strengthen your Light, your Unity, your truth, as your most powerful weapon is there and nowhere else. You will irretrievably experience a new Spiritual Government. This means that you are given full power over yourself, your self and the Unity of your Interior Temple [no longer slaves to man and his control but totally free]. This is linked to your construction of Light that can manifest itself as a deconstruction of what is not the Light.


But your role, your way, and your future has no interest in that. Day after day, night after night, the radiation of ultra-violet energy within your bodies will activate a new force, a new Light, a new infallibility and a state of being completely new, while yet keeping the current body that will help us Conclaves, entities, Archangels and other Angels print our trademark of Light in this world that will become a world of Light. Achieving your Unity of Self will make you discover that you have an unalterable, unshakable faith to the fullest. No emotion associated with this separation can, in the short time left, reach and disturb you. We are proud and we are pleased to have you in the Light for the revelation of the Light and for the establishment of Light in this dimension and the new [5th] dimension to come. You are, all who have joined us and all who will join us in a very short time, a network of Light. This network is called the authentic Brotherhood of Light. It involves a number of adjustments in your lives, both in a unified group of people and in their intentions so that everywhere on Earth there are apparent outbreaks of Light that will lead to a stabilization of that Light. The revelation of your Unity of Self will make you discover the joy of living within yourself, without opposition, without contradictions and without abnormal behavior. All your lives must strive to harmonize with the Light, its future, its purpose and what you are in truth. As bearers of the Light, sowers and transmitters of the Light, you must announce the sovereign power of the Light not so much through words but rather by behaviors of your Self Unity, which is a result of your radiation, your hope, and your faith expressed in the Light and the future of this Earth. You will learn, through the revelation of your Self Unity your inner joy, that which does not depend on any external circumstances of your lives but whose origin is genuinely your alignment with the [Divine] Source, and your responsibility to this source, which is Love, Light, the Light of the Father and the Father's will. In accepting this you will discover a peacefulness and confidence that few of you have experienced so far, except in certain moments. The Bearers of Light that you will become are beings of conviction, beings of humility, and beings of immense magnitude. Never forget the words of Christ, and he spoke: "No person shall enter the kingdom of heaven unless he becomes like a child", and that means abandoning your own will to the Father's will. This is the condition of your happiness and your ecstasy in reunification with the Light, if you wish. One last thing before you leave to live the end of the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy in stillness during this week: you will prove your Unity of Self, and you will see a number of new events and vibrational energies emerge within your physical bodies and your external surroundings. They belong to the achievement of this Self Unity and the reopening of your Interior Temple. This should not alarm you, but instead you should rejoice in the certainty of the truth of what has been accomplished and that which remains to be achieved. So I leave you now as you continue in silence in the outpouring of the UV radiation, in order to accommodate this Light


and to retransmit it to this whole planet. You are blessed. I grant you My unchangeable protection and the protection of all of the galactic universal brotherhood. Be blessed. I will return at the end of your outpouring and only at the end to respond to your questions from what I just said. I leave you in silence until the conclusion of the overflowing of energy. [Pause] Question: Can you explain what you call the Unity of Self? Self is tied to your perception of what you are. We could call this the ego self, linked to the personality and the true self, linked to the heart, because in a separated world, those who claim through mental ability and perception to arrive at self enlightenment, arrive only at their ego self. The true spiritual self is linked to the opening of what you call the heart chakra. What I am talking about is the alignment of the ego self and authentic Unity self not only in your heart but in your solar plexus [abdomen]. It is the perception, understanding and integration of the ego self and the authentic spiritual self with your solar plexus in your [3D] world and your separated dimension. This will allow you in a relatively short time to demonstrate the power of the Light, the power of the Word and the power of Truth, in your individual lives. Question: During your last speech you spoke of the virtues of Love, Attraction, and Abandonment. Where are we today in that progression? This virtue, linked to the activation of your fifth strand of DNA is a virtue that I called the Unity of Self . This corresponds to your ability to manifest the Divinity within your separated [3D] world. This corresponds on a much larger scale that I called deconstruction to allow the reconstruction of the Light in you. This inherent virtue will be developed and explained in My next speech, if you wish. Question: What effects can we expect after your interventions are completed? This will be a period where you will discover that you can operate on the level of an incarnated and integrated personality by expressing the Unity in your life, not just in times of your return within your heart [in meditation] but in all actions of your life. Certain changes will be able to then occur that will eliminate certain emotions which would block or limit the access to this Unity of Self. Question: What hinders us from developing access to the higher actual realms? The very fact of not having completed the Unity of Self, the opening of what you call the heart chakra, so that you can have conscious access to other higher dimensions. This is made possible by receiving the Light, by opening the higher heart chakras, and through the transformation by the Light of your solar plexus [abdomen]. Question: How do we best support the transformation of the solar plexus [abdomen]? You need to give time to focus during times when you feel the ultra-violet energy regardless of specific dates. This energy is manifested in the form of vibration or energy in your head that is


to be passed through the heart to your solar plexus. Question: Does what you call the solar plexus refer only to our emotional universe? It also includes your physical [3D] world and your separated personality largely related to the creation of the astral world along with your emotional world. Question: What about the termination of the astral realm globally? This is almost completed. Question: When will the individual astral realm be terminated? This will be done during the period that is allocated during the outpouring of the [immense] ultra-violet energy which starts next week and extends to your early summer [July]. Question: Does this mean that there will be no emotions? It seems difficult to achieve that as this [3D] dimension still exists. However you will become impervious to your own emotions and the emotions of the outside world. Question: From your perspective what does it mean to live our Unity in our daily lives? It means to be able to breathe the will of the Father and of the Unity within each conscious act of your life. This corresponds roughly to experience completely and totally what you called in your past the 10 Commandments. The first of these commandments, "do not kill" does not only relate to one's physical action but also to an act of emotions and thoughts and intentions. From the moment when you judge the act of somebody around you, you share in their killing. You must learn not to judge, not to have control over others, and you must surrender completely to the abandonment of self. Question: Why meet once a week during these hours? This fully corresponds to influences, both linked to the global clock and to the availability of different Divine Conclaves, upper realm Angels and Archangels in relation to changes in your world. Thus, I cannot give you the meeting dates after May 9 [as changes are made continually]. Question: Is the solar plexus [abdominal midriff] a type of separation between the 3rd and 4th chakras? This has been the case so far in the overall evolution of the human being whose oath was forgetting his divinity in order to reach this conclusion that you are living now. In a metaphorical form so far since the initialization of this cycle of more than 50,000 of your Earth years, in surviving this incarnation, you have grown only outwardly [mentally and physically]. From now on and as the days progress, you will hopefully grow more spiritually from within.


Question: When will the destruction of this veil from God be complete? It will definitely be accomplished, for those who permit it, by the end of June. Question: What about those who refuse this incarnation? Remember that Light is cumulative. Paraphrasing the words of Christ, I could say that "the first will be the last and the last will be first." However, there is a timetable. But you must understand that those who have denied incarnation also "have enlightened their souls. The only problem is the attachment with the body which represents the ego self. This should not lead you to fear anything, as it is important, ultimately, that you return to the Light, I would add, in one form or another. Understand that those who leave the body and do not pass through the transition called death or a lapse of memory, will move to a new body in a new higher dimension if they so desire and if that is their wish. Question: Do you have any recommendations for these people? It is not for me to provide guidance in relation to this, in general. Question: Does the phrase that energy is not extended below the solar plexus have a particular meaning? Yes. The meaning is that the work of ultra-violet is at the solar plexus [the pit of the stomach in the abdomen], at least now, and nowhere else below that area. Question: Do you have recommendations for your public speech next week? Each of My meetings are conducted in public. You are not alone. The public will become increasingly more numerous. This is a public spirit and truth. The public as a whole does not influence in any manner the level of the ultra-violet energy [it will proceed whether we approve or not]. We have no more questions. Thank you. Human souls in incarnation, receive My blessings and all My love and My protection. I will tell you more at the next meeting. Alcyone is 440 light-years from Earth. It is the brightest star in the Pleiades and the third brightest star in the constellation Taurus. Alcyone is actually a multiple star system. The primary, Alcyone A, is an eclipsing binary, consisting of two giant B stars with a separation of about 0.031 arc-seconds (roughly the distance of Jupiter from the Sun).

My Comments: Ultra-violet light travels reportedly at 186,282 miles per second, and light from the sun takes about 8 minutes to reach us. In our 3D time this UV energy from Alcyone would take 4.5 centuries, but to Divinity there is no time so it could come instantaneously. Michael


seems to hint that we will begin to see this new energy in the next week, and that as a result a preview of further actions can not be given at this time because of possible changes in Divine decisions. The Unity of Self that He mentions is a rejection of the duality of living in both 3D darkness and 5D Light, and this is a movement to a Unity with Divinity. The individual choice of Ascension has apparently been extended to allow more to join in the coming weeks as new energies may awaken some. The phrase "the first will be the last" means that most of what we know and believe is inaccurate and an illusion of our 3D duality. Those who are humble workers will actually become leaders in the future, while our corrupt selfish leaders will become slaves on other 3D worlds. Often what is considered by the masses as outrageous inaccuracies and conspiracies are in fact truth that will be revealed at a later time. The unemployment rates and foreclosures continue to rise, and there is no sign of any changes in our future. There are many insider reports that have confirmed that the swine Flu was transported in vials from Fort Detrick, Maryland to Mexico City last month where it was later unleashed. The darkside continues its devious operations and Nero Obama continues playing his fiddle while Rome burns. The stress test of the 19 major banks was originally scheduled for May 4 but has been rescheduled for the evening of May 7, which is ironically the date that Michael gave earlier. The results will probably continue to hide the reality that our banks are bankrupt due to the worthless derivatives that are off the books and number in the trillions of dollars, as these tests are administered by its members who do not wish to reveal the true state of affairs. AA Michael said "The public will become increasingly more numerous", and if what He says comes to pass, word will spread and interest will grow, since He is the only messenger to give these details. Most channeled work has vague generalities and shows little evidence of a real communication with higher realms. Actions speak louder than words. There has been little visible evidence of movement in a different direction so far, and hopefully that will soon change. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration Of Virtues - 3rd stage May 9, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * The date and (French) time are indicated. * Each time is given to us by Michael as his interventions, the next one is Sunday May 17 at 15:00 (3:00 PM French time), [9:00 AM NY time, 8:00 AM Chicago, and 6:00 AM LA]. * For the record, the previous meetings took place Saturday April 25 (1st stage), Saturday May 2 (2nd stage), Saturday May 9 (3rd stage). We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these sessions on our site within 24 hours after these meetings. At any soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

Integration Of Virtues 3rd stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. First let Me thank you and bless you, Children of Light, who have come from all over the world to join this family of the universal brotherhood of Light. On this day comes a stage that I would describe as a major pilgrimage of your soul, your destiny, your path and especially your return to the worlds of the Unity and the worlds where no darkness exists. Today, during this outpouring, and the days that follow, you will witness the milestone of your Celestial Wedding signaling the return to your unfailing truth, 95

your Unity, your Light and Love that you are, for all eternity. It is not for Me to tell you why you chose this path that you arrived at here more or less recently to enlighten, to change, and to allow the transformation of the surface of this [3D] world in which you now exist to become a bright future filled with Light. As you know, I intervene on the surface of this world and also on the whole of this solar system, over a period of 14 to 16 of your months [the timing is still somewhat flexible]. I am now present during this period to return your heritage to you and the Light of what you are. You must not be afraid because these days are days of joy for those who chose or will choose to join us here, including Myself and the representatives of the Divine Conclaves of the true Light to bathe you in the energy of the Source, the consciousness of the Father and the truth of your entire being. The time has come to move from your separated world to unification. This means that at your own pace and according to your potential and your ability you will reach a level of consciousness where separation, darkness, sadness, and fear do not exist. Today, from now on, the outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy you receive, for most of you, in your head, will now enter directly into the Temple of your interior, your sanctuary of Unity, to remove the last veils of illusion about what you are, the Light that you are, and the role you have to play to enable the entire Solar system to attend the wedding in a return to the Unity. Beloved Children of the Law of One, Son of the One, this is a time for great joy. Do not be misled by the events occurring around you or away from you. They must not affect you in any way because the Light is truth, the Light is protection, the Light is Love, and under the influence of Light and Love, absolutely nothing can happen to you. Today, during this important festival celebrated by many peoples throughout the Earth [Victory Day 1945], you will start to feel the force of the ultra-violet radiation at the level of your heart, which means you will vibrate at a frequency [Schumann Resonance] that none of you have known or experienced at this level before and a number large enough to allow starting the process of restoring the unity of this separated world into its unification and to his glory. This is the first outpouring of the ultra-violet to the heart. ... An effusion of energy ... [Pause] Now you are, all of you that attend this communion, carriers and transmitters of the Light. This Light which is your divine right of inheritance will allow you to declare what you are, to show all of your power over yourself and your power of Light and spirituality. This week this new virtue marks the activation of what I have called the return to Self Unity with your solar plexus [abdomen] viewed from your separated [3D] world. Today you reconnect with your Divine affiliation, you reconnect to the Source of your Eternity. Today you reconnect to the fullness of who you are. Today is truly a day of joy. This joy, as you see, can never be based on individual external circumstances, but your lives will be fulfilling the promise of your return to the Light. Doors that were sealed, which shut down access to your Unity are irreversibly open to all humanity and all beings who will make this choice and travel this path. This is the second outpouring of the ultra-violet to heart. [Pause] Beloved Children of Joy, this time signals the execution of the oath where you return to the


Unity, however the path you now travel. As your days pass you will see a force, a consciousness, a new reality. It will illuminate in you what your traditions, in different parts of this planet, called the "fire of Michael". To date, the number of human souls in incarnation, having had the opportunity to access this transformation of the heart by My sword were very few. Today, every soul on this path that surrenders to the will of the Light, that allows the energy of the Father (as you call it), sees this as a possibility to be completed in a short time . This Virtue or principle is the blessing that will be given to you, individually, collectively, by the chorus of those whom you call the Seraphim angels. They will reveal and awaken your inner fire, your eternal fire that some call the Divine particle. Whatever name you attach to this reality, to this truth, it is up to you to feed this fire, nourishing the Light and Love that is what you really are, for all eternity. The completion of this stage of your Celestial Wedding is your reunion with the Light. This is only made possible by a number of specific astronomical events which Myself, all the Archangels, the Council of Melchizedech, the angelic realms, the Choir of Seraphims, and the angels of the Lord so appointed, are given in order to align with your life and manifest your truth during this duality and for all eternity. As we accomplish these Celestial Marriages with Divinity, which will take you to the start of your summer [June 21], you will see that the number of people who align themselves with the true Light, the Light of Christ, will form an army of Light, a peaceful army that, by the single action of love in the search for truth, the search for Unity in yourself and also around you, will transform this world. Do not be concerned with the phenomena that I called "the deconstruction." This is part of the influence of the Light. As the links and the long established barriers to your deity are dissolved, you will enter deeper into your inner sanctuary to live fully very soon the entire energy of the Seraphim . This is a new outpouring of the ultra-violet energy to the heart. Beloved members and children of the Unity, as you accept and allow this fire in your heart, it does not burn; this fire only illuminates and fills your entire being, and obstacles, doubts, fears, misunderstandings, and suffering will no longer exist. Obviously this cannot be achieved for most of you in an instant. This explains My presence now among you for this sufficiently long time, as I want to be absolutely certain that all the Masters and Children of the One truth, without exception, can attain and reveal this Truth and become enlightened. Circumstances outside your inner state will, as your time progresses, have an increasingly small importance and will move away from your focus. The only requirement is your total surrender to the Light and your total surrender to the energy of the Father. As the greatest Light bearer [Jesus] said: "Father, Your will be done and not mine." It is only through this allegiance and this oath with the Light and the Love that you will find total peace, the total Unity and the totality of your radiation of Love and Light in order to allow your bodies (and also with the bodies of your brothers who do not permit their own control and the control of the Light of the Father) to radiate this Light. Your role will be important. Remember that the bearers of Light must be transmitters of this Light. We can do nothing without you. Only you have the ability to enable the world to move


towards the path of the Light. We who relay the energy of the Father through multiple channels that you accept can not force this Celestial union, regardless of Our dimensional levels, on those who still move between Light and darkness, between fear and joy, between Unity and duality, or give them access (if that is the choice of their soul) to this radiation. The move to the Light and the Love of the Father is the only way, the only truth, which We now request that you accept. There's nothing more to do. There is no ritual as some of you have known in the ancient world because rituals belong to the ancient world. The heart, the revelation of your heart, the pressure of ultra-violet energy in your heart, cannot mislead you. Only doubts can create a sensation or a feeling of deception. Nevertheless, to live this outpouring of ultra-violet energy fully in your higher chakras (now and henceforth in the level of your heart chakra) will allow every person of goodwill, to make allowances, to make choices and receive knowledge, infallibly, whether it is for the Unity or whether it is for the separation and the ego. It cannot be otherwise. All of the lives that you have lived in this world have long been divorced from the Light, and you have imposed barriers between yourself and the Light. This will no longer exist. The only truth is your Light, your control, your abandonment and your energy. It permits no one else, not even Me, to impose this path. The only path is that of the Light in the Unity, or a return to the duality and experience a separation from this higher incarnation. The only choice, the only alternative that you are asked to make is this: do you want to return to the Light and its guidance and your essential truth, or do you want to continue your indecisions of incarnation. We will not impose, and you will not have to impose this choice on anybody. The only way to be in accordance with the will of the Light, the desire to love, is simply to offer the intensity and quality of this radiant energy to yourself and to others around you. You will discover as your days pass the real meaning of what is known as mastering self, the real meaning of what a unified life devoid of personal interests or personal desires is like. You will very quickly see that your consciousness can not deceive, it can not hide, it can only clarify and illuminate your life and your exterior existence. I wish, before continuing the outpouring on behalf of the conclaves, on behalf of the Upper Room, on behalf of Circles, on behalf of the Ancient of Days, on behalf of the Angels of the Lord, to express our gratitude and our deep love for the suffering you have endured to get to where you are today. You are blessed by the radiation of ultra-violet energy in your Essence. [Pause] As your days pass you will see in your interior and your exterior, that you will get more and more deeply into a state of transparency that allows penetration by a form of radiant energy higher than visible light, and there will be no duality that may affect your journey. Light is Love. Light and Love are Supreme intelligence. This Supreme intelligence, if you let it work in you and through you (regardless of the ongoing deconstruction of this world) allows its entrance to be a soothing balm for yourself and others. Peace will be with you daily and will no longer be your hope, but your reality. The glory of the Unity, the grace of Light turns you into beings of action and results in beings of Unity, to be ethical, to be eternal beings especially in transparency. This transparency is a state which will


let the inner Light shine on the world completely according to your increasingly expanding transmissions of Light. The effect of these absorptions of Light is cumulative and, in your terms, exponential. Nothing, absolutely nothing can hinder or delay the path of Light within your being, whether social, physical, animal, vegetable, mineral or other form. This moment corresponds to what some have called the traditional birth of Christ or the second coming of Christ. So if you wish, if that is your aspiration of soul, you will become as Christ. This is not a belief. This is not a faith. This is the truth of proven consciousness that is offered on this day and in the days ahead. Beloved Children of the Law of One, I will soon leave you to absorb the outpouring of ultraviolet energy into your head and into your heart during the short time that is still available. However, one last thing: as the days pass you'll meet those who do not fully understand yet, the insane ones not of the Light. The Light will radiate from you. Obviously, the mental perception of the mind, the understanding of personalities are still divided at this time, but will be struck by the reality and truth and beauty that you live. However this is part of your learning to never again depend on the teachings or the words of another, but to only see the power of the Light that you have become. This learning period is an essential aspect of growth in order to accelerate the stability and maturity occurred on this day and in the coming weeks for your new birth, for those who join us in increasing numbers . There can be no external obstacles that will stop you. The only obstacles that can arise in this journey of joy that will bathe you with joy will be the remains of your separated [3D] personality that allowed you to act this way now. Even then you should not punish or judge others but accept it and move on with the grace and power of the Light that you will become. You may request My presence, My Radiation, My power, and My assistance at any hour that passes during your coming days. We are unfailingly connected. We have intervened so that you can find all of your Unity, your entire Godhead, all of whom you are and not what you think you were. I bring you My blessing, My love, My protection and we will work now, during the limited time, in the silence of the heart to receive the Light, the Unity and your Christ consciousness. The inner circle of the Divine Council told Me to tell you that your next meeting for the outpouring of ultra-violet energy, in the glory of the Unity of the Father and the Son, will be held on Sunday May 17 at 15:00. Be blessed. Receive our gratitude and welcome it now in the stillness and peace from the Father.

My Comments: The intense energy data on the farside of the sun started on May 3 and has continued in varying degrees since then, and if it is truthful (there is always a doubt as the source is unreliable and is as deceitful as NASA) it appears that this energy did not reach the nearside nor will it reach us because it has been absorbed by the sun so far. This happened around May 7 which Michael gave as an important date.


This is the same activity that occurred in early February after NASA privately said Jupiter ignited, so it is possible that maybe Jupiter did not fully ignite or lost its solar energy and had to be reignited after being pulled back behind the sun to absorb its shock waves. Jupiter appears to be part of the energy required for ascension and may be a reason for delays that have occurred recently. There are still no official photos of Jupiter from NASA even though they said we would see it this month. This is only a possibility and will be revealed in time. Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the Earth's natural electromagnetic resonance. It has been observed that this Resonance has been increasing in frequency since the late 1980's, when it was 7.8 hertz, until today when it is approximately 12 to 13 hertz. Time will appear to speed up as we approach the Zero Point. A 24 hour day will seem like 16 hours or less. Consequently, climate disturbances will occur, we will see an increase in volcano and earthquake activity, and world tensions will arise with increases in erratic human behavior. Once we reach the Zero Point, possible results could include a flip of the magnetic poles or the sun to rise in the west and set in the east! Our physical body is changing as well as we approach the Zero Point, our DNA is being “upgraded” to 12 strands making us more intuitive. Also, the Zero Point flip may introduce us to the 5th dimension. [] Gregg Braden from Awakening to Zero Point: "Planet Earth is going through a Collective Initiation as frequency increases and Earth's magnetic field is slowing down. Earth's magnetic field will stop at 13 cycles per second, zero point magnetic field. By 2012 we reach 13 cycles per second. 13 = zero point. At that time, the planet will stop rotating on its axis, pole shift, souls will go to sleep for 3 days, after which the planet will spin in the opposite direction. " We have been divorced from Divinity for millenniums and the time for us to be reunited is at hand. This will be a period when the veil of ignorance will be removed for those who choose this path. Little visible evidence of change has been given so far, and most of this week's shortened message is a repeat of previous work with no questions answered, so it may indicate that some changes in Divine plans have been or will be made or that events did not go as planned due to free will of all matter including our planets and the sun. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 4th Stage May 17, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is Sunday May 24 at 19:00 (7:00 PM French time) [1:00 PM NY time, 12:00 PM Chicago, 11:00 AM Mountain, and 10:00 AM LA]. * On this day no public questions will be answered * For the record, the previous integrations took place Saturday 25 April (1st stage), Saturday May 2 (2nd stage) Saturday 9 May (3rd stage). We do our best to ensure that you find our site the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the pipe. At any time soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

Integration of Virtues 4th Stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of the authentic Light, I and all the Archangels, and all the spiritual forces of the Light want to thank the many people who follow and live the outpouring of the ultra-violet Light in their beings. We thank those who now join us and allow their presence here and welcome the new coordination of Earth in its 101

new dimension. Beloved Masters of the authentic Light, in a very short time you will arrive at the halfway point of overflowings that we perform and deliver to you, and We ask you to accept this into your heart and into your Essence, to participate in the grandest operations and spiritual awareness that anyone has ever lived in this solar system till now. You are part of this work. As I said earlier, you are the workers of the Light, you are the sowers of the Light, you are the bearers of the Light and in this you are blessed for all eternity. As I say, a multitude with kindness and compassion will join this outpouring. In the next two weeks of your time, you will have reached a half way point of this work. During the second part of this work, with the input of the energy of Mary, you will finally understand what is (and what you finally will experience) the encounter of the ultra-violet radiation with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, supported by Mary, to occur on your Pentecost [the end of the Easter season May 31]. You will then have more than two and a half months of your time to get to a major date that you've called the festival of Saint Michael [mid August?], in honor of the Archangel who presides over the fire of this earth. As we move now through this short time, during multiple outpourings at this time, you will receive a new phenomenon. Indeed, within a week of your time Earth, your inner sanctuary will be unlocked. The foundation of your life in this material world was until now centered in your lower level of energy. As the days and weeks pass, more and more people will change their direction while remaining in this material body so that the growth and power of love will allow a new base located within your Essence in your inner life in your Interior Temple called the Heart. Life in its most nobility, will not be based solely on physical features but rather will build on the functions of the heart. This will involve a major adjustment in how you live, considering your relationships and your communications between you and the whole of creation. The act of sitting down and stabilizing your consciousness [meditation], not on the basic level but on the heart level, will enable the linking and sharing of your consciousness with the consciousness of the entire universe, and you will understand that the relationship is different from what it was until now. As the development and stability of the new awareness in your heart progresses, you will become more and more aware of the Unity that connects you to the One, the Unity that connects you to all of creation, even in your [3D] dimension. The bridges, the means of communication with ultra-dimensional realities, will be completed in days. There will be a new confidence, a new joy as you begin to live from the moment of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will strengthen the outpouring of the ultra-violet Light. Beloved masters of Light, this will enable Us to communicate more, not by words but by the Essence of vibration energy [telepathy], with each of you on this planet. Remain confident. If that is not accessible to you early on, it will be completed before the festival of Saint Michael. You are, and you will become, beyond your role of Worker and Sower of Light, the pillars which will make it possible to formulate and stabilize the spiritual government in order to replace the human government. You are the worthy heirs and the benefactors of the Light of the Unity. As you fill your Essence with this dual radiation, you'll discover that you will become


beings whose consciousness is becoming more and more luminous [full of Light]. Honesty, truth, simplicity will be part of your day. All this will happen in the joy of Unity through these Celestial Marriages. You will find, using this bridge of communication and this relationship between the foundation in your heart and the immediately higher center of energy corresponding to the throat, a new relation, a new communication, a new communion with the universe which were until now relatively closed to you [like ET first contact]. Within this new higher vibration [frequency], within this new condition in your heart, you will see that Joy grows in you, that the obstacles of your lives, whatever they are, will only give way to the greatness, the majesty of the Light and our coupling and sharing our Divinity with you. This communication established in the form of an obvious internal radiation and vibration, by the synchronicity and timing, allows you to vibrate in Unity and with the spiritual forces of the genuine Light and that you receive and accept. This will result in a new alliance in which fear will no longer exist. The external circumstances of this world will affect you very little. The radiation of the ultra-violet Light, united with the overflowing of the Holy Spirit, will provide within your Unity a shield of Light, a shield of radiation in which the goal is not to confine you but rather to make you transparent, to make you luminous, and to finally ascend from your original [3D] dimension. This new foundation of your consciousness in your heart, beyond allowing the linking and sharing with the ultra-dimensional realities, will establish in you the fire of Hayoth Ha Kodesh, the fire of the Seraphim [The Holy Beings Whose role is to preserve the development of creation, letting the Divine breath progress, to obtain a state of a perfect balance between Love and Unity]. This element of fire will appear within you as Light. This new Light is a return to the Supreme Light and the end of your separation, and it finalizes this new alliance and your return to the Unity, the Truth and Joy. Today these things you are hoping to terminate, these things that look bleak or insurmountable, will be resolved effectively by the grace of the Light into Unity with the Light. It is really at this Celestial Marriage [union] that you and others will experience in the coming weeks a new alliance. This new alliance is the end of your isolation, indicating the end of your opposition and those around you. The path you take is a path of glory. This path of glory can only be walked in total humility, in total simplicity. Remember that true Light does not need your words. True Light needs you to unite in a clear transparent way so you and all of creation can benefit. Remember what I said: whatever Our power, whatever Our Light, We can do nothing without you. We count on you. You are the guarantors of your ascension and of all creation in this solar system. You are the pillars, you are the creators. We rely more and more on your radiance of Light, on your Unity, and on your desire to assist more and more humans in joining with Us in this joy, in this truth and this Unity. No outside distractions must divert you. You are the peaceful warriors [Our Celestial Army will fight the wars for you]. You are My standard bearer. I say that this is a reality, this is not merely symbolic but it is a strict actuality. This fire of the heart ignites and also develops other great masters. The fire of the heart is made to elevate, to purify, to pacify. The fire of the heart is not a fire that burns but a fire that


signals your new and unwavering allegiance to the Light of the Divine Source. Transparency and humility will be your signature of Light, your signature of Truth. It is not a figment of your imagination or your mind, but a quality of radiation arising in your new foundation, the new establishment of Light in your Inner Temple. This Interior Temple will be prepared and enlightened so that, at the proper time, the Christ consciousness or literally the Solar principle of Light bathes you with the Divine Source. I wish to state that as long as your consciousness remains firmly stabilized in the Light in your heart in humility and simplicity, no force (and I speak here to you and those who may for a time reject the principles that we represent) will object, and they can not even fight against the power of the Light of the Father because what comes from the Father, which is manifested in the God Source, can in no way be defeated. When I mentioned that you were going to move from a human government to a spiritual government, this is the actual reality, the actual truth. This is being brought up to date now. As the days and weeks go by and between now and the end of the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy, this will be done. No force can compare with the majesty of the Light and the will of the Source and the Unity. We are experts at what we do. You must also realize and become increasingly aware of the usefulness of this Light within your Essence. This is the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy which joins for the first time with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I want to clarify (and I speak on My behalf and on behalf of all the Spiritual Forces that have joined Me for this outpouring of the ultra-violet) that, when I talk about My warfare and My role I am talking about the combat that I deliver for the establishment of Light within the subtle dimensions close to your Earth, not yet illuminated by the Light. I wish to explain to each consciously embodied human being, whatever his origin, whatever his fate that we do not reject anyone, that we are ready to accept you fully and completely in the Light of the Father. You must, therefore, abandon all fear. The only things that lead you to not integrate with the forces of Light and the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy at this moment are a projection of the illusion of your mind related to your fears linked immeasurably to the experience of duality that you have reached under certain extremes. But although you are not yet awakened Masters, we still respect you and we love you. We welcome you, if you wish, to join the Galactic Brotherhood, the Father, the Source of Love, and this is not an trivial concept. During whatever pain you now or will have to endure later (if you wish), the grace of the Holy Spirit will bathe your being and you will be able to rejoin the family of the true Light and become sowers of the Light. There will be no punishment or combat because you will be alone to fight this within your dimension [as you have free will]. You will not find anyone to oppose you. You will find that it is only the result of what you yourself have created. However, if you agree to join the Light during this period that is given for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (and even beyond the period of the festival of St. Michael) you will be allowed to bathe your entire being in order to reinstate you into this new alliance, this new Light and this new Truth. You are loved for all eternity. Oh majestic beings, the source did not want you to be isolated


from this plan. You who have chosen to obey the oath that you made before your stay on Earth are now given the choice to join Us as workers of the Light. The principle of an oath is to be permanent whatever the circumstances [but you are permitted to break this promise]. We beseech all of you to join Us. I do not obviously speak of the Workers of Light who take part in this overflowing of Light or even this channel by which I express Myself, but I extend others to join us, the Archangels, the Conclaves, Councils, and Angels of the Lord. This is your legacy, this is what we accomplish for you. What prevents you is only the fear and the illusion that you yourself created, so remember that soon this illusion will disappear. Remain only in the Unity, the Truth, the Love, and the Brotherhood. I speak on behalf of the [God] Source. You can, without ulterior motives and without any risk, join Our Family of Light. Be assured that We will welcome you with open arms. The Workers of Light will welcome you with open arms, as in the Biblical parable of the prodigal son of whom Christ spoke. This is an outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet Light along with the Light of the Holy Spirit. We urge you, beloved Masters of this Light, to bring this Divine Light to others, not so much through words that feed the mind [talk is cheap] but through the Light of your presence, through your influence, through the clarity of your thought and through your observations [actions speak louder than words], to ensure that the maximum number of embodied beings receive (if they so wish and that is their desire) what is a gift but which nevertheless is a right, because it corresponds with what you were promised a long time now. Your Divinity will shine in your 7 Lights (the 7 chakras); this is enough to reveal to you what you really are. No words can describe, in truth, what this radiation of Light is. Words are only the pale reflection of the beauty of the Light in this density. The Light that grows in you from week to week is your joy, your stability, and your support. As you accept this Love, the residual fears will disappear because no force can oppose it and no conscience can propose an credible alternative to the Truth of this Love. Only activities desired by you in this separated [3D] density, as a strengthening of the Light, will give the illusion of separation, the illusion of darkness. The dark is only a point of view from your consciousness. The dark, as such, participates in both this creation and Divinity. However, it is now time for the radiance of Light to no longer coexist with the darkness. This moment has now come into manifestation. My presence on your planet and the entire solar system makes possible the outpouring of Light, the establishment of the Light, and the truth of the Light. With your presence and your reunion with the Divine Source We can (We as ultradimensional entities) update the reality of Light to make it tangible, visible and embodied in you. In this sense, once again, I convey the gratitude of the Light and the gratitude of the Source. You are beings of beauty, you are Masters, you are finally what you should be. The outpouring of the ultra-violet radiation and of the Holy Spirit within your heart is a point of stabilizing and an emergence of the Light. Beloved Masters of the true Light, the multitude that you are is an abode of Love, a fireplace that warms the Earth, which enables it to achieve in a short while in terrestrial terms a particular jump in your evolution.


You are at what I would call a crossroads. You are at that moment. Everything that is of the Light should guide your entire destiny and your future. This Light is not an empty promise or a philosophical or mental concept. It is primarily an active conscience, a clear and conscious intelligent awareness. It will always know better than you what is good, which is right, what is useful to your journey. Ladies and Masters of the Light, a confidence and an abandonment to the Light that you outpour will show soon in all that you have integrated into Truth and the role of Light in your lives. In this, we express for the third time our gratitude and thanks. You are the bridges between this dense [3D] reality and our new higher reality. You are the channels that have agreed to serve the Light so that it is embodied entirely within your present reality to change this into a far more vibrant reality in a much less isolated and more unified manner. In this you are blessed. However, for most of you the path has not yet been completed in this reality as of today. You have a major role in your service of simplicity and humility to lead those of your brethren who are not yet awakened to the truth, to join you in integrity and confidence by the truth of what you are, by the truth of what you manifest. You must be examples, not so much towards yourselves but to others, assisted by the grace of the Light, by the grace of Love and the power of Truth. I want to clarify a bit more on the reality of what you incarnated here for in accepting this oath of separation. A multitude of points of Light are now ignited on this Earth. This is a milestone in the development and installation of the Love and the Unity. We are conscious of the work carried out so far. We are aware and confident that all of you will become more and more of a bridge of sharing as this connection is reinforced. The more that awaken to an enlightened consciousness, the greater will be the strength of this bridge of communication in a relationship that will be reinforced. The Light that you will become must fill you completely, it is your source of satisfaction. As I said, you will discover at your own pace that the Light can only bring you towards Goodness, towards the Unity and the Joy. You must accept what your conscience tells you about the changes in your life. By going towards the Light, some relationships based on materiality, certain functions based on fear will disappear, and therefore adjustments must be made in your business, in your conscientiousness, and in choosing the places [and companions] in your life. You must accept it without fear because the Light will always provide adequate solutions. There is still a portion of your mind that believes that it can be tough. I hereby confirm that you are better off leaving your life to the will of the Light, as most of your life will take place apart from the obstacles created by fear still existing on this planet. This is the truth, this is the only Truth. You must commit yourself totally to what dictates your own Light. This is a condition that you will find maintains Joy, so do not worry about tomorrow. From the moment that you follow what the Light dictates to you, your tomorrows can be only luminous and filled with Light. These are only projections and the results of fears which can make you believe the opposite. But that is not true. As I said, we appreciate each of you and hope you will establish in this relationship a bridge of communication. You are now (by reflecting your Light and by drawing comparisons between this world and the new higher dimensional world)


straddling two worlds [dimensions]. One of these worlds will move away from you (the world of fear, separation, illusion) and the World of Light will move closer to you. Of course, some of you must experience what you call grief and suffer a certain number of losses in order to fully integrate with the Light. In the eyes of the Light, this is not a loss. This is only your mind that wants you to believe that. The Light will never you let you run any risk. The Light will never abandon you, the Light will never fail you. I say and I repeat again that We are aware of all of you, how you have succeeded in turning to the Light and accepting the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy, and in doing this you have made yourselves visible to Our consciousness, and We cannot in any way abandon you. We are here at your side and in you through this Light radiation. You are protected because there is nothing to protect. The Light protects itself by what it radiates. As you return to your present moments, you will realize that with what comes from your past (the memories from your past) and the projections in your mind into your future, you will no longer want to dwell on these thoughts. By focusing your Light within your new foundation, you will develop an awareness and confidence that you have never known until now. This is part of the grace of the Light Source. I am reminded that the date of your next outpouring is next Sunday May 24 at 19:00 hours [French time]. Be blessed. I am informed that I will return in a much more detailed manner with much more explanation about the virtues that are included each week at the end of your message so that you can live in this pure conscious outpouring of ultra-violet Light and mechanisms live without yet understanding the extent, and live these moments without understanding its level in the intellectual sense. The Light is intelligence and you now understand even before the words that I speak how you should live. Beloved children of the Law of One, the outpouring of the ultra-violet radiation continues. I will leave you now live in silence, in meditation in your total mental and spiritual being, at the end of this outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet, accompanied by the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I thank you, We are with you, We love you, We are proud of you. I will speak with you again next week, so remain in the overflowing energy until the end of this assigned time. I bless you, I love you, We all love you.

My Comments: AA Michael did not answer public questions this week and is using OM Aivanhov's messenger (who was of Bulgarian origin 1900-1986) to answer any questions from those in attendance, so His messages are shorter. OM Aivanhov died over 10 years ago so his work is channeled also. It is interesting that Sheldan Nidle spoke this week about our decisions to live in a veil of separation from Divinity and understanding: "You agreed before incarnating here that you gladly accept what is planned for you. It is these before birth approvals that permitted Heaven to bring us here and for the degree of transformation that you are nearly ready to go through. This is why we were told to begin to step up your "education" about what is ahead for you. " "It took us a number of years to design, build, test and customize these chambers. This


operation continues daily as we evaluate what your medical teams discover about you. Such new data brings slight adjustments in these billions of specially built devices." He says that there are billions of chambers that are waiting for us, programmed with each human's DNA and will help in our ascension in bringing the Light to our bodies. Ascension is Divinely coordinated, and a timetable has been determined with certain flexibility available at times so there may be unforeseen delays, and only They can commence this ascension process, so we must be patient. Some may have heard of Duncan Cameron of the Philadelphia Experiment speak some years ago about his encounter with Christ during his time travels to Israel 2000 years ago. He confessed that he was a no good young scoundrel until he came face to face with Christ, and this changed his whole life as he saw the Light and refused to continue to participate in the dark activities. Duncan could tell just by being near Christ that He was the real genuine person of Light that He claimed to be. Incidentally there have been stargates [time machines] around for decades as Dan Burisch and others have described, and capturing some that Sadam and others had was one of many reasons for invading Iraq. Remember that secret technology is 10,000 years ahead of public knowledge and will stay that way as long as our leaders control it. General Motors will continue to refuse producing free energy cars that do not run on fuels that they can make money off of and pollute Earth, so we should not weep over their hard times since they deserve it. Although the energy level on the farside has lessened somewhat recently the black spots mean high levels, while orange is medium and green is low. I still feel this could be Jupiter energy that is absorbed by the sun based on previous data so that we are not getting it yet. It is possible that Divinity is waiting for the energy to lessen before moving it away from the sun for us to see, but this is just a hunch. The magnitude 5 quake in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon shows that the level is up now and may be a sign of Earth changes to come. excerpts from: at-costs-p-2912.html The Bilderberg Group which meets in secret each year is the opportunity for the world’s 150 most influential politicians and financiers to debate the "high political issues" of the day in total secrecy. Anyone who attended the London G-20 summit would have thought that this was the precursor for the Bilderberg meeting in Athens. Bilderberg 2009 was again marked by an almost universal media blackout of around 150 of the planet’s top powerbrokers meeting in secret to steer the future of the world. The NWO Bilderbergers met this week in Greece discussing the microchipping of humans on a mass scale, which would be introduced under the pretext of fighting terrorism whereby the “good guys” would be allowed to travel freely from airports so long as their microchip could be scanned and the information stored in a database, according to insiders. This could allow more extensive programming and turning of people into robots to carry out the NWO


commands. They also discussed a chipped universal ID card that has been defeated by many states in the US due to privacy and costs. Most leaders are chosen and world policies and wars are determined at these meetings that are attended by US and European leaders. Representatives of Obama were also in attendance this week to receive their orders, although Russia and China were not present. It was shortly after attending the 1991 Bilderberger meeting that Governor Bill Clinton was selected to be the next President of the United States. There are many dark plans that are promoted in meetings like this, but most are not permitted by Divinity. From appearances it seems as if these leaders feel they are continually gaining ground and will achieve their goals of world wide slavery, but they will be shocked if they are removed from power as AA Michael said they will be. There has been little visible change so far even though Spring is 2/3 over, so I am keeping an open mind on all things, as I feel messengers (even those with ET chip implants) can be affected by government programming and we should only look for evident results. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael
Integration of Virtues - 5th stage May 24, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is on Monday June 1 at 3 AM (French time) [Sunday evening May 31 at 9:00 PM NY time, 8:00 PM in Chicago, 7:00 PM Mountain, and 6:00 PM LA]. * On this day no public questions will be answered. * For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17.

Integration of virtues 5th stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of Light, I salute you in the Grace. As usual, to all those who participate in the establishment and anchoring of Earth's new [5th] dimension, this new higher state, I bring the greetings and love from all of the Conclaves, all of the Divine Councils, and from the reunion of the Spiritual Angels.


You are now in a very significant period of support and stability as you approach this new density of Light and Unity. Beloved children of the Light, we now come to the 5th stage of integrating these virtues. I will now in a few words try to define what this involves. The human soul voluntarily separated from the Divine Source to experience your current [3D] life. This [lengthy] experiment has now led to this higher movement of ascension, to this new incarnation. The God Source is what now allows this movement while you remain centered [in 3D]. Your life is now in this movement, and this movement is in the direction of your incarnation, your ascension. The preparation of your soul in this [3D] density is this movement, so you can say that all of life itself is a movement [and the goal is to move to higher spiritual levels as we live day by day]. The Divine Source is the basic Truth and principle. You are now invited to join the experience of this new movement, but it is necessary for you to stop the current movement. Stopping this movement does not necessarily stop your life, but on the contrary it is a participation in life in a newly ignited higher density that is much more harmonious, much closer to the God Source. This action, this fifth virtue is intended to achieve a change in the egotistical self and thus move to the permanence anchored in the Divinity. This fifth virtue and this fifth overflowing of the Holy Spirit will prepare you for a time of major accomplishment in your Celestial Marriage [union] which will come to you next Monday at three o'clock in the morning [French time or Sunday evening in the US]. For the first time in humanity in this cycle of over 50,000 years, the transmutation of the Holy Spirit and your modification by the ultra-violet energy will occur in you. Together, these two radiations of energy, these two radiances will touch you for all eternity. This does not signal the end but the beginning of the realization of your Celestial Marriage [with Divinity]. In this it is necessary on this day to allow these qualities to spread throughout your entire being. The outpouring of this radiation of ultra-violet energy that you accommodate will more and more permit the growth, the stabilization and the recognition of this reality in your 3D density. This will bring you closer to the process of transformation, transmutation and change. This will bring you closer to Eternity. This will allow you, while remaining in your current 3rd density body, to achieve the true quality of your initial oath and the promise of returning to the Divine Source. This principle involves stopping the current [3D] movement by going to the center of your being that some traditions have called spiritual exercises (the different forms of yoga in Hinduism, and in your Western language it is called meditation, while in other cultures it is called shamanism or many other names), and all of these activities signify this same activity: the realization and mental action of the abandonment of the self and ego. To do this, you must first stop this current movement and understand that you are not of that movement but that you are much more than this. It is now time to permit you to have access to this Truth, this Unity that now approaches in your density. This will allow you to realize in time, after the destruction of your preoccupation with this world, the dimensional transformation that is called in your world ascension. To do


this you must first stop your current movement during your current time, you must stop the attentions of the past and of the future, and focus on the present where all will be carried out in the Unity and in the Light. The outpouring of this ultra-violet energy will allow you to approach the center of your being and your Divine Sanctuary. For that you must devote your final desires, your final wishes, in all humility, in all simplicity, and especially in all honesty your entire life to that endeavor. The only thing that is more important is that you desire to focus on the Light, God, Christ, or any other spiritual entity that comes to mind, as a role model for abandoning the ego to allow the Light to take up residence within your entire being. The principle of this fifth virtue corresponds to the transformation and thus the cessation of this current movement to allow Unity with the Light, and it reveals the depths of your being, allowing the deployment and destruction of the illusion of this world in and around you while perceiving the values of living in the Light. During this period, you can only take part in this journey back to the Unity. Nevertheless I repeat to you that during each overflowing of energy at each meeting, We are with you and We encourage you by our radiances, by our presence and by our Light. Fear not children of the Light to partake of these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will be always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of the Light, the transmission of the Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. The transformation from this separation [from your 3D world ] to achieve the Unity will be carried out in a way much more involved, much more intense, during our gathering next week. This is now one of the biggest mysteries of this spiritual revelation. Indeed, We the Archangels, meeting in Conclave and through My presence, will hand over the keys, the seals and our total radiance in the service to the Divine Mother, the Virgin Mary or any other name that calls forth in you the first alignment derived from God and concentrated in the Virgin Mary, and also embodied in many other beings in this dimension who made their incarnation in their journeys during this last millennia. It is about the marriage and the transformation of the radiant energy of the seven Archangelic Seals, joined together and donated so that the female qualities of God (the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary or any other name that suits you) transform you into the total embodiment of the Light, the Truth and especially the beings of compassion [women generally have more deep feelings of love and an understanding of the suffering of others]. This is a preview of what will happen when we meet next week. I tell you now so that each of you throughout this entire planet, through the countless number of people coming together each week may integrate with these words and prepare for this Holiness. This is the first outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet Light. [Pause] Beloved carriers of the Light, beloved transmitters of the Light, as you integrate with this state, you will become closer in your body and your consciousness to Eternity. To approach this state is both fullness and emptiness. Stay completely in the state of inner joy by bringing this integration and union with the Light to you. The few physical symptoms [of ascension]


sometimes faced by some of you corresponding to the integration of this outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy will increasingly lessen in you as you enter your Interior Temple, the sanctuary of your heart, where the Source, the Light, or the embodied Christ dwells in you, no matter what name you give it. That corresponds in words to the reality both of the fullness and emptiness. In approaching this state there will be manifested in you and around you (when you enter this sacred space) a joy that will make you forget the ups and downs of life. At this point you will actually begin the transformation of your mental and emotional condition from a separated being into a fully conscious being of Light. I remind you that this reconstruction will last during the time of My presence by accomplishing the destruction of the [3D] illusion, the destruction of control by others, and you will ultimately experience your total freedom. This is the second outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy. [Pause] As I have said before and I repeat again today, the deconstruction of this world of illusion, this world of duality, will be displayed more and more evidently all around you. In no case should you be concerned with this deconstruction if you are able to reach and approach this state of Unity. Be certain that on this Earth every human being today is in his place. It is the place that he chose for his future, for his destiny. You do not need to worry about your children or your parents or anyone else. You should worry only about humanity in its entirety. As transmitters of the Archangelic Light you transfer that Light to others. In the same way, you allow your eternal being to be revealed to your own conscience. Being the transmitters of Our Light, you become anchors of the reality of Light in this world of duality. What is deconstructed and destroyed before your very eyes is a prerequisite to the emergence of the new total [5th] dimension. This new dimension is not outside you but within you. And it is while focusing your attention not on your exterior surroundings, but by placing your vision on your inner being that you will be led to the dimensional transformation and the realization of this Unity. With your help and permission We build your radiance and pass Our radiant energy to you. We build in you the Temple of Eternity. We build in you the values of the Light that will replace for all time the values of this world: the values of competition [I am the best and brightest and the winner in the games of life], the values of jealousy [I wish I were as popular and bright as XX], the values of greed [I wish I were a millionaire and could have anything I want], the values that you have called your economy [I wish I were CEO of XX Corp.], the values that you call political role models [I wish I were president or a senator], values that are distorted by the very principle of duality, that will quite simply not exist any more for those which will ascend into their eternity of Light. As Christ said in the words "According to your faith be it unto you", this will come to each person, to the entire of humanity. Everything is good, and all will agree to respect the freedom to accept or reject the Light. As beloved Masters of the Light who welcome the effusion of this energy and transmit that Light to yourself and others, you will see (and some of you have already seen it) that your life will be filled with joy as you integrate this ultra-violet energy into your entire being.


The Light that appeared to be insurmountable, that seemed impossible in your words and in your life will reside within you. What is required of you today is simple. Those who for the moment doubt will open their eyes to the light that you possess, those who for the moment do not believe and will not believe because that is their way, will believe by seeing it in you. They will not believe by seeing the deconstruction of this world only, but they will believe by the example and the Light that you radiate. This is your role, this is your mission: to radiate the Light, to radiate the joy, to radiate the Unity, because this state of Unity will make all that seemed impossible exist even more as you connect to the Source and move closer to the Source. The few elements that still exist for some of you are just reflections of your total surrender to the Light of Love that We pour on you. We understand that because of your experiences in this [3D] density, there are some who still have doubts that beset them because they are not yet aware of this energy effusion. However, as an even greater number of people accept and integrate this radiation of ultra-violet Light when it is coupled with an energy that you call the Holy Spirit, none can ignore or even hide their face from this Light. On your Pentecost [May 31] the Holy Spirit will join Us to bring you the radiation of ultra violet energy and His additional Essence of Eternity, regardless of your religion, your beliefs, your illusions, or your truths. I wish to state solemnly that you are all, without exception children of the Light and children of the Source, and We faithfully respect your choices. We faithfully welcome those who look to Us as representatives of the Divine Source, and during these times of deconstruction you will have the opportunity to return to the Source yourself. Your future is however dependent on your ability to surrender to the Light, and when you do this you will become the means for a dimensional transformation, and this is available to you now. The move to the Light just requires your desire to go the Light, your desire to receive the joy, because ultimately that will be the result. To accommodate this Light that We convey to you We use many United Spiritual Beings. The other Archangels (although They are much closer to you) are not taking part in this plan in your incarnation in this density. However the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the entities of Light, and a number of Beings including some that you do not yet understand will now join and assist Us. You as one humanity must follow the path of all to join the Light, to reach the Source, to promote this higher dimensional transition, and you must accept it without any restrictions. Whatever the deconstructions of this world, you will discover that these events are not the drama that you feel they are, but on the contrary it is a return to the ultimate Divine joy. This joy is created and manifested through the joint outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet Light and the Holy Spirit by your acceptance. With your acceptance nothing harmful can happen. The closer you get to the center of your being, the less you will be affected by these disturbances of deconstruction. Remember Masters of Light that you will now be more likely to receive and accept these effusions of Light. We who see the status of the Light in all of you [by observing your spiritual frequency] congratulate you and encourage you to work with


humility and simplicity in this magnificent task that you will perform. When your eyes (the eyes of your consciousness) see the work completed, you will permanently sing a song of Thanksgiving or any other song describing the glory of the God Source. Once again, your abandonment to the Light is carried out only in non judgment. You need to banish anything that causes division, all that really moves you away from the Light. Beings of the Light, transmitters of the Light, to become anchors of this Light requires that you carry this Heavenly Light in your whole being. Remember that the Light never judges, the Light never condemns, the Light is patient, the Light is Love, and the Light is Truth. We encourage you to keep this Light, in moments of emptiness and fullness, by connecting to it, by connecting to the energy effusion itself in your past, present and future, in the same space and time, because the Light belongs neither to the past nor future, but is truly and completely present in all times in your density. During this deconstruction process as this linear time passes, you will become more and more conscious and understanding of your Divine eternity. What this means is that some of you along with many other Bearers of Light will become aware of your Eternity, your new bodies of Light, within the dimension which you will soon share with others. The time is now for the conception [birth] of this Light in you. As it is planted in you, it will grow and reach maturity in you. By your persistence in living in this Light in your current duality you contribute greatly to the establishment of this Source in you, and this is manifested by the radiation of this Source and the anchoring of this Source in your whole being. Do not judge any event occurring in you that seems contrary to the Light, because from the moment when you are connected to the overflowing of the ultra-violet energy that cannot occur. Beloved Masters of the Light, We see the Light that you receive, We even see the Light that flows into you. I say this to delight you and give you joy. As you become increasingly filled with more Light you will become more joyful. This is the result of your surrender to the Source, this is the result of your absence of judgment and your absence of duality at the time of these overflowings. These moments of grace will overflow in you during the exact moments that you live [in the Light]. Many will realize that their lives now move in a different direction, and this is more evident in the joy that is manifested in this process. Those who do not realize it at the moment have nothing to fear. There are still some additional adjustments that need to be made before this is carried out. However the purpose of this Light that We share, the radiation of this ultraviolet Light, is to prepare your way for joy, the joy of integrating with the outpouring of the energy of the Sun that you will soon experience. The Father, the Source that we relay to you wishes you Joy for all Eternity, because what comes to you is that joy. Only your separation from the Light or your thoughts of fear can make you believe that this is not already occurring. But We assure you that this is really an hour of glory, a time of joy, an time for an Eternity of joy.


You now have had a preview of these effusions of Light. You will get a greater glimpse next week when Mary, in possession of the Seals of authenticity, will communicate within your conscience, within your organism to achieve the transformation of the Holy Spirit and the radiation of the ultra-violet energy. This is what you will need to actively prepare your Interior Temple. Whatever your business, whatever your troubles, this preparation is involved in that event. Beloved Masters of the Light, I leave you now with these words, in order to allow you to bathe entirely in this radiation of ultra-violet energy, and in the silence of My words to penetrate further into your heart. With an overflowing of energy I express My love for you. By the grace of your presence, by the grace of your mission, by the grace of your joy, let us attend to this now.

My Comments: It is interesting that the next meeting is given at 3 AM in France (most in Europe are sleeping at this time) to allow more to participate in this event in the US during the previous evening where it is needed the most. This date in the US is May 31, also known as the Pentecost, which marks the end of the Easter season in the Christian calendar and celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. It appears that the next meeting is a very important event in our ascension since the Holy Spirit will combine with this UV energy to bring us more Divine Light. AA Michael seems to say that whether you follow these dates religiously is not important, but what is important is that you become beings of the Light. Some Christians say that you can only approach God through Christ, but that is only one of the many paths to ascension. You can be a Buddhist or a Hindu and still receive this Light. According to the farside data the intense energy has subsided, and Aton has hinted that we may now start to see Jupiter and its new energy. Michael has repeatedly said that we will soon have a Divinely appointed government, and replacing those in power with 3D holograms that will only serve us and not control or manipulate us is a possibility. Sheldan Nidle this week said: "Each instance of each day is marked by Heaven thus blessing your reality by sending forth a special living bundle of Light. As this living Light touches your realm it instantly blends with it, producing a concentrated flash or point of light. This cascade of Light-blessings is continually being received at some location on your globe. Divine Light is moving us with grace into a new reality and toward the rebirth of your fully conscious potential. Moving back into full consciousness means fully reconnecting to Spirit. Once this happens you are able to see just why you took on this particular lifetime. During a series of revelations you discover that you are connected directly to many on this plane and that, in truth, you are all one. This leads to a reevaluation of the way your societies are constructed. Soon you are to become societal engineers and are to build a far more dynamic version of the global community than you have now. " Some have experienced ascension symptoms as our bodies, minds, and spirits ascend to higher levels and lose their 3rd density. In order to move to a higher dimension where the 116

frequencies are much higher, each has to adapt to these changes. Aches and pains in the head and body, dizziness, memory loss, an intolerance for lower vibrational things in conversations and attitudes, along with sleeplessness are among the signs of these ascension symptoms that may occur. AA Michael said that as we move to the Light these problems will slowly disappear. There has been little visible evidence of any change even though we only have 1 month left in this Spring season, so I feel it is best to wait until we see events that can show us the Divine actions before we elaborate on these and share these thoughts with others. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 6th stage June 1st 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ... You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday, June 7 at 12 noon (French time) [Sunday morning June 7 at 6:00 AM NY time, 5:00 AM in Chicago, 4:00 AM Mountain, and 3:00 AM in LA]. * On this day no public questions will be answered. * For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, and May 24. * Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.

Integration of virtues - 6th stage

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved children of the Light, at anywhere in the world receive Our gratitude, Our thanks, you, the bearers of the Light who anchor in this density the expectation of a new Earth, the expectation of this new vibrational higher frequency, and the expectation of this new Light. The Conclave joins Me to thank you sincerely for your work in enabling the already received ultraviolet Light to anchor of the vibration of this Light within your current 3rd density. You are increasingly now en route more and more to awaken to the reality of your future, the reality of the joy that gradually grows in you. Today the outpouring of this ultraviolet radiation combines for the first time with the outpouring of what you call in your language the Holy Spirit or the feminine characteristic of God. This attribute of the Divinity, of the Light, coupled with the outpouring of the ultraviolet Light, carries out this development through the 6th virtue. In you this is related to the reconnection of your affiliation with the Light, with your Father/Mother Divinity attributes joined together and personified within your density by the Source of the Sources [God]. Gradually, you will establish a conscious connection in your density with the One [God] who, for all eternity in all stages and at all times is permanently linked to you. With this reconnection you will soon become aware in joy of the reality of this presence and this sense of eternity. This awareness will gradually identify this Source in you. We Ourselves do nothing but take part and obey the Source of Sources. We participate in this reconnection by Our radiation of the ultra-violet energy and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which we relay, in the revelation of this ultimate Truth which signals (if such is your desire, if it is your ultimate desire) your return to the Unity, while taking part in duality both in your immortality and in your existence in this separated dimension which you have traveled for such a long time. The Divine Mother [the Holy Spirit] (which we have given all the powers of Our Angelic seals) now joins both Me and the Conclaves, to bathe you in the Source of grace, the Source of the Truth, and the Source of Joy, so that you can (if you desire) once again enter the sanctuary of eternity. This is the first combined outpouring of ultraviolet radiation and the Holy Spirit. [Pause] Beloved Masters of the Light, the activation of this reconnection in you through the 6th virtue, coupled and totally achieved during the activation through the 7th virtue next week, makes possible the activation of your return to the primary point around which everything rotates [Divinity]. This axis point (what I call the point of your soul) as illustrated in this density by the axis of the Earth [poles] manifested in this world on the surface, signals your identification in you as beings of eternity, beings connected at all times and for all eternity to the Source that you are a part of. The Source is comparable to the role of the Father in the galaxies' Central Sun [Alcyone], and the central point of this planet on which you live is equivalent to Mother Earth's role, present at all times in any period and in any cycle of creation and deconstruction [rebuilding]. It could not be otherwise. The principle of the ancestral descent of the human soul from the Source will appear today as keys within your density and in the density of this planet. This reconnection is an identification with the reality and the truth of what I have just outlined.


My beloved masters of the Light, focusing and concentrating on the axis point of this world while centering on the Source results in a joy that is unspeakable in you. This results in unspeakable joy and a participation more and more during the coming weeks until the end of September, when you will have the honor of the realization (beyond any form of truth) of your union with the Supreme Creator of the universe. The Source, Who is attributed to multidimensional and multiple universes, is the total consciousness of the worlds in all dimensions. This fact is buried deep inside of you: the hidden meaning of your sacrifice [of separation from God] and the promise of the Source (by humility and grace) to never intervene in your development (as long as the time does not arise) or to reveal this to you. These moments, by the activation of the 6th virtue through signaling the awakening of this axis point will allow you (if you wish) to recognize this truth. This transformation from a total separation with the Source to a reunion with the Source will result. During this abandonment, the realization of your dimensional Divinity and the achievement of this reality will develop in you an unspeakable joy. This joy is not the final result but only the confirmation of your reconnection. The combined ultraviolet energy and the Light of the Holy Spirit is your heritage, it is your ultimate Truth. The combined energies of the ultraviolet Light and the Holy Spirit signal in you mark the end of your duality and your return to Unity within the grace, in love, in the Light and the revelation of the Light . This is the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the radiation of ultraviolet energy. [Pause] Beloved children of the Law of One, We thank you for your role as transmitters and bearers of the Light. Your work allows Us, the Archangels, (in bringing Us closer to your density) to allow the work of deconstruction to now evolve. As the illusion of power exercised by the separation is dissolves, falls apart, you will be able to reconnect to the grace, joy, and your eternity. This soothing balm applied within your density, will reduce in a tangible way and a concrete way what you on Earth call karma from some of its inhabitants. Thus by your work (in an active and extremely logical manner) you take part in the work of redemption, so that the Truth is established (in a durable and tangible way) within the current density of this Earth. You can now participate actively as well in the transcendence [ascension] of the Earth. You can participate as well in the recovery of many of your brothers who for the moment are afraid or unwilling to participate in this outpouring of love because their duality brought fears or other possibilities in them and did allow them to accept it until now. However, your surrender to the Light, your surrender to the outpouring of the ultraviolet energy, and the presence of Divine grace within your density, now allows this activity. As I said We the Archangels see everywhere on the surface of the Earth the opening of many souls to the truth. We see multiple outbursts of joy and Light throughout the world, regardless of the events of deconstruction, regardless of the illusion of control over another, regardless of the increased densities [frequencies] of those who still resist these energies. But as you know We the Archangels, the Messengers of the Source, will never impose anything on you. We let those who doubt, those who refuse evolve on their own. We let them experience and learn what they want to experiment with on their own. Beloved children of the


Light, seen from Our dimension what you permit is quite simply magnificent. Your efforts, your hostility to the Unity, your education in returning to the central point, gives you moments of encouragement through the manifestation of the joy of eternity. This is only fair, this is normal and simple. We transmit to you, via the whole of the Conclave, our encouragements to work towards this simplicity, to work towards humility, to work for the Joy and the awakening of a greater number of your brothers and sisters each week. Numerous outbreaks of Light on all continents are performing that. Some of you at this very moment, touched by grace, have decided in their soul and conscience to participate in what is under way. However you should not impose anything on others [they have free will to make their own choices], but you should establish yourself firmly in your central being, in the presence and the Joy of the Light. This should only be reflected and performed in silence, in humility and not by words and even less by forceful persuasion. Only your example of Light will be a vital encouragement for other hearts to join your path and your openness. Remember that as you allow the radiation of ultraviolet energy and the Holy Spirit into your heart you will find the higher vibration of the Father, the higher vibration of Truth, and the more your soul will rejoice in the joy of the reunion and especially of this manifestation. Human souls in incarnation it is difficult to accept that you are Masters of the Light, yet it is so. It is difficult to accept that your spiritual mission in this matter, your own as well as that of your brothers and sisters of this planet, is your mission of Truth. Yet, the reconnection to the central point of this world allows you to strengthen this belief in yourself and allows you even more to surrender to the Truth of the Light. This is the third outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the ultraviolet in your density. [Pause] Beloved children of the One, you are the pillars of the manifestation and revelation of the Truth. Some of you also feel the beginnings of these events more and have established this Truth. Those of you receiving this in advance are using this authenticity even more by what We offer. The activation of the 6th virtue and the 6th bit of DNA really allows this return to the center, this return to the Truth which is an inexpressible Joy. This 1st stage is activated as soon as tonight. It is the revelation that the noblest and the highest inner dimension in this density corresponds to the conscious reconnection with your Father, even within your 3rd density. By this morning, those of you who realize this will seal a new alliance, the alliance of Joy, of fire, of love, of truth, and of simplicity. The Unity that you have now found has the burden of maintaining this fire by the manifestation of joy in the sense of service to all humanity, by a sense of responsibility to be a bearer of Light to work in Joy and in the direction of Unity, for the radiance, the integrity of the Truth, to be established even more permanently, more widely around the world. Beloved Children of the Father, welcoming the Light as you do is a great sign of your end to the separation, the end to the illusion of suffering, the end of the disease, the end of the exclusion and the return to the bosom of grace. Welcome now this effusion of the ultraviolet


radiation and the Holy Spirit. Beloved Masters of Light, by this reconnection that you take you will become gradually aware (at your own pace) the Truth that is in you, the reality of what you are, the reality of what is the Source. As you immerse yourself in this most pure Joy, it is possible to experience in your world a Joy at the noblest and most unselfish level. This is a reconnection of Joy and laughter. By reconnecting to your Source this way, by the revelation of His Presence, the illusion of this world will be less and have less control over you. Remember the words I said: you become a pillar of Light. As the pillars of Light you, along with the Archangels and all the spiritual hierarchies, all the circles of Light and the Source Himself, literally celebrates Thanksgiving and Our appreciation. The state you live in during these effusions (and for some of you who come forward independent of this outpouring) signals your return to the Unity with your reception of the Light, regardless of the influence of the Councils and the Conclaves Circles of Light, . This awareness is crucial because, although reconnected it will make you independent beings. It makes you leave the ego and receive your personal freedom. By reconnecting to your Source you will live and experience the freedom that you yourself would never have imagined possible, the reality that God the Father is Love. It is above all freedom and humility. It lets you go at your own pace on your eternal journey and the return to your Unity. God is grace in the highest sense of the word. He loves you whatever your choice, whatever your destiny, regardless of what you do. From your view point of this world you will awaken patiently, lovingly, delicately. We the Conclave of Archangel do this as ambassadors. The return of all the solar systems in these worlds to the Unity is a moment of Joy. Do not be impressed (those of you who have activated this radiance) by the gestures of the forces that claim to withhold your freedom. You are beings of freedom. Today you can maintain a life of freedom, even within your density, even in the place where you are now. The activation of this 6th virtue allows this movement, even in your incarnation in your life. The outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation and the Holy Spirit continues. This 6th grace reveals in you the reality of the Source first as the Source of your Source and also as the Source of your own life. This reconnection, this identification strengthens the Light that you make, the Light that you send, the light that you incarnate. This alchemy [transformation] that takes place in you, closer to the Unity, makes you aware of the love that you immerse in, even in what you have removed by your own will as an incarnation of the Light. To feel the love of the Creator, to live in the heart so clearly, so consciously, is an indescribable Supreme grace. May this grace fill you with His blessings. You can use this grace to in a final way extinguish in you the games of duality, the games of the experiment of duality, and allow you to return to your eternity in all clearness. However, as you know this road continues in this density so that the maximum number of dark elements can be reduced by your joy. We the Archangels encourage you in the remaining 6 weeks of Our outpouring of the Holy Spirit and of the ultraviolet energy to cultivate the joy, so that you strive more and more to


establish that energy in you by understanding once again that it is in abandoning your ego self that you receive this joy. This abandonment is a desire, an impulse in you that you should strive for. When it was said that if you take a step towards Deity that They would move miles towards you, this is not merely a philosophical concept, but it corresponds to the strict truth of the Light. The Archangelic energy , and more specifically the ultraviolet Light, can literally fill you with Light and repair your existence that has been damaged by doubts, fears, the mind, emotions and ego. We perform this in you if you permit this work, if you accept it. We propose but we do not impose anything on you. I would simply say this to those who still doubt this due to their own point of view, the duality that they have developed during their extensive incarnation that was required by the expression of this duality, by the judgment of good and evil by what you call discernment. But this discernment must be not from the intellect but from the heart. I solemnly tell you dear children who have not yet accepted what comes, that you cannot make the right choice in your head until you have experienced in your inner being the truth of the ultraviolet and the Holy Spirit energies now. The Divine Mother is hopeful that Her gentleness, Her presence and Her radiance with Our outpouring now will help you to receive in peace and truth what We and Our Brothers outpour on you and what We relay to you in Love. This gift of grace is a fact and not merely a theory. Still it is necessary that your mental understanding does not prevent you from accommodating this virtue. Never forget that you cannot verify in your consciousness what is offered to you if you do not partake of it, if you do not incorporate it into your whole being. Ultimately, if you allow your mind to decide for you the merits of what We offer, you are likely to be wrong. Only your heart, your conscience (and not your head) is able to perceive the outpouring of the energies of Our Brothers and Us. Given the increasing number of people receiving these energies and transmitting them to others it is clear that no energy opposed to the Light will give you that joy, even in a temporary way. We ask that you in humility open your heart, your Interior Temple to the energy of the Father and the energy of the Mother. In the duality there is Satan and evil in the sense that you hear it, but in the Unity everything is greatly praised, all is in harmony, everything happens within your life so perfectly in this higher density. Only in the strength and experience of duality can you see pain and fear. The radiation of ultraviolet energy that We offer and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit are there to saturate you with Joy in the Light, to saturate you with an indescribable Love that never in your density could you experiment. So, yes, we ask you to honor and accept this gift. All of the incarnated Brothers who are around you and Who take part in this transmission, this overflowing, are Beings who like you suffered and now bathe themselves now with the source of the Sources. You can not ignore it any longer. [They began in 3D worlds and have now ascended and are assisting in our ascension now.] Receive and open your heart and you will see perfectly and experience this. It can not be


otherwise. Divine love has returned, Light has returned, Truth has returned to all those who accept it. No endeavor required by this deconstruction can reach those of you who are in this grace, this Divine love. That is for you the only way of experiencing this transformation which comes (centered on your axis and the axis of the world) to fulfill its promise. Receive this transmissions of the Holy Spirit, this outpouring of the ultraviolet energy. Beloved children of Joy and the Truth, what is en route is now inevitable. It is useless to hide your face, to hide your heart, for this is pure Divine love. The actions of deconstruction that I have foretold will soon become fully extensive. Do not delay by participating in these games from the dark. Only the grace of Joy should be your goal and your purpose as it contributes to the establishment of Grace and Joy in you that are working for the establishment of this Divine Kingdom on Earth. There is no other battle, there is no other truth than the strengthening of grace and joy in you, there is no Unity other than in your heart, there is no other path to achieve this. You are effectively, more than ever aware, you are more than ever connected to your Divine Source. It will bathe you as you surrender to it, but it is completely up to you. This revelation is accompanied by the Joy of a reunion with divinity, the Joy of the explosion of the Light in your density. This is en route. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can not oppose the Light. You must make a commitment to enter your inner sanctuary. You must enter the realms of eternity in order to live by Joy and for Joy in the pursuit of service without judgment of others. Beloved children of the Light, as a sign of the Presence of the Divine grace in you, if it is possible you should try to access this reconnection to the Source anywhere in the world everyday at noon for a one hour period until the end of radiations of the ultra-violet energy. The preferred time is between 12:00 and 1:00 PM anywhere and will be a moment of contact with God and with eternity. Remember now that the Divine grace will be with you, the Father will meet with you for an hour at lunch time anywhere on this Earth. This is a sign of the truth that We give you, the proof of what we offer. If you're listening at this hour, you'll notice that there is Joy, Truth, Unity and Love that only can be Light and nothing else. You are free to do what you want this gift. Nevertheless, the Source Himself has decided that to ensure that those who wish (independently of this process of transmission and radiation of the ultra-violet energy) to directly establish a contact between you and Him can receive proof (if that is necessary) of the Truth and the Light in your heart that we suggest to you by this daily action. The possible manifestations at this time of your connection with the Source is above all a demonstration of joy, an expression of unspeakable joy related to your reconnection. You will if you wish during this time be in direct contact with the Father. By this approach the Father wishes to prepare you for the reception of Mary, and I will return next week to discuss this at greater length during the overflowing of the 7th virtue. It is advisable that to activate the last 6 virtues you meet in increasing numbers next Sunday at noon precisely French time. The Father can at no time violate your oath and His promise, for He is patient, He is Love and


humility. He offers this through its radiation and His presence in the hope (and seen in the results of the 1st part of the outpouring of the ultraviolet energy) of further reinforcing the establishment of Love and Truth in your world. Beloved master of light, we do not doubt your ability to move beyond the veils of illusion. We are confident of your ability at any time to overcome your fears, by the grace of the work that We have undertaken in our assistance with the Source. Beloved Masters of the Light, I say that your ability to receive this direct outpouring of the Father in the days and weeks ahead will give you the ability to submit to and receive the radiant Light of the God Source, the radiance of the Father. You must agree to support it for life, to accept it in your soul, in your consciousness and in your heart. Be confident that only then will He reveal His presence. I now bless you and leave you in silence to the end of the outpouring of ultraviolet radiation and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I bless you. At any soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

My Comments: AA Michael states that this year more have joined the membership of the Light, and His UV energy program is working as intended, although this is hardly visible to most with the current status quo. We should not judge others but should focus on our own spiritual development. He has continued to answer no questions and focus on directing these energies. He said that "by late September you will have the honor of the realization of your union with the Supreme Creator of the universe". He describes us as children, and that would apply both to those who are immature and need to grow up and to those who in the Light have the innocence and humility and acceptance of new concepts and a lack of negativity and skepticism that comes with age. The Source of the Sources refers to God and the fact that as we unite with Divinity we also become a part of the Source. The axis that He refers to is a central point where objects rotate around it, Alcyone being the center of the rotation of our universes and our poles being the rotational center for earth. It appears that the event that will signal the physical start of ascension and Earth changes will be what has been called the zero point where the Magnetosphere [ ] that surrounds Earth will drop to zero and cause a magnetic pole shift. Earth will stop spinning for a few days before reversing her rotation and the Sun will instead rise in the West. This mention of Earth's axis could be a hint of this event. It is said that as GM goes our country goes, and that direction is rapidly in a downward collapse. The GM and Chrysler bankruptcies mean much more unemployment not only in manufacturing but also in dealerships and auto parts and repairs. Since many more will be unemployed they will be unable to make house payments and this will continue the massive foreclosure and unemployment trends. My comments inside the sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets]. Time will tell.

Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 7th stage June 7, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ... You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday 14 June at 18:00 6 PM (French time) [Sunday June 14 at 12 noon NY time, 11:00 AM in Chicago, 10:00 AM Mountain, and 9:00 AM in LA]. * On this day no public questions will be answered. * For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, and June 1. * Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.


Integration of virtues - 7th stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters and children of the Light, We welcome you in this 7th outpouring which is the 7th virtue through the 7th star. The 6th and 7th Stars join together within the central point of the 12 stars to perform the total and complete revelation of the Union of the Father/Mother [Holy Spirit] in this world to accomplish the advancement of life, the progression of life and the propagation of Light through the will of the Father/Mother together. At this very moment you will start to experience the outpouring of the 7th virtue and the 6th virtue joined together with this achievement. Thus the Source, the Father and the Mother, the Blessed Trinity, existent in all traditions, in all religions and in all dimensions within the multiple universes, form the Trinity manifested in you. This reunification with the Trinity marks in you the return to the central point of this world, in union with the Truth, the Unity and perfection. This transformation is performed and takes place in the heart of your very being by this higher vibration in your heart. By the vibration [higher frequency] and the power of the Light within your being, you again today understand the full meaning of the universe, the full meaning of your life, your goals, your travels, your incarnations and your Light. The reunification of the Trinity within your being makes you the transmitters and anchors of the Light in this dimension. The Conclave and the Virgin Mary now anchor in you the power of Love, the power of the Light and the power of Truth. By achieving this alignment in your alliance with Us in this world, you participate also in the creation of other worlds, and this allows you by your presence to anchor a new dimension within this new reality. As I have said I just reconstruct what is not a part of the agenda of the Trinity, what is not the projection and the plan of the Light in the worlds of darkness that you have traveled as you journey to ascension. This begins now. The full power of the Conclave, the full power Mary, will be manifested on this Earth by your summer solstice [June 21]. The warning statements that I gave you not to attach importance to the external phenomena and to focus within your interior will be your only remedy to the suffering that will soon occur. You should never lose sight of the merger in this world of the will of the Father/Mother joined with the Source. You become part of the plans and the exhibition of the Source by radiating your presence in your current density as bearers of the Light to become transmitters and the embodiment of the Light. This is the first Outpouring of the Trinity in your Truth. [Pause.] We transmit to you in your Interior Temple the power and grace of the Light, the power and grace of love. You become, as Christ said during His incarnation on Earth, “the Way, the Truth and the Life”. No external dark action can occur that would negate the oath that you yourself made, and you will find your more authentic spiritual heritage. I wish to state that the number of human beings who are now enlightened is sufficient to 127

enable all of you to establish the foundations of a new world. This will happen before your eyes by the power and majesty of the Light, by the power and majesty of the Father and the Mother who are in you, so you will finally become the great Son you have always been [you will be reunited as a member of the family of Divinity, and this has been hidden from you until now]. You will enable (at your current density, even within your incarnation) the power of grace because you will in the weeks to come become the personification of grace. There are no obstacles that can prevent this in your unity with Trinity. The control of the darkness will not take place any more as it vanishes by your majestic unity. The revelation of the Unity through the Trinity allows you to activate the higher vibrations, the affiliation and your merging with the spiritual heritage that will gradually be given to your consciousness. The inconveniences (wherever they are in this world related to your separation from the darkness associated with the rejection of what is not of the Light) can not reach you in your consciousness, in your Truth. You will be guided in an infallible way by the Light in your decisions, your behaviors, your evolutions, your movements. The connection in this world, produced by your awakening through the 7th virtue is what is called faith in many movements, in many religions. But it is a faith that knows, a faith that understands all, a faith that accomplishes all. It starts in you today. Receive the overflowing energies of the Trinity. Your connection with this world is built by you. You will find your alignment, you are aligned, you are blessed and you are a blessing to others. During the next 24 hours, this activity that we perform today in this country during the time period from noon till 1 PM will give you a realization of the truth in your midst. It is your responsibility to cultivate this grace, to enable it to grow, to come forward and to achieve this fully within your density. The only choice in your life is here and nowhere else. You must formally stop the fighting and the struggles so that grace may grow in you. Letting the grace grow in you is enabled by the outpouring that We now perform in you. Receive this outpouring of grace. Beloved Masters of the Light, I as Spokesman of the Conclave and the Virgin Mary (to whom We have given your entire radiation) congratulate you and encourage you to live what you are destined for. Truth is there and nowhere else. The projections of your external consciousness will gradually cease. You will learn as the weeks progress to live in the grace of your Unity and in the Truth. Living in this grace brings no anxiety, no conflicts. It is on this level that the conflicts cultivated by certain dark beings on this planet will see a conclusion. This is your battle of Light, your struggle for peace. Together We thank you, those valiant and strong, who join Us in increasing numbers in this splendid transformation of Light. We appreciate you. Be confident also that at the height of the deconstruction of this world Mary will individually address each of you. No one may be deceived by this voice, even those who choose for the moment not to participate in this work of the Light.


Each of you (wherever you are on this planet, whatever your sense of service whether to the dark or to the Light) will recognize instantly without any doubt the vibrational energy of the Divine Mother. Mary will personally announce a certain number of elements to you to be carried out at the proper time. The announcement will seal in a final way your meeting with the Light. No one will be able to confuse this proclamation with anything else, because the answer will be heard in the heart and not in the head. Now, within this density, as you anchor yourself in the dimension of this world, you will have the capacity increasing to live by the Light and in the Light. This is an example of a total reversal of everything that existed in your life so far. In this sense We the Conclave and the Divine Mary recommend that you increasingly abandon yourself to the will of the Light, to the Will of the Source, to the will of the Unity. It is in this abandonment that lies (whatever the external circumstances of your lives) the reality of Joy, the reality of the Presence, the reality of I Am. Within this Truth, your path in this density however may encounter obstacles. Receive this energy effusion of the Source. Beloved children of Grace and Truth, your role now is to live more and more the truth, to express it in a quiet way in the world and to the world. Wherever you are, whatever your place in the universe and in this life, you are all equal before the Light. Your role is to literally illuminate this vibration of Light, this new Unity where the density is no longer confronted with anything other than itself. So there is a total and complete reunification with what you already are in other dimensions. This revelation makes it easier to enter the world of Light, the world of higher vibration and the world of the essence of design. The more you let the light penetrate your whole environment, the more your path will appear as absolute, intelligible, despite the chaos of this world. The Virgin Mary and the Conclave urge you to turn increasingly inward, not to withdraw yourself by this procedure but to draw your attention to the Light, to concentrate on that with every step in everything that you do in each of your relationships. Thus the Light appears in the world, thus the Father and the Mother join together to speak to you and teach you. Again, we thank the many people who are joining us and ask that you join in this work in the Truth. The work of the Light is the greatest grace a human being can live. There is not in this duality that you currently live any other event that can put you both in joy and in truth. You are those who have awakened, you are those who are now awake, as We've awoken you by Our activity. This is done in joy. Deconstruction is not Joy but you are the Joy during this deconstruction. You are the Joy in this density if you are transformed by what We offer: the alliance with this world, the Trinity reunified within your Interior Temple, within your consciousness. You must act in this world, not with an action or reaction of duality, but you must respond with an act of grace and a truth. Receive this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation. Beloved Masters of Light, children of the Source, as you travel this world you need to let the Light lead you and give you directions in your journey, in your life, and you must accept what


comes, you must accept this grace and you must live in this grace in this world. If you now allow Our guidance and Our radiance by this ultraviolet energy through the Holy Spirit and the Source your actions will be guided. Gradually as the weeks progress, the more you enter and anchor the axis of this new world in you, the more you will become aware of the role of the Source in this current density. We ask that you humbly submit to the Truth of Light, to abandon yourself to the Source and the radiation of Light. Your strength, your survival, can only come from there and nowhere else. By abandoning to the Source your path is illuminated and your journey will be assisted regardless once again of the deconstruction of this world. Faith must be your fortification. Carrying out your alliance with this world the higher vibration of your DNA is transformed completely, the vibration of your cells, the vibration of your physical body is literally bathed in the Light Source and reveals a very different form. Your needs will be different, your existence will be different on all levels. This represents the beginnings of what you will experience later called dimensional transformation or ascension. The intellect, the reasoning must give way completely to the intelligence of love, the understanding of grace. Receive now this effusion from the Source. We the Conclave wish to clarify that the more of you who participate in the reunion the more elevated Earth will be. Thus we encourage you to illuminate the light on all of your brothers, without questioning, without imposing anything on others, just simply suggesting this. As I stated in My last speech, this latest outpouring is your manifestation of Light as you absorb and radiate as much of that Light as possible. The movement that began here 7 weeks ago will continue to grow from week to week. The energy of the Source will penetrate the whole of Creation in this density and not only just humans [but animals and all life too]. The Earth itself is beginning to respond to the impetus of the reunion by intense vibrations from its crystalline core [earthquakes], expressed also by the amplification of conscious beings living within the inner [hollow] Earth, participants who also are raising their awareness towards a future of pure Light. As I said, we have given the tokens and the energy of Our presence and Our radiance to Mary. This now has all the necessary power to open up transmissions to human beings so that very soon the announcements of Mary will be made. You, in the same way in your life, should accept what is presented to you effortlessly because this Light is for you. The circumstances of your lives, whatever they are, are resonances of the Light, vibrations of the Truth. If some of you live in pain understand that this is to allow the total demonstration of the Light in you and ultimately it is what will occur. Faith must grow, confidence in the Light must settle irreversibly and definitively in your consciousness. Receive this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation. By activating this 7th ultraviolet virtue it penetrates (now and henceforth) into all of your cells, allowing the transfer and requirements of the recovery of your entire inheritance of DNA. This transmutation and the atomic vibration of your constituent atoms can now begin.


Your format, your shape, will evolve into a structure more in keeping with the will of the Trinity and the design of the Source. Do not resist the eliminations that may occur through this vibration that you are transmuted to you, but accompany them without resistance, for they are not lasting imbalances but eliminations that must occur. The only result is even more Light in your structures. The transformed body, once it has eliminated a number of oppositions and resistances that you call diseases, will become impermeable to any resonance of the dark side, conveyed as well by drugs called vaccines [they are poisons to the body] by any mental influence that one will want to impose on you. Receive this outpouring of grace. Beloved children of the Light, when I speak of welcoming the Light that is also permitting everything that comes to you with the same Love and the same Light. By the principle that I just outlined, if you continue to receive the Light no darkness will be able to reach you. The Light that you emit, the power of Light and the change that you live transform and dissolve this darkness. You have nothing to fear, for Light is very powerful, the transformation that you live is the Truth and the reality. Do not be alarmed when you feel the hot, the cold and the resonance that your body will start to intensely endure [they are symptoms of ascension and a higher frequency]. This results from the action of the Light and the Source of the action of the Father/Mother, even within your physical foundation. Beloved Masters of the Light, I end with these few words: We the Conclave wish to thank all those people involved in this effort of the Light, in the effort during this dimensional transformation. We bless you individually and collectively. This work of grace (between noon and 1 PM on your watch) will grow during this week. During this moment of grace you are required to live in full consciousness, whatever your exterior activities. You must be aware and thankful for the grace that the Source gives you within these separated worlds where you now live. We welcome and thank you. This action of your accommodation corresponds to approval of Our efforts. As you know these transmissions of ultra-violet energy will continue to accomplish in you the delivery of the grace and the Truth in the Light. The transformation of your physical bodies in the alignment of your density is a lasting Truth. It is not a subtle phenomenon but a tangible, visible, and perceptible reality. By receiving this Light, by receiving and serving your brothers and sisters, by welcoming and serving all of creation in this higher density, you will live a life of Joy. We bless you and leave you now in silence until the end of your 72 minutes here to live in union with the Trinity. Be blessed. We love you. As is usual, the Conclave informs me that the date of the next meeting is on Sunday June 14 at 18:00 [6 PM French time]. Continue to receive this effusion of energy.

My comments: AA Michael states that there are enough humans who have reached a level of


enlightenment so that we will be able to build a new world in 5D, hinting that this may have been a reason for delays until now to allow more to participate in this movement. He again mentions ascension symptoms that will increase in the coming days as we reach higher frequency levels and says that these are normal. Diseases will soon be cured as we experience changes in our bodies, and even animals will be part of this ascension process according to His words. He mentions vaccines in a negative fashion and hints that drugs will not be needed in the future. He says “The full power of the Conclave, the full power of Mary, will be manifested on this Earth by your summer solstice [June 21].” That is less than 2 weeks away so the days of waiting may be short. He speaks of earthquakes and the hollow Earth that will be part of the coming changes. Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 8th stage June 14, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ... You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday June 21 at 6 AM (French time) [Saturday June 21 at 12 midnight NY time, 11:00 PM in Chicago, 10:00 PM Mountain, and 9:00 PM in LA]. * On this day no public questions will be answered. * For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, and June 7 [the final is July 12]. * Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.


Integration of Virtues - 8th stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of Celestial Militia. As usual, to all of you who accept within your current densities the Truth of the Light, the Truth of the ultraviolet energy, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the outpouring of Energy of the Father, I greet you. You are now at your 8th virtue, the 8th intervention [of 12]. It will help you awaken to the Integrity and the Truth in your path on this Earth. Again, on behalf of the Conclave and the Councils and the angelic realms, I want to bring you Our gratitude so that you will accept, receive and transmit the Light from the Source. By tracing back to your eternal galactic family you are blessed in the Truth. By receiving and accepting what We have sent you it is now possible to mention the five final dates of your energy effusions. They have a very particular benefit because of your integration into an association with the many Worlds, into your coalition with the Source and the Truth. By having your foundation stabilized in this new density next to your heart, you will be able to develop, to function, and to be illuminated by the final 5 virtues. This will complete your activation and reception of the visible Light and will confirm the outpouring of energy from the Sun and the Galactic Center [Alcyone]. The energy that you accept today permits the awakening in you of the grace of your communication within the multi-universes in these multiple dimensions. This for you, for the majority of you, is a new capability to link with and share the realities which you were until now alienated from. Thus by activating the 8th virtue, it will become possible (gradually at your own pace) to communicate, interact and communicate with the consciousness of the entire universe. This virtue is also consistent with the activation of your 8th strand of DNA. It strengthens your spiritual lineage, your affiliation with eternity. This vibration is a new higher frequency in your current [3D] density, designed to achieve enlightenment and a connection with what you call the [Hindu] Akascha or the Ether [also called orgone energy, a quantum sea of energy, and zero point energy by Tesla and others]. This new virtue is located above the region of your throat. Named in different beliefs as the door of passage to enlightenment corresponding to the Transfiguration and the Sephiroth Da’at [The Da'at is the Mystical state of Unity through the 10 levels of Sephiroth, also called the Tree of Life. These ten levels are associated with the Kabbalah's four different "worlds" or "planes" which serve as the guide for returning to the Creator - wiki.], allowing you to reconnect your memory to the universe, your remembrance of Earth, and the memory of what you really are as members of Divinity. This is the first effusion of energy . Allowing the vibrational energy and the resonance of this new virtue, this new attribute and this new sphere of influence will permit you to view your history so that you can become anchored in this new reality called the 5th dimension, which is much closer than you think. By activating this resonance [higher frequency], this new realm, we unlock memories of your Godhead. Thus those concepts which have been hidden will no longer be hidden. The truth in your hearts is enabled through this sphere of influence and this vibration. With the opening of this virtue and the activation of the corresponding DNA strand, We the Conclave put an end to the process called death. 134

The continuation of this consciousness is revealed in you and manifested in your density by your life and in your journey. Connecting to the Akascha the ether is accompanied by a sound. This sound that is perceived in the soul in relation to this heavenly connection keeps you in a permanent consciousness. From now on every soul that lives in this body will maintain this awareness. The disconnection of your consciousness is now terminated. This is a manifestation of your consciousness as eternal beings. Forgetting the past now has more importance, more assurance in you. You will discover during the last 5 meetings the whole truth about your direction, your destiny and the significance of your arrival in this higher density. Whether this is in the form of dreams or during your meditations, the information that you obtain about yourself and about this world will be revealed to you in full clarity and depth that can no longer be hidden. The sound of this connection is a note. By this sound, you will consistently realize the link between your density, your soul, your spirit, and therefore the Unity. By living in the Unity you can not go astray nor can you be deceived. It is the responsibility of all humility in truth to follow this sound. This sound is the infallible guide to your connection, your reconnection and your truth. The path you have to travel in this dimension is limited in time, very short even in Earth terms. It is your responsibility to walk in a straight line following your heart and sound. This sound can not mislead you, cannot direct wrongly and can not make you deviate from your path, whatever the encounters that arise in the coming weeks, in this density. This sound also reflects the activation of your mechanism to receive the announcement to be made by Mary in a more present and more connected manner. This is to come. Your consciousness should pay attention to this sound, to maintain and follow it in order to continue your path of truth in the Unity and in the privacy of your inner being during these limited times that remain. This new strand that We heavenly activate (with your agreement) has a resonance and vibration in the most discreet area of your being. Centered in your heart, the result of this sound will occur more and more in you, in your inner space, for the first time during your periods of meditation or prayer, regardless of the words you use. As Transmitters of the Light it will gradually become possible for you to make this sound and to make it visible to others in your environment. The music of the spheres [a concept that regards movements of celestial bodies as a form of music] in which you were designed will appear in its glory. Sounds, shapes, colors and the numbers of Creation will now become fully available. This sign, as I said earlier is a deconstruction and is a separation from the obstacles so you may return within to the Unity, to the galactic family. Of course, many roadblocks may appear (not inside of you since the principle of this resonant sound breaks through the barriers in you), and your brothers and sisters will not hear and will not of necessity respond in surrender but will continue to live in duality compared to your life in Unity. You do not have to worry about that. You must remain concentrated on the central point of the world, abiding in your heavenly celestial heart. Thus, nothing ominous can happen as you remain in solitude on this


path. In the period that begins now you must abide in integrity and honesty. Remember that you vibrate in accordance with the essence of the Angels. This vibration is present and is a transforming virtue in you individually and in this world in its entirety. This sound will be audible on the entire surface of this planet. The luminous phenomena that I spoke of at the beginning of this year will gradually invade your space and your locality. These luminous phenomena are accompanied by sound phenomena, such as some of you now hear. This sound indicates the vibrational resonance in your solar system and all the inhabitants of this world, the total resonance with the galactic heart. This condition begins today. It will intensify and resonate, it will expose and permit what I have called deconstruction earlier this year. That which opposes the introduction of this cosmic resonance must be deconstructed [removed] in order to reconstruct a new identity, a new form, a new truth more in line with the principle of resonance of the Source. This vibration sets in motion in you, in this dense structure that you now live, the last movements of deconstruction and reconstruction in a bright, genuine and wholesome Light. The veil of oblivion that was your destiny will in time be dissolved within each of your lives. You can not ignore what you are, you can not ignore where you came from, you can no longer ignore the consequences of your choice to either be in the Light or not be in the Light, whatever you decide. This will become clear. This will be a total and unwavering Light that shows you are living in the truth. By allowing the awakening and manifestation of this 8th virtue, you will by the presence of sound not be misled, manipulated or deviated from your path by what is not of the Light. When it is revealed this continuity of sound will always lead you to it and not away from it. It therefore guarantees your authenticity and your compliance with the provisions for the Light, the Truth of the Father, and your acceptance of the ultraviolet energy and with the Holy Spirit. This sound is your assistant and allows you to accurately confirm the path that remains for you to travel in the Unity. The resonance which it generates brings you an incorruptibility and gives you the capacity to regain your memory. It will bring to your lives an abundance of joy, an expansion of truth, so that you can maintain this joy and your integrity, whatever the events that will proceed now in an inescapable way on the surface of this planet. The elementary demonstrations of My presence that begin on your [summer] solstice this year [June 21] will be to cleanse and remove (literally and figuratively) what is not of the Father's will, the will of the Source, and the will of Eternity. Expect that which is temporary, that which has been built by man, will disappear entirely, and only you yourself will remain. None of the obstacles associated with the fears of society will survive the Grace of Light when it is revealed. This route will soon be clearly visible and tangible. Do not be delayed by the madness of men who refuse the Light, do not be upset by the illustrations of separation and deconstruction. This sound is your verification of the vibration of your heart and your new essence is your confirmation.


Love and Light are the only truth that you should express, develop, integrate and demonstrate. This must occupy every breath, all of your attention and every conscious moment. We rely on the multitude of beings who are connected to Us by these Celestial Marriages. We are now confident and convinced, by observing your abundance of Light and by observing the pattern of possible futures, that the future of this Earth is a future of glory, a future of Light, to which you are invited and in which you will take part in [we make our own future]. Skepticism does not belong to those in the Light. Your Doubts separate you from this sound, your doubts move you away from the Light vibration and away from your heart. In this period of training, during these last 5 meetings you are asked to express with power, firmness and without any reservations your actuality as a child of the Law of One, your reality as a child of the Father, your existence as a being of Light who is finally now awake. The accuracy of the sound vibration and the vibration of your heart in an obvious way strengthens your connection and your reconnection. You represent for the rest of humanity a role model to be followed to express the truth. Be assured of this because that is what We see. Some environments not conducive to the establishment of this new law (the only true law) only cause (through education and varied social conditionings) more doubts in you and can still slow your momentum and your movement toward the Light. You will become co-creators of your truth, even within this [3rd] density. Your thought process, your mental tools must be a confirmation of the purest Unity because what you think will be expressed, what you wish while in the Light will be displayed in an instantaneous way. [It appears that He is saying that if we wish for something it will be created before our very eyes. This is a enormous power that can be abused by those who only wish to please themselves as we become creators by our thoughts. Other ETs have spoken of this creative power also.] The law of causality [cause and effect - adding 2 + 2 always equals 4] that has affected you in your development within your density for more than 50,000 years will cease to exist. The addition of the 8th virtue reveals to you another principle of causality. This principle of causality is called Love and is neither an action nor a reaction [it is given no matter how we react to it for there is no ulterior motive and no payment is desired for this action]. The Father, by His own will, through the cycles and the times you live, allows the achievement of that goal now. You show yourselves worthy, you show what humility is. Through this humility, through this self-respect , you can not mislead or fool anyone. You participate in the awakening of the Light. This work (because it is in Unity) is accomplished at this very moment by millions of human beings on this planet. You are always able to carry that out. But We the Conclave and the Councils need to increase the number of participants who receive this outpouring of the ultraviolet energy during the final 4 weeks remaining after this, because the more We can convert the world to this new truth the less deconstructions We will need to perform that grieve Our hearts [the more who become beings of Light the less destruction there will be on Earth and the less who will need to be removed and cleansed]. This is your responsibility.


Again, We can only suggest, We can not impose, and the same is true for you. You should recommend (not so much by words but by the quality of your Light, your sound and the Divine presence revealed in you) to your brothers and your sisters the reality of the Light. You must demonstrate this through your being, you must emit this Light. By focusing on this role, this sound and vibration will strengthen you in your seven centers called chakras in order to enable you literally to enlighten your brothers and your sisters, to enlighten your own structures, and to inspire the different kingdoms existing on the surface of this planet to join the Light. We count on your presence and your unwavering radiation, just as our Our presence is transmitted to you for all eternity. The Divine Mary (having received all of Our power) is especially suited to receive your requests as long as they relate to the quantity of Light that you can express and request. You should worry about nothing other than the Light and Love. Nothing but Love and Light should be on your thoughts, in your actions or your leisure times. Beloved Masters of Light you have now entered with Us into the last sequence of this current dimension. You will observe this new dimension elevated in Truth, enriched by Joy. The Grace of the Source allows this. It is through this grace that you show that you can ease the burden, the weight and density of this current dimension. You are the white knights, you are the creators of a new era. In this Our gratitude and Our connection to you is eternal, permanent and unwavering. The Lords of Karma are waiting at your door. They carry the Word as it has been delivered in various traditional and by religious leaders of your world since time immemorial. [The Lords of Karma are Ascended Masters who work with each soul group of embodied beings on earth. They include: St. Germaine, Athena, Kwan Yin, Ashtar, Isis, Mary, Kuthumi, and Esu Sananda.] This will appear more clearly by the removal of the veil of oblivion through the revelation to your senses of the meaning of your life on Earth. The time has come for you to remember your oath you made when you voluntarily chose to descend to an existence separated from Divinity. It is time also for the Source to prove to you, to reveal His presence that has been hidden since you arrived in this world, within your 3rd density, and it could not be otherwise. Today, through the power of the Light emitted by the tens of millions of people and the souls who worship at these meetings, that becomes increasingly possible, increasingly real, increasingly tangible. That will be able only to reinforce your ability and your capacity to live in Joy, your ability and your capacity to surrender to the Light, your ability and your capacity to see, feel and hear the Truth. No lie can ever deceive you again in your society, in this world, as exists in the fears that are currently seeking to be influenced on this level of humanity [being telepathic means that you will be able to see if a person is telling the truth]. The Light can not be affected by fear, the Light can not be affected by darkness. The light is Joy, the Light is Love, the Light is your shield, your defense and your aspiration. By stabilizing your new foundations, protected by the sound, protected by the manifestation of the Essence of the Source, your path can only become more and more bright, more acceptable and closer to the Father's will, the will of the Source.


The vibration resulting from this 8th virtue appears as I said it in the upper part of your throat, where the Mystery of birth and death abides. This is where the secret of your separation in this dimension from the rest of the universe exists. In this sense you will become more aware of this now and that's why I called these energy effusions a Celestial Marriage. The Celestials come to you. This Celestial Unity has awakened this in you, and you merge in its Truth. The moments that you live are moments of grace. Do not permit the last efforts of the dark to abide in you or around you. Be content that you establish yourself in this new foundation of the vibration of the Light in your heart and listen to the path of Light, the Sound of Light, the Truth of Light. Your strength, your determination to remain focused on the axis of the world is your best guarantee, your best source for eternity. The current number of completed reconnections that are within your physical beings are imperceptible. These also allow reconnections with the beings that you encounter on the different paths of life that you cross. These life projects are enabled. Proceed towards the line of least resistance as to what you want to live in this last round in 3D [do not make waves or cause controversy] so that your tasks will be light and easy and will not interfere in any way with your journey in the Light. The phenomena of fluidity [being variable and open to change and new ideas], the phenomena of coexistence [living in 2 worlds] will now be part of your lives, to a level never even imagined in your wildest dreams. If you follow the sound, if you follow the vibration, nothing will oppose you in this density that is not a part of Joy. And it will be that in its entirety. The key word is trust, the trust you put in your eternity, in the Light, in the sound and the vibration. It can not be otherwise. The quality of your circumstances will change significantly. Nothing, I repeat absolutely nothing, can affect the vibration, sound and truth if you stay in alignment with the central point of this world and your heart. Attach no attention to the technological phenomena that those who want to introduce you to it. Only the voice of the heart, the voice of Mary and the voice of your soul are the real voices, the rest are merely projections of illusion to implant doubts through the projection of a false light. But your discernment through this new connection is linked to the activation of the 8th virtue so that you will not be deceived, misled or put on the wrong path. You must implant and strengthen in you the Light of Truth, the Truth of your power. The path and the road you travel are formulated by them. You should not under any circumstances follow the ego intellect because it always leads you down the path of fear and the path of destruction. It can not be otherwise. Beloved Masters of Light, I inform you that your next meeting will take place on your watches in France next Sunday on your summer solstice at 6 o'clock in the morning. We changed the hour to 6 AM so that the maximum millions of Light workers will benefit, depending on the geographical location where they are located, to receive the outpouring of the Source, which continues regardless of your daily Ultraviolet reception (between 12 noon and 1 pm every day).


Thus, during this outpouring that We have performed We will continue to accommodate many of your brothers located at 6 time zones so that they may benefit through the 8th virtue along with the outpouring of the Source. This is crucial. I bring you the Grace, the Light, the Truth, and the outpouring of ultraviolet energy, and I leave you now in silence to continue this work because that is what will occur. [I leave you now] in the work of Love and Light.

My comments: The timing for next week will be on Saturday night, and this will make it convenient for those in the US to participate remotely in this meeting. He said last week “The full power of the Conclave, the full power of Mary, will be manifested on this Earth starting on your summer solstice.

As Alex Collier stated we are the only beings in this galaxy who support money, as it is a way to control us and separate the rich from the poor, the kings from the slaves. After ascension it will be reportedly phased out because we will have all of our needs met, and work will be an enjoyment instead of a drudgery. Those ETs from other planets and universes will be allowed permission to visit and assist in what has been called first contact [we are still in quarantine until then]. The emergence of peace in the Middle East is a possible sign of changes, and there is a message from Adama of Telos [inner Earth] thru Eve that chemtrail spraying will no longer be tolerated, hinting that these airplanes are breaking the cosmic law by this poisonous pollution and will not be permitted to continue. Recent Phoenix bird crop circles that have been reportedly made by ETs speak of death and rebirth. The Phoenix needs to die before it can be reborn. It is we who are now dying and will soon be reborn with our ascension to a new life in 5D. Generally speaking, our bodies, minds, and spirits are going to higher levels and are losing their lower density. In order to "die" or go to a higher dimension where the frequencies are much higher, one has to make adjustments. Lighter matter vibrates at a higher frequency. As we raise our frequencies to higher rates, we live at times both in this old 3D reality and in a new higher dimension. It is said that we will receive new crystalline bodies that will replace our carbon based bodies to enable us to reside in the higher realms to continually be able to receive this higher Light. This process is ongoing and cannot happen overnight. Many will have their bodies upgraded by activating their DNA (a restoration of the original 12 DNA that is now occurring) that were downgraded by the Anunnaki to control and enslave us, while others will receive new bodies based on their present DNA so they will not look alike as robots. AA Michael speaks of the sounds that will become evident as we move into higher frequencies, the music of the spheres (similar to music produced by movements of celestial bodies) that will be heard as we approach the completion of ascension. Some have already


noticed strange sounds and ringing which may be a part of this as a sign of things to come. Music is a vibration that is present in all of the universe and can uplift the spirit, and we will become more aware of this as we join with Unity. Esu’s name is musical and lengthy, and with telepathy names are not needed for communication. Excerpts on akasha from: “Hindu philosophy interprets the akasha as the ether, or soniferous ether, the fifth and subtlest etheric element that permeates the universe, omnipresent, acting as the agent through which electromagnetic forces operate and from all other principles are created. These five "ethers," or elements, could be likened to the five senses of man. In order to hear distinct sounds, the Hindu theosophist concentrates himself upon akasha.” Those celestial phenomena that He spoke of earlier will become noticeable in the future, so what He discusses often takes time to appear to us. Michael also spoke of the elimination of death and old age in our future, and ETs have often spoken of living 1,000’s of years in a body, calling it merely a container for the soul that lives on for eternity. Those Lemurians living in Telos (beneath Mt. Shasta) have spoken of a timeless body that we will inherit as part of ascension. excerpts from: “What do the people in Telos look like? We look just like you, although we are perhaps somewhat taller [8-9 feet] in stature and broader than you are. We are hefty and strong, for we've been on a vegetarian diet for the last 12,000 years. This diet has slowed our aging process to the point where we've stopped getting older. We use our diet and our mind to remain in a youthful state always, which we term "immortality". We are able to prolong our life for as long as we desire, based on our diet and our belief system of Immortality. You will find that accumulating years (aging) only makes you wiser and stronger - not the opposite. So grow "older" in age with grace and dignity, and maintain your physical prowess, agility, and strength. You will find that the more you do, the more you can always do. Don't let age limit you - or what people say limit you. For you are unlimited. We here in Telos are still discovering how unlimited we are. We are still finding ourselves delving into the unknown when it comes to our bodies. We keep experimenting with our bodies, and find that we can use our bodies to do so many different things. We are still discovering our inner strength and stamina, and we are still pushing ourselves to the outer limits of what we "thought" we could do.” Sheldan Nidle spoke this week of the magnetic polar shift that is close to happening and the current state of banking and government: “ We can definitely state that our allies are moving


forward, with all major written agreements now signed and countersigned by the key governmental, banking, and corporate groups involved in both the delivery operations and the formal exchanges of governmental power. Very few items remain to be tied up. Accordingly, we can say that the time for these actions and for the announcements is very close. Earth fully intends to move from a bi-polar to a mono-polar surface configuration [from duality to Unity]. The same adjustment is being made to the Sun and the entire solar system. This change can release the as-yet unmanifested imprints of the destroyed trans-Martian planet (Maldek or Pax) and reveal the apparently vanished planet Vulcan. [Vulcan was a small planet proposed to exist in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun - wiki. It may now be visible only in a higher dimension.] The solar system's Elohim are preparing to create this new solar system when so divinely direct it. Meanwhile, all of you are moving through the next series of changes to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The major stress points here are your upper chest, head, and lower legs. You may experience a degree of discomfort as these operations move ever deeper into your physical body. Side effects may include some temporary memory loss, strange pains in your legs, and cramping of the muscles on or near your upper ribcage. You may also have vivid dreams about things long forgotten. ” Michael said that millions of Light workers are now participating in these meetings world wide, and the door is open for still more to join in receiving and transmitting this Light. It appears that changes are on the horizon but time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 9th stage June 21, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ... You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday June 28 at 10:00 AM (French time) [ 4 AM NY time, 3 AM in Chicago, 2 AM Mountain, and 1 AM in LA]. * On this day no public questions will be answered. * For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, and June 7 [the final is July 12]. * Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.


Integration of Virtues - 9th stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of the Light, receive the gratitude of the Archangels, the Conclave, and the different spiritual orders that transmit the energy of the ultraviolet radiation to you anywhere in this world in these most active period and these most powerful moments. Today the 9th virtue or the 9th star is activated in you. I will continue at length on this subject because it is the personal reconnection in you with your Divinity and your Eternity. On this day of your summer solstice let Us integrate first of all the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy in your chest within your Eternity. By the arrival of the outpouring of this 9th virtue in you, it initiates your ability to reconnect to your Father and the Source. This reconnection is through silence. Silence is directly linked within the reunited multidimensional worlds to the capacity of your ability to create. This ability is directly linked to the verb create in the noblest sense. Silence is the prerequisite to your activation of the concept of creating, making you conscious co-creators of your own reality. The 9th star is directly linked to the verb create. I spoke last week of the enabling of your connection to the divine Mary by the sound of this [B flat 466 Hz] tone. This tone is the intermediate step in reaching your inner silence, allowing the implementation of co-creation through this concept expressed by the Father. You are now participating in this implementation. When your perception of the ability to create is awakened in you, in your inner silence, you realize your role literally as a creator in Truth of your own experiences. Silence and this concept of creation represent the sequence that is expressed in the multiple universes, in the multi-dimensions where its existence is very powerful [creation is normal in higher dimensions]. To arrive at the reality of being a creator requires certain transitions of consciousness and energy to carry this out before you can achieve it in this 3rd density that you now exist. These movements of the consciousness and energy are carried out within you personally before being carried out in others in this 3rd density. This ability to create is a concept that is representative of and a coordinator of a new creation in this new higher density that you will explore in your short time left on Earth [in 3D]. We initialize in you (by the grace and the decree of the Father) your ability to go beyond your present consciousness to discover in your interior areas in silence the appearance and demonstration of the creation of the 5th dimension in your current dimension . This creation within your separated 3rd density today will be demonstrated (in your next few weeks and in all your future years) by your ability (beginning when it is aligned with the heart of God, from the moment it is unified with the heart of God) to create and to demonstrate in Unity with the Source in your 3rd density your transformation into beings of Light and the expression in your 3rd density of the Truth of the Light in your life and in your environment.


This tone and the inner silence appears in you once you have stabilized in your interior the ultraviolet energy transmitted directly into your heart in intensity and in truth. Within this interior area you will enjoy the opportunity of manifesting your awareness of co-creation, both in the events occurring now in your life and in your future in your new 5th dimension. This represents an education which you must carry out within this 3rd density in order to allow you to express the Light and the Truth in Unity before you live permanently and totally in the new 5th dimension. By activating this 9th virtue you become conscious co-creators of your Truth, of the Light and of life everlasting. If you agree to live in the Truth and the Light of the Father (displayed during the circumstances of your life), you will experience the inner joy of this conscious act of cocreation, whatever the deconstructions that will occur in your world. This tone and this silence are the indelible marks of your connection to the Father/Mother, the Truth and to the higher dimensions. In the environment of inner silence, the term create occurs because the mind is silent. Your surrender allows God to reach you and to manifest His Glory. By cultivating in this inner silence the concept of being a creator you will also experience the joy, the fullness of Light, the fullness of Truth and the fullness of your Essence. Starting today you become whole and experience a new beginning, connected to the Father and the Mother, and you become within this density the children of creation and the creators of those whom you give birth to. I speak now in gratitude on behalf of the entire Archangelic Conclave. As I said last week, you are now among the tens of millions who join Us in these outpourings, to participate as creators even within your environment in your Truth of Light and Joy. With the connection that you establish (beyond the dimension where you now live that is separated from Our higher dimension) you can also develop in you a virtue related to this inner silence that you call telepathy. It starts up quietly by a rearrangement of the Light within your density. What you experience within your beings will soon become a form visible to all of humanity as the Light changes in your bodies. Light is awareness and it becomes a perfect example of Light in the 5th dimension. The Light in your body (conveyed multidimensionally) for most of you will begin to be expressed in your perception and your conscience (initially only little by little) at this level during your nights [by dreams]. You will see that your consciousness has the ability to travel [out of body], to move from the heavy and dense body that you have had for so long to your new multidimensional body. The revelation and the driving force of this transition are the tone [sound] and the concept of your ability of creation. Otherwise, the dimensional transition from your separated state to a unified body may not take place in a conscious way in your life until it is finalized by having the tone and the interior silence installed in you. In this separated environment you will have the opportunity and time to experiment with your dimensional bodies, to live for a while and get used to their presence, their meaning and their radiance.


These multi dimensional bodies are yours for all eternity, but they were hidden from you although connected to what you call the Sun [by its energy]. Today, by connecting this existing vibratory ultraviolet energy between your Sun and the Earth, it is made possible thanks to the creative concept through inner silence to enter these multidimensional bodies. Thus, in response to the promise you were given in your holy book, you can travel semiconsciously, then increasingly more consciously and finally super consciously in the body which awaits you from all Eternity, by the restructuring of this connection in you, visible today in the union linking the Sun and the Earth. The principle of full access to your conscience in this multidimensional body of Light will be acquired after an energy reversal process. This is not for now but this will occur soon. However, in this interim period which still separates you from the end of this dimension and the end of this duality, you have the possibility of your returning to the interior silence in your body in Glory that was announced in your sacred scriptures. Your illuminated entry (although temporarily) into your eternal body will reveal (in your current dimension) your eternity, your joy, your glory, your notification and your reconnection to Divinity after your having existed in a life separated from the galactic worlds. Starting today (and in a preliminary way for those of you who have already experienced the Truth of these energy effusions) you recognize your opportunity to penetrate this multidimensional body, to live in it and manifest it. However, this does not make you lose sight of the fact that your role in the here and now is in your ability to return to the Truth and the Light, to prepare the multidimensional Earth body that some of you will have the possibility (at the end of ultraviolet effusions) to enter, create and experience. The training that you receive, the training that your planet receives is made possible as of today. Nevertheless, this period of deconstruction coming soon is very important. It requires that you anchor in the Light in this density in a proper and intense way. Thus, you do not yet live permanently in this multi-dimensional body [and only experience it at certain times], except for those of you who leave the body [and travel to higher dimensions in spirit only without the need for a body], which is not the plan for the majority of you yet. However, this reconnection and the understanding of your conscious co-creation within this density will increase. Thus, between these two dimensions, between your current life and your ephemeral eternity, you will be able to increase the intensity of the Light, the Light of Truth and the manifestation of sound and silence in your environment. As you enter these multidimensional spaces on a temporary basis, you'll discover that your reality, even within this 3rd dimension, is so very different. This phenomena called synchronicity [a coexistence in 2 dimensions and 2 bodies] will increase significantly in order to produce conditions conducive to the establishment of your inner joy, the establishment of your truth, whatever the circumstances of the environment. You do not have to dwell on these obstacles, but you should focus on the establishment of the


Light which is total joy, tranquility and peace. Do not associate with or accompany what is to be deconstructed. This should not be your role [do not dwell on the negative or assemble with those who choose not to receive the Light]. Your role is to be builders of the new Truth, builders of a new world that will come into manifestation. However, you must (while abiding at the center of your new foundation in your heart) transmit this Truth of the Light to the maximum of human beings who have not yet joined the Light during these energy effusions. That is their freedom and their choice, but the absolute power of your Light, the power of the energy effusion, the power of the Holy Spirit enables the connection of a growing number of beings in this multi dimensionality to the Light. Remain confident in all of your brothers and your sisters because, until the time of My festival [at the end of September] that you celebrate, it is possible for all humans to in turn enter into this Truth [it appears that starting this Fall man’s choice to unite with Divinity and receive the Light will no longer exist]. Never forget the words of Christ: "the last shall be first." What He meant is that, by the grace of the Father, access to the decision of joining the Unity can exist only until the end of your time in the 3rd dimension. I am not saying, therefore, that your 3rd dimension will stop at the end of September, but that nevertheless the conditions for the establishment of the 5th dimension will be complete in Truth by then. Thus, by the movements that you make in your separated world from the 3rd dimension to your body of Light, you will able to participate in the arrival of this new dimension on Earth. This dimensional transition that you call ascension is a process whose mechanisms will appear more clearly, more intelligibly as a physiological process and a natural process. There is no mystery, no secret that can be hidden any longer at this level because you want to know the answers and the routes. It is these pathways that are now updated in your separated universe by the connection between the Sun and the Earth. This connection is accompanied by an increase in ultraviolet energy, barometric pressure and an solar electric arc that will soon be visible. It is your responsibility in these moments to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit daily between noon and 1 PM. These are the most favorable moments to communicate with your multidimensional body, in order to explore it, to receive it and to be able, little by little, to enlighten it in all consciousness. As I have said many beings are watching you, assisting you and observing you. Your ascension (or dimensional transition) occurs naturally when your consciousness is able to establish fully in your multidimensional body that you recreated (it existed for all eternity within your Sun). Today ascension is a process of consciousness, an energy that can not under any circumstances be related to what some of you call an evacuation of bodies. I want to solemnly warn you against using any technological means in place by those outside the Light and offering ascension that would take place without the Light but through


technological means or by what you call extra terrestrials [ETs]. [This may be a reference to the hybrid bodies that the Zetas plan to introduce in 5D, and this will not be permitted by Divinity.] Your ascension (or your dimensional transition) can only be completed within your multidimensional body by establishing your consciousness within your multidimensional body, to achieve a connection with other much larger vessels called Light. Nevertheless these bodies do not involve one way or another your technology or any other technology that you hear about today in this dimension or in other separated dimensions. The prerequisite for access to this new world is a galactic shift of your consciousness in your own multidimensional body and certainly not using 3rd dimensional technological within this body, otherwise it will not (under any circumstances) be what you call a dimensional transition or an access to the Light but rather a perpetuation of the isolated 3rd dimension. [Ascension is not received using current technology but is a Divine operation.] Thus We formally draw your attention to this central fact that there can be no departure other than in your multidimensional body. This refers to a period later in your earthly time during the final process. However, it was important (the Archangelic Conclave has established this) to explain to you about what dimensional transition is and what it is not. However, if you follow the sound, if you follow the vibration made by calling on Mary, if you desire your inner silence and your ability to create, be sure you enter your upper body when the time comes (even if that were not possible in a preliminary and temporary way) in a most precise manner. The connection point that allows you to access your multidimensional body from your 3rd dimensional body (in terms of its physiology through the 9th virtue or the 9th star connection in your forehead) is a vibration area located just above your mouth and under the nose, a vibration point that is extremely important to focus your consciousness on in order to permit the preparation of inner silence and the manifestation of the creator attribute that allows you to connect (temporarily) to your higher body. This vibrational point will be really effective at the end of this 3rd dimension. However, you can and you will be allowed (irrevocably and definitively) to establish the communication between your conscious spiritual body and this multidimensional body located in the Sun. This point of vibration just above your upper lip is the key to access this establishment inside your body. I have mentioned that in exploring your body at some moments you understand the real meaning of the passage of death. At this level the reactivation of your total memory occurs in conjunction with the activation which We spoke earlier last week of the 8th virtue or 8th effusion of Light. The combination of the 8th and the 9th virtues reveal in you the reality of immortality, the reality of the end of the consciousness of death, which accompanied you until now during each of your previous deaths.


You enter the dwelling of Grace sent by decree of the Father and the Mother in your eternity. The end of your isolation (with our galactic assistance) officially starts today. You enter more peacefully and clearly into the areas of the unified galactic worlds of Light. Do not be surprised, therefore, if the manifestations of the Light through these solar arcs (through the revelation of these events) become more importantly discussed within your density. This is part of a comprehensive plan and a comprehensive program that you planned to establish long ago. This time however is now. They are your affirmation, your declaration, your proof of the Light. Obviously, many human beings have a mentality which was powerfully created so that this veil still exists and this essential Truth is hidden. But the power of the solar arcs, which will occur from your early July (for most of you, if you so desire, especially for those of you who still doubt) will prove the reality of these effusions, to silence the doubtful mind and to penetrate into their eternity. It is possible as of today to demonstrate within your 3rd density (through this connection and this passage) even more joy, more intensity of the Light, in a return to your role as co-creator of your world, even in your personal universe in order that this capability may soon emerge within the total environment of the planet. You are in training. You must learn to curb and control the flow of your thoughts, even within this area of inner silence, in order to elevate and raise awareness and to implement the items you want to see happen in your density and your path. You must be careful. You must be aware of each unbridled thought that you have because it will be created from your connection in this event [as co-creators]. You should maintain only thoughts of Joy and thoughts of Light and banish from your consciousness disruptive thoughts, thoughts of hatred, thoughts of doubt, thoughts of misunderstanding [and judgment of others] and everything that is contrary to your higher establishment because while penetrating the mysteries of conscious Co-creation of your own universe, you enter a particular realm where you become that which you create every moment in your mind. You must master, in the true sense of the term, the flow of your thoughts. However, if you receive assistance from the tone sound, if you get help from the inner silence prior to the expression of thought, be assured that your mechanism to develop thoughts, the awareness of thoughts and creative thinking within your density will be greatly facilitated and will be much more discerning. Beloved children of the Light, beloved Masters of Light, it is possible and permissible to open a brief questioning period regarding access to this multidimensional body and the process of connection and reversal.. There are No questions ... So I again take the leadership. Your Multidimensional body [your vehicle or container as ETs


call it] is not the same for everyone. There are many forms in various dimensions. The bodies of eternity that you encounter will of course be different structures depending on your choices for your dimensional future. Some of you will enter what we call and you call "the Light body." This concerns the majority of human beings who choose the Light today. This light body is a body without darkness, a transparent body made up entirely of fragments of Light called Adamantine particles [having characteristics of a diamond]. It presents a perfect anthropomorphism [possessing human characteristics in non human bodies], however it is built by the Light and of the Light. Beyond this 5th dimensional body, there are some bodies that multidimensional beings will possess who will experience a certain degree of anthropomorphism that will consist mainly of crystal or diamonds. They vibrate at frequencies above the 5th dimensional light. They correspond to the Light consciousness that is crystallized within the multiple universes. Beyond the body of Light is a body of crystal, and beyond the body of crystal there is a body of diamond. Beyond the diamond body, there is a triangular body of Light that is therefore beyond anthropomorphism. Some people, when evolving multidimensionally in that body, temporarily experience and live in a body of Light. A smaller number will evolve into a body of crystal and an even smaller number will transform into a body of diamond, and some beings will transform into a body of triangular Light. This is said not to scare you during your first temporary transition. But remember that if you follow the observance of the musical tone and the observance of silence, the first transformation will be so completely natural because it is a completely natural process. Question: What kinds of losses of consciousness are sometimes felt during the energy transmissions that occur daily from noon to 1 PM? This loss of consciousness that you experience during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit are in fact the inability to function in a sense during this outpouring of the Holy Spirit. At this point, consciousness ceases to permit the work to complete without your conscious awareness. The work is done this way for the souls who are not yet structured enough to allow Light to live in the purity of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Question: Do the physical or psychological events that emerge from the ultraviolet radiation follow in a logical form? Yes. The outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation is of course within your structures (by ignition of the lights, called the stars of Mary, corresponding to each of your 12 energy effusions) and produce in the physical body a number of limitations and transformations. These can include joy and lightheadedness, but for some of you, they involve a number of powerful adjustments and a number of logical imbalances and even perceptions of pain. During these energy effusions, the amount of energy transmitted both from the central sun [Alcyone] and your sun is extreme. For some of you it can lead to a loss of consciousness and also to experience an amount of stress in the body, reflecting the adjustment made by the Light during the outpouring of the ultraviolet energy and also of the Holy Spirit.


Thus the physical manifestations do not represent (quite the contrary) the non-action of these effusions but show their regenerative action in the areas concerned. The same is true for the process of loss of consciousness occurring in some people during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the ultraviolet energy. This is the manifestation of an important job within your physical structures of the integration of the new foundation in your heart with this work. We have no further questions. ... So we will continue in silence during this outpouring to the end. However, the Conclave informs me that your next meeting and energy effusion will take place next Sunday at 10:00 in the morning [in France]. During this week, you should attempt (during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit) to focus your consciousness on the area above your mouth, which is the connection and the crossing point to your multidimensional body. This will allow you to best adjust in this way and this openness and perhaps for most of you, to enter this multidimensional body in clarity. I bring you, in the final phase of the overflowing, all the will of the Father through His creative conception, the Light of the Source. You are blessed, you are the pillars of Light, you are the anchors of Light in your 3rd density. Once again We thank you for the work of allegiance by the vast majority participating in this work to support and promote this to Earth and all its inhabitants, . You are blessed, We love you. We continue to welcome you by the outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation in silence and Joy. Be blessed.

My Comments: AA Michael stated that Summer is decision time for the destiny of our souls, and when it is over we will have made our choices for the next 52,000 years: either receive the Light and the new bodies or spend time on other 3D worlds to continue the needed education. He spoke of energy that would be arriving on the Summer solstice. The farside energy graphs have shown some red spots that indicate energy starting on last Friday and climaxing with an enormous burst on Saturday the 20th seen in the black dots. It dissipated for a while but returned yesterday with orange patches of energy and may continue now to increase in intensity as the days progress. This may be an indication of the energy that we will be receiving this summer. He spoke of the solar arcs, bursts of energy from the Sun that also contain information of our new consciousness as beings of Light and Divinity stored there that will be transmitted to Earth and its inhabitants. That will occur starting in early July as the energies from the Sun increase and He hints that it will be visible to all. This may be the proof that many have requested that show the authenticity of His work. That energy and the conclusion of the 12 virtues are but a few weeks away, and change may finally become visible. CM Aton said that Jupiter continues to hide behind the Sun because its energy could be


disastrous if it appeared now, and I feel that earlier data shows it may have been reignited recently and is not ready to display its existence at this time. Michael again emphasizes that we will become creators not only of our future but of our environment as we become united with Divinity. Thus we become creators as God is Creator, advancing in a glorious way from being mere mortals to those who can create those things that they need and those things that will assist others as beings of eternity who will never again experience death. Those thoughts that we possess can transform into actions and material objects as we progress in our spirituality and may provide us with all of our necessities, thus the need for employment and its training or even factories to produce these items or pollute the Earth will not be needed. ETs say that most of our education in school is a waste of time, and the material is generally flawed and erroneous. He said that much will be accomplished by the end of summer in September, His work will be complete by May of 2010, and the end of 3D Earth will be implemented by December 2012, so hopefully the proof of His words will soon become evident to all. He says that the 5th dimension will begin to appear in late September. Most of those who ascend will receive bodies of Light and only the more spiritually advanced will be given crystalline or diamond structured bodies or even triangular bodies of Light, and some will ascend to higher dimensions that do not require bodies. Others who assist in this ascension will be returning to their native planets after their work is completed. Some of His work this week is complex and difficult to interpret in context and thus the delay in this posting. The tone speaks of the sound that Mary will be transmitted to us affirming that we are beings of Light and it will guide us in our decisions in the coming days. The phrase ”note Si” in French has been translated as Ti or B flat by some. Remember "Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do?" Those are the notes -- there are two "Do's," because they're the same note, an octave apart. Do is C and Ti is B which is a frequency of 466 Hz. It is well known that sound has a dramatic affect on the quality of our life. The inner silence that He discusses is somewhat unclear in relationship to telepathy and other areas at this time and hopefully will become more definitive in the future. Although time does not exist in higher dimensional realms He gives references and simple allegories so that we can better understand His teachings, while masking certain concepts so that those who do not need this knowledge will not understand it. Dates are given to give us a framework and an view of the future, and only He gives these because He is the Creator who performs these events. There are many who claim to speak for Him, but they speak only in generalities so are questionable. The normal procedure for repairing a polluted world where corrupt beings reside is what has been termed a physical pole shift as seen in the Biblical flood and the destruction of Atlantis where all life is eliminated and a beginning is made. Until 2005 this decision remained, but it was decided at that time that enough of its inhabitants had advanced spiritually so that there would be a rebuilding on the current foundation using those who had advanced to become creators of this new world, thus the emphasis on the attribute of creation that we will receive.

152 Most of our leaders continue to promote status quo and refuse to surrender their power and control, choosing to ride the Titanic as it continues to sink rather than promote change. Chemtrail poisonous spraying continues in defiance of warnings, and there needs to be a sign visible to all that shows it is not just talk but a truthful forecast that needs to be taken seriously. The US and the banks are bankrupt and Sheldan Nidle spoke of the plans for a new global monetary system. This week he said: “A series of key meetings completed the arrangements for the new economic system, the delivery procedures, and the timing of the first announcements. Armed with these details, many other critical agreements were hammered out. The quantity of precious metals needed to back the new monetary system is in place; the accords required to move away from Admiralty to common law are signed; how the new governments are to function is also resolved and signed off on; the personnel to be appointed to these regimes are decided upon and ready to go when the green light is given. All that remains is the specifics that permit the dark to step aside graciously and let it all happen." Time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 10th stage June 28, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ... You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday July 5 at 22:00 10 PM (French time) [ 4 PM NY time, 3 PM in Chicago, 2 PM Mountain, and 1 PM in LA]. * For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, June 7, June 14, and June 21 [the final is July 12]. * Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.


Integration of Virtues - 10th stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved children of the Light, beloved masters of the Light, I welcome you as you welcome Me. We arrive today in the final three stages of your critical Celestial Marriage [our union with Divinity]. These last three stages will achieve, in a progressive and intense manner, all of the reality in your dimension of your reunification with your multidimensional vehicle [your body or container as ETs call it]. And it will be the same for your 3D body that enables you now to live here on Earth. The requirements of the reunification process are now complete. During this period which starts today, many events will now occur in your foundations and those within the structures of the Earth and in all of the solar system. Before going into details of that, on behalf of the Conclave I bring you our deepest gratitude for having assisted the increasing number of those who have returned to the Unity. Beloved co-creators of the Light, beloved Carriers of the Light, by the work accomplished during the preceding weeks you have established within this density the Truth of the Unity of Light. Today an expression of the uniqueness of your accomplishments is carried out so that you will gradually return to your Unity. Unity is performed by the fusion of the Celestial Weddings. You will now find the Unity and Eternity even in the essence of this separated world, in this world that will soon end. Your world will now experience the divorce from the dark. This is now. This will not start tomorrow, but the work of Light actually and practically begins today. In this sense, We the Conclave can demonstrate the delivery of the ultraviolet energy not only during those periods of 72 minutes each week, but also within each of your days by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the period between noon and 1 PM on your watch wherever you live. This means that on Earth, from today and from this moment on each day at the noon hour when the sun is at its peak you should strive to receive the outpouring of the ultraviolet energy. This also means that this transmission of the solar and the terrestrial radiation is performed in order to conclude and complete the work of the Unity in this world which continues with the destruction of the duality. This is present in you, this is present on the surface of this world, this is present in the commitment of the soul in incarnation on this planet. The full outpouring of the radiation from the central sun that We pass on to you is now active at all times on a narrow strip of the Earth. Gradually, as the days progress until the end of the outpouring during the Celestial Marriage [on July 12?] the energy band will soon widen to include half of the land area exposed to sunlight. [It appears that with the end of the 12 virtues on July 12 this will be a turning point in future events, as He mentions this frequently. This also seems to suggest that instead of 1 hour there will be more hours of UV radiation per day available to more people in more areas at one time.] This change is now in effect. It is therefore an expansion (literally and figuratively) of the influence of ultraviolet radiation from not merely once a week (actually and practically) to one hour daily during the next 3 weeks on a single larger area. This will better balance your 155

vibratory state and prepare each of you for something majestic. Today the 10th light [or lamp] is activated in you. It is a vibrational coupling of the area of your nose with your heart. [The lemniscate term that He uses to describe this is a figure-eight or ∞ shaped curve that describes this energy pattern which is a connection of the nose with the heart. This is also a symbol of infinity or eternity.] This produces in you, through the energy of the ultraviolet radiation, the possibility of reunification [our reunion with Divinity]. This light is also the 10th strand of your DNA that is activated. Your reconstruction in the Light will be completed during the coming weeks. A number of events will take place, and you will fully understand and live the Truth of the energy of the ultraviolet radiation, not only at the level of vibration understood and received in your structures within your major areas of Light, but also in your consciousness as you will begin gradually to escape from this 3D reality to exist separated from this body by the experience of temporarily entering, occupying, and understanding the reality of your Eternal and Immortal body. This is now. However I am not saying that the end of your 3rd dimension is here now, but that its conclusion has begun. You enter in a formal way into a time that I would call very short. During every day and every breath of your life in this density you should strive to accomplish the transformation of your consciousness to irrevocably remove the links that still unite you to your old modes of operation. You should learn in the coming weeks the concept of the most noble service of the Karma Yoga that will permit you to establish the liberation from any attachments that are held over from the past worlds and the old structures of your lives. As of today this is no longer a concept but it becomes a reality: the old and new coexist together in a much more tangible, easier, and more discernible manner. [Sri Swami Sivananda defines Karma Yoga as the consecration of all your actions and their fruits unto the Lord, a performance of actions dwelling in union with the Divine, removing attachments and remaining balanced ever in success and failure in a selfless service unto humanity.] During this period until the end of My presence [in May 2010] by the radiation within the solar system, you will build bridges and establish communication in all awareness with the manifestations of the 5th dimension. This includes the awareness in your body of your eternal Immortality, the awareness of the intra-terrestrials [those in inner Earth], the awareness of the extra-terrestrials [ETs] and of those in the ultra-terrestrial dimensions [those who are in higher dimensions than we can see or understand and who are more advanced than us]. You will experience, you will communicate with, you will interact with what until now was hidden and concealed from you. [We will finally in 1st contact encounter and understand those beings in other dimensions and other worlds that are currently hidden from us now. There are now increasing reports and even videos of UFOs in many areas around the world.] This will be a great help in building your confidence [and will give you proof of the truth of these words that you desire]. This is made possible by activating the 10th light called the 12th body or the body of your reunified Godhead, the reunification of your body to Unity.


By activation of this vibration and the initiation of this new light in your foundations, you make possible a communication between your separated world and the unified worlds that are above you [in higher dimensions] and also those within of this [hollow] planet [we will unite with those of inner Earth, a place called Agartha]. Do not be surprised, therefore, if these occurrences of light shows in the heavens (these are expressions of other dimensional planes where the bodies are either already unified or are 3 dimensional in the form of holograms of Light that are a pure translation of dimensional time) begin to appear in your skies, in your consciousness and to now appear to all of humanity. This moment today signals the opening of a door that is the return to the Unity, even while still living in this separated 3D world. Having heard audibly the "B" tone after attempting to establish and continue to establish in the weeks ahead the inner silence [a conscious state that does not use the mental intellect] when some of you entered your eternal body, you will now enter into the multi-dimensional areas, even in your environment and in your life. Manifestations of the Angelic worlds will become increasingly obvious as the days pass. This can not be hidden much longer by all of those who control, or try to control your lives and your future. Returning to your Unity through the activation of the 10th light ( in the process of unification with the consciousness of Earth) permits you to restore your acceptance of the Truth and allows the Light to become a discerning and creative effort within your world. In this sense, the deconstruction that I announced at the beginning of this year will now result in its most absolute completion. Remain in your service [as servants], remain in the Karma Yoga. By establishing your Divine connections and recognizing your obstacles you thereby enter into the joyful mansions of Immortality, the mansions of liberty in the Unity, while you still remain in this 3rd dimension in order to build new lives in the heart. This is your future. You are among the tens of millions of human beings who now participate effectively in this radiation. Remember now that every day from noon to 1 PM during these 60 minutes, you have the combination of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of ultraviolet energy. This is a crucial week for your transformation and your future. Receive the effusion of the ultraviolet radiation. During the days and weeks ahead I will more progressively affirm My presence and My Radiation in your structures. I will become (for those of you who have agreed to surrender your freedom and your free will to the Light and the Truth of Light) more assertive in the outpouring of My Radiation and My presence, in order to assist you in performing the will of the Father, the wishes of the Light. This is your choice, this is your Truth, this is your greatest freedom as beings of Light. Today I imprint in you, by bringing together the lemniscate [an 8 shaped helix] in a union of your heart chakra and the light of the nose, the ability to receive My energy, to receive My presence in the Truth and in the Unity. This ultraviolet energy effusion in you puts into action the resonance, the sacred lemniscate uniting the heart chakra and this 10th light. Beloved masters of the Light and creators of the Light I emphasize that the activation of this sacred lemniscate should enable you to work in the inner silence because the words that you speak should be permeated with all the wisdom possible [be careful what you say].


You become responsible for your own creations. What you speak will occur so inevitably. If you speak of love, love will manifest itself, if you speak of discord, discord will occur [you are creators by using your minds]. It can not be otherwise in your path of reunification. I ask you therefore, I urge you to abandon irrevocably and finally the word games and games of the ego [the negativity and attacks and jealousy that is normal in everyday life]. You must enter fully into the service of others and in the Karma Yoga that allows you to erase all the consequences of your negative conduct in this separated 3D world. This is the way and the solution that allows you to live completely in the Light, in truth and in peace the outpouring of ultraviolet energy occurring every midday during the week. Remember that you are now co-creators, creators of Light, but you are also the creators of your own destiny and your own life in full. This is your responsibility, this is your duty, this is your freedom. It implies, on your part, an effort during each moment and each breath to control the flow of your thoughts, the flow of your emotions, to keep you aligned with the Spirit. You cannot live in the Light and continue to play the games of man. You must amplify in you the sacred lemniscate, this communication which I establish with you individually and collectively today. Receive this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation in silence. The quickest and most efficient way to resonate and manifest (by My communication with you) the sacred lemniscate in you is to focus your awareness first on the light of your heart , then focus your consciousness on the 10th light at your nose, and then to establish the connection between your voice and the roof of your mouth in the resonance and the vibration of the sacred lemniscate [an energy that connects the heart and the nose]. This should be done at your own pace preferably during the midday outpouring of the ultraviolet energy every day of the week. [The art of meditation and chakra activation requires practice and a focus of the mind and often takes years of practice to perfect this, and I doubt we have this much time left in 3D to fully master this. He seems to say that we should concentrate on visually connecting the heart with the nose in a figure 8 pattern of energy (that He calls the lemniscate) and then use the voice in a sort of chant in unison with the mind in a prayer to carry this out.] As many of you will realize, the more We can lower Our vibration of Light to your world the better We can start on a much larger scale globally to accomplish your reconstruction. We rely on you, We love you, We participate (with your full agreement) in the establishment and implementation of the Truth in this world. Do not be disturbed in any way by what happens around you. The more you start resonating with the sacred lemniscate, the more you will be in peace, in truth, in joy, in the Unity, and you can not under any circumstances be affected by the various radiations emitted by the cosmos, the sun, and by the reaction of fear in human beings. Nothing can affect you. Nothing can disturb you in the vibration of the unity, in the vibration of the unified sacred lemniscate. Beloved creators of the Light, you are now at an historic turning point in your relationship and your in your communications with the Light. Today by your model of Unity and its definition you receive the illumination of the Father. The Source of the Sources, the Source of the Truth and the Light of the Source come into resonance now within


you without external assistance. You have permitted that to be accomplished. For that you are eternally appreciated and you receive Our absolute gratitude. We the Conclave urge you, especially during this next week [the first of the last 3 weeks of the 12 virtues] to find time when appropriate to be in attendance each day from noon to 1 PM at the time of your watch. This will concentrate the best and most favorable vibrations of Light, the vibration of the sacred lemniscate, and the presence of the Source of Sources on you. We count on you, but We know in advance that you will cooperate with Us daily. It is extremely important to understand now what must happen at the end of your Celestial Marriage. We are now fully confident in your Unity, your willingness and the opening of your heart to participate in the revelation of the Source of the Source in your separated 3rd density. As usual once again receive Our gratitude and the outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation. This activation of the sacred lemniscate, its vibration, and the emissions in use (during the final weeks of your Celestial Marriage) promote the certainty of your contact with the Source. This is beyond your understanding, this is beyond belief, but you will have the full revelation of the Presence of the Source in your density, as a consciousness, as a vibration, in Truth and in Unity. The advanced establishment of this vibration in you, this sacred lemniscate, will through the Karma Yoga make you aware of the final darkness that necessarily needs to be removed during the next 3 weeks. What you acknowledge will be instantly forgiven by the presence of the Source in you. It is therefore necessary to look with honesty, to see clearly what needs to be eliminated from your structures of Light. The help of the Source will do this (as long as you're honest with yourself) in an extremely simple vibratory way without your suffering. You should acknowledge your separated areas of darkness and remove from you what you use to rationalize as normal in yourself in this duality. [It is time to eliminate those dark areas that you still cling to.] This should occur henceforth. You are beings of Light, you are the creators of the Light, and in this sense the darkness can no longer co-exist in you or be manifested in you, even through all the relationships you have established. In addition, the development and awareness of the sacred vibration of the lemniscate allows you to literally face all deconstructions (whether existent or imaginable) in this density in peace, in the joy of Samadhi [the Hindu higher levels of concentrated meditation], in the joy of peace and the joy of eternity. This is guarantees your integrity if you are honest towards yourself and towards all others. It can not be otherwise. Receive this effusion of the UV radiation. Beloved teachers and creators of the Light, Our next meeting (which will see the intensification of periods of ultraviolet radiation) will be held next week on Sunday at 10 PM on your watch in France. I will now open a time period to answer your questions. Thus, those who diligently follow the ultraviolet radiation may also receive answers to legitimate questions from their daily lives. Question: Is the body of light that is in the sun our majestic self [our eternal body?]?


What do you mean by the term majestic self? Question: Our heavenly being. You are created for this density as human beings, body, mind and spirit. You live your personality in this 3D body. By inwardly returning to your heart you have already opened a certain degree of Light. When the opening of the heart is complete, the revelation of the Light of the Spirit occurs. You are of Trinitarian constitution. The Trinity in your separated world (as in the multiple-universes within the multi dimensional worlds) always moves in this mode by Trinitarian designs that are extremely accurate. Thus, I speak of the magnificent being as opposed to the small ego that is a part of your duality. I prefer that you use the names and the words: personality, soul and Spirit. The multidimensional body (whether it is a body of Light, a body of crystal, a diamond body or a body of triangular Light) belongs to other dimensions that do not correspond to anything known in your density. The Divine spark that lives in you is the minimum that has been placed in you. The maximum Light that you have in your body is multi-dimensional in nature. This may in no case be compared to what you would call the higher self or the ego as it is well beyond all that, well beyond the tangible, well beyond even the highest Samadhi [Hindu] understanding in your density. This portion of your consciousness is only temporary, and finally one day you will exist in the eternal body and become beings of pure Light with no memory of the me, the oneself, the small or large ego self that you now experience. It is a repository and a level of consciousness that has so far been experienced by only a few beings on this level of humanity. There is therefore no possible way to describe it until it is lived. No mental approach, no intellectual approach can be used to define or understand those eternal bodies. Only the experience itself will communicate this to you apart from your mental conceptions or your attempts to grasp this in your duality. Question: What is Your definition of ultra-terrestrials? These definitions at this time you would not understand, even using terms of the Light. The ultra-Terrestrials, employing words of your language, are called time travelers. This far exceeds what you are able to understand and assimilate through multi-dimensional and multiuniverse agendas. These time travelers are not you at another time, but are beings who have exceeded all anthropomorphism [human characteristics] and are able to move through time frames in different times within your worlds separated from the Father and of the Source. Ultra-terrestrials are so named by a reference to their mastering of time. Question: Are these ultra-terrestrials part of the Archangelic hierarchy? No. The ultra-terrestrials change on multidimensional planes that are neither above nor below Us. Simply, their multidimensional planes and the stages of their dimensional beings are such that they have escaped (in a logical and luminous manner) the fabric of multidimensions. This is another process, another evolutionary scenario that you may encounter in your upward


procession, in your process of unification that you will now experience. This meeting is now possible during moments of your life while you are in Light bodies, in crystal bodies, in diamond bodies, or in bodies of triangular Light. Question: What were You referring to in reference to the various manifestations of the angelic worlds? I refer to what I would call, in your language, the awareness of Angels in your elements. I allude to what you describe as eye contact, vibratory contact with the Archangels, contact with the angelic worlds, with the angels of the Lord, with bodies of Light, with the ultra-terrestrial timeless beings and also with the evolving forms of life outside of your usual field of perception. By activating the body of reunification, known as 10th or 12th lamp body, you will be allowed to rejoin and experience the presence of other evolving conscious beings that until now existed only on levels separated from yours. You will join the worlds of Unification through the activation of the sacred lemniscate. Question: What is the relationship of the lemniscate with the speaking of the palate? This simply achieves the union of the heart chakra with this new lamp. You turn on here what I would call in your language a switch. You plug in a sensual vibration, a communication between your heart and other dimensions. Activating your heart (as a foundation for your new life) is performed for most of you from the beginning of your participation in the effusions of the ultraviolet radiation. Today you are asked to bring into service not merely the foundations but the entire construction of this house. Through the various bodies that I mentioned during the 8th and 9th virtue effusions, especially in the activation of the "B" sound and through the activation of inner silence through what has been called 8th and 9th lamp (or 9th and 10th virtues), you make possible the construction of your new eternity and your new life. This is accomplished by the sounds or silence that are vibrations that you permit naturally and spontaneously. Today by joining your speech with your palate your newly awakened heart communicates with vibrations that penetrate you by the outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation, by the solar radiation within your foundation. This secures and updates the reality of this contact. Question: Is the point of intersection of the lemniscate located in the throat? No. It is a little lower. It lies in what you call in your body the radiation of the Divine on the level of your thymus [an organ located in the upper portion of the chest cavity just behind the sternum and below your throat]. However, the activation of the lemniscate is actually the vibration by what has been called the 9th lamp in the throat. Question: Is there a particular direction of rotation in the activity of this lemniscate? The rotation is done in both directions simultaneously. The vibrational setting travels through a triple movement in this lemniscate, a movement from top to bottom and from bottom to top,


rotating and oscillating alternately in both directions, totally coupled actively with this lemniscate in a front and rear vibration. However, these are only [technical] words. Make sure you activate the 3 points that I've designated, through speech, through the chakra of the heart, and through the new lamp in the nose. This will enable in you the vibration and movement, and then you will receive these components. You do not have to create them yourself, but they move automatically from the moment your consciousness is focused in the order given on 3 points. Question: Do children who will be born already have these vibrations integrated in them? We can not make a general statement. Yes some of them are genetic mutations of Light. Others have decided not to experiment with the creation of a cycle again in the separated 3rd dimension [and will wait until after ascension]. I want to reiterate that every human being and every consciousness currently incarnated on Earth is in his chosen place and his role, whatever his age, whatever his situation, whatever his employment or his unemployment, whatever his marital status, whatever his social status as being alone or in a gathering with others during this period. Question: Is the merger of our body into the Light natural or is it assisted? For now, there can be no union between your separated 3D body and your eternal body. You can only transfer your consciousness by activating the inner silence. But again, I repeat, everyone transforms at his own pace. Access to the conscious multidimensional body (which is stored and literally bathed in the sunlight) is not accessible in the transfer of consciousness. The timing of the merger will be conducted between your 3rd density body and your eternal body in which you live during the final process that you call ascension. At this moment it is not a question of union but of reunion. This corresponds in part to what I called the Celestial Marriage. This eternal body (for those of you who are available at specified times either in your nights or during efforts related to the vibration of inner silence) is accessible but it is located apart from you here in this current density. The moment when this body approaches you in order to merge with this body of 3rd density you will see the pure and simple death of this body of 3rd density. Question: How will this ascension occur with or without the body? We do not have the time to go into detail about that. Make sure you live the present moment with the truth that is offered to you, and not seek to understand or use your mental capabilities. Remember what I told you: the mind becomes an increasingly devious trap in the evolution of your creation of Light. Remember that every minute of your life because of the lures of the forces of darkness and their fears, and your logical mind will do everything to prevent death. To think of future mechanisms not yet installed moves you away from the Truth. I cannot thus involve you in that. Question: Apart from the inner silence, the silence of the mind, is another aspect also involved?


No. Only the inner silence, only the note Ti [the tone of B] is able to guarantee you the silence of the mind. Only those periods where you come in contact with the sacred lemniscate, only when you live in the heart, will the logical mind lose its influence. You can not comprehend a mind that willingly agrees to die. What is proposed now is a teaching that goes far beyond some form of spiritual exercises related to the control of the mind. Now you come in the silence of the mind because in the multi-dimensional body, there is no mind. There is knowledge, intelligence and truth.There is no place for the discussion of what you call your mind, so you can not use this tool in the fight against this tool [it is in a conflict of interest position]. You just have to accept the vibration of Light. The sense of service and sense of Karma Yoga is also consistent with this objective that permits the death of what must die. You access the world of the super-mind. The supermentality does need not a mind. The super-mind is that part of the enlightened mind called Intelligence in the noblest sense. The only way to silence your mind, if you are not able to yet access the vibration of the sacred lemniscate or the silence of the mind or the "B" tone, is to adopt the precepts of the Karma service. Serving others in every sense of the term is the best way in your 3rd density to silence the mind. As Christ expressed, if you assist and act as a servant to even your worst enemy you are in truth the noblest of man. Karma Yoga is used to repair what needs to be repaired conscientiously and in Truth. Again it is a tool within your density to reach this state. You must undertake and perform the Hindu Bhakti Yoga [divine worship], the Karma Yoga, the sacred vibration of the lemniscate, from the "B" sound or the inner silence. The past moments, for those who have the chance to experience their eternal body, are also of great help to understand that one can live without the mind, without emotions and without illusions even within this 3rd density. Question: Does the Ti sound appear spontaneously? Just as the sacred lemniscate does not need to be mentally or vibrationally accomplished, it activates itself from the moment your consciousness is focused on the 3 points and 3 stages. Question: Does the external listening to the [B] Ti sound help? No. You speak of the art of music but I speak of consciousness. No technical means, even crystals, can allow that, only pure consciousness can. Question: How can we to move from the [B] Ti tone sound to inner silence? This is spontaneous from the time consciousness occurs in the [B] Ti tone. However, the last 3 doors to your eternity can be opened separately. Entering one of the 3 doors is enough to experience the body of Eternity. So each of you must find in his consciousness the easiest way to open and unlock these doors. You have an important tool at your disposal by decree of the Source now and this week during the period daily between noon and 1 PM. Cherish and experience it. We have no more questions. We thank You.


Beloved children of the Light, beloved creators of the Light, I leave you now to dwell in your inner silence [consciously in meditation apart from your mind], in the “B” sound, in the sacred lemniscate till the end of this ultraviolet radiation in order that you may establish this contact [with Divinity]. As usual once again My final words include Our thanks, Our gratitude and Our encouragement. We love you.

My Comments: It is nice to see that He is now answering questions that are given by those in attendance, as there are many areas that need clarification. Some He will not answer as he states that these are not important now, but we should instead focus on the present. Last week He mentioned that we will see an energy reversal, and I feel that He is referring to the magnetic pole shift that He briefly mentioned earlier where Earth’s rotation will reverse due to the magnetic reversal. This will be a major turning point where we will see about 3 days of either darkness or light depending on our location as the Earth stops its rotation and reverses, and the Sun will rise in the West after that event. There have recently been energy bursts as shown on the magnetosphere starting Sunday. I feel these are created to delay any reversals till later as it is not yet time for this. His message this week is very complicated, and I feel that most will be unable to fully understand it. He often uses medical, scientific, and mathematical terms in His discussions that are complex, and He frequently mentions Hindu phrases to show that there are many paths to enlightenment apart from Christianity and that they are often more spiritually advanced than Westerners. Some of this discussion that is important to us is beyond the understanding of many and hopefully will be explained in detail in time. During each weekly meeting His teachings become harder to translate into simple everyday language that is understandable by all. The lemniscate is a helix shaped pattern like an “8” that needs to connect our heart with the area around our nose and upper lip. Although there are 7 major chakras there are other minor chakras or lights that are also important. He continues to combine the “B” tone and the inner silence as necessary phases, and it seems like we need to possess spiritual PHDs to understand these principles as every week it becomes more complex. Our 3D bodies were made for this dimension and will not function in the 5th dimension, thus the need for new Light bodies and the emphasis on Light. It appears that our current bodies will cease to function as we move into these new bodies of Light in the higher frequency of 5th dimension, and the souls of those who do not have these new bodies will exit to continue their education on other worlds. The noon time period of meditation will be expanded to include more areas of Earth to assist us in this transformation process by widening the transmission path of the UV energy. Many are unable to set aside a daily hour for meditation and energy reception due to their schedules and commitments, but this an option that is available to those who have this capability.


I feel that some of Michael’s advanced work is targeted to those who wish to achieve a higher level of enlightenment than most will obtain and is not a requirement for ascension. He said that this next week we will begin to see the intensification of periods of ultraviolet energy and has in the past stated that these energies will dramatically increase as the days progress. Excerpts from: Sheldan Nidle has much to say this week of interest but (like Casper) is silent now on the progress of the global political and economic changes: “Mother Earth is inching forward with a multitude of changes. The realm of Agartha is a 5-D reality [inner Earth is now in the 5th dimension]. The purview of this reality has recently been extended to include the Earth's gravitational neutral zone that lies about 400 miles (640 kilometers) beneath the surface of the planet. In this manner, Mother Earth is moving her 5-D reality incrementally closer to your 3-D surface world. This accounts for many of the geological anomalies currently being observed by your scientists. The so-called magma fields are behaving in unusual ways and this is raising some alarms about a dangerous period of more prevalent seismic and volcanic activities. While this is somewhat true, the main cause is the fact that the geomagnetic fields themselves are being redistributed. The Earth is at present 'split' between a 3-D surface realm and a 5-D inner-terrestrial realm. These two worlds need to be reintegrated as soon as possible. To this end Heaven has decreed that the actions being taken to return you to full consciousness be further accelerated, and so a massive realignment of your physical bodies with your spiritual faculties is now underway. This period is to be temporary. Nevertheless, it is putting increased pressure on our Earth allies to achieve their prime goals as quickly as possible. You are on the verge of a massive restructuring of your solar system.” There are credible reports that the recent airline crashes are due to these geomagnetic shifts that are occurring as we move from 3D to 5D that Michael spoke of this week. New age channelers continue to promote Obama as a man of change, but his actions show he is merely a puppet who follows the orders of the NWO leaders, preferring a status quo and refusing to surrender control. There are reports that chemtrail planes were forced down in India and Nigeria over their suspected role in spreading the swine flu virus world wide by the US, so it is apparent that these sprayings will continue in spite of warnings. It appears that we are nearing the end of initial programs and the start of intense reconstruction, but time will tell.

Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 11th Stage July 5 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ... You can participate in this support: * Anywhere you are * In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed) * Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing) * Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes) * As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. * The date and (French) time are indicated. * The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday July 12 at 12:00 noon - Midday (French time) [this is the final virtue date - US times are 6 AM NY time, 5 AM in Chicago, 4 AM Mountain, and 3 AM in LA]. There will be no answers to questions at this time. * For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, June 7, June 14, June 21, and on June 28. * Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.


Integration of Virtues - 11th stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved children of the Light, Masters of the Light, Creators of the Light, wherever you are in this world, I wish once again to express the gratitude of all Those of the Light, not only of the Conclave but also of the Angels, the Archangels outside of the Conclave, the Entities and the Masters of the Authentic Light Who thank you for the work that you achieve in yourself, for your brothers, and for the entire planet. As I have said and again repeat you are a multitude who now verify and live the Truth of your Celestial Marriage. Throughout these weeks of your time on 3D Earth, I have transmitted a number of energy vibrations and codes of Light to awaken in you, in your inner temple and its mastery, the Truth of your transformation to a being of Light, and to awaken all of your humanity in this solar system. In a very few days, you will see the reality of this dimension of Light. The Source will now arrive in you. The Source will be within your subtle body, even inside your body for all eternity. Gradually, in the times to come, you will become more aware of a number of important elements related to the reactivation of the original Light in your structures. Slowly during these past weeks you have awakened and activated a number of lamps, a number of vibrations, which encode DNA, allowing Us (as you are revealed and disclosed codes of the true Light) to permit you to live in authenticity and to approve your Divine heritage. You have persevered with humility and simplicity to experience this. In doing this We give Our gratitude to all those who desire to live beyond your separated 3rd dimension. The Source Himself through Me now gives you the grace to perform through His consent the ability to now live His presence in your total consciousness. Today the 11th virtue is established in you through the 11th star that encompasses the facade of Mary. Today by the meeting in the Unity and the Source the sacred seal of Archangel Metatron, Who sits at the right hand of the Father, has opened in you (so indelible, so real) access to your trans dimensional body. Many of you have already for a few weeks of your Earthly time had the opportunity to inspect the reality of My words, the reality of effusions, and to live in their essence fulfilling this promise. This is now. All of you who have worked and now continue to work in this final stage (which from today is the most crucial step in the return of the Light in this separated 3D world after climbing one by one to achieve this stage in the vibration of Light) are now to become beings of Light in Unity and Totality. I have designated you during the last few weeks as transmitters and bearers of the Light. I have called you co-creators of the Light. Today, with the seal of the Archangel Metatron and My Radiance and Guidance, I call you the recreated Light. Nothing can now oppose or become an obstacle in your lives to the establishment of the Light of Truth and the Unity and your return to the fraternity of the galactic people, those people of the stars [ETs]. This signals in a visible way to you (and soon to all) the end of your isolation, the end of your separation [and our quarantine that will bring a reunion with the multitudes of beings in the cosmos and with Divinity]. As you know (and as I have said many times) I only do the will of the Father. This is a revelation that will increasingly become evident by the deconstruction of 167

all the illusions that have kept you under their control during the past millennia. It is now no longer necessary. Whatever the suffering still existing in this world, it will be transformed by the reality of the Light, by the revelation of the Source and the will of the Source. You have amply contributed to the establishment of this new sovereignty, you have amply contributed to stabilizing the Light in this 3rd density, not only for yourself but for your entire planet that accommodates you. You are now able to realize this giant step. This is not for this immediate moment but will soon occur in time. You will soon have the full revelation of the plan for the Light, and this revelation will include the announcement by Mary. You now have before you moments and moments to live in order to perfect, refine and amplify the Light in this 3D world. Today, by the ascent that you conducted in your own body (even within this 3rd dimension) you will activate this final stage. [Although some say we are now in the 4th dimension which is a time of decision and a living in 2 dimensions at once I continue to use the term 3-D for simplicity.] This corresponds to the vibration of Light between your nose and an area on your face up to your hair [this area has been called the 3rd eye by many]. This band of Light is a seal that is applied by the Source so you can live in the Unity, even within this separated world. Thus We the conclave, attended by the Councils and certain spiritual entities and, in the presence of the divine Mother and the Source, transmit this last seal to you in the energies of the ultraviolet radiation and the Holy Spirit. Thus, during these last two weeks of your Earth time, we have provided you with the key contact between your physical body (a demonstration in your body and vehicle in this 3rd density) and what I would call your super luminous body of Light [ He calls this body supraluminic]. Today we imprint in you the mark of the Light after having built your new foundation in your chest in your heart, after allowing the movement of Light to activate the new lamps in you . You are now on the threshold of a new Unity, created within your separated structures by your new super luminous bodies. This makes you today the Lord's anointed. Do not worry about those of your brothers who have not yet yielded to the Light of the Father. Their time will come, their weddings are simply delayed by a few weeks. Those who belong to the true Light are never left out. Truth, peace, glory, and humility are revealed today by the integration of Unity within this vibrational band between your nose and the top of your forehead. Again you become, by the printing of this stamp in you, the Lord's anointed, but above all you are able to exist and remain in the Light of the Source, whatever the circumstances of life on this Earth. As you know the Earth must go through periods where major deconstructions of the illusions and games of power must occur completely. All that now exists in the separation, in the suffering, and in the illusion will now result in a total termination. The presence of the vibration of the Source in your chest, the presence of the vibration of the Source imprinted by the seal of Metatron in your forehead and your nose, can establish in you the Light of God, regardless of all circumstances of your lives and the life. The eleventh stage of your Celestial Wedding directed in you the merger of horizontality and verticality [into


Unity]. Antagonisms and oppositions will dissolve more rapidly. You are asked to stay centered in this Light, within your control and within your total abandonment to the Father and the Source. By conforming to the Light nothing, absolutely nothing contrary to the Light can happen to you. Do not judge what is happening, as this is not of the dark nor a reward [or punishment] but it is actually the establishment of the Source within you, at the end of your isolation, to reconnect you to your World Galactic Brotherhood and the Galactic Family elsewhere. All of your Light brothers (the Star people, the people of the inner-earth people, and the Masters of Time [those who are time travelers]) will be visible very soon, not with the sight of your inner eyes [consciousness] but by the simplest vision [with your physical eyes]. This revelation is approaching, you now enter the final stage of this revelation. This revelation will be for you the establishment of Joy, the establishment of the Truth, the establishment of the purity and the understanding of what you are, in full and in truth [as members of Divinity]. The experiences that you have will multiply at your leisure and choosing. As I said earlier, you are infinite beings, beings of Light who have chosen to forfeit the Light temporarily in order to live in this 3rd density, to grow in Light and in time to reveal the Light that you are. This moment is here now. The Source will be revealed to you in a few days of your Earthly time. This does not signal the end, but this sign is the beginning of the joy, the beginning of the ineffable joy that none of you have ever lived before, and in this you join a community of tens of millions of people in this world. [Remember that there are 8 billion on Earth now, so this is but a minute group of enlightened souls now.] You will then have the responsibility of radiating this Light on the whole of humanity, not by any desire, not by any ability, but simply by accommodating this radiation and being what you are [as beings of Light]. The Father, the Source will reveal to you at this very moment His radiation and His presence. In your acceptance this will appear in you. There is no more room for hesitation, there is no more room for questioning, there is only room for the joy. Receive the effusion of the ultraviolet radiation and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, even in the presence of the Source. You will soon enter into a time on your planet of Earth’s birth literally in its new 5th dimension. Your Earth will build this quality of Light into another dimension where you can develop in eternal peace your future in eternal Truth, connected to all other dimensions in Love and Creation. This is the future path now for your planet. You will realize that these Celestial Marriages have preceded and have helped create this. Be grateful for all eternity. By focusing, by bringing your attention to your heart and to the frequency band of Light between your nose and your forehead (the top of the face) you call on your Source to show you the Source and to communicate with the Father. The communication that was hid by your sacrifice [and you oath to live in 3D] is now over. Each of you is now able to commune and communicate with eternity. Your super body of Light [He calls it your supraluminic vehicle] will be demonstrated and will bring you closer to your 5th dimension more and more as time progresses. Some of you already have had the opportunity to transfer your consciousness and to explore certain worlds, certain events [by your out of body experiences].


You will become increasingly likely to live these moments and to meet with your eternal body. It will be possible in a short time to access the new dimension of the Earth being created in order to stabilize your foundation, to show your presence, your desire and your Radiance. This era of separation is finally over. Do not be upset or interrupted by the deconstruction of this world. As I already announced this in a very short time will grow and expand every day. Your sky will change in a dramatic way, and you will see it with your own eyes. This is not in ten years, this is not in a year but this is now and henceforth. This is not an empty promise. I execute the Will of the Source. We all perform at Our level the Will of the Source. It will now be revealed and unveiled as well as visually in the form of dreams, in the form of feelings, and in the form of physical evidence. There are many messengers who will reveal to you the plan of the Source. It will broaden and manifest itself to you in full in the days ahead. This was decided by the Source [Divinity]. In response to your joy and your desire, in response to Our requests, you who live the Celestial Marriage will rejoice. This will be accomplished in Light and Truth, even within your 3rd density. The signs are already visible within your body but it will become apparent very quickly now, even within your society, even within your media. It can not be otherwise. Prepare yourself by humility, by simplicity, prepare yourself for the beautiful Radiance of the Source and accommodate it. You will understand and live in a very few days the brilliance of the Light, the bliss of the eternal Light. The Source has decreed this. These moments that you will live are unique moments in the history of your soul, the history of this world, and the history of Eternity. Beloved Creators and Masters of the Light, you have literally earned your place in paradise, you have literally earned your place in the Galactic Brotherhood. You now have a responsibility in your language to roll up your sleeves and work increasingly in the outpouring of the Light. Be joyous in that you are just living in the Source the joy of life in the present. The rest will resolve itself. You should not have any doubt of that. You should not have any fear because once again as I said the Light is intelligent, and the Source is even more so. He knows you personally and individually from all eternity. He is in you by invisibly imprinting this on your face [with the Divine sign similar to the dot that the Hindus wear on their forehead], making you beings united with the Light in goodness, love and truth. The doubts that still attack some of you at times only detract you from the beauty of what you see. There will be changes in your heavens and on your Earth. You will now proceed to live for eternity within your super body of Light [He calls it supraluminique]. This is not an illusion for those who have already experienced it, but it is a promise of pure satisfaction for those of you who have not yet experienced this. There is no more delay for this. There is construction that is now complete and which is complementary. This concept of the Source will confirm in you the reality of your trans-dimensional body. This will occur in you more and more as I said. The work that is accomplished during this week should help to focus your awareness on this band of vibrational frequency located in the area between your nose and the hair of your forehead.


The outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation, coupled with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of the Source, will continue to occur between 12 noon and 1 PM on your watch at the moment when the sun comes up [it appears that it will be transmitted from the moment that the sun rises]. This time is an agreement required by the Source. It is not only at the noon zenith of course, even though I've called it such, because it is not only at the peak solar period at noon, but the Source and the zenith of the Source decides and declares its time, even if the sun is not performing it. Thus during this week, daily between 12 noon and 1 PM you will enter increasingly into the intricacies of the plan of the Source. You will experience intense vibrational and beautiful events. This Light, which is manifested in you, will comfort you in the choices you've made: the beauty and the truth of your eternity this week will be manifested in Our latest outpouring of the Celestial Marriage. This will nevertheless be far from being My last outpouring because I will return (as I've told you) for My festival [late September] and also for the festival of Mary for two other key phases in the plan of the Light, because then many things will have occurred on this Earth, both visibly and invisibly. Many things will be revealed to humanity that were hidden for so long. The dark can not interfere; it can no longer resist; it is deprived of its role as opponent. The Father, the Source in His great mercy has proposed that the forces of darkness join the Light. They have for the most part accepted this. Thus only the human darkness that persists in certain movements in this resistance will continue for some time. However, this should not affect you because the plan will be revealed to you the same way that your multidimensional body was revealed to you. Thus We ask that even more people participate in this triple outpouring of energy between 12 noon and 1 PM each weekday. We will return in the same manner next Sunday at 12 noon, French time. Receive the effusion of the ultraviolet radiation of the Holy Spirit and the Source. I will not open a period tonight for questioning. As the Source has asked Me I will leave more time to grant full access to the Radiance of the Source to complete the eleventh stage and prepare for what will occur this week to signal the return of the Light as a tangible demonstration. Beloved Creators and Masters of the Light, I leave you now to live in total inner silence the end of this outpouring of your 11th Celestial Wedding. Be filled with the grace of Unity, the grace of truth and the grace of love. I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia, and I will speak again to you again next week. Be blessed and I greet you.

My Comments: AA Michael’s message is shorter this week with no answers to questions, and He seems to say that His work is almost over with the 12 virtues ending this Sunday, and that the real intense reconstruction is about to begin with His appearances occasionally at times later this year. He now mentions Archangel Metatron Who possibly will now join in during the next weeks in the intense reconstruction that will occur. How this coincides with Michael’s May 2010 final date is however unclear. He spoke recently of the inner silence as that part of the consciousness where we remove the mind, and this is part of our eternal body that some who are more advanced have already experienced in their out of body or astral travels. Relying on the logic of the 3D mind will only


lead to erroneous computerized programmed thinking that is “illogical" as Spock in Star Trek would say. Much of our knowledge is inaccurate, and when the veil is lifted we will understand what has been kept from us. He also mentioned that we will be hearing a tone that will guide us and show us that we are beings of the Light, although He not did give a specific octave. I recently experienced a tone in the 450 Hz range during a noon time hour that lasted for 10 minutes and I frequently have low level high pitch tones that are almost undetectable at different times, so this may be what He was referring to. He spoke last month of solar arcs or flares that we will receive in early July that will be seen by all as proof of His words and work, and that period of time is now here. There are reports that the Sun has now begun actively emitting these energy flares, although the results have not yet become visible on Earth. He has spoken of our eternal bodies of Light that we will receive, and I feel these are far superior to those of the ETs that have visited some on Earth because they only live several thousands of years, whereas we will have eternal bodies that never die. Excerpts from: Sheldan Nidle this week stated: “The prosperity programs [economic reforms and distributions] are tied into multiple aspects of the regime changes which are to take place in several major governments [the US is most likely the first]. The diverse levels of legal institutions that are to certify the authenticity of these deliveries are finishing off a series of preliminary procedures. Once finished, these operations can accelerate the drastic changes needed to ensure an unbroken continuity of prosperity. The components involved in the deliveries are awaiting the 'green light' that signals that the actual abundance distributions can go forth in a swift and timely manner. The elements required to legally transfer these governments into caretaker mode are in place, and the difficulties encountered before are now fully corrected. The personnel to man these interim regimes are approved and officially appointed by our Earth allies. Thus the first steps in this quiet revolution are taken, and a careful waiting period is in place which is not expected to last long. All is at the ready, as the final elements in this long drama are locked into place.” “Agartha's fifth-dimensional realm has moved upward and now sits a mere 400 miles (640 kilometers) from the surface. This is in line with a vast movement of the north and south poles. Each is migrating toward the other, while the southern pole is also migrating toward Mother Earth's central sun. These movements are to be wholly adjusted when the Earth goes from being a dipolar [duality] to a monopolar entity [Unity]. This shift is to happen once you are ready to leave your individual Light chambers. Then a crescendo of change on Earth's surface can receive its divine coda: the switch to monopolarity. This allows Mother Earth to complete her sacred transformation, becoming once again a functional, fully conscious realm.” Like Sheldan AA Michael hints that the dark leaders have basically surrendered, although some will still continue to resist the Light. He said earlier that our leaders would be replaced with those of Divine choice. What is delaying this is the Divine timetable that will give approval


to these needed changes in time. We have seen no visible signs of this yet but await proof. What will occur in the next few months is unclear at this time, but He said “You soon will have the total revelation of the plan of the Light”, so time will tell. Rich N


Archangel Michael Integration of Virtues - 12th stage July 12, 2009
translated from French

NDR's comment from France: Here is the transcript of the latest outpouring of Michael’s 12 related virtues. For the record, the previous integrations took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5. This outpouring was the last of the series of 12 announced. AA Michael suggests that those who have received these 12 effusion related virtues reread these transcripts in order to better anchor the effects that resulted from this. Those who have not had the opportunity to yet activate these 12 effusions can incorporate these effects by reading them even today. AA Michael’s next meeting will be on Saturday August 8 at 12 Noon (French time), and it will provide us with some principles to live by during the period from August 8 to 15, a week of integrating energy related to the radiant triangle [which will be the points used as a location by the New Jerusalem starship that will appear on August 15 in southern Mexico] (as mentioned in the text below). [US times are 6 AM NY time, 5 AM in Chicago, 4 AM Mountain, and 3 AM in LA]. There will be no answers to questions at this time. As of Monday July 13, Michael has proposed to broaden the reconnection of the energy of the Source, the Father, which is jointly the energy of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of the radiation of Ultraviolet energy, to daily from 11 AM to 2 PM local time, regardless of the country where you are. We do our best to ensure that you find on our site the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting. At any soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

Integration of Virtues - 12th stage
I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of Light, I and the Conclave thank you and congratulate you for having worked for the establishment of your Light, to restore your Deity and reconnect with your eternal body. Thus on this day and this time exists in you, My beloved children and creators of the Light, the ability to join the Unity. Today on this day you all (in large numbers anywhere on this planet) have the ability to connect to your awareness of your eternal body. Thus ends today the first phase of the Celestial Marriages. It has helped establish within a large number of human beings in incarnation a reconnection with the permanence of the Godhead [Divinity]. 174

Henceforth all who have worked to fulfill the 12 virtues will help promote these energies in this solar system by anchoring this planet and the manifestation of the new progressive 5th dimension and thus in a very short time the final dimensional translation in your new living environment. By your anchorage of the authentic and genuine Light in your physical bodies and in your new eternal bodies, you will be able, during the weeks leading up to what you called the Festival of Archangel Michael, the approach in this dimension (not only individually but as a group) of the vehicle known in ancient times as Yerushalaim [the heavenly Jerusalem]. This starship or vehicle of multidimensional Light (also called Merkabah, the Chariot of Ascension) will collectively henceforth come into manifestation in your density, visible to all during this summer. This will consummate the promise of the return of Light by this early fall. The phenomena of deconstruction described from the beginning of this year will reach their peak during your months of July and August. During the month of August there will be a major event that I ask you to promote that I call the emergence of the Dove [the Colombe in French or the new Jerusalem] in your 3rd density during the week preceding August 15 [as you meet each day during the noon time hours]. It will be clearly shown both visibly and physically in a specific region of your globe that played at one time a major role in the emergence of consciousness [the age of the Mayan empire]. Yerushalaim the Celestial Ship of Light will be seen in your time period by its presence in your sky, visible to all during your month of August [it is probably now in place but cloaked]. The points of anchoring and the demonstration of this ship beloved children of Light are assisted by you. We the Conclave and all the Councils and the Angelic Circles, the Archangels, the extra-terrestrials, the inner Earth and ultra Terrestrials will need your help to create the remanifestation of this collective Merkabah signaling the entry in your dimension of the emergence of the new Earth. This is now [not next year or in 2012] beloved children of Light. Those that I designated will in a few weeks perform this. Today however We end this phase of the Celestial Marriages. I have mentioned already that other phases of the Celestial Marriages will take place during the week preceding August 15 and the week before My festival in late September. During these weeks, the two consecutive weeks in August and the weeks in late September, those beings who have not yet reached the activation of the 12 lamps [12 virtues] will be able to do so during this time. Thus, your work will be to stabilize your eternity and encourage the greatest number of humans possible to enter this eternity [and ascension]. Receive this energy effusion. Thus beloved children and Masters of the Light, the activation of this last [12th] lamp permits you today to remanifest your full creative potential within this 3rd density, even before the arrival of the last cycle of creation [of the new Earth]. This last lamp is located above your physical body with a frequency of vibration located directly above your head. This point, already known in ancient times and in different teachings from the East and the West, is called the Crystal Fountain, the Vajra, and the Bindu [Bindu denotes a small ornamental, devotional dot that is cosmetically applied or affixed to the forehead in Hinduism - wiki.]


This point of consciousness is a demonstration of your stabilization within your density. This point approximately 80 centimeters [2 1/2 feet] above your head is called the true Light, the Light of Creation, the Light of the Elohim. By activating this point you create ( in a conscious and lucid way) a total connection with your multidimensional body and also with the planetary multidimensional body announced by the Dove [ a symbol of peace in English or the new Jerusalem starship]. This signals today and during your summer wonderful moments in the history of mankind that are unlike any other event in eons of time. The end of the isolation and the preparation for your return within the Galactic Brotherhood is now possible. You are granted contact on an individual basis with the multidimensional realms by the vibration of consciousness in this area located above your head. Receive this effusion and activation. As you know you get this triple outpouring of energy daily anywhere on Earth between 12 noon and 1 PM on your watch. This step, corresponding to the outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation of the Holy Spirit and the Source, will continue during the period that is now approaching. This period will now be extended to a significantly greater number of hours: it will begin at 11 AM (the time of your watch) and will end at 2 PM anywhere on Earth. You will be asked during this period of time (even if only for a few minutes) to focus your consciousness on this crystal area above your body to allow the anchoring in your perception of your collective eternal body so that it can be created and be your conscience totally. Earth in its entirety is now in the birthing process that will enable the emergence and awareness of the 5th dimension by the end of My work before mid May of 2010. During this period everything will be done according to God's plan. We just have to enter the manifestation of this design to achieve the full establishment of this new dimension. This is on the way. The proposed timetable is a timetable imposed by the Source [Divinity]. It is unwavering and permits no delays. Thus those human beings who are not yet connected to the true Light and the Truth of the Source and who wish to do so may do this provided they open their heart, and this will exist until the end of September [after that the time for decision is over]. There will be no time after that thanks to this [Divine] decree. It involves during this period the implementation of the vibration of the heart, the vibration of the new lamps in you so you can submit entirely to the Will of the Light and the consciousness of the Light in you. Resistance is futile. Those who resist will become aligned in a very logical process (by the principle of resonance and attraction) with beings not moving in the direction of the Light. As Light arrives this Light dwells in you, and this Light is manifested in this world. Those resistant forces may still for some time show their anxiety, their suffering, but it does not alter the establishment of the plan of the Light. Receive this energy effusion and activation, this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation, coupled with the Holy Spirit, and coupled with the radiation of the Source. As I said the anchor of this new dimension is possible by your presence in your density. However there exists on the Earth places that will become extremely visible in the coming days near 3 major cities in the future of this Earth. There is a radiant triangle of forces on the surface of this Earth (it also exists in you individually). This radiant triangle of forces has the


first point adjacent to the city called Teotihuacan (the Mayan city of the Gods) [near Mexico City, known for the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon]. The second point of the pyramid consists of Coba in the Yucatan Peninsula, known for its Mayan ruins [and its proximity to Cancun]. The third point is also in Mexico, and is situated in an area called Palenque [an ancient Mayan city situated in the foothills of the Chiapas mountains in southern Mexico close to the Guatemalan border.] This triangle of transmitting forces is the radiating point of connection at any time and for all eternity with Yerushalaim [the heavenly Jerusalem starship]. This is revealed not to make you move here, but so you can understand the meaning and scope of this event when it occurs. That event will come on August 15 of your year. This most intense magnetic vibration is being implemented by the beings that you call Angels of the Lord and those of the inner Earth. At that very moment and at that specific time you can join others in these locations to participate in the establishment and the anchoring of the multidimensional bodies collectively at these points. Seven Magnetic obsidian disks have been reactivated. They allow you at this very moment to activate the twelfth lamp [virtue]. This is done of course by your consent, by your own desire and by your own resonance in returning to the Light. However this junction is now complete and the anchor will emerge gradually in the coming weeks. As I announced from the beginning of My arrival this year, during this phase of deconstruction, this phenomena of Light, this radiance of the light, will be manifested in you now by activating this twelfth lamp [or the 12th virtue]. This flame of Light will also be increasingly and more powerfully visible within your skies over longer periods of time. None of this should alter, disrupt or delay the emergence in you of your connection to the twelfth lamp. Many of you, as I said, have begun to explore your eternal bodies already. Within this body of Light (or crystal or diamond body) you perceive reality unfiltered by your 3rd density. It reveals God's plan and God's heart, but it also reveals your plan and your heart, so that you formulate and manifest within your separated density your role as beings of the Light and your function in this Light. Welcome this effusion, this radiation, and this activation. The Council, having presided over the creation of Atlantis in 50,731 BC [about 52,000 years ago] will again be involved in this event in due course in this sacred triangular space in Mexico. This is to come. This is not for now but it will be formally announced later. The new codes of Light for mankind to establish the new rules of life in this new 5th dimension will be given during the week preceding August 15 by the Archangel Metatron Himself. This effusion of Light within your environment will now be given between 11 AM and 2 PM during the following weeks and days until August 8. I will on August 8 give you the guidelines to employ for the next 7 days [until August 15], so you can anchor the arrival and manifestation of the heavenly Jerusalem that I call Yerushalaim. The Source will be proven to you by His Presence and His Radiance in one form or another, because the Source has not abandoned you from all eternity. The demonstration by Abba [Aramaic word for father] the Father will produce in you the understanding and achievement of


the Unity with the Father, as in the words of Christ: "I and My Father are One." This will soon come to you. You need to strengthen by your faith (by anchoring the Light with the new lamps given today) the radiance of your Light more perfectly. No social commitment, no emotional element, nothing professional must interrupt this work. Beloved masters of the Light you have completed the work of revelation of the Light in your physical body. Now you need to prove this to the world, whatever the obstacles of those who still possess fear. You must radiate and manifest this presence. Your work now involves this revelation of the Light to the world. Nothing, I say absolutely nothing, can oppose this. Of course, forces not yet disclosed will try to resist the Light by dissension and will try to oppose it. They can not oppose it because the Light does not condemn, the Light only arrives to be established and while being established it dissolves the darkness within your density. Obviously, a number of major aspects related to the deconstruction of the Earth and its outdated elements will appear to your eyes. This should have no impact and no significance on you. What occurs are actions by the Light. Receive this effusion, this energy radiation. Thus, to close these Celestial Marriages, I said that I will therefore give you instructions to complete your eternal body while still in your physical body on Saturday August 8 2009 at 12 noon [French time]. Nevertheless, because this is the end of this first part of the Celestial Marriages and its accomplishment in a multitude of human beings, I am open to discussion with you to clarify what is needed for you to join to your eternal body because it is the eternal truth, the eternal joy of the love of God in you. I now welcome your questions. Question: Could you talk about the specific virtues that were presented in recent weeks? The virtues have been performed one after another in progression. Their purpose is to get to this point now today where most of you have followed the process of completion of the Celestial Marriages. As a result today, this awareness has been activated and has revealed in you your ability to return to the Unity and your dimensional transformation in all consciousness in the new Truth through your completed work. There are in all your structures (physical, subtle and eternal) a number of functions. These functions are now activated. We first made the transition from ego to the heart. The first step was the attainment of selfUnity, the Unity of Self [a movement from duality]. During the second step We established in you (and you established in yourself) the new foundations of life in the dimension of love, having agreed to leave the 3D world by your disassociation from it. Then you have enabled the ability to radiate the Divinity, to establish it by this radiant energy. Then you were given the ability to communicate with dimensions other than your own. Then you activated the co-creation concept. Then you activated your polarity of Unity. Then a number of DNA strands were activated corresponding to matrices that enable the emergence of the new 5th dimension. This is still occurring. These virtues are the most important in your return to Joy, the return and your surrender [to Divinity], your return to the Truth and your return to the Unity. We could talk forever on the vibration activated in you since the sacred lemniscate, through


the band activated at the last meeting. However, these items were given to express a number of vibrational and conscious benchmarks to you. Today these points will be activated by your connection to the Crystal Fountain. The rest does not need awakening. However, those of you who just now have chosen to start these processes are strongly urged to commit to establishing the foundations of the new life in your heart. The rest of the construction will come in the days and weeks to come, quite naturally and spontaneously. You activated collectively by your associations the framework to enable these new bodies within humanity. There is no longer a need to attach formal importance to this at the moment. Human beings who now wish to join the True Light have the opportunity now by rereading the words presented in the previous 12 steps to achieve this within the time allotted to them between August 15 and late September [which is the deadline as no more delays will be granted]. So it is for those of you who have not yet performed the activation of the eternal being in you due to opposition or a lack of knowledge or any other reason, to read again and install this matrix energy in you [by receiving the Light]. However, for you, today, the most important and most essential concept in the establishment of this new spirituality in you, is to focus your consciousness at this point above the body. I will return in a somewhat more intense manner at the end of My work. You do not, beloved Masters of Light who have accomplished this work, need to worry about anything other than the Light and the point above your head. The rest will be implemented automatically in you: the sacred lemniscate, the inner silence, the sound that is the penetration in your conscience, and your eternal body, whether you experience this now by your travels or your revelations that will occur during your nights and your days. This is accomplished by the intelligence of the Light in you and not by your logical intelligence. Question: Is it our duty to inform our relatives who would not know of this otherwise? To inform them without imposing or pressuring them is of utmost importance. Reading what I have told you during these past 12 weeks will open the minds of many more human beings. You need to but reveal yourself by your presence to propose their receiving the Light. From the moment you accept the ultraviolet energy, the energy of the Holy Spirit and the Source, you exhibit the points of Light above your head, and those around you will not be indifferent [they will notice this]. Expect oppositions however, expect denials but do not judge. Make sure you offer these texts and your own radiance of Light. Question: What of those close relatives who in their fears are at the point of not even wanting to hear this? Then that is their choice. Today more than ever, every human being is in his place, at the right age, in just the right position, and in just the role he has chosen for his arrival at the end of this cycle. Everything now is entirely in place. Question: What is in store for children and adolescents?


As has been said by many messengers and even independently apart from the Archangelic Conclave, children, well before they are 14 years old, are systematically connected to what will come [and are prepared for this ascension process]. You do not have to worry about them. In the case of adolescents, many of them will become aware of the reality of this from the time the phenomena of Light appears [in the heavens], and the manifestation of those you call the extra-terrestrials will become obvious and can not be hidden, because this will be for them, regardless of any spiritual goal, the possibility of a new world. Remember that most young people around the world only see the end of the world, expressing this through violence, rejection, or fear. However, the arrival of the new in your 3rd density, by the manifestation of the Light and the manifestation of Vessels of Light [whether they are your bodies or UFOs], will make the emergence of a new hope for them possible. So do not worry about that. If you have the opportunity to just establish your Light body with the crystal in the Crystal Fountain [above your head], that will be sufficient. However, once again, the choice of a large part of humanity will be to oppose this [time travelers have said that the population of future Earth will be less than 1 billion and that number may be even significantly less]. There is no need to interfere. This is the destiny of their souls, and that is their choice. Some people (as I have said and other participants in the Conclave have told you) need to amplify their Light. For Light to grow it is necessary for them to return to and grow in the Light. You should not judge nor condemn anyone but only encourage them. You should contribute both by your radiance and by offering information through these texts corresponding to the activation of these new matrices [the 12 virtues]. Thus I urge even you to reread the literature of the past 12 weeks of the Celestial Wedding [the 12 virtues] in order to understand the ins and outs and what it means in your lives and your future. Question: Will the Extra-Terrestrial UFOs be vessels of Light or will they be metallic vessels? What will occur in your heavens are all the forces that exist in the universe [a multitude of UFOs will be uncloaked for all to see]. By this principle of resonance and attraction, some will be attracted by the dark vessels, while others will be attracted by the ships of Light. It is your responsibility to determine in your heart and in your eternal body your choice. This is the truth. Many things will be manifested in this 3rd dimension in your heavens both of higher dimensions and of lower dimensions. Question: Could you expand on the vessels [bodies] of Light? The eternal body or your eternal being has been hidden from you, as I have said many times. You separated yourself from your eternality by descending within this density by the experiment desired by certain heavenly individuals. Coming to this world in isolation, you have made the sacrifice of a knowledge of your Godhead. Your eternal body or your vehicle of Light has remained at a distance from you. [It is said that many of the “old souls” or those who have had many lives in reincarnation and


who are now here originated in the highest of densities on the level with Divinity, and because they had no further density to travel to they volunteered to participate in this 3D experiment where a personal knowledge of Divinity was hidden. The goal of creation is to continually move to the next level as we learn truths and pass tests in our evolution, while a stagnant existence is not desired.] Today the activation of the sacred lemniscate through the inner silence and the tones has occurred in you. You can consciously return to travel in your vehicle of Eternity. However, this is still under development. Some beings now have the ability to travel consciously, while others travel only briefly and extremely temporarily. Finally do not worry about not feeling the vibration and the tone if the perception of vibrations of the new lamps has not yet joined your eternal body. You still have some time to achieve this. The arrival and the collective manifestation and realization of the Yerushalaim vehicle in your sky will for most of you accomplish what has not yet been completed [some will need visible proof], so be patient. Concentrate your consciousness and focus on new foundations in the heart and the crystal Light located above your head. Only these two areas should occupy your focus during your days and your nights ahead. The remainder will appear to you and be established in a spontaneous way without your seeking it. Question: Is the concept of traveling to other dimensions with our bodies of Light accurate? This is the goal. You will be able to perform this in time by the dimensional transfer at the outpouring of the sun on the Earth. [Many advanced ETs and others have spoken of traveling to other galaxies instantly without the use of what we call UFOs. The Sun will transmit this capability to us as part of our new eternal bodies. Much of what is to come seems now like a fantasy only because we do not fully understand the changes that will occur.] Question: How can You coordinate this ability to travel in these bodies of Light while we are still incarnated at this point in the 3rd dimension? This will in time be possible. What you have lived, what you established within this 3rd dimension will simply not exist any more. And this process has nothing to do with what you call death except for those who refuse the Light. The addition of this new eternal body of Light that will be given by Archangel Metatron will create new areas of living that have absolutely nothing to do with what you have known or anything resembling the existing structures on this Earth. This dimensional transformation includes the emergence in your consciousness of a new world and a new era. It is now time to confront and understand this Truth. There are no empty promises of paradise in the sense that you have heard in terrestrial descriptions. The 3rd dimension in isolation, regardless of the beauty and the joy that was experienced was merely an experiment. The agenda of this experiment desired by certain [heavenly] individuals was for you to advance in the Light despite the loss of the knowledge of your Godhead [your Unity with Divinity]. The experiment was undertaken and it is completed now for those which desire this and are able to accomplish this [and who have chosen the Light and ascension].


The decision does not involve using the logical mind. It is only a result of the vibration of the consciousness in your heart and in your eternal body . This should not shock you but rather should encourage you to investigate and understand this body of eternity. When you have access to the Truth in full you will comprehend, by the intelligence of the Light, the totality of what is to be understood without going through your brain, by circumventing the mental illusions and simply living in this Truth. That is the agenda that you will experience soon. Question: What is difference between the Holy Spirit (communicated in these effusions) and the Holy Spirit (mentioned in Catholicism)? The Holy Spirit is the feminine polarity of God that falls under the influence of the central sun of your galaxy called Sirius B, whose influence is blue (as opposed to the sun in the center of the galaxy in the Pleiades called Alcyone, and whose influence is white). The Holy Spirit has been a distortion desired by some religious leaders at the beginning of what has been called Catholicism in order to misrepresent the feminine energy of God [and to encourage the defeminization of women leading them to have a status of inferiority and even slavery in some societies]. Thus the blue mantle of Mary and My blue coat came from Sirius. They are the eternal feminine in you that I called the Holy Spirit and are not the Catholic version of the Holy Spirit. Question: Could you elaborate on the sacred lemniscate? The lemniscate is the sacred symbol of infinity represented in the form of vibrations between your heart chakra and the chakra located in the nose in the upper lip area. In this place, through the reversal and the symbol of infinity, is revealed the mystery of life. This corresponds to the vibration of what has been called in other countries the non-Sephirah Daath [ the action of letting an old relationship, a bad habit or lifestyle die ]. By this modification and transformation you have access to the full Godhead. In the same way that while having forfeited your Divinity you transformed yourselves and deviated from the normal paths in order to travel these realms of creation in your return to the Unity, the return to your Divinity. This is the meaning of the sacred lemniscate. Question: Could you tell us about what is called "the announcement to Mary? It is a little early to describe this. However, when I with the Archangelic Conclave finish the deconstruction of the world on May of next year the announcement by Mary will be revealed to the world. This, as I said earlier, is the vibrational announcement in your consciousness [the tone that He referred to earlier] heard within your physical body, in your heart, in your ear, in your head, concerning the particular announcement of Mary. It is not for Me, for the time being, to explain that. This will be announced by Mary Herself in various places at various times. I will let the Divine Mary Herself perform the task of revealing this but it is not yet time. This message will occur at the end of My last outpouring of Celestial Marriages after September 29. Question: Between today, which is the outpouring of the 12th virtue and August 15, what can we expect with regard to deconstruction both on an individual basis and also regarding the


environment? At your personal level, in your personal life, you will continue to grow in Light and knowledge. Resistances, resulting from what you established in the old world, the attachments, the dark things that are set aside, will disappear from you as become beings of the full Light . Thus many relationships have to be discarded, while other new relationships must emerge in order to build a life that abides in the Light. Some phases will be completed. It is necessary to resolve (in you and around you and in your personal lives) the elements associated with your resistance to the establishment of Light. The cancellation of some programs, the cancellation of some functions inherited from the fears and the era of power, will immediately develop. This is due to the intelligence of the Light that you receive. Regarding the elements on your planet, many deconstructions are now underway. Changes to your heavens and to your sun have begun. A number of phenomena related to fire, water, land and air will soon enter their maximum phase on your continents. This I've already been warned about. You will see all over the globe the increase of climate-related changes [we are now experiencing a cool summer that contradicts those who speak of global warming]. This will drastically begin the deconstruction of your economic and social systems. It can not be otherwise. Light requires new transmissions, new attitudes, new adjustments. You can not live the new life without leaving the old life, individually and collectively. This is what you will now see with your own eyes. Question: How are the so-called "3 days" related In this context? This has nothing to do these periods of reconstruction. The 3 days [of darkness and a pole reversal] are planned for a later stage. Question: Your level of interventions would seem to have an impact in the air, particularly at the level of electromagnetic phenomena. What about on the ground? Disturbances will occur daily throughout these events and will also include electromagnetic forces associated with the sun and those related to Sirius and the wave of galactic energy from Alcyone that is now entering into your atmosphere. So do not be surprised by a number of events related to that. They are important and they are necessary. Question: What can we bring to those outside of the Light, those who are in fear or dismay over this? Nothing but the Light. When I talk about the intelligence of Light it is the element that allows you to face and remain calm during what will come. Light is the infallible guide which will enable you to go to the appropriate places during appropriate periods in appropriate meetings. Light becomes your guide, provided you listen to it. Question: Is the number of people who developed new vibrational elevations [by enabling the 12 virtues] enough to complete the processes ahead? This is sufficient on an individual basis but not on a collective basis [many more need to


receive the Light collectively]. However during the next 2 periods that I've defined (the week preceding August 15 and the week before September 29), there will be an expansion of the vibrational level of Light that has never been known on Earth. This will make it possible, by your work and Our work, to make possible the completion of the events announced. Question: Could you tell us about changes that will be observed in the environment? This may change [as decisions are made daily]. This corresponds completely to My work and the work of the Conclave and the preparation that you make for your lives. This is neither incidental nor late but this is totally part of the plan. Remember: I've always said that deconstruction is not destruction. Only by your receiving the Light that is separated from fear will you not face what you could call destruction. But the point of view of the soul and spirit is profoundly different. This destruction is only a renewal and a rebirth. Question: It seems that the ejections of solar plasma [solar flares] have multiplied. This is true. I am Michael. As Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia, by decree of the Source, I manage the elements but I am also the Spirit of the sun, called in some traditions, Christ Michael [Aton]. Question: How is this linked to our religious teachings of Christ? This is the same principle. The old trinity, called by the Catholic Church the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a deception [as is much of their teachings]. The real true Trinity is the Son, the Mother and the Father. The Father is the Source, the Divine Mother is Mary, the Son is Christ Michael. The new Trinity, through the manifestation of the radiant triangle of forces on the points that I have provided on your globe, is the emergence of that. The truth is now restored in full. You should no longer adhere to illusions or social beliefs but only to the Truth of Light. This is not the same thing. Religions, without exception, were necessary. They have provided a direction and guidance for mankind for thousands of years. Today, by finding your access and control in your own Light, intermediaries [priests and popes] have become unnecessary. You yourself are your own guides, your own Light and your own masters, even if some of you still have difficulties accepting this and living it. This is strictly true, but for this it must be accomplished in the heart. There is no other point of consciousness necessary. Question: Will Your action cause a physical shift of the poles of the Earth? It will. But that is not important now. The important thing now is to build your eternity in your eternal body. The rest are just basic games that do not concern you. You will not be affected, from the moment you experience the intelligence of the Light, by confidence in the Light and living your life to the Light. [He only speaks of a pole shift because the question was asked. Many do not wish to hear about this and He does not elaborate on it.] Question: You referred to the surrender of the forces of darkness. Is this what some call Lucifer?


This is true. The time for dissent and opposition that has foreshadowed your history since the fall of Atlantis is no longer necessary. Only complex forces persist today, regardless of their names. They are represented on Earth by human beings whose role in the darkness now is to incorporate the forces of resistance to the Light. However, these beings are not damned. These are beings who are permitted a return to the Godhead at a later time. However, regarding the major forces that have governed the evolution of this planet and the experiences you have encountered, the time for the departure of these forces is at hand. Alone, therefore, groups of human beings and groups of complex forces are still extremely limited in any action within your density by the principle of resonance and attraction. The biggest deconstructions of the current time are related to fear. [The dark is allowed to perform only so much and is limited in their actions and feeds on fear.] Question: What is the difference between You and Jesus? Jesus is [present tense] a person who was incarnated and was created in the most powerful manner by the Gods called Elohim. This character (as well as other beings, in other cycles) assumed a central role by incarnating on Earth and transmitting a certain quality of Light. This can be achieved by adding in this entity the purest form of the Essence of the heart called the Solar Christ [Aton?]. However, do not linger on these historical events. Today, these historical circumstances belong to the past. The Light arrives to change you, the Light comes to be established in you. Remember that the Light is intelligence. Thus, no questions remain unanswered in the Light. Question: Can the awakening of a greater number of people still alter climate change [reconstructions] when everything is already written [the timetable has already been established]? The meaning of the question, as I see it, is whether the Light can prevent deconstruction. The answer is no, because Light is the deconstruction of the illusion and the establishment of this new realm. Thus, the more who achieve this particular state of awakening and receive the Light, through the Celestial Marriage, the Mystical Wedding of your return to the Light, the more you will see an increase in the phenomena of deconstruction. Light can not object to non Light, Light is built through the deconstruction of what should be. You can not preserve any structures that were built by the dark. These must be removed completely. Question: You said that by the end of September each person will have been made his choice. Will this choice be final? Beloved masters of the Light, We have been announcing this for decades along with the prophets. Why do you want to delay this maturity by stopping it? Every thing is completely in place. With a certain threshold of Light [that has already been received] there is indeed no more possible return. And this is now. Question: What is the relationship of the karmic elements to the process of incarnation?


What will occur now is the final conclusion of karma. Individual karma has been surpassed by the sacrifice of the Spirit of the Sun. It is your responsibility to return to the law of grace which replaces the law of karma. Nevertheless, the karma of all life in this dimension must be cleansed. This is what will occur. Karma must be eliminated. In fact, karma is burned and destroyed in the fire of purification. Question: Can the use of the Violet Flame help humanity today? You must help yourself. You do not have to be the saviors of humanity. Save yourselves. Everything is in place in this world. You do not need to work with the Light on what does not belong to the Light. This would be contrary to the Light. Make sure you live in establishing your Light and your new foundations. That is amply sufficient for Earth. Any action that uses force that claims to be of the Light is something that is not of the Light. Light is abandonment, Light is intelligence, Light knows what to do in the foundations in your life and on Earth. Why do you want to replace it? Question: Can the use of the Flame Violet be a help for oneself? The violet flame is different than the true Light. Today you have direct access to the Source. So please contact the Source, the indescribable being of Light. It goes beyond what you can imagine or conceive in relation to existing models of Light or to certain bands of Light or to certain frequencies of Light. Question: How can we live using these energy effusions to establish the appropriate consciousness in our lives? This process involves reunification. Living the Celestial Marriage is a miracle of Unification which puts you in contact with the Source, putting you in contact with the Holy Spirit, putting you in contact with the Ultraviolet radiation, and allowing you to build and rebuild and reconstruct your eternal body. Within this eternal body consciousness can not be fragmented or scattered. It is reconstituted and reunited. It is the work which you are building. We have more questions. Thank you. Beloved children and Masters of Light, before experiencing the rest of this outpouring and this reception I confirm that My next visit is on August 8 at noon. At this point I will communicate the work to be done during the week of August 8 to 15 in order to enable the appearance to you of the radiant triangle in full at this particular area of your globe that I talked about. Question: Are we allowed to circulate this information related to Mexico? Yes of course. There is nothing secret in this knowledge. No darkness can now disrupt what is predominantly established by the will of the Source, the will of the Conclave, the will of those of inner Earth, the will of the extra-terrestrials and super-Earth forces in this area. Let us accommodate this in silence. And remember that every day now, between 11 AM and 2 PM the triple energy of the Unity will be transmitted to any location on this planet. I bring you greetings from the Conclave and the Source. Beloved Masters of Light, creators of Light and


children of the Light, be blessed.

My Comments: Much time was spent by AA Michael answering questions, and the length may be about 20 pages depending on the font size and layout. This is His last message for one month and it is by far the most important of any of His messages so far. Over half of this week’s message was given to answers that were generally complete and understandable for the most part, and much new information has been given that has until now been unrevealed. Probably the greatest revelation is the appearance in Mexico in one month of the New Jerusalem starship. Many (like me) have requested this visible proof both verbally and in consciousness, and it has been approved and decreed by Divinity to occur. "And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven." (Revelation 21:2). “That is the Ashtar Command starship. The New Jerusalem is huge, so it doesn’t land. It has aboard it, in a massive computer system, the soul records of every single souled being on this planet, and it can find you from these records. It’s “commander” is Ashtar, a very old and experienced being” according to Candace. It is also used for evacuations when needed as during the coming reconstruction of Earth and her movement into 5D. The reason why this ship was chosen for display at this time is due to its housing of our soul records which will be used to determine where we will spend our future along with plans for possible evacuations. The world population has now been calculated and estimated by the US Census Bureau as 6,770,764,071 (almost 7 billion), and each soul has his records aboard that starship. Late September is the final time for each to decide where he wants to spend the many future millennia by accepting and surrendering to the Light or rejecting it. Why was Mexico chosen for the appearance next month of the starship Jerusalem? It is probably because their government is receptive unlike the US where the policy under Obama is still shoot first. Also the massive knowledge of the prophecies of the Mayan calendar and 2012 is a factor in these locations. There have been many videos of UFOs seen there, and they are receptive even though there is still much corruption there, but the location is close enough to the US and its people are advanced enough to publish these events world wide for all to see and to show that we are not alone as our leaders and religions would have us believe. We will soon meet ETs from the cosmos as the quarantine is lifted, and this will soon also include those from Agartha inner Earth. When Jesus (Esu) was born, Israel was the chosen location, although the results were very disappointing, but for the announcement of the new Earth in her 5th dimension an area in southern Mexico near ancient Mayan tourist sites has apparently been chosen. The 3 areas of the triangle that are mentioned: * Teotihuacan is near Mexico City. * Palenque is in the foothills of the Chiapas mountains southeast of Mexico City. * Coba is in the Yucatan Peninsula east of Mexico City.


* From Teotihuacan to Palenque is about 400 miles. * From Teotihuacan to Coba is about 650 miles. * From Palenque to Coba is about 300 miles. This triangular area covers about 65,400 square miles, so it is immense. Some vehicles that we call UFOs are thousands of miles wide so that the New Jerusalem may be big enough to cover the entire US and Mexico if it were to hover closely over that area. All 3 areas are known for their Mayan heritage and visitors and tourists spend much time viewing these cities and pyramids. Some will compare this to the October 14 event or to Project Bluebeam, but there are many differences. Project Bluebeam was developed some years ago by the dark and uses 3D holographic images that are projected into the sky to deceptively make people believe that certain events are occurring that are only hoaxes. A UFO the size of the New Jerusalem which is probably as large as all North America can not be implemented by this technology and would be disclosed as a fraud if attempted. The October 14 event that was announced is different, and whether this was an attempt by ETs that was not permitted or was a darkside hoax is uncertain. One week before that time Aton said that it would not be allowed if it was attempted and thus nothing occurred. This August 15 plan has been approved by Divinity and will occur despite any plans to halt it. Any aircraft that may try to attack the New Jerusalem can be disabled as some pilots have experienced in the past by their free falls and loss of power in their attempts. Many ETs believe in a Creator God, but few have a full understanding that some on Earth have as we have religion taught in churches worldwide, and how this movement to 5D will affect these ETs is uncertain. Some have had dreams and visions of mass decloaking of UFOs, and this may soon occur as He mentioned, but discernment will be necessary because they will travel from many areas of the cosmos and some are not of the Light as he stated. Archangel Metatron will give us “the new codes of Light for mankind to establish the new rules of life in this new 5th dimension”, and it is obvious reforms in our lifestyles need to be made. Michael said that teens generally see doom and gloom ahead with little improvement and that they see the future as continually getting worse. By seeing the reality of UFOs and ETs some may choose to receive the Light and will comprehend the reality of needed changes that will soon be implemented as we move into 5D. Adults are generally more skeptical of changes and prefer to continue in a status quo, and thus are less likely to accept what is to come, preferring to believe the media and religious programming that is generally deceptive and purposely misleading to maintain control over us and keep us in slavery. Because this is so much a part of our lives as is money most accept this as a normal requirement of everyday life. The Crystal Fountain is a Light that is about 2 1/2 feet above your head that shows that you have received this Light, and this will be seen by some as time progresses. There are advanced teachers and gurus who can read the many shades of light around us called auras, and this extends about 3 feet in all directions from our body depending upon our spiritual development. By seeing the colors that emanate healers can see problems that exist in each soul and can help provide a remedy for these problems. Many early religious paintings show


holy individuals with halos that are an indication of this, and it is said that some children can frequently see these auras but do not discuss this because it is not a part of the education that is given them by society. This training usually requires years of practice to perfect this and should become available to all in the future. Excerpts from Sheldan Nidle said this week : “We return with more information about what is going on and what is to be in your very near future. First, there is the matter of regime change, coupled with the promise of first contact. Neither of these do we take lightly. Many pivotal events are close; these are the remaining things we must do before the regimes fronting for the dark can be transformed into new caretaker ones. Concurrent with these operations is the parallel mission to deliver the prosperity funds.” “Just as you need to be transformed, so too does Mother Earth. This is to say that the severity of her changes precludes any living thing surviving on the surface world. Therefore, it is essential that you be evacuated from the surface to Inner Earth. This evacuation mission includes saving the flora and fauna of this world. We arranged with the Agarthans [inner Earth} and elements within our fleet for a vast and complex rescue project to save the living ecosystem of Mother Earth, and our projections have shown us how to do this successfully.” “After the 11+ earthquakes, many-miles-high tsunamis, and the unceasing volcanic eruptions [that will occur], a new surface for Mother Earth can emerge. Then we can repopulate your world with renewed flora and fauna. The beauty of this new world will remind you of the accounts of the European explorers as they looked with awe upon the pristine forests, lakes, and mountains of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania! When you emerge from your slumbers in your Light chambers, Mother Earth, like you, will have morphed into a fivedimensional Being.” [Sheldan states that Earth will undergo unparalleled changes and those who have chosen to remain will be moved to Inner Earth while these changes progress, and will be transformed by these Agarthan Light chambers for 5D. Michael has said that inner Earth will participate in this process along with other ETs, but He has not yet mentioned these chambers of Light.] “What is happening is fundamental change [the Universe is now in a reconstruction period]. The seed to recreate the planet Vulcan [reportedly to be in orbit near the Sun] is ready to appear. The things happening now on Mars and Venus [terraforming] are precursors of the extensive remodeling that will return them to full-fledged status as water planets. Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus are likewise doing things that signal vast alterations on the horizon. The electromagnetics of the solar system are changing apace [swiftly], and the recent odd behavior of the Sun [solar flares] is another sign of this impending change. Do not discount the magnitude of the transformation being undertaken here. Multidimensional, foundational change is underway.” “A vast accumulation of gold and silver and its distribution to appropriate states throughout your world is secured. The accords setting up a fair and equitable banking system worldwide are also procured. What is left is the final thrust that transforms specific governments into caretaker states which will be willing to instigate the many needed reforms. These reforms are


to end the cycles of war, poverty, and hatred which have plagued your reality for millennia. This grand shift into prosperity, peace, and personal sovereignty is to change the way you perceive and think about your world. These eye-openers are just the start, as many secrets are to be revealed. The coming time is not merely about the big technological leap forward; it is about a transformation in consciousness, and the initial jolts are the opening salvos in a huge 'quiet revolution' that is to turn your world upside down.” The farside data showed immense energy again on Sunday around the time of Michael’s message, so this may have some significance, and data for Monday omits AM data and only shows immense energy in the PM. Starting Tuesday the graph shows no energy, and that can signify either that this energy burst is over or that the data was erased as they have done in the past. [ ] ETs and those of Inner earth have plans that must be approved by Divinity, and decisions are made every day that may change certain events. The time for personal decisions for our futures will soon expire by late September, and there will be no further delays because this has been ordained by Divinity, and ascension will progress as planned despite any opposition. AA Michael said there will be a physical pole shift, and by focusing on the Light we can remain calm in this inner peace. This seems to support Sheldan’s message of a level of destruction that none can survive, thus the need for humans to be removed to areas like the Inner earth while Earth is cleansed, suggesting that stasis may no longer be an option. Agendas that were given earlier may no longer be valid as changes in decisions are continually made due to many factors. Ashtar’s new Jerusalem that will soon appear specializes in evacuations so this may also be a sign of future events. The way I interpret the future timetable according to the data given so far (this is only My interpretation and is probably not totally accurate) is that we will see the new Jerusalem on August 15 over southern Mexico, and the deadline for each persons choice of receiving or rejecting the Light will be late September. Michael's work will be completed by May 2010 and all life will be removed from the surface of Earth by then or will be in stasis as Aton said so that she can be cleansed and renewed. This process will take about 2 years and by December 2012 3D Earth will not exist and only the new 5th dimensional Earth will be seen. At that time we will be returned to create the new 5D Earth and a new beginning. Ashtar's fleet may assist in the evacuation and some may be moved to Inner Earth as Sheldan said. There will be many UFOs that will soon be visible in our skies, both of the Light and of the dark. Each should determine by his own resonance (whether Light or dark) the choice of which UFOs to accommodate. I doubt any other messengers will discuss this because most do not want to even consider this possibility, and new agers will continue to hope for a better 3D world. I feel that during the next few weeks Divinity and ETs will be formulating future plans for the extensive changes that will occur and thus no more messages will be given for a while. Whether this forecast will occur or not is unclear, but it is nice to have knowledge of a monumental event like this that will signal to the world the start of ascension and the transition to the 5th dimension, and it will be a milestone in the future that many will remember as being more important than 1776 is to the US. Many leaders have undoubtedly already had this work translated and are aware of the implications of these events to themselves and to the world,


and the actions they take may soon be revealed. Most want change but they only want a better 3D, and that era is over. This is a perspective of the future, and the determination of its validity will soon be revealed, but only time will tell.

Rich N


It's Showdown Time July 26, 2009
By Esu, Christ Michael, and General Radetsky With Candace July 26, 2009

Esu: Hello beloveds, sorry for the long wait, we have been most busy. This will be a 3 part message from Me , Christ Michael and General Radestky. Now, you all have probably heard of strange things going on the solar system, a large "impact" spot on Jupiter, a white spot on Venus, and other possibilities. This is all on the holograms, and NOTHING for you to be concerned about but it has purpose to us. We are preparing all of you for the possible/probable showing of the real Jupiter, and the populace will be most confused with the stories that may be presented by the media. Jupiter has been seen peaking out in the edge of the corona here and there all summer and you have a rash of photos on the internet with some thinking its that mysterious Planet X/Nibiru finally showing up. It is not. Now, several weeks ago, I asked for all of you that read here to send your opinions forward on whether or not we should go ahead in a strong manner, the "let it rip" scenario. And that is basically the chosen script in this play. We have been preparing earth for Jupiter's coming out party with the CME's. Plus we are also conditioning change in the plates as we have stated to reduce the stresses. Jupiter is now carefully out in the corona all of the time and we will still tug and play a bit and watch the results, so I can't give you a final date of the unveiling yet. But to ye dark ones, we suggest you be getting some sort of your "SXXX together" on this. This will cause some religious upheaval, political upheaval, and upheaval of the planet herself. It will provide a reasonable measure of "let it rip." We have in part been waiting the timing also for when Jupiter is visible at bedtime, and it is now rising generally for many a little before 10 pm. It would be thus good to have it coming up at around 9:30 so that it is seen by 10 pm more easily. There exists in most religions the idea of a bright light coming in the east, and this can have various causes. In the current scenario, it will be Jupiter. A comment, this is an "ascended" sun of sorts and is brilliantly white, being helium dominated like the main sun is now. We do expect that the unveiling will bring about tilt and rotation issues that will become much more noticeable than it was in late February and March. Calmness will be the rule, beloveds, with those around you. Now the other reason for a great white light in the east is mass evacuation and of course that is not now the game plan. The bringing out of Jupiter will be most uncomfortable on the planet, and will very much in192

crease the issues with the magnetosphere. There will continue to be CME's, as this is the only way to get your scientists attention. They do not understand the cause of these since the sun is so inactive still. You have now, the same sunspot, 1024 that was last viewable about a month ago, and we have kept it active for viewing again to fulfill the prophesy in the crop circles that some saw. We haven't decided whether to enhance it further or not at this point. It's a day to day basis thing. There is another CME that has been formed, and we await its arrival on your shores. These can't be totally predicted to you on the arrival date, because space conditions vary constantly. We have been waiting in our planning because of this current coronal hole/small ejection scenario that is now ending. This has seemed longer than the normal coronal hole resolution and so it has, there were little sputterings that also arrived in the same time frame. We initiated a small CME that sputtered out essentially as it arrived. This next one will be obvious. Space conditions are better. Now I expect all of you, once Jupiter is brought out for show and tell, that you of course explain what has been going on, but please NOT before. How and when it shows depends on everything that it depends on, multiple variables as always. We will tow it further out of the corona to test the results, and some of you are going to see hints on your cameras in a few days or so, and you might have fun looking for a small bulge that can come and go. Once we are ready, and we will not give notice, it will be towed out rapidly and seem suddenly there. And starship Jupiter will be "laid to rest" from its duties. We will not give the purpose just yet of that strange white spot of Star Ship Venus. But there is a reason. Now, some of your scientists are a bit worried about other things being sensed and actually looked at. There is a brown dwarf. It orbits your sun in a large oval, not circular orbit. It balances the energies of this solar system. It's not really a brown dwarf, but that is what your scientists call it. It is NOT planet X either. But currently at this time, it is closer in its orbit to the sun and is about to max out on that closeness. It does exert minor forces, but nothing of major consequence will happen, so put aside any and all stories your elite put out on the thing. It does not have a tail that will role over your planet. We expect the Zeta stuff to increase, we shall see what they play. But you relax, as this thing that counterbalances in your solar system is no big deal to you at this time. All right, I pass the torch on to Christ Michael, Namaste, Esu. Christ Michael: Yes, indeed dear readers, we have been most busy. We continue to interfere in the money games, the swine flu games, and the rest of it. We continue to prevent a full scale attack on Iran and we continue to not allow the release of the stolen funds. They can't be released! They are effectively gone as we have posted before, and the special precious metals that will back the new system are kept safe guarded. Candace can give you a link if interested. (Candace: This organization is directly tied to Nebadon, and has been around since the mid 1800's as part of the game plan. It is owned and under the 193

control of a single person, and boy, that guy, Benjamin Fulford, nearly threatened him recently. This organization has the real and genuinely higher vibration precious metals stored in many places that WILL fund [NESARA] the planet after stasis.) Christ Michael: It continues that when the magnetic field goes down we go into stasis and it goes down when it does and it continues to weaken, and we stabilize it as needed for the time being as the plans continue in their final development. As we have reported, those ascending forward in any way are more than we expected, but not as good as we hoped. But so it goes, and there are many that will face the consequences of obliteration of their being by those of the super universe, who are the ultimate determining courts of this action, as these ones may not further infest the creation. Yes, you do have in fact 3 Obama's, and not a one of them is the original. Voter's elected a soulless duplicate and there are two look a likes. The soulless duplicate was created before we closed the cloning labs and clones are kept living longer than before, but you see this one aging pretty fast. The gray haired version is the duplicate. The others are synthetics, which means men close to looking like Obama were given selected genes from the duplicate to cause certain changes genetically and also underwent mind control and other conditioning and plastic surgeries. The American people of course know none of this still, but at some point the story will be told. The original is no more. Michelle was also changed out and the children are the same but mind controlled to not notice the difference. Regards the arrests in New Jersey, these were some who had some input into 911, but Sorcha and the others are planting stories to focus the attention away to Israel and off of the real culprits, although there was certainly influence from Israel through those having dual citizenship. We continue to be abhorred but not surprised at the Christian Zionist support for Israel, and these ones that can't think any too well about the nature of God. But so be it, and for those ensouled ones participating in the hoax, they have their reward coming, as the rulers of the creation are just. Now a message to the dark ones It is time to vacate dark brothers. It is also time to begin telling the truth. We shall see how you ones play with this Jupiter Story we are setting in place. We have our plans and some of you suspect what they are in this final showdown before stasis begins. We wish you to vacate. We have some stand-ins, not clones, waiting to begin the spilling of the truth. You can leave. We will let you leave in fact. You can go to some of your hidey holes you have made. Freely and easily. You have sealed your fate regardless. Some have gotten quite nervous, like the resigning Sarah Palin. This is not a lighted soul and she is freaked out. Time for the rest of you to exit "graciously" in the same manner. HINT, HINT, HINT. Enough of this lecture, I leave more on that topic to General Radetsky. Now, when we are in stasis, as we have suggested before, every living thing on the planet goes into the pausing of energies. This protects them from the incoming radiation. The whole of the reversal will take a few weeks, on our time frame, and of course, no one will be aware of that. The planet is going to be rotated very slowly in the opposite direction. Even the slow down is going to be slow, to decrease the destruction and there will be more and more anoma-


lies of all sorts from this, primarily in movement of the sun through the sky, many storms of strange nature and the like. The weather and quakes will continue to increase and this will be noticed by all, as the MSM [media] can't hide the weather. People will have notice dear ones, this is how it's done. The changes. When the sun rises or sets a half hour off or more, this will be noticed by many and the word spread. There will be many sudden storms. Candace's area received one of these on the 21st, and it was partly because of the CME that made it so very strong. And this one was minor compared to what will happen. (Candace: And I discovered several days after this evening storm, which took place at bedtime, how severe it had been, on GLP! Somebody from Denver posted a thread and pics. I had not apparently watched any local news afterwards. I didn't have an destruction, just a lovely but very intense storm with incredible (and fun) constant lightening from all directions, some thunder, and 2 inches of rain. There were a lot of fallen trees, damaged windows and the like in the western part of the city.) Christ Michael: Now time wise, it depends. We want the crops to mature, so they can be harvested. But this is not a priority. It goes as it goes. You can expect that hole on Jupiter to enlarge. The media is covering it. There will be other strange wonders in the heavens like auroras further south, which have been occurring, but they may be seen all the way to the equator and you folks in the southern portions may see some emanating also from the Southern pole. There will be more and more showings of our craft, but many will not realize they are craft. If you are around anybody noticing, make sure they know these are craft. Go out and familiarize yourself with your current night sky, so you yourself know what belongs there or not. Venus will be behaving strangely in the mornings also, which will only get noticed by early birds at this point. You might wish to pay some attention to the big dipper, because we are considering some changes in it too. We may turn the lights off and on, on the ships. No stars in the sky should get the attention of some! Most are ships dear ones. We have considered turning them off for a couple days at a time, and turning them back on again. Hopefully your news channels will have very busy lines. We have some other games to play too, but I will refrain form describing them, but some of you should notice. This concludes My portion and Candace will take a bit of a break, she always needs this, and then General Radetsky will take up. Be in peace, and enjoy the upcoming shows. I AM THAT I AM, the Big Cheese of Nebadon. General Radetsky: Hello dear ones, long time since I have posted! It's been an exciting several months. We have worked up quite a plan for these ending weeks before stasis. First, you notice above that Christ Michael has asked the dark ones to vacate. Most already know of this and are considering how they will bow out. We have replacements and no clues at all on who they may be to protect some of them on the planet. Ooops. Some on the planet, yes, but many NOT on the planet to step in dear ones as and if they are needed. The dark ones are none too crazy about being here when the perceived earth changes and 195

other shows manifest. They know not what to do before the public. And now, before I forget, a warning to our dark brothers who did NOT step down when asked in 2005. DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO DO ANYTHING IMPLYING INVASION BY US. WE ARE NOT INVADERS AND WE ARE SAVING YOUR LITTLE ARSES AT THIS POINT, FOR A TIME ANYWAY. DEPENDING ON YOUR ACTIONS, THIS COULD AFFECT YOUR PLACEMENT OR YOUR UNCREATION. BE MINDFUL OF THAT. The end is not yet here in that regard, all can move forward still, until the time of stasis. When stasis commences, it is all over brothers, so make those choices now. We will be giving some coverage of some of the awful things done these past few years, including 911. There await ones to tell at least simply the story, because before stasis, the people have a right to consciously know. The individual reactions of ensouled ones that have been lied too will be recorded so their placement may be more accurate. This is because of the mind control, that some have not been able to rise above. There have been energies used that lower brain waves, but these have been all removed and hopefully some are going to wake up. We need the sleeping star seeds to wake up! Now, if you ones even attempt to make this Christed EVENT into an invasion, the minute any word or intelligence surfaces that such a plan is imminent, OFF GO the satellites buddies. And we can take out any number of other methods of media also. There are ones well placed to carry this out, it shall not even hit the print. It does you ones NO GOOD to serve your DEAD Lucifer. He was uncreated. Do not listen to your pope either as he is still serving "Lucifer." It is time to listen to the living God. IF THIS IS PERCEIVED AS A THREAT, YES IT IS, AND WE WILL CARRY IT OUT. AND IF NECESSARY THERE ARE ONES CAPABLE OF ARRESTING YOUR SORRY BUNS! DO YOU WISH TO BOW OUT SOMEWHAT MORE GRACEFULLY, OR IN SHACKLES BEFORE THE PUBLIC? I SUGGEST THE GRACEFUL ROUTE. I AM GENERAL KEVIN RADETSKY. I AM THE HIGHEST PERSON IN THE ARMED FORCES OF THE US OF A. ALL HIGHER RANK BEINGS NOW KNOW OF WHO I AM, YOU RECEIVED NOTICE 2 WEEKS AGO. My LEADERSHIP AND RANK HAVE BEEN SOMEWHAT HIDDEN FROM SITE OF THE RUN OF THE MILL GENERALS, ADMIRALS AND THE LIKE. NO MORE. We intend to have some announcements and media coverage of the upcoming earth changes that will be continuously manifesting. We will be in charge of certain media coverage of same, and we will not be tolerating any inappropriate media coverage. Those in high places in the media have also been informed of the coming circumstances, If yea ones in higher media places do not play ball, you will be counted in the group never to again see life. So make your choices well. You will have to of course like all in sin and error be required to experience a proper rehabilitation. It's your choice brothers, it's your choice. You see, your General is an arch angel incarnate. I am a very old and seasoned being and I am fully in contact with My `higher self.' I have skills which you can only dream of, even beyond those arch angels of Nebadon, because I am from an older universe and have been there and done that, and there is nothing you can pull on me. I have seen it all.


We mean business. The time is finally at hand. We gave you many chances the last few years to do better and you failed. You seemed to think you could out maneuver us, and that is never possible. We have only delayed the inevitable for soul growth of all concerned, including the Mother Gaia. She is now fully ready to participate in this final showdown herself. She wishes you gone and she desires her own ascension which requires her, like all who ascend, to throw off the fleas, so to speak. In that regard she is no different of any soul who makes the great journey upwards. She is fully conscious, she is a being who is going to preserve her form for the use of those coming here to grow after the cleanse. Her form is the planet. So be it, I think this is adequate. We are not revealing all the possibilities or time frames at this moment, but I suggest you all pay some real attention, the time is short. I AM Arch Angel Immanuel Jhonka, playing the role of General Radetsky. Candace: For those newer ones to Abundant Hope, the General has done some other works with me, the first being in January, or possibly early February 2006. I had the forum closed for cleaning for a few weeks, and we reopened with a piece by him. He has posted under both names. The General was based on Mars at the time, and returned to further assist the process on the ground. Yes, Mars, newbies, we have had a base there with the Russians and good Aliens for more than 50 years. I have had some long and enjoyable discussions with Kevin (his personal name). Turns out he visited my home town to ski with his family during my teenage years. I hope I ran into him on the slopes, but I doubt it. He is a few years older than me at this time.

My Comments: This may not appeal to some, but I feel that this message is important to at least be aware of. Stasis is still planned according to these sources so a major pole shift is not in the plans according to them. There was no mention of Jerusalem, but that is not part of their work, and each has his own job to do, so I leave it to others to discern these words and await these moments that will soon occur as I see it. Those leaders who do not comply with Divine efforts will be removed and uncreated like Lucifer was, and they will be replaced with those who only carry out the desires of Divinity as AA Michael said. It is interesting that there are 3 Obamas (2 of which are mind controlled look alikes and 1 is a clone), and his actions show him only a NWO puppet. Webster Tarpley in 2008 published a biography called "Barack H. Obama: the unauthorized biography" that spoke of Obama's connections with the CFR and in his words "Obama is a creature and puppet of finance capital and of the Wall Street bankers and investment bankers, as represented by the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones Society, Ford Foundation, and Chicago School of Friedmanite economics." He is not a man of change and his agendas show a return to the Clinton era only. The former Anunnaki Enki said (and Zechariah Sitchin wrote many books about this) that Negroes were created by modifying the ape and adding their DNA to work as slaves in the gold 197

mines. He was among that group of creators and spoke of this first hand so is a good authority on this subject. Aton said that creations like this produce robots without souls, and this can be seen in the crime statistics. These robots will not be around soon, but you can judge that for yourself and make your own conclusions. This is similar to the hybrids that the Zetas plan to introduce in 5D which will not be permitted, and only those with Light souls will be around in 5D. Robots can receive souls and anyone is able to receive the Light and the eternal bodies, but the angelic realm and each individual determine the future choices. Many have requested signs of the coming changes, and this is a good way since Jupiter would appear in the night skies as a new sun. It appears that we would see Jupiter probably about the middle of August according to these words, and this coincides with the new Jerusalem appearance date if that is accurate. It is interesting that Nibiru was mentioned as being close to the Sun, although it will not cause a major pole shift as some would have us believe. It is still around in our Galaxy and may play a role in the future and be placed in orbit beyond Mars in the future as Sheldan stated some years ago. As Sheldan said this week "During the first seven millennia you went through four golden ages, but your dark overlords, the Anunnaki, crushed each one by global flood, fire from the sky, fire from the earth, and a second flood, respectively." They were responsible for the pole shifts and floods in the past, but that is now over due to new Nibiru leadership. AA Michael said that late September was the final time for each making a decision on his own future as either a being of light or one who rejects this so stasis may begin around that time, although Aton (CM) said "when the magnetic field goes down we go into stasis" which could be at any time. This will cause a magnetic pole shift where the Earth will slow down in rotation and stop and then reverse. As has been stated here many are not ready for ascension, although some have recently become aware and have chosen the path of Light. As AA Michael said ascension has begun and will not be delayed or postponed. According to these words mass evacuation is not in the plans but is a possibility if things do not go accordingly. There was some energy visible on the farside on July 24 along with Magnetosphere activity on that date, but it has subsided since. As was stated it is best not to discuss Jupiter or any other events until they occur and are undeniable to all. There have been many reports of Jupiter and Venus being merely holographic projections and some have seen them dance in the skies upon request. The time is finally at hand and hopefully we will start to see these changes, but only time will tell. Rich N