New Haven Reads is a beautiful, simple
equation: Trained volunteer tutors work
one-on-one with students to build skills,
confidence, and school success. Parents
find a commnity that offers hope
and support. Tutors get satisfaction,
intangible joy – and real hugs.
Hel l o New Haven Reads!
I j ust wanted to drop a note to tel l you that Mi kai passed
hi s (readi ng) tests. Mi kai was i n j eopardy of stayi ng back
a grade, because hi s score was so l ow. . . He started New
Haven Reads at an 18. . . He passed wi th an over 30 score.
The teacher cal l ed me thi s morni ng and we were both i n
tears. Thank you for al l the work you put i nto hel pi ng our
chi l dren succeed, i t real l y does take a vi l l age and nei ther
mysel f nor Mi kai coul d have done i t wi thout your hel p!
E-mai l From a Very Happy Parent
550 students receive one-on-one tutoring each week
3 locaons
42 pre-K and K students served in literacy readiness programs
3 six-week SAT classes during the year
Over 100,000 books provided to the community each year
Over 200 students on the waitlist
All programs offered at no cost to parcipants
100% of students tested raised literacy scores this academic year
98% of parents reported improvement in their child’s academic performance
97% of parents are “sasfied” or “very sasfied” with NHR
78% of students say that NHR has made them beer readers
72% of students say NHR has helped them do beer in school
Non-Government Grants
Government Grants
Events / Other
COST TO RUN NEW HAVEN READS 2011-12: $ 388,500
2011-12 REVENUE 2011-12 EXPENSES
“You shoul d go because i t ’s the
best pl ace to become smarter.”
2nd grader
“Thi s i s a great pl ace, you’ l l
want to stay forever.”
5th grader
“It hel ps wi th thi ngs you struggl e
wi th and the tutors are ni ce.”
9th grader
“You shoul d come because you get
free books and you l earn more!”
4th grader
“Now I raise my hand [in school], and people look at me and say,
‘Hey, smart girl.’ Kids bug me and say, ‘Give me the answers.”
“As a parent, you do whatever it is you have to do to help your
child. He has progressed tremendously. Once he got in here, the
reading, it changed.”
“The amazing thing about this place is the passion. All the
people who volunteer here are here because they want to be
here and make a difference in the lives of kids. And kids, too,
they don’t have to come. There is a community, family feeling.”
$25, 000 and up
Communi ty Foundati on for
Greater New Haven
Seedl i ngs Foundati on
Uni ted Way of Greater New
$10, 000 - $24, 999
Bruce Al exander
Ethel and Eri c Berger
Cl ass of 1955
Coach Foundati on
Communi ty Devel opment Bl ock
Covi di en
Andrew and Ei l een Eder
Fi rst Ni agara Bank Foundati on
Li sa Gray and Al an Organschi
Ki rsten and Ji m Levi nsohn
Li nda Lori mer and Charl es El l i s
Mi chael and Mari an Moore
NewAl l i ance Foundati on
PVH Foundati on
Sharon Oster and Ray Fai r
Jodi and Marc Schnei der
Ted Snyder
$7, 500- $9, 999
Ken and Susan Fel l ows
Debbi e Freedman and Ben
$2, 500-$7, 499
Davi d A Beckerman Foundati on
Kathy and Scott Fl ora
Garden Homes Fund
Pete Gol dsmi th
Hi gher One CARES
Mi l es and El i zabeth Lasater
Ci ndy and Davi d Leffel l
Sharon and Dan Mi l i kowsky
Peopl e’s Uni ted Bank
Paul and Martha Samuel son
Uni ted Il l umi nati ng
Carter and Li ssa Wi nstanl ey
$1000- $2499
Communi ty Servi ces Fund
Pi erre Cremi eux and Deni se
Jarvi nen
Dol l ar General Li teracy
Foundati on
Fi rst Church of Chri st i n New
Frederi ck and Sandra Rose
Foundati on
Bob Gel bach
Gray Organschi Archi tecture
Juni or League of Greater New
Mi ke and Patty Mi chi enzi
Netter Fami l y Fund
Davi d Newton
Sandra Ol sen
Laura Pappano and Tom Lynch
Davi d and Ann Parni goni
Robert B. Kni ght Fund
Robert Rei dy
Steve and Carol Ross
Al exa and Chri sti an Schl i eker
Thomas and Gi nger Scott
Jeffrey and Cl arky Sonnenfel d
Mi chael Stratton and Shel
The Study at Yal e
Uni versi ty Church i n Yal e
Anne and Ni chol as Afragol a
Anonymous (3)
Wi l l Baker
Jay and Grace Bri ght
Gui do and Anne Cal abresi
Mi chael Capl an and JoAnne
Judi th Cheval i er and Steven
Cl ai re’s Corner Copi a
Ei l een and Ri ck Davi s
Peter and Constance Di cki nson
Ethel and Abe Lapi des
Foundati on
Larry Favre
Chri stel Haberl and
Roger Ibbotson and Jody
Si ndel ar
Naj mi Jarwal a
Joe and Ci ndy Gol dberg Fami l y
Foundati on
Ci ndy Ki ssi n and John Jacobson
Eri c Kraus
Ni ck Ll oyd and Megan Crai g
Jacki e and Kei th Lorch
Henry Lord
Mark and Gretchen Lytl e
Jane Macki e and Joe Farrel l
Donal d Margul i es and Lynn
Emi l y Maston
Barry Nal ebuff and Hel en
New Haven Investment Fund
Russel l Outl er
Shana and Ol af Schnei der
Steven Si l verstei n and Cathy
Ronal d Smi th
Li nda Wi nkl er and Don Herzog
Yal e Heal th Center
Yal e-New Haven Hospi tal
Mi chael Zaccagni no
Kymbel Branch
Li sa Brandei s
Robert Buckhol z and Anne
Fontai ne
Kevi n and Roxanne Coady
Franci s and Ji nci e Duane
Tom Ei sen and Li z Jonas
Davi d and Joanne Gol dbl um
Davi d and Gretchen Hi ghsmi th
John Ki m and Ei l een Ohnel l Ki m
Marei ke Koertner
John Lapi des and Mel ani e
Gi nter
Al an and Ann Levi nsohn
Lucky Seven Foundati on
Davi d Margol i s
Thomas and El see McEachi n
Bruce and Renee McIntyre
Mark and Lora Morrow
Grayson and Rosi ta Murphy
Benj ami n Pol ak and Stefani e
Markovi ts
Ken and Lesl i e Pucker
Wi l l i am Reese and Dorothy
Peter Sal ovey and Marta Moret
Robert Shul man and Stephani e
Spangl er
Davi d and Li sa Totman
Dean Val l as and Debra
Pemstei n
Ri chard and Patri ci a Vanci l
John and Keri Ward
$100- $249
Mel i nda Agsten
Steven Banks
Mary Barnes
Edward and Vi cki Bass
Wi l l i am and Donna Batsford
El l en Bel l
Howard and Shi rl ey Benj ami n
Greg Berg and Ni na Bi ni n
Barry Berman and Peggy
Ri chard and Chay Bershtei n
Barbara and Robert Betti gol e
Jul y 2012 - June 2013
Robert Bj ornson
Harol d Bornstei n Jr.
Fi ona and Mark Bradford
Peter and Jul i a Brennan
El i zabeth Burbank
Maureen Burke
Heather and Vi ctor Cal abrese
Susan Carney
Ri chard Casden
Mark Cheri shi ng
George and Marty Cohen
James Cohen and Frances
Susan Compton
Congregati on Mi shkan Israel
Cl ai re Cri scuol o
Art Dart
Stephen and Cl o Davi s
Phi l Di ckey and Andrea Si l ber
Chri stopher and Barbara Di xon
Pamel a Duncan Orefi ce
Steve Ecker and Anne Dai l ey
Hul da Ei narsdotti r
Kathy El l i s
Bruce and Mary Fi chandl er
Al an and Jenni fer Fri edman
Wi l l i am and Deborah Fri edman
Stuart Gardner and Renee
Choti ner
Wi l l i am and Kel Gi nsberg
Rol fe and Carol Gj el l stad
Ni na Gl i ckson and John Worth
Davi d
Darl ene Gost
Phi l i p Hai l e and Shannon
Cal l away
Anni e Harper
Charl i e Hatton
Bi l l and Nancy Horowi tz
Val eri e Horsl ey
Dougl as James and Ki m Bohen
Davi d and Stacey Katz
Charl es and Gretchen Ki ngsl ey
George and Meghan Kni ght
Lesl i e and Harl an Krumhol z
Brenda Kursawe
Ni ck and Jean Lamont
Margari ta Lessard
Ri chard and Deborah Li fton
Pat Lowe
Lowe Co, Inc
James and Kaye Maggart
Marc and Margaret Mann
Al thea Marshal l
Matt and El i zabeth McCl eery
Stephen McGovern
Geri McSherry
Cl audi a Merson
Andrew and Susan Metri ck
Kel l y Mi kel son
Susan Mol de
Paul Myerson and Gi sel l e
New Haven Publ i c School s 8th
Grade TAG
Charl es and Mel ori e Nobl e
James and Jayne O’ Bri en
Bruce Peabody
Roberta Perei ra
Edward and Margi e Pi kaart
Al ec and Dri ka Purves
Mi chael Qui ntal
Dougl as Rae and El l en Shuman
Chandrashekhar and Madhu
Ri dge Road School PTA
Davi d Rosen and Barbara Goren
Tom Sansone and Ruth
Beardsl ey
Carol and Carl o Sarmi ento
Cynthi a Savo
Mark Schl esi nger
Ji m and Ci s Serl i ng
Ri chard Seroussi
Wi l l i am and Betsy Sl edge
Ri ck and Tanya Smi th
Hol l i s Stauber
Shel l ey and Loui s Stei n
Lynda Stol l er Johnson
Susan Stout
Patri ci a Stumpf
Stephani e Tel pi n
Beverl y and Henry Theuer
Lee and Al i son Theuer
Stephani e Tompki ns
Moni ca Torpey
The Val l ey Communi ty
Foundati on
Rhonda Vegl i ante
Chri s Vertefeui l l e
Peter Webster and Mary Lou
Al eski e
Jenya Wei nreb
Ed and Mary Lou Wi nni ck
Prescott Wi ske and Carol Cl ay
Wi ske
Yal e Uni versi ty (SCI Park
Andrew Zehner and Suzanne
Whi tty
In-Ki nd Donati ons
Yal e Uni versi ty
Sci ence Park Devel opment
Corporati on
The Study at Yal e
Ci ndy S. Ki ssi n Consul ti ng
Cl ai re’s Corner Copi a
Jackson Lewi s, LLP
Bri stol Street renovati on
IKEA New Haven
Gray Organschi Archi tecture
Aegi s El ectri c
Chapel Pl umbi ng
JIG Desi gnBui l d (Gray
Organschi )
Joe’s Pai nt and Fl oor Store
Lowe Co, Inc.
Rel i ance Envi ronmental
Ri ng’s End Lumber

Our l i st of contri butors at the
$99 and bel ow commi tment
l evel i s avai l abl e fol l owi ng.
We made every effort to veri fy
names and dol l ar amounts.
Pl ease excuse any mi stakes and
pl ease l et us know.
Board Members:
Lisa Gray, President
Laura Pappano, Vice President
Alexa Schlieker, Treasurer
Jodi Schneider, Secretary
Heather Calabrese
Larry Favre
Peter Goldsmith
Kirsten Levinsohn
Maria Markham
Grayson Murphy
Susan Neer
Sharon Oster
Russell Outler
Stephanie Tompkins
New Haven Reads Development Commiee
Photo credits: New Haven Reads and Judy Sirota Rosenthal
Annual Report Graphic Designer: Claire Craven
Special thanks to Drew Smith
Printer: Tyco Prinng, New Haven
Communi ty Partners
Communi ty Supporters
Special Thanks to Deparng Board Members:
Ethel Berger, John Edwards, Cindy Leffell, Shana Schneider
IKEA New Haven

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