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Republic of the Philippines Regional Trial Court Branch ____, Pagadian City

Shin L. Nidupiaz Petitioner, -versusNuisance Goya M. Pangs Respondent, x----------------------------------------x JUDICIAL AFFIDAVIT ‘ OF Shin L. Nidupiaz I, Shin L. Nidupiaz, of legal age, married, and living at Bayabas Street, 04542 Barangay Sto. Niño, Pagadian City, petitioner in this case, state under oath as follows: PRELIMINARY STATEMENT Case no.: ______ For: Abatement of

The person examining me is ATTY. SHINE NOVEL L. SAIPUDIN with address at 0694 Balangasan Disrict, Pagadian City. The examination is being held at the same address. I am answering his questions fully conscious that I do so under oath and may face criminal liability for false testimony and perjury.

This Judicial Affidavit is being offered to prove: A) All the allegations in the Petition including all annexes appended thereto and which were already marked as exhibits during the Pre-Trial of this case; B) All other related matters, facts and circumstances relevant and material to this case.

Questions were propounded by ATTY. SHINE NOVEL L. SAIPUDIN and these questions are numbered consecutively and each question is followed by the answer of the witness.

3. and the neighboring residence noticed the stinking smell. Did make any actions with regards to what you are complaining of? If any what is it? A. Shin L. 5. including our residence. more or less. Niño. It is because of his residential piggery located at the backyard of his residence. and their residence are separated by a unoccupied lot covering with more or less ONE HUNDRED SQUARE METERS ( 100 sm2) . Q.. I am Shin L. A. Nidupiaz. 7. Q. single and with residence at Bayabas Street. Q. ten (10) piglets. Did Goya act with your demands? No. Q. Q. Are you the same. 6. How do you know the respondent of this case? A. When does this piggery started to operate? A. 04542 Barangay Sto. Barangay Sto. Goya Pangs started the piggery. Sir. Q. Niño. What did you do next? . located at the side of Bayabas Street. Yes. A. Q. Sir. sometime in January 2013. 8. Pagadian City. Pagadian City. Please state your name and other personal circumstances for the record. And stink around that even reaches the neighboring houses. Niño. Nidupiaz. Pagadian City. We are neighbors in Barangay Sto. Which the same produce unpleasant and unbearable smell that comes from the waste materials of the respondent’s piggery. Even people who passed-by at Bayabas Street. rising with. Niño. and has been complaining about the unpleasant smell coming from the residence of the defendant. 2. Is the smell that bad that causes you to file against the respondent? For what reason? A. Q. Barangay Sto. What made you file the instant case against the respondent? A. A. Sometime in March 2013 I and the neighboring residence confronted with Goya and demanded that the latter should find ways to get rid of the stinking smell coming from the waste materials of his livestock and if he cannot find ways to get rid of the smell he might just stop his piggery. Q. 9. because of the stinking smell that is coming from the waste materials of the Goya’s piggery.1. 4. the petitioner in this case? Yes sir. I and my family are unable to live in peace our residence.

A. 12. Book No. 2013 at Pagadian City. I went to the Barangay Hall of Barangay Sto. Have you reach any amicable settlements after the confrontation? No. In June 2013. and we confronted before the Punong Barangay and Pangkat ng Tagapagsundo. SHINE NOVEL L. No. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. Niño to file a complaint against the Goya Pangs with regards to the stinking smell coming from the defendant’s hogs waste materials. Q. Niño District Pagadian City Attorneys Roll No. I have hereunto set my hand this Oct. 369258 Issued at Pagadian City Doc. Summons has been served to Goya Pangs. 11. What happen after that? A. 10. 3216547 8/8/2012 Issued at Pagadian City PTR No. Q. A.A. Why? Because the defendant refused to act on my demands. 45. Q. Affiant exhibiting to me her Passport bearing No. Series of 2013. SS12345678 issued on 8/9/12 and expiring on 8/8/17. Page No. SHIN L. 10. Affiant further sayeth naught. SAIPUDIN Counsel for respondent Sto. NIDUPIAZ Affiant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me thisOct. 15. 654987 IBP No. ATTESTATION . 10. ATTY. 2013 at Pagadian City. 18. it did not.

Niño District Pagadian City Attorneys Roll No. SAIPUDIN Affiant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this Oct. No. 18 2013 at Makati City. PORLE NOTARY PUBLIC Sto. 40. that I faithfully recorded the questions I asked and the corresponding answers that the witness gave and that neither I nor any other person present or assisting me has coached the witness regarding the latter’s statement. Cabardo Defendant’s Counsel Pagadian City . Series of 2013. 741258 IBP No. 42. 14. Page No. under oath. 398748 Issued at Pagadian City Doc.I hereby state. 684258 8/8/2012 Issued at Pagadian City PTR No. N11-82-030573 expiring on 12/13/2013. MARLO S. Affiant exhibiting to me his driver’s license bearing No. Ruben S. SHINE NOVEL L. ATTY. Book No. COPY FURNISHED BY PERSONAL SERVICE: Atty. ATTY.

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