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AvondaleAvondale-Waterview Historical Society Incorporated

November—December 2013 No. 66 Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

140th anniversary of St Ninians cemetery
My thanks to all those who helped out on the Open Day on 5 October. We had enough food to feed a battalion! Around 30 or so people came to see us, either for the two-hour walk-and-talk around the cemetery, or to view the images inside the hall itself. Alison’s idea from two years ago to have small flowers and flower heads left on the graves in commemoration of those settlers resting there meant that the cemetery was strewn with flowers by the end of the walk. The Society members at our regular meeting in the afternoon expressed approval that we do the Open Day again next year, so — if anyone has any ideas for heritage displays or the like which we can host in the hall next year, please let me know.

(founders of the Victoria Hall, now known as the Rosebank Peninsula Church) is the name also given to the road which cut through the rear of their property, the former Fonteyn Street (now Meliora Street). Fortunately, I had been told by Manjula Patel of the Avondale Library that parts of the roof had come off in late July so, on the day of our August meeting, AWHS members Bill and Barbara Ellis headed down there to record what the building looked like at that stage (many thanks, Bill & Barbara!) The building had seen better days, even though it is a great pity it’s gone. As a single level dwelling, it did not need a demolition permit in that area, so even though Auckland Council’s heritage team had information on the site, they remained unaware of what was happening. Just my own personal opinion: if the same effort expended by Avondale folk on having trees scheduled on Rosebank, all of which are from the 20th century, many from the 1930s and younger, had been given toward encouraging scheduling of buildings and sites like Meliora, perhaps this could have been prevented. However, hopefully Auckland Council and the Historic Places Trust, both of whom I alerted as soon as I got the photos, can arrange with the owners for some sort of an archaeological survey, or at least have the site’s possible archaeology, if it still exists, preserved.

Guest Speakers
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300, if you have any suggestions for our Guest Speakers schedule for the new year.

Goodbye “Meliora”
I was advised by Imi Tovia of the Avondale Community Gardeners in September that the old late 1880s homestead at 103 Avondale Road, known by its owners in the 19th century as “The Croft” and “Meliora”, had been demolished by the property owners. “Meliora”, the name given to the homestead by the Jackson family

Auckland Regional Gathering 2013
The regional gathering on 24 August was extremely well-attended. This year, the host society was Birkenhead, staging the day at the historic Zion Hill Methodist Church at Highbury, along with a bus trip around some of Birkenhead’s sights up as far as Beach Haven, and including a quick look at the outside of the Chelsea Sugar Works. President Ray Johanson introduced us to Birkenhead’s history. Coral Malcolm and Brian Potter arranged power point seminars on the story of Zion Hill Church (which dates from 1885) and Birkenhead’s development respectively. All in all — a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you, Birkenhead Historical Society!

Next meeting of the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society:

Saturday, 7 December 2013, 2.00 pm
at St Ninians, St Georges Road, Avondale

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