"What are mallets?" "A mallet is like a small hammer. It consists of a stick and a round head. The head is padded.”


• “Besides drums, mallets are used to play instruments like xylophones." "I know what you mean. I once had a toy xylophone when I was a little girl."


• “

can tell you a lot about drums and percussion instruments." "O.K. Why do you say drums and percussion instruments?”

“Are they different?” "Drums are members of the percussion family of instruments.”


“There are different families of instruments. For example, guitars and violins are members of the string family of instruments."


"There are many types of percussion instruments. Bongos are a Latin American instrument popular in Cuba and South America.”

• “Bongos come in sets; a set consists of two bongos. Each hand plays a bongo. Here is what they look like.” Danny closed his eyes and imagined a pair of bongos. Slowly he became a set of bongos. He then raised his hands and played the following.


• "Nice!" exclaimed Davka. "Congas are also a Latin American instrument that is also popular in African music. They are much larger than a set of bongos. They, like the bongos are also played with the hands."

Danny closed his eyes and transformed into a conga. He raised his hands and played the following.


"Timpani are popular in classical music. • They are large and are played with mallets.”


• “Sometimes they are called kettle drums because they look like large cooking kettles. A timpani can be tuned like a guitar or piano. They can play melodies." Danny became a timpani and played the following melody.


• "That's neat" exclaimed Davka. "Percussion instruments look like a lot of fun." "They are. I have relatives from all over the world. We have a lot of fun when we play together."


• "Who is your favorite relative?" Danny thought for a moment. "Promise you won't tell? Some of my relatives are quite sensitive." "I promise."


"The tabla." "What's a tabla?" "A tabla is a drum from the country India."


• Danny closed his eyes and transformed into a tabla. He raised his hands and played the following. "That sounded real nice." "Thank you. There are many different percussion instruments. I have a very large family. Do you want to know more?"

"Yes." answered Davka. "There is the drum that you hear in many types of music, for example, rock and jazz music.”

• “Here is a drum kit from the 1970's." "Nice, but ancient." said Davka. They both laughed. "Here is another drum kit, an 80's pop drum kit with some funky Latin beats.”


• "That's cool!" "Thanks, I like Latin music." "Here are some electronic drums."


• "There is one other type of percussion instrument that you will find interesting. They are instruments that you shake. They are like rattles.”


“Some American Indians use this type of instrument in their ceremonies in addition to drums."


• "Percussion instruments are really popular." said Davka. "Yes. Every culture in the world uses percussion instruments." Danny said with a proud look on his face. "Play me some shaker instruments!" Davka exclaimed.