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Soldiers qualify
for the Army 10
miler, See Page 1C
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Hinesville, Ga. 31314

Vol. 41, Issue 19 Serving the Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield communities ( May 24, 2007

MNC ‘top NCO’

visits Ramadi
Spc. Ricardo Branch now and see the Soldiers and
1st BCT Public Affairs Marines making a difference –
it’s incredible.”
RAMADI, Iraq – Military ser- Although Hill has only been
vicemembers received a special in Iraq for two weeks, his deci-
visit April 30 when Multi- sion to travel to Ramadi was for
National Forces-Iraq Command a couple of reasons.
Sgt. Maj. Marvin L. Hill arrived “By coming here, it lets me
from Baghdad to witness first get familiarized with the situa-
hand the efforts troops have tion on the ground and allows
made to allow security possible me to meet with the key leaders
in Ramadi. that I’m depending on to help
“Just from my experiences enforce the standards and disci-
before in Iraq and back in the pline,” he said.
United States, these were the Standards and discipline are
wasp nests,” he said. “This was the things he was looking for
an area you dreaded putting while amongst the troops dur-
boots on the ground, so to be ing a patrol around Combat
able to walk some of the ground Outpost Falcon.
See RAMADI Page 3A

549th Military Police

change leadership
Pfc. Gaelen Lowers Willie N. Massey, incoming
Sustainment Bde Public Affairs first sergeant.
VanRiper was born in
A change of command and Seneca Falls, N.Y. in 1977. He
responsibility ceremony was enlisted in the Army as a
held May 21 for the comman- Military Policeman in June
der and first sergeant of the 1995.
549th Military Police VanRiper’s civilian educa-
Company, 385th MP Battalion, tion includes a Bachelor of Arts
3rd Sustainment Brigade. in Public Justice from the State
Maj. Larry Bergeron, Jr., out- University of New York at
going commander, and 1st Sgt. Oswego. His military schooling
Nelson M. Cooper, outgoing includes the Military Police
first sergeant, made way for Officer Basic Course, Military
Capt. Bryan VanRiper, incom- Police Captains Career Course
ing commander, and 1st Sgt. and Airborne school.
See COC Page 10A

MPs in Afghanistan receive

visit from regimental leaders
Special to the Frontline Afghanistan.
Sgt. Lina Satele The 385th Military Police
Pfc. Mathew Poole enjoys the few moments he has with his daughter McKenzie before he leaves to Hunter The Military Police Battalion deployed to
Army Airfield Sunday, in route to support Operation Iraqi Freedom V. See Story on Page 12A. Regimental Commander, Afghanistan in November.
Brigadier General David The 385th MP battalion com-
Quantock and the Regimental mander and command
Command Sergeant Major sergeant major, Lt. Col. Donna

Youth Summer-Job seekers Jeffrey Butler visited Soldiers of

Task Force Dragoon, 385th
Martin and Command Sgt. Maj.
Charles R. Kirkland respectively
Military Police Battalion in escorted the regimental com-
hired by lottery March, to get a first hand
account of the challenges our
mand team around Regional
Command East to visit Soldiers
War fighters face in assigned to TF Dragoon.
See Page 11A for Story See VISIT Page 10A

Individual Readiness Training,

provides vital combat skills
Kevin Larson to the convoy to run alongside Georgia day at Evans Army
Chief, Public Communications one of the humvees and fire up Airfield on Fort Stewart, but for
into the turret. The Soldiers con- the 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers
Around the bend of a dusty tinue to return fire, suppressing undergoing Individual Readiness
trail, a convoy of humvees comes the attack, and pull casualities Training, it’s a day in Iraq.
to stop. The trail ahead has been out of the humvee struck by the Individual Readiness Training
blocked. Suddenly, heavy gun RPG, when another Soldier is a 10-day cycle of classroom
fire erupts from the trees to the watching the activity calls out, and hands-on, in-the-field
left of the convoy. A rocket pro- “end ex!” The Soldiers in the instruction that prepares
pelled grenade is launched at a convoy stop their actions, the Soldiers for deployment. The
humvee. A swarm of insurgents Soldiers of the opposing force training is realistic and intense,
pour out of the trees, firing small that were “killed” pull them- teaching Soldiers common situa-
arms at the Soldiers in the turrets selves up from the ground, and tions that they could encounter
of the gun trucks. the simulated attack comes to an in combat, Lt. Col. Brian Gale, Pfc. Gaelen Lowers
The Soldiers return fire, but end. 3rd Infantry Division rear
Spc. Merrill Martensen spends times with his son Hunter and daugh-
one insurgent gets close enough It might be another hazy detachment commander, said.
ter Kaylee, Sunday before he deployed with the advanced party of the
See IRT Page 10A 3rd Sustainment Brigade. See story on Page 13A.

MWR bridal fair

Marne 6 delivers Experience
marries up
the POV
Soldiers and Memorial Day mes- Safety Day,
resources, See sage, See Page 2A See Page 1B
Page 1B
2A The Frontline
May 24, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Marne 6 Sends
Memorial Day- remembering our fallen
Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch and daughters to the safety of their homes.
3rd Inf. Div. commanding general defend the attrib- Some were fathers or moth- I don't want to die for you,
utes that make her ers, all were sons, daughters. But if dying's asked of me,
139 years ago this month, to honor great… freedom, In life, they dared not dwell I'll bear that cross with an honor,
America’s war dead, General John Logan, the liberty, democracy, on their own mortality. But,
'Cause freedom don't come free.
national commander of the Grand Army of and the rule of law. they summoned the courage
the Republic proclaimed the very first Many never to face fear so that others
I'm an American Soldier, an American,
“Memorial Day” with his general order num- returned and it is might not. Beside my brothers and my sisters I will
ber 11. those heroes who As an American in battle, proudly take a stand,
Of the fallen Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines we pause to they donned the armor of a When liberty's in jeopardy I will always do
of his day he wrote: remember today. warrior. And on the day they what's right,
Let us, then, at the time appointed gather For nine of those fell, now nearly 3500 in this I'm out here on the front lines, so sleep in
around their sacred remains and garland the decades, Dog war alone, they took their peace tonight.
passionless mounds above them with the Faced Soldiers posts in their formations on The price has been great. But today let us
choicest flowers of spring-time; let us raise have served our the battlefield, in command all resolve ourselves in life to
above them the dear old flag they saved from great nation on the posts, aboard ships at sea
dishonor; let us in this solemn presence renew field of battle. and in the sky above. In their remember that freedom isn’t free.
our pledges to aid and assist those whom they Today is no differ- hearts was an uncommon The blessings of life were paid for with the
have left among us a sacred charge upon a ent. love for some thing, some blood of common men and women who
nation's gratitude, the Soldier's and Sailor's Memorial Day is ideal greater than them- ascended to heaven, a uniformed servant of
widow and orphan. about people like you and me. They were of selves. And it is this final act of love and the greatest nation on Earth.
In the 14 decades that has followed, our humble birth, rarely knowing fame or for- devotion that they are now remembered. May God bless our nation and every Family
nation was blessed and she grew strong. tune. They may have heard the words to the Member who has grieved a fallen Soldier.
History shows us that America sent her sons At great personal cost, they turned from song; they certainly lived them… ROCK OF THE MARNE!

Memorial Day and Summer Safety

1. Memorial Day is a time when our country stops safety awareness and minimize risk. We must strive to Families. Leaders who are personally involved can, and
and takes a moment to honor and commemorate our protect not only our combat power but the lives of our do make a difference. Our Army can not afford to lose a
veterans who gave their lives defending our country Army Family. single member of our team to a preventable accident.
and our way of life. This Memorial Day, we honor and
thank our Soldiers, and extend our gratitude and 3. Leader engagement at every level - but particular- 4. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and a safe
prayers to their Families during this time of remem- ly at the junior leader to Soldier level - can influence summer season.
brance. safe behavior. We charge each of you with the mission
of enforcing standards, sharing and applying your safe- 5. The United States Army Combat Readiness Center
2. Memorial Day weekend signals the start of sum- ty knowledge, watching out for each other, and working (USACRC) stands ready to assist with the safety tools
mer weather, travels, and activities, which involve together as a team to ensure you and your buddy s safe- needed to help you, your Soldiers and your Families
increased risks. These risks can lead to injuries or death ty. enjoy this time of year and still remain in the fight. Visit
if proper precautions are not applied. As this year s 101 We must maintain our vigilance, particularly in the the USACRC Web site at:
Critical Days of Summer campaign kicks off on area of accidents involving privately owned vehicle, <> .
Memorial Day, we challenge each of you to use com- motorcycles, and sport utility vehicles, which continue
posite risk management and safety tools to maintain to be the number one killer of our Soldiers and their 6. Army Strong!

This Week in Marne History: Rudy Davila

Sasha McBrayer awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and sent back into
Fort Stewart Museum battle. Medal of Honor recipients are customarily released to
go home from the front. Davila was not, but, just a few weeks
For his actions on May 28, 1944 Staff Sgt. Rudolph Davila was later Rudy was injured again while in France. This time dam-
awarded the Medal of Honor. It was during WWII, that Rudy, as age to his shoulder would render the whole limb unusable
he was called, was with his unit participating in an offensive during a remarkable rescue in which Davila dragged a young,
designed to destroy Germany's foothold on the mountains sur- wounded, enemy soldier to safety.
rounding the Anzio beachhead. It was near Artena, Italy that Davila was sent to a hospital in Modesto and though it took
the then 24-year-old staff sergeant spied a rifle company, 125 many years for him to fully recuperate, it was there that he
men strong, trapped and unprotected in an open field. Quickly met his cherished wife, Harriet.
recognizing the danger, Davila decided his heavy machine gun After a 56-year wait, Davila, who is half Hispanic, and half
unit comprised of 24 men, would have to come to the rescue. Filipino, was finally awarded the Medal of Honor by President
Rudy had gone out ahead of them, however, and found that Bill Clinton. By that time Davila had retired from teaching his-
they, too, were stuck in an unsafe position. tory in Los Angeles and held bittersweet feelings over his
Davila took it upon himself to position a water-cooled recognition. He was proud, but his wife, who always believed
machine gun and begin to fire upon the enemy. This drew their he deserved the medal, had passed on. Davila had been a part
attention away from the vulnerable units. From his set up atop of H Company, 7th Infantry. He died January 26, 2002.
a hill Davila could hear his men begging him to get down and
warning that the bullets from the Germans were trained
right for his head.
A bullet would ricochet off his gun's tripod and sink
into one of his legs, but Davila did not relent. He parted
with the water-cooled, automatic weapon when anoth-
er Marne man in his unit took it over, but then crawled
toward the Germans and delivered hand signals to his
mates, directing them where to fire. The element of the
Third Division was able to press the enemy back at least
200 yards.
From there, Rudy did not stop. He discovered a sniper
firing from an upstairs window at a nearby house and
fought his way closer to the location. Armed with a rifle
and two hand grenades, Davila single-handedly took
out everyone inside.
Cited as saving the lives of the entire rifle company,
Davila knew he had been nominated for the Medal of
Honor. He was told by a superior that too many men
Courtesy Photos
from minorities were being given the medal, though he
reported later he never felt slighted. Instead he was

"These American Soldiers,

with names we have at long
last recognized as American
names, made an impact
that soars beyond the
impact of any battle,"
Clinton said. "They left a
lasting imprint on the
meaning of America. They
didn't give up on their
country, even though too
many of their countrymen
had given up on them. They
deserve, at least, the most
we can give ---- the Medal
of Honor."
- President Bill Clinton
Graphic by: Sherron Walker
Rock of the Marne May 24, 2007 The Frontline 3A

Ready to roll 1BCT maintains the line

Spc. Ricardo Branch “Then while I was scanning a
1st BCT Public Affairs house it exploded.”
“It was one of those ‘did that
just happen?’ moments,” he con-
RAMADI, Iraq – On the streets tinued. “I was wondering if EOD
and alleyways of Ramadi, combat did it … but they were in front of
units need the tools necessary to us. We also had a couple of
maintain the fight and continue Bradley vehicles hit not even ten
the mission. minutes later in front of us during
For the troops of B Company, that push.”
3rd Brigade Support Battalion, Although the Soldiers have not
they have to be prepared to live had to deal with small-arms fire,
up to their motto “ready to roll” at which is a testament of the suc-
a moments notice to deliver valu- cess in Ramadi, they are always
able supplies to the units fighting prepared.
for stability in the city. “We’ve been pretty lucky on
The Soldiers lived up to their our routes because the units
motto by bringing five-thousand securing them have done a real
pounds of bottled water, food good job,” Cowling said.
and vehicle parts to B Company, “(But) It doesn’t stop us from
3rd Battalion, 69th Armor, May 15 scanning our sectors and being
at Camp Blue Diamond. alert for anything suspicious.”
“We have to get this to them so Staff Sgt. Joseph Monroe, the
they can continue their mission,” convoy commander, sees the
said Spc. Richard Cowling, a pride the Soldiers have in their
mechanic with 3rd BSB. job reflected in the way they per-
“Right now 3/69 Armor is our form.
main security here. If they don’t “The Soldiers are doing real
have the supplies and tracks for well,” Monroe said.
their vehicles, they can’t do their “Each time they go out, they
mission, so it’s important we do use the operation as an opportu-
these runs to resupply and refit nity to get better, so I’m proud of
units like them.” them – they grow more with every
The Soldiers don’t just support mission.”
units in nearby Blue Diamond Monroe said the satisfaction
but units in and around Ramadi the Soldiers displayed in their
as well. B Co. has driven over work can be credited to their
10,000 miles on more than 80 eagerness for the opportunity to
convoy missions in their effort to perform something extraordinary
resupply units around the city. – keeping their comrades sup-
“There are times where we’ve plied in combat.
had to go to Corregidor to drop He added, “They love this work.
off jersey barriers for units to This is something they may never
improve their security, or push get a chance to do again. Some of
supplies into hostile areas like them we had to pick for this duty,
Albu-Bali,” Cowling said. but most of them volunteered
“We go to where the units are because they knew they could
and bring them whatever they handle it.”
need.” Despite all the dangers, the
Even though they are not on Soldiers delivering supplies con-
the frontlines, the Soldiers who tinue to roll out the front gates of
help maintain the supply lines the combat outposts in their jour-
often find themselves in harm’s ney to maintain the line.
way while on duty. “This is my first time being
“While we were going down the deployed,” Cowling said.
roads into Albu-Bali, I was think- “I thought I’d be in a motor
ing this is a long route, and it was pool working 20 hours a day, so
kind of creepy – not scary – but this is a new experience, and I like
like I was being watched,” it. I wouldn’t give it up for any-
Cowling said. thing.”

Photos by Spc. Ricardo Branch

Soldiers from B Co., 3rd BSB hold a prayer for a safe journey before starting a mission to 3/69 Armor,
May 15 at Camp Ramadi.

Above: A forklift unloads supplies at Camp Blue Diamond during a supply drop off by Soldiers from
B Co., 3rd BSB.

Left: Sgt. Mark York, a truck driver with B Co., 3rd BSB ties down a container of supplies before the
unit travels back to Camp Ramadi.

RAMADI From Page 1A

“From what I’ve seen here today, I think we Since taking over the position of MNC-I that it will take NCOs at all levels to help me “I was fortunate enough to spend eight
need to continue to work force protection,” he command sergeant major, Hill has two main accomplish that goal, and two, is to continue months with the Raider Brigade in Kosovo in
said. “We can’t afford to let our guards down priorities he’s looking to accomplish while in to grow our future NCO corps through tactical 2001, where I served as the Task Force Falcon
as we work the command’s intent. It’s really his new role. proficiency, and role model leadership.” Command Sergeant Major. I’m honored to
not an improvement, but a reminder for the “One, is to not lose a servicemember due to As his visit drew to a close, Hill spoke a few share dirt in a combat zone with that very
troops to never forget force protection.” negligence of any sort,” he said. “This means words. same brigade.”
The Frontline
4A May 24, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

State declares level two drought in effect

Directorate of Public Works • Irrigation of newly installed landscapes is allowed any day quest for a sustainable water supply, such as population
Prevention, Compliance Branch of the week, but only during allowed hours for the drought growth, low stream flow rates, saltwater intrusion, and deple-
response level in effect, for a period of 30 days following instal- tion of groundwater sources. Water conservation must
Despite the fact we should be entering the rainy season and lation. become an integral component of effective water resource
hurricane preparedness is on the minds of many Coastal resi- "The goal is to get all Georgians to manage their outdoor management for sustainable economic development. As fresh
dents, Georgia has not forgotten the drought it has suffered water use, even during times of non-drought," Couch said. water sources in several regions of the state may be approach-
over the past several years. As a result of this, the Coastal "Population growth, combined with inevitable periods of ing their sustainable limits, water usage must be prioritized
Empire, of which Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield are a drought, makes water conservation more important than and water conservation must become the norm rather than a
part, remains under water usage restrictions for outdoor use. ever." last resort during times of crisis.
On April 18, the Director of the Georgia Environmental Although the drought conditions seem to change, the need Initiatives to manage water resources effectively can only be
Protection Division declared a level-two drought response to manage and maintain our limited water supplies does not. achieved through cooperation and collaboration among
across the state and will require all of Georgia to follow a more State and local governments in Georgia have been preparing Georgia’s eight million citizens. Individuals must conserve
stringent outdoor water use schedule. for decades to help meet water supply needs during drought water at home and at work throughout the year. Businesses
“Every area of Georgia has been in a persistent and progres- situations and since Georgia’s last major drought during 1986- and industries across the state must find more efficient ways to
sive drought condition since last June,” said EPD Director, Dr. 1988, progress has been made by developing drought contin- use water and eliminate waste. Farmers are finding solutions
Carol A Couch. “It’s important that we take steps now to pre- gency and emergency plans, as well as adopting local ordi- that reduce their irrigation needs while protecting their crops.
pare for the warm, typically dry summer months.” nances to impose water restrictions. And local governments must drought-proof themselves before
The level two drought was declared for all of Georgia. Couch Fort Stewart's forester, Tommy Hilliard, commented at the the next drought level by implementing aggressive conserva-
said drought conditions will continue to be monitored and she May 16 meeting of the Environmental Quality Control tion programs.
will confer with the drought response committee again in a Committee, that conditions are the worst that he has seen Everyone at Stewart and Hunter must continue to do their
month. Revised drought response declarations will be issued them since the 1950s when the Okefenokee Swamp was on fire part by conserving water which, in turn, conserves energy. Did
as necessary. for more than a year. In fact, as of mid-May this year, rainfall you know, only one percent of water on Earth can be used for
The current drought level limits outdoor water use to morn- has been 25 inches below normal since January 2006. drinking? So, changing our water use habits in ways that will
ings only from midnight to 10 a.m. and are restricted to specif- Fort Stewart recently had one of its worst wildfires since the help the resource sustain itself is important not only for our-
ic days as follows: Army acquired the land in 1941. The Red Cloud Hotel fire selves and for the animals and plants upon which we depend
• Odd-numbered addresses (building numbers) are permit- burned in April this year and was so severe because of a com- for food, but also for future generations.
ted to use water outdoors on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday bination of drought and extreme fire weather. Another exam- For more information on the current installation’s water
during this period. ple of the combination of extended drought, high tempera- restrictions and other articles about its environmental pro-
• Even-numbered addresses, unnumbered addresses, and tures, high winds, and low humidity can be seen by the on- grams, please visit the DPW Intranet Website or the MS Office
golf course fairways are permitted to use water outdoors on going fires in Ware County. Outlook Public folders (DPW, Public Folders and DPW,
Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Throughout the state, Georgia faces many challenges in its Environmental Division folders).

Water conservation tips Correction

According to officials of the and let the machine do the rest. used per flush, without disturbing tle waste and evaporative loss. In Volume 41, Issue 18
Georgia Environmental Protection • Don't use a garbage disposal. the flushing mechanism. Soaker hoses are even more effi- of The Frontline,
Division, consumers can cut water • Don't use your toilet as a trash cient. dated May 17, on Page
• Use the "water-saver" setting or
use by an additional 15 percent with can (not only does it use excess • Water slowly so that the soil 1B, in the article enti-
make sure your machine is set for
very little difficulty or discomfort by water, it requires additional energy soaks up all the water you use. To tled Soldiers represent
the most efficient use.
using voluntary water conservation to separate from the waste stream avoid the possibility of disease, due Fort Stewart at
• Only wash full loads of dishes or Glennville Onion
practices in the home and garden. and can potentially clog pipes). to promotion of fungi growth.
clothes. Festival, express grati-
Please consider utilizing some of • Take fewer and shorter showers Minimize evaporation by watering
these great water-saving tips below Bathroom in the early morning hours - dawn tude to community,
• If you hear running water in • Don't leave the water running Col. Derek Miller’s
that are not only inexpensive, but to approximately 9 a.m. Avoid
your toilet tank, adjust the leaky while rinsing, shaving, or brushing name was misspelled
also simple to execute. Everyone is watering on windy days, which
float valve or replace the faulty teeth. as Derick. We regret
encouraged to do his or her part. increases evaporation.
hardware. Check for leaks by drop- • Reuse bath water or excess this unfortunate error
Kitchen and Laundry • Position sprinklers so that they
ping a small amount of food color- water as you await water tempera- and express our grati-
Eliminate leaks by turning do not water the pavement. Do not
ing in the upper tank. If color tures to adjust for other uses such as tude to his represent-
faucets off completely and, as need- over water allowing water to run
appears in the bowl, you have a watering plants in or near the ing Fort Stewart at the
ed, replace old gaskets. A single down the street. Note-turf grasses
leak. house, to soak clothes, etc. Glennville Onion
dripping faucet can waste as much survive on as little as a half inch of
• Flush only when necessary. Lawn and Garden water per week. Festival.
as 3,600 gallons a year.
• Don't rinse dirty dishes before Install a water-filled plastic jug in • Hold your garden hose close to • Never let water run unnecessar- Pat Young
loading into dishwater; scrape clean your toilet tank to reduce the water the roots of plants so that there's lit- ily. Installing a spray handle helps.
Managing Editor

Housing Mayors announce Yard of the Month contest

Mellanie Crowther the end of the season, we choose the random drawing out of all the Yard we will not be picking only homes your yard for animal waste. Make
Mayor Coordinator winner of the Yard of the Year. of the Month winners, and that with extravagant gardens. We will sure that you pick up newspapers
This year, we’re going to do things Family will receive a prize package also be checking to ensure that our and recycle them. Fill in holes that
In our last column, the mayors a little differently. We’ll run our Yard from the Mayor’s Team and GMH. winners have no discrepancies from your pets may have dug. If you’re
gave lots of advice about ways to of the Month contest through In short, once you’ve won a the housing residents' guide. A yard not sure whether something is
keep our housing areas looking September. Once a residence has monthly prize, you are eligible to that is neatly kept is just as eligible to allowed in housing, you can find out
good. This time, we’ll tell you what’s been selected as Yard of the Month, win Yard of the Year as long as your win as a yard that showcases the res- by calling 767-1597 and leaving a
behind our encouragement. the Family’s name will be put into a yard is maintained. Residents can ident’s gardening skills. message for your housing mayor, or
Every year, the mayors, in con- drawing. only win Yard of the Month once. If Here are a few brief reminders to emailing Mellanie.Crowther@hot-
junction with GMH, vote for the We’ll keep checking on previous the condition of your yard deterio- help you prepare for this contest. Get outside and show
yards that we feel are the best-kept. winners as the contest continues, rates, your name will be removed Keep your grass trimmed, especially your pride!
We offer a certificate of appreciation and as long as they keep their yard from the Yard of the Year drawing. around fencing. For more information on the
to each housing resident chosen to up, their name will remain in the For those of you who are not gar- Make sure toys and other items Army Community Service, Mayoral
be a Yard of the Month winner. At drawing. In September, we’ll hold a deners, we want to reassure you that are put away when not in use. Police Program, call 767-1257.

Marne Voices What safety tips do you want to offer for the coming
Speak Out summer months?
“Get plenty of rest.” “Stay safe. Limit your activi- “When boating, use the proper
ties at night. Don't park on equipment and follow regulations .”
dimly lit streets. Lock your
Pvt. Dana Stevenson Spc. Morgan Jones
B Battery, 1/76th Field Artillery Margaret Newman MSC, 3rd Division STB
Family member

“Slow down and watch for other “Don't drink and drive.” “Hydrate frequently. Moderate
motorists.” your exercises.”

Mark Hahn
Pfc. William McBee
Shannon Williams EMS, Fort Stewart
A Co., 1/64th Armor
Contractor, SACK Company


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Rock of the Marne May 24, 2007 The Frontline 5A

Cav protects road workers

Spc. Ben Hutto Baghdad, May 17. here,” said Capt. Tavares Tukes, the person- Workers are busy improving checkpoints,
3rd HBCT Public Affairs Local civilian contractors were hired to nel officer for 3/1 Cav. filling potholes, cleaning up trash and grad-
grade, repair and clean up roads in Al Zatia. “We are helping to provide jobs and a ing the roads in the area.
FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, The local workers will continue this “route safe environment so the workers can “We are doing everything possible to
Iraq – Soldiers from C Troop, 3rd Squadron, sanitation” project all the way to the town ensure that the people there have safe work with the Iraqi police to ensure the
1st Cavalry Regiment, provided security for of Sabah Nissan, nine miles east toward transportation and a clean environment. safety of the workers,” explained Tukes.
local road workers as they prepared roads Baghdad. This project really helps everyone “We want to help make sure their progress
outside of Al Zatia, 20 miles east of “We are assisting the local population involved.” is not hindered by (the enemy).”

CF Raid captures View news from the front at

leads, holds supects “The Frontline”, online at
Special to the Frontline Intelligence reports indicate one
suspected secret cell key leader is
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces responsible for the planning and
detained six suspected terrorists coordinating of numerous murders,
May 8 during raids in northeast
kidnappings, assassinations and
attacks on Iraqi civilians and
Coalition Forces detain nine in
The individuals targeted during Coalition Forces as well as involve-
the raids are suspected members of
a secret cell terrorist network known
for facilitating the transport of
ment in IED attacks on Coalition
Forces. The other suspected leader
is an explosives expert and weapons
search for missing Soldiers
weapons and explosively formed dealer. Special to the Frontline During the raid, Coalition Forces cache south of Baghdad con-
penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to One Iraqi civilian received minor detained nine individuals sus- tained weapons, magazines and
Iraq, as well as bringing militants injuries during the course of the BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition pected of involvement in the kid- assault vests, and another north-
from Iraq to Iran for terrorist train- operations, and he received medical Forces detained 11 individuals nappings. east of Habbiniyah housed eight
ing. attention on the scene from during operations May 18 and 19, Friday, intelligence reports led rockets. The weapons were safely
Coalition Forces found impro- Coalition Forces. including nine suspected of Coalition Forces to a site in destroyed on site.
vised explosive device materials and “Coalition Forces are targeting the involvement in the May 12 kid- Baqubah where they detained “We will not stop searching
detained six individuals, including terrorists, searching them out in the napping of three U.S. Soldiers. two individuals allegedly associ- until we find our Soldiers,” said Lt.
two who tested positive for explo- places they hide,” said Lt. Col. Coalition Forces continued to ated with the command network Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I
sives residue. Another two of the six Christopher Garver, MNF-I follow tips and information leads of al-Qaeda in Iraq. spokesperson. “We’re using all
suspects are believed to be key lead- spokesperson. “This morning’s in the disappearance of three U.S. In other operations Saturday available assets and continuing to
ers in the secret cell terrorist net- operation is one more step in remov- Soldiers, raiding a building near morning, Coalition Forces discov- assault the al-Qaeda in Iraq net-
work. ing the terrorist networks from Iraq.” Amiriyah Saturday morning. ered two weapons caches. One work.”
6A The Frontline
May 24, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Fort Stewart /Hunter Army Airfield Briefs

Work as a youth volunteer The pools open Saturday - Sept. 3. Daily hours are 11:30 Locating lost-and-found items
The American Red Cross Summer Youth Program begins a.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Corkan Pool, Bryan Village and Hunter The Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield has a lost
June 11 and concludes July 20. Applications are available Outdoor pools. and found program. If you want to report an item lost or
at the American Red Cross Office, building 253, Suite 2074. check on the status of one, check with the military police.
Students must complete youth volunteer application Stewart Visit building 280, 354 East Bultman Avenue on Fort
packets and attend orientation by May 31. Work permits ‘Changing your flat’ class offered at Libby Stewart and check with William Hooks, 767-9596. The
must be obtained for all youth under the age of 18. For Fort Stewart Libby Auto Crafts Center will hold a class at Hunter point of contact is James Westfall, at Building 1240,
more information call ARC office at 767-2197. 6 p.m., Friday on learning basic car care principles and 197 South Lightning Road - 315-5374.
how to change a flat tire in an emergency situation. For
Healthier Feds initiative targets employees more information, call 767-3521. Boss Talent Show II slated
Healthier Feds provides information and education to Come show off your singing, dancing, poetic, and
federal employees and retirees about healthy living, Youth summer basketball league offered instrumental skills June 15 at Rocky’s. Rehearsals are at 4
greater individual responsibility for personal health, and Child Youth Services is hosting a free summer basketball p.m., today and June 7. There will be cash prizes for win-
best-treatment strategies. For more information visit league for middle school and high school youth, May 29 - ners, as well as door prizes for attendees. Winners may July 31. Registration is ongoing through Friday. For more have a chance to compete at the Army Show. For more
information, call 767-4493. information, call Staff Sgt. Erica Gordon at 572-4486.
Installation offers Vacation Bible School
Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield will sponsor Go canoeing at Holbrook pond Register to ‘Walk to Iraq and Back’
Vacation Bible School. The Stewart camp will be 9 a.m. to Learn the basics of canoeing 10 a.m., Saturday. This The Walk to Iraq and Back continues as an on-going pro-
noon, June 4 – 8 and will provide lunch for attendees. The class will teach the basics of boater safety, basic strokes gram where teams will submit walked miles monthly
Hunter event is 9 a.m. to noon, June 11 – 15 at the Hunter and handling. For more information, call 435-8205. towards the goal of 13,000 miles. Registration is also
Chapel Annex. Both events are available to military ongoing and forms are now available at the Family
dependents, K-6th grade. For more information, contact Readiness Center. For more information, contact Amy
Come to the installation BOSS meeting
Mike Iliff at 767-9789. Lambert at 320-5400.
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers will hold a
Prepare for bad weather meeting 1:30-2:30 p.m., May 30 at Rocky’s Club, in the
disco room for all brigade and battalion representatives. Hunter
Learn about hurricane and severe weather planning.
Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield will hold three Hunter free racquetball clinic postponed
severe weather briefs. Stewart will hold two at Moon Shop at Shop of the Marne The free racquetball clinic and tournament for ages 18
Theater from 5:30-6:30 p.m. today. Hunter will have one Dont forget to shop over the summer. Tuesdays, and up at the Hunter Fitness Center is postponed until 10
May 29 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Hunter Club. Thursdays. and the first Saturday of the month from 10 a.m., June 16. Brenda Kyzer, a professional racquetball
a.m.- 1 p.m. at Building 25 off McNeely Road behind the player, will be the hostess of the clinic. For more informa-
Outdoor pools open May 26 PX. Look for the OPEN flags outside. tion, call 315-2019.

Father’s Day Raffle and enjoy a free popsicle 1 - 2 p.m., June 14 Enter the drawing for a chance to win
Enter the drawing for a chance to win at the Southern Oaks Community Center. your dad a $100 gift card to the Bass Pro
your dad a $100 gift card to the Bass Pro Shop.
Shop June 4 at the Liberty Woods and Enjoy water games The drawing begins June 4 and the win-
Southen Oaks Community Centers. The Enjoy water balloons, water guns, and ner will be announced June 15. The draw-
winner will be announced June 14. much more 2-3:30 p.m., June 28 at the ing is held at both GMH Community
Stewart Southern Oaks Community Center. Don’t
Pen Pal Club meeting offered Yard of the month forget to wear your swim suit.
Yard of the month
Make a new friend for life by writing Make your house a home by taking pride GMH will be selecting one yard in each
and receiving letters 3:30-4:30 p.m., May in your yard. GMH will be selecting one Join neighborhood huddles neighborhood to receive a prize. Winners
29 at the Southern Oaks Community yard in each neighborhood to receive a Be an active part of your community by will be selected every month for the next
Center. prize. Winners will be selected every attending your huddle and sharing ideas, five months.
month for the next five months. June win- issues or concerns with GMH 10:30-11 June winners will be selected and noti-
Family Fun Festival ners will be selected and notified by June a.m., June 19 at Liberty Woods and June 21 fied by June 12.
Enjoy games and prizes, pony and train 13. and June 28 at Isenhower Village.
rides, inflatable obstacle course, face
painting, a magician, food and much Popsicles at the Spray Park
more from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., June 9 in front Popsicles at the Spray Park Hunter Come beat the heat at Spray Parks and
of Newman Fitness Center. Come beat the heat at the spray parks Father’s Day Raffle enjoy a free popsicle 1 - 2 p.m., June 15.
Rock of the Marne May 24, 2007 The Frontline 7A

Introduction to legal services

Katherine Ingram Best of all, the services of the legal Q: I have a civilian court date com-
Staff Judge Advocate assistance office are provided to you ing up, can I have a JAG represent me?
without charge! A: Generally, no. Although all JAGs Adverse Administrative Actions
Question: What kinds of problems can are licensed attorneys, most are not
the legal assistance office help me Q: Who is entitled to legal assistance? licensed to practice law in the state where OMPF Filed General Officer Memoranda of
with? A: IAW AR 27-3, legal assistance is they are stationed. Reprimand for DUI Offenses
Answer: Legal Assistance offices can available to members of the Armed Forces Specialist, 1st Battalion, 64 Armor, BAC .167
help with a broad range of issues includ- of the United States and their Family Q: How do I setup a consultation Specialist, 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, BAC
ing the following: members, retired military personnel and with a legal assistance attorney? .127
• Preparing and signing correspon- Family members, and survivors of mem- A: Consultations with attorneys are Staff Sergeant, 4th Battalion, 3rd Aviation, BAC .109
dence on behalf of an eligible client bers of the Armed Forces who would be by appointment only.
• Negotiating with another party or eligible were the Soldiers alive. You can call the Fort Stewart office at Locally Filed General Officer Memoranda of
that party’s attorney Reserve component and National 767-8809 or 767-8819, or walk into the Reprimand for DUI Offenses
• Assistance with preparing legal docu- Guard personnel on active duty for thirty office and make an appointment. The Sergeant, 3/7 CAV, BAC .201
ments days or more are also entitled to assis- Fort Stewart legal assistance officer is Specialist, 3/7 CAV, BAC .146
• When necessary, referring eligible tance. located in building 621. You can call the
persons to a civilian lawyer Hunter office at 352-5115, or walk into
• Drafting powers of attorney Q: I am a 20/20/20 spouse and used to the office and make an appointment.
• Drafting wills
• Giving estate planning advice
• Reviewing contracts and leases
receive legal assistance but am now told
that legal assistance will not update my
will. Am I entitled to legal assistance.
Q: Are there any walk-in services?
A: Walk-in services are limited to
Legal Notices
(before you sign, of course) A: No, 20/20/20 spouses are not entitled powers of attorney, notarizations, and Anyone having claims against, or who is indebted
• Providing notarizations to legal assistance. Though you retain an emergencies. Office hours for these ser- to the estate of Spc. Eddie Daniel Tamez, D Co. 3rd
• Assisting with military administrative ID card, and are entitled to commissary, vices are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. BSB, Fort Stewart, GA 31314, contact 2nd Lt.
issues (Reports of Survey, OER/NCOER medical and certain other services, you until 4 p.m. Emergency legal situations Charlene Smalls at 1st BCT, 3rd BSB, Fort Stewart,
appeals, QMP appeals, etc.) are no longer entitled to legal services. are determined by the Chief of Legal GA 31314, phone: 767-1921.
• Family and domestic relations advice Many former spouses received services Assistance and will be accommodated as
(divorce, separation agreements, AR 608- and advice in the past even though it is our appointment schedule and workload Anyone having claims against or who is indebted
99 Family Support, custody, adoption, not authorized by Army Regulation 27-3 permit. to the estate of Pfc. David Austin Kirkpatrick, D
paternity and name changes) governing legal assistance. We are Troop, 5/7 Cav., Fort Stewart, GA 31314, contact 1st
• Giving advice on consumer issues required to perform legal services within Bottom-line up front, the most impor- Lt. Levi Lenon, Rear Detachment D, 5/7 Cav., Fort
(inaccurate credit reports, repossessions, the guidelines of this regulation. tant consideration is that you get in to Stewart, GA 31314.
harassing creditors, etc.) see an attorney as soon as possible when
• Preparing and giving advice on tax Q: Are my conversations with a legal a legal issue arises. Time is always crucial Anyone having claims against or who is indebted
issues assistance attorney confidential? and may be the difference between suc- to the estate of Pfc. Nicholas Emerson Riehl, A
• Answering questions about landlord- A: Yes, legal assistance attorneys hold cess and failure. Troop, 5/7 Cav., Fort Stewart, GA 31314, contact 1st
tenant issues all conversations and dealings with Come in and see us so we can get your Lt. Levi Lenon, Rear Detachment D, 5/7 Cav., Fort
• Providing advice on immigration and clients in confidence, as required by the mind off your legal problems and back Stewart, GA 31314.
naturalization issues rules of professional responsibility. to your mission!
8A The Frontline
May 24, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Heroes remembered at Warriors Walk

Pfc. Amanda McBride “Sgt. Lewis raised the moral of his fellow Soldiers with his ing monument to the great men and women of the U.S.
4th BCT Public Affairs upbeat personality,” said Buchs. Army, the National Guard, and the 3rd Inf. Div. Soldiers who
The fourth Soldier honored was Staff Sgt. Harrison Brown. have been immortalized by their sacrifices.
The 3rd Infantry Division and Fort Stewart- Hunter Army Brown, 31, from Prichard, Ala., was assigned to B Company,
Airfield honored five fallen heroes with a tree ceremony at 2nd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment of
Warriors’ Walk Thursday . 3rd Brigade at Fort Benning. Brown
Families, friends, Soldiers and strangers bared rain and died April 8 in Baghdad, Iraq, when his
smoke to pay tribute to five Soldiers who made the ultimate unit came in contact with enemy forces
sacrifice. using improvised explosive devices and
Spc. Forrest J. Waterbury, 25, from Wamego, Kan., was small arms fire.
assigned to D Company, 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment Brown had 11 years of active duty
from 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart. military service.
Waterbury died March 14 near Ramadi, Iraq when his unit “Staff Sgt. Brown was a devoted
came in contact with enemy forces using small arms fire. Soldier on the job and on the sports
Waterbury had six years of active duty military service. field.” said Buchs.
“Spc. Waterbury was a highly motivated Soldier and took David N. Simmons, 20, from
his job seriously,” said Col. Todd A. Buchs, Fort Stewart and Kokomo, Ind., also assigned to B
Hunter Army Airfield garrison commander. Company, 2/69 Armor, died April 8 in
The second Soldier honored was Pfc. Joey T. Sams. Sams, Baghdad, Iraq, when his unit came in
22, from Spartanburg, S. C., was assigned to 1st Battalion, contact with enemy forces using
15th Infantry Regiment of, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Inf. Div. at Fort improvised explosive devices and small
Benning. arms fire.
Sams had one year of active duty military service. Simmons had one year of active duty
“Pfc. Sams was a Soldier who knew the meaning of duty,” military service.
said Buchs. “He gave one hundred percent in all he did and “Pfc. Simmons was a true example of
cross-trained other Soldiers in what he knew.” selfless service,” said Buchs. “Simmons
Sgt. Adrian J. Lewis 30, from Mauldin, S. C., assigned to D put the needs of others before his own.” Pfc. Amanda McBride
Company, 3/69 Armor, died March in Ramadi, Iraq, of Thursday’s tree ceremony brought A 3rd Inf. Div. Soldier unveils the granite marker of Staff Sgt. Harrison
wounds suffered when his unit came in contact with enemy the total number of trees at Warriors’ Brown. Brown’s marker represents the 326th Soldier honored on Warriors’
forces using small arms fire. Walk to 326. The Eastern Red Bud trees Walk at Fort Stewart at the tree ceremony held May to honor fallen heroes
Lewis had six years of active duty military service. planted at Warriors’ Walk serve as a liv- from 3rd Inf. Div.

Army pilots gather at former classroom after 40 years

Gail Aldridge Memories of the Vietnam War surfaced when the group
Community Relations visited Warriors’ Walk to consider how many of our Marne
Division Soldiers have been killed in action since the begin-
Vietnam pilots and spouses returned to Fort Stewart ning of Operation Iraqi Freedom I.
April 27 to visit the site where they attended the officer’s “Only one of our unit was killed in action, in Vietnam.
fixed wing aviator class. However, we have lost an additional four since our return,”
A group of 16 pilots and Family members met attended reflected Col. Gary Simon, retired.
class 67-9 in 1969. The class began their initial flight train- Since the old officer’s club has long since been removed
ing at what was then known as Liberty Army Airfield. They and replaced, the group enjoyed lunch at Club Stewart.
trained for several months before moving on to the second Next was a memorable trip to the Fort Stewart Museum,
phase of training at Fort Rucker and eventually to Vietnam. which included stopping at the Vietnam Memorial
The class began meeting annually nine years ago and Monument there.
decided to return to Fort Stewart and Savannah for the 10th One of the last stops for the group was to get a hands-on
reunion and the 40th anniversary of OFWAC 67-9. simulation experience at the Close Combat Tactical Trainer
During their visit, the group gathered for a group photo at Evans Airield.
outside the former classroom located at Wright Army The group was appreciative of Fort Stewart’s hospitality.
Airfield. “Thank you for allowing us to revisit some old sites on
Harry Mitchell briefed the group with a historical pre- the base and letting us tie up some memories. What an
Gail Aldridge sentation including photographs of the airfield in the early enjoyable reunion. Thank you for showing us what south-
Vietnam pilots and spouses visit Fort Stewart. 1940s and progress since the beginning. ern hospitality is all about,” said Simon.
Rock of the Marne May 24, 2007 The Frontline 9A

Georgia HOPE Grant offered advising. education subjects. Courses are free of charge on a space
The HOPE Grant is money given by the state of Georgia to available basis.
students with financial need to attend vocational/trade College testing offered The Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith Education Center hours are:
schools. The Grant covers certificate and diploma programs. Columbia College is now providing our college testing ser- Monday – Thursday 8 a..m. to noon and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.,
Any Soldier or Family member of a Soldier who is stationed vices. More than 70 CLEPs and DSSTs are computer based for Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. in rooms
in Georgia may be eligible. If you are interested in attending immediate results. CLEP/DSST testing is free to Soldiers and 225 - 228. Please call 368-7322 or 368-7329 for more infor-
a Georgia vocational or trade school, inquire with your costs vary from $80 to $100 per test for civilians. Columbia mation.
school's financial advisor or visit the Army Education Center will also be the test proctor for all college distance learning
to speak with a counselor. tests. There is a $20 fee for registration. Please call 767-7558 Computerized certification exams available
or 877-3406 for more information. Hundreds of different certification exams, including many
18 months of MGIB benefits to go to spouses information technology, emergency medical technician,
The Secretary of the Army has approved the transfer of up paramedic, IBM exams, etc. are now being administered on
Upcoming college term dates announced
to 18 months of MGIB benefits to spouses as a pilot program. computer in room 165, at the education center.
Central Texas College, June 4-July 25, Aug. 13-Oct. 6, 767-
This program became effective July 21, 2006. The program is Because the Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith Education Center
2070 at Stewart, 315-4090 at Hunter.
bound by law to the retention of critical skills. Eligible has become an official Pearson Virtual User Environment
Columbia College, June 4-July 25, Aug. 13-Oct. 6, 767-5336
Soldiers must have enrolled in MGIB on DD Form 2366 upon center, many Soldiers and Family members have access to a
at Stewart, 352-8635 at Hunter.
entry to active duty. If you cannot locate your Department of broader variety of tests. For more information, call the test
Embry Riddle, Aug. 6-Oct. 7, 767-3930 at Stewart, 352-5252
Defense Form 2366, check your official Military Personnel administrator, at 767-9569, or, visit www.pearson
at Hunter.
File or go online to Army Knowledge Online for details. Your Savannah Tech, July 9-Sept. 19, 408-2430 at Stewart.
education counselor can assist you with information about Webster University, Aug. 13-Oct. 11, 767-5357 at Stewart,
Central Texas College offers scholarships
your MGIB benefits. Please contact your unit retention 354-0033 at Hunter. The Central Texas College Foundation office has more
career counselor for details. than 100 scholarships available to students.
These scholarships are not just for students at the Central
Savannah Technical College offers childcare
Take an educational coffee break Childcare is available at the Airport Road Hinesville cam-
Campus but many of these scholarships are available for stu-
Fort Stewart - Have an Educational Coffee Break with us dents attending one of Central Texas College's World Wide
pus. Please contact Natasha Brown at 408-3024 ext 6026 for
on9:30 a.m. Jun 5. A professional counselor will discuss set- Campus'.
more details.
ting and achieving educational goals, the programs offered Filling out a single application will give students the
at the Army Education Center, and funding options for active opportunity to be considered for all of their available schol-
Free college tutoring offered arships. The application process is simple, visit
duty, Family members and DA civilians. They are available to
Savannah Technical College is offering tutoring in math,, and set up an account.
help you maximize your potential as you are affected by
English, computers, reading, etc. The service is available at
Army mobility requirements. Join us at Building 100. Call
the Hinesville Liberty Campus. Math and tutoring in the Look at your graduation options
767-8331 for more information.
other subjects is offered Monday-Friday and is available
2007 Graduates are being invited to join with the 2008
some evenings.
Free SAT and ACT test prep software offered Service at the Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith Education Center
Graduates for the May 15, 2008 ceremony at Fort Stewart. We
The Victory Sports Group of NFL football players is spon- are recommending they contact their individual colleges for
that includes math tutoring is offered at 3:10-5:30 p.m.,
soring test prep software for military Families. There will be an alternate ceremony if they want to walk this year.
Monday and Wednesday of each week. You don’t have to be
a small shipping charge for delivery. The sponsorship code is enrolled in Savannah Tech to participate. Call 408-3024 for
2ad9c5ccfd for _coupon more information. Book-club volunteers needed at Hunter
.asp. Volunteers are needed to start a book club. You set the
Register now for your GED rules, you decide what you want to read. Anyone interested
Get $4500 in tuition assistance Now is the time to register for the General Education in starting the book club or participating in the club, please
All active duty members have $4500 per fiscal year for Diploma, 1-5 p.m., June 4-5 and June 18-19. For details, call contact the Hunter Army Airfield Branch Library at 315-2403.
education. This entitlement is separate from the 767- 7322 or 767-7329.
Montgomery GI Bill benefits available from the Veteran’s Summer reading kicks off at Hunter
Administration. Details are available at 1:30 p.m. Monday – GED prep and enrichment courses available Story Time is every Wednesday from 10-10:30 a.m. for chil-
Friday during a one hour brief at the education center, room GED preparation courses, offered in partnership with the dren ages 2 through 5. Join the Summer Reading Program
223. The Web site provides 24 hours, 7 Liberty County Adult Education Program are held at the kickoff party with lunch crafts and fun from 1 p.m. - 2:30
days a week virtual access for Soldiers. Our education coun- Army Education Center on Fort Stewart. These courses will p.m., May 30 at the Hunter Army Airfield Branch Library. For
selors are available to assist in educational goal setting and prepare you to take the GED or refresh your skills in basic more information call Veronica Restrepo at 315-2403.
10A The Frontline
May 24, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

IRT From Page 1A

“We’ve taken this seriously,” Gale search a building with several rooms.
said. “We want to make sure Soldiers Learning the Iraqi culture—proper
are trained and ready to deploy and greetings and offensive behavior to
fight in combat. This is our base line avoid—is important, Spc. Sherille
training so that our Soldiers are trained Butler, a 3rd Inf. Div. Soldier going
to survive in combat.” through IRT, said.
“I went through the first rotation,” he “We will be interaction with them on
said. “It’s outstanding training.” a daily basis,” she said.
IRT ensures that all new Soldiers who So far, 1,000 Soldiers, regardless of
join the division after Mission rank or specialty, have been trained in
Rehearsal Exercises receive the same four months. The Soldiers going
quality training and are equally pre- through IRT aren’t the only Soldiers
pared to fight and survive in combat. being trained. The trainers that con-
Classroom portions of the training duct the exercises update the situations
include media training, legal training, Soldiers will encounter during IRT
recognizing improvised explosive every month based on situations that
devices and how to react properly, and Soldiers deployed to Iraq are encoun-
more. Soldiers also go to the range to tering, Gale said. Before the first IRT
qualify on their individual weapons. cycle in March, the trainers began their
“This training prepares our Soldiers two-month training in January to
for whatever comes up,” Staff Sgt. ensure they were properly certified.
Donna Stevens, a 3rd Inf. Div. Soldier
Pfc. Gaelen Lowers
going through IRT, said. “It’s real life
Lt. Col. Douglas McBride, commander Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Bde, looks on as training.”
Major Larry Bergeron Jr., passes the unit guideon to 1st Sgt. Nelson Cooper during a change of The real-life applications of the train-
command ceremony for the 385th MP Co., before turning it over to incoming commander, Capt. ing also impressed Sgt. Torcara Tolbert,
Bryan VanRiper. another Soldier going through IRT. His
next deployment will be his second,
COC From Page 1A and the training made him more confi-
VanRiper’s awards and decora- Infantryman in September 1987 Massey’s awards and decora- dent in his Soldier skills, especially
tions include the Joint Service and reclassified to Military tions include the Bronze Star reacting to IEDs and to enemy fire.
Commendation Medal, Army Policeman in 1991. Medal, the Meritorious Service “You might have to do that and be
Commendation Medal with one Massey’s civilian education Medal with one oak leaf cluster, ready to do it,” Tolbert said. “If they put
oak leaf cluster, the Armed Forces includes an Associate Degree in the Army Commendation Medal, me in that situation, I’m prepared to
Expeditionary Medal, the General Studies form Central with three oak leaf clusters, the fight for my country.”
Overseas Ribbon, the Korean Texas College. His military Army Achievement Medal with At other locations at Evans Army
Defense Service Medal and the schooling includes the Military one silver oak leaf cluster, the Airfield, Soldiers are learning how to
German Armed Forces Efficiency Police Basic Course, Air Assault National Defense Service Medal treat Soldiers wounded in an IED
attack, how to interact with Iraqis and Kevin Larson
Badge (gold). Course, Anti-Terrorism Instructor with one bronze star and the
Massey was born in Waverly, Course and Nuclear, Biological Armed Forces Expeditionary be culturally savvy, how to cordon and Soldiers move in stack as they con-
Ga. and enlisted in the Army as an and Chemical Officers Course. Medal with two bronze stars. search a village, and how to cordon and duct building searches at IRT.

VISIT From Page 1A

The day was filled with travels to Police Corps, the MP role in the Global Quantock and Butler agreed the work
Forward Operating Base Salerno, War on Terrorism and Quantock’s required and done in Afghanistan to
Torkham Gate and then back to expectations of future MP leaders. train the auxiliary police, the uniformed
Bagram. The command team was able Quantock discussed the plan to police, the border police and the high-
to gauge the challenges faced while cover the entire span of military police way police, in cooperation with con-
deployed to Afghanistan. While travel- operations. tractors and two brigade combat teams
ing around RC East, the command During the visit to Afghanistan, the is graduate level work.
teams took the opportunity to re-enlist regimental command team thanked The Soldiers and leaders of TF
and promote Soldiers. One re-enlist- the Soldiers for their sacrifices and as Dragoon remain committed to the task
ment focused on a Soldier with a chem- well as accomplishments while while improving the level of security to
ical MOS who was re-enlisting to deployed. the population.
become an MP. The Command Team To the Soldiers, a visit from the com- Their resolve remains to win this war
was given a brief on Task Force mandant and regimental command against the insurgency in Afghanistan
Dragoon’s mission, followed by a meal sergeant major was an experience while accomplishing two primary mis-
with some outstanding Soldiers. never to be forgotten. sions.
Quantock and Butler met with The regimental command team The battalion remains steadfast on Courtesy Photo
Soldiers from the 66th Military Police received a beautiful, green and gold separating the population from the Soldiers with the 385th MP Co. pose with Brig. Gen. David
Company, TF Dragoon Staff, the 546th embroidered rug as a small token of insurgents and training the police to be Quantock, and Command Sgt. Maj. Jeffrey Butler, the mili-
MP Co. and A Battery, 2nd Battalion appreciation from their visit with the a credible, professional force capable of tary police regimental commander and command
138th Field Artillery. They talked to the Soldiers, non-commissioned officers providing enduring security to the peo- sergeant major, during their visit to Task Force Dragon in
Soldiers about the future of the Military and officers of TF Dragoon. Both ple of Afghanistan. Afghanistan in March.
Rock of the Marne May 24, 2007 The Frontline 11A

Family members reconnect at FOB Hammer

Spc Ben Hutto years. When he walked in the Desert Grille Dining Facility, he to come over here and help the Armed Forces through KBR.
3rd HBCT Public Affairs recognized Roberts immediately. After three years of hard work, he has decided to extend for
“I’ve watched her grow up since she was a baby,” King said. three more months to finish a water project that will supply
Forward Operating Base Hammer, Iraq – Pfc. Britny Roberts, “I knew it was her the moment I saw her.” FOB Hammer with more fresh running water.
an intelligence analyst with Headquarters Troop, 3rd Heavy The two quickly spoke and did what they could to catch up “It’s not about money,” explained King. “I don’t want for any-
Brigade Combat Team, wasn’t sure what to expect during her with one another. thing. It’s about making sure you guys have a better life over
first deployment to Iraq. Both of them have busy schedules that haven’t left them here and doing my part to help out this country. I’m extending
The last thing she expected was to see a Family member liv- much time for an extended Family get-together, but they have an extra three months to make sure you guys have all the water
ing on Forward Operating Base Hammer. managed to make time on four more separate occasions to you’ll need. You guys are all like Family. Sure the money is good
“I was eating breakfast and this voice behind me asked me check on each other and talk. out here for contractors, but how do you put a price on
how my food was,” said Roberts with a smile. “I turned around “We talk about things we are doing and what we are going to Family?”
and there was my uncle Johnny.” do when we go home,” laughed Roberts. “He’s really excited King’s giving attitude is not news to Roberts, who has always
Johnny King, a civilian Kellogg, Brown and Root environ- about going fishing with my dad.” known her uncle to help others. She explained how he and his
mental assessment analyst, has been working in Iraq for three Roberts has always enjoyed her uncle’s company, but admits wife Bonnie would dress up as clowns to help entertain chil-
that growing up she didn’t see a lot of him. dren, nursing home patients and local church congregations.
“I have three daughters that will tell you the same thing,” That generosity extended to some of the children of Iraq as
explained King. “I joined the Army at age 16 and did 12 years well.
active duty and eight with the National Guard. I missed them “There is one little girl that would peek over a wall at me
growing up because the Army kept me so busy.” every morning while I was working in the Green Zone in
After King retired from the military, he decided to join the Baghdad,” explained King. “She had the prettiest brown eyes. I
civil service so he could continue to help and be around would just give her a fresh bottle of water every morning so she
Soldiers. After 20 years as a civilian contractor, King is still and her Family would have clean water to drink. I guess I
helping Soldiers as an environmental assessment analyst for watched her grow up for two years, one bottle at a time.”
KBR. King is glad his niece is stationed here at FOB Hammer.
“We’ve been out here (FOB Hammer) working to get it “This is where I would want my daughter to be stationed if
ready for you guys since day one,” said King. “We came out she was still over here,” said King. “In the middle of an Iraqi
here when there was nothing. We were dropped out here training base is about as safe as you can get. Of course, it’s good
with a bag of brand new tents and provisions and have been to be near her as well. I talked to her dad and he said he felt bet-
working ever since. We worked through sandfly bites, scorpi- ter knowing that she was over here with me.”
on stings and dust storms. Through it all, we still got it all Roberts agreed.
done. We got 72 tents put up in 14 days. It was tough.” “He couldn’t believe he was over here,” said Roberts with a
King had much easier living conditions in Baghdad, but smile. “I know he is glad that we are here together.”
volunteered to come out to FOB Hammer. As King’s time here dwindles down, he is trying to accom-
“I’m definitely proud of him,” said Roberts. “He is one of plish as much as he can to ensure the Soldier’s of the 3rd HBCT
Spc Ben Hutto
the bravest and most dedicated people I know. The main rea- are taken care of. He is working 16- to 18-hour days to make
Pfc. Britny Roberts, an intelligence analyst with HHT, 3rd son he is here is to help Soldiers. He doesn’t care about sure that their needs are met.
HBCT, eats breakfast with her uncle, Johnny King, a civil- money at all.” “I can’t say enough about our Soldiers,” said King. “I think
ian Kellogg, Brown and Root environmental assessment When King’s daughter, Jacquelynn Pozala, was deployed to they are doing a great job. Any little bit I can do to help really
analyst, at Forward Operating Base Hammer, May 16. Iraq with the Air Force three years ago, he made the decision means a lot to me.”

Marne 6:30 a.m.
6:35 a.m.
National Anthem/ DogFace Soldier
Daily Devotional
6:40 a.m. Audience
Television 6:55 a.m.
7 a.m.
Daily Devotional
Marne Report

Overwhelming summer hire 8 a.m.

8:30 a.m.
Marne Chat w/Dina McKain
Schedule 9 a.m. Pentagon Channel Iraq briefings/Audience
applicants necessitate lottery 10 a.m.
10:30 a.m.
Education Matters w/Kaytrina Sharp
11 a.m. 3rd ID in Iraq- DVIDS/Audience
The Fort Stewart Civilian Personnel ments. 11:55 a.m. Daily Devotional
Advisory Center received more than 900 The CPAC extended job offers for the Noon Marne Chat w/Dina McKain
applications for the 2007 Student Temporary Student Temporary Employment Program 12:30 a.m. Marne Report
Employment Program. While the Garrison during the week of May 14. In addition, to 1 p.m. CG Stand Up
leadership would like to afford every student receiving telephonic notification of selec- Channel 7 1:30 a.m. CGs NewComers Brief
who applied with employment, only 208 tion, selectees will receive written notifica- 2 p.m. Pentagon Channel Iraq briefings
positions are available for the 2007 Student tion of selection and instructions regarding 3 p.m. SMS video
Temporary Employment Program. in processing. In processing will occur 8 at
4 p.m. CG Stand Up or Audience
Subsequently, selection for employment a.m., June 11, at Woodruff Theater. Selectees 5 p.m. Marne Chat w/Dina McKain
was conducted under a lottery system. will be required to bring photo identification Hunter Army 5:30 p.m. CG Stand Up or Audience
Nametags were constructed for appli- and bank account information to in pro- 5:55 p.m. Daily Devotional
cants who submitted an application by the cessing. 6 p.m. Marne Report
established first cutoff date of April 30. The Students not selected for the Student Airfield 6:30 p.m. Education Matters w/Kaytrina Sharp
nametags were placed in four separate Temporary Employment Program will 7 p.m. Marne Report
envelopes based on vacancy announcement receive written notification of non-selection. 7:30 p.m. CG Stand Up or Audience
number. Where an applicant applied for Non-selection does not indicate the student Channel 16
8 p.m. Safety Concerns W/Kaytrina
both laborer and file clerk, nametags were was not qualified for the position but rather 8:30 p.m. CG Stand Up or Audience
placed in two of the four envelopes. As an the unfortunate fact that we received more at 9 p.m. Marne Report
example, 307 applicants applied for the file application than we have positions to fill. 9:30 p.m. Audience
clerk positions located at Fort Stewart. All Due to the high volume of non-selection let- 10 p.m. Audience
307 nametags were placed into the enve- ters (700+), estimated completion date for Fort Stewart 10:30 p.m. Marne Report
lope. The Garrison will employ 69 file clerks notification of non-selection is May 29. 11 p.m. Marne Report
at Fort Stewart. This process was imple- For more information, call Angela Francis 11:30 p.m. Education Matters w/Kaytrina Sharp
mented for all four vacancy announce- at 767-8358.
12A The Frontline
May 24, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

2nd BCT Soldiers deploy to support OIF V

Sgt. Lina Satele becoming an officer.” said. “I will always cherish the day I
2nd BCT Public Affairs Like most of the Soldiers, Ceretti brought her home. I just wanted to be
had Family show up at the deploy- there for them and make sure that
The 3rd Infantry Division’s deploy- ment to say goodbye. Her grandpar- they were settled before I left.”
ment in support of Operation Iraqi ents drove from Jacksonville, Fla. to Poole’s wife plans to relocate back
Freedom V continued May 17, as help take some of her belongings home to Talladega, Ala. while her hus-
Soldiers boarded a plane headed for home and to keep her company band is deployed.
Iraq. Over 170 Soldiers left on this before she left. “I’m going to miss him terribly, and
flight, more than 15 from the 2nd “She came home this weekend to I know that he’s doing this for his
Brigade Combat Team. visit, and spend time with us,” said Family, for us,” Jessica Poole said.
For Spc. Krista Ceretti, an X-ray Jean Gordon, Ceretti’s grandmother. “I “When I gave birth, I saw how he went
technician from C Company, 26th have five grandchildren and she is the from husband to father in a matter of
Forward Support Battalion, the dura- only one in the service. So of course, seconds, and that I will always
tion of the deployment doesn’t bother we’re here to support her every step of remember.”
her. the way.” Although the Soldiers will miss their
“I’ve been here on Fort Stewart for For most of the Soldiers heading to families, they understand the calling.
about six months and have just gone Iraq on this flight, it will be their first “I know that it’s going to be hot and
through a successful surgery, so I am deployment. Some are leaving pre- I’m probably going to miss all the
ready to join my buddies forward.” cious cargo behind. things that I took for granted, but I
Ceretti said. “There’s only one thing “She’s only two-weeks-old and know it’s worth it to fight for my coun-
Sgt. Lina Satele
that’s sinking in right now and that’s sleeps all the time,” said Pfc. Matthew try and for something that we believe
the fear of the unknown. But, I know Poole, B Company 1st Battalion, 30th in,” Sgt. Amber Franklin, a medic from Soldiers from 2nd BCT stand in formation moments before
I’ll get over it when I get into theater. I Infantry Regiment, about his newborn Headquarters and Headquarters boarding the bus May 20, in front of the 2nd BCT
want to at least have one deployment daughter McKenzie. Company 2nd BCT, said as she boards Headquarters, before going to Hunter Army Airfield for their
under my belt before I change over to “I don’t want to leave them.” Poole the bus to Caro gym. deployment to Iraq.

Infantry unit dedicates combat outposts to fallen Soldiers

Sgt. Natalie Rostek “To live with the populace and experience After hard work and dedication from the too. Like if one has a headache or something,
3rd HBCT Public Affairs what they experience, you get a better appre- Soldiers at COP Cleary, the outpost now has we will get with our medic to try to help them.”
ciation for the area,” Cushing said. toilets, a shower facility, and the Dragon Inn COP Cahill, named after Capt. Joel Cahill,
COMBAT OUTPOST CLEARY, Iraq – Soldiers COP Cleary is named after 1st Lt. Michael J. dining facility area. Commander of B Company, 1/15 Inf. during
of the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, Cleary, 2nd Platoon Leader for E Company, “It’s gotten so much better here,” said Sgt. OIF III, who was killed Nov. 6, 2005 in an IED
3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team have estab- 1/15 Inf., who was killed during an improvised 1st Class Quentin Fenderson. “Especially with attack in Ad Dwar, Iraq, is the smallest of the
lished three combat outposts in the unit’s area explosive device strike on Dec. 5, 2005 during the new chow hall and showers. Most of the three outposts and is believed to be the former
of operation, all named after their fallen com- OIF III in Ad Duliayah, Iraq. Soldiers would rather just stay here than go Hunting Club security building for Saddam
rades. According to Capt. Mathew Garner, com- back to (FOB Hammer) for showers and Hussein’s sons, owned by the Ministry of
While in support of Operation Iraqi mander for C Company, the unit had moved chow.” Agriculture.
Freedom V, 1/15 Inf. moved from Forward from a pharmaceutical plant to COP Cleary D Company occupies COP Cashe, which is “It’s getting better everyday,” said Spc.
Operating Base Hammer, where brigade head- almost immediately. When they arrived at the named after Sgt. 1st Class Alwynn Cashe. Anthony Hartley, A Company, 1/15 Inf. “We
quarters is located, to Combat Outposts former government building and greenhous- Cashe was a platoon sergeant in A Co. during have the phones and Internet, all we need is a
Cleary, Cahill, and Cashe. es, there was nothing but one run-down build- OIF III. place to wash clothes and I’ll be set.”
According to Maj. John Cushing, operations ing. Rubble and broken glass covered the He died on Nov. 8, 2005 from injuries suf- Although the Soldiers don’t know how long
officer for 1/15 Inf., the battalion was assigned ground, rendering it nearly impossible to fered during an IED strike on Oct. 17, 2005 in they’ll stay at the post, they continue to make
to the outposts to be closer to the communi- maneuver vehicles. Ad Duliyah, Iraq. improvements, with the resources at hand, for
ties and people they are here to secure. He said “It only took one day, really, for the inside of “The firefighters help us out,” said Staff Sgt. the time they are there.
moving closer to the towns, where they will be the building to be cleared,” Garner said, “and Quentin Heard, tank commander with D “It’s my job,” Hartley said. “If I wasn’t pre-
conducting their operations also allows for the about a week or two to get all the glass cleared Company, 1/15 Inf. “They bring bread; they pared to do whatever I needed to, I wouldn’t
battalion to better intermingle with the locals. away.” help us get our water running. We help them have signed on the dotted line.”

Special Operations Aviation Regiment deploys Chinook to Afghanistan

Kimberly T. Laudano an impressive aircraft for his aviators who are New technology onboard the MH-47G is crews leveraged the technologies onboard the
160th SOAC Public Affairs conducting extremely challenging operations also taking mission planning to a whole new MH-47G to develop a plan en-route to their
in Afghanistan, often on zero illumination level. staging location. They quickly transferred the
The 160th Special Operations Aviation nights with limited visibility from blowing “On our first direct action mission with the information electronically between aircraft at
Regiment (Airborne) deployed the first MH- dust and haze. G-model, the Flight Lead, with unprecedented the staging area, providing an accurate mis-
47G Chinook helicopters to Afghanistan in “The MH-47G Chinook provides an speed and accuracy, was able to perform cal- sion plan within the short mission timeline.
support of Operation Enduring Freedom in increased safety and situational awareness culations on the fly for both the infil and exfil “This is a tremendous leap in planning
March. capability by allowing the pilots to navigate on three different flight routes with various capabilities and accuracy compared to previ-
After the first two and one half months of utilizing a digital moving map display with a allowable cargo loads to multiple helicopter ously establishing a plan in flight with paper
the deployment, the detachment of aircraft height-above-terrain feature, a fused image landing zones,” recalls Little. maps and in a blacked out cockpit,” said Little.
executed numerous combat missions, flying display and a RADAR picture of the terrain This allowed the FL to provide more options The 160th is growing its fleet of Chinooks
more than 460 flight hours and maintaining a along the flight path,” said Little. to the ground force commander than ever and replacing the aging mixed fleet of D- and
readiness rate of more than 97 percent. “This mission aids allow our pilots to safely before, enabling the commander to provide E-model Chinooks with the newest G-models.
Lt. Col. Manfred Little, commander of 3rd navigate above the hazardous terrain to put maximum combat power on the objective. These modernized rebuilt aircraft include
Battalion, 160th SOAR, who deployed the new the ground force on target plus or minus 30 On another occasion, 160th crews received all the features of the MH-47E with the addi-
aircraft, said that the MH-47G is proving to be seconds.” a time-sensitive mission while in-flight. The tion of a few modifications.
Rock of the Marne May 24, 2007 The Frontline 13A

Organizational Day helps deploying Soldiers make memories

Pfc. Gaelen Lowers
Pfc. Gaelen Lowers our Soldiers who are getting ready to let our hair down and enjoy,” said
3rd Sustainment Bde. Public Affairs deploy,” said STB Command Sgt. Maj. Tolbert. The Vet Express
Robert Tolbert. “(It’s) something for The advance party for the 3rd makes its way
The Special Troops Battalion, 3rd the Soldiers and their Family mem- Sustainment Bde. deployed May 20 around the track
Sustainment Brigade held an organi- bers.” and the main body leaves at the end of taking the Soldiers
zational day at the local YMCA May 17 The entire event was mainly set up May. and their children
for their Soldiers and Families. by the veterans association, the local “This will be the last time we can be for a ride during
There was flag football, dodge ball, a community and the STB rear detach- together as a Family,” said Lt. Col. the STB, 3rd
dunk tank, swimming, face painting ment, whose job is to take over the Douglas McBride, commander of the Sustainment Bde.
for the kids and even a miniature train responsibilities of the Soldiers that are STB. “We’ve been doing about six to organizational day
ride. deploying. nine months of hardcore training, 18- held at the YMCA
“We wanted to have something for “It’s nice to have a day to relax, just hour days. Today’s all about Family.” May 17.

Sustainment Brigade advance party joins 3rd Inf Div fight

Pfc. Gaelen Lowers the main body of Soldiers to get was re-named the Division Support The STB deployed to Kuwait
3rd Sustainment Bde. Public Affairs information and lay the founda- Brigade and deployed to Iraq in the December 2005 where it facilitated
tion. fall of 2004 in support of Operation the redeployment of the 3rd
The advance party of the Special In the fall of 2002, the Division Iraqi Freedom III. Infantry Division.
Troops Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Support Command deployed in In January 2005 the STB, 3rd “I’m looking forward to (the
Brigade deployed May 19 from Fort support of Operation Iraqi Freedom Sustainment Bde. deployed to deployment),” said Maj. David
Stewart in support of Operation I, earning the Presidential Unit Baghdad, Iraq as part of Multi- Moore, battalion operations officer.
Iraqi Freedom. Citation. National Division Baghdad in sup- “We’re a volunteer Army and this
The advance party deploys before The Division Support Command port of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. comes with the territory.”