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Lesson: God Saves from the Fiery Furnace This is the childrens Bible stories in a series from the

book of Daniel. It is from chapter 3 where Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego choose to obe !od and are thrown in a fier f"rnace. This was written for "pper elementar st"dents. It can be simplified for preschool st"dents and modified to be "sed as a #hildrens #h"rch $esson. At the end there are additional reso"rces that ma be helpf"l for o"r indi%id"al class needs. Bible Story: Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego in the 'ier '"rnace Scripture: Daniel 3 Learning Objectives: In this lesson, st"dents will learn that( )ride is sin *eading and +be ing !ods ,ord is the onl wa belie%ers can sta on the path that pleases !od. +bedience to !od allows others to see !ods power in o"r li%es. Memory Verse: Acts -(./ 01I23 4,e m"st obe !od rather than men56 ctivity for Memory Verse( Make two sets of cards with the words from the %erse and ha%e them sh"ffled 0not in order3. 7a%e two teams race to p"t the %erse in correct order. The team that completes it first sa s the %erse. Lesson !"planation: 0Teacher preparation before class( ,rite o"t an additional Bible passages o" want to incl"de in the lesson on inde8 cards. Before class ask the st"dents who dont mind reading to take the card and find the passage before the lesson starts. 9sing the inde8 card as a book mark the st"dent will be read to read the passage when o" are read to call on him:her.3 The following lesson is written as a g"ide for a teacher to "se. Its important to pra and read the Script"re passage first before reading an thing else. Ask the $ord to show o" what it is 7e wants o" to teach o"r st"dents. As o" read the Script"re passage take notes of an principles or applications o" see that wo"ld be age appropriate for o"r class. After o" ha%e spent time in the passage then read o%er this lesson to see if there is an thing that wo"ld enhance what o" ha%e alread recei%ed from o"r personal st"d of the Script"re. #eaching $lan

Introd"ction( ,e ha%e talked abo"t !ods enem the de%il. The de%il is a decei%er and !od has allowed him a brief time to be the prince of the power of the air. 0;phesians .(<=33. ,hat it means for the de%il to be the prince of the power of the air is that he has power o%er an person who does not allow !od to be their r"ler. In this world there are alwa s going to be two gro"ps of people( belie%ers and "nbelie%ers. +ne gro"p has people who belie%e in the $ord >es"s and ha%e placed their faith in 7is death on the cross for their sins and that 7e was raised from the dead. Beca"se the belie%e in >es"s the will li%e fore%er in hea%en.

The other gro"p has people who do not belie%e in >es"s and ha%e been blinded b the de%il. Beca"se this gro"p doesnt belie%e in >es"s the will be separated from !od fore%er and be p"nished along with the de%il for eternit in a place called hell. The de%il knows what is going to happen to him. 7is time is short and the time he has left he spends tr ing to get as man people to follow him as possible. Beca"se the de%il cant be !od he does e%er thing he can to act like 7im. 7e decei%es people and gets them to do things for him that the sho"ld be doing for the +ne Tr"e !od. As o" read the Bible o" can see how the de%il tries to cop !od in small wa s so that he can trick people to t"rn to him instead of worshiping the +ne Tr"e !od. If o" can pict"re two highwa s, one of those highwa s is the right one to !od. The other one looks like it is going in the same direction b"t if o" follow it all the wa to the end o" see that it takes all the tra%elers off a deep cliff to be destro ed. ,hat does this information mean for me and o" this morning? If o" and I are belie%ers in >es"s #hrist and followers of 7im we need to be alert with o"r e es wide open to wa s !ods enem the de%il ma tr to get "s to %eer off !ods 7ighwa and dri%e on his. The onl wa we can sta on the right highwa is to read the *oad Map that gi%es "s the correct dri%ing instr"ctions. That *oad Map is the Bible, !ods ,ords written for e%er man, woman, bo and girl. In the Bible we learn what pleases !od and what doesnt. That which doesnt please !od is sin and deser%es p"nishment. If we dont read and st"d !ods ,ord and obe it we can easil become like someone who gets sleep as the dri%e and accidentall t"rns onto a road that we arent s"pposed to dri%e on. That road will take "s awa from !od instead of closer to 7im. T"rn in o"r Bibles to Daniel 3. 0Make s"re all st"dents ha%e a cop of the Bible in their hands to follow along as %erses are read.3 This morning as we contin"e in the Book of Daniel we will see three men who were wide awake and recogni@ed a dangero"s c"r%e in the road as the were li%ing in Bab lon. ,o"ld the sta on the right path or wo"ld the t"rn off and take the easier path? $ets get started so we can find o"t As we begin chapter three Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar is %er pro"d of himself. 7e is especiall pro"d of himself beca"se in chapter . Daniel told him the meaning of his dream of a stat"e. Daniel had told 1eb"chadne@@ar that he was the gold head of that stat"e. Daniel said, 4Bo" are the king of a great kingdom. 'or the !od of 7ea%en has gi%en o" a kingdom, power, strength and glor .6 Daniel .(3C=3D )ride is a sin. )ride is when o"r foc"s is on o"rsel%es. )ride makes "s think we are more important that we act"all are. )ride ca"ses "s to take o"r e es off !od and on to o"rsel%es. !ods ,ord sa s that we are not to think more highl of o"rsel%es than we o"ght to think. *omans <.(3 The dream abo"t the stat"e went to the Aings head. Instead of thanking !od and foc"sing his life on how he co"ld be the king !od wanted him to be, he decided to b"ild a little stat"e. ,ell act"all it wasnt little. It was /E feet high and / feet wide. To gi%e o" a ro"gh idea of how tall this stat"e was o" can think of a grain silo that farmers ha%e. Some of those grain silos are almost /E feet tall. 0If o"r st"dents arent familiar with silos ha%e a pict"re of one for them to see.3 Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar m"st ha%e been so pro"d of his stat"e when it was completed. It sa s in Daniel 3 that he sent a message for all his leaders 0%erse .3 to come to a special dedication ceremon of his new stat"e. All of the Aings officials came and gathered together to dedicate the gold stat"e. As e%er one was gathered a messenger for the king spoke in a lo"d %oice and said( 4This is what o" are commanded to do, + peoples, nations and men of e%er lang"age( At the so"nd of the m"sical instr"ments e%er one of o" m"st fall to o"r knees and worship this golden stat"e. If o" do not bow and worship the stat"e o" will be b"rned in a fier f"rnace.6 Imagine the crowd of people who F"st recei%ed the Aings command. It was a command and meant to be obe ed. There was a slight problem with the Aings command. 7is command broke one of !ods commands. Does an one know which command that is? ;8od"s .E(G=- 07a%e st"dent read this %erse.3 In that crowd of people on that da were 3 o"ng men who worshiped the +ne, Tr"e !od. Their names were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. 'or them the command from 1eb"chadne@@ar was a BI! problem. Beca"se the knew !ods ,ord the co"ld not do what the king commanded. 07a%e st"dent read . Aings <H(3-=3/.3 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego knew that the were to obe their leaders b"t the were not to obe their leaders if their commands broke !ods commands. These men had a choice to make. ,o"ld the obe man or wo"ld the obe !od? The highwa that these three o"ng men were tra%eling on wasnt eas . The co"ld die for their obedience to !od. The co"ld also take the easier highwa and do what e%er one else was doing and li%e. The m"sical instr"ments began to pla and all the people from all different nations and lang"ages fell to their knees and worshiped the gold stat"e. Three men stood tall for the Tr"e !od and didnt bow their knee to a false god. +thers saw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednegos disobedience to the 1eb"chane@@ars command and the went and told the Aing. ,hen Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar heard that the 3 men didnt obe his command he became f"rio"s with rage. 7e commanded that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to be bro"ght to him. Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar was foc"sed on himself and the honor he belie%ed was d"e him. 7e was being so pridef"l that he not onl sinned against !od in his pride, he was ca"sing others to sin b commanding them to worship him.

,hen the three men were bro"ght to him he asked them if it was tr"e that the didnt obe his command to worship the gold stat"e. 7e decided to gi%e them a second chance so the co"ld bow rather than b"rn. 7e asked them, 4,hat god will be able to resc"e o" from m hand?6 Again, the Aings pride was making him think he had more power than !od 7imself. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered the AingI 4,e do not need to defend o"rsel%es before o" in this matter. If we are thrown into the bla@ing f"rnace, the !od we ser%e is able to sa%e "s and resc"e "s from o"r hand. ;%en if 7e chooses not to resc"e "s, we will not ser%e o"r gods or worship the stat"e of gold o" ha%e made.6 02erses <C=<D3 Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar became enraged. I imagine his face t"rning beet red and if smoke co"ld come o"t of his ears there wo"ld be billows of smoke steaming o"t of them. 7e was so mad that he screamed, 4T"rn that f"rnace "p5 Make it se%en times hotter than it alread is5 !o get m strongest soldiers and ha%e them tie "p these disobedient men and throw them into the f"rnace56 The strong soldiers came and tied Shadrach, Meshach and Abednegos hands and feet. The strong soldiers picked "p these three men and p"shed them into the bla@ing hot f"rnace. The heat had been raised so high that the strong soldiers were instantl killed as the threw the three men into the f"rnace. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had made a co"rageo"s decision. The chose to obe !od rather than man and now the were being thrown into a bla@ing hot f"rnace. It took co"rage and a strong faith in !od for them to make this diffic"lt choice. #o"rage means( the J"alit of mind or spirit that enables a person to face diffic"lt , danger, pain, etc., witho"t fearI bra%er . Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar m"st ha%e tho"ght abo"t the three mens words to himK6the !od we ser%e is able to sa%e "s from the bla@ing f"rnace and 7e will resc"e "s from o"r hand.6 Being the pridef"l man that he was he m"st ha%e looked thro"gh the window of the f"rnace to see these men b"rned to a crisp. The soldiers died immediatel as the came in contact with the flames, s"rel the same wo"ld happen to the three men. ,hen Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar looked in the f"rnace he saw an ama@ing sight. The ropes that bo"nd their hands and feet did not bind the three men an longer. The were walking freel in the bla@ing hot f"rnace. Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar asked those aro"nd him, 4Didnt we throw three men into the fire? I see fo"r men walking aro"nd in there and one of the men looks like the son of the gods.6 The king J"ickl ran to the opening and called for the three men to come o"t. As the came o"t the crowd was ama@ed that not a thread of their clothing was melted or b"rned. The hair on their heads was not singed nor did the smell like smoke. 7a%e st"dent read Isaiah G3(<=.. These three men had obe ed !od and !od had kept them safe. Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar was so ama@ed at what he saw that he praised Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednegos !od. 7e saw that their !od had sent an angel to resc"e 7is ser%ants. 7e knew the tr"sted their !od and disobe ed his command and were willing to gi%e "p their li%es rather than to worship an god b"t the +ne, Tr"e !od. The Aing was so ama@ed that he made a law that no one co"ld sa an thing bad against the +ne, Tr"e !od beca"se no god co"ld sa%e in the wa 7e had. After the king made the new law, he promoted the three men and ga%e them a higher position of leadership in his kingdom. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego tr"sted !od and obe ed !od rather than man. The res"lt of their obedience was that "nbelie%ers were able to see !ods power to resc"e and deli%er 7is own people from danger. This ca"sed !od to be glorified. ,hene%er someone recogni@es !od and 7is power 7e is glorified. Imagine what wo"ld ha%e happened if the three men chose to follow the crowd? ,o"ld Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar ha%e been able to see the power of !od in his life? ,o"ld !od ha%e been glorified? ,o"ld the three men ha%e pleased !od if the chose to please man rather than !od? 1o, this wo"ld ha%e ca"sed them to make e%en more bad decisions. +ne bad choice takes o" off the highwa that pleases !od and places o" on the road that leads awa from 7im. +ne bad choice "s"all leads to more bad choices ha%ing a domino affect in o"r life "ntil o" are no longer doing an thing that pleases !od. 0Skip reading o"r Bible and pra ingKsinf"l actions and attit"des3 Gospel $resentation: %Salvation Message&: In o"r stor toda an earthl king commanded that all people were to bow to his image or b"rn in the f"rnace. 7e had no !od=gi%en right to command that of an person. +n the other hand, !od who is 7ol has the right to be worshiped. !od doesnt force an one of "s to bow and worship 7im. 7owe%er, 7e does ha%e a similar reJ"irement from each one of "s that 7e has e%er right to ask of "s. 7e has sent 7is Son >es"s to die for o"r sins so we can be forgi%en and made right with !od. In order for an of "s to ha%e a right relationship with !od and li%e fore%er in hea%en, we m"st bow o"r knee to the $ord >es"s #hrist. ,e m"st agree with !od that we are sinf"l, rebellio"s people who do not obe 7is perfect laws. ,e m"st agree with 7im that the onl wa we can e%er come face to face with !od is to belie%e in >es"s #hrist as o"r Sa%ior. That is how we bow o"r knee to >es"s. ,hen we bow o"r knee to >es"s and call 7im $ord we will not s"ffer eternal p"nishment in the place called hell. 7ell is like the fier f"rnace in o"r stor . The flames ne%er go o"t and the s"ffering and tort"re will go on fore%er and e%er. This morning I wo"ld like o" to ask o"rself, ha%e o" bowed o"r knee to the $ord >es"s? If o" ha%e not placed o"r faith in >es"s #hrist and wo"ld like to we are alwa s here to speak to o" and pra with o" abo"t that decision. )lease talk to "s or to o"r parents abo"t this decision. 'uestions: ,h did Aing 1eb"chadne@@ar b"ild the stat"e?

,ho did the Aing ask to come to the dedication of his stat"e? ,hat did he command all the people to do when the m"sical instr"ments pla ed? ,hat was the p"nishment for disobedience to his command? ,h did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego not bow before the stat"e? 7ow did the Aing react when he heard that the disobe ed? ,h did the strong soldiers die when the threw the three men into the f"rnace? ,hat ama@ed the Aing? 7ow was !od glorified when 7e deli%ered Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? ,hat do o" need to do this week that shows o" obe !od rather than people? (onclusion( >es"s 7imself said, 4Do not be afraid of those who kill the bod b"t cannot kill the so"l. *ather, be afraid of the +ne who can destro both so"l and bod in hell6 0Matthew <E(.D3. ;%en if Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had to s"ffer a horrible, painf"l death in a b"rning o%en, the ref"sed to abandon !od and worship an idol. S"ch faith has been seen immeas"rable times thro"gho"t the cent"ries b belie%ers who ha%e s"ffered mart rdom for the $ord. Our Father, we thank you for this beautiful story from the Old Testament, and pray that it touches our own hearts and softens us. How we see the tenderness of your love, compassion the irresistible nature your love to the children of Israel. Lord, we pray that we may respond to you, that we may understand that no other answer can satisfy us, no other power can meet our need, no other love can heal. Help us to return to you, Lord, as Israel will one day turn to you, remembering that if we walk in the light as he is in the light, the blood of esus !hrist, "od#s $on, cleanses us from all unrighteousness and restores us by grace. %e pray in esus name. &men.