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Dad on his
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Hinesville, Ga. 31314

Vol. 41, Issue 21 Serving the Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield communities ( June 7, 2007

More 2BCT
go to Iraq
Sgt. Lina Satele nications specialist with 26th BSB,
2nd BCT Public Affairs wishes she could stay, but is will-
ing to leave her son to perform her
The 3rd Infantry Division’s duties.
deployment in support of “It’s hard on me, my husband
Operation Iraqi Freedom V con- and especially my son.” Tapper
tinues as more 2nd Brigade said. “He is our first and he just
Soldiers leave Fort Stewart to join turned four-months old, nine days
the effort. ago. I really don’t want to go, but
Family members and friends as long as I know that he and my
filled the curb ways and surround- husband are taken care of, then
ing area May 20 as Soldiers of the I’m ok with that.”
1st Battalion, 30th Infantry She hopes that the year will go
Regiment prepared to leave. by fast so she can get back to her
Spc. Yvonne Tapper, a commu- Family.
See DEPLOY Page 3A

Odierno: Surge strategy

helps coalition efforts
Staff Sgt. Curt Cashour based reporters, Lt. Gen. Ray
Multi-National Corps-Iraq Public Odierno, commander of Multi-
Affairs National Corps-Iraq, said nearly
8,000 surge-related troops – the
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Well into the final combat elements of the
third month of the coalition effort American troop build-up – will
to secure Baghdad, clear progress move into position over the next
has been made, but much work two weeks.
still remains, said the commander The units are the Army’s 3rd
of coalition troops in Iraq, May Combat Aviation Brigade and 2nd
31. Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division and
In a satellite interview from the 13th Marine Expeditionary
Camp Victory with Washington- Unit.

See SURGE Page 13A

Pfc. Amanda McBride

26th BSB armors up
Spc. Loretta Turner, assigned to STB, 4th BCT, inserts a needle chest decompressor into a dummy Sgt. Kevin Stabinsky measure a few feet in total, the
during the Combat Lifesaver Course May 30 at Club Stewart. Soldiers completed the CLS course last 2nd BCT Public Affairs additions protect the entire vehi-
week, and the 4th BCT continues to certify troops this week prior to its scheduled deployment. See cle, Pollard said.
story on Page 11A It makes good sense to protect “The gunner is the most impor-
your eyes, especially when they’re tant job on the vehicle,” he said.
responsible for locating and “By providing better protection for
destroying life threatening devices. the gunner, we protect the entire

Chambliss visits Soldiers Mechanics with the 26th Brigade

Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade
Combat Team, 3rd Infantry
Division are adding a little bit
As the eyes of the vehicle, the
gunner is the first to respond to
threats and has the best vantage
Sgt. Tanya Polk Chambliss explained that the efforts Soldiers have
Editor made since the beginning of the war has greatly more protection to their gun tur- point to view potential threats
improved Iraq. rets. such as improvised explosive
Deploying 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers received “It’s still a very difficult war,” said Chambliss. “It’s The added protection comes in devices, Pollard said.
the opportunity to voice their questions and con- still a dangerous country, but because of the great the form of three-foot pieces of Although the rig is sometimes
cerns to Georgia’s senator, May 30. leadership of the American Soldier, times in Iraq are ballistic glass around the turret jokingly referred to as Pope glass,
Having just returned from his fifth visit to Iraq, much safer today than they have ever been.” and a camouflage canopy, said because of the visual similarities to
Senator Saxby Chambliss spoke to approximately 30 Chambliss stated that he visited enlisted person- Staff Sgt. Dave Pollard, a B the bullet proof glass component
Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, nel through the General Officer Corps of the 3rd Inf. Company, 26th BSB mechanic. on the pope’s car, the results are
4th Brigade Combat Team. Div. while in Iraq. While the protection may only nothing to laugh about.

See SENATOR Page 13A See ARMOR Page 9A

Raider Brigade remembers

fallen at Memorial Day service
Spc. Ricardo Branch some good has come from the valiant sacrifices.
1st BCT Public Affairs “As you drive around Ramadi, you see children
being able to play on the streets, people returning
CAMP RAMADI, Iraq – Troops and civilians alike to the mosques to worship, and locals once again
gathered in the Camp Ramadi dining facility for a able to go into marketplaces to shop. What we’ve
Memorial Day service May 28. done here is important.”
The dining facility was filled with a sea of digital He said that with remembering the fallen peo-
camouflage who all came together to pay tribute ple must not forget their Families left behind at
to the fallen servicemembers of our nation’s histo- home who have suffered as well.
ry. “It’s very important to remember there are
“It’s important to take the time out and remem- grieving Families,” Charlton said. “We need to
ber fallen warriors of our past for their sacrifice,” think about them and remember them in our
said Col. John Charlton, 1st Brigade Combat Team prayers.”
commander. “We always say that we’ll never forget Despite their own hectic schedules and the hot
the fallen, and here at Ramadi we’ve had a lot of climates, servicemembers came in from patrol or Spc. Ricardo Branch
ceremonies to remember them.” left their offices to spend a few minutes reflecting Soldiers from 1st BCT render a moment of silence to show respect to the fallen
Although many servicemembers in Ramadi on the men and women before them who servicemembers during a Memorial Day ceremony at Ramadi’s dining facility,
have paid the ultimate price, Charlton believes answered the call and gave their all. May 28.

Come celebrate the

Army’s 232nd Asian-Pacific
Experience the
Soldier Show, Birthday at Club celebrated,
see Page 1B Stewart, June 14 see Page 1B
See page 4A, 2B
2A The Frontline
June 7, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Marne 6 Sends
Education opportunities offered to Family members
Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch focus on how Family mem- The phone number is school.
3rd Inf. Div. commanding general bers can take advantage of 767-8331 at Fort Stewart The grant covers full tuition, some
the Helping Outstanding and 315-6130 at Hunter fees, and gives you a $100 quarterly
In November of last year I wrote to Pupils Educationally Grant Army Airfield’s Education book allowance. It funds up to 63
you about the many opportunities that program. This is yet Center. semester or 95 quarter hours of study.
are available to Soldiers and their another good reason for Advice is helpful, but the There is no minimum number of
Families here in Georgia. Specifically, staying in our military expenses can be great. hours for enrollment. And that's very
there are great opportunities to further community during a Enter the HOPE Grant. helpful for people who have Families or
your own education. November seems deployment. Georgia established a are unable to go to school on a full-time
so long ago. Too often Families pick great program. basis.
A lot has changed since then. up and leave town when You don't have to You might be retired, serving on
We dedicated our education center to school lets out and their change your state of resi- active duty, or be a spouse or child of a
Medal of Honor recipient, Sgt. 1st Class Soldiers deploy. You dency in order to qualify. servicemember. As long as you are liv-
Paul R. Smith. should consider sticking A Soldier, his or her ing in Georgia at the time of enrollment,
There was been a big influx of new around so that you can spouse, and their children you can participate in the HOPE Grant
Soldiers and Families. take advantage of the great Army may qualify to receive a HOPE Grant. program.
And, a majority of the division’s Continuing Education System. The HOPE Grant is for Georgia resi- The only expectation is that students
Soldiers deployed. There are counselors on hand at the dents and if you live in Georgia as a mil- maintain satisfactory academic
The opportunities for Family mem- Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith Army itary member or a military spouse or progress.
bers to receive education benefits have Education Center who are trained to child, you qualify. The grant allows you So there you have it. Call the coun-
not changed. Many of our Families give advice to Family members. If you to attend a public technical college like selors at the Education Center and
have stayed in Georgia. And you have a question about courses or Savannah Tech, Altamaha Tech, or check out what they offer. Apply online
deserve the opportunity to benefit from financing, just give them a call Monday Ogeechee Tech to earn a certificate or at https//
being stationed here. through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:45 diploma regardless of income, previous Educate – don’t wait!
This edition of Marne 6 Sends will p.m., Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. GPA, or date of graduation from high ROCK OF THE MARNE!!!

CG: The Army’s Birthday, celebrating unfaltering service

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch Today we continue that tradition, on the distant fields of we hold dear, and the purpose we now fulfill.
3rd Inf. Div. commanding general Afghanistan and Iraq so that harm never again finds On the 14th of June we celebrate those that inspire us,
America's shores. our veterans, our fallen heroes, and the Dog Faced Soldiers
On June 14 we celebrate 232 years of service by United I am so very proud of the great men and women with on point for freedom now. On that day, we celebrate the
States Army Soldiers. The Marne Division is yet again on whom I serve. blessing of support shown by the communities from which
the frontlines of our national defense. Braving heat, fatigue, and the threat of America's ene- we come. And on our Army's birthday we celebrate the
And in our division's nine decades of service, millions of mies on the field of battle they continue to Soldier just as Army Families that have sustained us with devotion and
Americans have proudly worn our patch in the campaigns the generations that preceded them. They are relentless unequaled love.
that liberated nations, eliminated oppression, and deliv- and inspirational, our new greatest generation. They are God continue to bless our nation and her United States
ered hope. Army Strong. Army.
Through thick and thin, in her darkest hours, and from On our Army's birthday we celebrate our unfaltering ser-
the beginning, a Soldier stood point for Lady Liberty. vice. We reflect on the attributes that we share, the values Rock of the Marne!

Precautions make motorcycling fun not fatal, stay alive

Lori Yerdon of the Army Kenneth O. Preston in Leader’s Book Notes for April 2007, • Make sure driver’s licenses have vehicle greatly enhances your
U.S. Army Combat Readiness his Leader’s Book Notes for April that the Motorcycle Mentorship motorcycle endorsements. chances of having an accident.
Center 2007. Program is another way leaders can Motorcycle safety foundation Alcohol affects those skills essential
In fiscal year 2006, 49 Soldiers set the example for younger, less courses are required and provided to operate a motorcycle – balance
FORT RUCKER, Ala. – Although were killed in motorcycle accidents. experienced Soldiers, Family mem- by U.S. Army installations to and coordination.
May’s National Motorcycle Safety Two-thirds of those fatalities were bers and DoD civilians. Though Soldiers and DoD civilians free of • Preventive maintenance checks
Awareness month ended, Soldiers, sergeants or above and over the age Broome has been riding motorcy- charge. Consult the installation and services aren’t just for military
Family members and DoD civilians of 25. This shows that no matter cles since he was a 14-year-old, he’s safety office on local classes and vehicles. T-CLOCS was developed
need to keep in mind that safe what a person’s rank or riding expe- taken the Motorcycle Safety policies. by the Motorcycle Foundation to
motorcycle practices are a year- rience level might be, they can be Foundation Course twice. • Wear a helmet and other pro- assist motorcycle drivers with the
round responsibility. placed in a bad situation, Brig. Gen. The MMP is a focused effort tective gear to include proper eye inspection of a motorcycle.
Last month, in support of the Doyle D. Broome said. where more experienced riders can protection, full fingered gloves, long The inspection covers the areas
national campaign, the Army Broome, deputy commanding mentor those that are new to trousers, long sleeved shirt or jacket, that should be checked before oper-
increased awareness of motorcycle general of U.S. Army Cadet motorcycling, creating a positive high visibility garments (bright ating or purchasing a motorcycle
safety in an effort to help its riders Command, was involved in an acci- environment for conduct and color for day and retro-reflective for such as tires and wheels, controls,
prepare for peak riding months and dent while riding his motorcycle last behavior while riding, Preston said. night) and leather boots or over- lights, oil, chassis and lights. For the
increase safety awareness. However, year. The general credits his survival Many posts and units have estab- the-ankle shoes. These require- complete inspection list visit the
three Soldiers were still injured and of the accident to training, while lished mentoring organizations ments for Personal Protective USACRC Web site.
one killed in motorcycle accidents. others credit the wear of personal which Soldier riders can get Equipment apply to Soldiers at all • Consider joining a motorcycle
While more bikes than ever are protective equipment. involved in. Additionally, all Soldiers times, whether riding on or off post. club. The USACRC MMP Web site
registered on Army installations – “I slid down the highway at about are required to attend a Motorcycle PPE not only provides comfort and has information on clubs Army-
about 35,000 – safety officials expect 35 mph, but was wearing all of my Safety Foundation course prior to protection from the elements, but wide as well as safety tips, events
the number of accidents to increase PPE and survived the accident,” riding a motorcycle. MSF courses also prevents injuries and is a and best practices for Soldiers.
proportionately. Broome said. “The same cannot be are free of charge and can be sched- means for other motorists to see a Currently there are 56 organiza-
However, “accidents can be said for those who died in motorcy- uled through installation safety rider that’s wearing reflective mater- tions.
reduced, and many times prevent- cle accidents last year, many of offices. ial. For more information on motor-
ed, by choosing the correct motor- whom were not wearing the proper Don’t become a statistic – pre- • Don’t have a drink and then cycle safety, visit the U.S. Army
cycle and having the proper equip- PPE.” pare to ride by following these sim- drive. Consuming alcohol and dri- Combat Readiness Center at
ment and training,” stated Sgt. Maj. Preston also pointed out in his ple guidelines: ving a motorcycle or any motorized

This week in Marne history: The Piledriver

Sasha McBrayer and the Iron Triangle after the
Fort Stewart Museum first and second Chinese
Offensives which had
June 3-12 can be marked occurred that spring.
down on the calendar of the Because of its speedy
Marne as the anniversary of response and deployment
the Division's participation in capabilities, even in those
the major United Nations days, the Marne Division was
offensive called Operation called the UN's "Fire Brigade".
Piledriver. The Division won ten Battle
The Third Infantry Division Stars during the conflict and
had departed from the awarded eleven men with the
Continental United States in Medal of Honor.
September of 1950 for partici- The second of June can be
pation in Korea and entered characterized as a 'pile driver'
combat officially by the 23rd in the history of the Dog-Face
of that month at Wosan. Soldier as well. It was 1918
Throughout the conflict the when the Division entered
UN instigated a series of about combat for the first time in
11 major offensives, excluding history. At a place called
some major withdrawal oper- Chateau-Thierry, France on
ations, and a few pursuits and the banks of the infamous
mopping up actions. Marne River and only some 50
A pile driver in the civilian odd miles from the city of
world is often a mechanical Paris, the legend of the "Rock
device used to force wooden, of the Marne" was born.
concrete, or steel foundation That intense battle and
supports deep into the ground amazing achievement struck a
as a preliminary step toward solid stake into the ground of
erecting a structure. military history, which the
Operation Pildriver was Division has built its steadfast
began June 3, 1951 as an effort reputation on, campaign by Photos courtesy of Fort Stewart Museum
to secure Phase Line Wyoming campaign, ever since. Third Division Soldiers prepare to patrol the Korean Imjin River.
Rock of the Marne June 7, 2007 The Frontline 3A

More troops join the fight

Photos by Sgt. Lina Satele

Spc. Russ Bohlinger, a Soldier with B Co. 1/30 Inf., says farewell to his wife Jamie before heading off to Iraq, May 29.


“It’ll probably be a while before I get enough. This is our third deployment and
into the rhythm of how things run once I I worry for him all the time.”
get down to my unit,” she said. Thirty minutes after midnight, the
“But I know once I get into the rhythm buses started to pull up. It was an emo-
of things, I’ll be alright.” tional time for everyone as they said their
For some families farewells and gave
this is not their first This is one of the last their Soldiers kisses
deployment, for many groups of 2nd BCT Soldiers and hugs.
it is their second or This is one of the
their third. heading for Iraq. The Majority last groups of 2nd BCT
Shoshannah Steele, of the Soldiers who will be fil- Soldiers heading for
wife to Staff Sgt. James
Steele, Headquarters
tering in and heading over to Iraq. The majority of
the Soldiers who will
and Headquarters Iraq for 2BCT will be new be filtering in and
Company, 2nd BCT arrivals to the units. heading over to Iraq
and a veteran of OIF I for 2BCT will be new
and III, feels that even though it may be arrivals to the unit.
repetitive it doesn’t get any easier. “I know that we will be fine once we get
“It’s hard,” Steele said, while pushing into theater.” Tapper said.
back tears talking about multiple deploy- “It’ll take just a little while to get use to
ments. it. But, I know what’s going to get me
“I know the feeling. It’s very familiar. It going- it’s the hope that by the end of this,
makes it a little easier, but not easy I get to see my Family again.”

Above: Sgt. Tim Bennett, B Co. 1/30th Inf., spends quality-time with his Family - son
TJ and daughter, Savannah before heading off to Iraq.

Left: A 2nd BCT Soldier loads his luggage prior to his deployment to Iraq, May 29.
The Frontline
4A June 7, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Leaders recognize 232 years of Army excellence

Army’s 232 Birthday on June 14, 2007, and service in the cause of freedom, both at us, it has much to be proud of and to cele-

eeting in Philadelphia 232 years
ago, the Second Continental do so in the midst of a long and challenging home and abroad. brate. God bless each and every one of you
Congress created the United war, it is useful to remind ourselves that the Today’s Soldiers symbolize the nobility of and your Families, and God bless America.
States Army. A short 13 months later, this Army has always existed to field forces for selfless service. Today’s Soldiers are moti-
same Congress drafted and signed the victory. vated by an unwavering belief that they will Army Strong!
Declaration of Independence. From the Battle of Yorktown to Belleau be victorious on the field of battle, because
It was clear to our founding fathers that Wood, from D-Day to the Chosin Reservoir we have fought this way since 1775 and Pete Geren
security, especially security guaranteed by from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan, always will. Today’s Soldiers are imbued Acting Secretary of the Army
a strong and capable Army, was a precondi- Soldiers have demonstrated unmatched with the Army Values and live the Warrior
tion for successful democracy and freedom. courage, dedication, and willingness to sac- Ethos: Gen. George W. Casey, Jr.
Like that extraordinary time in America’s rifice to accomplish any mission. They • I will always place the mission first. Army Chief of Staff
fledgling democratic history, this remains have served our country with incredible • I will never accept defeat.
true today. The Army’s role in securing honor and distinction. They understood, as • I will never quit. Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O.
freedom remains paramount. few others have, that their personal com- • I will never leave a fallen comrade. Preston
As we proudly celebrate the United States fort and safety to answer a higher calling— While the Army has much work ahead of Sergeant Major of the Army

Hurricane season is here, threatens Georgia’s coastal empire

Commentary by: among the very few “We stay pretty active all year around; 365 agency will assess Army Emergency Relief
Nondice Powell areas in Chatham days a year,” said Webber. “We’re maintain- needs if finances fall short at the time of an
Hunter Army Airfield Public Affairs County above water ing a level of readiness in the emergency evacuation and can assist with a food vouch-
after a Category 5 operations center and also a level of situa- er and more.
There is a threat lurking nearby, waiting to hurricane – and they tional awareness, readiness and communica- Family Readiness Groups and units are
attack the Coastal Empire. It is not a planned would play key roles tions within the community. Our role before going through briefings to help family mem-
attack by a terrorist organization. It is not an should a disaster a hurricane is to be watchful; read the advi- bers and Soldiers be prepared for hurricane
attack planned by anyone who has intentions strike once the flight sories, keep up with the tropical updates, season. FRGs are likely to be aware of unique
to harm others or disrupt our communities. lines are cleared. watch the tropics and watch the Atlantic. situations within the units. Some Family
The threat is one caused by Mother Nature: “They will be used Then it’s information sharing where we stay members may not speak English, some may
hurricanes. for equipment and on top of informing the emergency response be left with a vehicle they are unable to drive
Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. resources coming community, the community at large, the citi- and some may have special needs. The FRG
30 each year. This year has already seen in,” said Chatham zens, the decision makers, and elected offi- members and units can work together to
named storms before the start of the official Emergency Management Agency Director cials about threat and vulnerability.” ensure every Family member and Soldier is
season, reminding everyone that while there Phillip Webber. “There’s a strong relationship The goal is to prepare yourself and your prepared and ready to evacuate when the
is a peak time frame for storms, they can between this community, Savannah Hilton Family for when disaster strikes. evacuation order is given.
occur at any time. This year the National Head International Airport and Hunter Army “Everybody needs to be prepared,” said “If you have the capacity to prepare for you
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Airfield. We realize that the Department of Webber. “They need a plan, they need some and your Family and you know that you can
predicts 13 – 17 named storms, 7 – 10 hurri- Defense will be there to be a part of the supplies and they need to stay informed. accomplish the task ahead of you, then try to
canes and three to five major hurricanes. A response and recovery effort. They play a Those three things are most important.” include somebody else,” Webber said. “There
weather disturbance must reach the tropical large role in what assets are available here There are numerous resources to help is someone else out there that doesn’t have
storm stage with 39 – 73 mile-per-hour sus- locally and what assets are needed from make a plan to understand what supplies you that capability that needs your help and I
tained winds and the beginning of a distinct other parts of the country. What people don’t may need and to stay informed about the think that will make the difference.”
counter-clockwise rotation of a hurricane in understand is the military does not have an threat. Among those resources are CEMA, There are forms which allow Families to
order to be named. A tropical storm becomes immediate role as far as utilizing their Federal Emergency Management Agency, give the FRGs a non-local point of contact to
a hurricane once it reaches sustained winds resources. They’re not going to pre-commit American Red Cross, NOAA, National use during the time of a disaster. Being pre-
of 74 mph. A major hurricane is a Category 3 those to some other public safety effort Hurricane Center, local news agencies as well pared, knowing your plan and making sure
or higher with sustained winds of 111 mph or because you never know what resources are as numerous resources at Fort Stewart and your Soldier’s unit and Soldier knows where
greater. going to be there.” Hunter Army Airfield. Army Community you plan to head in a disaster helps every-
In the event of a Category 2 hurricane or CEMA and other agencies have mutual-aid Service is among the resources on the instal- one’s confidence during hurricane season.
higher, much of the areas from Savannah to agreements with the military. Some of those lation. Soldiers and Family members can find
Richmond Hill would be underwater. The agreements allow for staging and sheltering “ACS can assist families by first reassuring more information about supplies, evacuation
storm surge from a Category 5 hurricane people and equipment needed to respond that they have solid working evacuation policies, evacuation routes, and more in the
would place areas all the way into Hinesville after a hurricane. CEMA heads the effort in plans,” said Laverne Hatcher, Hunter ACS Frontline’s 2007 Fort Stewart and Hunter
underwater to some extent. The flight line at Savannah and Chatham County to inform program director. “We will do one-on-one Army Airfield Severe Weather Preparedness
Hunter Army Airfield and the Savannah and protect the community in the event of evaluations with them.” special insert, available online at www.stew-
Hilton Head International Airport would be hurricanes and other disasters. ACS encourages using a buddy system. The

Security is a community effort, report suspicious activity

Special to the Frontline regarding the installation, military act information being sent out. Department of the Army person- activities, actions, or ongoing oper-
personnel, deployments, activities Ensure all classified information nel are prohibited from confirm- ations.
All personnel are reminded to or facilities. is protected. Use secure systems ing, denying or otherwise dis- Remind all personnel, to include
report suspicious activity, as quick- Suspicious persons: Any person and proper cover sheets. Do not cussing information regarding Family members, to be suspicious
ly as possible. Security is everyone’s who does not appear to belong in release information to unautho- units and deployments, or present and inquisitive about strangers,
concern. There are a number of the area, workplace, neighborhood, rized personnel regarding unit and future military operations, particularly those carrying suitcas-
tips you can follow to protect our unit area, or near a key facility. strengths, operational capabilities with anyone not having a need to es or other containers. Watch for
Soldiers and community. Acquiring supplies: Improperly and deployment intentions. know. Casual conversations unidentified vehicles on or in the
Suspicious activity can include: acquiring explosives, ammunition, Information in the wrong hands regarding military operations vicinity of U.S. installations. Watch
Surveillance: photographing, weapons, dangerous chemical, can severely undermine unit safety should be avoided. It is critical that for abandoned parcels or suitcases
making notes, drawings, maps or uniforms, badges, access or identi- and mission accomplishment. all Department of Defense employ- and any unusual activity. Report
graphic representations of the fication cards. Always assume your communica- ees and personnel in organizations any unusual or suspicious activity
installation. Ensure emails are properly tions are being monitored. Prime that support DoD activities exer- or item by calling 911. Coordinate
Elicitation: Attempting to gain marked and protected. Use the sources of intercept are non- cise extreme caution in discussing, with your Public Affairs Office for
information in person, by tele- caveat "FOUO" (For official use encrypted telephones, radios, posting, or transmitting any infor- public information and awareness
phone, e-mail, postal mail, etc., only) for all sensitive and privacy faxes, and NIPRNET Web sites. mation related to DoD, exercises, support.

Marne Voices
The Army turns 232 June 14. What is your birthday message?
Speak Out
“May she have many more “You're just getting started, “May you have many more
good years to come.” so have many more!” good years to come.”

Sgt. Quit Ly 1st Lt. Marcella Evans Carlos Galloza

E Co., 4/64th Armor 703rd BSB Retired U.S. Army

“Happy Birthday to the Army, “Stay strong.” “Enjoy your birthday, but
and I hope all the Soldiers stay please bring my husband back
safe.” safely.”

Sgt. Richard Bowen Pfc. Zack Doggett Chanter Jackson

3rd Sustainment Bde. HHC, 3/7 Inf. Family Member


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Rock of the Marne June 7, 2007 The Frontline 5A

Hammer Brigade opens new dining facility

Sgt. Natalie Rostek Battalion, cut the ribbon during mately one month to complete. It and a larger salad bar with more ing. (Kellogg Brown and Root and
3rd HBCT Public Affairs the grand opening ceremony. is filled with improvements such variety. the 3rd HBCT) just oversaw the
Gurganus, who is 6 feet 8 inches as refrigerators, a deep fryer, a In spite of the damaged building effort. They are the ones that did
FORWARD OPERATING BASE tall, was part of the ribbon cutting carving station, an ice machine, a supplies that arrived at FOB all the ground work.”
HAMMER, Iraq – Soldiers and res- party because every time he television, and more efficient air Hammer, the facility came togeth- Munoz said the dining facility
idents of Forward Opperating Base walked into the old facility he had conditioning. er nicely with the help of the still needs some fine tuning but,
Hammer enjoyed their first meal to duck his head, said Sgt. 1st Class “We had a problem in the other Tamimi Contracting Company, he, along with everyone else who
at the new Hammer Dining Rory Williams, the non-commis- dining facility with the air condi- which is comprised of workers has dined in the facility, is gen-
Facility, Monday. sioned officer in charge of the din- tioning going out,” said Arnie from southern Asia to include uinely impressed.
Col. Wayne W. Grigsby, Jr., com- ing facility. Munoz, the sous chef and acting India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, “It’s a morale booster,” he said.
mander of the 3rd Heavy Brigade “We felt bad for him,” Williams supervisor in charge of the dining Munoz said. “I feel we are mission essential in
Combat Team, along with said. “He was always bent over facility, “especially in the hottest “They are a self-sufficient com- that most units move on their
Command Sgt. Maj. James M. walking through the old chow tent. part of the day.” pany,” Munoz said. stomachs. We try to help the
Pearson, the senior enlisted advi- This new dining facility takes the The new facility also has other “They did everything from the Soldiers any way that we can, and
sor to Grigsby, and Sgt. Nathan tall Soldiers into consideration.” additions such as milkshakes, electrical work to the plumbing to I’ll go out of my way to provide in
Gurganus, 203rd Brigade Support The new facility took approxi- main-line and short-order foods the carpentry work and the cook- every way possible.”

Coalition Forces detain suspected Four suspected secret cell

Al-Qaeda leader, 17 others in Iraq terrorists detained Tuesday
Special to the Frontline Based on information from a associated buildings northeast of Special to the Frontline Intelligence reports indicate that
suspected terrorist detained May Fallujah. The ground force the suspected terrorist cell leader
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition 29, Coalition Forces captured an detained 13 suspected terrorists BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces detained during the morning raids
Forces detained 18 suspected ter- alleged al-Qaeda facility manager for their association with a cell detained four suspected terrorists is associated with the operational
rorists in raids targeting the al- who operates a safe house south- that carries out attacks against including one suspected terrorist and logistic elements of the secret
Qaeda in Iraq network Tuesday west of Tarmiyah. Iraqis and Coalition Forces with cell leader Tuesday morning during cell terrorist network. He is also
morning based on information In Mosul, Coalition Forces raid- VBIEDs, snipers, and mortars, and raids in northeast Baghdad. believed to be involved in the pro-
gained from previous successful ed two buildings and detained targets Iraqi infrastructure. The individuals detained during curement and distribution of small
operations. two suspected terrorists, one of “Our continuing operations are the raid are believed to be members arms.
North of Taji, Coalition Forces whom is allegedly the assistant to frustrating al-Qaeda in Iraq’s abili- of the secret cell terrorist network “Coalition Forces continue to
captured an alleged key leader in a senior terrorist leader captured ty to operate,” said Lt. Col. known for facilitating the transport break apart the terrorist networks
the Rusafa vehicle-borne impro- May 29. Christopher Garver, MNF-I of weapons and explosively formed that attempt to bring instability to
vised explosive device network. During continued operations to spokesperson. “We are targeting penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq and inflict continued violence
Coalition Forces also detained disrupt the al-Qaeda in Iraq net- them, detaining them, and they in Iraq, as well as bringing militants on the Iraqi people,” said Lt. Col.
another suspected al-Qaeda in work in Anbar province, Coalition turn are giving us information to from Iraq to Iran for terrorist train- Christopher Garver, MNF-I
Iraq terrorist on the scene. Forces conducted a raid on four disrupt the networks further.” ing. spokesperson.
6A The Frontline
June 7, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Fort Stewart /Hunter Army Airfield Briefs

DECA recalls contact solutions Outdoor pools are now open tion, call 332-3311.
Commissaries worldwide have been directed to remove The pools are open now - Sept. 3. Daily hours are 11:30
from their shelves Complete Moisture Plus contact lens a.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Corkan Pool, Bryan Village and Hunter Summer Nutrition Program offered
solutions. This recall applies only to UPC No. 8-27444- Outdoor pools. Diamond Elementary, Southern Oaks Community
00001 Lens Care Solution Multi-Purpose and UPC No. 8- Center, Bryan Village Youth Center, & Corkan Recreation
27444-00004 Lens Care Moisture Plus Dual. Contact (800) Center/Family Fun Park will offer free nutritional lunches
Bring Dad to Father’s Day Brunch
332-1088 or visit the Web site www, to youth ages 18 and under. No ID required! The program is
report.htm so that the FDA and CDC can gather informa- Whether your father is home or deployed, come and cel- 11 a.m. to noon, now through July 13. For more informa-
tion related to the recall. ebrate him at Father’s Day Brunch 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., tion, call 408-3088.
at Club Stewart and 10:30, 12:30, and 1:30 at the Hunter
Club. Menu will feature a variety of breakfast items and Boss Talent Show II slated
Go ‘Hog Wild’ about books
luncheon Family favorites along with an omelet station,
Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield encourages com- salad bar, assorted breads and desserts. Cost is $12.95 for Come show off your singing, dancing, poetic, and instru-
munity members to join in the fun with the annual sum- adults, half price for children ages 5-10 and free for chil- mental skills June 15 at Rocky’s. Rehearsals are today 3 - 5
mer reading program at the installation branch libraries. dren under 5. Bring a church bulletin or a group of 20 or p.m. There will be cash prizes for winners, as well as door
The program is open to all active duty, retired military and more and receive $1 off each meal. No reservation is neces- prizes for attendees. Winners may have a chance to com-
civil service employees. All ages are welcome. The pro- sary for brunch at Fort Stewart. Call for reservations for pete at the Army show. For more information, call Staff Sgt.
gram will consist of suggested reading lists, story time, brunch at Hunter. For more information, call 368-2212 at Erica Gordon at 572-4486.
books and crafts centered on the theme. A grand finale will Stewart or 353-7923 at Hunter.
end the program. The program runs June 1 through mid- Register to ‘Walk to Iraq and Back’
August. For more information, call 767-2260 at Stewart or The Walk to Iraq and Back continues as an on-going pro-
315-2403 at Hunter. Aqua aerobics class offered
gram where teams will submit walked miles monthly
An aqua aerobics class is available 9-10 a.m. every
towards the goal of 13,000 miles. Registration is also ongo-
Gang awareness training slated Tuesday and Thursday at Newman Fitness Center and the
ing and forms are now available at the Family Readiness
The Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield Directorate of Hunter Gym. For more information, call Stewart at 767-
Center. For more information, contact Amy Lambert at
Emergency Services will be hosting Community Gang 3034 or Hunter at 315-2819.
Awareness training at both installations. The purpose is to
provide information on how to identify gang parapherna- Stewart
lia, hand-signs, tattoos, and other gang-related activity;
Come to Teen Night at Rocky’s
what to do if you spot this activity in our community; and Rocky’s will be closed to Soldiers and open to Family
Caribbean American Heritage Picnic memberswith military IDs from 5 to 11 p.m. every
ways to help your own or neighborhood children. There
The 3rd Infantry Division’s Caribbean-American Thursday night through July 26. Teens, ages 13-18 can
are no prerequisites to take the training and there is no cost
Heritage Month Picnic, hosted by the Island Rhythms enjoy an evening of games, music, dancing, movies and
to attend. The training is open to all adults. The next events
Caribbean Association, will be 1:30-9 p.m. June 9 at the snacks in a positive and fun environment that is close to
are 6-8 p.m. June 18 at Stewart, at the Sgt. 1st Class Paul
Fort Stewart Gazebo next to the softball complex. There home. For more information, call 368-2212.
Smith Education Center, Building 100 Knowledge Drive in
will be a performance featuring the Jacksonville Steel Pan
the auditorium, room 180. At Hunter the event will be 5-6
Jammers, games for kids, a cricket and soccer exhibition, Come to Teen Military Idol Show
p.m. June 19, at the Education center, building 1290, in
and plenty of free food by a local merchant. For more Previously selected youth, ages 11-18 will compete for
room 5. For more information, call 767-4985 at Stewart or
information, call 767-3248. prizes during the talent portion of the evening. Entrance
315-5088 at Hunter.
fee is $5 for both talent portion and dance. The events will
Youth summer basketball league offered take place on June 16 at the Fort Stewart Youth Center with
Work as a youth volunteer the talent contest 6-8 p.m., and 8-10 p.m. for the dance
The American Red Cross Summer Youth Program begins Child Youth Services is now hosting a free summer bas-
ketball league for middle school and high school youth contest. For more information, call 767-4491.
June 11 and concludes July 20. Applications are available at
the American Red Cross Office, building 253, Suite 2074. through July 31. For more information, call 767-4493.
Take the Women’s Self Defense Class
Students must complete youth volunteer application pack-
Shop at Shop of the Marne Learn the psychological and physical basics of defending
ets and attend orientation by May 31. Work permits must
Dont forget to shop over the summer, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. yourself from a simulated attacker 9 a.m. to noon, June 16
be obtained for all youth under the age of 18. For more
Tuesdays, Thursdays and the first Saturday of the month at at Hunter Fitness Center. The class is free and open to all
information call ARC office at 767-2197.
Building 25 off McNeely Rd. behind the PX. Look for the women from teenagers to seniors. Participants must sign-
OPEN flags outside. up in advance. For more information, call 767-9336 at
Healthier Feds initiative targets employees Stewart or 315-2019 at Hunter.
Healthier Feds provides information and education to
federal employees and retirees about healthy living,
Locating lost-and-found items
Come to Lady, Sons Dinner, Ghost Tour
greater individual responsibility for personal health, and Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield has a lost and
Enjoy a buffet dinner at Lady and Sons 4 - 10 p.m., June
best-treatment strategies. For more information visit found program.
16 followed by an Old Savannah Tours Haunted Ghost tour
www.healthierfeds. If you want to report an item lost or check on the status
through Savannah’s Historic District. Cost is $25.00 per
of one, check with the military police. Visit 354 East
person which includes transportation from the Youth
Bultman Avenue, building 280 on Stewart and check with
Installation offers Vacation Bible School Center. For more information, call 767-4491.
William Hooks, 767-9596. The Hunter point of contact is
Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield Chapels will
James Westfall, at 197 South Lightning Road, Building 1240, Hunter
sponsor Vacation Bible School. The Stewart camp, 9 a.m.
to noon, June 4 – 8 and will provide lunch for attendees. Join the Free Racquetball Clinic
The Hunter event is 9 a.m. to noon, June 11 – 15 at the A free clinic will be held 10 a.m. to noon June 16 at
Hunter Chapel Annex. Both events are available to Family Support The ESC at blood drive Hunter Fitness Center by professional racquetball player,
members K-6th grade. For more information, contact Mike The Enlisted Spouse Club is hosting a blood drive 9 a.m. Brenda Kyzer, showcasing skills and products of the trade.
Iliff at 767-9789. - 2 p.m., June 15 at the PX parking lot. For more informa- For more information, call 315-2019

2:30 p.m., Tuesday at the Ken Heller / New your yard. GMH will be selecting one yard in June 19 at Liberty Woods and June 21 and
Gannam Community Center and Fort each neighborhood to receive a prize. June 28 at Isenhower Village.
Stewart, 6 p.m., Tuesday at the Woodruff Winners will be selected every month for the
Theater next five months. June winners will be select- Hunter
ed and notified by June 13. Yard of the month
Stewart GMH will be selecting one yard in each
Family Fun Festival Enjoy water games neighborhood to receive a prize. Winners will
Mock Utility Billing slated Enjoy games and prizes, pony and train Enjoy water balloons, water guns, and be selected every month for the next five
rides, inflatable obstacle course, face paint- much more 2-3:30 p.m., June 28 at the months. June winners will be selected and
Families at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army
ing, a magician, food and much more from Southern Oaks Community Center. notified by June 12.
Airfield, who reside in newly constructed
homes, will begin receiving monthly mock 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Saturday in front of Newman Enjoy water games
utility bills in their mailboxes beginning this Fitness Center. Join neighborhood huddles Enjoy water balloons, water guns, and
month For more information regarding mock Be an active part of your community by much more 2-3:30 p.m., June 20 at the New
billing, please attend one of the following Yard of the month attending your huddle and sharing ideas, Savannah/New Callaway Community Center.
information seminars: Hunter Army Airfield, Make your house a home by taking pride in issues or concerns with GMH 10:30-11 a.m., Don’t forget to wear your swim suit.
Rock of the Marne June 7, 2007 The Frontline 7A

Explaining the naturalization

process for Soldiers, Families
Maj. Kathy Giraitis lized Reservists or Guard personnel—“during authorized peri- criminal background check.
Legal Assistance ods of conflict.” • You must submit fingerprints for background check.
The President has designated the period from September • You must express allegiance to the United States.
Naturalization is the process by which foreign citizens who 11, 2001, onward as an “authorized period of conflict” for this
are lawful permanent residents (“green card” holders) become purpose. This special category allows eligible Soldiers to apply Additional requirements for civilians
citizens of the United States. Deciding to become a U.S. citi- for naturalization earlier than the “normal” time; it basically • You must be a lawful permanent resident for five years, or
zen is an important decision and reflects your commitment to waives the normal requirement that a Soldier have three years • You must be married to a U.S. citizen for three years, (This
your new country. For Soldiers and Family members, your of military service and three years as a lawful permanent resi- does not have to be a Soldier), and a lawful permanent resi-
Legal Assistance Office can assist you by explaining and guid- dent before being eligible to apply for naturalization. dent for three years.
ing you through the naturalization process. For Soldiers, the Expedited naturalization does not mean instant or auto- • You must have continuance residence in the U.S. for five
Personnel Actions Center of the Division Support Brigade can matic naturalization. The Soldier must still meet all other years, three years for spouses of U.S. citizens. Trips abroad of
provide you with the naturalization packet for military per- requirements for naturalization, and the USCIS processing longer than six months break this period of continuous resi-
sonnel. still takes several months. dence, except for military assignments which do not count.
Another good source of information is the Website for U.S. Applications for Soldiers are sent to the USCIS Nebraska • You must be physically present in the U.S. for 30 months or
Citizenship and Immigration Services the agency that controls Service Center. As of Oct. 1, 2004, no fee is required for mili- more (18 months for spouses of U.S. citizens) in the last five
immigration and naturalization: tary personnel applying for naturalization. years. Military time abroad does not count.
index.htm. • The fee for filing the Naturalization application (N-400) is
$320, plus a $70 biometrics (fingerprint) fee. (Fees current as
Expedited naturalization for servicemembers Naturalization requirements for all applicants of July 2005.)
There are special rules and special processing for military per- • You must be 18 years of age or older.
sonnel who wish to apply for naturalization. These special • You must be a lawful permanent resident.
rules came about by an executive order signed by President • You must show English language proficiency. Editor’s Note: Maj. Giraitis is an Army Reserve JAG who, in
George W. Bush. The special rules apply to military service- • You must pass a test on U.S. civics. her civilian capacity, is an attorney for U.S. Immigration and
members who serve in an active duty status—including mobi- • You must be a person of good moral character - includes a Customs Enforcement in Orlando, Florida.

Legal Notices
Anyone having claims against, or who is indebted to
Private Jonathan M. Skidmore, 26th BSB, was convicted at a Female was sentenced to 12 months incarceration for pro- the estate of Staff Sgt. Steve Butcher, Jr., A Company,
special court-martial of wrongful use of marijuana and AWOL. bation violation, drinking, new DUI charge, failing to complete 3/69 Armor Battalion, Fort Stewart Ga. 31314, contact
He was sentenced to be reduced to E-1, to five months con- community service. Capt. Michael Hurley, Rear Detachment, 3/69 Armor
finement and to a bad-conduct discharge. Battalion, Fort Stewart, Ga. 31314 as
Male was sentenced to 10 days incarceration for simple or 767-4595.
Specialist Meryln D. Seely, 2/7 IN was convicted at a gener- assault.
al court-martial of desertion. He was sentenced to be reduced Anyone having claims against or who is indebted to
to E-1, total forfeiture of pay and allowances, to be confined for Male was fined a total of $625 and ordered to pay $60 in spe- the estate of Pfc. Daniel P. Cagle, A Company, 3/69
1,202 days and a dishonorable discharge. cial assessments for no insurance, suspended registration; and Armor Battalion, Fort Stewart, Ga. 31314, contact Capt.
speeding. Michael Hurley, Rear Detachment, 3/69 Armor
Private Tracey L. Thompson, 26th BSB was convicted at a Battalion, Fort Stewart, Ga. 31314, as
general court-martial of conspiracy to commit larceny, Male was fined a total of $450 and ordered to pay $50 in spe- or 767-4595.
destruction of military property, larceny, and unlawful entry. cial assessments for no insurance, suspended registration.
He was sentenced to be reduced to E-1, to nine months con- Anyone having claims against or who is indebted to
finement and a bad-conduct discharge. Male was fined a total of $1000, ordered to pay Special the estate of Spc. Alexander Rosa, 293rd Military Police
Assessments totaling $55, placed on 12 months supervised Company, 385th Military Police Battalion, Fort Stewart,
U.S. Magistrate Court: probation, ordered to perform 40 hours of community service, GA 31314, contact 2nd Lt. Ruthann Morgan, 385th
Male was ordered to complete an additional 70 hours of and undergo substance abuse evaluation and follow-up for the Military Police Battalion, Fort Stewart, GA 31314 or by
community services and placed on an additional six months of crimes of possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), phone at 767-9068.
supervised probation for a probation violation. DUI, and open container.
8A The Frontline
June 7, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Home invasion robbery

Special to the Frontline disabling the phones and some-
times will leave their victims
One of the more frightening bound or incapacitated.
Home invaders will some- Special to the Frontline
and potentially dangerous
crimes that can occur to a times use a ruse or imperson-
ation to get you to open the Holstein is currently assigned as a watch
Family is a home invasion rob-
door. They have been known to commander for the Hunter Army Airfield Law
pretend to be delivering a pack- Enforcement Branch. He began his law
A home invasion is when rob-
age, delivering flowers or to lie enforcement career in 1977 at the United States
bers force their way into an
about an accident (such as hit- Marine Corps, Marine Aircraft Group 24, per-
occupied home, apartment or
ting your parked car). Once the forming desk sergeant,watch sergeant and
hotel room to commit a robbery
door is opened for them, the patrol duties for the 1st Marine Brigade in
or other crimes. Home invasion
home invaders will use an Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.
is like the residential form of an
explosive amount of force and In 1980, he transferred to the United States
automobile carjacking and it's
threats to gain control of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, Calif.
on the rise.
home and produce fear in their and completed a four-year successful tour as a
Home invasion robbers, in
victims. Once the occupants are Marine Corps drill instructor, receiving a meri-
contrast, work more often at
under their control, the robbers torious promotion to the rank of staff sergeant.
night and on weekends when
will begin to collect your valu- While stationed at the MCRD, he trained more
homes are more likely to be
ables. than 20 platoons of Marine recruits in hand-to-
occupied. The home invader
Please protect your Family by hand combat, marksmanship training, and drill
will sometimes target the resi-
following the important securi- and physical fitness training. Each platoon con-
dent as well as the dwelling.
ty steps: tained over 135 new recruits. He earned the title
The greatest violence usually
• Lock all doors, windows and of Marine Corps Fitness Trainer and
occurs during the initial sixty
garages at all times. Marksmanship Instructor.
seconds of the confrontation
• Use four three-inch screws In 1984, he was assigned to HMLA-369, MAG-
and home invaders often come
to secure heavy duty lock strike 39 as an operations officer. Holstein completed
prepared with handcuffs, rope,
plates in the door frame. several tours overseas in Okinawa, Japan; Manuel Holstein
duct tape, and firearms.
• Use the door peephole Taiwan, Taipei; and Subic, Philippines.
Home invaders know that in
before opening the door. In 1993, for his outstanding achievement patrol duties, traffic investigations and criminal
many cases they won't have to
• Use your porch light to help while assigned to the Headquarters and investigations. Holstein was named as an Honoree
overcome alarm systems when
you clearly see outside. Headquarters Squadron-36, operations office in Police Officer in 1997 and a street was named after
the home is occupied or be wor-
• Never rely on a chain-latch Okinawa as the squadron’s training officer, he was him and several other officers by the Skidda Way
ried about video cameras and
as a barrier to partially open the awarded the Navy Achievement Medal and received Mobile Home Park Community for their outstanding
silent alarms.
door. a meritorious promotion to the rank of Gunnery service in ridding the criminal element from their
Unlike robbing a retail store,
• Never open the door to Sergeant. After his tour of duty he received an hon- community.
home invaders expect privacy
strangers or solicitors. orable discharge from the United States Marine Holstein is a graduate of the Armstrong Atlantic
once inside your home and
• Call the police if the stranger Corps. State University Criminal Justice Peace Officer
won’t have to deal with the
acts suspicious. He later served as a sworn deputy sheriff/correc- Standards Training Council program. He graduated
police suddenly driving up or a
• Alert your neighbors to sus- tions officer in Chatham County, Ga., with assign- from the Georgia Jailers Basic Course and with Peace
customer walking in and dis-
picious solicitors. ments at the Chatham County Detention Center. He Officer’s P.O.S.T certifications.
covering them.
• Hold a Family meeting to transferred over to the Chatham County Police Holstein assumed his current position on
Home invaders will try to
discuss home security plans. Department in 1996 with assignments in performing September 18, 2005 and can be reached at 315-6133.
increase their escape time by

Kids do not blame that curfew on your parents

Special to the Frontline home from verifiable employment, or responding to a their age.
bonafide emergency. Otherwise, the child must be inside • Leaving a child, ages 12 through 14, unsupervised at
Sure, mom and dad may be the one saying you have to be or accompanied by an adult authorized by the child’s par- anytime or place for more than three hours. This period of
home by a certain time, but Fort Stewart regulations require ent. time cannot be between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m.
them to make certain that their children are inside no later In addition to the curfew rules, Stewart regulations also • Leaving a child, ages 15 through 17 years of age, at any-
than: have certain requirements regarding leaving children unat- time or place for more than 12 hours.
• 9 p.m. for children 11 years of age or younger; tended. More specifically, the following conduct is also Parents should help keep their children safe by knowing
• 10 p.m. for children who are 12, 13, or 14-years-old; prohibited: where they are, who they are with, and what they are doing.
• Midnight for children who are 15, 16, or 17-years-old. • Leaving a child, five years of age or younger outside of If you believe you have witnessed a violation of these
The child must be inside from the time listed above until the physical presence of an adult or authorized sitter; rules, you can contact the Directorate of Emergency
6 a.m. • Leaving a child, in grades 1-5 and between the ages of 6 Services at 767-4895 (Stewart), 315-6133 (Hunter).
There are some minor exceptions to the above times. A through 11, unsupervised at anytime or place, except while Violation of these rules could result in the Family being
child may be out of the house if he or she is going directly traveling to and from school or a Youth Services facility. All removed from post housing and/or barred from the instal-
home after a legitimate event sponsored by a community kindergarten children must be escorted and supervised by lation.
organization, such as school or Youth Services, or traveling a responsible adult or qualified baby-sitter regardless of Have fun, be a Family, and obey the rules.

MWR offers fun, local youth summertime activities

Kevin Larson card holder is allowed. Heifferon said. Hunter.
Chief, Public Communications A significant part of the summer youth Sometime in the next 18 months, a teen The Fort Stewart school system is also
program is transportation. MWR set up a center will be built next to Corkan Gym. offering a summer program. Already
School is out. Your children are home all bus route for youths to get to the different The teen center will have a coffee bar, video underway and running until July 3, the pro-
day, too engrossed in the latest video game, activities throughout the installation. Both gaming, a home theater, and a DJ booth gram offers students in kindergarten
tagging along with you on your day-to-day Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield have with a dance area. Fort Stewart teenagers through sixth grade a chance to enrich
and grumbling about it, or uttering the routes. The shuttle is for 13- to 18-year- were asked to participate in the design of skills in math and language arts.
dreaded words no parent likes to hear; “I’m olds, Heifferon said. the teen center. “It’s a half-day summer program that will
bored.” “Having a shuttle provides youth access “We had a focus group tell us what they allow students to experience a variety of
Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield to all of the programs offered this summer,” wanted,” Kathy Surges, director of market- engaging activities,” Heifferon said.
Morale, Welfare and Recreation has the she said. ing at MWR said. With so many activities to choose from,
answer. Throughout the summer months, One of those stops might be the new Sixteen teenagers came out to share their it’s important to stop and take a break for
MWR will be offering several different youth gym at Jordan Gym. As of June 18, thoughts on what the center should look lunch.
youth activities to keep installation youths Jordan Gym will only be open to teenage ID like, what should be in it, and how it should The Fort Stewart school system is offer-
busy during the summer months, said card holders. The gym will have exercise be laid out. ing a free summer lunch program. The pro-
Linda Heifferon, director of MWR. equipment and instructional classes for At Fort Stewart and Hunter Army gram runs until July 13.
“What we’re trying to do is keep our teenagers. Airfield, those programs include summer Meal time is 11 a.m. to noon, and loca-
youth active,” Heifferon said. “We want to “It’s got all kinds of fitness classes for camps with themes like nature, camping, tions are the Youth Center and Bldg. 7338,
provide the programs and services so that youths,” Heifferon said. art; trips to the movie theater, aquarium, Diamond Elementary School, GMH com-
our Families and youth can be actively Another one of the stops is the Corkan the mall, and water parks; instructional munity center at Southern Oaks, and the
engaged.” Family Recreation Area. The Corkan Gym camps on horseback riding, dancing, golf; Family Fun Park in the Corkan Family
Part of keeping youth engaged is giving there is being transformed into a teen and summer programs in creative cooking, Recreation Area.
them a place to go in the evenings. Tonight dream. sign language, canoeing.
kicks off the first night Rocky’s will be open The gym will feature laser tag, indoor The trips taking place over the summer
only to teenagers every Thursday night, 5 skating year round, a climbing wall and months aren’t just for youths. Mom and
p.m. to 11 p.m. No alcohol will be served, much more. dad are welcome to come along. To find See page 1C for activities
and only teenagers with military ID card “It’s being renovated to accommodate a out more, call Dave Smith, 767-6071, at and bus schedules
will be allowed access. One guest per ID lot of different activities for teens,” Stewart and Terri McMillan, 315-5708, at

Communities offer youth summer camps

Liberty Recreation basketball camp leaving Saturday on their last leg to Savannah. Shuttle YMCA day camps
The Liberty County Recreation Department will con- buses will transport these riders around Hinesville so The YMCA of Coastal Georgia offers summer day
duct a summer baseball camp for 10-14 year olds, June they may use different amenities available to them. If camp programs at various times and locations in the
11-14, from 9 -11:30 a.m. at the Liberty County you see these cyclists heading into town, make sure you local area.
Recreation Baseball Complex in Hinesville. wave and blow your horn to make them feel welcome! The counselors are committed to providing a safe and
The cost is $25. The instructor is Liberty County High For more information, call Kenny Smiley at 368-4445. comfortable environment for the children in their indi-
School baseball coach Steve Cottrell. On-line registra- vidual groups. Their primary goal is to offer children a
tion is available at the LCRD Web site. For more infor- Liberty Recreation soccer camp positive day camp experience in an environment where
mation, call Jimmy Martin at 876-5359. Liberty County Recreation Department is offering a they can develop into healthy, happy campers. Call the
soccer camp at James Brown Park Soccer Complex in YMCA branch of your choice
Bicycle ride across Georgia Hinesville, for 5-17 year olds, June 25-28, from 9-11:30
The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce is spon- a.m. The instructor is Hinesville Gators Soccer Club
soring B.R.A.G., Bicycle Ride Across Georgia starting at founder and coach, Tom Sukaratana.
10 a.m., June 15 at Bradwell Institute in Hinesville. Over The cost is $25. On-line registration is available at the See 5B for additional camps
1,600 cyclists and their Families will travel into LCRD Web site. For more information, call Jimmy
Hinesville to spend the evening in Liberty County before Martin at 876-5359.
Rock of the Marne June 7, 2007 The Frontline 9A

Georgia HOPE Grant offered College term dates announced dents attending one of Central Texas College's World Wide
The HOPE Grant is money given by the state of Georgia to Central Texas College, Aug. 13-Oct. 6, 767-2070 at Stewart, Campus'. Filling out a single application will give students
students with financial need to attend vocational/trade 315-4090 at Hunter. Columbia College, now-July 25, Aug. 13- the opportunity to be considered for all of their available
schools. The Grant covers certificate and diploma programs. Oct. 6, 767-5336 at Stewart, 352-8635 at Hunter. Embry Riddle, scholarships. The application process is simple, visit
Any Soldier or Family member of a Soldier who is stationed in Aug. 6-Oct. 7, 767-3930 at Stewart, 352-5252 at Hunter., and set up an account.
Georgia may be eligible. If you are interested in attending a Savannah Tech, July 9-Sept. 19, 408-2430 at Stewart. Webster
Georgia vocational or trade school, inquire with your school's University, Aug. 13-Oct. 11, 767-5357 at Stewart, 354-0033 at Book-club volunteers needed at Hunter
financial advisor or visit the Army Education Center to speak Hunter. Volunteers are needed to start a book club. You set the
with a counselor. More than 136 Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry rules, you decide what you want to read. Anyone interested
Division signed up for the HOPE grant between Oct.1, 2006 Savannah Tech offers childcare in starting the book club or participating in the club, please
and March 30, 2007. With more than half using the grant. In Childcare is available at the Airport Road Hinesville campus. contact the Hunter Army Airfield Branch Library at 315-
addition, nearly 200 Family members have signed up and used Please contact Natasha Brown at 408-3024 ext 6026 for more 2403.
the grant. details.
Enjoy Summer reading at Hunter
Spouses get more MGIB benefits Free college tutoring offered Story Time is every Wednesday from 10-10:30 a.m. for
The Secretary of the Army has approved the transfer of up to Savannah Technical College is offering tutoring in math, children ages 2 through 5.
18 months of MGIB benefits to spouses as a pilot program. This English, computers, reading, etc. The service is available at the
program became effective July 21, 2006. The program is bound Hinesville Liberty Campus. Math and tutoring in the other
English as a Second Language courses
by law to the retention of critical skills. Eligible Soldiers must subjects is offered Monday-Friday and is available some
ESL classes are available. The beginning courses are
have enrolled in MGIB on DD Form 2366 upon entry to active evenings. Service at the Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith Education
offered 8-10 a.m., Monday and Wednesday. Intermediate
duty. If you cannot locate your Department of Defense Form Center that includes math tutoring is offered at 3:10-5:30 p.m.,
courses are offered 10 a.m. to noon Monday and
2366, check your official Military Personnel File or go online to Monday and Wednesday of each week. You don’t have to be
Wednesday, and 8 a.m. to noon Tuesday and Thursday,
Army Knowledge Online for details. Your education counselor enrolled in Savannah Tech to participate. Call 408-3024 for
building 100, room 227. Please call 368-7322 for more infor-
can assist you with information about your MGIB benefits. more information.
Please contact your unit retention career counselor for details.

Get free SAT, ACT prep software Take GED refresher classes Troops, Spouse to Teachers rep visits Stewart
The Victory Sports Group of NFL football players is spon- These courses will prepare you to take the GED or refresh Bill Kirkland, Program Manager for the Georgia Troops to
soring test prep software for military Families. There will be a your skills in basic education subjects. Courses are free of Teachers Program and Georgia Spouse to Teachers Program
small shipping charge for delivery. The sponsorship code is charge on a space available basis. The Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith will be available at 11 a.m. June 20 and July 25. He will
2ad9c5ccfd for Education Center hours are: Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. to answer questions regarding the Georgia Troops to Teachers
_coupon.asp. noon and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6 Program. It provides eligible servicemembers up to $10,000
p.m. – 9 p.m. in rooms 225 - 228. Please call 368-7322 or 368- for becoming public school teachers.
$4500 tuition available for Soldiers 7329 for more information. Under the Spouse to Teachers Programs, eligible military
All active duty members have $4500 per fiscal year for edu- spouses may be reimbursed for the cost of state required
cation. This entitlement is separate from the Montgomery GI Computerized certification exams available certification tests up to a total of $600. Kirkland will con-
Bill benefits available from the Veteran’s Administration. Hundreds of different certification exams, including many duct a one hour briefing that will include an overview of
Details are available at 1:30 p.m., Monday – Friday, during a information technology, emergency medical technician, para- programs, registration procedures and Georgia teacher cer-
one hour brief at the education center, room 223. The medic, IBM exams, etc. are now being administered on com- tification options. Please call 1-800-745-0709 or 767-8331
www.goarmyed .com Web site provides 24-hours, 7-days-a- puter in room 165, at the education center. Because the Sgt. 1st for more information.
week virtual access for Soldiers. Our education counselors are Class Paul R. Smith Education Center has become an official
available to assist in educational goal setting and advising. Pearson Virtual User Environment center, many Soldiers and New CTC hours announced
Family members have access to a broader variety of tests. For The Central Texas College representative is currently
College testing offered more information, call the test administrator, at 767-9569, or, available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Columbia College is now providing our college testing ser- visit www.pearson Please call 315-4090 or 876-4045 for more information and
vices. More than 70 CLEPs and DSSTs are computer based for for the most current schedule of hours.
immediate results. CLEP/DSST testing is free to Soldiers and Central Texas College offers scholarships
costs vary from $80 to $100 per test for civilians. Columbia will The Central Texas College Foundation office has more than Green-to-Gold comes to Hunter
also be the test proctor for all college distance learning tests. 100 scholarships available to students. A Green-to-Gold representative will visit the Hunter
There is a $20 fee for registration. Please call 767-7558 or 877- These scholarships are not just for students at the Central Education center, at 2 p.m. June 14 and 28. For more infor-
3406 for more information. Campus but many of these scholarships are available for stu- mation, call 315-6130.

Summer Nutrition Program offered WWII veterans visit Fort Stewart

Special to the Frontline Parents are responsible for Gail Aldridge their visit.
accompanying children 12 and Fort Stewart Public Affairs "This trip to Fort Stewart has been great,” He
Fort. Stewart’s Brittin, under; however, the child must said. “We have seen Warriors' Walk, a motor pool
Diamond and Kessler pick up the lunch. Frank Calamita and his fellow comrades from static display with Division STB (Special Troops
Elementary School, in conjunc- The meals will be served from 414th Infantry, 104th Infantry Division, visited Battalion), had lunch with the Soldiers in the din-
tion with the U.S. Department 11 a.m. to noon, Monday-Friday Fort Stewart for their annual reunion in May. ing facility, and got hands-on in the tank simula-
of Agriculture announces their at Diamond Elementary, "In late 1942, early 1943, I was stationed at what tors at the Close Combat Tactical Trainer at Evans
Seamless Summer Nutrition Southern Oaks Community was then entitled Camp Stewart with the 497th Field. We came to the right place at the right time
Program, from June 4 through Center, Bryan Village Youth AAA Battalion," Calamita said. "We never know to see how today's Soldiers fight a war. These
July 13. The program will offer Center, and Corkan Recreation when it will be our last reunion since each of us is Soldiers are well trained and very capable. We are
free nutritional lunches to youth Center/Family Fun Park. at least 80 or older now. Some of us e-mail but we so grateful for the opportunity to see our Army at
ages 18 and under, no ID For more information contact all keep in touch with each other. “ work even in the midst of an ongoing deploy-
required. Lynette Morgan at 408-3088. Calamita commented on their activities during ment."

ARMOR From Page 1A

“From all the damaged trucks I’ve seen, the

glass really holds up,” Pollard said. “Adding
the ballistic glass and steel comprising the rig
40 Year s of Ser vice!
has been known to hold up quite well against
the many challenges a gunner may face.”
Spc. Chris Cleland, as a gunner for the 2nd
BCT deputy commander’s personal security
detail, knows a lot about these challenges. He
said gunners face a wide range of threats.
They range from potentially fatal, such as
IEDs and sniper fire, to nuisances like kids
throwing rocks.
Although such measures don’t alleviate all
Cleland’s fears, he said the system can help
stop shrapnel.
Doing so allows him to better take the fight
to the enemy, by being able to more effective-
ly engage targets and eliminate threats quick-
er, he added, which is the best protection for
Just as Cleland desires to perform his
duties as quick as possible, Pollard said he
and his crew of 10 mechanics are working
equally fast and as hard as possible to outfit
the vehicles of the 1st Battalion 9th Field
Artillery, 2nd Battalion 3rd Brigade Troop
Battalion, and Headquarters and
Headquarters Company, 2nd BCT with the
Although such devotion often requires 12-
to 13-hour days out in the sun, wearing pro- Sgt. Tanya Polk
tective gloves, eyewear or face shields, the Col. Todd Buchs, Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield garrison com-
mechanics said they are glad they are helping mander awards Blanche Davis at a Directorate of Public Works
contribute to the safety of other Soldiers. Sgt. Kevin Stabinsky award ceremony held June 1. Davis, a member of DPW’s Master
“It is a lot of work, but it’s important,” said A 26th BSB mechanic welds a joint to hold ballistic glass Planning Division was recognized for her 40 years of federal ser-
Pfc. James Mackey, 26th BTB mechanic. to a gunner’s mount. The 2nd BCT Soldiers are busy vice.
“We’re protecting Soldiers.” adding protection to the brigade’s vehicles.
10A The Frontline
June 7, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Paying tribute
to the fallen
Pfc. William Hatton
TF Marne Public Affairs

CAMP VICTORY, Iraq — Soldiers

from the 3rd Infantry Division paid
respect to their fallen comrades
during a Memorial Day service
held in front of the Task Force
headquarters building May 28.
“History shows us that America
has sent her sons and daughters to
defend the attributes that make
her great: freedom, liberty, democ-
racy, and a rule of law,” said Maj.
Gen. Rick Lynch, Task Force Marne
commanding general, during the
ceremony. “Many never return,
and it’s those heroes who we pause
to remember today.”
During the ceremony, the 3rd
Inf. Div. band played renditions of
“Proud to Be An American” and
“Amazing Grace” in honor and
memory of Soldiers that have fall-
en during combat in Iraq.
“Memorial Day is about people
like you and me,” Lynch said.
“They’re of humble birth, rarely
knowing fame or fortune. At great
personal costs, they turn from the
safety of their homes. Some were
fathers and mothers. All were sons
and daughters.”
A moment of silence was offered
for Soldiers to stop and reflect on
the comrades lost during this war.

Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, Task Force

Marne commanding general, and
TF Marne Command Sgt. Maj.
Jesse L. Andrews Jr., salute fall-
en Soldiers during a Memorial
Day ceremony held May 28 in
front of the TF Marne headquar-
ters building.
Inset: TF Marne Soldiers bow
their heads in a moment of
silence to remember and honor
their fallen comrades during the
Memorial Day ceremony. Graphic by Spc. Emily Wilsoncroft

Prayer breakfast rejuvenates Soldiers 3rd HBCT honors fallen heroes

Staff Sgt. Samantha M. Stryker tions at the newly renamed Task Force Sgt. Natalie Rostek medic assisting with the squadron’s Time
TF Marne Public Affairs Marne Dining Facility on Camp Victory, 3rd HBCT Public Affairs Sensitive Target team and assisting at the
June 4. Squadron Medical Clinic.
CAMP VICTORY, Iraq — Forces Command After a gospel performance by the Marne FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, “Specialist Winterbottom was an all
top leaders joined members of Task Force Gospel Choir, the task force commander, Iraq –Two fallen heroes were honored by around guy who was a friend to all,” said
Marne for breakfast and prayer celebra- Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch briefly spoke to the the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team Sgt. 1st Class Merrick Sides, 3/1 Cav. med-
group before introducing guests, Forces Soldiers in a memorial service held ical platoon sergeant. “I’ll always be
Command Chaplain, Chap. (Lt. Col.) Sonny Monday at FOB Hammer. proud to have known him and have
Moore and Forces Command Commanding Spc. Jonathan Winterbottom and Spc. served with him.”
General, Gen. Charles Campbell. Victor Toledo-Pulido, both members of Winterbottom is survived by his wife,
Inspiring those in attendance, Moore the 3rd Squadron, 1st Calvary Regiment, Rosa Sanchez.
shared what he called the greatest compli- were killed May 24, during an improvised Toledo-Pulido, 22, of Hanford, Calif.,
ment found in the Bible given to anyone. explosive device attack. was assigned to Headquarters Troop, 3/1
That compliment, he said, is found in the Friends and co-workers gathered to lis- Cav. in June 2007. He served as a
New Testament, and is given to a centuri- ten and speak of their fellow Soldiers. Squadron’s TST team driver.
on, a professional officer of the Roman Winterbottom, 22, of Falls Church, Va., “Specialist Toledo (-Pulido) was a great
army. In the passage the Soldier respected was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 30th friend to everyone,” said Pfc. John Downs,
other people and their religion. The Roman Infantry Regiment in June 2004. 3/1 Cav. “He cared about everyone and
soldier respected and understood authori- The unit was re-designated as 3/1 Cav. always tried to make people smile.”
ty. And just like today’s leaders; he respect- two years later. Toledo-Pulido is survived by his wife,
Staff Sgt. Samantha M. Stryker ed his subordinates by taking care of them. Winterbottom served as a combat Christi, and his son Isak.
Left: Warrant Offi cer Yolondria Dixon- “There is something special about being
Carter, 3rd Inf. Div. personnel, and Sgt. a Soldier,” Moore said. “God made the call
Maj. Cassandra Tribune, 3rd Inf. Div. on my life, and I am proud to serve.”
Chaplain’s offi ce, sing with the Marne After a musical rendition of “Amazing
Gospel Choir during the TF Marne Prayer Grace”, by the 3rd Inf. Div. Band, a final
Breakfast at the TF Marne Dining Facility prayer was shared before TF Marne mem-
at Camp Victory June 4 bers began their day.
Rock of the Marne June 7, 2007 Frontline 11A The

4th BCT learns life

saving techniques
Pfc. Amanda McBride a Soldier’s life.”
4th BCT Public Affairs On the first day of the course, Soldiers are
taught that with proper use of combat life-
You are on the battlefield, and you see saver skills, battlefield deaths may be pre-
your buddy get hurt. Bullets are flying over- vented.
head and you know every second counts. By “Soldiers are oriented with how to per-
the time you reach him, you have already form Tactical Combat Casualty Care,” said
thought of what you need to do to help him Hart. “TCCC teaches Soldiers to understand
because of all that you were taught. the role of the provider and when to perform
Soldiers from 4th Brigade Combat Team the duty. ”
participated in a weeklong Combat Lifesaver Day two teaches Soldiers information
course May 29 thru June 1 at Club Stewart. about respiration, airway and litters.
The CLS course is also being administered The third day of the course introduces
this week with the goal to get Soldiers CLS Soldiers on how to initiate a saline lock and
qualified as the 4th BCT prepares for an intravenous infusion.
upcoming deployment in Iraq. On the fourth day, Soldiers complete real
Soldiers are being certified in CLS so they life scenarios based on what they were
can have basic knowledge of how to treat taught.
injuries that may help save the life of anoth- “On day five, Soldiers take a test that goes
er. over everything that was taught throughout
“CLS is needed now more than ever,” said the course,” said Hart.
Sgt. Nathaniel B. Hart, Special Troops Not only can the lessons learned in CLS
Battalion, 4th BCT. help save the life of a Soldier on the battle-
“First response to the scene is vital in saving field, it can also save a life during peacetime.

New scam targets

military spouses
American Forces Press resentatives typically do not
Service contact military members or
dependents directly and
WASHINGTON – The almost always go through a
American Red Cross is warn- commander or first sergeant,
ing military spouses about a according to a Red Cross
new identity-theft scam that news release.
targets Family members of Military Family members
deployed troops. are urged not to give out any
The Red Cross was alerted personal information over
of the scam earlier this the phone if contacted by
month, said Devorah unknown individuals,
Goldburg of the Red Cross. including confirmation that
The scam involves a per- their spouse is deployed.
son with an American accent In addition, Red Cross
calling a military spouse, representatives contact mili-
identifying herself as a repre- tary members or dependents
sentative of the Red Cross, directly only in response to
and telling the spouse that an emergency message initi-
her husband was hurt in Iraq ated by a Family member,
and was medically evacuat- the news release said.
ed to Germany. The Red Cross does not
The caller then says that report any type of casualty
doctors can’t start treatment information to Family mem-
until paperwork is complet- bers; the Defense
ed, and that to start the Department will contact
paperwork they need the Families directly about
spouse to verify her hus- Family members’ injuries.
band’s social security num- It is a federal crime, pun-
ber and date of birth. It is ishable by up to five years in
hard to determine how many prison, for a person to fraud-
spouses have been targeted ulently pretend to be a mem-
by this scam, Goldburg said, ber of, or an agent for, the
as there are many ways for American Red Cross for the
spouses to report problems purpose of soliciting, collect-
like this. However, one con- ing, or receiving money or
firmed report was enough material, according to the
for the Red Cross to act, she news release.
said. Any military Family mem-
“We know that it hap- ber that receives such a call
pened to one person. It was is urged to report it to their
probably going to happen to local Family readiness group
others, and we wanted to be or military personnel flight.
prudent and alert people,” This article can be found at
she said.
American Red Cross rep- ewsarticle.

HOPE Grant available

Use the HOPE Grant to further your education!
The HOPE grant is available to Georgia residents and
military identification card holders who are attending a
Georgia public technical college to earn a certificate or
diploma, regardless of high school graduation date or
grade average.
The HOPE Grant covers tuition, HOPE-approved
mandatory fees, and a book allowance of up to $100 per
You can apply online at Savannah
Technical College is eligible for the HOPE, and offers on-
site child care from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at their Airport Road
If you’re interested, call 408-2430 or 408-3042 or visit
them in Bldg. 100, Room 136 at Fort Stewart.
Savannah Technical is available online at www.savan- For more information,
call 767-8331 at Stewart or Hunter at 315-6130.
12A The Frontline
June 7, 2007 3rd Infantry Division

Hunter Army Airfield gets new commander

Nancy Gould N.C., where he served as the detachment
Hunter Public Affairs commander for Special Forces Operational
Detachment and afterward commanded
Lt. Col. Daniel W. Whitney assumed SFODA 791 (Assault). He went on to serve
command of Hunter Army Airfield from Lt. as the executive officer for C Company, 3/7
Col. Carl R. Coffman during a Change of Special Forces Command in the Republic
Command ceremony 9 a.m., June 5, at the of Panama before returning to command
Hunter Army Airfield Parade Field. C, 3/7 in July 2000.
Whitney comes to Hunter from his In 2002, Whitney returned to the 7th
assignment at Fort Bragg as the deputy Special Forces at Fort Bragg to command
commander for the 7th Special Forces the Group Support Company and served as
Group. He inherits the responsibility of the group operations officer prior to
overseeing Hunter’s mission as a premier assuming duties as the Aide-de-Camp to
power projection platform that is vital to the commanding general of United States
our national defense. Army Special Operations Command.
Col. Todd Buchs, the Fort He also served as the Executive Officer of
Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield Garrison 7th Special Forces Group and concurrently
Commander, said Whitney’s rich special as the Chief of Staff for the Combined Joint
operations experience and training have Special Operations Task Force-
prepared him for this mission. Afghanistan.
“He’s faced tough challenges before, and His awards and decorations include the
I can guarantee that he will face many Bronze Star, the Defense Meritorious
more in this position,” Buchs said. Service Medal, Joint Service
Whitney expressed his enthusiasm Commendation Medal and many more.
about his new mission at Hunter and grat- His badges include Expert Infantryman,
itude to Coffman before wishing him Master Parachutist, Pathfinder, Air Assault
farewell and best for the future. and Combat Diver. He has also earned
“During the last few weeks working with Special Forces and Ranger tabs.
you, you have helped with my transition A reception followed at the Hunter Club
into the garrison command here,” Whitney and was attended by approximately 200
said. “It’s been amazing to see the support guests, including many civilians from
that Hunter gets from this community. It’s Savannah and surrounding communities
unequal to anything I’ve seen in all my who have worked closely with Coffman.
other assignments.” The group gathered at the club to wish
Whitney has 19 years of service since Coffman well before he reports to his new
graduating from the University of Texas in job June 11 at the Pentagon as the military
Arlington and receiving his commission as liaison for the Assistant Secretary of the
an Infantry Officer in 1988. Army for Installations and Environment.
He served initially with the 101st Bill Cathcart, vice president and general
Airborne Division as a Rifle Platoon Leader manager of WTOC and co-chairman of the
and Reconnaissance Platoon Leader and Chatham County Chamber of Commerce
later as the 3rd Battalion, 327th Infantry Military Support Initiative committee,
Regiment Air Operations Officer before attended the ceremony and the Coffmans’
Nancy Gould attending the Special Forces Detachment farewell dinner the previous week. He
Col. Todd Buchs, Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield garrison commander, passes garri- Officer’s Qualification Course in 1993. He expressed gratitude for their friendship
son colors to Lt. Col. Daniel W. Whitney, the new Hunter garrison commander, during the was assigned to A Company, 3rd Battalion, and for their contributions to the commu-
Hunter Army Airfield Change of Command Ceremony June 5 at the Hunter Parade Field. 7th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, nity.

Iraqi, Coalition Forces open municipal center in Ramadi

Spc. Ricardo Branch vice of the city of Ramadi and its people,” Iyada said. “With He said that now with dedicated Iraqi personnel working
1st BCT Public Affairs this building, everyone will be able to work together for the for the welfare of the city, 1st Brigade Combat Team will
people as we work to rebuild Ramadi.” assist them in supportive roles, just like they do with the Iraqi
RAMADI, Iraq – Iraqi officials and military servicemembers Present for the occasion was the 1st Brigade Combat Team police.
gathered at the Joint Coordination Center for the grand commander, Col. John Charlton, whose unit helped direct “As you know, we have teams with all the police units and
opening of the municipal center May 28 in Ramadi, Iraq. some of the construction assets for the building. all the military units to help and work with them, and we’ll
The opening of the municipal center heralded a new place “This is a great day for Ramadi,” he said. “This little build- have the same concept with the city government,” Charlton
of business for the many departments working to restore ing is going to play a big role in bringing the city back to life said. “We’ll have a lot of dedicated Soldiers, Marines and
basic services to the people of the city. and returning things to normal for the people of Ramadi.” civilians working with the city government everyday to help
“Today and with God’s blessing, we open the office build- Although the Iraqi police laid the foundation for the city to restore life to the city once again.”
ing of the municipal services for the city of Ramadi,” said get back on its feet, Charlton believes it will be the govern- With the direct relationship Iraqis share with the Coalition
Mayor Latif Iyada. “Now the service departments have a ment’s job to move from security to reconstruction. Forces working in their sector, Charlton is very optimistic
place from where they can conduct business for the people “I really think it will be the city government that takes the and sees lots of hope now for the people of Ramadi following
of Ramadi.” city forward,” Charlton said. “The terrorists would like to the ceremony.
Some of the service providers that will be working in the control everything; they want no government in Ramadi. By “I know that this close partnership is going to produce the
new municipal center are the departments of sewage, water, you coming together and restarting the government for the same kind of results with the city government as it did with
health, public works, electricity and education. city, you are showing that you will not be intimidated by ter- the Iraqi police and military,” he said. “Together we’re going
“We pray to God that he bless all those who are in the ser- rorists.” to move Ramadi forward and rebuild this great city.”
Rock of the Marne June 7, 2007 The Frontline 13A

SENATOR From Page 1A

“I was able to venture around other parts of Iraq outside Iraq’s improvements were reiterated to the Soldiers of “We’ll be there until they are able to defend them-
of Baghdad - even venture outside of the green zone in 3/7 Inf. who are slated to deploy this fall. Soldiers asked selves,” Chambliss told the Soldiers of 3/7.
Baghdad,” Chambliss said. “It’s a real strong indication Chambliss the question lingering many minds. ‘When will “I was impressed with our Soldiers, living and fighting
that things are entirely different over there now.” be the last rotation to Iraq?’ side by side with Iraqi soldiers because now they are com-
rades and colleagues,” he said.
“It’s those Iraqi soldiers that we want to be trained to
the point to where they’re able to protect the citizens of
Iraq from external forces. More specifically, protect them
from internal insurgency. And, then, we can bring our
Soldiers home.”
Chambliss told the troops that the U.S. will continue to
fight the war on terrorism until the mission is complete,
but Soldiers agreed when he stated it’s better to fight the
war on Iraqi soil rather than here in Hinesville or
Troops also questioned the senator if there will be
enough manpower to complete this mission.
Chambliss stated that not only will Soldiers have the
manpower to complete the mission, but he also ensured
them that they will be fully geared with uniforms, equip-
ment, and anything needed to perform the job.
As the 3rd Inf. Div. continues to fight the war on terror-
ism, they also continue to fight off the deployment stress-
es Family members endure. Chambliss agreed that the
Family members are key players to the fight.
“A commitment to the Army is a Family commitment,”
he said.
Chambliss recommended that spouses continue to sup-
port their troops by sending cards, letters, and e-mails.
“The main thing is to stay in touch with their Soldiers,”
Chambliss encouraged Families. “The morale of the men
and women over there is unparallel. They’re very profes-
sional. They miss their Families dearly, but they do know
why they are there.
Sgt. Tanya Polk “We’re here to help in every way we can- from the qual-
Senator Saxby Chambliss, Georgia senator, thanks deploying 3/7 Inf. Soldiers for their dedication to the U.S. Army ity of life standpoint-to make it as easy as possible here for
during his visit to Fort Stewart, May 31. the spouses.” Chambliss Said.

SURGE From Page 1A

Once the units are in place, however, it outposts and joint security stations in the to create a secure, stable environment for is to get these groups to reach out to the
will still take months for the full impact of greater Baghdad area is starting to produce the Iraqi people in Baghdad. Doing so government of Iraq and participate in the
the surge, which involves close to 30,000 results, Odierno said. should give the Iraqi government the time country’s formal reconciliation efforts.
combat and support troops. New units Since the first unit of the surge arrived, and space it needs to build its capacity and Odierno alsi said that he would need
coming into theater need anywhere from 30 Coalition Forces across Iraq have detained make the political reforms necessary for its until at least August – the point at which the
to 60 days to get a feel for their sectors more than 18,000 extremists and captured success, Odierno said. full surge will have been in place for around
before they can start making an impact on or killed more than 1,700 high-value targets. The strategy has Coalition Forces 60 days – to make and present his initial
security conditions, Odierno said. Coalition Forces have also found more than employing diplomatic and economic mea- assessment of the strategy’s effectiveness to
“When fighting a counterinsurgency, you 2,400 weapons caches this year, compared sures in addition to military tactics. Forces Gen. David Petraeus, the senior comman-
have to first understand the environment to around 2,600 in all of 2006, Odierno said. at all levels of command have become more der in Iraq. Even then, the assessment
you're operating in; its people, the enemy, The extra manpower has also helped proactive in reaching out to Iraq’s various might be that the surge needs more time to
the physical and human terrain and the coalition efforts to protect and develop sev- sectors, including mainstream Sunni insur- work, he said.
local dynamics,” he said. “Only then can eral of Baghdad’s markets. One such market gents and elements of Moqtada al-Sadr’s “Every day we are making progress, and
you begin to understand what must be started the surge with no retail outlets and Mahdi Army, Odierno said. every day we continue to drive the enemy
done to accomplish your mission.” now has aboout 250, said Odierno. According to Odierno, about 80 percent from their safe havens,” said Odierno.
Still, the surge and the related strategy of The main goal of the surge, which is for- of Mahdi Army members and non-Al Qaeda “But, they are still out there fighting us
placing forces at approximatley 30 combat mally titled Operation Fardh al-Qanoon, is Sunni insurgents are reconcilable. The goal every day.”