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Yukon Review - Saturday Nov. 2, 2013
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Picture worth 1,000 words, maybe more

ome months ago, I inherited a suitcase that belonged to my late aunt Janet Sue Dudderar. Aunt Sue, my father's sister, was a longtime Oklahoma City school teacher and the primary reason I ended up moving halfway across the country to attend college more than 25 years ago. The weathered suitcase, with a Braniff Airways tag affixed to it (indicating its age), was filled with literally thousands of snapshots. These family photos have provided me with so many great memories of decades gone by as I've poured over them in recent months. Most of the rolls of printed pictures were still in their original one-hour photo store envelopes, and I know many hadn't been touched in years. Two things quickly became apparent during this trip down memory lane. The first was that my cousin, Andrew, had more photos taken of him while he was growing up than any other child on Earth. The second was that almost none of the photos had any descriptions or dates written on the back. When people are looking at an old photo, I believe they want to know who is in the picture, where it was taken and when. For similar

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reasons, I try whenever possible to identify all people in photo captions you see in The Review. (When our dedicated community photographers submit pictures via e-mail but forget to add names to captions, I kindly recommend they include IDs in a return e-mail.) So, I have gone about the task of labeling all my personal photos and placing them in photo albums. It does take a little effort, because details often become sketchy after many months and years have passed since the picture was taken. Today, far fewer people get their photos printed - and that's a shame. People in today's society have grown accustomed to taking pictures using their cell phones, but most never have prints made. Digital camera technology and Robin Williams' creepy character in the movie "One Hour Photo" have made many photo processing labs obsolete. Yet, we can still have these wonderful images on our cameras (and cell phones) turned into prints that will make lasting memories for our successors. Just remember to label them. NEW GROCERY STORE: Yukon is getting a new grocery store, sorta. In fact, the discount

grocer Aldi is opening a store next Examples: Use "and" instead of week at 935 N Cemetery Road "as well as" and "at" instead of (that's a Yukon address, although "located at" or "held at." Fresh off Jim's column, one of it's actually in Oklahoma City limits just south ofN. W 10th). the first submitted press releases I Aldi representative received via e-mail Alysa Campbell reMonday morning deports our new Aldi tailed an upcoming store will "offer highcommunity event purquality grocery items porting that two local organizations were at unbeatable prices." Look for their circular "joining together" to inserted in The Review. present the festivities. Before excising the A ribbon cutting ceremony is set 8:45 a.m. redundant word "tonext Tuesday with the gether", I thought official public grand briefly about replacopening at 9 a.m. next ing it with "apart." Thursday. Make plans "Future Forward," to attend and check out the theme used by what Aldi has to offer. Yukon Public Schools By Conrad Dudderar a couple years ago,

Life I n Narr ative

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I hope you were amused as I was with Jim Powell's Oct. 19th column covering the multiple fallacies of redundant writing. A major part of your local newspaper editor's job for each edition is eliminating superfluous words in the many articles submitted by the public and written by reporters (along with his own). After more than two decades as an editor, one learns ways to "write tight" and get the point across using fewer (and shorter) words.

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also seemed somewhat redundant to me. Obviously the future will be forward, not backward. Alas, after all these years, I often find even myself injecting trite and over-used phrases in my writings. One word journalists use too frequently is "facility" (a catch-all for all types of buildings). If I was really serious about editing my own column, I would have replaced the word "multiple" with "many" in the first sentence above. Ha!

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Domestic violence knows no party lines

BY SCOTT PRUITT and DREW EDMONDSON With Washington's bitter divide dominating the news, we wanted to take a moment to display the unity that makes our state great, and our nation a beacon to the world. October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Although we come from different sides of the political aisle, our collective experience serving as the state's chief legal officer has shown us first hand the devastating impact domestic violence has on Oklahoma families and communities. We have worked with countless moms through the AG's Address Confidentiality Program to keep them and their children hidden from their abusers, helped another 20,000+ sign up for the VINE program to receive notice of prisoner release or transfer, and provided a home and hope for the overwhelming number of families with children who pack our state's domestic violence shelters looking for refuge. We cannot let them down. This month, we received the latest statistics on Oklahoma's national ranking for domestic violence homicides, and it isn't good. The Violence Policy Center ranked Oklahoma 3rd in the nation in the number of women murdered by men, up from 17th the year before. Statistics from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation show that Oklahoma law enforcement agencies received more than 24,000 reports of domestic violence in 2011. Unfortunately, these aren't just statistics. Each victim of domestic violence is someone's child, someone's sister, someone's mom or dad. Domestic violence knows no party lines. It doesn't care about your politics, the color of your skin or the balance in your bank account. Many victims of violence live this nightmare in secret; too ashamed or too dejected to get help. No one is immune to these grim numbers. Because of that, we need everyone to take notice and speak up. It is because of these statistics and the people they represent that we stand together today, not as Republican or Democrat, but as Oklahomans. We unite to tell Oklahomans of every political stripe that domestic violence is a crime, and to ask for their support for the abused, for the brave men and women in law enforcement and for the dedicated victim advocates across Oklahoma. They deserve our support. Domestic violence is a serious issue that requires a serious response. The offenders must be punished; the victims supported. Oklahoma leaders and law enforcement must continue to work to change the culture of domestic violence in Oklahoma. On this we can agree. If you or someone you know needs help, please call Oklahoma's free Safeline 24 hours a day at (800) 522-SAFE. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a Republican, succeeded Drew Edmondson in 2011. Edmondson, a Democrat, served four terms as Oklahoma's attorney general from 1995-2011.

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