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f/lAR 10 1983

I X T H u s

Address for funds: jT Fleenors,
rXTHUS PTTS5IDN TO JSFAN is a Tax Exempt Corp.



c/o Irene Grice, 715 - 14th St, ^ P.O. Box 13 Sayama City, Saitama Ken, 350-13 Rochester, MN 55901
Tel: 0249-53-7262

February 28, 1983 Laurie Fleenor
youngest daughter May 9 will be 15
Dear Faithful Friends,

GOOD NEWS FROM JAPAN is that our first winter camp in Karuizawa resulted in a wonderful time

for fourteen Japanese and three missionary families.

gained much from the Bible study and the special Japanese missionary speaker. Miss Sekiguchi
They have expressed the desire to become Christians.

The Japanese Christians felt they

was on furlough from Brazil where she has worked for 15 years. The three non-Christian Japanese who attended have all been coming regularly to church

here at Sayama since the camp.

PRAY FOR OUR EASTER EVANGELISTIC MEETING and our MARCH SPRING CAMP to be held in Karuizawa. The Sayama Church Young People are planning and sponsoring the caip.

There is much to do before the first week in June when John and Joe graduate from high

school at the missionary school where they attend.

Pacific Christian College in Fullerton, California.

Both sons have applied to enter

$2,000 for our return air fares to the states for 5 people.

A car to use during furlough.

Do you know someone who has a good used car to sell?

We shall be arriving in Los Angeles about June 10 to 15th and will need a car. Then we will need to rent a house or large apartment near Pacific Christian College so our sons can live at home the first year of college. This will be a savings. Also

Laurie will be going to lOth grade. Our daughter Grace will graduate from the University of Oregon in June with a major in Far East Studies and will be coming to live with us
until she finds the right work situation.

o o o 0 j^oTE; If you want us to visit you, please use the enclosed envelope and let
us know.

June 15 to April 30 '84

May 1 to May 30
June 1 to 7

Los Angeles, Ca. area

Michigan City, Indiana, and Illinois

Minnesota at the home of Earl & Irene Grice in Rochester
Salt Lake City Portland, Oregon area

June 13 to 17

June 20 to 30

July 1 to 8 July 10 to 15

Yakima, Seattle, Toutle Wash.

Drive to the Los Angeles area and return to Japan
for summer camp program

Our dear friend, Thelma Littrell, is a retired teacher.

She is the one who has mailed

our newsletter for the past eight years. In spite of illnesses, she has faithfully done this necessary job. Pray for her as she was hospitalized early in February, yet

she writes she is preparing the envelopes for this printing and desires to do the job. How we thank God for people like Thelma who do the hidden tasks that enable the missionary to do the job on the field. Thank you, thank you, Thelma.

Pray for our son Joseph Paul, on die left in this picture. He feels a very
definite commitment to preaching the

gospel. John Stanley, our other Japanese son, after much prayer and thinking decided
he wanted a Bible education as well as

technical training hoping to use his gifts and skills in Christian work. Pray for him. Both graduate from H.S. in June.


Furlough is a very important time to communicate directly with our supporting churches.

It is a time for physical check-ups and for getting back into one*s native culture.
It is a time for strengthening of family ties and spiritual renewal for the missionary

This furlough is very iii5>ortant in its timing as our Japanese sons will be entering into Bible college in the United States. They are American citizens but have lived
outside the United States most of their lives as have our children bom to us while

in Japan. We realize more than ever, as we see our children growing up^ how very hard the adjustment is for them when they come into the country for college. Having their
family near for that first year is very important in case they wish to change courses or face any other adjustment problems.

Furlough is also a time to make new friends for missions. We have been asked to hold a week of home meetings for a church in the Los Angeles area teaching missions and answering questions about Japan and our work in particular.
The reason we shall be staying at the Fullerton, California base July through April is that we want our dau^ter Laurie to have a good American High School experience.
This will be her last American school experience before she enters college three years later.

Our daughter Grace graduates from the University of Oregon and will come to stay in our home until she finds a job. She writes saying, "How great to have a home to come to like the other kids in college have." Our next older dau^ter, Dana, is now working for a Japanese Bank in the International section in Los Angeles.
Continuing education is always a help for the missionary. Living near Pacific Christian College and California State University at Fullerton means we will have access to libraries and lectures and possibly even take a course to make us more effective.

When la missionary takes a year furlough, what about the missionary work he has been doing on the field? For us, we have the advantage of a son who is a missionary and located about one hour's driving distance from us. The plan is for him to do part of the preaching here at Sayama. Two other men in the church can also preach and he will be training a third man who is very active in his willingness to serve Christ. The church leadership noxi7 is self-governing and will continue to grow as they did before under Stephen's leadership. Stephen and his wife Carol will also take over the
Karuizawa Camp program and Coffee House Evangelism which they have done for many years.

THE KAMO CHURCH in the northern area of Japan will continue to get $500.00 a month from our mission funds until December 1984 when the building will be completely paid for. We will be sending money for this each month from our mission receipts. Stephen
and other missionaries and Japanese will visit that work and do evangelism with that struggling young church. We need your continued prayers and support for this little church. KAMO is a town that is strongly entrenched in Buddhism and Communism, but the young families surrounding the new church are more open as are the children and
young people in the two schools which are very near.

Thank you for your care for us through the years, our time before our June furlough.

Lift us up in prayer as we use



} ^6



is a Tax Exempt Corp.U.S. for funds address:

4-25-8 Irumagawa P.O. Box 13 Sayama City, Saitama

JAPAN 350-13 Tel. 0429-53-7262


Grlce S.E.

'TfCiAAioK t<y ^1^mk




Rochester, MN


May 25, 1983
Dear Faithful Friends,

Please accept this as a personal word of thanks to you who have prayed for
us for the past 33 years since our coming to Japan as missionaries. Your

giving and caring has made a difference.


will arrive on furlough June 12 at Seattle. There Julius will fly to Portland to drive down to Los Angeles with daughter Grace who will be graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in International

Dr. Tanakq, a heart surgeon and professor at Nihon University, first came to leam English after our son Stephen and his wife Carol had made contact with Sayama Hospital

which Dr. Tanaka's aging father owns and


Virginia will connect with a plane and fly with our three children to Los Angeles to await the arrival of the family.

June 12 to June 18 contact phone numbers

Gabrielle Johnston 213-337-2098

Harry Morgan
Thelma Littrell

HomeS' 213-547-4670

Off." 213-323-7872

June 19 to July 19, 1983


1352 Tower Dr. Vista CA, 92083

Tel. 714-726-4703

The thrill is always there to see someone respond to the gospel. Dr. Tanaka studied

_(Securing a car and looking for hous ing in the Fullerton area where John and Joe will be attending Pacific Christian College.) Contact person after July 22 will be Thelma Littrell or Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cline, 218 Demmer Drive, Placentia, CA 92670 who are

Bible and Christian Evidences in English with Julius before going for three years
to study open-heart surgery at Cedars-Sinai
in Los Angeles. He returned when his father had a stroke. He came to the church soon and made a confession of his faith in Jesus Christ. A fellow doctor at Cedars-Sinai

helping us look for housing. Tel. 714-993-0247

71 A-.79#^_A7n'^ August 1983 through May 1, 1984 main base for speaking dates will be

had been a strong Christian and

he and his family attended during his stay
in America. He has put all his children
He and his older

to a Methodist Church where

in a Christian school.

the Fullerton, (Los Angeles) Cal. area.

June 29 to July 1 Virgnia teach VBS 1st C.C. Huntington Beach, CA. June 26 Sun Christian Ch, Fallbrook July 10 Sun San Juan Capistrano

daughter were baptized in March and his wife

is near a decision for Christ also.

studied Bible for over two years with our

daughter-in-love Carol and this has been

an important factor.

Also Dr. Sato,whom

July July

14 to 16 Virginia at Camp for

Women in Colorado

Julius baptized just before furlough in 1978^

shown on the far right/was a strong witness and influence. Stephen, Carol, and daughter
Becky are shown to the left. Dr. Tanaka is

17 Virginia Montrose, CO. 18 Mon. July 19 Tues Virginia At Southeast C.C. SLC, Utah July 20 return to L.A. area AUG , 1983 to May 1 , 1984 speaking dates in the Los Angeles area
can be taken.

in the center with his family on the day




to 30

Clovernook C.C.


What a great time we had for two weeks in

Cincinnati will fly Virginia

to speak at Mission Fair there.

April when two friends and strong supporters of Missions arrived at Cherry-blossom time.

May 1, *84 to July '84 travel to

Illinois, Indiana, Minn, Ohio, Utah, Idaho, Washington, & Oregon to report to supporting churches.
* rejoice Stephen S Carol (our son S

his wife) will minister at SAYAMA dur ing our furlough. PRAY FOR THEM,
I In His Great Love







Clock-wise left bottom around the page:

Sayama Church

Building's lighted cross shines out attracting many to Christ and His church(2)A loving church inside on a typical Sunday day of worship. Dale and Peggy Wilkerson standing back and right
helped us greatly. (3) John & Joe with University group of Church and Youth Sponsor NOBUE,
Our closest co-workers (4) Stan & Mabel Buttray retired this month after 33 years in Japan.

other than our son Stephen and wife. (5)Sue & Bill Hoppe have luncheon with Japanese ladies Virginia teaches (6) Bill and Sue with Virginia and Julius in Karuizawa (7) They came to see the enlarged refurbished camp building and here Julius enjoys a book in the main room (8) Sue and Bill taking some Japanese tea in the Sayama Mission House living room. We hope others of our supporters will come and see and meet the wonderful Japanese Church in Japan.


Juluis and Virginia Fleenor

c/o Irene Grtce 715 14tk Street, S.E. Rochester, NM 55901
1950 to 1983

1950 to 1955 ^ 1st Term in Tokyo, Japan Arrived and lived one year sath Grace Farnham, Senior Missionary on the field, in two side rooms of the Mabashi Church, in Tokyo. Language stucfy.
Five members of our family died in tha U.S. during that term, but we did
not return to the states.

Julius taugfit at Tokyo Bible Seminary full time.

ther killed in the Korean War.

We had land donated


a Japanese Christian on which Julius' father built our first mission house and church combination from, funds received from the insurance of his bro

* A young trained pastor from the Bible Seminary served as minister during

furlough (1955-1956).

Free housing was given to the Burney family during

that year also, while they studied language.

Our pledged support was $225.00 a month plus sporatic offerings. * Our son Stephen was 3 when we arrived. Today he is a missionary in his own right, having served with his wife and family for 13 years in Japan. His major work is church planting and evangelism. He is completely fluent in reading and writing Japanese as well as the spoken word. * In 1951 a daughter was born to us, in Japan. Julia married a Japanese archetect while she was studying at the University of Oregon, and has lived 11 years in Japan. * In 1954 a daughter, Dana was born in Japan. She has served two short terms as an English and Bible teacher and children's worker in Japan and now works for a Japanese Bank in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon and has taken two years of Bible at Northwest Christian College.

* In 1952 we securedfor $1,200.00, a small camp property in the mountains for camp and village evangelism. It had a 50 year old summer building with 3 bedrooms and outside plumbing. Here we conducted canqjs for underpriveleged children for three summers.

Virginia taught English and Bible in a Girls' School for 3 years. One teach er and 33 high school girls were baptized into Christ as a result. About 150 were baptized during that first term of service.
* 1955 to 1956 Furlough to U.S. in Los Angeles area.

* 1956 to 1961 - Second Term of Service in Japan Building for slum work completed on land in the Nishi Arai area of Tokyo. Camp work extended to street meetings in the village church grounds where 50,000 people passed to worship at the shrine for the worship of the dead spirits. Extensive tract and Bible distribution. This made the second
church in Tokyo. * Grace Fleenor was born to us in August, 1960. She is noW a graduate in In ternational Studies at the University of Oregon and had 3 years of Bible at Northwest Christian College.

*1961 - 1962
* 1962 to 1967

Furlough in U.S. in the Los Angeles area.

Third Term of Service in Japan.

Evangelism in 7 countries covered by a retired missionary doctor In Japan who wished us to do two months of intensive evangelism in Hong Kong, Singa pore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Taiwan, China and Pakistan. New camp
building built in the mountains. New church building and school for lay evangelist building was built and
operated. There are 22 preachers and full-time workers today in Japan who we have had a part in teaching and training for evangelism. Help to Toshiko Kagiwada, a widow with two children in Ibararaki prefec ture. She established 3 churches and two kindergartens as independent churches and they are completely self-supporting. Her son will enter Pa

cific Christian College this year to further his training after having
four years of Bible in a small Bible school in Japan.

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* 1967 to 1968 - Furlough fn Eugene, Oregon

* 1968 to 1972 Fourth Term of Service in Japan

* 1968 - WE adopted two battered, very sick Japanese boys ages 4 and 5; victims of automobile accidents and other trauma. In August these sons are entering Pacific Christian College at ages 18 and 19. Their I.Q.'s were tested at 60 and 72 a year after their hospitalizations, and the following year, with, love and prayer, and care, they were tested at 120 and 138. John
and Joe Fleenor are strong Christians with a desire to serve.

Laurie Maxlne born in Tokyo and at 8 months, we adopted two Japanese sons ages 4 and 5 who had suffered extreme trauma.

Virginia opened a kindergarten and taught English and Bible with Japanese
Christian teachers. This kindergarten existed 13 years with hundreds of children and mothers being touched. One young child's mother accepted
Christ with a chain-reaction of her father and mother and two sisters be

coming Christians. Also five of the children of the sisters have become Christians and five neighbors. Now the HAGA HOME CHURCH functions with 3 weekly meetings a week as< a real evangelistic outreach and a place where
Bible studies are held weekly for the Christians.

* 1972 to 1973 - Furlough in the Portland, Oregon area.

* 1973 - 1977 Fifth Term of Service in Japan.

Evangelistic work in Korea in prisons and churches on invitation of the

T.Y. Kim family in Taejon. Resulted in 50 baptisms. Opened 7 new home meetings in Japan

Sold Tokyo property where we had worked for 25 years, and relocated in Sayama City, a suburb of Tokyo. The Japanese church used 3/4th of the
funds for their relation and we used 1/4. Church building built with

missionary apartment on second floor where the Fleenors now live.

* 1977 to 1978 - Furlough to states for medical and dental care.
* 1978 to 1983 Sixth term of Missionary Service

Sayama Church - 50 members with 6 complete families.

NEW BUILDING at KAMO in northern Japan and help in evan

gelism (Will send $500.00 a month on building payments

for them from mission funds until the end of 1984 when

project ends). Winterized and enlarged the summer camp at cost of $22,000.
Much work to train leadership, reach doctors and medical

people for Christ, with results.

Over 100 young Japanese have lived in our home over the last 33 years to be nurtured and helped in their relationship with God. Also 10 young Americans in Japan have lived with us or come often to our home, result ing in their closer walk with Jesus Christ. Our home,ds a place for people to come, find answers and care,-and,, prayer,has been one of our principal ministries. "
... * W'/

The Fleenors have had the joy of recruiting 10 American mtssiona1|;es who
have served one to three terms on the mission field.

7-83 Imw


^ ft

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February 1982

JULIUS AND VIRGINIA FLEENOR arrived in Japan October 1950

and have served continously in the Tokyo area for 25

years and now in Sayama City since 1976. Furloughs every four to five years have been taken to report to the churches
in the United States and to enable their children to maintain

their citizenship rights and roots in the United States.

Julius was born in Kansas but spent most of his life in Yakima, Washington before leaving home to prepare for the mission field by graduating from Northwest Christian College, taking special Japanese courses from the University of Oregon

and taking a Master's Degree from Christian Theological Seminary (formerly Butler School of Religion).
Julius' parents came to Japan in 1951 after his only brother was killed in the Korean war. They used his insurance money to
build the first mission center in Tokyo on land which had been donated for this use by Japanese Christians. This was ' the center of their activity for 25 years.

Julius Fleenor Missionary to Japan since Oct. 1950

Julius married Virginia Dana Grant,who was also a student at Northwest Christian College and the University of Oregon

in Eugene.

They both studied Japanese language there and

a son Stephen was born to them there.

Grace Farnham, senior missionary in Tokyo, invited the Fleenors to join her work and she provided housing for them the first year in Japan at the Mabashi Church of Christ in Tokyo.

Stephen, their son, was 3 years old when they arrived in Japan and since 1971 he has^with
his wife Carol,been a full time missionary to Japan also.
Julius'ministry after language study in Japan involved teaching at the Tokyo Bible Seminary
(now closed) and planting churches in Tokyo and surrounding areas. There are four churches with their own pastors and buildings which are self-supporting besides several home meetings
where Christians carry on a work of evangelizing. Since 1951 a small camp property has been owned which has been used every summer for 30

years for evangelism.

KARUIZAWA CHRISTIAN CAMP has been a real evangelistic thrust in

itself and has often provided emergency housing for our missionaries while they have been settling into Japan.

Since 1977 the Fleenors have lived in Sayama City (50 minutes by electric train from Tokyo) Here they have been engaged in planting a church .

In 1980 a new building was built to the north 500 miles from Tokyo in KAMO City on land purchased by the Japanese Church which was meeting for many years in a rented home. Julius has preached and help nurture this church over the years and it is slowly growing in strength and leadership. Julius teaches doctors, businessmen and students in English and Japanese in school, homes, and at the Sayama Church. He conducts home meetings and preaches regularly at the Sayama and Kamo Church.

Besides their son Stephen, four daughters were born to the Fleenors in Tokyo: Julia 1951, Dana Lee 1954, Grace 1960, and Laurie 1968. Also two Japanese boys (John and Joseph^ were adopted at ages 4 and 5 in 1968. These boys plan to enter Bible college in ,1983.

VIRGINIA DANA FLEENOR was reared in Los Angeles

California by Christian parents Mr. & Mrs. Harry Morgan, retired ministers of the Christian Churches. Virginia's duties

have been care of the home, teaching women's groups in the home and in Japanese homes and being principal of a Christian Kindergarten connected with the Shimoochiai Church in Tokyo for 12 years. She also serves as secretary to Julius for typing
his teaching materials. ,

Besides the care of John, Joe, and Laurie still in high school

in Japan, Virginia works in the summer camp project in helping to prepare the buildings, cooking, and teaching.

Virginia's education training has been Bible at Northwest Christian College, Japanese language at the University of Oregon and the International Christian University in Tokyo and Naganuma school of languages. Her special studies and
reading have been in Teaching children and counseling and
communicating the Bible to people of different cultures.

Julius Ileenor, Ixthus Mission to Japan P.O. Box 13, 4-25-8 Irumagawa, Sayama City,
Saitama, Japan 350-13 Phone 0429-53-7262

February 1982

Forwarding Agent in states;

Irene Grice, 715

14th St., S.E. Rochester, MN 55901


f\irther information and dis

plays may be secured through

Irene Grice in Minnesota

Japan is composed of four main islands about; the size of the state of California, but being
mostly mountainous there is far less tillable soil than in California. The population is 110,000,000. Visualize moving one-half of the population of the United States into Cali

fornia or into Illinois and Indiana and you can see the density of population.
written history goes back almost 2000 years.


A copy of the oldest novel in the world is

1000 years old and tells much of the court life of that day.

It was written by a Japanese

Tokyo has 11,000,000 people

and there are satellite cities surrounding Tokyo where people

commute an hour to two hours into the center of* the city by the most efficient electric train
system in the world which is rarely even a half minute off schedule. Most people wear American style clothing for everyday life and kimono for relaxation and for

formal wear.

Formal kimono wear costs from $1000.00 to $5000.00 for all the trappings.

Japan is 99.6% literate.

English is the second language taught in the schools.

The people

are highly intelligent and industrious as a whole. Defeated in a war in 1941-1945 with the United States they are now economically strong, but few people can own a home that is not crowded and small because of the land shortage, but thousands of "danchi" , large 10 to 15 story apartments,are constructed so people can buy their own apartment "space." During rush hours in Tokyo there are official "pushers" getting the people into the trains and the doors

closed so the rapid transportation service moves at 3 to 5 minute intervals through central
,Tokyo from the outlying districts.

Japan's ancient religion was the religion of the mountain men or prophets who stood under cold iwaterfalls and stressed communication with nature and purification by washing. Shinto worship 1evolved as the worship of all things including the spirits of the dead ancestors. Many ceremonies and cultural taboos and supersitions have grown out of this background. The Japanese

like hot baths and perhaps are the cleanest people in the orient. Buddhism was brought to Japan

about 500 A.D.

it took four hundred years for it to be accepted and Japanese feel they can
This makes the concept of being a Christian

be both Shintoist and Buddhists at the same time.

only^difficult for the Japanese to accept.

Catholic Christianity first entered Japan in 1549 and was quickly accepted but later the

Shogun feared political intrigue from Spain as the missionaries were from Portugal and Spain.
Tlius every Christian who would not recant his faith in Jesus Christ was killed and all

missionaries were banned. The black-ships of the United States forced the doors of Japan open in 1849 and protestant missionaries soon followed and the Bible was translated by 1859. There was much persecution of the early missionaries and Christians, but by 1900 the missionaries felt under the Mei.ji Emperor there was such an acceptance of western culture that Japan in 50 years .would become Christian. In the 1920*s the militarists began to work to revive the Emperor worship to control the nation and get it ready for war. Dec. 7, 1941 Japan attacked

Pearl Harbor, but for over ten years before this the United States was aware of Japan's plan to expand and take land from Korea, China, and the islands. The atom bomb brought war to a swift conclusion in August of 1945. Japan is the only country to have ever been bombed by atomic warheads. In spite of great fear of nuclear power, there are several nuclear energy
plants in modern Japan.

IN A RECENT SURVEY 60 %of the Japanese 50 years or younger said they were completely nonreligious. Thus education and money have become the new gods in Japan and the worship of
jself-gratification which is common throughout modern society in the world toBay.'
except the United States.

Since 1954 when the modern Japanese translation of the

Bible was completed, more Bibles have been sold in Japan than any country in the world

'There is a Japanese saying that there are three fears of the Japanese: "father" "fire" and
"earthquake". The father was worshiped and revered and at the death of the father food and prayers are offered before his picture and the god.shelf which is kept in many homes, especially the country people. However, in modern homes today in the Tokyo area these god-shelves and
shrines are rarely seen. Because of the density of housing, fire is feared and because of
This Great Japan Earthquake was the worst natural

the frequent earthquakes, these too are feared. Earthquake drills are held frequently in Tokyo because in 1923 the Great Earthquake caused the deaths of 500,000 people. Many fire
Earthquake experts expect another one of the same

storms were created by the gas explosions.

disaster in known recorded history.

intensity within the next five or ten years.

JAPAN is hungry and thirsty for something spiritual. Only 1,600,000 people gave their religion as Christian in the last census. However it is just 40 years since the end of the war and yet more Bibles have been sold in Japan than any nation in the world except the United States. Today there is complete freedom of religion. Today we are seeing complete families

becoming Christian whereas we found many people were reierted by their families if they wanted
to accept Jesus Christ and be baptized.

There are trained Japanese pastors and a few Japanese missionaries have taken the gospel to
other countries.

-February 1982

Julius FLeenor


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Tokyo 1951 was hot, hot, hot I

AT ndd-ni^t it would still be 100 degrees and 100% huniidlty. Grace Famham, senior missionary, said to Virginia and Julius Fleenor, "Let's take a trip

to the cool mountains of Karuizawa during August. Up the mountain we went. The road had 168 hairpin turns. The train went through 40 tunnels in 100 miles to reach the cool beautifu
plateau of KARUIZAWA. This area has wooded trails and is overlooked in the distance by a large active volcano. As we walked the trails we began to think how wonderful if we just had an old large hotise

in this area to begin a small camp where we could bring 40 or 50 children up each* week .

of the summer for Christian Camp. We*all agreed to pray about it Grace Famham said, "Land has become very expensive up here now and even a small place would be $20,000." We '
agreed we did not have that kind of money in our mission fund. "No, we could never btty summer property up here for a camp." Then as we walked ^ong one beautiful path after another where ferns grew out of lovely black volcanic rock and green moss grew everywhere, Grace suggested we visit a friend of
hers who had a small cabin. Grace and her friend. Miss Lumpkin, had been interned together

in a Japanese Internment Camp during the war between Japan and the United States in 1942.

Miss Lumpkin greeted us at the entrance of her cabin in the woods with the words "Grace,
I have a house to sell to you." Grace introduced us, Virginia and Julius Fleenor, new

missionaries to Japan, to 'L\impie', as she was affectionately called by Grace. "Virginia just said we need a place up here for taking children to camp."

Grace said,

Miss Lumpkin took out the ownership paper for the land next to her cabin. It had an old 8 room furnished house on it. The walls were thin and you could see light "througji the cracks, but it had a fireplace and a kitchen with a tin sink and an old charcoal heated wooden Japanese tub. She showed us a power of attorney she had from the missionary owner

and a note that said "Sell this house to a missionary^who will love it and use it for God's purposes, for the same price I paid for it in 1910 when it was built."
Thus, like a miracle, we bought land and building for $1200. (Twelve Hundred Dollars). The Fleenors and Grace each paid $600.00 and it has been used every year since for Christian camps for under-priviledged children, students and for family camps. In those days the

campers only brought a ration of rice (4 lbs) and the rest was provided by mission funds. We have made improvements and built a larger better building 15 years ago and the campers now come paying a set fee for food which just covers the basic suiraner operation of the camp.
Hundreds have met Jesus Christ for the first time here and been baptized into Christ.

The Missionary Child and the Atheist

Each year we had one week of camp for University/ students from Tokyo at our Karuizawa Camp.

Sometimes every student was either a Buddhist or an atheist or an agnostic (one who says
I don't know if there Is a God or not.) Our daughter Grace was 9 years old and had just become a Christian that year. She began to pray she might help one Japanese know Jesus that year. As the campers arrived by train and we met them at the station and brought them into the camp building, they wanted to practice their English and decided that the Fleenor children were the easiest to talk to as they did not feel afraid to make mistakes in front of a child. Thus the second day of camp one young man said to 9 year old Grade "Do you

believe in God?"

The night before at camp we used a film on the subject of the GOT) OF

CREATION and had taught that there was One True and Living God who had created everything.

This is where a missionary begins. Gracie said, "Yes, I believe in god." The student asked, "Why do you believe in God?" Gracie thought a minute, "Well, the Bible says it Is true
that God made everything and sent Jesus.
never lie to me.

My parents told me the Bible is true.

My parents
Karuizawa i-

So when I look at beautiful Karuizawa, I believe God is here.

good and beautiful so I believe God is good and beautiful." The college student said, "But I can't see God so T can't believe in God." Again. Gracie thought a minute, "Well, do you belicive there are people playing tennis today in England?"
The student said, "Yes." Gracie said, "Well, you have never seen England, you have never b(

there and have never seen anyone play tennis there yet you believe it because people tell you it is so and you believe those people. See, you do believe in things you do not see

and will never see, but books and people tell you about it and you believe." The student became very quiet. At the end of camp, he stood up and said, "I have come to believe in n
Creator God because a little 9 year old girl had faith that made more sense than I did.

February 1982

Julius Fleenor


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Roku and Ken had not been able to sleep well for over a year.

Sometimes they screamed

out in their sleep.

Each day since that evening "on the bridge" they felt as if a

load was on their backs getting heavier and heavier. Roku and Ken had finished 7th grade together and it was a hot hot July in Tokyo as they walked back from a game of baseball and saw two ladies standing by the candy store with a large picture rolL telling a story. "Let's go and listen" Roku said. It has been a custom of many years ip Japan for story tellers to use picture cards and gather children to hear and then to pull out a large tray of candies to sell. Ken agreed it mi^t be interesting to listen to a storyteller. They were surprised to see the two ladies had no candy to sell, but they told about a boy who stole a watermelon and ate it and buried the seeds. The next spring the watermelon plants began ,to spring up where the boy had buried the seeds to hide the fact he had stolen a neighbor's watermelon. The boy's father then knew the

boy had stolen the melon which had been missing from a neighbor's garden patch.


ladies went on to sing a song "Rolled away, rolled away, every burden of my heart rolled away." They told how God can roll away the burden of guilt for sin. They showed*

a picture of a man called Jesus on the cross. They said, "God sent him, God's only son, to die to frogive man of sin and give everlasting life. Even the sin of murder such
as the thief on the cross had committed could be forgiven. Then they had all the

children sing with them in Japanese "Rolled Away"

You key new. You Key new. You key new, Kokoro no omonee wa you key new.. (Repeat line one) Tsu mee wa Saw ree new Cheesheeo no mo to ni HA RE RU YA (Hallelejah) (Repeat line one again) (Have children sing this song in Japanese and English)
Roku and Ken started coming to Sunday school and in August they came to camp in KARUIZAWA and said, "We want to become Christians and have our sins rolled away." The Japanese

teachers said, "If you confess your sins to Jesus, He will forgive you." They explained that to repent and turn to God was important in order to have Jesus forgive their sins.
Ken and Roku began to cry. They then told their Bible teacher this story. A year ago while playing"on a bridge with a third friend they decided to push him in the river for fun. But the boy fell and never came up, but drowned. They ran and told the police a lie-and the boy's parents another lie. They said that the boy had been walking on the rail and fell in by himself. The police and parents believed Roku and Ken. But the God they did not know was in their hearts and minds to tell them murder is a sin. Japanese children
like all other children feel badly when they sin even though they have not been told of the True God who is Righteous and Good and never Sins. The Bible tells us that God has

written in the hearts of men "right and wrong" because we feel guilt when we do some things.
But it was not until the two Japanese Christian ladies told them that God would forgive them their sins and throw their sins into the sea and remember them no more if they would take Jesus as their Saviour and King. The missionary goes to Japan with money given by Christians like you, to buy Bibles, teaching materials, and build camps and buildings for teaching people about Jesus Christ. These two boys grew up to be fine
Christian men who knew the Bible and the Way to lose the burden of sin.


Hiro sat on a satin cushion to listen

to the Buddhist priest chant over and over the

same words while striking two sticks together. The house was heavy with incense and the flickering candles cast scary shadows about the room. Some people had gotten drunk and the coffin of his grandmother was before them. Each person had taken chopsticks and put cotten with water on it on the lips that would never move again. Hiro was frightened. Some day he, too, would die. Where did the spirit of his grandmother go?

Where is the life'that comes out of people who die?

and buried by a large stone.

All these things bothered him.


night as he would go to sleep he would think of that sad and dismal chant and would think of the box of ashes which was brought back by the undertaker after the funeral

"Where does the spirit of a person go when they die?"

Hiro's father could see he looked sad and said one day, "What is it that so troubles

you that you rarely smile?" "Father," young Hiro said, "Please tell me where will my soul go when I die? Where is grandmother's soul? Where will you be when you die?" The father was very quiet and then said. "I do not know, my son, but if you study hard and Heek to know, someday you will find the answer." Hiro when he was 35 years old and and a college professor came to Mr. Fleenor's English Bible class and they discussed "Everlasting Life and the Resurrection of the dead" many
times. In 1981 Dr. Sato said, "I found the answer in the Bible and in Jesus Christ that

I had sought for 25 years. I am so thankful to find answers no books or great teachers could give to me. Now I have peace and joy in ray heart.

.Ptebruary 1982


Page 7



Little Yukiko was so excited.

It was her first trip from Hokkaido.

She was of the AINU

people. They are like the American Indian people. The Ainu were the most ancient people of Japan. Now they all speak Japanese, but originally they had their own language and customs and religion as the American Indian people have. It was 1901 over 80 years ago
and she was to see Tokyo. Once she arrived she went to stay with relatives and found out that an American, "a real live foreigner" from over the ocean lived next door to her relative's house. The next day she heard them singing "JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO." "Yes, Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me." She asked to visit and see the foreigner^ So she went in the house. She was in great shock. For this was

a house with chairs and tables and a rug. She had only seen Japanese style houses with straw mats and cushions which people used for sitting on the floor. The lady had blue
eyes and yellow hair. She looked at the pictures on the walls and did not even listen to

the Japanese words coming from her mouth except for the chorus of one song which said "Yes, Jesus loves me." This is how it is sung in Japan.







( You



When the meeting was over all she could remember was the name of the God that she had heard about. She wanted to come back, but her family returned to the small isolated AINU village in the far northern island of Japan. But it seemed as if she heard in her mind the name of Jesus in Japanese Yes-oo. As the

train wheels went clackity-clack clackity-clack she She loved the sound of the name. She asked all the but know one knew* Sixty years later missionaries public hall and invited people to come accept Jesus
them forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.

kept hearing yes-oo, yes-oo, yes-oo. village people about that god, came and held a meeting in the who had died on the cross to give

The old Ainu woman Yukiko rushed from

her seat with tears.

The missionaries could not believe an old person never hearing

The old woman told this story.

the gospel before could believe so quickly.

When I got back to my village I began to pray to the Yes-oo (Jesus) God and when I

would sweep X would say his name. I found that I did not want to gossip or lie or do bad things and I felt peaceful when I said his name. Then the strangest things happened. I got sick with a high fever and could not eat and was dying. I lay on
my mat and I prayed to the Yes-oo god (Jesus) and said, "You give me peace when I say

your name, but can you heal me?"

head to my toes.

Suddenly I felt like electricity-coming down from my

I got up and dressed and ate. My relatives were

My fever was gone.

so surprised.

Then I said, "I will no longer^worship the idols of this village.

I will

now have only one God and His name is Yes-oo". "Oh, thank you, thank you the old woman cried out. Thank you for coming and bringing a Bible, this book from the Yes-oo (Jesus)

God. . I knew his name was beautiful, I knew he made me feel peaceful when I said his
name, and I knew he could heal me. Now I know he died to cleanse me from sin and to give me eternal life and I will spend forever with Him in Heaven." With tears and

thanksgiving she took the Bible the words of God,the very love-letter from God to man,
which she had waited for over 60 years to receive. But God in His time sent missionaries

to someone who first heard Jesus' name just once as a little girl.
(It has been noted that 95% of all Japanese converted to Christ first attended a .Christian

kindergarten, Sunday School, or Bible class, or had been given a Christian book or pamphlet
or heard someone preaching by the side of the road at a street meeting for .children.)
Since 1950 the Christian Camp program has introduced many to Jesus Christ for the first time


Kazu was in 7th grade and well liked by all the campers. He was friendly and also had the honor of receiving the highest test grades in all of Tokyo that year upon taking his

entrance tests for the Tokyo Junior High School^which is a prep-school for Tokyo University and is the finest school in Japan. '
The first night of camp we had a contest. The campers were to find a scripture verse and

memorize it.

The first one to memorize it and quote it would get a Bible.


Kazu found the verse and within a minute, he stood up and quoted the verse; exactly.

the last night of camp, he and one other boy came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. After he made the confession of his faith " I believe in Jesus Christ the Son

of the Living God and I take Him as my Saviour" he turned and faced the group of 25 people
and said, "What is wrong with you people? Don't you want to live forever. No one in all history has' ever offered a hope like this. No one in all history ever lived a life like

Jesus." His parents allow him to go to church every Sunday and say he can be baptized at age 20 when he is an adult. They are Buddhist, but this year both parents began studying
English Bible from a missionary in their neighborhood. The Bible says in I Timothy 4:12 "Let no one look do^ on your youthfulness show yourself an example of those who believe"

Jtehruary 1982


page 8


(means SPRING OF WATER in Japanese)

Our dentist in the mountain Resort Town of KARUIZAWA was a beautiful lady name^Dr. Yamamoto Dr. Yamamoto decided to take a trip to ^Europe,but her daughter Izumi said she wanted to
stay in Karuizawa and play tennis. After some thought and discussion Dr. Yamamoto asked

if Izumi could stay one month at our camp and be allowed to play tennis as much as possible at the Town Tennis Courts and attend our Bible lessons as it would fit in. We agreed. .
Izumi was fourteen and she later told us she thougjit "Uh, now I have to be around

Christians and listen to the Bible all the time this summer. program at the Fleenor Camp.*'

Uh, I will make every chahCe

I can to play tennis most of the day and endure the evening Bible and singing and film
Izumi was surprised to find so iraich lau^ter at camp. The Moody Bible Science films amazed her. The different speakers telling of how they had become Christians also made

her begin to think.

The day she saw her first baptism in the camp stone baptistry amazed


"Why are you putting people down into the water and not just putting water on their
Catholic Church does?" Izumi had attended a Catholic school all her life ' could speak Japanese and English equally well. We explained that it was the burial and resurrection from death of Jesus Christ and the old life of sin and beginning a new life clean because of the death of Jesus

heads as the in Tokyo and a picture of death of our


At the end of the summer Dr. Yamamoto arrived back and from her purse she took a letter

that Izumi had written making a diagram of someone being baptized and explaining the meaning. Then at the end of the letter Izumi had written.'* I thou^t Christian Camp would

That next spring Izumi*s mother Dr. Yamamoto was baptized in that same baptistry, then
Izumi the following summer and her father was the next one. Since then because of the

chain begun by Izumi coming to Karuizawa Christian Camp ei^t members of their family

have become Christians and 15 of her mother's patients. Izumi,now graduated from college in America and Bible college in Japan,speaks in summer camps every, year in Japan telling
the message of Jesus Christ.

In March of 1978 we had a Spring Camp on the Karuzawa Camp property in Japan.

One of our

speakers was Mr. Sekiguchi, a wonderful Christian carpenter who is an elder and can teach and preach very x^ell. We recall this story:

It was a muddy rainy day when the missionary stood passing out pamphlets about JESUS THE SON OF GOD and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. One was received and thrown to the ground by a Japanese man who had no interest in reading it, then it was picked up again and thrown down by a second and third person. Then a girl who had been watching picked up the paper. She was curious to see what the paper said. But it was muddy by now. She put it in her pocket and decided she would take it home and clean it up and read it. At home she wiped off the pamphlet and put in a book to dry and forgot about it. Five years later her girl friend came and opened the book and found the pamphlet about the ONE TRUE GOD and sent for a Bible. This girl was converted, then attended Bible College^

and converted her entire family and nine other people in her village.
a missionary to the Japanese in Brazil and lived there 20 years.

She'then became

The man who told this story is the brother of Miss Sekiguchi who found Jesus Christ


a gospel pamphlet discarded by three people and forgotten in a book by another

for five years.

At the end of this testimony by Mr. Sekiguchi at camp^ four people came
Three of these have been baptized and are active young people

forward to accept Christ.

in the Sayama Church of Christ which was established in 1977 by Julius Fleenor.
The Japanese are 99.9% literate and read much.

Literature evangelism is a oart of the work we do extending out from our KARUIZAKA Christian Camp. Teams of Japanese Christians and missionaries work together in this work each summer.

We estimate we have been able to distribute 1,000,000 pieces of literature and Bible portions through the years we have been in Japan. Some years in Karuizawa we have given
50,000 pieces of literature during the week of the Festival of the Dead Spirits where
tens of thousands of people flock into the KARUIZAWA area.

flVTE^rtf ArrOWAL
Publication of SENDAI & RURAL MISSION, INC.-Japan
Milton C. & Barbara Jones, missionaries
July 1983

JUL 1 8 1983



Auqust 19. 1983 Milton. Barbara Eric Jones will leave from

and San

To-date, our receipts are running just at $2000 monthly. However- only $1800
of this is committed regularly. This

Francisco, CA for Tokyo, Japan to resume mission work in Sendai, a modern city of 1,200,000. Tickets in the amount of $1228. are PAIDJN FULL!

leaves us short approximately $200 a

month on the budget amount we need for both Service and Living Link if we
are to do an effective acceotable work for the Lord. and an

The purpose of the work is to establish

another congregation by doing personal witnessing, mass evangelism and Bible

classes. A small 4-room rental house

We'wish to thank you who have been so faithful through the months and years
to continue your support. Because of your faithfulness, we have stepped out in faith that the Lord will provide the necessary funds as needed, thus we plan to go.

may be available near the new 50,000 housing development under construction.

It is near a Junior high school which will give excellent opportunity to meet many receptive young people!

We plan to keep in touch with each of you as best we can through frequent

Transportation Costs; (OK to CA) Food, lodging, truck rental $628 plus

letters, cassette tapes, our newsletter

"International Harvesters" and in

periodic articles in missions publications

like the CAPSTAN REVIEW, and video tapes from Japan. We trust you will
take time to read this news and write

Transportation: Tokyo to Sendai Vehlcle~ln ^apaTT

Electric Blankets: 1 Full size-dual control 1 Twin size

Xo lTs o~c"crarFro n a 1 I'yT" D1 r e c t correspondence to the Amarillo address

or to the church in Sendai, Japan.

Milton C. Jones

Appliances: Refrigerator, Heating stove, Cooking stove. Water Heater

c/o Mr. Toshihiko Shimada 3-21-26 Asahigaoka Sendai, Miyagi-Ken 983, Japan

Portable Organ: $700

Can you help defray the cost of this


While in Japan, Eric will study on the M.A.C.E. program at home. This will enable us to travel where the work may take us as it will not be necessary to
remain in an area within access of an

Sendai & Rural Mission, Inc.

B.F. & Eva Wilson 1217 S. Fannin Amarillo, Texas 79102

English school. His diagnostic tests have been completed and materials for a one-year period are in hand. This is
PAID IN FULL for the first year. The Lord does bless us and prepare the way
before us.

Telephone (806) 374-2170

They have done outstanding work for the Lord and have provided invaluable service for us for nearly 10 years. They will continue to serve in tiiis capacity handling gifts, receipts, bookkeeping, programs, publicity, correspondence, and
personal business for the mission.


The final mailing list is being completed and will be kept in the Amarillo office. If you have additions or corrections,
please contact them.

Financial statements are mailed monthly to all contributors. upon request. All gifts are tax-deductible.

It is available to others








Because so many are making inquires as

to the rest of our family we will bring you up to date on what is happening.

graduate) will begin studies at Cincinnati Bible College this fall to

prepare for the ministry. He is a

"Timothy" of the Asahigaoka

congregation in Sendai, Japan where the








Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.

Jones family first began their work in

1970. Toshihiko Shimada has ministered

Kathryn has completed her third year at

here for the past 10 years.


OU School of Nursing and is now a Nurse Tech. She has received many awards, honors and scholarships. Randall graduated from high school with
many scholastic and track honors. He is

February 24-27:
Oceanside Christian Church

Atlantic Beach, Florida







Randy Sparks, minister

James Piersol, missions Goal: $8,000

school. He made All-State in track this

Commitments: $12,319
March 24-27: First Christian Church

Tuscola, Illinois Alex Cavenaile, minister Willis Frahm, missions

Chris with wife, Nina, and daughter, Becky, will maintain the family home while he plans to study with Johnson Bible College on correspondence to complete his Bible college education.

Yes we are sad to leave them behind,

but we know the Lord will bless and

Goal: $27,000 Commitments: $29,355

We thank the Lord for these victories
for His work.

keep them because the lost of Japan are without hope! Someone must go.

I am presently scheduling rallies, special meetings, camps and VBS for our furlough the summer of 1986. The calendar is filling up. Reserve your time

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the North American Christian

Convention in St. Louis this year. We will be staying at the Regal Inn in the Northwest part of St. Louis. If you wish to contact us we will be spending some
time at the "CAPSTAN Booth". Please look us up. This will be our last North

WELCOME NEW SUPPORTERS Western Hills Christian Church

Lawton, OK

American until 1986. Randy and Eric both will accompany us this year.

Fellowship Class
Southwest Christian Church

Little Rock, AR
J.O.Y. Class






Church, Oklahoma City.

Eastwood Christian Church

Dallas, TX
Checotah Christian Church

July 17th - visit with Western Hills Christian Church, Lawton, Oklahoma. July 20th - Farewell dinner Central

Christian Church, Oklahoma City.

July 26th thru 29th - North American
Christian Convention.

Checotah, OK
Oceanside Christian Church

August 6th - Load U-Haul Truck and leave Oklahoma City.

Atlantic Beach, FL
First Christian Church

Tuscola, IL

We thank the Lord for your decision to join your efforts with ours. By commiting your support to that of our

August 7th - Washington Avenue "CTinstian Church, Amarillo, Texas. August 11th - Arrive at the Home of Peace, Oakland, California. August 14th - Visit Church of Christ, Yohcalla, Oregon.
August 17th - Visit Fruitvale Christian

faithful supporting churches and

individuals, we can all have a more
effective outreach and witness for Him

Church, Oakland, California.

August 19th - Departure for Japan.

Between the 11th and 18th of August we will be building waterproof crates

in world evangelism.

for the freight being sent to Japan.


30 J9S-3




is a Tax Exempt Corp.U.S. for funds address:

4-25-8 Irumagawa P.O. Box 13

Sayama City, Saitama
JAPAN 350-13 Tel. 0429-53-7262


FURLOUGH ADDRESS:(until Jan. 1, 1984 or possibly May 1, 1984)



I. Grice St. S.E.

Rochester, MN


September 1983

218 Demmer, Placentia, CA

Dear Friends:

Tel. 714/993-0247


Greetings from California! Missionary do on furlough?

What does a

1) June and July we spent in reunion with our two daughters, Dana and Grace, and other
friends and relatives,

2) While house-sitting for the Clarkes in Vista, CA, we secured a car and spoke at four churches and prepared our fall schedule.
3) Securing housing during furlough is al
But God was and is faith ways an unknown.

ful in all things.

call them)


(as we

had made a

decision to relocate

to Missouri and gave us the use of their

beautiful 6 bedroom home all furnished (ex cept for dishes) for the cost of a 2 bed

room apartment in this area. Thus our whole family has been together making the cultural adjustment. Daughters Dana and Grace have jobs in L.A. and are living with the family. 4) Schooling for the children. God has granted us good scholarships so John and

Laurie, left, is 15. Next to her is Kristin Beavers, a new recruit for Japan, Grace, who just graduated from the U. of Oregon with an International Studies degree, now works for a Japanese company in Irvine, CA.

Joe are both freshmen at Pacific Christian ^ College, Fullerton, CA. They are now liv- B
ing in the dorms and love the schoolIt--- 9

is a great school with great leadership, We have not been aware of one negative
factor so far.



Spiritual growth and increased know-


ledge about the Word and Church Growth

around the World is a must for furlough.

The Fleenors had a week in a great semi-


nar on the Exchanged Life (Gal. 2:20)

under Grace Fellowhip held on the campus


of P.C.C.

Also a chance to learn from


great men of God on this campus.

Missionaries have a chance to reThe Fleenors will

cruit more prayer and financial support

for world missions.

The "KIND CLINES'sthe name we have given our California furlough home.

be speaking at 10 Faith Promise rallies.

7) Outreach to Japanese in the U.S. is great and we have had 8 fine opportuni ties to share Christ with Japanese in

8) Making contacts with Bible College students to help them see the great open doors for the gospel in Japan.

9) HELPING NEW RECRUITS to enter Japan.

Kristin Beavers, a new recruit, is pictured above with Grace and Laurie. They
invited her home when she said she felt

God was calling her to Japan as a


After prayer and many talks

!i J

the plan is for Kristin to return to

Japan in July 1984 for a one or two

year internship after graduation from


A Family Birthday Party in August.
the 24th and John on the 25th.


Grace on

Friends of




the young people help them celebrate.

Page 2
Pro. 10:1

Our son, Stephen, with his wonderful wife, Carol, have been missionaries in Japan for 13 years. It was a joy to have him with us for a week in August on his way back to Japan from a two-week buying trip in Oregon for a new mission building. Their own work plus their help in carrying on the work at the
Sayama Church and the Karuizawa Christian

Camp, truly provide a great deal of joy for us while we are on furlough. PRAY FOR THEM

many plans for 1984 camps and evangelism

while he was with us at the "Kind Cline".

Julius and oldest son, Stephen

Two other sons make us very joyful.

John and

Joe have made wise choices in studies and

they are pictured with Julius and New Testa ment scholar Dr. Alger Fitch of Pacific

Christian College. Julius and Alger were classmates at Northwest Christian College in
the 1940's.

Both sons have decied on a

Bible education

first. Joe feels a call for the preaching ministry. John wants to know the Bible and he is serving as Photography Director for the P.C.C. yearbook, taking pictures and ordering films, supplies, and developing pictures. John's gift in technical skills is being developed as he studies the Bible.


Do you want to continue to receive our News

letter? If we have not heard from you for over a year we plan to delete your name from our mailing list. If you pray, and read the letter, please let us know. Our regular correspondents and givers will, of course,
continue to receive the Newsletter.

Dr. Alger Fitch, Joe, John and Julius

a t P.C.C.




SUPPORT GROUP Special Christmas Dinner and Fellowship will be held at the University Christian Church, in Inglewood, CA on Tues. night, Dec. 7, at 6:30 p.m. Please send your reservation to our Newsletter secretary, Thelma Littrell, 11702 S. Gale, Hawthorne, CA
90250. Tel. 213/644-1640. you further details. She will send


Both Julius and Virginia have received letters from the Christians in Japan, saying "Hurry back, we miss you," Some of our Japanese friends will be visiting us in November and also in the spring in California.

Pray for the Fleenors to be used by God dur ing this furlough to the fullest. Julius spends two days a week on the P.C.C. campus
to contact students and we have had more

than 20 in our home to talk about Japan. Virginia will be travelling to the Missionary Convention and churches in Indiana, Ohio and Utah for Faith Promise Meetings during the
month of October.

Julius and Bill Cline -

Brothers in Christ

Pray God's special blessing on the Cline family who are missionaries in their daily
lives in America.

DEC 16 1983




is a Tax Exempt Corp.U.S. for funds address: Grice FLEENORS % 1.

4-25-8 Irumagawa P.O. Box 13

Sayama City, Saitama
JAPAN 350-13 Tel. 0429-53-7262

Furlough address until May 1, 1984
218 Demitier, Placentia, CA 92670
TELEPHONE: 714 993-0247





Kochester, MN







Dear Faithful Friends,


at this Christmas Season is that a l l our

hearts be opened for the LOVE OF GOD con tinually to be "poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit." Romans 5:5 So that we might all give a Gift of Love
to Jesus Christ which will be far more

precious in God's eyes than even the gifts the wisemen brought as they came so many years ago at the first Christmas.

Virginia and Julius Fleenor Missionaries to Japan

1. The Fleenors, your missionaries, who have some great needs now. 2. The Church in Japan to be strong spiritually and evangelistically. 3. That Holy Spirit REVIVAL may break
forth in the CHURCH that will result


will be used for the KAMO CHURCH building project payment in northern Japan which is due by December 30, 1983. We are committed to send $1,500.

in millions in Japan turning to

Jesus Christ as their LORD.

Stop and pray for this little church which was planted 20 years ago in much prayer and effort by the first Japanese workers
there in a rented house. The Christians

We appreciated your faithfulness this year Pray for our spiritual and physical health as we prepare to return to Japan in 1984. In 1950 we first arrived in Japan and asked God for 50 years of service by His Grace. We are thankful for the 33 years
thus far.

secured land and prayed for a permanent


5X5X5 Project began this.

By December 1984 this entire project will

be finished when the last $6000.00 non-

interest loan is paid to the contractor.


ANSWERED PRAYER for Virginia Many have asked about the nodules found by the doctor when he ordered x-rays last September. They proved to be benign cysts which by now have completely gone away without surgery. Thank you for your

increase their giving or begin giving $25.00 a month for the year 1984. This will lift a burden and pay off the final cost on schedule. Will you ask God if He wants you to be a part of that witness in

KAMO Church has two complete Christian families and a strong children's work

We have speaking dates open in: January^

Feb. and March and April. Please phone or write us at the above

and faithful evangelistic effort made in this stronghold of Buddhism and Communism
culture of this farming community. Here we have 200,000 people and only 100 Christians of any kind. PLEASE HELP WITH










Julius has spent hours since September with Tetsuo Kagiwada, our Japanese "spiritual son". Tetsuo has been accepted at Pacific Christian College, but needs extra English tutoring so he can take a full load in February and move into the dormatory. He arrived three days after Virginia left on her speaking tour in September and moved into the "Kind Cline" our furlough home. Twenty years ago we helped Tetsuo's widowed mother plant a church. Her request for help at that time was to plant churches in towns where there are no churches, to live by the gospel, and to raise her son to become a preacher. She has now planted three churches with their own buildings, two with kindergartens which make them selfsupporting and with trained Japanese leadership. Tetsuo's mother saved $5,000 to send him for his first year of Bible College in English. He has had four years of Bible in Japan and worked as an assistant pastor. PRAY THIS YOUNG MAN BECOME A STRONG PREACHER in Japan. Tetsuo attends his Bible lecture and listens and records i t . Julius then writes out the entire lecture. After reading and comparing his notes Tetsuo asks questions about
terms he does not understand.

Julius is on campus at Pacific Christian College each week to interview young men and women interested in Japan Missions and has taught several classes in Church Growth and

Missions when requested.

Two young men feel definitely called and are preparing for Japan.

Virginia returned home Nov. 1st and had a good tour of churches in Indiana and Ohio and attended the National Missionary Convention. Nobue Yamaguchi arrived from Japan November 3 to spend 3 weeks with us. She is a member of the Sayama Church of Christ being baptized 6 years agoShe came at her own expense to meet the American churches that sent us and give her testimony and thank them for sending missionaries or she and her family would not have received eternal life. She has converted 7 members of her family, a complete family in her neighborhood, and two other adult Christians. After her 72 year old father accepted Christ, he opened his home for weekly Bible studies, women's meetings, film evangelism, and prayer meetings. Last

year he went to be with the Lord and his funeral was like an evangelistic meeting and his widow decided to open up one large room for monthly Sunday evening services. This is now known as the HAGA HOUSE CHURCH. Mrs. Yamaguchi brought word two more attending the Bible reading meetings have expressed faith in Jesus Christ and are near decisions for Christ.

but allowed their wives to become Christian. She is pictured helping Virginia make a sukiyaki dinner for the Missions' Committee of the First Christian Church of Huntington

Beach, California.

The Manny Diekilmans hosted the evening in the Overton home.

JOE AND JOHN our adopted sons are being enriched at Pacific Christian College and are shown above with Tetsuo. Joe has stated on Virginia's birthday that he definitely wants to return to Japan as a missionary and will prepare in that direction. What a -nice birthday .gift I _ _ . . _ KRISTIN BEAVERS Our recruit for Japan plans to leave with us July 1984 for Japan, Pray that she secure an endorsing church and support for her two year internship. She will graduate from Bible College in June.

We are enjoying our daughters Dana, and Grace for this season together with Laurie. We will have until May 1st together.