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Ceramics 1 Whistle Rubric

Teacher Name: Mrs. Saunders

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY Pinch Technique

Low Performance 10+ Points Pinch method mastery is not evident. Skill appears sloppy and inconsistent.

At or Below Average 15+ Points Pinch method mastery is attempted but major problems exist in technique

At or Above Average 17+ Points Pinch method mastery is evident yet minor flaws exist in smoothness and consistent thickness 17+ Points Glazing is even but some glazing flaws still exist. 17+ Points Student displays significant original thinking in form and expression. Research and planning are evident. Form is a recognizable animal or object and shows creativity and exhibits detail.

Exemplary Performance 19+ Points Pinch method is mastered with equal thickness, balance and smooth surface evident. 19+ Points Glazing is even and consistently applied. No glazing flaws exist. 19+ Points Student displays unique and original thinking in form and expression. Thoughtful planning and thourough detail are evident in the work. Form is a recognizable animal or object that shows exemplary creativity and details. 19+ Points Student work is very neatly formed and craftsmanship is excellent. There are no imperfections in the construction and thoughtful details are abundant. Resources and sketches and/or notes are excellent. 19+ Points Whistle works with clarity. Student needed no assistance in getting it to function and were able to follow directions without assistance

Earned Points

Glaze 10+ Points Glazing is uneven or spotty. Project is left unglazed. Idea Communication 10+ Points Student displays no original thinking in form or expression. No evidence of research or planning. Form does not exhibit a recognizable animal or object. 15+ Points Student displays some attempt at original thinking in form or expression. Some evidence of research and planning exists. Project displays a recognizable animal or object but lacks some creativity and detail. 15+ Points Glazing is evident but still may be uneven and display poor workmanship

General Craftsmanship/ Work Process

10+ Points Student made little or no effort to create their whistle. No resources, sketches and/or notes were collected.

15+ Points Student made some attempt to create their whistle but the project is not well-formed and has significant craftsmanship problems. Some attention has been paid to resources, notes and/or sketches. 15+ Points Whistle works but has some whistling flaws.

17+ Points Student work displays good craftsmanship and has shown nice detail within the project. Some minor craftsmanship problems exist. Resources, sketches and/or notes are evident. 17+ Points Whistle works and has sound clarity but student needed assistance getting their whistle to function according to directions.

Whistle function 10+ Points Whistle does not function and little attempt is made to produce a working product.