A Study on the Ministry of 1Praise and Worship As a leader of worship and a psalmist, I give presentations on the subject of praise

and worship. It is my view that most churches have always done praise and worship while not calling it by that name. We have been blessed with many hymns that inspire us to adore, revere, bless and worship the Lord; “When orning !ilds the "#ies, my heart awa#ening cries, may $esus %hrist be praised& is one of many that describe praise in worship and worship in praise. 'o this end we begin by e(amining each word to ascertain what each means and then apply it to practical use) When you or I “praise& we) Acclaim Adore Applaud by shouting Adulate *oast *rag %elebrate +steem ,ail ,onour -evere Worship When you or I “worship& we) Admire *less %herish ,onour Love .raise -evere /enerate 0rom the list it is easy to see that one can “praise !od in worship; and worship !od in praise&. It is therefore helpful to have an understanding and share what our forefathers of the *ible #new about praise and worship; applying the practice to everyday life, in other words, living a lifestyle of “praise and worship&. 'he scriptures of the 1ld 2 3ew 'estament and psalms are e(cellent e(pressions of praise and worship and can be divided into two groups) 4a5

+(amples of this would be .salm 78) 9. A lifestyle of praise and@or worship should glorify !16 with vocal e(pressions. It can be and is often spelt “alleluia&. an attitude of the body. It is defined as being boastful and e(cited 4the way one does at a rally or sports event5. reverence. "o far.&. C to blessC. past and present. attributes. and 4iii5 Worship . deals with DmusicD. by recalling and distinguishing everything that god has done.salm <8? and +(odus >)<8. lifting of the hands and shouts of joy and bliss.. who . 'he whole e(ercise is three tiered or a tripod) 4i5 Thanksgiving .salm ?= 4psalm of Asaph5. we praise you. we adore you& is an e(pression of *ara# praise. o my soul. 'houghts on the word DblessD bring to mind all that !od through his son $esus %hrist has done for us.is glory and majesty. and essence of a !16 and.7 tells us how. the telling about !odAs goodness to others.. 4"ome writers on the subject refer to these seven words as levels or stages5.s. but the one that is predominant throughout the boo# of psalms is called "a#ar$ It demonstrates music in praise to god and . 4"ome bible translations use the word praise. 'hin# about the +ucharist service and evening prayer.<= and < %hronicles 7:)<<. to bow down. 'he third level or word however. and all that is within me. 'he song Cfather. bless his holy name.+ is. <=8. +(amples of this type of praise are found in .<<> and . “6escriptive praise& focuses on the person. such as the sharing of a testimony. have we stopped to wonder how we may bless godE 6avid in psalm <=>) <. :.owever. when he says) Dbless the Lord. the sharing of the events of the day. when you felt !od move and act on your behalf. 1ther psalms that e(press *ara# praise are ps. it means in simple terms Bpraise the Lord&.descriptive or 4b5 declarative. . . 'hroughout the 1ld 'estament this word is continually used.<>. they spea# about . Level t o !arak simply means. *ara# praise can be used as a pattern or mode of prayer. +ach one is distinctive and yet complimentary of each other. we love you. Level One or the First Word is HALEL which in transliteration becomes “. and they are full of than#sgiving.5 6avid continues on. “6eclarative praise& places the emphasis on what !16 has done.. In the .ebrew language there are several musical verbs.ebrews have seven words each one depicting a different form of praise and worship. 'he Anglican %hurch leans towards this #ind of praise and worship. mind and spirit 'he . as the word suggests #neeling and blessing god in worship or devotion.allelujah&. the whisper of prayer to !od in than#s 4ii5 Praise . the levels or words for praise are those used mainly in an oratory fashion.

our ass lends itself to this e(pression. The fourth level or ord is Sha%a&h and is illustrated in psalm <<9)<. but refers to a special #ind of singing that is unrehearsed.salm <>F)< best describes this word. means to spea# highly of. 7 %hronicles 9)<. In the outer court we unloc# the door to the throne room of heaven. 'ehillah is portrayed in psalm 77)> which tells us that god dwells in the praises of his people. we give than#s and praise before we receive from the lord.is gates with 'han#sgiving. 8=)>. 1ther psalms are :7)<. 'his category of praise is also pictured in psalm G>)8.G and psalm <=9)77 are e(amples. to address in a loud tone. In other words. In the 1ld 'estament music has been the main e(pression of praise used by the . psalm <==)8 “ +nter . it involves. at this juncture we are recounting what !od has done for us. We rejoice and than# god for his promises. the hands are raised in worship.. 4i5 Outer portion represents thanksgiving. 'u#%er si) related to (adah is To dah and translated also means “than#sgiving& and involves the raising of hands in adoration. 4iii5 3e(t we move to the Bholy placeA and get even closer to the throne room and worship in the Bholy of holiesA.advocates that praise and music can be interchangeable. 0inally.7. all ye people. 'his e(hibition of praise brings unity into the congregation and allows god to move in miraculous ways.& 4ii5 Again Huoting psalm <== the ne(t line states.. actually it means singing our halals.D 'he word used here. 7 %hronicles 7=)<:. 'han#sgiving. and GG)7. Again as with . clapping of hands and a joyful e(pression of our than#s and adoration. . 1 praise the Lord. praise and worship are comparable to the three corners of the tabernacle of oses). It is also depicted in 7 chronicles 7=)77.is courts with praise& and therefore represents praise.alel. 'ehillah praise can be found in psalms >8)<. unprepared and which today is referred to as Cbeing led by the spiritC.7< also demonstrates this. to command triumph. it cannot be taughtI Jou must have a personal love relationship with %hrist.owever. “enter . ..> and F<)<. 'he popular praise 2 worship chorus) Clet everything that has breath praise the lordC is psalm <?= set to music. it suggests an attitude of sacrificial praise. all ye nations) praise him. and glory. -ead psalm ?=. All of this is an act of the will. A combination of Barak and Zamar praise can be found in psalms :F. or are delivered out of a situation.ebrews. Tehillah is the seventh and final level and relates to singing. 'u#%er five is (adah and it means to publicly ac#nowledge !od. . :? <>8 and <8?.

oly.. which you can study for yourself and be lifted in praise and worship unto the Lord) +esour&es !ooks* !y Terry La .raise 2 Worship . yet thou art . the praise of elchiMede# +(odus <?)<.The %enefits of praise and Increases faith.salm 77)> “*ut thou art . . $erichoAs walls $udges ?)7. the song of oses Leviticus <:)78 .. 6euteronomy <=)7< $oshua G)7= .raise releases 0aith 'he . I conclude with some resources.7 .. *rings understanding and clarity to things of the .> .ow to +nter the . orship are as follo s* *rings about healing of the body. the praise of 6eborah and *ara# -uth 8)<8 <st "amuel 7)<. enthroned on the praises of Israel. *rings !od to us 4. 'his is the best form of witness and testimony when encouraging others to come to %hrist.. shall be holy to praise the Lord .oly 1ne. you are the praise of Israel 43I/5. 1 thou that inhabitest the praise of Israel 4K$/5. “the fruit.oly.<: .raise by $udson %ornwall .ower of .. mind and spirit...raise 6evotional by -uth yers List of Scriptures on Praise in the Old & New Testaments for individuals* !enesis <8)7= .resence of !od Let Ls . yet you are enthroned as the .. +nhances the +ucharist or +vening service. As %hristians our lifestyle should be one of praise and worship at all levels. 43ew 1(ford Annotated5.oly "pirit.annah ..

the minstrel atthew 7G)>= .hilemon <)8 $ames ?)<> $ude 78)7? -evelation <:)? List of Scriptures on Praise in the Old & New Testaments for the congregation: . .hilippians 8)7= < 'hessalonians ?)<G << 'hessalonians <)> . <)<7 .7nd "amuel 77)8 .salm <8:)< <st %hronicles 7:)7= 7nd %hronicles 7:)7F <st . 7? ./00/ 1 +evised /002 . "olomonAs praise at the dedication of the temple 7nd Kings >)<?.opyright.The !aha#as .<G .?? .haplain 'assau.e&ilia Aske . agnificat Act <G)7? .salm <<<)< .. 6avid when delivered out of "aulAs hand <st Kings F)<? .<= . at the time of $esus passion ar# <<)F. Mrs$ +$ .aul 2 "ilas -omans <?)<< < %orinthians <8)<? +phesians.salm 77)77. .alm "unday Lu#e <) 8G.eter 7): 'hose involved in Worship inistry should ta#e time to reflect and meditate on the scriptures before practice sessions.

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