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The Frontline 1C

October 4, 2007


Sgt. 1st Clas Tami Hillis

Josh Ray, the quarterback for Company C., 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment Charging Bulls, scrambles in for a touchdown Sept. 25 at Fort Stewart. The Charging Bulls beat
3rd Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment Tigersharks, 27-26 in flag football playoffs.

3/7 ‘Bulls’ beats 3/3 ‘Tigersharks’

27-26, advance to finals
Sgt. 1st Class Tami Hillis field, giving the team six more points.
4th BCT Public Affairs It was all McMillan during the “Tigersharks” next possession, as he scram-
bled twice, completed a pass and them zigzagged down the field, chalking up
A championship title is one game away for Company C, 3rd Battalion, 7th another TD, bringing the score to 13-12.
Infantry Regiment “Charging Bulls”, after knocking off the 3rd Battalion, 3rd The “Charging Bulls” had to earn its next score as penalties and incom-
Aviation Regiment “Tigersharks”, 27-26 during flag football playoff action plete passes kept knocking them back. On a 4th and 20 Ray rushed down
Sept. 25 at Fort Stewart. field, gaining enough yards for the first down. On the next play the “Charging
The “Charging Bulls” faced Company F, 703rd Brigade Support Battalion in Bulls” found the goal line and also added a 2-point conversion, giving them
the championship flag football game at 6 p.m. Oct. 1 at Olvey Field at a 21-12 edge. Trying to strike fast, McMillan threw down field, but the ball
Bradwell Institute in Hinesville. See next week’s edition of The Frontline for landed in the hands of the “Charging Bulls” with only 57 seconds left in the
full fame coverage. half. The “Charging Bulls” couldn’t convert, punting the ball with just 25 sec-
The “Tigersharks” had first possession of the Sept. 25 game against the ond left. Time wasn’t in the “Tigersharks” favor as time expired before they
“Charging Bulls”, but quickly turned it over as Quarterback Demarcus could punch it into the end zone. After the half each team found the end
McMillan threw an interception on the third play. zone through the air, advancing the score to 27-18.
The “Charging Bulls” took advantage and four plays later Quarterback Josh The “Tigersharks” defense held the “Charging Bulls” on the next posses-
Ray scrambled across the goal line and added the extra point, giving his team sion, giving their team the ball at mid-field. McMillan crossed the goal
an early 7-0 lead. line and added a 2-point conversion, bringing his team within two
McMillan took matters into his own hands as he sprinted down the field points with just over a minute left in the game.
and across the goal line on the first play of his team’s next possession, bring- The “Charging Bulls” ran out the clock as Ray scrambled
ing the score to 7-6. for all three plays, falling just shy of the end zone as time
The “Charging Bulls” answered back as Ray found an open receiver down expired.
Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Tami Hillis, graphic by Pat Young
Right: Demarcus McMillan, the quarterback for 3/3 Avn “Tigersharks”, celebrates as he
crosses the end zone for a touchdown Sept. 25 at Fort Stewart. The Tigersharks loss to
the Co. C., 3/7 Inf. “Charging Bulls” 27-26 in flag football playoffs.

If you missed the Marne Bowl, Oct. 1,

see next weeks Frontline for coverage,
or watch Marne T.V. 7 p.m. nightly for all the action.

Nancy Gould
Right: Lt. Col. Daniel Whitney, Hunter Army Airfield garrison commander, presents the 3/3 Avn, flag football coach, Sgt. 1st Class David McCorkill, a trophy for his team's 11-0 unde-
feated regular season play. "The team gave 100 percent," McCorkill said. “We could not have played so well without the support and encouragement of our command."
2C The Frontline
October 4, 2007

Courtesy photo
The members of the 203rd Forward Support Battalion softball team pose for a team photo prior to winning the Forward Operating Base Hammer softball championship Sept. 13.

Troops compete on softball field

Spc. Ben Hutto motivated to win because of a friendly bet made between 203rd BSB maintained their advantage for four more
3rd HBCT Public Affairs the two teams. According to the rules of the wager, the los- hotly contested innings to claim the championship.
ing team would host a barbecue for the winning team and “This game was a good competition,” said 1st Sgt. James
FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER, Iraq – Airman serve them at a location and time picked by the winning Maye, Headquarters Company, from York, Ala. “It lifted
from the 557th Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron and team. Soldier’s morale and helped both units build espirit de
Soldiers from the 203rd Brigade Support Battalion took “I’m excited about the game tonight,” said Master Sgt. corps. The Air Force was a well organized team, but in the
time out of their busy schedules to play for the Forward Donnie DeVaughn, the non-commissioned officer in end the true victors were the Eagles. Now we are just wait-
Operating Base Hammer Softball Championship at charge of support operations for the Headquarters ing for our barbecue.”
Sledgehammer Field Sept. 13. Company of 203rd BSB, Laurinburg, N.C. “I’m looking for- The 203rd BSB is part of the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat
The 203rd BSB narrowly beat the 557th ERHS by a score ward to it. I can’t believe we have made it this far.” Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Benning, Ga., and has
of 23 to 21 in a close game. The 557th ERHS held the lead early until the 203rd BSB been deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Before the game, Soldiers of 203rd BSB were excited and took it away with a big rally in the 5th inning. since March 2007.

Soldiers dethrone Air Force for Armed Forces men’s softball championship
Staff Sgt. Mike Meares – and sixth overall – with six victories and The All-Army team, with only three rook- champs.”
96th Air Base Wing Public Affairs two losses. The All-Marine Corps team fin- ies, relied on the experience of 12 veterans. Three-time defending champion All-Air
ished second with a 6-3 record. After losing 20-8 in their tournament open- Force had just one win before defeating
EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – The All- “Any team can beat any team at any given er to the All-Marine Corps squad, the Navy, 18-9, in the final game of the second
Army team spoiled All-Air Force’s bid for a time,” said All-Army coach Command Sgt. Soldiers made adjustments and dropped day of the tourney. They entered the final
fourth consecutive championship by cap- Maj. Victor Rivera of Fort Drum, N.Y. “My only one game to All-Air Force the rest of day needing to sweep all three services.
turing the gold medal at the Armed Forces strategy is to beat everyone at least twice.” the way. They beat All-Army in a defensive battle, 5-
Men’s Softball Championship game Sept. The three-day, round-robin tournament “Not only did we win it for ourselves, we 2, and shut out All-Navy, 15-0, but couldn’t
12-14. featured hand-picked players from around won it for our units, divisions, and most hold off the All-Marine Corps squad, losing
The All-Army team claimed its first the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy. importantly, the Army,” Rivera said. “We 9-5 in what amounted to the silver-medal
Armed Forces men’s softball title since 2003 Each team played nine games. can brag for the next year we are the softball game..
The Frontline 3C
October 4, 2007

Golfers up morale Jake’s Body Shop

Stay young, live healthy
during FOB visit physically, psychologically
Sgt Kevin Stabinsky The tour, Fairways to Greens, was very inter-
2nd BCT PAO active as well. At each of the bases toured, the Jake Battle
pros offered swing analysis, chipping contests,
Exercise for your health
DMWR Fitness Director
FOB KALSU – After a tour through Iraq, four putting contests and tips on how to improve Regular exercise is also helpful. It not
professional golfers will never look at sand traps one's game, said Brian Lee, Pro Sports MVP only helps pre-
There is an age old ques- serve, but may
the same way again. director. tion, “Do I have to grow
Carl Paulson, Jim Carter, Suzanne Strudwick Soldiers at certain bases, based on their loca- also enhance neu-
feeble as I grow older? I'd rological func-
and Mollie Fankhauser visited Forward tion, also got to enjoy other memories, such as like to stay healthy for
Operating Base Kalsu and Hammer Sept. 23 as driving golf balls into Turkey. tioning in older
many more years. Any sug- people who have
part of the tour through Iraq to boost Soldier Likewise, the pros got to get a lot out of their gestions?
morale. visit, no matter which base they stayed at. previously been
A. It's true that some sedentary.
The ten-day tour, which stopped at 15 bases "Everyone has gone out of their way to make people are vigorous at 80,
(13 in Iraq and two in Kuwait), was sponsored by this trip memorable," said Paulson, a 27-time- The Annals of
while others seem old at Internal Medicine
Pro Sports MVPs, a Colorado Springs based top-25 finishes during his pro tenure. 60. Yet, life expectancy in
sports and marketing firm. The company, which Strudwick, the 1993 Ladies Pro Golf reported, "func-
the United States has tional aerobic age
markets tours featuring celebrities and sports Association rookie of the year and now one of increased so dramatically
figures to various markets, is known for its con- the top female golf teachers in the Unites States, is probably low-
in this century that the ered by the condi-
tributions to the military, having run tours in said there were many educational experiences. terms "middle age" and
Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. "Every knows about the sacrifices, but not all tioning effect of
"old age" are changing sig- repeated exer-
This is the second time Pro Sports MVP has the little things," she said, noting it was interest- nificantly.
visited Kalsu this year. On June 15, former ing to see how the Soldiers lived, worked and cise."
In fact, the notion of 65 This simply
National Basketball Association stars Greg performed their jobs. as the gateway to old age
Minor, Thurl Bailey and Shawn Bradley visited Such interaction increased Strudwick's means exercise
has begun to seem old- makes you younger. Many studies have
with the group. respect for the service members, who noted that fashioned. Today people often regard
Like the previous tour with the NBA stars, the despite all the adversities they face, they still indicated that exercise prolongs life.
themselves as still middle aged in their Even engaging in light sports for two
visit gave "Joes" a chance to interact with the maintain an unbelievable passion about their late fifties and sixties.
"pros" and get their autographs. jobs and mission. hours a week increases life expectancy.
People in their seventies and older Older people can start an exercise
"Its amazing how passionate and young the often retain their health and energy.
Soldiers are," Strudwick said. " To be so young program at any age and have short term
Technically, "young old" age begins at 70 physiological benefits as well as a
and have a skill level so high, like it is an every- and "old" age begins at 85.
day thing (to perform their missions) is amaz- reduced incidence of chronic diseases.
ing." Exercise can improve both cardiovas-
Such respect is what each of the golfers said The fountain of youth cular fitness and strength. It can help
would commit them to a second tour. This was If you're over 45, you may be familiar lower blood pressure, raise FIDL
the first time Pro Sports MVP sponsored a golf with a slow down of memory. For ("good") cholesterol levels, relieve emo-
related tour to Iraq, Lee said. instance, names and facts may become tional stress and help with weight con-
Based on reception, the pros said they would harder to retrieve. Yet knowledge and trol.
like to come back again and once again boost good judgment usually increase with Exercises such as running or walking
the morale of the military through the tour. experience. may delay or prevent osteoporosis, the
In the meantime, Soldiers can possibly catch Fortunately, mental capacity does not bone loss that comes with aging. People
a glimpse of the golfers next February when the need to deteriorate, especially in people who exercise almost always say it
professional golfing season gets into full swing. who continue to learn and think, who improves their sense of well-being.
As for other sports stars, future Pro Sports MVP are well nourished and who exercise Start slowly and increase the length
tours are in the works. Future events with base- their bodies throughout their lives. and intensity of your workouts gradual-
Courtesy photo ball stars during the World Series and football One thing that makes a difference is ly if you are starting an exercise program
Staff Sgt. Andrew Pearce, battle noncommis- stars after the National Football League season is keeping the mind in shape. Try working, in mid-life.
sioned officer, 3rd HBCT, tees off after getting over are being planned, according to Lee. reading, taking classes, talking to others, It's probably a good idea to check with
pointers from professional golfers at FOB "This is just a great way for troops to get their cultivating a hobby, playing games or a doctor before you significantly
Hammer during the Fairways 2 Greens Golf minds off of things," Lee said. "It's a great release traveling. increase your exercise.
Tour Sept. 23. for them."
4C The Frontline
October 4, 2007

Taylors Creek Golf Course Stewart-Hunter invite community

holds commander scramble members to learn more about golf
Pat Young the top five with its members Sean Strate, Pat Young 60 degree angle.
Frontline Staff Sgt. Maj. Max brown, randall Dutkiewicz Frontline Staff With wedges, the
and Arnie Macey edging out the sixth place golfer doesn’t hit
Golfers came out swinging at Taylors Criminal Law team who scored 62. the Although the tournaments at Taylors the ball directly but
Creek Golf Course Sept. 28 for the quarterly Criminal law team members were Capt. Creek and Hunter Golf Courses are a favorite uses hits slightly
Garrison Commander’s Golf Scramble. Edward Berg, Capt. Daniel Yehl, Capt. by many, the course isn’t only for the experi- under the ball, cre-
More than 75 people recently participat- Michael Guinan and Maj. Charles Kuhfahl. enced, according to Tommie McArthur, resi- ating a pillow of
ed with awards going to the top seven The last prize earning team, who took 7th dent golf professional and manager of the sand to help carry
teams. were the members of the Staff Judge golf courses. the ball out of the
The tournament was a best ball competi- Advocate Capt. Daren Jaques, Capt. McArthur explained that Stewart-Hunter bunker.
tion, with everyone hitting their own ball, Timothy Hayes, and Capt. Edward Whitford, offers free clinics the first Saturday of the Golf courtesy
and the team using the ball closest to the scoring 63. month, and all beginning players have to do dictates the golfer
courtesy photo
pin for their next swing. The longest drive was hit DES team mem- is call Friday to register. should then fix or
The first place finisher’s for the Garrison ber Max Brown, and closest to pin was Jerry The objective of golf is to drive the golf ball fill the “divot,” a Garrett Ott
Scramble were the team members from the Strickland. from the starting tees, down the fairways to term used to refer
549th Military Police with a score of 54, But even during the tournament, golf isn’t the putting green, and sink it in the hole, with to the hole made by the impact.
Capt. Bryan VanRipper, 1st Sgt. Willie only about competition. Sometimes its just the fewest swings. The amount of swings it is A rake is often found near bunkers, and
Massey, Master Sgt. Bart Knoch, and Sgt. 1st about having fun with co-workers and measured against the standard for that par- sand is generally kept in bottles stored on golf
Class Greg Kleinholz. friends. ticular hole. The standard for each hole is carts.
Al Hoffey, Mike Passmore, Gary The 703rd team represented by 2nd Lt. generally three swings for a hole that is 200 When you’re ready to start the next hole,
Blanchard and Ron Koch scored 59 points, Carolyn Frazier, 1st Lt. Luke Stewart, 2nd Lt. yards or less from tee off location to hole - there are four starting positions to tee off
taking second by out performing the third Allis Gilbert and 2nd Lt. Abbie Gottschall making it a Par-3. The amount of swings is from. McArthur said Taylors Creek has four
place 4th Brigade team who also scored 59, wanted to do their best, but didn’t weren’t compared to the standard. If you make it in 4 choices. The blue pins, referred to as champi-
but didn’t fare as well on the tie breaking really oriented to win. Although the team swings on a Par-3, your score thus far is 1 over onship tees, are furthest from the hole; the
whole. admits Gilbert was probably the better Par. white pins are the standard starting location
The 4th Brigade team was well represent- golfer, with a number of years of golf experi- The record for lowest score for a single for men, called member’s tees; gold for
ed by its members, Lt. Col. Dane Barksdale, ence behind her, the whole team made it a player shooting 18 holes at Taylors Creek is seniors and red for ladies.
Lt. Col. Darryl McDowell, Capt. John special effort just to have fun. 64, shot by Russell Johnson on Dec. 4, 1999. One of the youngest to occasionally use
Angello, and Capt. Norm Stephenson. “We’ll be deploying to Iraq soon, and just Some interesting terms while scoring a the blue pins, is six year old Garrett Ott, a first
The 4th Battalion, 64th Armor team came wanted to relax a little before we did,” said hole is are Par, where swings equal the stan- grade student attending Taylors Creek
in a close fourth with an outstanding score Frazier from Company D. dard; scoring three below par is referred to as Elementary, and son of Sgt 1st Class Brett Ott,
of 60. Its team members Command Sgt. Upcoming tournaments include the next an ace; two below is an eagle, one below is a 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry and golf course
Maj. Clarence Stanley, who joined the team Garrison Commander’s Scramble on Oct. 19; birdie; one above is a bogie, two above is a assistant Betsy Ott.
during his mid-tour rest and relaxation The Hunter Garrison Scramble Oct. 26; the double bogie, and three above is a triple Garrett plays at Taylors Creek to develop
leave; Capt. Andrew Betson; Sgt. 1st class Hunter Spouse’s Club Scramble Oct. 13; and bogie. his game and is scheduled to participate in
Bruce Bradford and Staff Sgt. Henry Davis. a Veterans of World War II Memorial tourna- McArthur explained in order to hit the ball his first tournament in McDonough, Ga. Oct.
Directorate of Emergency Services ment on Oct. 20. For more information down the range, the golfer uses a variety of 6.
responded with a score of 61, rounding up about upcoming events, call 767-2350. clubs - depending preferences, ability and “He’s very excited about the event, said
terrain. They ranged from woods, irons, and Betsy. “He’s been practicing at Taylors Creek
putters. McArthur said rental clubs at and at his aunt’s golf course, the Liberty
Stewart-Hunter included three wooden dri- Valley Country Club in Dannsville,
vers, eight irons, and a putter. Each driver Pennsylvania.”
and iron has heads with varying angles A young man who’s score rival team scores
designed to hit the ball with varying trajecto- at the garrison scramble, Garrett’s father has
ries. An example would be the seven-iron, hopes for his future.
which could be used to hit the ball, on aver- “He’s working on our future retirement,”
age, about 150 yards. A rule of measure Ott said, who incidentally tied for second at
would be 10 to 15 yards increase or decrease the recent Fort-Stewart Long Drive competi-
depending on the iron, so 165 yards for a six- tion.
iron, or 135 for an eight-iron. “A lot of people think a long drive compe-
A golfer may encounter deep grass on tition is all about hitting as hard as you can,”
either side of the fairway, called the rough, or McArthur said. “The real trick is having real
Pat Young
the ball may land in a sand bunker. To get it good mechanics. If you put power and prop-
out, the golfer could use a wedge. Three er mechanics together it will give you the
Left to right: 1st Lt. Luke Stewart watches as 2nd Lt. Allis Gilbert kicks her ball out of
common wedges are the pitching wedge with ability to hit it farther.”
the way so the team can play 2nd Lt. Carolyn Frazier’s best ball. Frazier lines up to hit
a 45-49 degree angle; the sand wedge with a Learn more about golfing by visiting one of
the ball as 2nd Lt. Abbie Gottschall waits her turn.
59-56 degree angle and the lob wedge with a the installation golf courses, or call 767-2370.