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Disease Patterns
LV #i Stagnation

Key S & S
$% De&ression! 'oo(iness )% Easily Anger!Irrita*le +% Sig,ing -% Pre.'entr al /reast Distention 0% Ri*.si(e Distention 1% Pre.'enstr al Tension

1. Plum Pit Qi 2. Distention & Pain of the Hypochondrium 3. Middle Jiao Signs . !rregular Periods a. $. c. d. e. f. g. h.

"rustration# anger %i&er 'lood (u %i&er )in (u *idney )in (u *idney )ang (u e&erything that inhi$its %ungs to diffuse & go&ern Qi e&il Qi presence of e&il

Tong e & P lse ! T"

P lse2 3iry ! String Ta g,t! *owstring Tong e2 Nor4al or Re( si(es5 (isten(e( si(es T"2 Co rse t,e Li6er5 Re7ti8y t,e #i P lse2 3iry!String Ta g,t!*owstring5 <possi$ly slightly rapid= -ongue0 +ed sides

LV De&ression! Trans8or4ati6e 9eat

$% Feeling o8 9eat )% Irrita*ility +% Rage li:e anger -% Distention an( Pain o8 /reast 0% Ni&&le 9y&ersensiti6ity

1. +ed face & eyes 2. Premenstrual ,cne 3. -hirst . 'itter -aste .. Mental +estlessness /. !nsomnia0 a. difficulty falling asleep $. 1a2ing up hot 13 a racing mind 4. Heart Palpitations 5. 6hest 7ppression 8. 9arly Periods0 "looding and %ea2ing 1. Serious !nsomnia0 Dreamed Distur$ed Sleep 2. Di>>iness0 !ntense :ertigo 3. -innitus# deafness . 9pista?is .. Hemoptysis . Hematemesis .. -hirst /. 'itter -aste 4. 6onstipation 1ith Dry Stools 5. Dar2 )ello1 @rine

%i&er Qi -ransformati&e Heat %: Qi S & S ; heat <o&er time=

-(0 6ourse the %:# +ectify the Qi# 6lear heat <resol&e depression= a. 9nduring Qi stagnation to transformati&e heat then to "ire <$la>ing up1ards= - could $e fast through a 2ey e&ent $. 9motional Distur$ances c. ,lcohol 6igarettes 6offee d. +efined Sugar to heat e. S- Qi increasesA so does appetite. Patient eats poorly <grease & sugar=. a. *idney )in (u $. *idney 9ssence (u - Spleen Qi (u mainly c. enduring %i&er 'lood &acuity P lse2 F ll5 String Ta g,t5 Ra&i( -ongue0 +ed -ongue# redder on sides# Possi$ly Dry yello1 6oating


$% 9ea( A7,e2 Verte< or Te4&oral )% Irrita*ility5 Rage li:e o t* rsts +% Re( Fa7e an( Eyes -% Re(ness in t,e Genital Area

-(0 Drain %i&er "ire


$% Dry Eyes >C,roni7? )% /l rre( Vision >(i4inis,e( a7 ity o8 eyes )% E4&ty 9eat Signs

1. H.,. <:erte?= 2. Di>>iness 3. -innitus . -hirst# Dry throat# Bo or little desire to drin2 .. !nsomnia 13 :i&id Dreaming

Tong e2 No Coating5 Possi*ly Re( /o(y w! E4&ty ,eat

/. Ber&ousness0 :e?ation & ,gitation <1orse in the e&ening= Ceneral )in (u signs0 1. -ital "e&er 2. Dry mouth and throat 3. Bight S1eats . *D )in (@ Signs .. Heat in . Hearts /. Malar "lushing PATTERN LIVER =ANG RISING >w! LV =in "U? KE= SIGNS & S='PTO'S $% 9%A%2 o6erw,el4ing@ (e*ilitating one si(e( 9%A%5 sensation o8 ,eat r s,ing to t,e ,ea(5 li:e wa6ing 7ras,ing on s,ore5 ,ea6y ,ea(e(ness )% Raging on Peo&le5 irrita*ility >S,o ting in Anger? GENERAL S & S 1. +ed "ace and +ed 9yes 2. %oud and "orceful -innitus 3. !nsomnia D 13dreams . Palpitations .. Poor Memory /. 6onstipation 4. lo1 $ac2 soreness 5. 2nee 1ea2ness & soreness Ceneral %i&er Find Signs0 1. -remor 2. -ic 3. Bum$ness . Di>>iness .. 6on&ulsions or Paralysis CAUSES %i&er )in (u0 complication from %!: )in (u

-(0 9nrich %i&er )in#

TONGUE & PULSE pulse0 wiry & Eposs. "ine Erapid 13heat -ongue0 +ed 'ody# Sides +edder# Diminished 6oating -(0 9nrich %i&er )in# Su$due %i&er )ang

*Patient suffers!

$. DiAAiness2 Strong5 roo4 s&inBg 2% Con6 lsions 3% S ((en n7ons7io sness -. 9e4i&legia2 n 4*ness! la7: o8 sensation 0. De6iation o8 4o t, & eyes - one si(e( &aralysis 1. A&,asia2 Di88i7 lt S&ee7, $% D ll Pale 7o4&le<ion )% Pale Nails2 3it,ere( & *rittle nails% +% /l rre( Vision -% Floaters in eyes >stars lig,ts C /loo( "U? 0% Nig,t *lin(ness 1% S7anty 'enstr ation2 Da4enorr,ea Dlate 4enstr ation

9nduring %i&er )ang +ising

Pulse0 Firy & fine -ongue0 Bormal color0 no coat -(0 Bourish %: )in# Su$due %i&er )ang# Su$due Find


1. Dry s2in and hair 2. Pale lips 3. Di>>iness . !nsomnia0 Mathidinal <easy a1a2e=A :i&id Dreams .. Muscle Fea2ness0 hyper tonicity /. Dull Pain <referred Pain= 4. Heart Palpitations

'lood %oss0 1. Menstrual 'leeding Disorders 2. Profuse 'leeding 3. Dysfunctional 'leeding . H- D SPE *D .. SP Qi XU (insuff. blood prod.) 6. Fear through Kidne s !. "ssence# $ %nsufficient natural endo&'ent $ (ging $ "nduring )isease $ Se*ere )isease

-ongue0 , Pale tongue# paler side EPossi$ly thin EPoss. Slightly dry Pulse0 -hready3fineA choppy <$lood ?u pulse= -(0 Supplement %:# Bourish %: 'lood


1. S,a:ing o8 9ea( 2. /l rre(!Flowery Vision 3. N 4* Li4*s ETre4or o8 Li4*sF . O&istot,onos


$% 9ig, Te4&erat res )% /l e.Green 7olor *etween eyes >gl *ella? 2. Rigidity of Neck 3. Coma (in severe cases) 4. Opisthotonos - Tetany

Ceneral %i&er Find Signs0 1. -remor 2. -ic 3. Bum$ness . Di>>iness .. Con6 lsions or Paralysis 'lood (@0 1. D ll w,ite Co4&le<ion 2. Pale Li&s an( Nails General Liver Wind Signs: 1. Tremor 2. Tic 3. Numbness 4. Dizziness 0% Con6 lsions or paralysis

9nduring %i&er 'lood (@0 1. Hyperacti&e %: )ang 2. "ire 3. 'lood (@

-ongue0 , pale tongue 1ith -F6# Possi$ly de&iated Pulse0 "ineA $o1string3Firy -(0 -onify %: 'lood <first=# Dispel Find Tongue: Deep Red; Stiff; Dry Yellow Coat Pulse: a!id " Wir# T$: Drain %ire& Subdue Wind Tongue: Normal or Slig'(l# ed on Sides Pulse: Wir# L. Guan Wea) Guan *r Wir# L " Guan T$: +ourse Liver& ec(i,# -i& .armonize S(omac' -ongue0 , paleA some1hat Dar2ish tongue 1hich !s typically s1ollen 13 -eeth mar2s Pulse0 'o1string# fine -(0 6ourse the %:# +esol&e Depression# "ortify the SP# Harmoni>e the constructi&e +ongue# +hic, or Sli'

!n&asion of 9?terior FindE Heat 9?. meningitis

LIVER >#I? INVADING STO'AC9 3oo(.Eart, Dis,ar4ony

$% Gets worse wit, Stress DE4otional T r4oil D3it, aggra6ation o8 Li6er

1. ,cid +egurgitation <heat= 2. 'elching 3. Bausea :omiting . DistentionA Pain & "ullness in epigastric +eg. ; +i$ Side Distention and Pain

G,ggra&ated 9motional -urmoil G%: Qi Stagnation Eleads to %: Qi 6ounterEflo1 GDiet0 !rrecgular Diet E6auses S- Qi to counterEflo1 GFhen Food attac2s SPA SP $ecomes Fea2 G%: may loose its orderly reaching E Due to StressA anger & frustration EStagnant Hi accumulates E%i&er 6ounterEflo1s to Spleen 1ith indulgence of s1eets %: Qi Stag. SP (@ 'lood (@ Forsens %: Qi StagnationI 1. 7utside in&asion $y DEH e&ils


$% Loose Stools2 (a4&@ looser )% Pain8 l Diarr,ea

%: Depression0 1. Menstrual irregularity 2. 'reast distention 3. !rrita$ility Qi (@0 +% ,$dominal Pain <around um$ilicus= -% 'or$orygmous 0% "latulence

3oo(.Eart, Dis,ar4ony


$% =ellow 7o4&le<ion@ *o(y an( Eyes >Da4& ,eat signs?2

1. Di>>iness 2. Stic2y "e&er Jalternating fe&er &


DI8 stea4 7olle7t in 8les, *etween layer o8 s:in.=ang Ga n(i7e T,e 7olor o8 orange2 Re( CFire H =ellow.Da4&ness )% No a&&etite2 Ina*ility to (igest +% A6ersion to 8atty 8oo(s .s4elling 8atty 8oo(s 7an trigger na sea -% A*(o4inal Distention 0% /itter Taste2 ,eat% D9eat stea4s *ile DStea4 Colle7ts in t,e 4o t, DI8 stea4 7olle7ts in &ortal o8 woo(@ t,e s7lera t rns yellow% DDDD=IN GAUNDICEDDDD 1% Ri* si(e (istention 9y&o7,on(ria7

chillsK0 S1eat $ut fe&er is not gone# lo1 grade fe&er. 3. Drags Do1n to the lo1er part of $ody0 a. ,$normal :aginal Discharge3itch $. Scrotal sciroccos or painA rednessA s1elling in scrotum . ,$dominal Distention <su$Lecti&e or o$Lecti&e= .. -hirst 1ithout a desire to drin2

2. !nternal 9ngendered0 a. CreasyA friedA fattyA thic2Efl food $. 7&erEconsumption E 6old & +a1 c. -oo much alcohol GMechanism0 Heat in the %: & Dampness in the SP com$ine. bod

-ello& .oat /

Pulse# Slipper and 0apid +X# .lear heat1 )isinhibit )a'pness


$% Ti4i(ity )% La7: o8 Initiati6e or Co rage .In(e7isi6eness +% Inso4nia2 3a:ing & wit,2 a% 9eat *% Frig,t 7% Pani7 -% Easily Startle(

1. Di>>iness3:ertigo 2. 9?cessi&e Dreaming 3. Poor Memory . !rrita$ility .. Ber&ousness3an?iety /. 'lurred :ision 4. Sighing <Deep $reaths once in a 1hile= 5. 9?cess Phlegm0 6hest 7ppression 8. Palpitations 23. 4ausea / 5o'iting


$% 'o t, & Tong e Ul7ers )% Inso4nia2 7anBt slee& +% Pal&itations -% T,irst 8or 7ol( (rin:s 0% /itter Taste

1. +ed "ace 2. "eeling of Heat3 9mitting Heat 3. !nsomnia0 a. hard time falling asleep $. Fa2ing up at night c. "eeling 1arm 13 racing thoughts . :e?ation <Mental +estlessness=# feel agitated .. Manic 'eha&ior /. !mpulsi&eness0 misspea2 & tight tongue 4. "reHuentA urgentA dar2 @rine 1. Bausea3:omiting

1. 6onstitutional Deficiency a. -riggered $y upsetting e&ents $. C' energetics is a$out mo&ementA Fea2ness creates improper function <lac2 of mM&Mt= c. "ire gets trapped 2. 9nduring disease 3. ,ging . Ceneral Qi (u 6auses C' Qi (@ 6eat 7ore 6eat F%0" 1. 9nduring emotional turmoil 2. -oo much thin2ing & 1orrying 3. 9?ternal 6auses0 Heat 9&ils . ,. -oo much pepperyA acrid '. G coffee Gthic2 fla&ored Gfried 6. Gsmo2ing Galcohol <damp & ht= D. GFarm her$s G*D )ang suppl . ,nything that leads to S- fire .. %: fire 1hich can into H- fire G9nduring Phlegm :eiling

-ongue0 Pale or Bormal Pulse0 Fea2# or $o1string# or slippery -(0 -onify and Farm Call 'ladder# +ectify Qi <"ormula $rea2s ups slime and promotes mo&ement= -ongue0 J+aisedK +edA +edder -ip# +ed Pric2les in HPart if -ongue Pulse0 +apid# poss. "orceful <SurgingA forcefulA largeA rapidA e?cess <%= 6un position -(0 Drain "ire <or Drain H"ire= -ongue0 -hin or :ery


$% Lart,argi7

>or 'isting? T9E PORTALS >or t,e 'in(?

St &or!'ental Con8 sion LOC a% 'ania!wit,(rawal >alternating? *% 'oo( Swings )% Rattling so n( in t,roat5 FrailsF!Post Nasal Dri& +% S&ee7, Pro*le4s2 S,o ting or ' ttering to onesel8@ (i88i7 lty arti7 lating@ A&,asia $% Ras, /e,a6ior2 ten(en7y to ,it or s7ol( &eo&le >aggressi6e!6iolent? )% 'ental2 So4eti4es agitation5 so4eti4es w!(rawn +% Easily Angere( . /itter Taste 1. 6oma 2. !ncoherant Speech 3. Shouting . @ncontrolled %aughter & 6rying .. Palpitations 13 6hest 7ppression /. !nsomnia 13 dreamed distur$ed Sleep 4. 9asily Startled 5. 6onstipation

the Portals !nto Heat ,. 9motional -urmoil '. Spleen (@

thic2 coat. Stic2y or Slippery 6oat. 6rac2s up to tip of tongue# tip 13 pric2les. Pulse0 Slippery# Firy3String -aught# 'ound3*notted -(0 -ransform Phlegm# 7pen the Portals


1. PH%9CM M!S-!BC P7+-,%S 2. 9motional -urmoil 3. Spleen (@ . "ire Ste1ing the Juices

-ongue0 +ed# S1ollen# thic2 )ello1A stic2y 6oat Pulse0 N than 8O 'PM# "ull# Slippery or "looding or Surging# or String -aught -(0 Drain "ire# -ransform Phlegm# 7pen the Portals



GENERAL SIGNS & S='PTO'S 1. Drooling 2. 6onstipation

CAUSES Spleen Qi (u Damp Humidity "luids Phlegm <li2e tapioca= GFarmth congeals into phlegm

TONGUE & PULSE -ongue0 +ed & S1ollen 13 thic2 yello1A stic2y coat 13 midEline crac2 to tipA red tip# Creasy )ello1 6oating Pulse0 +apid# "looding3Surging# forceful# +olling Firy0 indicates lac2 of free flo1

-(0 Purge <@se Da Huang=


1. Poor Memory 2. "atigue3%assitude of Spirit 3. !nsomnia0 E"alls ,sleep 9asily E:i&id Dreams EFa2es "reHuently E-ired all Day . Palpitations .. Possi$le Bight S1eat <H- 'lood (@= /. Shen3Ming0 Middle Jiao SP3S4. Diminished ,ppetite

-oo Much -hin2ing <SP Qi (@ ; Heart 'lood (@= G-a?es spleen & 1ears the 'lood

-ongue0 , PaleA "at tongue 13 -F6 Pulse0 PHuan MaiM D "ineA Moderate or fineA 1ea2 -(0 'oost Qi# Supplement 'loodA "ortify Spleen# Bourish Heart 'lood

5. %oose Stools3 'loody Stools <mi?ed 13tur$id= 8. MenorrhagiaA MetorrhagiaA or early period 13 paleA 1aterA dripping $loodA a$normal :aginal discharge 1O. %ac2 of Strength in the %im$s 11. 'ruises 9asily 9EART #I "U $% Tire(ness )% 9eart Pal&itations 1. S1eating 2. Di>>iness <not strong= 3. Pallor <$loodless loo2 in the face= . S.7.'0 Ehasty painting Eeasily 1inded Ediminished Qong Hi Eless 1ish to tal2 .. Poor Memory /. !nsomnia <an?iety=0 E,1a2e 9asily 6ommon 6auses for all (u Patterns0 1. 9nduring Disease 2. ,ging 3. !nsufficient natural 9ndo1ment . !atrogenesis0 o&erdose of S1eat effusing medicinals# or purging medicinal .. -oo Much thin2ing & 1orrying 1. 9nduring Heart Qi (@ 2. *D )ang (@ 6ommon 6auses for all (u Patterns0 1. 9nduring Disease 2. ,ging 3. !nsufficient natural 9ndo1ment Qi (@ Patterns0 1. 9nduring Disease 2. ,ging 3. !nsufficient natural 9ndo1ment . Fears the $loodEemotional turmoil .. 'lood %oss from -oo much thin2ing31orrying /. %ac2 of 'lood Production Qi (@ Patterns0 1. 9nduring Disease 2. ,ging 3. !nsufficient natural 9ndo1ment . 9nduring 'lood (@ .. 9motional -urmoil /. *D )in (@ 4. "e$rile Diseases 1. Qi Stagnation 2. Qi (@

Heart 'lood SP Qi (@0 Cui Pi -ang


1. Palpitations 2. 6old lim$s# especially hands

1. 'right Pale "ace# $right 1hite <6old= 2. "eeling cold <sensiti&ity to cold= 3. 6old S1eat . -iredness3 %istlessness .. S7'

-ongue0 6yanosis <Dar2 Purple tongue=


$% Poor 'e4ory )% Pal&itations +% Inso4nia2 (rea4e( (ist r*e( slee&

1. Di>>iness# empty headedness 2. Dull pale comple?ion 3. Pale lips . +estlessness0 :isceral agitation <Qang Qou=


$% 'ental Restlessness )% Nig,t Sweats +% Ti(al Fe6er -% 0 9eart 9eat!Ve<ation 0% 'alar Fl s, >'a7o7ia? 1% Pal&itations

1. Dry mouth & throat 13o desire to drin2 2. Poor memory 3. :i&id Dreaming . !nsomnia .. ,gitation /. :e?ation


$% Cyanoti7 Li&s )% Pain in t,e 9eart2 Sta**ing &ain

1. Dar2 Hue 2. Palpitations


in 7,est5 ra(iating into t,e ar4 & s,o l(er5 in wo4en also into *a7:

3. 6hest 7ppression . !nsomnia# agitation# tension# anger .. 6old hands /. 6yanotic Bails 1. ,$dominal Distention after eating 2. Diminished or poor appetite 3. %oose Stools . Sallo1 .. "aint :oice <6an $e %@ & SP (@= /. ,ccumulation of 'ody "luids <Puffiness=

3. 9mot. -urmoil3turmoil in Qi Ji . 6old


$% Fatig e2 Lassit (e o8 S&irit )% Post Pran(ial So4nolen7e +% 3ea:ness o8 Li4*s2 la7: o8 strengt,

Qi (@ Patterns0 1. 9nduring Disease 2. ,ging 3. !nsufficient natural 9ndo1ment . -oo much thin2ing & 1orrying .. -oo little or too much e?ercise /. 7&er ta?ation 4. I4&ro&er Diet

-ongue0 -ooth Mar2ed tongue# Pale or normal color Pulse0 could $e soggy and 1ea2# "orceless -(0 -onify SP# Supplement SP Qi


$% DiAAiness &on stan(ing Contin 4 )% /earing Down Sensation in Lower A*(o4en

1. 7rgan Prolapse <late stage= 2. "reHuentA urgent urination caused $y $earing do1n sensation

$% En( ring SP #I "U 2. Standing too much and too long 3. 'earing too many children <uterine prolapse= . 6arrying too hea&y loads .. 'o1el mo&ement pro$lems <+ectal prolapse= 1. SP -i $/

P lse2 3ea:


$% Sallow Co4&le<ion )% Any /lee(ing +% Easy /r ising -% 'enst al /lee(ing2 'enorr,agia5 'etrorr,agia KE= SIGNS & S='PTO'S $% Tire(ness )% Feeling Col(5 C,illiness@ 7ol( *o(y2 o*Ie7ti6e or s *Ie7ti6e DCol( Nose DCol( ,an(s +% Loose Stools -% 3ea:ness o8 li4*s!7ol( li4*s!sensiti6e to 7ol( $% Feeling o8 9ea6iness in t,e ,ea( )% 9%A2 li:e a

1. S7' 2. 'lood spots under the s2in0 $ruisesA spider &einsA &aricose &eins 3. 'lood in Stool & @rine <refer to MD= GENERAL SIGNS & S='PTO'S 1. 'right 1hite comple?ion <also Sallo1 or Pale= 2. 9dema $et1een flesh & s2in <potential signs= 3. ,$dominal Distention . Post Pranial Somnulence .. Bo appetite /. Dull ,$dominal Pain <empty painA $etter 13pressure= 1. Bo taste in mouth depression= <dampness or

Tong e2 Pale P lse2 Fine


CAUSES Qi (@ Patterns0 1. 9nduring Disease 2. ,ging 3. !nsufficient natural 9ndo1ment . 9nduring SP Qi (@ .. 7&er consumption of 6old or cooling medicinals in food 1. Feather0 en&ironment 2. !nternally 9ngendered

TONGUE & PULSE! T" -ongue# , s1ollenA pale tongue 13 teeth prints on its $order & thinA 1hiteA slightly slimy fur Pulse0 , deep & 1ea2A faintA moderateA or slo1 pulse -(0 -onifyA 1arm & supplement SP )ang <M7(,= Tong e2 Sti7:y 3,ite


INVADING SPLEEN >SP "U 3! DA'P? D'i<t re o8 "U & E<7ess


wet towel on t,e ,ea( +% Fatig e5 tire(ness5 lassit (e o8 s&irit -% 9ea6y5 7 4*erso4e li4*s5 7l 4sy 0% Post Pranial So4nolen7e 1% A*(o4inal F llness >w!&ress re? J% DDDDrool $% A*(o4inal F llness5 st 88iness o8 e&igastri 4 )% Feeling o8 9ea6iness +% Sti7:y Fe6er w! (a4& ,eat5 Low gra(e or ti(al 8e6er

2. Bo thirst 3. %ittle or Bo appetite . 6hest & 9pigrastric Pressure .. "eeling of 6old in 9pigastrium /. Fhite :aginal Discharge 13 itching 4. -hin loose stools <nearly diarrhea= 13 a slight fish odor or no odor 5. Stic2y stools 1. H.,.0 Sensation of hea&iness in head 2. Sallo1 6omple?ion 13 yello1 tint 3. Bo desire to drin2# or drin2ing in small sips . Bausea & &omiting .. Poor appetite /. %ac2 of Strength 4. %assitude of Spirit 5. Stic2y loose stools 13$ad strong smell# possi$ly 13 $urning of anus 8. ScantyA Dar2 )ello1 @rine# poss. !nhi$ited 1. Dry Hea&es3:omiting# nausea 2. 6lamoring Stomach 3.!ndeterminate *na1ing hunger. G!f hungry D eating feels $etter Gif not hungry D does not help to eat GStrange empty feelingA uncomforta$le . 'i>arre ,ppetite. JHunger 13o 9atingK .. Difficulty S1allo1ing0 Plum Pit Qi /. "e&er3heat in the afternoon 4. Dry Stools 5. Dry mouth 13no desire 1. %ac2 of taste sensation 2. Poor ,ppetite 3. Fea2 lim$s <more 13SP Q! (@= . %oose Stools GENERAL SIGNS & S='PTO'S 1. Hiccups 2. Difficulty S1allo1ing 3. 6ho2ing sensation in throat.

3. 9nduring Qi (@ . 9nduring )ang (@

Pulse0 , soggyA fineA $o1stringA or slipperyA rela?ed pulse

1. !nternal dampness ; Heat %: Qi Stagnation into heat SP Q! (@ Damp Damp heat

Tong e2 Sti7:y@ sli4y =ellow 7oat Pulse0 Slippery & +apidA May $e deep <interior=

-(0 6lear heatA dry damp <+esol&e 9&il=


$% D ll Pain in t,e E&igastri 45 'urning sensation

)in (@0 1. 9nduring Disease *Heat mutual consumption GDry 6ondensed fluids mutual consumption 2. 'elemia <9nduring= 3. Se&ere Disease0 a. )ang Ming0 J 'igsK $. Qi %e&el . ,ging0 O ; .. !nsufficient Batural 9ndo1ment

-ongue0 Bo 6oat# redder center# crac2 in the middle Pulse0 9mptyA + Cuan <middle= -(0 9nrich S- )in# Possi$ly Harmoni>e Stomach


$% Cla4oring E&igastri 4 )% Tire(ness


KE= SIGNS & S='PTO'S $% Na sea5 (ry ,ea6es5 ret7,ing!6o4iting )% /el7,ing

CAUSES PhlegmA dampA heatA coldA %: Qi <1ind=A "ood StagnationA )in (@ <dry= GPatterns ha&e disease cause & Mechanism

TONGUE & PULSE! T" Tongue: No +'ange or (ender red Pulse0 -ight pulse + Cuan# may$e "ineA rapidA &acuous

-(0 Harmoni>e S- Qi# -reat 6ause FOOD STAGNATI ON $% So r or A7i( Reg rgitation )% E&igastri7 F llness +% Fo l S4elling Flat len7e 1. !nsomnia 2. Hiccups# $elching# &omiting 3. Difficulty S1allo1ing . "oul 'reath0 "etid 7dor <rotting food= .. Bo ,ppetite /. Sense of Distention & 'loating 4. %oose Stools or constipation 5. @ndigested food in stools 1. 9ating too much <&oracious= 2. 9ating too fast 3. "ailing to che1 food sufficiently . 9ating food that is difficult to digest .. "ood can $e a )ing -ur$id 9&il0 13o proper Qi flo1 in S- "ood Stagnation 1. "e$rile Disease 2. 7&er 6onsumption of pepperyA hotA acridA greasyA friedA fattyA thic2 fla&ored foods. 3. Food3earth disharmony <%: Qi Stagnation= . 9motional -urmoil transforms into heat and $urns $ody fluids 1. Physical0 a. Physical -rauma $. $leeding 2. Qi0 a. Qi Stagnation $. Qi (@ 3. -emperature0 a. 'lood Heat $. 'lood 6old 1. 6old food and Drin2s 2. 9?tremely 6old 1eather -ongue0 -hic2# may$e slimy coat Pulse0 Slippery -(0 7pen & 9?it. Disperse "ood# transform Stagnation <,$duct "ood Stagnation=


$% T,irst w! (esire 8or 7ol( (rin:s )% / rning sensation an( &ain in t,e e&igastri 4 +% Cla4oring Sto4a7, -% Constant 9 nger2 KRa&i( 9 ngering w! in7rease( inta:eF 0% Consti&ation2 Di88i7 lt 7o4ing o t


$% Sta**ing &ain in t,e e&igastri 4 > w! &ress re?5 lo7ation is &in &oint a77 rate )% Vo4iting Dar: /loo(

1. "rontal H.,. D )ang Ming H.,. 2. +ed 9yes 3. 9asy ,nger . 'ad <often sour= 'reath0 not o&er1helming .. Heart :e?ation /. "ire0 GS1elling & Pain in the gums G'leeding gums GSores in the Mouth G-ooth ache <13o ca&ities= 4. Bausea# &omiting soon after eating 5. ,cid +egurgitation 8. +eddish @rine <Dar2 @rine= 1. Dar2 Hue 2. Dar2 'lood in Stools 3. Pain after 9ating . Masses <hard and fi?ed=

-ongue0 +ed -ongue 13a thic2 yello1 dry coat !f Phlegm "ire0 -hic2 yello1 stic2y coat Pulse0 "ullA deepA rapid# may$e surging -(0 Drain S- "ire or clear Sheat -ongue0 Purple tongue# or 13 purple spots or purple center Pulse0 Firy3string taught# hesitant# could $e 2notted or e&en Dai Mai -(0 !n&igorate 'lood# -ransform Stasis# Stop Pain -ongue0 T,i7: w,ite tong e 7oating <e?cess e&il= Pulse0 Deep <interior=A tightA slo1 pulse -(0 Farm & Scatter 6old. Mo?a +en 12 <Mu point of stomach= & S- 3/ Farm fluids0 Cinger -ea


$% Vo4iting 7lear 8l i(s )% Feels worse a8ter swallowing 7lear 7ol( 8l i(s5 7lear 7ol( 8l i(s K6o4itte(F still 8eels 7ol( 7o4ing & +% Feeling 7ol(5 &re8eren7e 8or war4t,% -% S ((en@ s,ar& &ain in t,e e&igastri 4 >No 8ree 8low?

1. Preference for 1arm liHuids.


1. NO sweat )% 9A5 o77i&ital >& na&e?5 Taiyang 9A 3. cough; w/thin, watery or frothy (bubbles wind) white sputu !. snee"ing; runny or bloc#ed nose w/clear. watery discharge

1. itch or tic#ling in throat 2. sensiti&e to cold# a&ersion to cold 3. fa +e3 heat emission3 lo1 grade fe&er. . Ceneral 'ody aches .. 6ough# hasty panting 3 ?iao chuan or 1hee>ing <phlegm sounds= & panting 1. &unny or bloc#ed nose w/thic#, yellow discharge '. (hic# yellow discharge fro nose 3. )ough w/thic#, stic#y, yellow sputu . -hirst for cold drin2s .. H,0 -aiyang or generali>ed H, .. 6ough# 1hee>ing <a Phlegm sign=# hasty panting <dyspnea= 13flared nostrils /. 7ccasionally0 chest oppression

9?ternal cold

Pulse0 Floating P lse5 tig,t an( tense in 9T & LU &osition -(0 a. release 9?terior# scatter cold & diffuse %ungs <+esol&e 9?terior 6old=


$% $ore, red, swollen throat ). fe%er w/ sweat +% Slig,t sensiti6ity to 7ol(5 a6ersion to 7ol(

9?ternal 1indEheat e&il

Pulse0 Floating.Ra&i( & lse In t,e L ng &osition -ongue0 +ed tip# red $ody# yello1 coat -(0 +esol&e e?ternal heat <+esol&e e?terior heat# release the surface 13 acrid cool medicinals=


$% So8t@ wea: 6oi7e w! rel 7tan7e to s&ea: )% SO/2 S,ao #i! less #i5 Dworse w! e<ertion +% S,ao #i >;ong #i C an7esterol #i? S&ee7,@ strengt, in 6oi7e -% En( ring Co g, 0% O77asional C,est O&&ression2 Relie6e( *y in,aling

1. Pale comple?ion 3 face 2. Di>>iness 3. %o1 :oice . SoftA 1ea2 cough 13clearA thin sputum .. Possi$ly cough /. 7ccasionally night cough 4. -endency to contract e?ternal e&ils easily 1. Qi &acuity signs0 - lassitude of spirit - mental e?haustion - ta?ation fatigue - lac2 of strength S&ontaneo s Sweat2 w! e<ertion 1. Bight S1eats 3. -idal "e&er# lo1 grade fe&er 3. Mallar "lushing <in the afternoon= . :e?ing heat of the . hearts .. Dry mouth & throat <13o thirst= /. 9maciation D if se&ere )in (u

1. enduring disease 2. decline due to aging 3. insufficient natural endo1ment aEc0 common cause for ,%% (u patterns . sadness3unrelenting grief .. 9nduring cough /. -al2ing too much 4. Spleen Qi (u

Tong e2 Pale w!T3C P lse2 E4&ty

-(0 supplement %ung Qi0 Stop coughing <if cough present= "ormula0 'u "ei -ang Secures 9?t.0)u Ping "eng Pian


$% Dry Co g, )% Dry@ wea:.,oarse 6oi7e or no 6oi7e at all < in afternoon= +% Se6ere@ (ry@ ,a7:ing 7o g, DNo s& t 4 e<&e7torate( or DS4all a4o nt o8 t,i7: (i88i7 lt to e<&e7torate &,leg4 or D /loo( tinge( s& t 4

2. 9nduring disease
2. Decline due to aging 3. !nsufficient natural endo1ment aEc0 common cause for ,%% (u patterns . Sadness 3 unrelenting grief .. 9nduring cough /. -al2ing too much 4. Spleen Qi (u 5. "e&er

-ongue0 DryA scanty coat# <+ed 'ody# crac2 in the front 3rd A # possi$ly thin $ody= Pulse0 "ine3-hreadyA rapid -(0 "nrich 8ung -in# Stop coughing# if cough present Her$al0 Mi Men Dang# Sha Shen

LUNG DR=NESS >E<ternal? LUNG DR=NESS >/ot, internal & E<ternal?

$% C,ills an( Fe6er )% A7 te Onset $% Dry nose5 (ry nasal &assages5 E&ista<is )% T,irst & (ry t,roat@ 4o t,@ li&s .w!,oarse 6oi7e +% Dry 7o g, w! t,i7:@ (i88i7 lt to e<&e7torate@ s7anty &,leg4 -% Dry 7o g, wit, no &,leg4 $% 7o g,2 7o&io s@ (il te@ w,ite@ 8rot,y s& t 4 - easy to e<&e7torate - 7,roni7 7o g, w!&ro8 se w,ite s& t 4 - sto&s on e<&e7toration )% 9asty &anting! (ys&nea - worse w,en lying (own +% "iao 7, an!w,eeAing & &anting

1. ,&ersion to coldA effusion of heat 1. H.,. 2. Dry hair & s2in 3. Bo S1eating . Possi$le itchyA sore throat 0% C,est &ain w,en 7o g,ing is se6ere%

1. 7utside 9&il 2. 9?ternal !n&asion 3. Dry 9&il 1. Dry 9n&ironment E e?ternal in&asion of dry e&il 2. %ong standing %ung )in (@

P lse2 Floating <and rapid= -(0 9?terior +eleasing Her$s <-emp. $ased on presentation= Tong e2 T,in Dry Coat > +ed tip 13 yello1 coat= Pulse0 "ine & +apid -(0 Moisten %ungs <e?pectorate=# Bourish "luids -ongue0 t,i7:@ sti7:y@ w,ite tong e 7oating5 greasy Pulse0 Soggy# slippery -(0 <aromatically= transform dampEphlegm# +ectify Qi


1. "acial 9dema <%@ upper source of 1ater= 2. 6hest congestion & chest oppression 3. 6hest & stomach glomus <focal distention= & distention .. Diaphragm 7ppression .. Possi$ly feeling of hea&iness /. "atigue# cum$ersome lim$s <hea&y= 4. +educed "ood !nta2e 5. Bausea# possi$ly &omiting

P9LEG'.9EAT IN T9E LUNGS >interior?

$% Co g, w! o8ten 7o&io s yellow &,leg4 C7o l( *e & r lent Fo l S4elling Containing *loo( >i8 se6ere? *Hot phlegm in lungs can burn flesh and lead to LU abscess -Refer to MD $% /loo( s&e7:le(@ 8o l s4elling & s green 7olor

1. occasionally0 fe&er & chills 3 fe&er & a&ersion to cold 2. ?iao chuan31hee>ing & panting 3. occasionally0 pain in ri$s . Dyspnea .. Hot air from the mouth & nose /. Dry or sore throat 4. 'itter taste in the mouth 5. Pain & oppression in the chest. 8. Dar2 colored urine. 1. -hirst 2. 6hest Pain0 1orse 1ith cough 3. Panting . 6onstipation

1. Qi &acuity - enduring %ung &3or Spleen &acuity - often the cause# $ecause it pre&ents transformation of fluids $y Spleen R the root of Phlegm engenderment# the %ungs are the receptacle & store Phlegm - Spleen Qi up$ears the clear & Phlegm goes up to lung 13clear 2. 9nduring cough - coughing drains Qi & can lead to %ung Qi &acuity 3. %i&ing in a damp en&ironment . Damp 9n&ironment .. DampEHeat 9n&asion /. )in 9&il 7$structing Qi Dynamic 1. Progression from 1indEheat Eoften chronic 2. +elati&ely High Humidity

Her$al0 Qhe *eA 6hen Pi

Tong e2 Re( *o(y wit, Sti7:y yellow Coat P lse2 Ra&i(.Sli&&ery T"2 Clear 9eat5 Trans8or4 P,leg45 Sto& Co g, >i8 T,ere is one?



$% Fa Re2 e4it ,eat )% I8 se6ere2 Nostrils 8lare +% 9a7:ing o8 yellow &,leg4 or *loo( C strea:e( &,leg4 $% Co g, wit, 8ete( or 8is,y s4elling & s

-ongue0 +ed 13 yello1 coatM Pulse0 +apid or slipperyA rapid -(0 +esol&e -o?icity# 6lear heat# drain fire# Stop coughA if necessary


1. -hinA 1atery stools 13 foul smell0 EDiarrhea 13 mucus & 'lood Ecould $e acrid smell E13 $urning heat in anus

LI DR= >De8i7ien7y o8 Fl i( in Colon?

$% Dry stools t,at are ,ar( to (is7,arge >(ry & *o n(? )% Knotte( Consti&ation

1. Bo ,ppetite# anore?ia 2. :omiting 3. Dry mouth 13 no desire to drin2 . "ullness in chest E"eeling of lump in epigastrium EA*(o4inal Pain .. Short3scantyA dar2 urine /. Hea&y $ody feeling 4. Stic2y fe&er D different styles of fe&er# +agingA lo1A afternoon fe&er 5. "reHuent stools in small HuantityDyello13$rn 8. -enesmus 1. Dry mouth & throat

1. 7&erEconsumption of greasyA fried thic2 D fla&ored foods. G,lcohol G @nclean foods <food poisoning= 2. Dampness peculating do1n to lo1er part of the $ody. 3. %: attac2ing SP . 9?ternal in&asion of damp heat. .. Summerheat 1. Depleted $ody fluids3 especially in older people. 2. 9nduring Disease 3. "e$rile disease# after high fe&er consumes fluids 3. Dry Stomach conditions %! dryness . 7&er consumption of dry 3drying .. Postpartum constipation D 'lood ?u /. Clo$al Pro$lem )in (u 'lood (u 1. "e$rile Disease0 )angming le&el < 'igs goes to "u= 2. 76 of spicy foodsA greasyA friedA fattyA thic2 fla&ored foods. 3. 76 of $a2ed goods or grilled <fire D $lac2 scorched= foods . Depressi&e heat from / depressions. .. 76 of alcohol 1. %! 9?cess heat0 'o1el Shi 2. -he Qi of )ang Ming is Dryness 3. "rom Shan Han31ind cold <e?ter= Tong e2 T,in /o(y5 Dirty loo:ing@ Kol( loo:ingF Coat DT,i7:@ greasy@ yellow to *rown or grey & (ry@ t,i7: P lse2 3iry i4age in KD Position -(0 Soften the stoolsEeat seeds <Moisten the intestines=# Bourish the $lood. Tong e2 T,i7:@ yellow tong e Coating


$% Consti&ation2 Knotte(@ (ry stools )% Sensation o8 *oring ,eat >,eat w,en e<iting? .in an s5 anal 8iss res .* rning sensation in an s

1. Short3 scanty urineA dar2 urine 2. Mouth parched# Jin)e EDesperate to drin2 3. S1elling & pain of anus fissures <fissures can $e caused $y pushing=

-(0 6lear out causal heat# Moisten intestines# clear heat -(0 6lear Heat in Stomach ,nd %!# Promote $o1el Mo&ement <or Mo&e QiA Purge HeatA Moisten !ntestines= -(0 Purge Dryness & Heat if not treatedA may result in a lac2 of $o1el sounds !nitially treat mildly until flatulence comes them purge

9EAT /INDING T9E INTESTINES '7F9% +9P%9-!7B %! SH!3H9,7$structing the %!

$% - /igs2 DSweat@ DT,irst@ DP lse@ DFe6er > e!iri"m# tida! fever) )% 9an(s & 8eet (ri&&ing &ers&iration +% Knotte( Consti&ation >(ry 7onsti&ation? or watery@ t,in (iarr,ea

1. ,$dominal Distention & Pain 2. Disli2es Pressure 3. 'urningA hot sensation in anus.

DIARR9EA 3IT9 CIRCU'FLUENCE >Green sli44y *a( s4elling (iarr,ea? LI A/SCESS

Consti&ation wit, s ((en (iarr,ea >%iHuid feces flo1s around hard $ound stool in intestines.= $% Intense Sta**ing &ain in RL#2 G ar(ing an( re*o n( &ain 4igrates 8ro4 na6el to RL# Li8ts Rig,t Leg '7/ rney Point &ain ten(s to settle in t,e LR a*(o4en L near t,e a&&en(i<% Point is a*o t $!) way *etween t,e na6el an( t,e to& o8 t,e rig,t &el6i7 *one% )% R &t re &ossi*le w!a*s7ess +% Stools w! & s5 s4elly5 O77asionally *loo(y $% A*(o4inal Pain2 .S ((en &ain <sign for in&asion of cold= )% Col( sensation in a*(o4en +% Feeling o8 7ol(! re&letion 1. "e&er and chills <Dri&e patient to hospital= 2. Bausea# &omiting 13 no desire to eat 3. 6onstipation 1ith mild diarrhea 1. 'ad dietary ha$its# S1eet# spicy# fatty# greasy# fried# -hic2 fla&ored# cold# ra1 foods. 2. 9ating at irregular times 3. 9ating during stress . 9ating irregular amounts .. !m$alance hot3cold /. Strenuous physical ,cti&ity 4. -ransformation of one of the / e&ils D theoretically 5. !nLury to a$domen 8. Damp & Heat in %! G 2 Patterns0 direct stri2e $y cold# cold damp in %! <same as cold encum$ering Spleen=# Macocia0 %! cold D (u# cold in&ading %! D Shi. G Direct Stri2e $y cold D e?ternal cold 1. ,ging 2. !nsufficient Batural 9ndo1ment Gcold 3. Spleen &3 or *D )ang (@ . :acuity cold in lo1er Jiao *D )ang (@ root of true fire3 %o1er part of $ody.

completely. <6aution0 Due to possi$le intestinal torsion=

-(0 6lear heat# +elie&e -o?icity

COLD >in6a(ing? LI

1. ,&ersion to cold0 Palliati&eE$etter 13 1armth Pro&ocati&eE1orse 13 cold )% 6onstipation or (iarr,ea! repletion

-(0 Farm & free flo1 of intestines# 1arm & in&igorate )ang

LI >De8i7ient? COLD

$% Col( Li4*s >sign o8 6a7 ity? )% D ll A*(o4inal Pain >Sign o8 " ? li:es &ress re li:es war4t,5 8ears 7ol( +% Distention5 *loating & sagging o8 re7t 4 >tenes4 s?


$% Sli4iness o8 t,e 4o t,5 Possi*ly 8o l o(or )% 9ea6y5 7 4*erso4e li4*s $% Possi*ly P 88y swelling o8 8a7e & Li4*s E<ternal In6asion2 $% A7 te Onset )@ A6ersion to 7ol( or win(%


1. %assitude of Spirit 2. ,&ersion to cold3palliati&e & Pro&ocati&e EPalpa$ly cold 3. Poor appetite . 6hronic Dysentery Estools 13 pus & $lood E chronic diarrhea E+ectal prolapse E Loose stools .. 'or$orygmus <sign of cold= 1. Possi$ly "e&er 2. Bo thought of food or drin2 3. 7ccasional Bausea . 6hest 7ppression .. ,ching %im$s 1. ,&ersion to cold S 9mit Heat 2. 6ough & Panting0 Profuse thin 1hite phlegm 3. 6hest 7ppression 1. !tchy <1ind= -hroat 2. Hea&y :oice 3. 6ough 1ith lo1 sound

-(0 Farm & Supplement SP# *D and %! GMo?a

-ongue0 -hin# greasyA yello1 6oat Pulse0 Soggy# rapid -(0 6lear heat# dry damp -ongue0 FhiteA glossy coat Pulse0 -ight -(0 +esol&e 9?terior 6old0 -ransform -an )in -ongue0 -F6 Pulse0 "loating# tight <Superficial# tense=

-an )in0 Pathological accumulation 7f normal fluids

SU''ER 9EAT >E<terior In6asion o8 Da4& 9eat?


KIDNE= =IN "U & E'PT= FIRE /LA;ING D9eat 6s% Fire Determined $y degree of intensity

+% E88 sion o8 9eat Col(2 -% 9%A% >o77i&ital? 0% R nny nose <earlier= w! 7lear (is7,arge% 1% Nasal Congestion <$ecomes o$structed= J% T,in@ w,ite &,leg4 $% E88 sion o8 9eat w,i7, is not a*a(e( *y &ro8 se sweating Da4& 9eat2 $% T,irst w!o large 8l i( inta:e )% Co g,ing w! &ro8 se@ t,i7: &,leg45 7,est o&&ression $% Sore or wea: low *a7: & :nees D*a7:a7,e )% Tinnit s!(ea8ness +% Se4inal E4issions >s&er4atoria? -% E4&ty ,eat 7a ses 4enses to 8low a,ea( o8 s7,e( le2 DEarly Perio(s DA4enorr,ea D'etorr,agia DFloo(ing & lea:ing 0% 9air Loss 1% Loose Teet, $% Nig,t sweats intense@ wet >T,ie8 (ee& insi(e? )% 'ental Restlessness!Ve<ation! Agitation +% E<7essi6e Se< al Desire2 ,rtificial Dri&e <ming men fire= -% Sore Low /a7:

. ,ching Loints -(0 Farm ,crid 9?terior +eleasing Her$s

1. Slight ,&ersion to 6old 2. Head Distention 3. H.,. . +ed "acial 6omple?ion .. :e?ation /. Short :oidings of Dar2 @rine. 1. Poor Memory 2. !nsomnia0 Fa2es easily# hard to stay asleep 3. Malar flushing <possi$ly in e&ening= . Dry mouth &3or throat 13 no desire to drin2 .. -idal fe&er <lo1 grade fe&er= /. Bight S1eats 4. . heart heat3&e?ation 5. ,ching $ones <Steaming 'ones= 8. Dar2 scanty urine# freHuent urine <empty heat steaming= 1O. 6onstipation 1. !nsomnia )% DiAAiness +% Tinnit s . 'alar Fl s,ing .. Steaming 'ones Syndrome /. -idal "e&er0 feeling of heat in the afternoon 4. "eeling of heat0 heat flashes 5. Heat in the . hearts3. &e?ation heat 8. Heart Palpitations 1O. Dry mouth & tongue <Dry & +ed= 11. Seminal emissions EpreEmature eLaculation Ecould $e 1ith dreams 12. ScantyA dar2 urine 13. Dry stools 1. "earing3 hates cold 2. 6old in the lo1er half 3. 9?tremely 'right Fhite comple?ion . %assitude of spirit <lac2 of Hi= .. Poor appetiteA a$dominal distention

-ongue0 +ed $ody 13 thinA )ello1 coat <yello1Emo&ing to !nterior= Pulse0 SoggyA rapid -(0 1. !nsufficient Batural 9ndo1ment 2. ,ging 3. 9nduring Disease . Ceneral (u causes -(0 9nrich *idney )in

1. !nsufficient Batural 9ndo1ment 2. ,ging 3. 9nduring Disease . Ceneral (u causes ; "ire G7ften triggered $y a $ig e&ent after years of &acuity heat. Bote0 condition aggra&ated $y $edroom ta?ation.

-ongue0 Re(.Peele( >no 7oat or 'irror li:e?5 crac2sA red tip <Possi$ly scanty yello1= Pulse0 "loating# emptyA rapid or slipperyA fine pulse. -(0 9nrich )in# 6lear heat3 Drain "ire# Stop night s1eatsE add her$s to stop s1eating0 <clear empty heat3fire= -ongue0 PaleA s1ollenA 1et Pulse0 DeepA 1ea2A fine -(0 Farm & Supplement *D )ang


$% Sore low *a7:2 >(ee& &ain? DCol( 8eeling in *a7: >&al&a*ly? D w,en tire( )% 3ea:@ sore & 7ol( :nees +% DA* n(ant Clear Urine


D No7t ria DS7anty rine -% Col( 8eet 0% Un(igeste( 8oo( in stools 1% Di4inis,e( Li*i(o J% Pre4at re eIa7 lation5 I4&oten7e J% In8ertility $% No7t ria )% /a7:a7,es >ten(en7y to get?

/. %oose stools# coc2 cro1 diarrhea 4. @ndigested "ood in stools 5. Fea2 %egs

<turn up flame0 ma2e sure there is enough yin to secure yang=


$% Loose stools2 >SP KD =ang "U? D+.-.0 *owel 4o6e4ents DPossi*ly 7o7: 7row (iarr,ea DPossi*ly en( ring (iarr,ea t,at wonBt ,eal


$% Soreness & wea:ness in low *a7: )% Floo(ing & lea:ing >4enstr al? +% Se4inal E4ission5 Pre4at re eIa7 lation Ina&&ro&riate loss o8 Re&ro( 7ti6e essen7e

1. Hair loss 2. -innitus# diminished auditory acuity 3. Possi$ly loose teeth . Soreness & 1ea2ness in lo1 $ac2 & 2nees .. @rinary dri$$ling 3 incontinence 3 Dri**ling a8ter rination /. 6lear & freHuent urination 4. Fea2 stream urination 5. 6opious3a$undant urine 8. 9nuresis 1O. Di>>iness 11. C,roni7 6aginal (is7,arge= 12. Prolapsed uterus <unli2ely= 1. Sore %o1 $ac2 2. !ntolerant to cold 3. Possi$ly cold lim$s . "atigue# lassitude of spirit .. Poor appetite /. Dull a$dominal pain0 G%i2es 1armthA disli2es cold G%i2es massageA pressure G$etter 1ith rest# 1orse 1ith acti&ity /. *D Qi (@ Signs 1. Soreness & 1ea2ness of 2nees 2. 6learA long &oiding0 freHuent clear urination 9nuresis Bocturia

1. !nsufficient natural endo1ment 2. Decline due to aging 3. 9nduring disease aEc0 general (u causes . -a?ation fatigue .. 9nduring fear

-ongue0 Pale r red -ongue Pulse0 DeepA 1ea2A esp. in 6hi position -(0 constrainA restrainA secureA & astringe <supplement *idney Qi=

*idney Qi (@0 1. !nsufficient natural endo1ment 2. Decline due to aging 3. 9nduring disease aEc0 general (u causes . -a?ation fatigue .. 9nduring fear *idney Qi (@ <from *D not a$sor$ing Qi=0 1. !nsufficient natural endo1ment 2. Decline due to aging 3. 9nduring disease aEc0 general (u causes . -a?ation fatigue .. 9nduring fear

-ongue0 Pale Pulse0 DeepA slo1A forceless -(0 Farm & supplement *D# ,stringe intestines <sour=

-ongue0 Pale Pulse0 DeepA fine -(0 Farm *D & secure <astringe= Qi


$% SO/2 on e<ertion )% Panting +% Ra&i(@ 3ea:@ /reat,ing -% Di88i7 lty in,aling >not e<,aling? KD go6ern in,alation.gras&ing #i

1. S1eatingA thin $ody 2. Mental +estlessness 3. S1elling of face <%@= . Sore $ac2 .. 6lear @rination

*idney Qi (@0 1. !nsufficient natural endo1ment 2. Decline due to aging 3. 9nduring disease aEc0 general (u causes

-ongue0 Pale Pulse0 DeepA 1ea2A fineA tight -(0 -onify & Farm *D <Sour fla&or# astringent=

0% En( ring 3ea: Co g,2 tire( 1% CanBt *reat, w,en lying (own INSUFFICIENC= OF ESSENCE S4all C,il(ren )% Poor /one De6elo&4ent Aging2 +% Di4inis,e( li*i(o5 wea: se< al a7ti6ity

/. 6old lim$s Small 6hildren0 1. physical &3 or mental de&elopmental delay ,ging 1. infertility 2. premature aging 3. e?cessi&e graying or ,air loss . decline of mental faculties# memory - mental dullness .. soreA 1ea2 lo1 $ac2 /. $loc2ed menstruation 3 amenorrhea 4. softening & 1ea2ening of $ones - wea: :nees 1. fe&er0 stic2y fe&er# lo1 grade fe&er# Jhidden fe&erK $etter 1hen s1eating# 1orse 13o s1eating @rination0 2. dri$$ling & dripping 3. Hot or $loody strangury . Hematuria .. 'u$$ly urine 3 tur$id %in G6loudy <rice 1ater= D indicates tur$idity GHo1 long foam stays indicates amount of tur$idity. E6ontinuum /. -hirst & dry mouth 13no desire to drin2 4. ,$dominal distention & fullness <$elo1 na&el=

. -a?ation fatigue .. 9nduring fear G*D relationship 1ith %ungs 1. !nsufficient Batural 9ndo1ment 2. ,ging 3. 9nduring Disease . Ceneral (u causes

Her$al0 Fu Fei Qi

-(0 Supplement *idney# Bourish 9ssence


$% Urination2 FreN ent Urgent Pain8 l / rning )% Dar: Urine2 ,eat +% Di88i7 lt rination 3inhi$ited urination

1. Damp & heat com$ined0 o$struct function of @' 2. Poor hygiene 3. 9?ternal in&asion of dampnessEheat

-ongue0 Creasy yello1 6oat Pulse0 Slippery# rapid -(0 6lear heat T e&il out# Disinhi$it damp <Promote urination=