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The Frontline 1C

November 29, 2007

Show your Marne spirit,
join the ‘Jingle Bell Jog’
Pat Young camaraderie. County Commissioners; and Bill
Frontline Staff “It’s really fun for everyone, and the Edwards, a popular Savannah talk show
children get excited because they get to radio host.
The Walk to Iraq and Back began as a contribute too,” Williams said. Even if community members can’t
program for Soldiers, Families, and Although the walk is a continuous make it to the Jingle Bell Jog, they can
friends to help show their support for effort, Lt. Col. Ellen Birch, 3rd Inf. Div. still participate, registering and turning
the deployed warriors with a goal of deputy rear-detachment commander, in their miles with the Family Readiness
“walking” about 13,000 miles – the said community members could help Center. People can participate by walk-
approximate distance from Fort Stewart further the goal and have fun while they ing, riding, biking or swimming.
to Iraq. were at it at the upcoming ‘Jingle Bell
More than 70,000 miles since its ini- Jog’ scheduled for Dec. 15.
tial three-mile walk kick- The special holiday edition of the
off May 5, the Fort Walk to Iraq and Back invites communi-
Stewart-Hunter Army ty members to get out their red and
Airfield community green colors, pointy shoes and ears,
has demonstrated white beard and antlers, and join the
their love and support fun.
of the deployed The event starts with a four-mile
Soldiers to Iraq and walk/run at Club Stewart, with registra-
Afghanistan, transvers- tion beginning around 8 a.m., and run-
ing the globe nearly ners starting around 9 a.m., followed
three times from its soon after by the walkers.
widest point, the equa- There is no cost for the event, but par-
tor, at nearly 25,000 ticipants are asked to help show their
miles. holiday cheer by wearing red or green.
“I would love it if we Recognition will go to the first finish-
could go over three times, ers in several categories including man
or more,” said Fran and woman; parent-child team; and
Williams, 3rd Infantry parent-stroller team.
Division Family Readiness In addition, other categories include
Support Assistant. the first Santa, dressed all in red and
Williams said although white with some sort of white facial hair;
the purpose is to show first Christmas tree, dressed in green
support for the divi- with visible ornaments; reindeer,
sion’s deployed dressed in brown with antlers; and first
Soldiers, its good for elf, dressed in red an green with pointy
much more. She shoes and ears etc.
said it helps pro- At previous walks, themes were devel-
mote fitness and oped such as the Oct. 27 Costume Walk
relieve stress. She to Iraq and Back. In that event at
said it was an Hunter, the Savannah Winds Orchestra
opportuni- played patriotic music with special
ty for the guests in attendance that included U.S.
w h o l e Representative Jack Kingston, repre-
Family to get senting Georgia’s first congressional dis-
out and share trict; Pete Liakakis, Chairman of the
in the C h a t h a m

Darts score bull’s eye with Soldiers

Sgt. Kevin Stabinsky purchase his own dart set before this 60 points: a dart in the triple ring of the time to calculate your score. Thus, she
2nd BCT Public Affairs deployment. twenty column. added jokingly, you can make up whatever
Like Thomas, Staff Sgt. Tremaine Besides throwing the darts, another score you want.
Though the main attraction available in Melendez, 2nd BTB computer help desk common thing thrown during games is The silly atmosphere often carries over
bars is off limits to Soldiers in Iraq, some non-commissioned officer in charge, said trash talk. to the games themselves.
are downing a daily dosage of another he began playing during OIF III. Like a dart “It’s all about talking trash to (your) “We like to joke around,” Thomas said,
common thing found in bars: darts. drilled into the board, the habit stuck. counterparts,” said Sgt. Quanda Jarrett, adding games are usually played over un-
For Soldiers in the 2/3 Brigade Troop “If I see someone playing I will play,” he 2nd BTB Headquarters and Headquarters serious bets like bags of Oreo cookies.
Battalion, the game of skill is a said. Company, evaluations and promotions Like the game itself, this comraderie
favorite way to pass the time. Play is quite a NCO. helps relieve the stress of deployment. It
“It’s just a little thing, but it common occur- Although a relative newcomer to the also lends to some interesting and memo-
relieves stress,” said Sgt. 1st rence, mainly due to the speed of the game - having only started about a month rable stories.
Class Michael Thomas, 2nd BTB games. Thomas said a game usu- ago - Jarrett said she is building her skill Thomas recalled a light being knocked
communication section ally only lasts five to 10 min- through playing at least over by a poor throw while Melenzez
chief. utes. twice a day. remembers his super accurate throw.
In the standard game, players take Technique is also an “I hit a bull’s-eye from three-point land,”
turns throwing from behind a line eight important part of her he said, referring to the normal line as the
feet away from the board. At the end of game. foul line and demonstrating how he was
each player’s turn, their score is added up. Jarrett said she nearly twice as far away. Despite this
The first one to 350 wins. received quite a bit of help impressive skill, he said he needs to con-
However, the catch is the score must end from fellow “Titan” Soldiers in Company A tinue to work on his game in order to
Thomas, at 350; anything over and the turn is lost. on how to place her feet and how to throw upstage current dart king Thomas.
who started Thus, toward the end, accuracy becomes using only the lower part of her arm, from Challengers also motivate Thomas to
playing the game very important, Melendez said. below the elbow, instead of like a baseball work on keeping his position as king of the
during his deploy- Accuracy is often built up in practice which incorporates the shoulder and hill and in the center of the circle of power.
ment to Iraq in sessions and games, Thomas said. During upper arm muscles. “My goal is to beat everyone who comes
Operation Iraqi these times, Soldiers will just grab four As for her advice to other ‘newbies’, in and challenges me,” he said.
Freedom III, said the darts and throw them at the board, with which she said has helped her win quite a Though the main reason to play is stress
Graphic by enjoyment from the the highest score winning, he added. The few games, is to throw the darts fast and relief, he added that it is also “all about
Pat Young game prompted him to highest score a player can get per throw is collect them from the board so no one has competition.”
2C The Frontline
November 29, 2007

Panthers win LCRD flag football championships

Special to the Frontine was still short of the victory and the Yellow Jackets held on to winning the game for the Gators 26-20.
Coastal Courier win 19-13. Nov. 1
Oct. 30 Yellow Jackets 12, Seminoles 6
The Liberty County Recreation Department flag football Tigers 0, Panthers 22 Witson scored first for the Yellow Jackets with a four-yard
championship trophy was awarded to the Panthers, while the The Panthers dominated the entire game, shutting out the run but Trayon Harris answered with a 12-yard run making it
second-place trophy was awarded to the Yellow Jackets. Tigers. Gabriel Bowen scored first with a 12-yard run. 6-6 in the second quarter. Neither team made the end zone in
Here's a complete look at the LCRD flag football score- Eddie Holsey ran in the point after attempt making it 7-0. the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Kane Young through a
board: The Panthers then scored a safety and by the end of the first 17-yard pass to Jeremiah Prunell for a touchdown and final
Oct. 29 quarter the game was 9-0. The Tigers’ defense held the score of 12-6.
Eagles 0, Seminoles 24 Panthers scoreless in the third quarter, but Holsey scored Gators 6, Panthers 19
Jalen Smith scored six on a 13-yard run in the first quarter. twice in the next series on a 15-yard and 45-yard run making Gabriel Bowen put the first seven points on the board for
Trayon Harris had a nine-yard and two-yard run for touch- it 21-0. Jerel Smith closed the game with the run for the point the Panthers. The Gators quickly followed with an 18-yard run
downs in the second quarter making it 18-0. Andre Burnett after attempt making it 22-0. by Davion Mitchell in the second quarter.
finished it off with an eight-yard run in the fourth ending the Gators 26, Bulldogs 20 Eddie Holsey ran in from three yards to put the Panthers
game 24-0. Both teams were scoreless in the first quarter but Davion ahead 13-6. In the fourth quarter Bowen scored to end the
Hurricanes 13,Yellow Jackets 19 Mitchell opened the second quarter with a 40-yard run. Isaiah game 19-6.
Mark Witson put the first points on the scoreboard for the Quarterman ran in the point after making it 7-0 in favor of the
Yellow Jackets with a 50-yard run and Jeremiah Purnell ran in Gators. Mitchell came back with a 6-yard interception return Championship game
the point after attempt for a 7-0 lead in the second quarter of followed by a point after attempt by Rackwan Johnson, mak- Nov. 6.
play. Witson came back in the third quarter with a 10-yard run ing it 14-0. Antonio Ramos scored for the Bulldogs with a 14- Yellow Jackets 6, Panthers 12
for another six points on the board making it 13-0 for the yard run and the two-point conversion making it 8-14. Competing for the championship title, the Yellow Jackets
Yellow Jackets. Tobias Hurley rallied the Hurricanes with a 10- Jaylen Hayden added six more for the Bulldogs with a 14- and Panthers battled it out in a low scoring game. The Yellow
yard run for the Hurricanes’ first score in the third quarter. But yard run in the third quarter for a 14-14 tie. Mitchell added six Jackets jumped on top first with Jordan Gilliard connecting on
Witson returned the favor with a nine-yard run once again giv- for the Gators with another 14-yard run, but Hayden immedi- a 10-yard pass to Jeremiah Purnell and a 6 to 0 lead. Gabriel
ing the Yellow Jackets a 19-6 lead. Hurley came back with a 40- ately followed with a 7-yard run tying the score 20-20 and Bowen brought in a 16-yard run tying the score 6-6. Eddie
yard run and the point after attempt for the Hurricanes but it sending the game into overtime. Mitchell ran in for 17 yards, Holsey sealed the game for the Panthers with a four-yard run.

Courtesy Photo
The Champion Panthers: Gary Guy, coach and team members Elijah Bowen, Gabriel Bowen, ShaQueze Drayton, Cody Griffiths, Jyaunti Haggray, Eddie Holsey, Justin Kendrick,
Jamel Robinson, Jerel Smith, Tre’von Smith Jayson Tapley and Antoine Graham pose with their first place trophies after winning the LCRD flag football championships.
The Frontline 3C
November 29, 2007

Jake’s Body Shop: 2007 INSTALLATION SPORTS

The benefits of exercise with age
Stewart Softball Schedule
Jake Battle who have exercised regularly add one Date Time Sports/Complex Team
DMWR Fitness Director to two years to their life-span, and
these years are usually physically and Nov. 29 5:30 p.m. Field 3 731st EOD vs Georgia Athletic
emotionally better years than seden- 7:30 p.m. Field 3 OUTKAST vs Rest in Peach
tary elderly have.

: Is exercise really good
for an older person, or
will it cause problems Choosing an activity Stewart Fall Softball Conference
Walking and swimming are two of the
as one gets older? best forms of exercise.
One needs vigorous Team Won Lost Percentage
A: Regular exercise exercise two to three Rest In Peach 2 0 1.000
has numerous bene- times weekly, but not 731st EOD 1 1 0.500
fits for younger and so vigorous as to High Rollers 0 2 0.000
older adults. With cause chest pain or a Georgia Athletic 0 1 0.500
exercise, the heart too rapid heartbeat. Outkast 1 0 1.000
and blood vessels walking should be
improve, bone den- done at a brisk pace
sity increases, joints
become more flexi-
with a heavy arm
swing for upper
Hunter Basketball Standings
ble and one’s mental extremity movement
outlook benefits. Team Won Lost Percentage
and with deep breath- 3/3rd Avn. 6 0 1.000
Aging without ing to benefit respira-
exercise causes mus- 110th QM 5 1 0.833
tion. If jogging is pre- 514th Eng. 4 3 0.571
cles, the heart and ferred, one should be
lungs to show a dis- 224th MI 2 3 0.400
conditioned to walk 473rd QM 4 3 0.571
tinctly reduced abili- three miles before
ty to function by age Hunter Gate Guards 2 4 0.333
attempting to jog. 512th QM 4 3 0.571
70. Conversely, if a Jogging must not be
muscle is contracted 10th Trans. 1 4 0.200
stopped abruptly but 24th Ord. 0 7 0.000
to 20 percent of its slowed down to a walk
capacity three times before stopping.
each week it retains Avoid exercises that
strength. might be damaging.
Bone loss in Jake Battle
Diving into water
women begins at age might risk retinal
35 at an approximate detachment. Skating or skiing should
rate of one percent each year. At age 50, be avoided due to risk of fractures.
this loss increases to two to three per- Anyone who needs heart or blood
cent. Men lose only four percent of pressure medications (and people mid-
bone per year before rapid loss begins dle age or beyond) should check with a
at age 70. physician before starting an exercise
Also, the diabetic’s need for insulin routine.
may decrease with an increase in exer- Take advantage of “natural” exercis-
cise. es, such as taking the stairs instead of
riding the elevator. Enjoying the use of
Length of life our muscles in all the tasks of daily liv-
Studies show that by age 80, people ing is important.