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Jim, Suzy, & Kaia

After studying spanish in Costa Rica for 6 months, were 10 weeks away from our arrival in Ecuador!
Bi-Monthly Newsletter! October 2012

What Have We Been Up to?

We have been spending time talking with Costa Ricans! In addition to classes at school here in San Jos, weve been practicing our spanish by talking with people in the community, inviting Costa Rican friends over to our house and have even had a few afternoon excursions all while

speaking spanish! As part of Jims language classes, he speaks with 8 men twice a week (every week) for a total of over ten hours! Suzy has been getting plenty of practice, too, by leading a Bible study on campus for a group of Nicaraguan maids who work in the area. With all of the practice, were feeling more and more ready to start serving in Ecuador! Weve also been getting more involved at our church. This past Sunday Suzy had the opportunity to cook alongside Ethel who taught her to make Costa Rican empanadas for the post-service snack.
Prayer Requests


Worship Leader Training

Last trimester one of the teachers at our school, Maritza, asked if we would be able to work with a group of youth at her church to create a worship band for their Sunday church services.

How Can You be Praying for Us?

1. Pray that we continue to develop a deeper knowledge of the spanish language . 2. We arrive in Ecuador on Dec 15th and soon we will be starting the visa process- pray that it goes smoothly without any hiccups! 3. Upon arrival in Ecuador we will be staying on the property at El Refugio until we can nd a home to rent - please pray that we would nd the right place quickly!

Training the next generation...

Maritzas church was the rst evangelical church plant in Costa Rica and is located in downtown San Jose. Today, the church has a lively congregation and they are interested in investing in their youth and developing the next generation of worship leaders. Every Saturday we work with a group of about ten 12-24 year olds, teaching them how to lead contemporary spanish worship songs. We have an hour to work with them before their weekly youth group starts. Each week we teach one new song. The lesson begins with prayer and scripture before we lead the worship song for everyone. Then, we split up into two groups: the singers and drummers go with Jim and the guitar players stay with me. We have about 45 minutes to work through the song and then we

The group of youth that weve been teaching to sing, play guitar & drum, and lead worship at a local church in San Jos.
gather back together to play through it with everyone one last time. It has been so neat to see these kids return week after week and already they are able to play three songs! We praise God for this challenging, but fun, opportunity to practice our Spanish and to share our musical gifts, too!

4. Pray for the remainder of our music lessons - that we would be able to communicate clearly and deepen our relationships with the youth.

In Christ, Jim, Suzy & Kaia Olsen

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