Anti-Racism Action League

Weeding Out Racist Professors


It’s time we look harder at the One Percenters who run this university. It is time to #AuditTheAdmin

e’re doing the work that even an organization such as the Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to undertake: we’re rooting out sources of institutional racism within the University of Minnesota - Morris. To that end, it is vital that we utilize existing laws in order to ascertain the extent of institutionalized racism on the campus. This is a predominantly white campus. The majority often overlooks, denigrates, and discriminates against minorities and minority viewpoints often with little conscious understanding of their actions. This discrimination can come in any field, in any setting and really, at any time.

So we decided to assess the core functions of the university and think about areas that racists, if they were to infiltrate the university, would naturally reside. If you were David Duke, where would you hide? We concluded that they would likely coalesce like a virus in the administration and the humanities. These are the two weak points in our system of progressive political thought at UMM. We also naturally assumed that it was unlikely for such people to rise too far in the administration, for their sympathies for Jim Crow would likely reveal themselves too easily. They would need to be either new arrivals or otherwise at the mid Few would deny the existence level of the university hierarchy. of such invidious racism, and so the question And while we is really only naturally lack Few would deny the the extent the resources to existence of such to which perform a full invidious racism, and racism-audit of we’re willing to address so the question is really the entire faculty, it. From we narrowed our only the extent to perusing which we’re willing to list of possible the faculty culprits down to address it.” rosters, it’s the following six abundantly suspects. These clear that Morris is not diverse people present themselves as enough. Our faculty reads like white. They have coalesced a “Who’s Who” yearbook for in the same way that a racist the Council of Conservative who wanted to wreck our Citizens. These people need system would, and they seemed to go! How can they possibly otherwise suspicious. The price of represent our post-racial future, progressivism is, after all, eternal or an America shorn of its vigilance against the wreckers terrible racist past, if they who would destroy our system to continue in their present roles? re-institute white supremacism.

Sandra Olson-Loy: Caring person, or racist pig? You decide.

included. We do this not because Sandra K. Olson-Loy they are simply immediately suspect, but because even upon Benjamin Narvaez closer investigation, they appear to be part of the white power Marynel Ryan Van Zee structure at the university. Brook Miller Olson-Loy lists 22 different skills on her LinkedIn profile. Jennifer Rothchild Unsurprisingly, not a single one of them advances racial justice. Tisha Turk She doesn’t consider herself skilled in diversity issues, or in resolving inter-racial injustices. If From this list of six suspects, such a profile, created by the user, we submitted an Open Records is a statement both about who she request with the university to is and who she wants to be, then determine the extent of their clearly Olson-Loy doesn’t even racism. We naturally assume that pretend to care about racial issues. there is residual racism because of the ascendency of President Benjamin Narvaez wrote his Barack Obama, for whom most dissertation at the University whites harbor resentment at their of Texas at Austin about political dispossession. What Chinese coolies in Cuba and we asked in our requests was Peru. Not only did he clearly for any email transmitted, sent avoid any given opportunity to or received, by these individuals bring about racial justice in his with any major racial epithet dissertation research, he also

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