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Microbial Fuel Cells - generating electricity, hydrogen and chemicals from wastewater Mineral & Resource Recovery from Wastewater - turning waste into a profit centre Forward Osmosis Smart Water the application of IT Solutions to Water Water Management Decentralised Treatment & Re-use Advanced Membranes Solutions Advanced Oxidation Electrochemical Technologies Sludge to Energy

10. Low Energy Desalination 11. Water Technologies for the Oil & Gas Industry 12. How to Reduce the Water footprint of Energy

Bioelectrochemical systems: The next step in resource recovery from wastewater is direct production of electricity (microbial fuel cells) and products (microbial electrolysis cells) in bioelectrochemical systems. Microbial fuel cells (MFC) are an alternative method of producing energy where bacteria are used to simultaneously treat wastewater and generate electricity. Variations on this theme include microbial electrolysis cells (MECs) which can generate hydrogen and /or chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide from waste water. This webinar will demystify the topic, and include presentations from companies that are currently going to market and deploying these solutions. The webinar will be of interest to venture capital investors, water technology companies, regulators and water technology end-users who are keen to track innovation in this emerging area.

Technology Overview bio-electrochemical systems, what they are and what they can do Current State of the Art how market ready are these technologies? Pathway to Commercialization Companies and Research Groups active in this space The future of this technology in the next 5-10 years

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Moderator: Paul O'Callaghan, CEO, O2 ENVIRONMENTAL INC . Panelists: Eytan Levy, CEO, EMEFCY Lars Angenent, Director, Agricultural Waste Management Lab, CORNELL UNIVERSITY Csar Torres, BIODESIGN INSTITUTE AT ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Rene Rozendal, R&D Manager, BILEXYS

Produced Water from Hydraulic Fracking:

Technology Assessment and Market Insights INTERACTIVE WEB CONFERENCE Thursday October 27th 2011 | WEBINAR | 12.00 1.30pm Eastern US Time O2 Environmental is pleased to announce the details of the next interactive web-conference in the BlueTech Tracker Webinar Series entitled: Produced Water Technical and Market Overview. The Event will be held on October 27th, 12.00 13:30 PM EST; 5.00 PM 6:30 PM BST The environmental issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing or fracking and the produced water associated with it has become a subject of intense debate within the United States as well as other parts of the world (e.g. the recent fracking Ban in France). This webinar will go beyond the media buzz by bringing together experts in the field of produced water treatment to discuss the technical issues and market realities. This webinar will provide a perspective on the differences / similarities between the scale of the Produced problem in different areas (USA, Europe, Australia), variations in the Produced Water Characteristics, regulations and technology approaches. Topics discussed will include:

What are the differences between produced water and flowback o What kinds of contaminants are in the water? o What are the concentrations of contaminants? o How do the flow rates vary What is the size of the produced water treatment market? o What are the growth rates? o Where is the market? What are the dominant technologies treating produced water? o What are the challenges in treatment o What are the market shares for the technologies? o Are there new innovations happening? Who are the big players in the produced water treatment field? o Are the big players big everywhere or is treatment highly localized? Where are environmental regulations heading with Produced Water What are the differences / similarities between the scale of the Produced Water Problem in different areas (e.g. USA, Europe & Australia), variations in the Produced Water Characteristics, regulations and technology approaches. Is there are a broader market opportunity out there, which those who are providing solutions in say the Marcellas, could apply elsewhere in the world, or vice-versa.


Paul OCallaghan, CEO O2 Environmental Inc.


Vikram Rao, Executive Director, Research Triangle Energy Consortium Chuck J. Kozora, Regional Business Development Manager Aquatech International Corporation Patrick Horner, VP Engineering Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc John Veil Veil Environmental, LLC

Paul OCallaghan, CEO O2 Environmental Inc. Paul has worked on the development and commercialisation of a range of environmental technologies including nutrient recovery processes, ultraviolet disinfection, sludge destruction and energy efficient aeration technologies. Paul has carried out consultancy work over 14 years for high profile clients such as Noram Engineering, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, Aquacritox, Metro Vancouver, Severn Trent Services and Environment Canada. Paul is on the Expert Evaluation Panel for Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and the BC Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund. Paul is author of Water Technology Markets key opportunities and emerging trends published by Global Water Intelligence. He has been an invited speaker at Blue Green and Gold, Always on Going Green, Water Innovations Alliance and the Saudi Water & Power Forum. Paul is an active member of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and the International Water Association (IWA).

Paul holds a Masters Degree in Water Resource Management and lectures on Sustainable Energy at the BC Institute of Technology. Vancouver, he has authored and presented numerous papers on emerging treatment technologies and is currently Chair of a British Columbia technical committee on wastewater treatment.

Vikram Rao, Executive Director, Research Triangle Energy Consortium Vikram Rao is Executive Director, Research Triangle Energy Consortium, a non-profit in energy founded by Duke University, North Carolina State University, RTI International and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He recently retired as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Halliburton Company where he was responsible for the Companys technology effort, as well as the setup and management of the intellectual asset management function.

Chuck J. Kozora, Regional Business Development Manager Aquatech International Corporation Chuck Kozora is the Regional Business Development Manager for Aquatech International Corporation, based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America. His focus and responsibility in this role is to address the flowback and produced water issues arising from the drilling and fracing of the Marcellus Shale play. His career experience includes over twenty-four years as a chemist of which eight years focused on water treatment from positions held at Sybron Chemicals, Calgon Carbon Corporation, and Aquatech. He holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry (BS 1986, Penn State) and a graduate degree in Colloids, Polymers, and Surfaces (MS 1990, Carnegie Mellon).

Patrick Horner, VP Engineering Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc Patrick Horner is a Professional Chemical Engineer with 11 years of experience with Oil and Gas Facility Process Design and Construction, Petro-chemical Plant Operation, and Industrial Wastewater Treatment. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. A key portion of Mr. Horners experience has involved the project management of new technology trials in both petrochemical and wastewater applications. He was heavily involved in the design and construction of the NOMAD 2000 units and led the development of Aqua-Pures gas shale treatment portfolio.

John Veil Veil Environmental, LLC John Veil founded Veil Environmental, LLC, a consulting practice specializing in water issues affecting the energy industries, upon his retirement from Argonne National Laboratory in January 2011. Mr. Veil spent more than 20 years as the manager of the Water Policy Program for Argonne National Laboratory in Washington, DC, where he was a senior scientist. He analyzed a variety of energy industry water and waste issues for the Department of Energy.
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