The Strategic Role of Human Resource Management

DR. SANTRUPT MISRA, Director, Group HR, Aditya Birla Group RAJEEV DUBEY, President – Group HR, Corporate Services, and Aftermarket Sector Mahindra & Mahindra LEENA NAIR, ED - HR, HUL & VP HR, Unilever South Asia and Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader
1 Prof. S. Pattnaik, XIMB

ANURANJITA KUMAR, Country HR Officer, Citibank N.A

XIMB .Strategic Human Resource Management has 4 meanings : • • the use of planning a coherent approach to the design and management of HR systems matching HR policies and activities to some explicit business strategy seeing the people of the organisation as a strategic resource for the achievement of competitive advantage • • 2 Prof. Pattnaik. S.

XIMB . Pattnaik. S.Linking SHRM to Business strategy Vision Business Strategy Organizational Strategy Human Strategy: Capability 3 Prof.

Linking Corporate and HR Strategy External environment Formulate Business Strategy Internal Strengths & Weaknesses Identify Employee Competencies and Behaviors that HR must deliver to achieve the strategy Formulate HR Policies & Activities that will lead to these Employee Competencies and Behaviors 4 Prof. XIMB . Pattnaik. S.

S. Pattnaik.Strategic Planning – 3 levels Corporate Strategy Business Strategy Business Strategy Functional Strategies Business Strategy 5 Prof. XIMB .

Some Organisational Strategies Company General Electric Wal-Mart 3M Strategic Principle Be number one or number two in every industry in which we compete. S. or get out Low prices. XIMB . Pattnaik. every day Foster innovation 6 Prof.

S.Business Strategy = Overall Cost Leadership Common Organizational Characteristics • Intense supervision of labor • Tight cost control requiring frequent. XIMB . Pattnaik. detailed control reports • Low-cost distribution system • Structured organization and responsibilities • Products designed for ease in manufacture 7 HR Strategies • Detailed work planning • Emphasis on technical qualifications and skills • Emphasis on job-specific training • Emphasis on job-based pay • Use of performance appraisal as a control device Prof.

Business Strategy = Differentiation Common Organizational Characteristics • Strong marketing abilities • Product engineering • Corporate reputation for quality or technological leadership • Amenities to attract highly skilled labor. Pattnaik. 8 HR Strategies • Emphasis on innovation and flexibility • Broad job classes • Loose work planning • External recruitment • Broad based training • Emphasis on individualbased pay Prof. XIMB . scientists. S. or creative people.

HR’s evolving role as Strategic Partner Corporate strategy HR operations Corporate strategy HR operations Corporate strategy HR function 9 Prof. S. Pattnaik. XIMB .

Pattnaik.HR Involvement in Mergers 10 Prof. S. XIMB .

HRD CULTURE . Pattnaik.O C T A P A C E O – Openness C – Collaboration T – Trust A – Authenticity P – Proactivity A – Autonomy C – Confrontation E – Experimentation 11 Prof. S. XIMB .

S. Pattnaik. XIMB .Things to Remember as we move through the course — HR management: the responsibility of every manager HR practices today must address several basic issues including Contributing to strategic success Improving competitiveness Globalizing Technology and internet-based advances — 12 Prof.

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