County, EMPLOYMENT This Employment Illinois, AGREEMENT Agreement on _________________, ("Agreement") 2013, is made byand andentered betweeninto the

City in Dixon, of Dixon, Lee Illinois,municipal Illinois an corporation ("City" or "Employer"), and David Nord, an indivi A. The City RECITALS ("Employee"). dual Employee as City Council Administrator of the Cityand of Employee Dixon (ÒCity desires CouncilÓ) to accept desires appointment to appoint as Cit y B. Administrator, Employee represents effective that _______________, he has the requisite 2013. specialized skills, training an d C. _______________, experience The parties and intend is2013, otherwise that and shall Employee's qualified continue to serve employment thereafter aswill City until commence Administrator. it is onterminated purs uant of this to Agreement. the terms The parties also intend that, in the event Employee does not actually the duties assume of City Administrator, regardless of the reason, this Agreement will notCity will D. commence have and noEmployee and effect. wish to enter into an employment agreement that sets forth rights and obligations of the parties and that will supersede all prior negotiat the ions,THEREFORE, NOW, agreements. discussions for orand in consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions contained, herein 1. remain TERM. inEmployeeÕs full Cityforce and employment Employee and in effect agree pursuant as follows: from to this Agreement ______________, 2013 shall andbegin shalland continue thereafter May 31, 2015, until unless the Agreement, pursuant to the provisions of Section 7, is sooner than May 31, 2015. Provided, however, that this Agreement will not become terminated unless effective Employee assumes the duties of City Administrator on _____________, 2013, actually 2. of and DUTIES the office reports AND of AUTHORITY. for work City Administrator Employee on said shall date. as set perform forththe in:functions the Dixonand City duties Code, all ap plicable City policies, rules, regulations and procedures and the applicable job description a ttached ÒAÓ, Exhibit hereto asas each of them currently or may in the future exist. Employee shall pe rform legally other such permissible and proper duties and functions as City, by the City C ouncil, reasonably 3. interest, EMPLOYEE'S may abilities assign OBLIGATIONS. toand him. productive Employeetime shall todevote the performance his full energies, of this Agreement, an d utilize efforts tohis promote best City's interests. Employee shall not engage in any activity, consulting or enterprise, service for compensation or otherwise, which is actually or potentially i n 1 conflict with or

inimical to, or which materially interferes with his duties and responsibilities acknowledges to City. Employee that his responsibilities hereunder may include City related activi ties and 4. A. through SALARY Salary. Sundays on April Saturdays AND During and BENEFITS. 30, during the period 2014, evening City shall beginning hours. pay Employee on _______________, an annual salary 2013, equal and continuing to $101,5 00.00. May 1, 2014, On the annual salary shall be increased to $105,000.00. The annual sal ary will and prorated be paid on City's normal paydays, subject to legally permissible or re withholding. Employee's salary is compensation for all hours worked and for all quired services this Agreement, under including those involving any other position, office or appointm ent associated with the City. Employee shall be exempt from the overtime pay provisions of Illi nois and B. (1) provided Benefits. federal Fringe law for (if Benefit law. any) in this Package. Agreement, In addition Employeeto shall salary receive and except the same as fringe otherwise benefits provided to other full-time administrative employees of City, and as those benef currently its exist date effective on the of this Agreement. Such fringe benefits shall be subject to the t erms of the and applicable conditions plan, policy or other controlling documents. Except as otherwi se required law or by contract by with any benefit provider, changes in benefits shall not appl y toVacation. unless (2) accrue Employee, andto up until aNotwithstanding maximum so determined of one-hundred anything by action sixty-eight toof the the contrary City (168) Council. herein, hours of Employee vacation may time d uring each twelve (12) month period of employment. For each full month that Employee is emp hereunder, Employee shall earn fourteen (14) hours of vacation time. A maximum o loyed f forty hours of(40) vacation time may be carried over from one year to the next year. Emplo yee may take vacation time prior to accrual with advance approval of the Mayor; provided, tha t Employee shall reimburse City for any taken but unearned vacation time, if any, upon term ination (3) Agreement. pay Cellular to Employee of this Phone each Allowance. month, the During sum of the Thirty term Dollars of this ($30.00) Agreement, toCity reimburse shall Empl oyee for related to the use of his personal cell phone on behalf of the City. Em expenses ployee shall maintain a personal account for cellular telephone service and shall not open an name account of the in City. the Employee shall have total responsibility for payment of such p ersonal and the City account shall have no obligation or responsibility related to such personal the (4) Agreement, account monthly Vehicle other City payment Allowance; than shall topay Employee Insurance to Employee of Coverage. theeach allowance Duringstated month, the sum term herein. of ofTwo this Hundred Dollars as ($200.00) an allowance for Employee using his personal vehicle in the course of his emp loyment City. Atwith his expense, Employee shall be responsible for maintaining liability, p roperty 2 damage,

and comprehensive insurance coverage upon such vehicle (or any other vehicle use d by Employee in the course of his employment with City). Said insurance shall provid e for liability coverage of at least $100,000 for property damages, $100,000 f minimum or theof death injury one person or and $300,000 for the injuries and deaths arising from one ac Employee shall provide City with such evidence as it shall reasonably require to cident. existence verify the of said insurance. Employee shall further be responsible for all expen ses purchase, the attendant operation, to maintenance, repair and regular replacement of said veh icle.decide City Shouldto provide Employee with the use of a City owned vehicle, then the m onthly allowance (5) dues Professional ofvehicle the shall Employee terminate. Dues. necessary City agrees for participation to budget for in andthe to International pay for professional City/Count y Management(ÒICMAÓ), the Illinois City/County Management Association (ÒILCMAÓ) and othe Association r organizations which the City Council determines are necessary and desirable for the EmployeeÕs continued professional participation, growth and advancement, and for the good o f the also shall City for the travel and other reasonable expenses incurred by Employee the in annual attending ILCMA (i)winter and summer conferences, and (ii) two downstate Illinois cityResidence/Relocation meetings (6) January manager 1, each 2016, year. he will establish Expense. Employee his principal agreesresidence that no later within than the corporate city limits City. In connection of the with the necessary relocation of Employee and EmployeeÕs famil y to the City, City shall reimburse Employee for necessary and reasonable expenses incurr ed in and relocating moving EmployeeÕs family and belongings to the City, provided that the amo reimbursed by the City shall not exceed $2,500.00. Employee shall document all m unt oving and expense with receipts, cancelled checks or credit card statements, an relocation d the CityEmployee reimburse shall for all such documented expenses within thirty (30) days of t he CityÕs receipt (7) non-personal Expenses. of such and City documented job recognizes related expenses. nature. that Employee City agrees may incur to reimburse certain or expenses to payof such a bus iness are which expenses, incurred and submitted according to City's normal expense reimbursemen t policies and procedures. To be eligible for reimbursement, all expenses must be supported documentation by meeting City's normal requirements and must be submitted within ti me limits of established 5.SUPERVISION supervision byAND City. and EVALUATIONS. report to the Employee City Council. shall be Employee directly shall under also thebe evaluated by the City Council. The first review shall occur approximately six months after Employee as sumes the duties of City Administrator. Thereafter, EmployeeÕs performance shall be reviewed twelve every (12) months. Employee will request and schedule such reviews, as appropri ateCity to pursuant agenda procedures or as otherwise directed by the City Council. Nothing in this is intended to limit additional interim evaluations or review or to li paragraph mit the normal process between the City Council and Employee. The annual perform communications - 3 ance

reviews and evaluations shall be reasonably related to the EmployeeÕs written job and shall be based, in whole or in part, on expectations, goals and objectives f description or the EmployeeÕs performance that are developed and adopted by the City Council. Additio nally, City Council the agrees, provided that the cost to the City does not exceed the amou nt evaluate to of $300.00, Employee utilizing the ICMA 360 Evaluation approximately one year af Employee ter 6. A. Council. AT-WILL Employee assumes Nothing EMPLOYMENT is appointed thethis in duties RELATIONSHIP. by and Agreement of City serves shall Administrator. atprevent, and during limit theor pleasure otherwise of interfere the City w ith the City to terminate right of this Agreement and the employment of Employee, with or without City goodshall cause. pay Employee for all services through the effective date of terminati on andhave shall Employee no right to any additional compensation or payment, except for paymen t of benefits provided underas Section 4 accrued prior to the effective date of termination and a severance payment, 7. A. for TERMINATION. City any reason may if terminate any, whatsoever, that this may be Agreement including, due to Employee and butEmployee's notpursuant limited employment to Section to, reasons at8for any below. time cause good and . ForAgreement, this purposes of the term Ògood causeÓ shall mean, with regard to Employee, any of th e (1) (2) Agreement; AdministratorÕs following: Failure to fulfill Incompetence duties or inefficiency thedocumented as City AdministratorÕs in the by evaluations, performance duties of supplemental as required the City memoranda, in this or ot her written from the City Council; provided, however, the terms and conditions communication paragraph of this shall not justify good cause unless the City Council has provided the Employee reasonable (3) (4) directives; (5) Illinois (6) application (7) under 4 Conviction Insubordination Drunkenness Illegal Making this a Agreement Controlled opportunity of use for aof oradrugs, of false employment excessive or Substances misdemeanor and statement toinvolving failure remediate hallucinogens, with use to Act by the or of comply or Employee felony a any alcoholic City; willful the incompetency with or Cannabis arising other in or lawful beverages; connection intentional substances out Control or written ofinefficiency; Employee's with Act; violation City regulated hisCouncil duties of bylaw; the

habitual (8) required (9) (10) City (11) Disability, Knowingly Conscious officials Any duties willful, neglect falsifying misrepresentation in not of of the knowing, Employee; otherwise any conduct provision records grossly protected of or of the of negligent, documents material CityÕs this byAgreement, law, business; facts related or that negligent toor impairs toany the the City breach, willful, performance CityÕs Council disregard activities; knowing, orof other the or gr ossly or negligent negligent, breach, disregard or habitual neglect of any duty or obligation req uired to be performed by Employee under this Agreement or under the ordinances of the City a nd/orAny laws (12) criminal of the the misconduct illegality United States of Employee (excepting or the minor involving State traffic of an Illinois; act of moral whether violations), turpitude oror not related official (13) misuse, to EmployeeÕs Anydirect dutiesor willful, hereunder; knowing, grossly indirect, by Employee negligent, of public or negligent or other funds misapplication or other proper or ty,mixed, or real, owned personal, by or entrusted to the City, any agency or department thereof, o r the in (14) impedes his Any Employee official or other disrupts action capacity; the orperformance inaction and byof Employee the City that or its materially organizational and substantially department s, Prior detrimental B. or is to any to employee termination safety foror good public cause, safety. the City shall give Employee a writt notice of the reasons for his termination and a reasonable opportunity to respon en d to theregarding Council City those reasons in a closed session meeting of the City Council, to C. should do so. Nothing he in desire this Agreement shall prevent, limit or otherwise interfere with th e right of Employee to resign or retire from his employment with City (terminating this subject only to Employee providing ninety (90) days prior written notice to Empl Agreement), 8. If oyer. A. good SEVERANCE. cause, Employer Employer terminates shallthis pay Employee Agreementaand lump Employee's sum severance Employment benefit without equal to si x (6) of Employee's months annual salary then in effect on the effective date of the terminat B. In ion. severance C. Agreement If May Employee payment 2015, beyond terminates the May from City 31, the Council 2015. this City. Agreement, In shall the event consider Employee thatwhether the shall City to not Council extend be entitled or willing is renew tothis any to extend 5 or

renew this Agreement for a period of at least twelve (12) months from May 31, 20 15, under similar terms and conditions of employment, or upon other terms and conditions a cceptable the parties, to and Employee decides not to extend or renew, then in such case the City no obligation shall have to pay to Employee any severance payment. In the event the City is extend unwilling or renew to this Agreement for a period of at twelve (12) months from May 31 , 2015, terms similar under and condition of employment, or upon other terms and conditions ac ceptable then parties, to the in such case the City shall be required to pay to Employee the sev erance D. convicted Any other payment. of a term crime of involving this Agreement an abuse notwithstanding, of office or position, in the event Employee Employee shall is re imburse for 9. made 10. METHOD any NOTICES. except the paid OFby City leave AMENDMENT. Any a notice writing or cash No to signed settlement, amendments City and dated under to this including this by Agreement City Agreement any andshall severance Employee. maybe begiven payment. in writing t o City, either by personal service or by registered or certified mail, postage pre paid, the City addressed Clerk at tothe City's then principal place of business. A courtesy copy s hall Attorney City be given in to a the like manner. Any such notice to Employee shall be given in a like if mailed, mannershall and, be addressed to Employee at his home address then shown in City 's files. purpose ofFor determining the compliance with any time limit in this Agreement, a notic e shallto deemed behave been duly given (a) on the date of delivery, if served personally whom on the notice party isto to be given, or (b) on the third calendar day after mailing, if m ailed to 11. A. whom If GENERAL tothe any the provision notice PROVISIONS. party is ofto this be Agreement given in the is held manner invalid provided or unenforceable, in this Section. the rema of this Agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. If any pro inder vision is invalid orheld unenforceable with respect to particular circumstances, it shall neve rtheless full B. This force Agreement remain and effect incontains in all the other entire circumstances. agreement between the parties and supersed all prior oral and written agreements, understandings, commitments, and practice es s between parties concerning the Employee's employment with the City. Each party to this Agree acknowledges that no representations, inducements, promises or agreements, oral ment or written, have been made by any party, or anyone acting on behalf of any party, which are not embodied herein, and that no other agreement, statement, or promise not contained in this be Agreement valid orshall binding on either party. The foregoing notwithstanding, Employee agr ees: that, except as expressly provided in this Agreement, his employment is subject to (i) applicable City's generally rules and policies pertaining to employment matters; and (ii) any sta tement or representation made by him in connection with his application for employment wit h the C. This City. Agreement shall be interpreted and construed pursuant to and in accordan with the local laws of the State of Illinois and all applicable City Codes, Ordi ce nances Resolutions. 6 and

D. Any lawsuit brought by City or by Employee regarding this Agreement shall tak e place in the Circuit Court of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, Lee County, Illino E. Neither party may assign its rights, duties or obligations under this Agreeme is. nt to any person or entity, in whole or in part, and any attempt to do so shall be voi d and material F. Headings deemed breach and a captions of this Agreement. used in this Agreement are provided for convenience onl y G. andNo shall waiver notof beany used provision to construe hereof or or interpret of any right meaning oror remedy intent. hereunder shall b e effective unless in writing and signed by the party against whom such waiver is sought to No enforced. be delay in exercising, no course in dealing with respect to, or no pa rtial any right exercise or remedy of hereunder shall constitute a waiver of any other right or re medy, exercise H. independent Employee or thereof. future acknowledges review of thethat financial he hasand hadlegal the opportunity effects of this and has Agreement. conducted Employe an e acknowledges that he has made an independent judgment upon the financial and legal effects of and this has Agreement not relied upon any representation of City, its officers, agents or empl oyees those I. City other expressly retains thanthe set right forth to in repeal, this Agreement. change, or modify any policies or regulatio which it has adopted or may hereafter adopt, subject to restrictions contained i ns n 7 Municipal J. counsel IN executed DAVID EMPLOYEE JAMES By: CITY the Both WITNESS Illinois NORD G. parties in personally BURKE, Code connection WHEREOF, and have MAYOR other the or had with on parties applicable the its the opportunity behalf review havelaw. caused by and its to preparation seek authorized this duly the advice Agreement of this to ofbe representative. Agreement. their signed ownand legal

EXHIBIT Job (See 8 Description attached) ÒAÓ

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