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Rainbow Reservoir Opens

• Rainbow Reservoir will be open on May 1,

• No catch and release.
• You must have a current Utah State Fishing
• License and a CFA Fishing Pass.
• $5 for an individual season pass.
• $15 for a family season pass (up to seven
family members.)
• Pass may be purchased at the Outdoor
Shop, Fitness Center (TEAD) or
• Southtowne Grill. (DCD)
• Limit of 4 fish per pass.

For more information, see back of flyer,

or call Buddy Nielson at 833-3129.
Rainbow Reservoir is open for fishing to the public! The reservoir will be open for fishing May 1 through October 31,
2007 during daylight hours. The State of Utah will continue to stock the reservoir with fish periodically throughout the
season, as it did last year. Rainbow Reservoir fishing passes are available to the public. Cost of an Individual Sea-
son Pass is $5.00 for all civilian patrons, or $15.00 for a Family Season Pass. There will be no charge for those pos-
sessing a current military identification card. All personnel fishing must have a current Utah State Fishing License,
in order to purchase a CFA Fishing Pass. Anyone fishing must have both the Utah State License and a CFA Fishing
Pass in their possession when fishing, and must comply with all Utah State fishing rules and regulations. In order to
obtain a CFA Individual Season pass ($5.00), or CFA Family Season pass ($15.00 – for the pass holder, their
spouse, and up to five of their children): come to the Outdoor Shop, Building 1011 during hours of operation. Those
requiring passes during times not covered by the Outdoor Shop, or on Saturdays or Sundays, may obtain one from
TEAD’s Physical Fitness Center, building 1002 – (435) 833 -3189, during their hours of operation.
Passes will also be available at South Towne Grill at Deseret Chemical Depot.

Patrons should be aware that there have been increased security measures implemented at DCD, and
should be prepared for random vehicle searches and possible delays in gaining entrance to the fishing area.
All vehicle passengers must have their seat belts fastened, or may face fines and penalties.

There is a 4 fish limit per pass, no “catch & release”. The reservoir is under concurrent jurisdiction and personnel
are subject to enforcement by County, State and/or Federal law enforcement personnel. Utah Fish & Wildlife
Officers do conduct checks of licenses in the area. The gate to the reservoir will be closed and locked from dusk to
dawn, and all personnel intending to fish first need to check with the Security gate personnel at DCD prior to entering
the reservoir area. Come and purchase your pass today, and catch some fish!