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2. M-60 mount for UH-1 (M-24 system).

Total: 1
Need List for New Exhibits Oct 2006 3. Inert smoke grenades of any color. Total: 15-20
THE MUSEUM STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP. Our exhibits continue 4. White plastic bug juice bottle. Total: 1
to improve and we are always working to add the detail that makes 5. Vietnam era beer or soft drink cases. Total: 2-4
them come to life. The listed items will help us do that and we need 6. Vietnam era C-Ration cases (not individual cans or meals). Total:
your help to obtain them. Uniforms and equipment from current 6-8
operations are especially needed, so if you have something listed 7. Field uniforms with TC related pocket patches (For permanent
below or something you think might be of help, contact the museum collection).
staff. We can’t do it without your help. 8. Items related to convoy operations (For permanent collection).
9. Items related to Army boat operations (For permanent collection).
WWII: 10. ERDL Camouflage uniform, TC related (For permanent
1. Brown leather boots (buckle, rough out, or service). Total: 5 pair collection).
2. M-1941 Field Jacket. Total: 3
3. Pistol Belt or Cartridge Belt. Total: 4 Modern
4. Holster, Brown, Automatic. Total: 2 1. Kevlar Helmet. Total: 4
5. Leggings, Canvas. Total: 2 pair 2. DCU cover for Kevlar. Total 3
6. Canteen, includes cover, but cup not needed. Total: 5 3. Airborne equipment for Panama/Grenada exhibit:
7. Gloves, leather, black w/ wool palms. Total: 1 a. 1980 circa main parachute and reserve
8. Suspenders, Combat. Total: 4 b. Case, padded, M-16
9. Bayonet, M3 with M7 scabbard. Total: 1 4. M17 gas mask case (Mask not needed). Total 2
10. Bag, Canvas, M-1936, Musette or other personal bag. Total: 2 5. M40 gas mask case (Mask not needed). Total 4
11. Leather saddlebags for motorcycle. Total: 1 set 6. Point Blank Interceptor body armor vest. Total 2
7. Kevlar helmet mount for PVS7 Night Vision Goggles. Total 3
WWII & Korea: 8. Load Bearing Equipment Tactical Vest. Total 6
12. Fire extinguisher for WWII Wrecker. Total: 1 9. Wind/Dust goggles, modern style w/dust cover. Total: 3
13. Shovel and Axe, truck mounted. Total: 1 10. Knee and elbow pads. Total 2 sets
14. Tool Box, wooden and misc. tools. Total: 1 set 11. Camelback hydration system. Total 1
15. Signs or other distinctive markers for WWII or Korea, TC 12. Coil of concertina wire for hood of HMMWV. Total 1
13. MTCH helmet w/ ACU cover. Total: 3
Korea Uniform Items: 14. ACU IBA body armor. Total: 3
1. Boots, leather, combat, double buckle. Total: 3 15. IBA attachments to include, sleeves, forearm covers and side
2. B-15 Green Nylon Flight Jacket. Total: 1 plates. Total: 2 sets
3. Shoepacs. Total: 2 pair 16. Gloves, thigh holsters and other current issue accessories from
current operations.
Vietnam 17. Uniforms and/or equipment specifically related to TC
1. M-1956 web gear to include: Pistol Belt, Suspenders, Canteen w/ operations in OEF/OIF (For permanent collection).
cover, Ammo pouches, butt pack. Total 2