Implementation of new brand Wella professional in one of the existing company departments Project manager Sales manager HR manager Maketing agency Logistics manager Financial manager

SCOPE OVERVIEW This team will introduce a new brand in the cosmetics department portfolio. The sales of new products in the new sales channel will begin in the period of five months. BUSINESS CASE - OBJECTIVE Additional brand in the cosmetics department portflio will create new revenue and increase the profit. New sales channel will open new sales opportunites, so far unserved by our company. MILESTONES COMPLETION DATE STAKEHOLDER ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA No knowledge about new product line. Insuficient resources for implementation of project. Starting point Finding resources, definig price structure with the sponsor. 7/15/2013 Market research and analysis (defining potential). 8/15/2013 Recruiting sales reps and demonstrator for new product line. 9/1/2013 Education of sales reps and demonstrator about products and new sales channel. Defining product list and prices. Creating sales plan. Placing the order for new products. Warehouse management to accommodate new products.

Sponsor, CEO, Sales manager

CEO approval The research data justifies Marketing agency, Project business case of the manager project HR manager, Sales manager Sales manager approves hiring of new people Project leader tests knowloedge of sales reps and demonstrator and approves that they satisfy set standards Sales manager and sponsor agreement Logistics manager places order


Sponsor, HR manager

10/15/2013 11/5/2013

Sales manager, Sponsor Logistics manager


Logistics manager

Adequate space is available in the warehouse


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Progress of the project will be communicated by the project manager to the sponsor and the CEO by email.Decision will be made by the project manager in consultation with team members. due to the location of sponsor who will not be able to attend team mettings. Have contingency sales strategies prepared and approved by the CEO.ms_office Page 2 .Principal HR manager Logistics manager 185836834. Choosing wrong sales reps HR manager & Sales or demonstrator manager Customers rejecting sales conditions Sales manager Shortage of products Logistics manager Sales department TEAM OPERATING PRINCIPLES .Sales of new products begins.New product line that was never done before. STAKEHOLDER LIST STAKEHOLDER Sponsor . new sales. LESSONS LEARNED . Expanding deaprtment product potfolio. The order must be places on time. in order to be able to contact them as soon as possible if the chosen reps don't work out. getting to know new sales channel. .New sales channel. and safety stock mut be created at the start when the prodocuts will be most required. maximizing productivity. development of portfolio. minimizing costs.Team will meet once a week on Monday. sales conditions for beauty salons. minimizing costs. COMMITMENT Project manager Sales manager Maketing agency Sponsor . hiring the best new sales people and demnstrator. final customer requirements. main customers. .xlsx. 12/1/2013 Sales manager CEO & sales manager recieve weekly sales reports RISKS AND ASSUMPTIONS RISK / ASSUMPTION RISK OWNER CONTINGENCY PLANS Have a list of best applicant ready. .All given tasks must be finished by thier specific deadline. . profit Profit.Principal CEO (Company) INTEREST IN PROJECT Overall success of the project. where everyone will report their progress to project manager.

operating the email or as needed. of products conference calls distributor's goals for selling needs (money. to in the project budget report on the time limits curent state on progress CEO (Company) (deadlines) the market whom from the company we can ask to join the team and work on this project capabilities of available sales department resources Sales department needs of the sales department expectations estimate of costs sales plan email constant comunication meetings during the project .) monthly updates strategy for capabilities of about progress of Sponsor selling this type distributor work phone.) conditions of people involved check in monthly. people (15. these products training) at the begining of budget for the needs for the project meetings project resources.07.Project Communications Matrix Project __Implementation of new brand Wella in new sales channel___________________ Stakeholder Learn From Share With Timing Method at the begining of details about curent state on the project email products the market (15.07.

Project Communications Matrix Project __Implementation of new brand Wella in new sales channel___________________ Owner project manager project manager project manager line mangers .

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