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Deep Excavation Short Course and Seminar

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4. Technical Committee
Steering Committee: Prof. Chang-Yu Ou (NTUST) Prof. Dr. Djoko Soelarnosidji (Unpar) Prof. A. Azis Djajaputra (ITB) Prof. Paulus Pramono Rahardjo, Ph.D (Unpar) Technical/Organizing Committee: Budijanto Widjaja, Ph.D - chairman Ir. Anastasia Sri Lestari, MT. Ir. Siska Rustiani, MT. Aswin Lim, ST., MSc.Eng. Wahyuning Aila, ST. Wulandita Prihandini Sagarmatha Tely Renata, ST. Marteen Yusgitra Pratama Claudia Bernadette Inkiriwang Rudy Gunawan

Short Course and Seminar

Deep Excavation
excavation failure case

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Short Course 2 days (2 3 Desember 2013) Seminar (4 December 2013) As speakers As participants Short Course and Seminar (2 4 December 2013) Registration Fee for Participants
Registration type Standard Students Standard Students Short Course Seminar (2 days) Payment before 15 October 2013 Rp 800.000,Rp 600.000,Rp 700.000,Rp 400.000,Payment after 15 October 2013 Rp. 900.000,Rp. 700.000,Rp. 800.000,Rp 500.000,Short Course + Seminar Rp 1.200.000,Rp. 1.000.000,Rp 1.400.000,Rp. 1.100.000,-

5. Secretariat
For more information please contact the Secretariat of the Deep Excavation Short Course and Seminar : Center for Geo-Hazards Geotechnical Laboratory Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering Parahyangan Catholic University Jl. Ciumbuleuit 94 Bandung 40141West Java INDONESIA Telp: 022-2033691 Ext. 445 Fax: 022-2033692 Email: Website: Contact Person: Wulandita (HP 0857 2004 7247) Wahyuning Aila (HP 0856 2495 1717) Claudia Bernadette (HP 0813 1667 7107)

Short Course: 2 3 December 2013 Seminar : 4 December 2013

Payments must be made through Bank BCA (Setiabudi Branch, Bandung) with account number of 233-258-0788 under the name of Wahyuning Aila or Claudia Bernadette I. Date : Signature,

Hotel Ibis Mangga Dua Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No. 73 Jakarta, INDONESIA


___________________________ (Please type your name here) Please note to send registration form and proof of payment to: or fax 022-2033692 (ref. Deep Excavation Short Course and Seminar Committee)

Center for Geo-Hazards Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung West Java - Indonesia

1. Background
Excavation is an important step in foundation construction or basement for high-rise buildings, underground structures, subway or mass transit systems. In accordance with economical development and urbanization, excavation becomes deeper and larger, which at times are carried out in complex soils. Certainly, this condition requires analysis and design as well as a more advance construction technology. As a result, the Center for Geo-Hazards of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) is conducting a short course and seminar on deep excavation. The main speaker of the short course is an internationally-known deep excavation specialist recognized in the field of geotechnical, Prof. Chang-Yu Ou. He is a professor of National Taiwan University and Technology (NTUST). His book is titled Deep Excavation: Theory and Practice. In addition, conducted seminar features speakers from within and outside the country.

4. Ir. Gouw Tjie Liong, M. Eng Common Mistakes in the Application of FEM in Handling Excavation Problems 5. Ir. Sudioto Susilo, M. Sc Dewatering pada Galian Basement

Summary of Prof. Chang-Yu Ou

Prof. Chang-Yu Ou is a distinguished professor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan. His main research field is Deep Excavation, Soil-Structure Interaction, and Electroosmotic chemical ground Prof. Chang-Yu Ou improvement. Many of his published studies include the Geotechnical and Geoenviromental Journal (ASCE), Geotechnical Testing Journal (ASTM), and the Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. He is also the editor- in-chief of the Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. His main book entitled Deep Excavation: Theory and Practice, published by Book cover of Deep Taylor and Francis, uncovers Excavation: Theory and by Prof. theoretical and field practice that is Practice Chang-Yu Ou easily comprehended.

3. Short Course
Time : 2 3 December 2013 Main instructor: Prof. Chang-Yu Ou (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) Language of Instruction is in English Location of the Short Course will be at Hotel Ibis Mangga Dua Jakarta, Indonesia Short course outline: 1. Excavation method and lateral supporting systems 2. Stability analysis (Basal heave, push in, up heave and sand boling) 3. Stress and deformation analysis simplified method 4. Stress and deformation analysis numerical method 5.Dewatering of excavations 6.Design of retaining structural components 7. Excavation and protection of adjacent buildings 8. Monitoring systems

2. Seminar
Researchers, geotechnical practitioners (consultants and contractors), lecturers, and undergraduate, master, and doctorate students are invited to submit attend this seminar with topics on analysis, design, innovative construction technology, monitoring, and case studies related to excavation. Location of the Seminar will be at Hotel Ibis Mangga Dua Jakarta, Indonesia

Center for Geo-Hazards

Center for Geo-Hazards (C4GH) is a study center in the Department of Civil Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University with aims to adapt the technological development of civil infrastructure and sustainable geotechnical research, especially in matters relating to geo-hazards. Geo-hazards itself can be the anticipation of dangerous landslide, earthquake, geotechnical design failure (ex. foundation and excavation), landslide hazard mapping, and others. Ongoing research is road map which focuses on mass movement (i.e., landslides and mudflow) and geotechnical failures (i.e., pile and deep excavation failures).

Keynote Speaker
The seminar will discuss various aspects of Deep Excavation. Deep Excavation experts from abroad and Indonesia are invited. They are as follows: 1. Prof. Chang-Yu Ou, Ph. D Limitation of Ground Settlement Induced by Deep Excavation 2. Prof. Paulus Pramono Rahardjo, Ph. D Case Histories of Deep Excavation in Jakarta Area 3. Ir. Irawan Firmansyah, M. S Studi Kasus Desain/ Perbaikan Beberapa Dinding Penahan Galian Basement dengan Keterbatasan Khusus

Excavation system with island method

Example of braced excavation