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CLDV 06 Teaching in a Diverse Society Study Guide: Chapter 2 Directions: Save this document to your hard drive.

Go offline by minimizing Blackboard and answer the questions on the document. Put your answers under each question using as much s!ace as you need. Save your file using "save as. #f you are not using $%&D make sure you save your file as a "rich text file or .rtf. Go back to Blackboard and attach your com!leted document by !ressing the attach button on the assignment. Do not email your study guide. #t must be attached to the study guide assignment or it cannot be graded !ro!erly.

Define culture and list the dimensions of culture.


'ulture defines !eo!les( grou!s such as their religion language music events etc. )he dimensions of cultures are !erceiving reality inter!reting events symbolizing making value *udgments assigning meaning and re!resenting reality.


$hat are the elements of material and nonmaterial culture+ Give one e,am!le of each in your own life.

)he elements of material culture are language dress food and eating !ersonal decorations utensils and tools artwork music and construction. -lements for nonmaterial cultures are ideas values beliefs feelings and emotion attitudes fears bias !references and !re*udices.

. material cultural that # have is my traditional clothing/ during the 0mong 1ew 2ear # would wear my traditional clothes to attend it.

1onmaterial cultures # have are my value to my family and relatives and give them res!ect.


$hat are the elements of cultural identity+


)he elements of cultural identity is age ethnic or national organic family religion gender language geogra!hical region educational background *ob or !rofession and socio3economic level.


0ow is ethnic identity determined+


-thnic grou! are !eo!le who is define by their ancestors or the country they are born.


$hat is the most basic definition of an ethnic grou!+


-thnic grou!s are known by which country they are born from their ancestors religions or nationality.


$hy are children less likely to maintain strong ethnic identity if they are in child care settings+

'hildren less likely to maintain strong ethnic identity because their !rimary relationshi! may be with members of other ethnic grou!s.


$hat is race+

&ace defines a !erson(s !hysical a!!earance such as the skin color the eye color hair color etc.


$hat is the difference between a !re*udice and a stereoty!e+ Give an e,am!le of each.

)he difference between !re*udice and stereoty!e is stereoty!e is being biased but still gets to know those !eo!le meanwhile !re*udice is *udging and !utting their self in a high !osition.

Stereoty!e: 4yra a rich girl(s daughter in the classroom was being stereoty!e about Sara the new student that she must be !oor because of the way she was dressing and does her hair but 4yra still welcome Sara.

Pre*udice: 5atie drive a 4ercedes and is a cheerleader and one of her classmate 6ena drove a old 0onda .ccord 5atie will not be her friend or wants to hang out with 6ena because of 6ena(s status.