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This is a great opportunity to catch up with old & new friends in a friendly environment. Come along for a Coffee and a Chat

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Coffee Morning Every Thursday in the Beeches 1000-1200hrs Coffee evenings every Monday at the Welfare Office 17001900 hrs
On the last Thursday of each month the MHS Liaison Officer will conduct a housing workshop at the Welfare Office. So come along and discus any repair issues you may have. The MHS CAP is also available on the following days Mon - Heath House Larkhill Tue - The Hive, Tidworth Leisure Centre Wed - The Hive, Bulford Beeches Thur - 177-189 Pepper Place, Warminster Fri - Heath House, Larkhill This is for SFA Customers to personally discuss any SFA matters. The CAP will be open from 1000 to 1400 . Whats on in Wiltshire see page 6 For information on all Activities contact the Hive on 01980672420 Or visit our Facebook site. 3 Div HQ and Sig Regt

Forthcoming Events
22 Nov Medals Parade

Information and return on pages 7-8 29 Nov Wives Xmas Party 1 Dec Kids Xmas Party

Information and returns start on page 9

The Welfare Office holds two tickets for Cholderton Farm come along and sign them out. Each ticket gives free entrance for 2 adults and 2 children.

For information and to register telephone 01980 672981, email or call in at our office on Kandy Road, Bulford.

The Welfare Team

Forward by Capt Sven Gronn November 2013 where has the year gone? This month will see the remainder of the Regiments deployed personnel return home please be patient as the Army mandates units to carry out Normalisation for all soldiers returning form operations. Due to this mandated direction, the Regiment will conduct Normalisation Training for all our returning troops which will be conducted over the 2 days post their flight landing at BZZ (there are a few flights where this may not run exactly the same they are the last couple to land and their Normalisation will run during the medals parade week). Mr Branley will send you details of when your loved ones are due to arrive back in the UK and you will be given the opportunity to meet them in the Hub on camp from there they will report back to work for 2 days and then head off on leave until the Medals Parade on Fri 22 Nov 13. The last of the Families Welfare events took place on Saturday 12th October - the trip to Sea Life was awesome. Again Id like to take this opportunity to thank Bran for all his efforts with the deployed events Im sure youd all agree that over these last 6 months he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. You will notice Cpl Staples is now working in the Welfare Office, he has joined us from 228 Sig Sqn and will be part of the team for the foreseeable future. He is fully welfare trained and will be a valuable asset to the team he also gives you all a break from Bran! I have recently attended Part 2 of my two part Unit Welfare Officers Course and this is generally done after being in the job for about 6 months I have done 7. My thoughts about the Welfare Officer job have developed these last 6 to 7 months and this course helped clarify some issues. I have struggled with the term Welfare when referring to the role that I have been appointed I often feel that it has negative connotations and should be rebranded to something like Community Support. This is something that the Army regularly reviews but I would like to stress that we are here to support, not to be an organisation that you become linked with. I firmly believe that we are here to provide that extra link in the chain of agencies that help families, and not forgetting the single soldiers, of personnel who sacrifice normal lives in the service of their country this is only right and as such dont link the team to purely civilian welfare terms. It is only right that there is a support chain in every unit and I would hope that those of you who struggle to share any issues, think they are burdening us or just dont like to ask any questions should re-evaluate their thinking and just pick up the phone and ask! More importantly, if you consider the role we perform as, and previously mentioned, a community one then you will see that we want to help provide that community feel and not just be a port of call when people have a problem. Hopefully the last 6 months of community support and family trips, which have been opened to all the Regiments families, will have helped prove this point?

WO2 Bran Branley Unit Welfare Warrant Officer

LCpl Dave Tannock Welfare Driver

The Welfare Team

It was good to return from my course and reflect on what I learned back in March and bring my experience of a unit which has been deployed on operations and is restructuring under A2020. I thought it right that I should make the families of the Regt aware of some key links, changes and events. These links and tips are listed below my Foreword. Nessy has compiled a list/flowchart which should have been emailed to you all by now, it gives clues and tips of how to deal with DIO and MODern Housing Solutions, please look at this and take on board what it says. December is nearly upon us and with this time of year comes extra stains and pressures to all Service personnel especially with loved ones just returned from Afghanistan. Please dont let this time of year get on top of you, there is always increased tension with the need to buy presents, mess functions and extra time together. Next months foreword will be from the Commanding Officer, so Ill write to you all in the New Year and wish you all the best for Christmas and the leave that it brings. Good luck to 258 Sig Sqn with their transfer to 30 Sig Regt and welcome to 228. Take care, Sven

I have listed these events and given information on all below: Relocation of Germany based units to Bulford You should be aware that Bulford will receive a large proportion of troops/units who will be relocating from Germany and if you are due or are planning on staying in the area then the following will be useful: 4,000 extra personnel to the Salisbury Plain Training Area between now and 2018. To support this move, the MOD will be investing up to 800 million on facilities. A further 50 million will also be invested from other government departments such as the Health and Education. The MOD is planning: Extensive new build for single living accommodation (SLA) Conversion of existing SLA blocks Additional mess facilities Changes to the training area Extensive new build and some conversion of existing technical accommodation, including workshops, garages, armouries, stores and offices Up to 1,400 new houses for Services Family Accommodation (SFA). Where the changes will take place: Bulford, Larkhill, Tidworth and Ludgershall (specifically Perham Down site) will see MOD development, both within its fenced sites and the SFA adjacent to them. Other MOD sites in locations such as Warminster bases, Upavon, Westdown Camp, Knook Camp and Netheravon are unlikely to see significant change. The pattern of Army training may also alter within the Salisbury Plain Training Area although the level of activity is not expected to exceed recent levels. Further Information: For more information visit:

The Welfare Team

Forward continued Funding for State Schools There are two distinct and clear funding routes for State Schools that have service children attending them. One is the Service Pupil Premium which works hand in hand with the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme this gives schools specific government funding for each child that is from a Service family and attends their school. The second is the governments 3 Million Support Fund which is run by the Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP): the MODs lead for all issues regarding Service children. In Dec this Support Fund will give out grants from successful bids made by State Schools, Free Schools, Academies and Local Authorities specifically regarding projects designed to help schools mitigate the effects of exceptional mobility (something you have all encountered) and/or deployment of the Armed Forces community which they support. Service parents who have a child attending a State School, Free School or Academy in the UK are encouraged to engage with their childs head-teacher to ensure they are aware of this fund. More information is available on: Debt In recent years there has been a significant increase in soldiers and families becoming indebted to companies that are increasingly using more overt and aggressive tactics to loan money at ridiculously high rates. If you feel too embarrassed to raise this issue with the chain of command or the Welfare team then please go to Moneylink - a web site specifically designed for forces personnel. Alternatively use your local Citizens Advice Bureau for more information the closet of which can be found at: Relationship Issues The 3DSR Welfare Team are here to help and can signpost you to different agencies who can help one of these, Relate, can be booked through the Army Welfare Services and the Welfare Team can make an easy referral for this FREE service for you.

For all whats on in the Salisbury area visit:

Salisbury Christmas Lights, Switch On

Celebrate the start of Christmas In the Guildhall Square from 6pm-8pm. November 21st Free to attend

Faur Requiem for Rememberance Concert at Salisbury Cathedral

Thursday 14 November at 7.30pm.
Faures Requiem is the centrepiece of this years Remembrance in Salisbury Performed by the full cathedral choir of boys, girls and men, accompanied by organist John Challenger The programme also includes Allegris Miserere and music by Bach, Elgar and Schutz

12.50 a ticket

Wrapped Up Christmas Craft Fair In Andover November 30th

FREE admission to over 30 exhibitors and seasonal entertainment. Quality hand made crafts make perfect Christmas gifts This free event is a great opportunity to start your Christmas Shopping nice and early with over 30 stalls from local professional artists and crafts people. 5

3 (UK) Division HQ & Signal Regiment

Families Open Day 22 November 2013 1300-1700hrs @ 206 Sqn Garages Bar & DJ Lady Gaga Tribute Band Fun Fair

Inflatables Free Ice Cream Hog Roast Buffet Lunch

Events & Displays:


Royal Signals Corps Band Fairground Stalls Lady Gaga Tribute Band Plus many more

Everyone Welcome

Any Old IrOn


Regimental Medal Parade Followed by Families Open Day

3 (UK) Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment will be holding an Op HERRICK Medals Parade, followed by a Regimental Families Open Day on Friday 22 November 2013

The Medals Parade will take place within the confines of Picton Barracks and will follow a standard format, with VIPs presenting the medals. On completion of the Medals Parade and after lunch the Regiment will hold its annual Families Open Day within the confines of 206 Garages. The event will host an array of stalls, inflatables for the children, Beer tent and a main stage were there will be 2 groups to entertain you throughout the afternoon, see attached poster on page 10.

The day is open to all unit Personnel and their families, and the wider families of both Single and Married personnel. Timings will be confirmed closer to the date, however to allow families to plan, outline timings are as follows: Medal Parade 1000-1200 (Parade Square) Lunch12001300 (HUB) Regimental Open Day 1300-1700 (206 Garages) Note: An LS&GC Medal presentation will take place in the WOs & Sgts Mess from 12001300, all Officers and SNCOs together with recipients and there families are to attend. All Timings are approximate.


From Contact No.. I will*/will not* be attending the Medals Parade (*delete as necessary) There will be ..Adults .Children Dietary Requirements/Allergies ... Addition Information: . . Those without a vehicle pass; Car Details: Reg No. Make . Model

Proof of ID is required on entry to camp, Parking will be signposted upon entering Picton Bks.


Childrens Xmas Party @ The Beaches

Date: Sunday1st December 2013 Timings 1245 - 1600hrs

Childrens Xmas Party at the Beaches

Children's Entertainment: Refreshments Available & Kids lunch Timings are: Arrive Food Entertainment Santa Arrives 1200 1230 1300 1530

Refreshments available for Adults - Tea & Coee All those wishing to a end should complete the return on page 10 Limited Transport Available - for those who do not drive Returns No Later Than Friday 22nd November 2013 For more informa on please contact WO2 Paul Branley on 01980 672365 or 01980 672407


From Contact No.. I will*/will not* be a ending the Childrens Xmas Party. (*delete as necessary) There will be ..Children a ending

Addi on Informa on: .. Transport Required from . If you dont drive or have problems with transport please don't despair, give us a call and we will try and accommodate you.

Returns No Later Than Friday 22nd November 2013


Wives Xmas Party @ WOs & SGTs Mess Picton Bks Date Friday 29th November 2013 Timings 1900 - Late

Menu: Starter Tomato Soup Main Trio Of Roast Meat Roast Potatoes Seasoned Vegetables Yorkshire Pudding And All The Trimmings Sweet Gateaux With Cream Timings are: Arrive Dinner Disco Raffle 1900-1930 2015 2115 2130

All those wishing to attend should complete the return on page 12 Transport supplied to local area within a 10 mile radius - Call and book a seat Returns to Welfare Oce with payment

No Later Than Friday 22nd November 2013

For more informa on please contact WO2 Paul Branley on 01980 672365 or 01980 672407

The cost of this event will be 10.00pp



From Contact No.. I will*/will not* be a ending the Wives Xmas Party. (*delete as necessary) There will be ..Adults

Addi on Informa on: (Dietary etc) .. If you dont drive or have problems with transport please don't despair, give us a call and we will try and accommodate you.

PLEASE RETURN THIS PERFORMA WITH PAYMENT NO LATER THAN Friday 22nd November 2013 Cost is 10.00 per person Please pay at the Welfare Oce to reserve your seat.



Army Families Federa on

Salisbury Plain Co-ordinator

Carol Morris
Tel: 07527 492783 Email:

Thank you for supporting The Trussell Trust. If you'd like to give offline, please make cheques payable to 'The Trussell Trust' and send them to: The Trussell Trust, Unit 9, Ashfield Trading Estate, Ashfield Road, Salisbury SP2 7HL

Thank you!

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To plan your journey please follow the link below, it gives you a step by step guide and it is easy to use. So if you cant drive and want to get from A - B using public transport then use this site.


AWS aim to provide a Welfare Support Service to assist with the challenge that arise in personal and service lives. If you wish to contact us please visit our website for information. Tel: Bulford 01980 672105



The new PRI minibus is a Ford Toreno 9-seater, which can be driven by anyone on a normal car licence. Daily hire charge of 30 for 3DSR activities and 50 for personal use and all other units. For further details please contact the MT on 01980 672468/3308 Rug Doctor is an easy to use Carpet and Upholstery cleaner that can be booked from the welfare office at an unbelievable price of 15 a day or 35.00 for the weekend. A deposit of 50.00 is required, which will be handed back on return of a clean and damage free item! Cleaning Fluids are provided at an extra charge of 5.00 and must be used with this machine. All costs are to sustain the upkeep of the Item. This Panasonic Full HD Video Camera can be booked out for a donation of just 5.00 per day With its built in Memory you can record those Memorable moments at the touch of a button. Also comes with Tripod. Ideal for the festive season

Or why not try out this Nikon 26x Optical zoom Camera with memory card so you can easily transfer all your happy snaps to your computer and pass on to your friends and family for a donation of just 5.00 per day. Record your happy snaps this Xmas. We have two new Bouncy Castles, a 12 x 12 and an 18 x 24 ideal for a birthday party in your Garden. Please contact the welfare office for more information. 12 x 12 hire 50.00 18 x 24 hire 60.00 Terms and Conditions are to be signed, prior to using all items.
As with all Bouncy CastlesThere is a requirement to ensure you have personal liability insurance to cover any injuries. You will not be able to use it if you don't so please check with your insurance company first and bring confirmation with you

For more information on the above items please pop into the Welfare office or give us a ring to book your item. All monies made on the use of our items will go to their upkeep and will give us the opportunity to purchase more items for the good and benefit of the Regt. DEPENDANT ID CARDS
1. Pop into the Welfare Office with your partner or failing that your passport and a recent utility bill. This will be used to confirm identity and relationship to a serving soldier. 2. Unit Welfare Team will then complete the initial paperwork and issue you with the relevant certificate to take to Tidworth. 3. Visit the pass office in Tidworth and have your pass issued. The whole process on arrival takes around 5 minutes. Address is as follows: The Garrison Vetting Office The Stables, Jagdalik Road, Tidworth SP9 7AP Tel No: 01980 603001 Opening Hours: MonFri 09.30 1200hrs & Tue & Thur 13.30-15.30hrs 14

What now? Are you a young Mum or Dad to be, or looking for extra support? Come and join one of our small and relaxed groups providing information on birth, baby care and becoming a parent.
Sessions are free and lunch is provided at the first session! Future Groups All sessions run from 10.00 12.30

For more information, or to be referred onto one of these courses, please speak to your Community Midwife or phone 01722 425177 (Salisbury Hospital maternity reception)
in partnership with Salisbury Children Centres and

AFF is a registered charity that acts as a unique two-way communications link between the British Army and its families. Find out more about AFF and its worldwide service to Army families on this website, including: where and how to find us; how we represent your views and raise your concerns; how to access our training and employment advice; and the latest news, including the AFF Families' Journal, YOUR magazine 2012 army families federation / Registered charity No. 291202 AFF, IDL 414, Floor 1, Zone 7, Ramillies Building, Marlborough Lines, Monxton Road, Andover SP11 8HJ

The Support Hub

Tedworth House, Tedworth Park, Tidworth, Wiltshire, SP9 7AJ What is the Support Hub?
The Support Hub offers a service to residents and visitors of Tedworth House, serving wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women; veterans; families and carers. It serves all three services and is made up of a range of Service Charities and organisations that collectively offer advice and guidance on a multitude of issues that you might face, some of which are
Money Health Housing Social Time & Respite Important The Support Hub offers information, advice and guidance on a wide range of issues. If you are facing any difficulties not listed above, this does not mean we cannot help. Please let us know and we will help in every way possible.

How can I access the Support Hub?

Opening hours: Monday Friday, 09:00 17:00 Residents & Visitors can request support via Reception Tel: (01980) 844224 / 844225 Email: Send a completed Request for Support Form to Tedworth House (address above) Web:


Amesbury Salisbury Wilton Crime stoppers MoD Police Wiltshire Police ADVICE Citizens Advice Trading Standards CAB Devizes ANIMALS Lost & found RSPCA Wildlife Rescue TRAVEL Travel Line National Express Rail Information Wilts & Dorset Bus 0845 408 7000 0845 408 7000 0845 408 7000 0800 555 111 01980 603099 101


Alcoholics Anonymous Alcohol & Drug Advice Carers Support Child Line Dyslexic helpline Enable (disability) NHS Direct NHS Advice Wiltshire NHS Advice Hampshire NSPCC Overeaters Anonymous Parenting Alone Service Salisbury Hospital Relate Homeless Trust Samaritans Shop Mobility Victim Support Wilts Victim Support Hants Racial Equality Council Womans Refuge COUNCILS Salisbury City Dorset County Hampshire County Wiltshire East Dorset District Kennet District New Forest District LEISURE Amesbury Sports Centre Durrington Leisure Salisbury City Hall Art Centre Football Leisure Library Playhouse 01380 729064 01722 820390 01722 322746 0800 1111 01722 324260 01722 416188 0845 4647 01380 728899 02380 627444 0808 8005000 07904 423485 0845 600 1945 01722 336262 01305 262285 01722 338510 01722 323355 01722 328068 01380 729476 0845 3030900 01225 766439 08457 023468

0844 3752775 08451 201202 01380 728771

01722 502306 0800 1234999 01980 862291

0870 6082680 08705 808080 08467 484950 01722 338955

TOURIST INFORMATION Amesbury 01980 622833 Fordingbridge 01425 654560 Mere 01747 861211 Ringwood 01425 470896 Salisbury 01722 334956 UTILITIES (emergencies only) Gas Leaks 0800 111999 Southern Electric 08457 708090 Water 08452 780845 Floodline 08459 881188

01722 342860 01306 251000 01962 341841 0300 4560100 01202 886201 01380 724911 02380 285000

01980 622173 01980 594594 01722 434434 01722 321744 01722 326454 01722 339966 01722 324145 01722 320333


3 DSR Orderly Officer - Via Ward Guardroom Guardroom Picton Bks - 01980 67 2922 Ward Bks - 01980 67 2794 Aspire Defence Helpline - 0845 168 2300 Military Exchange - 01722 336222 Army Welfare Service - AWS 01980 67 2105 RMP Duty Room - 01980 672222/2251 Emergencies (Police , Fire & Ambulance) - 999 MOD - 01980 67 2340 Drumbeat - 01980 60 2980 HIVE - Tid; 01980 65 0224 Bul; 01980 67 2420 ( Nicole ) HIVE on line at SODEXO CHILDCARE VOUCHERS Tel- 0800 0852875


For most the thought of moving house is stressful enough, without the worries of whether or not your quarter will pass the March Out inspection. MHS in support of DE have two dedicated companies providing a guaranteed march out. These are Ideal and Insitu, for more details go to: 16



Bulford Camp Shopping

Where is the Welfare Office?

3 (UK) Divisional Headquarters & Signal Regiment Welfare Contact Details; 7 Kandy Rd, Bulford SP4 9AA
E-mail - Office Tel - 01980 67 2365


Unit Welfare Office 3rd (United Kingdom) Divisional Headquarters and Signal Regiment 7 Kandy Road, Bulford Camp Bulford Salisbury, SP4 9AA This slip has been designed for you, please complete it and tell us:

What you think we could do better What you would like to see in the Newsletter Concerns or issues you have Activities or Trips you would like to be see happening If we don't knowwe cant help! So please call when you have a problem. Have you changed your telephone number? Have you changed your email address?


Please note, you do not need to fill in the contact details, but if you wish to receive feedback we would need a contact address in order to reply.

Name: Address:

Contact telephone Number: