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theory forum 09ECOLOGY


global | local | sustainability | scarcity | industry | cross - culture | collaboration | production

technology | networks | processes | participation | exchange | economics | integration | emergence NOVEMBER 13/14
Sheffield School of Architecture

call for contributions

submission deadline: 10-09-2009

theme format
ecology, n. 1 This year, the annual theory forum at the Sheffield School of Architecture is
a. The branch of biology that deals with the relationships between living prepared and organized by a group of M.Arch students. We aim to create a
organisms and their environment. Also: the relationships themselves, esp. those cross-disciplinary platform of events that stimulates activity, encourages
of a specified organism.
discussion and develops theory between a diversity of disciplines.
b. Chiefly Sociol. The study of the relationships between people, social groups, and
their environment; (also) the system of such relationships in an area of human The event will take the form of a 2-day evolving habitat of adaptable spaces with
settlement. Freq. with modifying word, as cultural ecology, social ecology, urban diverse talks, workshops and interventions. It will be held at the Crookesmoor
ecology. Building, the temporary home of the Sheffield School of Architecture.

c. In extended use: the interrelationship between any system and its environment;
the product of this.

2. The study of or concern for the effect of human activity on the environment; We invite proposals for
advocacy of restrictions on industrial and agricultural development as a political
movement; (also) a political movement dedicated to this. 1. talks
Individual or group papers regarding the theme of ecology in relation to
COMPOUNDS architecture.
attrib. Of or relating to ecological issues such as industrial pollution considered
in a political context; spec. applied to various political movements (esp. in western 2. workshops
Europe) which represent the environmental or ‘green’ interest. Ideas and formats for workshops. These can involve coordination/
[OED Definition of Ecology] participation by the contributor, students and/or members of the general
What has this got to do with architecture?
3. interventions
In architecture, ECOLOGY focuses on the impact of the built form on the Interventions that can be integrated into event. These may take the form of
environment and society. It recognises the importance of theoretical research exhibitions, artworks, data visuals, mappings, interactive displays, etc.
as a foundation for development in everything from sustainable design to
community development. theory forum 09 addresses the notion of ECOLOGY
and architecture. How is ECOLOGY translated from other fields of research All proposals will be peer reviewed.
into architecture?
A selection of contributions will be published in
Concepts of ECOLOGY vary between disciplines. Proposing ECOLOGY as a
field: journal for architecture.
central theme around which to develop a common language, can a system
of sharing and collaboration between the diverse fields of research and
professions be created?

Research and theory should be recognised by professions of the built submissions

environment and consequently society. Is the sharing of knowledge in such Please submit an abstract or a description of the proposal of maximum 300
a way the answer to the progression of research in academia? words by e-mail to :
theory forum 09 wants to explore how architecture engages with the concept of
ECOLOGY. The forum aims to collate various methodologies and operations
conducted by related disciplines, as well as divergent fields of research. The Where images and additional materials are to be included, please do so on an
aim for the theory forum 09: ECOLOGY will be to become a testing ground A4-size spread and attach it to your submission in a pdf/jpeg. Please state your
through which a common language of ECOLOGY can be formulated. full name and the title of the proposal on all attachments.

Contact names: theory forum 09: ECOLOGY E-mail:

Natalie Lunt Sheffield School of Architecture Tel: 0114 222 0399
Crookesmoor Building
Juliet Sakyi-Ansah
University of Sheffield
Robert Sharples Conduit Road, Sheffield.
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