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SANSUI AU-alpha 907i MOS 260,000yen(1987 release) The Integrated Amplifier completed thoroughly in pursuit of all the members

in w hich an SANSUI commemorates the 40th anniversary of foundation, and constitutes amplifier, such as a circuitry, an organization, and a material. MOS FET to which the property of the SANSUI specification was equal is adopted a s the power element which determines the character of amplifier. Considering this as the parallel push pull stream composition which took the mat ching strictly, the alpha-X balance circuit and the interval have acquired the s table high drive capacity of the quality also to an impedance variation and phas e change of the speaker. The original balance power source which was made to become independent of an ear th line and was made into the closed loop is carried, an electric current is alw ays equal at + and - side, and the ill effect produced from the unbalance of a p ower source is prevented. It is strong also to the noise and power supply variat ion from AC line, and the clean powering is realized. Furthermore, in addition to a master regulator, an equalizer part, a pre part, a nd a main part are equipped with a local regulator on a substrate, and the music signal changed dynamically is followed. The alpha-X balance circuit which is transmit / amplification scheme original wi th an SANSUI is adopted. By considering an alpha-X balance circuit as the consistent stream composition, and making the power stage by MOS FET a + side - side drive from bothways equall y to an included signal circuit and also a power circuit, the unnecessary harmon ic content was canceled and the low distortion has realized the powerful speaker drive. Furthermore, since it has been independent of a grounding, it does not mix and t he noise from a power supply system does not have the occurrence of IHM (Interfa ce Hum Modulation) by the counter-electromotive force from a speaker, either. In order to enable high balance transmit and amplification of a purity, the powe r amplifier direct functionality by the balance input and a normal input is carr ied. The source to a speaker can constitute the play system through which it pierced by the balance transmit and the amplification from connecting with a compact dis k player with a balance output. A muting, a Subsonic Filter, and the accessories circuitry of a balance control are passed, and the Source-Direct functionality which links all the input source s with an alpha-X balance circuit directly is carried. the new development which enclosed the high-density fill with the power-source p art -- the large-sized power transformer is overly adopted and thoroughgoing mea sures are taken against the oscillation and the exothermic. Moreover, the high speed custom-made power source capacitor for newly developed Limited and first recovery diode were adopted by the low distortion, and low-imp edance-izing of the whole power-source part and high speed-ization are realized. The power-source part was placed in the center, the twin monophonic construction which dissociated symmetrically and has arranged the power amplifier part mount ed on the large-sized heat sinker is adopted, and consideration is carried out c overing signal paths, heat dissipations, and all the intensities. Moreover, the copper plating treatment was performed to the separator which sepa rates each stage, and the electromagnetic-wave noise of digital nature and the i nfluence of a magnetic distortion are banished thoroughly. It was fixed to the bonnet and the sole plate on the large-sized screw, and each

separator has solid-construction-ized the whole chassis solid. Furthermore, since no vibrating and absent-resonance-ization are put into practi ce, the oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper version has been adopted as install ment parts, such as Power MOS FET, a power transformer, a power-source block cap acitor, and a master volume. Moreover, an oscillation, such as adopting the insulator of a heat sinker or a p ure-copper Naked for the De Dis Pau Shal substrate which took the measures again st vibration proof against the power part further, is controlled. These have all examined and adopted minimum quality of the material and form whi ch make an oscillation of each part a relative minimum from the multimode vibrat ion analysis when adding a sweep signal to amplifier and considering it as an Ou tput power. What was selected carefully until it resulted in every point of a part is adopte d, a resistor chooses and uses what matched the property of each circuitry, and the capacitor is also selecting the hearing carefully in piles. The 6-unit master volume which can carry out a level control simultaneously in f ront of a power amplifier part (4-unit) the input selector back (Dual-unit) is a dopted. Thereby, the control range of a volume spreads and it can narrow down to -90dB.